IHPDMB :: Volume #1

#31: After the food, cabaret( asked recommendation ticket to seek collection!)

The silver snake in Miss Snake wrist/skill is seemingly exquisite common. 蛇姑娘手腕上的银蛇看似小巧不起眼。 But these huge such as mountain spiritual beast, is docile in its front. 但那些庞大如山的灵兽,在其面前都服服帖帖。 Numerous strange beast close to Demon Cult, start to take orders in that silver snake. 靠近魔教这边的众多异兽,都开始听命于那条银蛇。 They start to transfer the direction, throws beast tide that to move forward to meet somebody toward the distant place. 它们开始调转方向,朝远方扑来的兽潮迎上去。 strange beast of distant place, was affected because of the silver snake, not only moves restlessly and vacant. 远方的异兽,也因银蛇而受影响,既躁动又茫然。 However, these strange beast comply with the direction of foreign race Mouse King Daubje, complies with that mysterious Saint Mouse director , to continue launches the impact on the Demon Cult people. 不过,这些异兽还是遵从异族鼠王多布杰的指挥,遵从那头神秘圣鼠的指挥,继续向魔教众人发起冲击。 Therefore, a side to/clashes outward, in a direction throws. 于是,一方朝外冲,一方向里扑。 Two beast tide, clash loudly in the same place. 两股兽潮,轰然对撞在一起。 In a twinkling, dripping with blood. 霎时间,鲜血淋漓。 The beast blood picture rainwater falls from the sky, changes into a deep pool deep pool dirty blood in the ground. 兽血像雨水般从上空落下,于地上化为一潭潭污血。 both sides battle, first achieves the superheating. 双方激战,第一时间达到白热化。 In the beast group of distant place, separates to the two sides suddenly, vacates a channel. 远方的兽群中,突然向两边分开,空出一条通道。 Then sees one flock of mice to clash from the channel. 然后就见一群老鼠从通道里一路冲过来。 These mouse build are quite huge, seem like each one with the small calf size, the jet black hair looks like thick hard iron awls, the fiendish features, resemble the evil spirit, runs extremely fast, quickly like gust of wind, potential, if racing thunder. 这些老鼠体型极为巨大,看上去个个都跟小牛犊子般大小,漆黑的毛发像一根根粗大坚硬的铁锥,青面獠牙,状似厉鬼,奔跑起来极为迅捷,快如疾风,势若奔雷。 Other strange beast, bump into these giant mouse, in abundance avoid. 其他异兽,碰上这些巨鼠,纷纷避让 giant mouse howls, black mist cover four wildly, congealing is not loose, as if unclear dark clouds of movement. 巨鼠呼啸间,一道道黑雾笼罩四野,凝而不散,仿佛移动的不详阴云。 Miss Snake sees that is without turning a hair, instead smiles. 蛇姑娘见状,面不改色,反而一笑。 The silver snake in her wrist/skill sends out sharp grating severe howl fiercely. 她手腕上的银蛇猛地发出一声尖锐刺耳的厉啸。 Then, sees in the Demon Cult camp, suddenly over a hundred huge shadows raise from the ground. 然后,就见魔教阵营中,突然有上百条巨大的黑影从地面上升起。 That clearly is black scale great snakes, raises the upper part. 那分明是一条条黑鳞巨蛇,昂起自己上半身。 Although does not have in the midair to be the flood dragon that Demon Sovereign pulls a cart is like that huge, but each great snake plate sets out, as if small hill. 虽然没有半空中为魔皇拉车的蛟龙那般巨大,但每条巨蛇盘起身来,也仿佛一座座小山丘。 Snake wick turnover hissing sound, resounds. 蛇信子吞吐的“嘶嘶”声,响成一片。 On the great snake the scale opens and closes, there is a azure fog to emerge. 巨蛇身上鳞片开阖间,有青雾涌现。 The azure fog everywhere, black mist disperses immediately. 青雾到处,黑雾顿时散开。 The black scale great snake charges into the mouse group fiercely. 黑鳞巨蛇则猛地冲向鼠群。 Do not look at the body to be huge, these great snakes move actually quickly like the lightning, compared with these giant mouse must more flexible fast. 别看身躯庞大,这一条条巨蛇动起来却快如闪电,比那些巨鼠还要更灵活迅捷。 Quantitatively look, giant mouse are more than is too many great snake. 从数量上看,巨鼠比巨蛇多出太多。 Closing , the imposing manner is scary. 一拥而上,气势骇人。 But these black scale great snakes simply had not planned that strenuous one by one preys on. 但那些黑鳞巨蛇根本没打算费力一一捕食。 Big mouths open, then spreads the huge suction, changes into abyss. 一张张血盆大口张开,然后从中传出巨大的吸力,化为一个个深渊。 In the abyss, runs out of courage vigor, as if the chains same dances in the air everywhere, cling another giant mouse. 深渊中,冲出一道道血气,仿佛锁链一样四处飞舞,卷住一头又一头巨鼠 Small calf huge giant mouse, does not base directly steadily, is curled up by the chains that the courage vigor congeals. 小牛犊子般庞大的巨鼠,直接立足不稳,被血气凝结成的锁链卷起。 The courage vigor receives, giant mouse volume nightfall scale great snake mouth. 血气一收,就把巨鼠卷入黑鳞巨蛇口中。 Each great snake, catches the multi-thread great snake one time, draws in the mouth to swallow. 每条巨蛇,一次性捕捉多头巨蛇,拖入自己口中吞下。 However, the mouse group is aggressive, absolutely does not have the fear, the tide wells up as before generally, always has the snake mouth courage vigor not to catch, throws tears and bites to the black scale great snake on. 不过,鼠群凶悍,完全没有恐惧,依旧潮水一般涌来,总有蛇口血气捕捉不到的,扑到黑鳞巨蛇身上去撕咬。 On the great snake the scale is hard, the mouse tooth is unable to pierce. 巨蛇身上鳞片坚硬,鼠牙无法洞穿。 But dropping green juice from the giant mouse mouth. 但从巨鼠口中滴落绿色的汁液。 The juice falls on the snake scale, immediately incites to brave the white smoke. 汁液落在蛇鳞上,顿时“滋滋”冒起白烟。 The black scale great snake eats the pain, the huge body tumbling, flings the lower part of the body giant mouse, then compresses the muddy flesh directly. 黑鳞巨蛇吃痛,庞大的身体翻滚,将巨鼠甩下身,然后直接压扁成肉泥。 In the Qian Prefecture hills, changes into the frigid bloody scene of carnage by the snake group and mouse group. 黔州群山间,被蛇群与鼠群化为惨烈的血腥修罗场。 Is centered on them, two beast tide collide in together, slaughtered world-shaking. 以它们为中心,两道兽潮碰撞在一起,厮杀的惊天动地 On six dragons imperial cart, Zhang Tianheng salutes to Chen Luoyang: Sound is noisy, the scene is messy and dirty, is difficult to enter the Cult Master discernment, but I ensure quick finished.” 六龙皇辇上,张天恒陈洛阳行礼:“动静嘈杂,场面脏乱,难入教主法眼,不过我保证,很快就结束了。” From the scene, is Miss Snake is truly in the upper hand. 从场面上来看,确实是蛇姑娘更占上风。 Demon Cult here beast tide, not only blocks the opposite party to attack, beast tide that started the jet braking previously to clash will draw back in the future! 魔教这边的兽潮,不仅挡住对方进攻,更开始反推着先前冲来的兽潮往后退! Might as well, after good food, cabaret.” The Chen Luoyang finger rap seat arm rest, said indifferently. “无妨,不错的饭后余兴节目。”陈洛阳手指敲击座椅扶手,淡然说道。 Actually, in his moment mind, is busy observing the sound in black pot. 其实,他此刻脑海中,正忙着观察黑壶里的动静。 Outside beast group slaughters, massive life deaths. 外面兽群厮杀,大量生灵死亡。 However blood red nectar in black pot, not at all increases. 然而黑壶中的血红琼浆,并没有增加。 Must be the human life...... Chen Luoyang knits the brows secretly. 必须是人命吗……陈洛阳暗自皱眉。 Previously Shu Prefecture Golden Summit righteous and demonic battle time, Chen Luoyang then paid attention to observe. 先前蜀州金顶正魔交战的时候,陈洛阳便留心观察。 The strange beast death, blood red nectar in black pot seemed like does not increase. 异兽死亡,黑壶里的血红琼浆似乎是不增加的。 Only then deceased person time, will increase. 只有死人的时候,才会增加。 The dead cultivation base realm strength is higher, blood red nectar that then increases are more. 死者修为境界实力越高,则增加的血红琼浆越多。 Chen Luoyang thinks before , just by that foreign race assassin who own a light shout was killed by shock. 陈洛阳想到之前刚刚被自己一声轻喝震死的那个异族刺客。 Ten Steeds fourth, Black Owl Ehanko. 十骏第四,“黑枭额汉柯 tenth realm, Thought Congealing Martial King. 第十境,凝意武王 Was struck to kill by oneself personally. 被自己亲手击杀。 When increased blood red nectar, in Dharma King Hui Jue Sweet Dew Manor died initially must be more. 增加的血红琼浆,比当初甘露山庄慧觉法王死时还要更多。 Dharma King Hui Jue, is eleventh realm, Enthralled Realm Martial King. 慧觉法王,是第十一境,入神境界武王 cultivation base realm is higher than Black Owl. 修为境界还比“黑枭”更高。 According, was struck the person who kills by me personally, blood red nectar increases will be more. 照这么来看,被我亲手击杀的人,血红琼浆增加会更多。 Chen Luoyang sighed secretly. 陈洛阳暗自叹息。 This strange black pot, but also is really demon path supreme treasure...... 这诡异的黑壶,还真是魔道至宝啊…… He tidies up the spirit , to continue to look to the present snake mouse war. 他收拾精神,继续望向眼前的蛇鼠大战。 Under Miss Snake commands beast tide, has sounded the bugle that counter-attacks thoroughly. 蛇姑娘统领下的兽潮,已经彻底吹响反攻的号角。 On six dragons imperial cart, Xiao Yuntian, who is shrouded in flowing wind said: Individual strength realm height did not say, but only by the energy of beast controlling, Tianheng subordinate Miss Snake, won foreign race Mouse Kingto plan without doubt ‚.” 六龙皇辇上,流风笼罩下的萧云天言道:“个人实力境界高低不好说,但仅论御兽之能,天恒麾下蛇姑娘,无疑更胜异族鼠王’一筹。” Chen Luoyang hearing this, the heart nods secretly. 陈洛阳闻言,心底暗自点头。 Demon Cult branch all parties' several big branch, some truly many capable people. 魔教分处各方的几大分舵,确实有不少能人。 Qian Prefecture branch that Wang Dubao governs actually also has own unique skill. 王独豹治下的黔州分舵其实也有自己的绝活儿。 Although not like Dian Prefecture branch Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances and Snakes, Insects, Mice and Ants eight big heir each has its strong points, but the Qian Prefecture branch training has enough dozens Mountain Moving Golden Ape. 虽然不像滇州分舵鸟语花香蛇虫鼠蚁八大香主各有所长,但黔州分舵训练有足足几十头搬山金猿 Equally is all huge like the hill, the strength speed is scary. 个个如小山一样巨大,力量速度骇人。 If all came to here, the snake group and mouse group add feared together is not an opponent. 若是全来了这里,蛇群和鼠群加一起怕都不是对手。 The only weak area is, Qian Prefecture branch these Mountain Moving Golden Ape are only willing to move in the fixed mountain range. 唯一短板在于,黔州分舵这些搬山金猿只肯在固定一片山脉活动。 Wang Dubao and the others have not been able to domesticate it to temporarily is willing to leave the degree of territory. 王独豹等人暂时还没能将之驯化到愿意离开领地的程度。 Therefore can only take advantage of these big fellow to guard the branch foundation. 所以只能依仗这些大家伙守卫分舵根基。 This time follows orders into Shu, is unable to take the peer as the strength. 这次奉命入蜀,也就无法带上同行作为战力。 Otherwise Wang Dubao and the others were previously besieged by foreign race numerous expert as vanguard, if there are that crowd of Mountain Moving Golden Ape to lead a cheer, even if not beat, as for not losing is so miserable. 否则先前王独豹等人作为先锋异族一众强者围攻,若是有那群搬山金猿助阵,即便不敌,也绝不至于输的那么惨。 Zhang Tianheng hears the praise of Xiao Yuntian, said proudly: My person, naturally cannot miss.” 张天恒听到萧云天的夸赞,傲然道:“我的人,自然不会差。” Vajrapani said with a smile in the one side: Also is really your person, heard that you did do the cot to come up others?” 金刚在一旁笑道:“还真是你的人,听说你把人家搞到榻上去了?” Zhang Tianheng said: She is very special, I like such woman.” 张天恒言道:“她很特别,我喜欢这样的女人。” Vajrapani takes the eye to look around Fairy Speech and Madame of Fragrances. 金刚就拿眼睛瞄一旁的语仙子香夫人 The Fairy Speech appearance is average, the capital of person, does not have the response at this moment, calmly stands on the spot. 语仙子容貌平平,中人之资,此刻全无反应,静静站在原地。 Madame of Fragrances regards to flatter the line colorfully, bewitches to absorb the mortal form, welcomed Vajrapani to size up own vision, covered the lip to smile charmingly: Slave with Protector was about happy of several evening, Protector detested and rejected, where had younger sister Snake to be in good graces, Mister Vajrapani may probably figure out for the slave.” 香夫人艳视媚行,勾魂摄魄,迎着金刚打量自己的目光,掩唇娇媚一笑:“奴家跟护法不过几夕之欢,护法就厌弃了,哪有蛇妹得宠,金刚先生可要为奴家评评理。” Zhang Tianheng curls the lip: You do not lack into the guest of curtain, what pity installs?” 张天恒撇撇嘴:“你又不缺入幕之宾,装什么可怜?” He looks to Vajrapani: You also little look at me with that vision, I not good this field of endeavor, when you I am old Wang?” 他看向金刚:“你也少用那种眼光看我,我又不好此道,你当我是老王吗?” Vajrapani said with a smile: old Wang in the woman related matter, is also braver.” 金刚笑道:“老王也就是在跟女人有关的事情上,胆子大一些。” „Do you think?” Zhang Tianheng spat one: Here unvisited, Qian Prefecture several densely populated big cities, I find a place to sprinkle a basin underwater to go casually, can irrigate to the old Wang two cheap fathers-in-law.” “你以为呢?”张天恒啐了一声:“这里人迹罕至也就罢了,黔州几个人口密集的大城,我随便找个地方泼一盆水下去,都可以浇到老王两个便宜岳父。” Xiao Yuntian said: Cult Master face to face, both of you restrain some.” 萧云天说道:“教主当面,你们俩收敛一些。” Zhang Tianheng and Vajrapani hearing this, is immediately peaceful. 张天恒金刚闻言,立马安静下来。 Chen Luoyang is unemotional, appearance that as if not care about muddily. 陈洛阳面无表情,似乎浑不在意的样子。 In heart already somewhat numb. 心中已然有些麻木。 Really is Demon Cult ............ 果然是魔教………… Time that the people talked, beast tide that the enemy attacked, had been repelled by Miss Snake control flock of beasts. 众人谈话的功夫,对方进攻的兽潮,已经被蛇姑娘驾驭群兽打退。 The Demon Cult large military forces continue to go forward. 魔教大队人马继续前进。 But this line of pasts, the Chen Luoyang faint feeling was not right. 但这一路行过去,陈洛阳隐隐感觉不对劲。 Xiao Yuntian, Zhang Tianheng and the others had also detected. 萧云天张天恒等人也有所察觉。 The Snake, comes back.” Zhang Tianheng first shouted. 阿蛇,回来。”张天恒第一时间喝道。 Miss Snake is feeling uneasy, sees all around the hills, really has the billowing black smoke to raise, fills the four directions. 蛇姑娘正感觉不安,就见周遭群山,竟然都有滚滚黑烟升起,弥漫四方。 The black smoke covers the horizon, cannot look at the boundary completely, is getting more and more broad. 黑烟遮盖地平线,完全望不到边际,越来越广阔。 Spreads does not fall with the aura of danger extremely. 从中传出极度不降和危险的气息。
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