IHPDMB :: Volume #6

#525: Sovereign of Heaven does not lose the diligent person

Although are not many to the far-off skies imaginary fog understanding, but Ji Zhong knows that this is the rare treasure, particularly so a lot of far-off skies imaginary fog, but is hard to estimate value. 虽然对远天幻雾了解不多,但姬重知道这是不可多得之宝物,尤其是如此大量的远天幻雾,可是难以估量其中价值。 He expressed gratitude to Mister Venerable, simultaneously in the heart is also beating a drum slightly. 他向尊先生表示感谢,同时心中也在微微打鼓。 Mister Venerable so gives favored treatment to him, whether has also striven for? 尊先生如此优待他,是否也有所求? By possess great magical power of opposite party, Ji Zhong really does not think on oneself has anything to be worth the opposite party caring, but he cannot handle Mister Venerable so to assist. 以对方的神通广大,姬重实在不认为自己身上有什么东西值得对方在意,但他更当不起尊先生如此相助。 Mister Venerable as if sees in his heart to think, is moderate, said confidently: „ I am glad to help the friend of mine, to me, the friend the more better, after all, I have the matter, needs your help. 尊先生似乎看出他心中所想,语气温和,坦然说道:“我乐于帮助我的朋友,对于我来说,朋友越多越好,毕竟,我也有事,需要你们的帮助。 Your abilities are bigger, is naturally bigger to my help. 你们的能力越大,对我的帮助自然也越大。 I first help you, you first help me, is unimportant. 我先帮你们,还是你们先帮我,并不重要。 The key is to help the cooperation mutually, give-and-take, not? ” 关键在于互帮互助,有来有往,不是吗?” Senior was too polite.” Ji Zhong said slowly: Younger generation ability negligible, may be unable to repay the senior today the obligation, matter that but the senior entrusts, I try my utmost settledly.” “前辈太客气了。”姬重徐徐说道:“晚辈能力微末,可能无法报答前辈今日大恩,但前辈托付的事情,我定当尽我所能。” This is enough.” Mister Venerable said with a smile: Little friend you are the person of having good faith, I trust you.” “这已经足够了。”尊先生笑道:“小友你是有信义之人,我信得过你。” He on the porcelain bottle to round table waves gently, in the porcelain bottle congeals the far-off skies imaginary fog of dew, departed one drop. 他冲着圆桌上的瓷瓶轻轻一挥手,瓷瓶中凝结成露水的远天幻雾,飞出了一滴。 The mist congeals the dew that becomes, is the light cyan, glittering and translucent carving, imitating the buddhist treasure stone is the same, arrives in front of Ji Zhong float. 雾气凝结而成的露水,呈淡青色,晶莹剔透,仿佛宝石一样,来到姬重面前悬浮。 Meanwhile, flutters together the green light from the main hall, is actually on Life Creating Divine Tree a leaf. 与此同时,从大殿外飘进来一道绿光,却是创命神树上一片树叶。 Chen Luoyang plays the role of "Mister Venerable" that makes saying: „ Since the little friend you also wants to continue to keep sect, and we are not first busy the big movement, might as well covers their ears and eyes, attempts it slowly. 陈洛阳扮做的“尊先生”言道:“既然小友你还想继续留在师门,那我们且先不忙有大动作,不妨掩人耳目,徐徐图之。 Starting today, every ten days, you drink drop of far-off skies imaginary fog here, takes a divine tree leaf, takes for a long time, slowly savings, then usually is insufficient the person to detect for your sect. ” 从今日起,每隔十天,你在我这里饮一滴远天幻雾,服一片神树树叶,长期服用下去,慢慢积蓄,平时则不至于为你师门中人察觉。” Apologized to the senior.” Ji Zhong has looked at the far-off skies imaginary fog function in the old book, is helps the person hide away the figure. “谢过前辈。”姬重在古籍上看过远天幻雾作用,乃是便于人隐遁身形。 The mist the congealing dew takes any effect with this divine tree leaf simultaneously, he does not know. 雾气所凝露水同这神树树叶同时服用有什么效果,他并不知道。 However he is not many asked. 不过他也不多问。 At present Ji Zhong has restored calm, improvises on the cameo surprise. 眼下姬重已经恢复淡定,既来之则安之。 Since Mister Venerable has this arrangement, he did not ask the reason, acting accordingly was. 尊先生既然有此安排,他不问缘由,照办便是。 Even if in any case he is not really willing to take, by the skill of this senior, must rinse the mouth to him hardly, he cannot revolt. 反正就算他真不愿意服用,以这位前辈的本事,要给他硬灌进嘴,他也反抗不得。 Like him at present the situation in Earlier Heaven Palace. 就像他眼下在先天宫中的处境一样。 Such being the case, perhaps Mister Venerable really can help him, to present him, are many some variables, feels better, no matter what some side organizes alone. 既然如此,或许尊先生真能帮他,对眼下的他来说,多些变数,好过任单独某一方摆布。 Under after clothing/taking far-off skies imaginary fog dew and divine tree leaf, Ji Zhong felt oneself are dizzy, as if alcoholic intoxication. 服下远天幻雾露水和神树树叶后,姬重感觉自己天旋地转,仿佛醉酒似的。 He calms the mind to hold the Yuan to defend one hastily, refine dispels itself just supreme treasure under clothing/taking. 他连忙静下心来抱元守一,炼化消解自己刚刚服下的至宝 "Mister Venerable" that Chen Luoyang plays the role, in nearby static looks at. 陈洛阳所扮的“尊先生”,在一旁静静看着 This Ji Zhong, somewhat is truly outstanding. 这个姬重,确实有几分不同凡响。 The state of mind, seems at variance with the average man, but hidden is extremely deep, making Chen Luoyang somewhat unable to completely understand suddenly depth. 其神魂,似乎异于常人,但隐藏极深,令陈洛阳一时间也有些看不透其中深浅。 However, with is the person who white jade bottle cannot find out the details, compares in another one basically already definitely with Underworld God related Han Mei, the Ji Zhong situation as if also has the difference. 不过,同为白玉瓶查不出底细的人,相较于另一个基本已经肯定跟幽冥神有关的韩莓来说,姬重的情况似乎又有不同。 His state of mind deep place, to Chen Luoyang a feeling of implication full of vitality, takes under with him the Life Creating Divine Tree leaf, as if had several points of resonance faintly. 他的神魂深处,给陈洛阳一种蕴含勃勃生机的感觉,以至于跟他服下的创命神树树叶,似乎都隐隐起了几分共鸣。 But with for the exuberant vitality, with Life Creating Divine Tree and Chen Luoyang's that "Life" character Heavenly Book azure wood writ talisman lives, there is a difference. 但同为旺盛的生机,与青木符诏所生的创命神树陈洛阳的“生”字天书,又有不同。 In the clue limited situation, Chen Luoyang somewhat is also in doubt on hand suddenly the details of this small salt fish. 手头线索有限的情况下,陈洛阳一时间也有些拿不准这条小咸鱼的底细。 However, before expected to be absolutely correct, this small salt fish really did not have the semblance to look that simple. 不过,之前所料完全正确,这条小咸鱼果然没有外表看上去那么简单。 After Ji Zhong refining up the far-off skies imaginary fog and divine tree leaf in within the body initially, Chen Luoyang plays the role of "Mister Venerable" that makes saying: I usually will take care of the little friend you, if the little friend you meets late the difficult matter definitely, can contact me on own initiative, has reason, makes an exception specially.” 姬重初步炼化体内的远天幻雾和神树树叶后,陈洛阳扮做的“尊先生”开口说道:“我平日里自会看顾小友你,如果小友你遇上迟疑难决的事,也可以主动联络我,事出有因,特此破例。” Ji Zhong sets out, again to a Mister Venerable ritual: Thanked the senior obligation.” 姬重起身,再向尊先生一礼:“谢前辈大恩。” Little friend sure, after we ten days, sees again.” The Mister Venerable tone is gentle throughout. “小友不必客气,我们十日后再见。”尊先生语气始终平和。 Gazes after the Ji Zhong form to vanish in "tree house", Chen Luoyang looking pensive. 目送姬重的身影在“树屋”消失,陈洛阳若有所思。 Because of previously falling from the sky of several big shot expert, in Mortal World the influences of some sacred ground levels, present the short weak trend at present. 因为此前几位巨头强者的陨落,眼下红尘界中有些圣地级别的势力,呈现短暂的弱势。 Since they have faced the foundation few difficulties. 它们都面临创建以来屈指可数的难关。 Rises before the empress Eastern Zhou Dynasty, after the second-generation room lord fell from the sky the Qingyun room to be the same initially. 就像女皇崛起前的东周皇朝,还有当初第二代斋主陨落后的青云斋一样。 Can shoulder, defended cloud open/start to see moon/month clear(ly), such as Eastern Zhou Dynasty. 能扛过去,就守得云开见月明,如东周皇朝 Anti-, the Qingyun room of destruction in river of history is the fate. 抗不过去,覆灭在历史长河中的青云斋就是下场。 But regarding his Chen, such influence, possibly gives the space that he displays. 而对于他陈某人来说,这样的势力,最可能给他发挥的空间。 Blood River sends such as is, Earlier Heaven Palace such as is, Western Qin Dynasty and Azure Cow Monastery also such as are. 血河派如是,先天宫如是,西秦皇朝青牛观亦如是。 Perhaps Earlier Heaven Palace with Ji Zhong then this game, he can plan...... 先天宫姬重接下来这一局,或许他能谋划更多…… The Chen Luoyang's intention from azure wood writ talisman, returns to itself. 陈洛阳的心念从青木符诏,回归自己本身。 His spirit centralized white jade bottle in mind. 他精神集中于脑海内的白玉瓶 Earlier Heaven Palace had gotten up the stock rail, what situation Azure Cow Monastery that side? 先天宫这边已经上了正轨,青牛观那边什么情况? He renewed „the star palace Black Three, is the entire life experience of Azure Cow Monastery direct legacy disciple Zhao Rimian. 他更新了“星宫”的玄三,也就是青牛观嫡传弟子赵日眠的生平经历。 Before issued in three months became of duties Azure Cow Monastery five lords to this young fellow. 之前给这个小伙子下达了三个月内成为青牛观五主之一的任务。 To current fourteenth realm Zhao Rimian, this without doubt is one somewhat advanced, is having the difficulty duty immediately. 对当前第十四境赵日眠来说,这无疑是一个有些超前,在当下极具难度的任务。 Even the opposite party failed, Chen Luoyang is not accidental/surprised. 就算对方失败了,陈洛阳也不意外。 Cannot pass informed and experienced, the penalty naturally can have, but will not be severe. 通不过历练,惩罚自然会有,但不会多么严厉。 To a certain extent, this duty somewhat forced someone to do something against his will. 某种程度上来说,这个任务本就有些强人所难。 Chen Luoyang mainly wants to have a look at the small daoist Zhao bottom line, can be in any degree. 陈洛阳主要想看看小赵道长的底线,能到什么程度。 At present one month passes by, Chen Luoyang plans to grasp the progress of opposite party. 眼下一个多月时间过去,陈洛阳打算掌握一下对方的进度。 The entire life experience of small daoist Zhao, the last record, cuts off in presently approximately half a month ago. 赵道长的生平经历,当前最后一条记述,截止在大约半个月前。 The content is to leave to go to area Northern Sea impressively, looks for Han Mei. 内容赫然是动身前往北海一带,寻访韩莓 Chen Luoyang only looks at this, already approximately yes what's the matter. 陈洛阳只看这一条,已经大致明白怎么回事。 Position that Zhao Rimian stares, is position of the lords Azure Cow Monastery five lords. 赵日眠盯上的位置,是青牛观五主之一的化主之位。 The so-called lord, guiding is virtuous, the cultured luck is friendly, solicits contributions in the philanthropists, accumulates the merit in the Saint Realm spirit altar/jar. 所谓化主,导引贤良,开化福善,募缘于仁人君子,积功于圣境灵坛。 Places the general Daoist temple, is solicits money to accumulate good deeds, becomes friends with the personal connection source of wealth, guides in the common custom the person to be religious to saying. 放在一般的道观,便是化缘积善,结交人脉财源,导引世俗中人信教向道。 Places Mortal World Daoism sacred ground Azure Cow Monastery, besides makes friends the contact with other major sacred ground famous families, but must be responsible for selecting to gather the ability to have the potential powder to cultivate expert, is converted to join in Daoism. 放在红尘道门圣地青牛观,除了跟其他各大圣地名门交游联络外,还要负责甄选招揽有能力有潜质的散修高手,皈依投身道门 The talent ability that can gather is more outstanding, then melts the lord more competent. 能招揽的贤才能力越出众,则化主越称职。 In turn, more can show this aspect to be able the person, is more likely the acting main position. 反过来,越能展现这方面才能的人,越有可能担当化主的职位。 Small daoist Zhao, projected in the idea the Han two girls obviously. 赵道长,显然是把主意打到了韩二姑娘身上。 Now in Mortal World, except for becomes famous because of Underworld sword technique, with Ancient God Cult illegibile Yan Mingkong outside, not sends the young talent of trader traveling alone impossible, famous is Han Mei. 如今红尘界里,除了因幽冥剑术而成名,与古神教不清不楚的燕明空外,无门无派走单帮的年轻天才,最负盛名者便是韩莓 If not Heavenly River and Blood River competed for the big noise that Yan Mingkong makes initially, Han Mei prestige without doubt above Yan Mingkong. 若非天河血河当初争夺燕明空而闹出的大动静,韩莓的声望无疑更在燕明空之上。 She was younger than Yan Mingkong, 20-year-old 15th realm, in sacred ground direct legacy is also quite outstanding, not sends let alone impossible? 她本就比燕明空年轻,20岁的第十五境,圣地嫡传里也极为出众,更何况无门无派? sacred ground, tries to gather Han Mei incessantly. 不止一家圣地,试图招揽韩莓 By Harmonious Moon Mountain Range spread the news a short time ago, Han Mei is possibly related with Blue Dragon Island, everyone's enthusiasm is weaken slightly. 直到前不久雍月山脉里传出消息,韩莓可能跟苍龙岛有关,大家的热情才稍微减弱一些。 But Zhao Rimian not at all completely gives up hoping, but after is plans to see Han Mei, chatted said again. 赵日眠并没有完全放弃希望,而是打算见过韩莓之后谈谈再说。 Because he has an information that many people do not understand. 因为他掌握有很多人不了解的一个信息。 In „the star palace, his Zhao Rimian is Black Three. 在“星宫”,他赵日眠玄三 But Han Mei, is Black One. 韩莓,是玄一 Initially Chen Luoyang this star Palace Lord person, suggested unintentionally Zhao Rimian understood this situation, became the electronic monitoring system mother using Han Mei, misled Zhao Rimian to think that Han Mei growth was always „the star palace accomplishes. 当初陈洛阳这个星宫主人,有意无意暗示赵日眠了解这一情况,利用韩莓当看板娘,误导赵日眠以为韩莓一直以来的成长都是“星宫”造就。 Zhao Rimian accepts as true, but now, he then plans to attempt to use the convenience of this single layer news, goes to do with Han Mei. 赵日眠信以为真,而现在,他便打算尝试利用这一重消息的便利,去跟韩莓打交道。 Han Mei young Martial Saint is in sight, the future is limitless. 韩莓年纪轻轻武圣在望,前途不可限量。 Can make her enter Daoism, enters Azure Cow Monastery, naturally is great merit one. 能引她入道门,入青牛观,自然是大功一件。 Naturally, does not want Han Mei to work as a taoist nun, so long as she presents Azure Cow Monastery for the sect then, in the future cultivation will grow to certain altitude, may consecrate for Daoism. 当然,并不是要韩莓就此当个道姑,只要她奉青牛观为宗即可,将来修行增长到一定高度,可为道门供奉。 Han Mei always comes and goes freely, unrestrained, therefore her whereabouts also is very difficulty to grasp to most people. 韩莓一向独来独往,无拘无束,所以她的行踪对大多数人来说便也很难掌握。 At least Zhao Rimian wants to ask her is not easy. 至少赵日眠想找她不容易。 Previously shortly after Han Mei came out from Harmonious Moon Mountain Range, by Chen Luoyang is sent the new duty, investigates the Northern Sea Yanran Mountain disciple Yang Bin cause of death, therefore to Northern Sea area, dealt with the person, unavoidably revealed several points of hidden actions. 此前韩莓雍月山脉出来后不久,被陈洛阳派了新任务,去查访北海燕然山弟子杨斌的死因,因此到了北海一带,跟人打交道,难免露了几分行藏 The news spreads, after Zhao Rimian knows, then rushes to Northern Sea hastily nonstop, looks for Han Mei. 消息传出,赵日眠知道后,便连忙马不停蹄赶往北海,寻访韩莓 Chen Luoyang carefully looked at Zhao Rimian previously other experience information. 陈洛阳仔细看了看赵日眠此前其他经历信息。 Sure enough, since he these days, with the Monastery Lord current lord, took a walk. 果不其然,他这些日子以来,跟观主现任化主,走动较多。 At present is not good to judge, small daoist Zhao is plans hypocritical and malicious, kills current main to leap the position to oneself in secret, directing the Han Mei basic merit mainly gives this lord, helping this same side elder render meritorious service to be promoted, was recommended to look after him by the opposite party. 只是眼下还不大好判断,小赵道长是打算口蜜腹剑,暗中干掉现任化主给自己腾位置,还是把引韩莓入门的功劳主要让给这位化主,帮助这位同门长辈立功升职,由对方举荐关照他。 The former risk is big, not to mention fourteenth realm small daoist Zhao kills the 15th realm current lord with any means that after saying kills the opposite party, in line with whom benefits whose suspicion biggest principle, small daoist Zhao want to elute the suspicion is very difficult. 前者风险较大,且不说第十四境的小赵道长用什么办法干掉第十五境的现任化主,就说干掉对方之后本着谁得益谁嫌疑最大的原则,小赵道长自己想洗脱嫌疑就很难。 But the latter, is the opposite party willing to look after him, looks after him to any effort, is capable of making him have the wish fulfilled, then must hang a question mark , is not really safe, possibly small daoist Zhao bustles about quite a while wasted effort. 而后者,对方肯不肯关照他,关照他到什么力度,有没有能力让他得偿所愿,则都要挂个问号,也是不甚稳当,可能小赵道长忙乎半天竹篮打水一场空。 Chen Luoyang is interested. 陈洛阳对此蛮感兴趣。 How to choose, where means the Zhao Rimian bottom line approximately. 如何选择,意味着赵日眠底线大约在哪里。 Can concrete complete, then tests his ability. 具体能不能办成,则考验他的能力水平。 Naturally, all wanted him first to find the Han two girls to say again. 当然,一切都要他先能找到韩二姑娘再说。 Chen Luoyang waited for some days, finally Sovereign of Heaven does not lose the diligent person, but also really gave small daoist Zhao to find Han Mei. 陈洛阳又等了些日子,结果皇天不负苦心人,还真给小赵道长找到了韩莓 „Are you, Black Three?” Han Mei maintains composure, high and low sizes up front young daoist: You look for me, behavior what matter? star palace that senior, but some instruction, oneself informed and experienced have been solved, mutual cooperation words, even if completes informed and experienced, is still invalid.” “你,是玄三?”韩莓不露声色,上下打量面前的年轻道士:“你来找我,所为何事?‘星宫’那位前辈可是有过吩咐,自己的历练自己解决,相互合作的话,即便完成历练,也是无效。”
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