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#32: Dead Sea black tide( asked the recommendation ticket! Sought the collection!)

The black smoke non-stop rising, blots out the sky, to completely camouflages the sky finally. 黑烟不停上升,铺天盖地,到最后将天空都完全遮蔽。 A surrounding area over a thousand li (0.5 km) world, seemed been unexpectedly close by the black smoke at this moment, turns into a piece of independent space. 方圆上千里天地,这一刻竟似乎都被黑烟封闭,变成一片独立的空间。 In a boundless darkness, resounds the sound of tide indistinctly. 茫茫一片黑暗中,隐约响起潮水的声音。 Then sees the billowing tide, from sweeps across in all directions. 然后就见有滚滚浪潮,从四面八方席卷。 In front of Chen Luoyang and the others, are many piece of mighty waves turbulent black sea. 陈洛阳等人面前,多出一片波涛汹涌的黑海 Black sea, death qi heavy. 黑色的海洋,死气沉沉。 The place visited, the life all extinguishes! 所过之处,生灵全灭! Sea water, as if contamination printing ink, both viscous and heavy. 海水,仿佛污秽至极的油墨,既粘稠又沉重。 Numerous strange beast that the player and enemy control, all the sea water that was surged by the ground in suddenly embezzled at this time. 敌我双方控制的众多异兽,这时全都被地面上突然涌起的海水吞没。 The group beast roared, struggled is wanting to jump the avoidance black sea water. 群兽咆哮,挣扎着想要跃起躲避黑色的海水。 But so long as the printing ink same sea water moistens the body, is unable to throw away. 但油墨一样的海水只要一沾身,就无法甩脱。 By the black sea water contamination, regardless of strange beast of any variety, was all sent out wailing of pain. 被黑色的海水沾染,不论什么品种的异兽,全都发出痛苦的哀嚎。 Their both eyes are red, cover entirely the blood threads. 它们双目赤红,布满血丝。 The fur/superficial knowledge starts to fester. 皮毛开始溃烂。 The flesh non-stop fluctuating, as if there is strange strength to batter in within the body. 血肉不停起伏,仿佛有古怪的力量在体内横冲直撞。 A body of leader strange beast like air flush, the inflation is tumescent. 一头头异兽的身体像吹气一样,膨胀肿大。 Because the external skin festers, therefore they become likely grotesque meatballs, creeping motion of body surface covered with blood, shocking. 因为表皮溃烂,所以它们变得像一个个奇形怪状的肉球,体表血肉模糊的蠕动,触目惊心。 next moment. 下一刻 Bang! “砰”的一声! The strange beast body, compared with after formerly swelling had increased several times, finally reaches the limit, loudly blasting open! 异兽的身躯,比先前肿胀变大了好几倍后,终于达到极限,轰然炸裂! Flesh that everywhere dances in the air, by black sea water fusion. 漫天飞舞的血肉,被黑色的海水融合。 This black tide, aggravates the situation immediately likely, the imposing manner even more surges upward. 这黑色的浪潮,顿时像是火上浇油,气势越发高涨。 On six dragons imperial cart, on the Demon Cult numerous expert all face changes color. 六龙皇辇上,魔教高手全都脸上变色。 Dead Sea black tide!” 死海黑潮!” Does not need Chen Luoyang to order, people then simultaneously leaps. 无需陈洛阳下令,众人便齐齐跃下。 several Martial Kings display what they are good at, did utmost, helping below Demon Cult cult members resist sweeping across of death tide. 几位武王各展所长,竭尽全力,帮助下方的魔教教众抵挡死亡浪潮的席卷。 Under their coordinated leadership, the Demon Cult cult members flurried, methodical several people have not made contact with spirit bird, is being brought by spirit bird, flies the palace that in the midair the flood dragon shoulders furiously. 在他们的协调领导下,魔教教众没有慌乱,有条不紊的几人搭上一只灵禽,由灵禽带着,奋力飞上半空中蛟龙背负的宫殿。 Zhang Tianheng flees to Miss Snake side, clamps her under the rib. 张天恒窜到蛇姑娘身边,一把将她夹在肋下。 The black sea water, making him not fall the place of foot. 黑色的海水,让他已无落足之地。 Zhang Tianheng makes an effort to tread in a black scale great snake carries on the back, then brings Miss Snake to fly the midair straightly, mounts six dragons imperial cart. 张天恒用力踏在一条黑鳞巨蛇背上,然后带着蛇姑娘笔直飞上半空,登上六龙皇辇 This......” Miss Snake is actually still shaken, looks downward. “这究竟……”蛇姑娘惊魂未定,向下望去。 Great snake of her careful raising, at this moment in black sea , can only struggle laboriously. 她精心饲养的巨蛇,此刻在黑色海洋中,也只能辛苦挣扎。 A defensive power greatly strengthened black scale, enabling them to support the moment compared with other strange beast. 防御力极强的一身黑鳞,让它们比其他异兽能多支撑片刻。 But the short moment time, these great snakes then start the distortion of pain. 但不过短短片刻功夫,这些巨蛇便开始痛苦的扭曲。 The flesh under black scale, non-stop inflating the twist deformation. 黑鳞之下的血肉,不停膨胀扭曲变形。 Finally, rises broken own scales, entire changes into a beach rotten meat. 最后,生生将自己的鳞甲涨破,整个化为一滩烂肉。 Subsequently, was swallowed by the black sea, becomes its nourishment, making the black sea stronger. 继而,被黑色的海洋吞噬,成为其养料,让黑色的海洋更强。 Dead Sea black tide, a tide that makes all living things die.” Zhang Tianheng is holding Miss Snake, looks serious: foreign race absolute technique Black Death Heavenly Book method.” 死海黑潮,让万物生灵灭绝的浪潮。”张天恒抱着蛇姑娘,神情严肃:“异族绝学黑死天书的手段。” Under the dark sea tide swallows, myriad things exterminate, the disciple keeps the deathly stillness. 黑暗的海潮吞噬下,万物灭绝,徒留死寂。 The silver snake in Miss Snake wrist/skill, non-stop sending out incisively grating hiss hiss sound. 蛇姑娘手腕上的银蛇,不停发出尖锐刺耳的“嘶嘶”声。 In the sky, is six flood dragons that Demon Sovereign pulls a cart, agitated restless repetitive roaring. 天空中,为魔皇拉车的六条蛟龙,也烦躁不安的连连咆哮。 Below earth, changed into a black death hell completely. 下方大地,已经完全化为一片黑死地狱。 Pours absolutely does not have exception. 倒也不是绝对没有例外。 A life exists. 还有一种生灵存在。 Impressively was formerly that batch of giant mouse! 赫然是先前那一批巨鼠 They occupy at this moment in the same place, toward above six dragons imperial cart, made noise with one voice, the crazy condition revealed completely. 它们此刻盘踞在一起,朝着上空的六龙皇辇,齐声喧嚣,狂态毕露。 Under these giant mouse lackeys, black sea tide fluctuate, visibles faintly reveals the large expanse of white bones. 在这些巨鼠的爪牙下,黑色的海潮起起伏伏,隐约可见其中露出成片白骨。 Somewhat giant skeleton degree close hundred meters, after these black scale great snakes die, remains. 有些巨大的骸骨程度接近百米,正是那些黑鳞巨蛇死后所留。 Before also suppressed giant mouse in the leeward black scale great snake, now completely has become the giant mouse stepping-stone. 之前还将巨鼠压制在下风的黑鳞巨蛇,现在已经完全成了巨鼠的踏脚石。 Moreover, these giant mouse immersions in the black sea tide, the figure become huger. 不仅如此,这些巨大的老鼠浸泡在黑色的海潮中,身形变得更加巨大。 Is only the small calf size, now is more majestic than the grown bull. 原本只是小牛犊大小,现在却比成年公牛还要雄壮。 Under jet black sea water, innumerable double green eye pupil twinkles, as if boundless jack-o'-lantern 下方漆黑的海水里,无数双绿色的眼瞳闪烁,仿佛无边鬼火 giant mouse songs and calls, confused and noisy, deafening. 巨鼠的鸣叫声,一片噪杂,震耳欲聋。 All people pay attention, meditate and revolve the cultivation.” The Xiao Yuntian sound resounds: This stretch of world changed into Dead Sea, black death evil strength will attack life automatically.” “所有人都留神,静坐运功。”萧云天的声音响起:“这片天地已经化为死海,黑死邪劲会自动侵袭其中的生灵。” Flies spirit bird in midair, sends out sounding of pain, low-spirited, the flight is incapable. 飞在半空中的灵禽,纷纷发出痛苦的鸣叫,精神不振,飞行无力。 Even if has not contaminated black sea water, was still affected. 哪怕没有沾染到黑色的海水,仍然受影响。 The strangeness and overbearing of this Dead Sea black tide, called the person to be alarmed. 死海黑潮的诡异与霸道,着实叫人触目惊心。 Escapes death by a hair's breadth to evade into six dragons imperial cart Demon Cult cult members, all sits in meditation to control one's breathing. 幸免于难避入六龙皇辇魔教教众,全都打坐调息。 However, the complexions of some people, became pale, the whole body is dry and hot, in eye pupil reappearing blood threads. 然而,其中有些人的脸色,已经变得苍白,浑身燥热,眼瞳中浮现血丝。 They only felt own within the body, produces an evil bracing cold faintly, many a little makes a mickle, flees unceasingly, as if this evil strength has own life and thought. 他们只感觉自己体内,隐隐生成一股邪恶的气劲,聚少成多,不断窜动,仿佛这股邪劲拥有自己的生命与思想。 Can want to see, if evil strength expands to the certain extent, the fate of people, is the same with just now these strange beast. 可以想见,如果邪劲壮大到一定程度,那众人的下场,就和方才那些异兽一样。 The cultivation base high person, can support to thank the time. 修为较高的人,可以多支持谢时间。 cultivation base low person, then started to have the indication of morbidity indistinctly. 修为较低的人,则隐约已经开始有发病的征兆。 Elder Ming Jing martial way true intent condenses, appeared Eight-armed Arhat, will lift the hand some most serious people to select the isolation. 明镜长老武道真意凝聚,显化八臂罗汉之相,抬手将最严重的一些人挑出来隔离。 Otherwise they also will lead to accelerate to manifest suddenly the surroundings person. 否则他们会把周围人也带动加速发作。 The Zhang Tianheng line of sight sweeps, sees the Miss Snake facial color to be also pale, the forehead cold sweat braves. 张天恒视线一扫,就见蛇姑娘也面色惨白,额头冷汗直冒。 controlling groups of beasts is her speciality. 驾御群兽是她所长 But at present must put together own cultivation base. 但眼下要拼自身修为了。 The Zhang Tianheng palm according to her vest, takes own strength to drive out the attack of black death evil strength as her. 张天恒手掌按在她背心,以自身力量为她驱除黑死邪劲的侵袭。 However , can only rescue for a while. 不过,也只能救得一时。 Zhang Tianheng must resist the corrosion of everywhere death qi laboriously. 张天恒自己也要辛苦抵挡漫天死气的侵蚀。 Beside Miss Snake, Madame of Fragrances, General of Ants and the others similarly by strenuous efforts are also supporting. 蛇姑娘之外,香夫人蚁将军等人也同样在苦苦支撑。 What is more awful, in all directions, space underground, completely is this Dead Sea black tide surrounding. 更糟糕的是,四面八方,天上地下,全部为这死海黑潮包围。 The black sea water, from everywhere, simultaneously extrudes toward middle, approaches airborne six dragons imperial cart unceasingly. 黑色的海水,更从上下四方,同时朝中间挤压,不断靠近空中的六龙皇辇 Attainments unique past and present of Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe on Black Death Heavenly Book, but builds such broad Dead Sea one time , was extremely rather astonishing?” Vajrapani called out. “就算左贤王修哲黑死天书上的造诣独步古今,但一次性营造这么广阔的死海,也未免太过惊人了吧?”金刚叫道。 Elder Ming Jing hesitates was saying: Hears cultivation Black Death Heavenly Book, process bad risk, oneself unceasingly will be black death evil strength will also corrode, wants to avoid, besides promoting cultivation base, will should better also to have to mediate to pass the burden the evil strength backing.” 明镜长老沉吟着说道:“听闻修练黑死天书,过程凶险,自身也会不断为黑死邪劲侵蚀,想要避免,除了提升修为以外,最好还要有排解转嫁邪劲的依托。” „Under accumulates over a long period of time, a little at a time mounts up, has possibly produced some type of rare treasure.” “日积月累下,聚沙成塔,可能生成了某种异宝。” Now this condition, should be the rare treasure causes trouble, evil strength death qi that will accumulate in the past all released altogether.” “如今这状况,该是异宝作祟,将以往积累的邪劲死气一股脑全释放出来了。” Also must add on before this group beast war, was everywhere bloody, has encouraged this death qi.” Xiao Yuntian said. “还要加上此前群兽大战,遍地血腥,助长了这死气。”萧云天说道。 These are unimportant, what to do is key now we?” Vajrapani the face, is looking painstakingly to Chen Luoyang on place: Subordinate is incompetent, Cult Master forgives, you look at present this......” “那些都不重要,关键是现在我们怎么办?”金刚苦着脸,望向座上的陈洛阳:“属下无能,教主恕罪,您看眼下这……” Chen Luoyang looks at the sea of black death blocks the sky to the palace. 陈洛阳望向殿外遮天蔽日的黑死之海。 At this time, suddenly saw in the black sea level, the tide fluctuated, highlighted a face unexpectedly gradually. 这时,忽然就见黑色的海面上,潮水起伏,竟然渐渐凸显出一张人脸。 On the face facial features look is lifelike. 人脸上五官相貌栩栩如生。 But Xiao Yuntian and the others saw, actually feels the accident/surprise: Isn't Xiuzhe?” 萧云天等人见了,却都又感意外:“不是修哲?”
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