IHPDMB :: Volume #1

#33: Trivial pond, matches to call sea?( Asked recommendation ticket to seek collection!)

Chen Luoyang looks to that face that dark on vast appears. 陈洛阳向黑暗汪洋上浮现的那张人脸望去。 A face of young man. 一张年轻男子的面孔。 The facial features look is quite delicate and pretty, the line clearly does not lose the male character hale and hearty. 五官相貌极为俊美,线条硬朗分明不失阳刚之气。 It seems also then 20 high and low ages. 看上去也就20上下的年纪。 Listened to Xiao Yuntian and the others saying that this was not foreign race Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe, Chen Luoyang does not have any concept at heart actually. 萧云天等人说这不是异族左贤王修哲,陈洛阳心里其实没啥概念。 What he has not seen Xiuzhe to be long...... 他没见过修哲长什么样…… Naturally, did not know that face that on black sea appears. 当然,也不认识黑海上浮现的那张面孔。 At this time listened to Elder Ming Jing some indefinite saying: In Virtuous King of the Left under care Ten Steeds ranked ninth Helian Zhe?” 这时听明镜长老有些不确定的说道:“左贤王座下十骏排第九赫连喆?” Is he right.” Xiao Yuntian nods, then explained to other people: Helian Zhe builds Martial Ancestor Realm to be quite rare young, several people but who in Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe under care Ten Steeds, apart from several people from the ouside who used the martial way to proclaim respect, has not been the Martial King level, mostly have some special specialty, for example Mouse King Daubje.” “是他没错。”萧云天点点头,然后向其他人解释道:“赫连喆年纪轻轻修成武宗之境颇为难得,不过左贤王修哲座下十骏中,除了以武称尊的几个武王外,没达到武王层次的几个人,大都有某项特别的专长,例如‘鼠王多布杰。” Xiao Yuntian presents the life in secret walk world Cult Master, is collector of the manpower knitting to develop an independent information network. 萧云天教主之命暗中行走天下,收罗人手编织发展出一张独立的情报网络。 Besides Central Land of the Divine Province, that side Northern Desert foreign race also steps. 除了中土神州外,漠北异族那边也有涉足。 „The only exception, is this ranked ninth Helian Zhe, except for martial way, nobody knows him to have any specialty, foreign race does not have the news to spread.” Covers Xiao Yuntian in flowing wind, the tone takes several points of seriousness. “唯一例外,便是这个排第九赫连喆,除了一身武道,无人知他到底有什么专长,异族内部也没有消息流传。”笼罩在流风中的萧云天,语气带上几分郑重。 Unknown existence, is often more discomforting. 未知的存在,往往更令人不安。 facing the Demon Sovereign, Northern Desert Helian Zhe here was courteous.” 魔皇当面,漠北赫连喆这里有礼了。” At this time, in the sea level that face, the lip opened and closed, spoke like the person. 这时,海面上那张脸孔,嘴唇开阖,像人说话一样。 A voice of young man, from all directions also resounds. 一个年轻男子的声音,则从四面八方同时响起。 As if exists in Dead Sea black tide each corner. 仿佛存在于死海黑潮的每一个角落。 Chen Luoyang sits in meditation motionless, has not responded the meaning of opposite party completely. 陈洛阳静坐不动,完全没有搭理对方的意思。 Has the subordinate to say. 自有手下人去接话。 Zhang Tianheng shouts a question: Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe where?” 张天恒喝问:“左贤王修哲何在?” Does not need His Highness to go into action personally, I entertain everybody, was enough.” Helian Zhe sound in everywhere echo. “无需王上亲自出马,我来招待各位,已经足够。”赫连喆的声音在上下四方回响。 The Demon Cult people hear to knit the brows secretly. 魔教众人听得暗自皱眉。 Opposite party saying, the actual situation is unpredictable. 对方这话,虚实难测。 who knows if the Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe in the end came or not? 谁晓得左贤王修哲到底来没来 Properly speaking, the match is Master of the Demon Cult, exhibits such big weaponry, foreign race Virtuous King of the Left possibly does not arrive? 照理说,对手是魔教教主,摆开这么大的阵仗,异族左贤王怎么可能不到场? Perhaps in secret is hiding, waits for Cult Master to explain Dead Sea black tide the time, seizes the chance to attack. 说不定就在暗中潜藏,等教主破解死海黑潮的时候,趁机突袭。 Zhang Tianheng sneers: Depends on you? Although Mind Ghost possibly is injured, but your side are least also has Chief of the Ten Steeds Demon Wolf Bakun , does the leader this Dead Sea black tide person turn to obtain you?” 张天恒冷笑一声:“就凭你?虽说‘心鬼’可能受伤,但你们那边最少还有十骏之首的‘魔狼巴昆在,主持死海黑潮的人轮得到你?” Shangguan Song calmly is listening in side. 上官松在旁边静静听着。 This withstand/top the young people in his Zhurong Protector position, seems like straightforward hot tempered, actually is really not the lamp of province oil. 这个顶掉他祝融护法位置的年轻人,看似粗豪暴躁,却着实不是个省油的灯。 Casual a few words, on disparage to shame Helian Zhe outwardly, sows dissension secretly, buries the thorn to incur reproach for somebody to Ten Steeds. 随便一句话,明面上贬低羞辱赫连喆,暗地里则是挑拨离间,给十骏之间埋刺上眼药。 This Dead Sea black tide, relies upon the prestige of His Highness, my mediocre person can also take and other lives, why must Chief Bakun take action?” Helian Zhe honor or disgrace not startled, in the sound is having the light happy expression. “这死海黑潮,乃仰仗王上之威,便我一介庸才也可取尔等性命,何须巴昆老大出手?”赫连喆荣辱不惊,声音中带着淡淡笑意。 Vajrapani laughs at one: Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe oneself come not to be good, let alone is you? Alarms the the Master of this cult Saint to harness, you are bringing about own destruction!” 金刚嗤笑一声:“左贤王修哲本人来都不行,何况是你?惊扰本教教主圣驾,你是在自寻死路!” If Demon Sovereign is well, I naturally do not dare to enliven the risk.” Helian Zhe said calmly. “如果魔皇无恙,我自然不敢轻身冒险。”赫连喆平静说道。 As the saying goes a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, the Cult Master Chen foundation is abundant, even if the body owes secure, does not fear the Martial King assassination.” “有道是瘦死的骆驼比马大,陈教主根基雄厚,哪怕身体欠安,也不惧武王刺杀。” But faces this Dead Sea black tide, does not know whether you can also treat with indifference?” “但面对这死海黑潮,不知你还能否淡然处之?” Draws back 10,000 steps, the Cult Master Chen invincible might is exceedingly high, the body is well, I and other today am try the water depth for His Highness, even if dies in the Cult Master Chen subordinate, in vain this line, not helping His Highness gain the firsthand information.” “退10000步来说,陈教主神威通天,身体无恙,那我等今天算是为王上试一试水深,即便死在陈教主手下,也不枉此行,帮王上获取第一手情报。” In the dark sea level, that giant young face, shows a smiling face. 黑暗的海面上,那张巨大的年轻面孔,露出一个笑容。 Only feared that Cult Master Chen now spirit is willing, the strength is insufficient, that is cheap I to remove a trusted aide big trouble for His Highness, has occupied this first-class honor.” “就只怕陈教主现在心有余,力不足,那就便宜我为王上除掉一个心腹大患,占了这头功。” During the speeches, a deathly stillness but contains the boundless terrifying black sea tide, surrounds from everywhere, rushes middle six dragons imperial cart. 说话间,一片死寂但蕴藏无边恐怖的黑海大潮,从上下四方同时包围,涌向中间的六龙皇辇 The Demon Cult people in main hall, have been able to smell Dead Sea black tide sending out the bloody odor, making the person want to vomit to the nose. 大殿中的魔教众人,已经能闻到死海黑潮散发的血腥恶臭,令人冲鼻欲呕。 giant mouse that in the black sea level, is hard to count, this moment figure inflated to being similar to a leader statuette, with one voice wailing. 黑色的海面上,难以计数的巨鼠,此刻身形已经膨胀到如同一头头小象,齐声尖啸。 So long as the distance approaches again, they jump to leap, can throw six dragons imperial cart. 只要距离再靠近一点,它们纵身一跃,就能扑上六龙皇辇 In the palace, Chen Luoyang sits quietly motionless. 宫殿中,陈洛阳安坐不动。 He even looked that does not look in outside black sea Helian Zhe face. 他甚至看都不看外面黑海赫连喆的面孔一眼。 Gave you.” Chen Luoyang indifferently said to hand/subordinate the people. “交给你们了。”陈洛阳冲手下众人淡然说道。 Vajrapani hearing this painstakingly face. 金刚闻言苦了脸。 Elder Ming Jing unemotionally. 明镜长老面无表情。 The Shangguan Song look changes. 上官松则神色微变。 He has not taken pleasure in others'misfortunes at this moment, looks at the Chen Luoyang joke the mentality. 他此刻没有丝毫幸灾乐祸,看陈洛阳笑话的心态。 Gives them, was that meaning to let their birth control did not die to rush to spell, attempts to rumble one to flee the Dead Sea black tide road with the human life? 交给他们,那意思是让他们不计生死去闯去拼,尝试拿人命轰出一条逃离死海黑潮的路吗? Does not need to think, meets person who first was sent, definitely is this Demon Cult seventh elder. 不用多想,会第一个被派上去的人,肯定是他这位魔教七长老 In the Shangguan Song line of sight fierce and dreads changes alternately. 上官松视线里凶恶和畏惧交替变化。 death is on right and also on the left side...... 左也是死,右也是死…… Xiao Yuntian in flowing wind, is actually very calm: Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe has not come, Cult Master must guard against him, broken Dead Sea black tide, naturally this I and other take action, am helped us plunder by Cult Master.” 流风中的萧云天,倒是很淡定:“左贤王修哲尚未现身,教主需提防他,破死海黑潮,自然该我等出手,由教主帮我们掠阵。” Zhang Tianheng spits one, surface has presently suppressed the severe color: Has a look at this Dead Sea black tide, has what extraordinary, cannot kill me, I have sheared the egg egg of that pretty boy, when the bubble steps on!” 张天恒啐了一口,面现狠厉之色:“就看看这死海黑潮,有何了不起,杀不死我,我把那个小白脸的卵蛋割了当泡踩!” Chen Luoyang sitting high on the seat, breaks him: Trivial pond, matches to call the sea? Because such a thing must live to die, you were really the prospect.” 陈洛阳高居座上,打断他:“区区池沼,也配称海?因为这么个东西就要生要死,你们真是出息了。” Zhang Tianheng and the others completely all stare ............ 张天恒等人尽皆一愣………… Outside Dead Sea black tide deep place, has white light to flash. 外面死海黑潮深处,有白光闪动。 Under the white light covers, Helian Zhe is defending black precious pearl. 白光笼罩下,赫连喆守着一枚黑色的宝珠。 Through this Black Death Divine Pearl, the tide that he stimulates to movement great waves deathly stillness, takes away as many things as possible to six dragons imperial cart. 通过这枚黑死神珠,他催动涛涛死寂的浪潮,向六龙皇辇上席卷而去。 At this time, on six dragons imperial cart departed several person's shadows suddenly. 这时,六龙皇辇上突然飞出几个人影。 Zhang Tianheng, Shangguan Song and Vajrapani three people, a person stressed two also living spirit bird. 张天恒上官松金刚三人,一人抓了两只还活着的灵禽 Although these spirit bird have not contaminated the black death sea water, but under the black death evil strength attack, already suffocated. 这些灵禽虽然没有沾染黑死的海水,但在黑死邪劲侵袭下,已然奄奄一息。 Demon Cult three big expert, in spirit bird the respective hand kill. 魔教三大高手,将各自手里灵禽杀死。 Then their strength urges, on spirit bird that six dying, departs together blood thread in abundance. 然后他们劲力一催,六只死去的灵禽身上,纷纷飞出一道血线 the blood essence of the six creatures transformed into blood threads, pricks in the black sea in the different directions respectively. 六道生灵精血所化的血线,分别朝不同方向刺入黑色的海洋里。 Helian Zhe is surprised. 赫连喆大吃一惊。 That six slight blood thread same black compares vastly seems like common, but their thorough six positions, actually mix Dead Sea, in the black sea level, curls up six giant eddy currents. 那六道细微的血线同黑色的汪洋比起来看似不起眼,但它们深入的六个方位,却搅动死海,在黑色的海面上,卷起六个巨大的漩涡。 Six eddy currents rotate, forms the huge suction. 六个漩涡转动间,形成庞大的吸力。 Is by no means foreign, but is internal! 并非对外,而是对内! The spin nests of branch six different positions, the suction gathers in Dead Sea black tide unexpectedly is. 分处六个不同方位的旋窝,吸力竟然在死海黑潮内部合为一股。 Helian Zhe is dumbfounded, is actually incapable of preventing. 赫连喆目瞪口呆,却无力阻止。 He can only looks at front Black Death Divine Pearl, be helplessly uncontrolled, flies away from oneself. 他只能眼睁睁看着自己面前的黑死神珠,不受控制,从自己面前飞走。 Helian Zhe all over the body lives coldly, grasps Black Death Divine Pearl reckless. 赫连喆遍体生寒,不顾一切抱住黑死神珠 Finally the whole person and precious pearl were rewound outside Dead Sea black tide together. 结果整个人和宝珠一起被倒卷出死海黑潮以外。 Is separated from the black sea, the ray on Black Death Divine Pearl is dim. 一脱离黑色的大海,黑死神珠上的光芒就黯淡。 Subsequently breaks, changes into the fragment powder. 继而破碎,化为齑粉。 At this time the tornado had blown together. 这时一道龙卷风刮过。 Helian Zhe is dizzy, fell into the hand of Xiao Yuntian, was captured alive to capture alive at the scene, brings back to six dragons imperial cart. 赫连喆天旋地转间,已经落入萧云天之手,被当场生擒活捉,带回六龙皇辇上。 Then was fallen in front of Chen Luoyang. 然后被摔在陈洛阳面前。 Chen Luoyang overlooks him: Child, don't steal grown up things from your home and go out to play.” 陈洛阳俯视他:“小孩子,不要偷家里大人东西出门玩。”
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