IBSDAR :: Volume #3 待从头,收拾旧山河,朝天

#232: Cushy job

Aunt Zhang in being busy making the dinner with Qin Ruoying, in addition Chen Xi has sealed up the sound of outside with restrictive seal, therefore they do not know that actually outside to have anything. 张婶秦若盈一直在忙着做晚饭,再加上陈曦禁制封住了外界的声音,所以她们并不知道外面究竟发生了什么。 The kids are teasing the bird with Chen Xi in the courtyard, Cai Shuqin and Xie Pinglin are leading the child in the room. 小家伙跟陈曦在院子里逗着鸟儿,蔡淑琴谢平林则在屋里带着孩子。 Whole families in old house cheerful is busy at work own matter, except for Chen Xi, nobody knows that about 50 meters ridge between fields had raised a rumpus. 一家人在老房子里乐呵呵的忙活着自己的事,除了陈曦,没人知道50米开外的田坎上已经闹翻了天。 The county party committee county government came many people, each leader also all arrived of district police station. 县委县政府来了许多人,县公安局的各个领导也全都到了 On 108 federal highways is full of the passenger vehicle, arranges the arrived Cunwei from the outskirts neatly. 108国道上停满轿车,整整齐齐从村头排到了村尾。 How could have the common people in Tongjiagou seen such picture? 童家沟的老百姓何曾见过这样的景象? Therefore then in abundance ran from the family|home, encircles in this group of county magistrate masters behind, unceasing is looking around the old house of Aunt Zhang. 于是便纷纷从家里跑了出来,围在这群县官老爷身后,不断的张望着张婶家的老房子。 Tongjiagou already very long not such lively. 童家沟已经很久没有这么热闹过了。 A black vast important goods person such pushes on the soil alley in village. 乌泱泱一大帮人就这么挤在乡间的泥土小路上。 The county magistrate wants to go to the old house to see Chen Xi, but actually by that three special combat squads blocking. 县长想去老房子见见陈曦,但却被那三支特种作战小队给拦了下来。 They received the order, cannot anybody close Chen Xi. 他们已经收到命令,不许任何人接近陈曦 Therefore, when county magistrate secretary wants to go forward with this crowd of fully-armed soldier consultations, responds his is actually 15 pitch-dark muzzles. 因此,当县长秘书想要上前跟这群全副武装的士兵协商的时候,回应他的却是15根黑漆漆的枪口。 These people are the leadership in district, pulls out one casually, the status must be higher than compared with Li Changxin. 这些人都是县里的领导,从中随便拉出一个来,身份地位都比李长鑫要高出许多。 But now, they actually can only you have a look at me and I to have a look at you, does not have idea with this group of unreasonable big end of soldiers at present completely. 但现在,他们却只能你看看我、我看看你,拿眼前这帮不近人情的大头兵完全没辙。 One group of people have pondered over for quite a while, cannot find out means. 一帮人琢磨了半天,都想不出一个办法。 Finally after the county magistrate was proposed that must return to the district meets to discuss one next, everybody relaxed. 最后还是由县长提出要回县里开会讨论一下后,大家才纷纷松了一口气。 But at this time, they finally focused in the wounded person of this place. 而这时,他们才终于把注意力放在了这一地的伤员身上。 Chen Xi has not only chopped the leg of spring kid, and has broken the leg of that more than 30 young people. 陈曦不光砍了春娃儿的腿,而且还打断了那30多个小年轻的腿。 More than 30 person so is miserable lying down in the ridge between fields, does not dare throat one throat, that suffering from injustice appearance must have seriously pitifully much is much pitiful. 30多号人就这么惨兮兮的躺在田坎里,连吭都不敢吭一声,那委屈的模样当真是要有多凄惨就有多凄惨了。 These many wounded person ambulances cannot install obviously, therefore the county magistrate then ordered to deliver to the district hospital with the steering handle wounded person of county party committee first. 这么多伤员救护车显然也装不下,所以县长便下令先用县委的车把伤员送到县医院去。 As for other...... 至于其他的…… Meets to discuss, said again. 开会讨论以后再说。 The important goods person of black vast comes , the important goods person of black vast goes. 乌泱泱的一大帮人来,又乌泱泱的一大帮人去。 Tongjiagou quickly restored in the past tranquility. 童家沟很快就恢复了往常的宁静。 The leaders in district removed, the villagers also scatter in a panic, runs back family|home to chat today's experience respectively. 县里的领导撤了,村民们也都纷纷作鸟兽散,各自跑回家里聊起了今天的所见所闻。 They are again silly, now also knows that Aunt Zhang brings is not simple to the outside little husband and wife. 他们就是再傻,现在也知道张婶带来的那对外地小夫妻不简单了。 The armed helicopter also flew, the soldiers must leave, but the team leader and deputy team chief of this motion were remained. 武装直升机也重新飞了过来,士兵们要离开了,但这次行动的队长和副队长却被留了下来。 Because they had new duty. 因为他们有了新的任务。 That acts as the temporary bodyguard to Chen Xi, in order to avoid similar event occurred again. 那就是给陈曦充当临时警卫员,以免类似的事件再次发生。 As for the duty time limit, above has not raised, they had not asked that in brief walks one step is. 至于任务时限嘛,上面没提,他们也就没有多问,总之走一步算一步吧。 Therefore, two big end of soldiers of being confused, have then changed the plainclothes in the look that the ally envied. 于是,两个一头雾水的大头兵,便在战友羡慕的眼神中换上了便衣。 Although their not clear Chen Xi's concrete status, but from the above attaching great importance to degree, that definitely is not the simple character. 虽然他们不清楚陈曦的具体身份,但从上面的重视程度来说,那肯定不是什么简单人物。 Can be bodyguard to such character, but the main strength have a dream the cushy job that wants to obtain! 能给这样的人物当警卫员,可是大兵们做梦都想得到的美差! beautiful where? 美在哪儿? Cites a biggest example, Grandpa Mao his entire life 35 bodyguards, untimely death except for a few, remaining almost each one holds an important post, sat to endure compared with the position of MR commander majority, fiercest several directly became the China state leaders. 举个最大的例子,毛爷爷一生共有35个警卫员,除了少数几个英年早逝的,剩下的几乎个个都身居要职,大部分都坐上了堪比军区司令员的位置,其中最厉害的几个更是直接成为华夏的国家领导人。 Therefore , works as the advantage of bodyguard to be many to the leader. 所以说,给领导当警卫员的好处多着嘞。 ...... …… They exchange the civilian clothes arrive at the old house the time, Chen Xi is sitting with the kid in the courtyard together is peeling the corn. 两人换上便服来到老房子的时候,陈曦正跟小家伙一起坐在院子里剥着玉米。 Aunt Zhang must make the Jinsha corn in the evening, the typical Sichuan , Chongqing good food, after the kid hears, came vigor, took the corn to sit on the small backless stool makes an effort to dig out. 张婶晚上要做金沙玉米,地地道道的川渝美食,小家伙听到以后就来了一屁股的劲儿,拿着玉米就坐在小板凳上使劲抠了起来。 In front of their face tense station arrived Chen Xi, said the duty of leadership confession , the pestle that then stares in side, the waiting of not looking askance Chen Xi was speaking. 他们俩一脸紧张的站到了陈曦面前,把领导交代的任务说了一遍后,便直勾勾的杵在旁边,目不斜视的等待着陈曦发话。 They also for command prompt, therefore Chen Xi has not felt embarrassed them, makes catches up with the behavior of person similarly. 他们也是为了服从命令,所以陈曦并没有为难他们,做出类似赶人的行为。 Therefore, had considered after one next, he then with a smile nods saying: Ok, did you with me, first do to introduce oneself for these days?” 因此,考虑了一下后,他便笑吟吟的点头说道:“行,那你们这几天就跟着我吧,先做下自我介绍?” Reported the officer! My name was Li Tiedan, this year 24 -year-old, native of Dalian , eastern Liaoning!” “报告首长!我叫李铁蛋,今年24岁,辽东大连人!” Reported the officer! My name was Xue Shugen, this year 23 -year-old, native of Changchun , Jilin!” “报告首长!我叫薛树根,今年23岁,吉林长春人!” Sees the appearances of these two main strength gruff gruff brains, Chen Xi then cracks a joke with the Northeastern Mandarin to them said: Yo, is northeasterner?” 见这两个大兵憨头憨脑的样子,陈曦便开玩笑似的用东北话对他们说道:“哟,都是东北人儿呢?” hearing this, Li Tiedan is actually a reply of face hidden bitterness: Reported the officer, I was a native of Dalian, was not the northeasterner......” 闻言,李铁蛋却是一脸幽怨的回答道:“报告首长,我是大连人,不是东北人……” Chen Xi is not a northeasterner, naturally does not understand the curved curve of that place to say. 陈曦不是东北人,自然不懂那地方的弯弯道道。 After listening to a Li Tiedan such saying, he must shrug the shoulders, has not started the discussion with Li Tiedan in light of this. 听李铁蛋这么一说后,他也只得耸耸肩膀,并没有就此和李铁蛋展开讨论。 Do not call my officer, left the army to at will...... My age was older than you, calls my Chen elder brother then it will be alright, this was my daughter, you can call her Niannian.” “别叫我首长了,出了部队就要随意一点……我年纪比你们大,叫我陈哥就行了,这是我女儿,你们可以叫她念念。” Good, Chen elder brother!” “好的,陈哥!” Perhaps is because just took off the reason of military uniform, therefore their some have not been familiar with obviously. 或许是因为刚刚脱下军装的缘故,所以他们俩明显还有些不习惯。 After listening Chen Xi's said that they then lowered the head, said to the kid with that hard expression: Hello, Niannian.” 听完陈曦的介绍后,两人便低下头,用那硬邦邦的语气对小家伙说道:“你好,念念。” That expression, listened somewhat to be actually similar to the end matter...... 那语气,听上去倒是跟终结者有些相似了…… The kids sit on the small backless stool, is peeling the corn, while is supine the head curiously is taking a look at present these two big end of soldiers. 小家伙坐在小板凳上,一边剥着玉米,一边仰着脑袋好奇的打量着眼前这两个大头兵。 Although has changed the civilian clothes, but on them that type the unique flavor that is the serviceman did not conceal. 虽然换上了便服,但他们身上那种属于军人的独特味道却怎么也掩饰不了。 Some Father in side, this little thing are not shy, therefore she grins to say with a smile immediately happily: Uncle is good!” 爸爸在旁边,这小东西可不怕生,于是她立刻开心的咧嘴笑道:“叔叔好!” The professional soldier did not excel at public relations, kid uncle, made them in same place at the scene, does not know how should say. 职业士兵本来就不擅长社交,小家伙这一声叔叔,更是当场就让他们俩愣在了原地,都不知道该怎么接话了。 They slightly awkward pestle in same place, the kid is actually not awkward. 两人略显尴尬的杵在原地,小家伙却是一点也不尴尬。 The after big eye of round transferred, she then bends the waist from the basin takes up two corn, hands over arrived in front of directly them. 圆溜溜的大眼睛转了一圈后,她便弯腰从盆子里拿起两根玉米,直接递到了两人面前。 Uncle, do you want to peel corn?” “叔叔,你们要剥玉米吗?” Afterward, interesting occurred in the courtyard. 随后,有趣的一幕在院子里发生了。 Two male chauvinists squat by peel the corn that exposing to the sun plate goes all out, the kid stands excitedly are shouting keep it up. 两个大男人蹲在晒盘旁边卖力的剥着玉米,小家伙则站在旁边兴奋的喊着加油 An entirely new exhausted corn big game, launched under the organization of this kid. 一场别开生面的剥玉米大赛,就在这个小家伙的组织下展开了。 In family|home were suddenly many two people, therefore Chen Xi then said to Aunt Zhang to the kitchen, quite makes her prepare several dishes in the evening much. 家里突然多了两个人,所以陈曦便到厨房跟张婶说了一下,好让她晚上多准备几个菜。 But regarding the bodyguard who these two brave suddenly, Aunt Zhang has not said actually anything. 而对于这两个突然冒出来的警卫员,张婶倒是没有多说什么。 The old people have seen the world, naturally knows that anything should ask, anything should not ask. 老人家见过世面,自然知道什么该问、什么不该问。 In the morning had the conflict with the local ruffian, in the afternoon in this family|home on bewildered were many two people. 上午才跟地痞流氓起了冲突,下午这家里就莫名其妙的多了两个人。 Regarding this, the Aunt Zhang heart lives sigh with emotion. 对此,张婶不禁心生感慨。 Chen Xi now is really today we are no longer as we have been...... 陈曦现在真的是今非昔比咯…… ****** ****** ****** ****** Although harmonious twice, brothers do not abandon me in light of this, the revolutions threw pirating to embrace...... 虽然被和谐了两次,老哥们可不要就此抛弃我,转投盗版怀抱了啊…… This turtle fast renewal, the VIP chapter altogether does not have many, all subscribed unable to want ten dollars!! 这龟速更新,VIP章节总共也没多少,全订也要不了十块钱啊!! I ponder over Labor Day to do to pull out the cash activity...... 我琢磨着劳动节要不要搞个抽现金活动…… Others draw to deliver the apple X, I plan to draw to deliver the cash...... 别人抽奖送苹果X,我打算抽奖送现金…… Delivering the cash can compared with delivering cell phone is much better is not? 送现金可比送手机好多了不是? To buy anything to buy then it will be alright...... 想买啥自己买就行了…… Em, the condition of participating activity, only then, all subscribes, enters V groups. 恩,参与活动的条件只有一个,全订,入V群。 Specific detail April time announced ~ again 具体细节四月份的时候再公布~ ~ 么么哒~
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