IBJWMC :: Volume #4

#357: Captain... 6-Star...?

What's wrong? Xiao Hai'er!” “怎么了?小海儿!” The Xiao Hai'er sudden difference performance, making the Su Ming complexion change, in heart one tight. 小海儿突如其来的异样表现,让苏明都面色一变,心中一紧。 How... how?” “怎...怎么了?” Chi Qian, Mu Yan, Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao group of four also saw Xiao Hai'er that suddenly comes, in abundance shouting, fierce standing up. 池浅穆嫣风清儿童心瑶一行四人也都见到了突然现身的小海儿,纷纷“呼”的一声,猛的站起身来。 As 《Azure Mercury》 one, signed existence of long-term contract book with Su Ming, Su Ming, although also many secrets have not demonstrated that but part of secrets four miss here no longer are the secrets. 作为『湛蓝水银』的一员,与苏明签订了长期契约书的存在,苏明虽然还有很多的秘密没有展示出来,可一部分秘密在四个姑娘这里已经不再是秘密了。 For example existence of Xiao Hai'er, in they join 《Azure Mercury》 the first day, they have known. 比如小海儿的存在,在她们加入『湛蓝水银』的第一天,她们就已经知晓。 And, since curiosity heavy Feng Qing'er will also often be close to Xiao Hai'er with Tongxin Yao of no plans, this period of time, pouring also and Xiao Hai'er mixed a face to be ripe. 其中,好奇心较重的风清儿和没什么心机的童心瑶还时常会接近小海儿,这段时间以来,倒也和小海儿混了一个脸熟。 Sometimes, Su Ming can see that these two girls mix in the underground training ground and Xiao Hai'er are playing together noisily, even these two girls also mindless plays in the water and Xiao Hai'er, not only the clothes took off/escaped a cleanness, has not garrisoned, making then Su Ming almost look at the eyeball to fall, greatly full fine sights. 有时候,苏明都能看到这两个丫头在地下训练场里和小海儿混在一块玩闹,甚至有一次这两姑娘还没心没肺的在水中与小海儿嬉戏,不仅衣服脱了个干净,还一点都不设防,让当时的苏明看得差点眼珠子都掉出来,大饱了一次眼福。 Such female is also very clear, in 《Azure Mercury》, Xiao Hai'er sense of presence is not perhaps high, but she is Su Ming hidden in the trump card of hidden place. 这样的众女也很清楚,在『湛蓝水银』中,小海儿存在感或许不高,但她才是苏明隐藏在暗处的一张王牌。 The strength endures compared with 6-Star professional, even stronger many Xiao Hai'er compared with Chi Qian, because of the relations of its status, will be doomed by the Su Ming localization is the card in a hand that usually cannot expose casually, besides in villa supreme headquarters, which no matter to must concealment figure, hide in secret, will not appear casually. 实力堪比六星职业者,甚至比池浅都要强出不少的小海儿,因为其身份的关系,就注定会被苏明定位为一张平时不能随便揭露出来的底牌,除了在别墅大本营里以外,不管是到哪都必须隐匿身形,藏在暗中,不会随便出现。 This time is also so. 这次也是如此。 Xiao Hai'er has followed in Su Ming's side, follows in the 《Azure Mercury》 side, does not have make a move. 小海儿一直都跟在苏明的身边,跟在『湛蓝水银』的身边,却始终都没有出手 Only if to time as a last resort, otherwise, Su Ming will not easily use Xiao Hai'er, lets Xiao Hai'er make a move. 除非到万不得已的时候,否则,苏明是不会轻易动用小海儿,让小海儿出手的。 But now, Xiao Hai'er was wields unexpectedly dispersed the concealment figure mist, ran, looked at Su Ming that surprised appearance , was very obviously accidental. 可现在,小海儿竟是自己挥散了隐匿身形的水雾,跑了出来,看苏明那惊讶的样子,明显也很意外。 This made the girls be out of control to be anxious. 这就让姑娘们禁不住紧张起来了。 However, Xiao Hai'er is actually tight is staring at a direction, in the eyes full is the hope, appearance that is ready to make trouble, simply looked like by any serious thing attracting, even the soul almost lost. 然而,小海儿却还是紧紧的盯着一个方向,眼中满是渴望,那蠢蠢欲动的模样,简直就像是被什么不得了的东西给吸引了似的,连魂都差点丢了。 Girl, you how?” “丫头,你到底怎么了?” Su Ming cannot bear, goes forward to hold on Xiao Hai'er, awakens it. 苏明没能忍住,上前拉住了小海儿,将其唤醒。 Niing! Niing Niing!” 咪呤咪呤咪呤!” Xiao Hai'er is dancing with joy to Su Ming one, that exciting appearance, except for initially the success evolution was Nightmare Type, with that time of Su Ming reunion outside, Su Ming did not have see again/goodbye. 小海儿对着苏明一阵手舞足蹈,那激动的模样,除了当初成功进化为噩梦种,和苏明重逢的那时以外,苏明就没再见过了。 By among the spirituality/intelligence conjunction with Xiao Hai'er, Su Ming understood the meaning of Xiao Hai'er indistinctly. 凭借与小海儿之间的灵性契合,苏明隐隐约约明白了小海儿的意思。 You said, what has good thing in that side?” “你说,有什么很好的东西在那边?” Su Ming blinks, is startled however looks at Xiao Hai'er. 苏明眨了眨眼睛,怔然的看着小海儿 Niing!” 咪呤!” Xiao Hai'er repeatedly nod, pulls Su Ming's hand one to jump to stumble, almost Su Ming's hand not swinging hemp. 小海儿连连点头,牵着苏明的手一阵蹦跶,差点没有把苏明的手给摇麻。 Captain!” 团长!” Chi Qian, Mu Yan, Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao and the others has caught up, gathered Su Ming's side. 池浅穆嫣风清儿童心瑶等人已经赶了过来,聚到了苏明的身边 Su Ming looked at people, looks again to Xiao Hai'er. 苏明看了一眼众人,再看向小海儿 Niing ling!” 咪呤呤!” A Xiao Hai'er face pitiful appearance is gazing at Su Ming. 小海儿一脸可怜兮兮模样注视着苏明 Without a doubt, she wants to let Su Ming in the past. 毋庸置疑,她想让苏明过去。 In the past sought for that to attract her, making her instinct feel the excited good thing. 过去寻找那吸引着她,让她本能感到激动的好东西。 What serious treasure did could it be have to appear?” 难道有什么不得了的宝物出现了吗?” Su Ming looking pensive. 苏明若有所思。 This Polar Night Labyrinth's sixth floor is below floor, when demon essence compared with first floor does not know that many, had any good thing to exist richly, as if is also very normal. 极夜迷宫的第六层已经算是偏下的楼层了,魔性第一层时不知浓郁了多少,有什么好东西存在,似乎也很正常。 If that thing can attract Xiao Hai'er, separated such far distance to attract Xiao Hai'er , even that thing was not then precious, to Xiao Hai'er oneself, absolutely was a good thing. 而如果那东西能够吸引到小海儿,还是隔了这么远的距离在吸引着小海儿的话,那么,就算那东西不算珍贵,对小海儿本人而言,都绝对是件好东西。 Such being the case... 既然如此... You stay here, I lead this girl to have a look.” “你们留在这里,我带这丫头去看看。” Su Ming made the decision. 苏明做了决定。 Niing Niing!” 咪呤咪呤!” Xiao Hai'er cheered happily. 小海儿高兴的欢呼了起来。 But, Chi Qian and the others has not actually chosen to stay behind. 但,池浅等人却没有选择留下。 We also go!” “我们也去!” Four girls said as if by prior agreement, with one voice, categorical. 四个姑娘不约而同的表示,异口同声,斩钉截铁。 Chi Qian even added one. 池浅甚至加了一句。 In this underground labyrinth, the risk that spread was too big, referred to erratically can have what accident/surprise, we acted together, Captain.” “在这种地下迷宫里,分散开来的风险实在太大了,指不定会出什么意外,我们还是一起行动吧,团长。” Chi Qian then expressed. 池浅便这么表示了。 But...” “可是...” Su Ming drew out the brow pressed. 苏明蹙起了眉头来。 He must separate the action actually not, but was today has struggled for a day, everyone a little felt exhausted somewhat, particularly Tongxin Yao, before entering sixth floor, on some braces did not get down sign, now arrives at the time of rest with great difficulty, Su Ming wants to stay in camp here them, the rest, do not cause complications well. 倒不是他一定要分开行动,而是今天已经奋斗了一天了,大家多多少少都有点感到疲惫,尤其是童心瑶,进入第六层之前就有些撑不太下去了的迹象,现在好不容易到了休息的时间,苏明就想将她们留在营地这里,好好休息,别节外生枝。 I... I do not have the issue! Captain!” “我...我没问题的!团长!” Tongxin Yao also realized that because of own relations, took a stand immediately hastily. 童心瑶也意识到是因为自己的关系,顿时连忙表态。 Mu Yan and Feng Qing'er were needless saying that is fixing the eyes on Su Ming, has been eager to try, preparation. 穆嫣风清儿更是不用说,一个紧盯着苏明,一个已经跃跃欲试,准备出发了。 Sees that Su Ming must nod. 见状,苏明只得点头。 Such being the case, everyone passes together.” Su Ming nods, while said: If cannot support, remembers that first told me, left reluctantly.” “既然如此,大家就一起过去。”苏明一边点头,一边却是道:“要是撑不下去的话,记得第一时间告诉我,别勉强。” Yes!” The females should hastily under. “是!”众女连忙应下。 Niing!” 咪呤!” Xiao Hai'er sees the general situation to decide, the changing flowing light of immediately having no recourse, plunders together toward the distant place. 小海儿见大局已定,立马迫不得已的化作一道流光,向着远处掠去。 Obviously, this mermaid young girl really somewhat could not repress. 显然,这人鱼少女是真的有些按捺不住了。 This also fully explained, is attracting her thing, actually attractive. 这也足以说明,吸引着她事物,究竟有多诱人。 Follows!” “跟上!” Su Ming greeted the people hastily, followed Xiao Hai'er rapidly. 苏明连忙招呼众人,迅速跟上小海儿 Chi Qian and the others does not dare to neglect, immediately the commodity in camp does not manage, with Su Ming, starts to dash about wildly. 池浅等人不敢怠慢,当下连营地里的物资都不管了,跟着苏明,开始狂奔。 ...... ...... Whoosh! 咻! In sky-splitting sound, the Xiao Hai'er speed is astonishing, if quickly the lightning, such as flees to the string arrow arrow to the distant place, the speed is getting more and more fast, follows only to see that in its behind Su Ming and the others a ray of light passed over gently and swiftly in the in the air extreme speed, almost with not losing. 破空声中,小海儿速度惊人,快若闪电,如离弦箭矢般窜向远方,速度还越来越快,以至于跟在其身后苏明等人都只能看到一道光线在空中极速掠过,差点没有跟丢。 „The girl, did not manage us unexpectedly.” “那丫头,居然都不管我们了。” The brow that Su Ming wrinkles is getting more and more tight, is somewhat is quite helpless. 苏明皱起的眉头越来越紧,也是颇有些无奈。 Let alone is Su Ming, is Chi Qian and the others somewhat cannot bear. 别说是苏明,就是池浅等人都有些受不了。 What was Xiao Hai'er this receives to stimulate?” 小海儿这是受了什么刺激啊?” Feng Qing'er already speed full, the feeling of actually a little not being able to keep up with, started becomes panted. 风清儿已经速度全开了,却有点跟不上的感觉,开始变得气喘吁吁了起来。 Mu Yan is also clenching teeth, figure passed over gently and swiftly like the gust of wind, but somewhat cannot follow faintly. 穆嫣也咬着牙,身形如疾风般掠过,可还是隐隐有些跟不上。 Chi Qian also calculates to accomplish a task with ease, holds the Tongxin Yao speed to fly quickly, raises the intermittent air current, the form is elegant and fast like the ghosts and demons. 池浅倒还算游刃有余,抱着童心瑶都速度快得飞起,掀起阵阵气流,身影如鬼魅般飘逸又快速。 But even so, facing grazes in the sky, and speed quicker and quicker Xiao Hai'er, Chi Qian this 6-Star professional that on the land runs will also use up unable to follow powerfully. 但即使是这样,面对在天空中飞掠,且速度越来越快的小海儿,池浅这个在陆地上奔走的六星职业者也会有力竭跟不上的时候。 Sees that Su Ming make a prompt decision issues the instruction. 见状,苏明当机立断的做出指示。 I first follow.” Su Ming was saying to Chi Qian: Chi Qian, you are looking after them, with not losing.” “我先跟上。”苏明对着池浅说道:“池浅,你照看着她们,别跟丢了。” Good!” Chi Qian does not force, the direct nod complies. “好!”池浅也不勉强,直接点头答应。 Su Ming then speed full, changes to a round of bullet in a fulmination, flushed away, let the sand dust at its process on the way of loudly forward flies to curl. 苏明这才速度全开,在一声爆鸣中化作一发子弹,轰然向前冲去,让沙尘都在其经过的途中飞卷了起来。 Good... good quick...!?” “好...好快...!?” Mu Yan, Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao three people are startled. 穆嫣风清儿以及童心瑶三人都大吃一惊。 Even the Chi Qian pupil shrinks, in the heart shocks. 池浅都瞳孔一缩,心中震惊。 Such quick speed, actually does the Captain Hunter strength arrive at what rank now?” “这么快的速度,团长猎人实力现在究竟到什么等级了啊?” As one of the Su Ming double professional status few insiders, Chi Qian has also learned his general strength from Su Ming there. 作为苏明职业者身份为数不多的知情人之一,池浅也是从苏明那里得知过他的大概实力。 As double professional, Su Ming Hunter rank and Warlock rank are 5-Star, and shortly after promotes. 作为双职业者,苏明猎人等级术士等级都是五星,且都晋升不久。 Especially Hunter rank, Su Ming after arriving at Tianfeng City successfully promotes. 特别是猎人等级,苏明是在来到天丰市以后才成功晋升的。 But Su Ming arrives at Tianfeng City, the considering everything also almost two months, even. 苏明来到天丰市,满打满算也才差不多两个月,甚至还不到。 In other words, the Su Ming promotion is 5-Star Hunter, but is the matter within this and two months. 也就是说,苏明晋升为五星猎人,不过是这一、两个月内的事情而已。 Speed that but Su Ming shows at this moment, that already completely not under her, and even somewhat surpassed faintly. 苏明此时此刻展现出来的速度,那已经完全不下于她,乃至隐隐有些超出了。 could it be... 难道... Captain... 6-Star...?” 团长...六星了...?” Chi Qian cannot believe own idea. 池浅不敢相信自己的想法。 First, do two months then from enter 5-Star initially, promote 6-Star? 一、两个月便从初入五星,晋升到六星 This... possible? 这...可能吗? Does not dare to believe Chi Qian not to know, this month, Su Ming used one bottle to unearth bloodline power, bloodline was high-level , to promote power bigger best quality goods level alchemical potion ———— Rinsing Potion. 不敢置信中的池浅并不知道,这个月裡,苏明使用了一瓶能夠挖掘血脉力量,血脉越是高級,提升的力量就越大的极品级炼金药剂————洗涤药剂 She does not know, Su Ming last year Hunter was not, becoming Hunter was also several months ago things. 她更不知道,苏明在去年的时候连猎人都还不是,成为猎人也不过是几个月前的事情而已。 Several months time, Su Ming becomes double professional from Warlock, obtains Illusory Demon bloodline first day had the strength of 3-Star Hunter rank, then rises rapidly, under the unceasing transformation and Demon Emperor Sword's power of Nightmare Type bloodline transform by, the strengthened guidances as well as various resources causes of Blue Demon Pacifier Ring urge, from the 3-Star rise 4-Star, from the 4-Star rise 5-Star. 短短几个月的时间,苏明就从一介术士成为了双职业者,获得幻魔血脉的第一天就拥有了三星猎人级别的实力,然后一路飞速崛起,在噩梦种血脉的不断改造、魔帝剑的力量改造以、蓝魔止战环的强化引导以及各种资源因缘促使下,从三星升到四星,又从四星升到了五星 This process, even a half year does not have. 这个过程,甚至连半年都没有。 Now, one and two months passes, has Rinsing Potion, Demon Emperor Sword and blue demon stop fight the link and so on transformation promotion, in addition in does this month has not been short of open package, obtain from the package is used to promote own resources, Su Ming possibly that to enter 5-Star Hunter variously initially? 如今,一、两个月的时间过去,有洗涤药剂魔帝剑及蓝魔止戰环等等的改造提升,加上这个月里又没少开包裹,从包裹中获得各种各样用来提升自己的资源,苏明又怎么可能还是那个初入五星猎人 The strength in his Hunter aspect, had surpassed the strength in Warlock aspect in this month comprehensively. 猎人方面的实力,早就在这个月里全面超过了术士方面的实力。 Strength that at this moment, Su Ming shows, but is the tip of the iceberg. 此时此刻,苏明展现出来的实力,不过是冰山一角。 Then, Su Ming also changed to tornado, with lightning speed, brings the heavily illusory image, sand dust and air wave, caught up with Xiao Hai'er that grazes in the midair smoothly. 就这样,苏明也化作了一道旋风,一路风驰电掣,带着重重幻影、沙尘及气浪,顺利的追上了在半空中飞掠的小海儿 Master and servant two people catches up in front, pursues in behind, speed already faintly impartial. 主仆两人一个在前面赶,一个在后面追,速度已经隐隐持平。 Only pitifully, does not last forever. 只可惜,好景不长。 In the Xiao Hai'er speed does not reduce when rushes in a stretch of territory, fierce and brutal demon essence suddenly appears. 就在小海儿速度不减的闯进一片领地里时,一股凶暴的魔性突然出现。 Roar ——!” “吼——!” Angrily roars along with one, a huge form appeared from the deep place of territory. 伴随着一声怒吼,一道巨大的身影从领地的深处出现了。 That is ordinary like a hill, crawls in the ruins, like dying thing stay still, in actually very had figure at this moment suddenly, the body best pupil has more than ten meters giant. 那是有如一座小山一般,爬在废墟中,原本像死物般静止不动,此时此刻里却突然挺起身形,身高足有十几米的巨人。 The giant contour is an excellent likeness in Low-Class Illusory Demon is regarded as of Giant Demon strongest types, all over the body comprised of the rock, a beast, the body person, the hands and feet stone column, the build is bigger than Giant Demon on does not know many times, frightening. 巨人外形神似下级幻魔中被视为最强种类之一的巨魔,通体由岩石组成,头似兽,身似人,手脚似石柱,体型却比巨魔大上不知多少倍,让人恐惧。 Xiao Hai'er takes the form of the huge Illusory Demon meet of Giant Demon with that and collides. 小海儿就与那形似巨魔的巨大幻魔相遇,并碰撞。 Bang!” “轰!” The bellow, resounds through the four directions. 轰鸣声,响彻四方。
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