IBJWMC :: Volume #4

#358: Was rumbled the mutant that explodes

Bang!” “轰!” When the bellow resounds through , the shock-wave also bursts out from body of big small two form bumps into suddenly, raids to the surroundings. 当轰鸣声响彻而起之时,冲击波亦是自猛然相撞的一大一小两道身影的身上迸发而出,袭向周围。 Bang bang bang bang bang...!” “嘭嘭嘭嘭嘭...!” Innumerable stone columns, rocks and stalactite cave sharp thorn in that storm sweeps across under affect of shock-wave opens to blast open, changes to everywhere the disintegrating slag, the flying shoots towards in all directions. 无数石柱、岩石、钟乳洞般的尖刺都在那暴风般席卷而开的冲击波的波及下炸裂,化作漫天的碎渣,飞射向四面八方。 A ground cuns (2.5 cm) break, becoming just like the spider web to be the same. 地面寸寸断裂,变得犹如蜘蛛网一般。 The territory that giant Illusory Demon is at also trembles suddenly, downcast baseless several meters. 那巨人幻魔所在的领地也是猛然震颤,凭空陷落了几米。 Niing ——!” 咪呤——!” mermaid young girl then brings the long delightful recitation sound, bringing everywhere wave to continue to advance, the intention rushes to the territory that giant Illusory Demon has protected. 人鱼少女便带着悠长悦耳的吟声,带着漫天的水波继续突进,意图闯过那巨人幻魔所守护的领地。 Roar ——!” “吼——!” The giant Illusory Demon nature for it violent anger, full is big hand one of the rock, brings the grating sonic boom sound, loudly racket to Xiao Hai'er. 巨人幻魔自然为之暴怒,满是岩石的大手一张,带着刺耳的音爆声,轰然拍向小海儿 Bang!” Bang!” Bang!” Bang!” Bang!”... “轰!”“轰!”“轰!”“轰!”“轰!”... Suddenly, the deafening bellow resounded unceasingly, lifted a prologue of sudden fierce combat. 一时间,震耳欲聋的轰鸣声不断响起,掀开了一场突如其来的激战的序幕。 Carries impact that everywhere wave Xiao Hai'er then continuously giant Illusory Demon defense line, with giant arm that giant Illusory Demon brandishes time and time again collides in together, aroused that intermittent thundering. 携带漫天水波的小海儿便不住的冲击着巨人幻魔的防线,与巨人幻魔挥舞的巨臂一次又一次的碰撞在一起,激起了那阵阵的轰鸣。 Shock-wave development/launch one after another. 冲击波一层接着一层的展开 Atmospheric trembling one after another. 大气一阵接着一阵的震颤。 Big small two forms are conducting most directly and most perfect to bumping, making Su Ming that moves sideways to plunder almost be affected, was nearly attacked to affect the crushed stone the storm blowing. 一大一小两道身影就进行着最直接、最极致的对碰,让闪身掠来的苏明都差点遭到波及,险些被冲击波及碎石的风暴给刮走。 Luckily, Su Ming spiritual sense is outstanding, coordinates the strong body and spirit again, the double profession ability union, making the willow branch that his figure such as fluttered with the wind same, after swinging, unexpectedly was advances instead of retreating, as if rides the wind, continued toward the forward-swept. 幸好,苏明灵觉超群,再配合超强的体魄,双职业能力结合,令得他身形都如随风飘扬的柳枝一样,一阵摆动以后,竟是不退反进,仿佛乘着风似的,继续往前掠。 only, when Su Ming saw that angrily roars again and again, when with Xiao Hai'er conducts the pinnacle to bumping giant Illusory Demon, the pupil shrinks. 只是,当苏明见到那连连怒吼,与小海儿进行着极致对碰的巨人幻魔时,还是瞳孔一缩。 Dangerous Type mutant!” 危险种突变体!” Giant Illusory Demon, impressively is a Dangerous Type mutant. 那巨人幻魔,赫然是一只危险种的突变体。 This did sixth floor have the Dangerous Type mutant to appear and disappear unexpectedly?” “这第六层居然就有危险种的突变体出没了?” Su Ming was startled. 苏明都惊了。 The mutant, that is Illusory Demon suffers the failure in the process of evolution, is unable to go a step further again, actually was also aloof the original life level, dominates variation Illusory Demon above original rank. 突变体,那可是幻魔在进化的过程中遭遇失败,无法再进一步,却也超脱了本来的生命层次,凌驾于本来的等级之上的异种幻魔 Although is the result of evolution failure, but can arrive to evolve this step, has existed same rank overwhelming majorities must come rare and powerful. 虽然是进化失败的结果,但能走到进化这一步,已经是比同等级的绝大多数存在都要来得难得与强大了。 Like these mutants that first floor bumps into, the only Low-Class Illusory Demon mutant, cannot compare High-Class Illusory Demon, including lowest rank Dangerous Type and not on, but they are also existences of ultra common Low-Class Illusory Demon, almost can be a worthy opponent 4-Star professional. 第一层碰到的那些突变体,都只是下级幻魔的突变体而已,比不上上级幻魔,连最低等级危险种都及不上,可它们也是远超寻常下级幻魔的存在,几乎可以匹敌四星职业者 But the Dangerous Type mutant, that was more fearful than that Low-Class Illusory Demon mutant. 危险种的突变体,那就比那种下级幻魔突变体可怕多了。 Common Dangerous Type, power is roughly in 4-Star professional to 5-Star professional, is stronger than 4-Star professional, is weaker than 5-Star professional. 寻常危险种,力量大致处于四星职业者五星职业者之间,比四星职业者强,比五星职业者弱。 Only the outstanding person in Dangerous Type, just now can be a worthy opponent 5-Star professional power. 只有危险种中的佼佼者,方才能够拥有匹敌五星职业者力量 If this Dangerous Type through taking the blood, accumulates to sufficiently power that is used to evolve, that in the Dangerous Type limit, is roughly in line with the 5-Star peak level professional. 若是这危险种通过吸食鲜血,累积到足以用来进化的力量的话,那就是处于危险种的极限,大致等同于五星巅峰级的职业者 If that Ghoul, is quick evolution Dangerous Type, compared with was in the 5-Star peak level Chi Qian also to want on to plan at that time strongly, causing the Tianfeng City official to issue specially crusades against its Quest, preventing it successfully to evolve. 如那食尸鬼,就是快进化的危险种,比当时处于五星巅峰级的池浅还要强上一筹,致使天丰市官方专门发布了讨伐它的任务,阻止其成功进化。 This with giant Illusory Demon that Xiao Hai'er is conducting the fierce combat, has actually evolved Dangerous Type, only failure. 这与小海儿进行着激战的巨人幻魔,却是已经进化过了的危险种,只是失败了而已。 If this giant Illusory Demon evolves successfully, then it will become Nightmare Type, power will rise suddenly to stage of 6-Star professional to 7-Star professional, even continues to suck the blood, accumulates power, but can also achieve to be a worthy opponent the 7-Star professional rank. 若是这巨人幻魔进化成功,那它就会成为噩梦种,力量会暴涨到六星职业者七星职业者之间的阶段,甚至继续吸食血液,累积力量的话,还能达到匹敌七星职业者的级别。 But it failed, finally is the life does not have the little advance again, can only halt in the shape of mutant, is unable compared with Nightmare Type. 可它失败了,最终就是一生再无寸进,只能止步于突变体的形态,无法和噩梦种相比。 However, even so, this giant Illusory Demon has also evolved, when were defeated being in Dangerous Type was much more powerful. 然而,即便如此,这巨人幻魔也是进化过了的,哪怕失败都比处于危险种时强大得多。 Dangerous Type limit, to evolution, only then Ghoul of one pace is equivalent to the 5-Star peak level to exist, that this has evolved the mutant, on even if not Nightmare Type, is unable to achieve situated in 6-Star boundary of professional to 7-Star professional, absolutely is much stronger than the 5-Star peak level. 危险种的极限,离进化只有一步之遥的食尸鬼都相当于五星巅峰级存在,那这进化过了的突变体,就算及不噩梦种,无法达到介于六星职业者七星职业者之间的境界,也绝对比五星巅峰级强得多。 At present this giant Illusory Demon, this Dangerous Type mutant, can be a worthy opponent powerful existence of 6-Star professional. 眼前这巨人幻魔,这危险种突变体,就是能够匹敌六星职业者的强大存在。 Such existence, has in Polar Night Labyrinth's sixth floor unexpectedly, that following seventh floor, eighth floor and ninth floor and even are in tenth floor of most deep place, Illusory Demon of what rank will also have? 这样的存在,居然在极夜迷宫的第六层就已经有了,那更下面的第七层第八层第九层乃至是最深处的第十层里,又会有什么级别的幻魔 Bang!” “轰!” When Su Ming feels careful thoughts, extreme fear, Xiao Hai'er has collided one time with that giant Illusory Demon, is riding the shock-wave, flies toward the high blank. 苏明感到细思极恐的时候,小海儿已经又是与那巨人幻魔碰撞一次,乘着冲击波,向着高空弹飞出去。 Niing! Niing Niing!” 咪呤咪呤咪呤!” It is not able to break through the giant Illusory Demon defense line, Xiao Hai'er was also then anxious, loud repetitive crying out, as if very angry. 迟迟无法突破巨人幻魔防线,小海儿便也急了,大声的连连叫唤,似乎很是生气 Roar!” “吼!” Giant Illusory Demon only is actually roaring to upper air in Xiao Hai'er, killed will not put the Xiao Hai'er past appearance. 巨人幻魔只是对着高空中的小海儿怒吼着,一副打死都不会放小海儿过去的模样。 Although Xiao Hai'er very angry, actually cannot do to that giant Illusory Demon. 小海儿虽然很生气,却也着实奈何不了那巨人幻魔 As has not grown to Nightmare Type of mature period, Xiao Hai'er power compares in general Nightmare Type wants on similarly weakly many, can only be a worthy opponent 6-Star professional, is unable to be the Nightmare Type minimum boundary, namely is stronger than 6-Star professional, compared with the 7-Star professional weak stage. 作为还未发育到成熟期的噩梦种,小海儿力量相较于一般的噩梦种同样要弱上不少,只能匹敌六星职业者,无法达到噩梦种的最低界限,即比六星职业者强,比七星职业者弱的阶段。 Side is power incomplete Nightmare Type, side is the evolution Nightmare Type failure actually also far ultra Dangerous Type mutant, power of both sides unexpectedly is strange in same rank, no one can do to anyone. 一边是力量不完全的噩梦种,一边是进化噩梦种失败却也远超危险种的突变体,双方的力量竟是诡异的处于同一个级别,谁也奈何不了谁。 The Xiao Hai'er attempt blows the snowstorm, under the bang the vortex of water current, no longer meets the tough head-on with toughness with giant Illusory Demon, plays the operation of law master. 小海儿尝试刮起暴风雪,轰下水流的旋涡,不再与巨人幻魔硬碰硬,玩起法爷的操作。 But that the surroundings changes to the world of ice and snow area sufficiently completely, making the flood submerge all around attack, actually cannot do to giant Illusory Demon. 但那足以将周围一带全部化作冰天雪地,让洪水淹没四周的攻击,却还是奈何不了巨人幻魔 Giant Illusory Demon is brandishing the giant arm, disperses the snowstorm by the pinnacle power bang, is the continuously blocks does not keep off facing the fluent vortex of attack, withstands with own great body directly, withstood unexpectedly forcefully, stubborn such as by the reef that the ocean waves strike against. 巨人幻魔挥舞着巨臂,以极致的力量轰散暴风雪,面对来袭的水流旋涡更是连挡都不挡,直接用自己的巨躯去承受,竟是硬生生的承受了下来,顽固如被海浪拍击的礁石。 This giant Illusory Demon understood at a glance that is like Giant Demon, takes power and defense as the arrogant type, the speed is slow, actually tall Gonggao guards, the blood is thick, Xiao Hai'er wants to take the opposite party, but also is not really easy. 这巨人幻魔一看就知道是和巨魔一样,以力量和防御为傲的类型,速度慢,却高攻高防,血厚皮厚,小海儿想拿下对方,还真不容易。 But the attack of giant Illusory Demon, Xiao Hai'er does not dare to be hit completely, once were hit, that absolutely is the severely wounded fate, enabling mermaid young girl only moves aside by the flexible speed and movement. 而巨人幻魔的攻击,小海儿完全不敢被命中,一旦被击中,那绝对是重伤的下场,让人鱼少女只能凭借灵活多变的速度及身法来进行躲闪。 Big small two big Illusory Demon, fell into the rubber status/condition. 一大一小两大幻魔,就这么陷入了胶着的状态 Without the involvement of third party power, this rubber status/condition, maintaining for ten days for half a month possibly is not the issue. 若是没有第三方力量的介入,这胶着状态,维持十天半个月可能都不是问题。 Only pitifully, Xiao Hai'er is not isolated and cuts off from help. 只可惜,小海儿这边并不是孤立无援。 Bang!” “轰!” Suddenly, Xiao Hai'er body erupts astonishing spirituality/intelligence suddenly, under making her rumble the snowstorm scale to expand dozens times instantaneously, the might strengthens ten times to continue, the bang results in the giant Illusory Demon whole body to tremble fiercely. 突然间,小海儿身上陡然爆发出一股惊人的灵性,让她轰下的暴风雪规模瞬间扩大数十倍,威力增强十倍不止,轰得巨人幻魔全身剧烈震颤。 In the critical moment, Su Ming is relying on finally and spirituality/intelligence conjunction between Xiao Hai'er, instilled into own Spirit Power to Xiao Hai'er, making Xiao Hai'er power rise suddenly. 关键时刻里,苏明终于凭借着自己与小海儿之间的灵性契合,将自身的灵力灌输给了小海儿,让小海儿力量暴涨。 Starts spirituality/intelligence to agree with status/condition, after borrowing Su Ming's Spirit Power, Xiao Hai'er is equivalent to the incarnation is double professional in Illusory Demon, strength, even if with is Poisonous Insect Queen of outstanding person fights in Nightmare Type can have the number of times ten rounds. 启动灵性契合状态,借用了苏明的灵力以后,小海儿相当于化身为幻魔中的双职业者,实力之强,就算是与在噩梦种中都是佼佼者的毒虫女王交手都能有来有回数十个回合。 So sudden power rises dramatically, lets giant Illusory Demon in one thump thump thump in the sound the retreat, the whole body had layer upon layer the ice crystal in the might astonishing snowstorm, distressed. 如此突如其来的力量暴增,就让巨人幻魔在一阵“咚咚咚”的声响中不住后退,全身都在威力惊人的暴风雪内结出了层层冰晶,狼狈不已。 Roar!” “吼!” Giant Illusory Demon is startled the anger to happen simultaneously immediately. 巨人幻魔顿时惊怒交加。 Greets such it is actually terrifying power. 迎接这样的它的卻是一陣恐怖力量 Since seeing only, is equivalent to giant Illusory Demon to be tinier much the form to stick out suddenly from on the ground together suddenly, wears the reveal to refer to the right hand of glove burning the flame gloomily blue light, illuminated the entire underground space. 只見,一道相当于巨人幻魔而言渺小得可怜的身影自地面上暴起,佩戴着露指手套的右手骤然燃烧起火焰般的幽蓝之光,照亮了整个地下空间。 The form before the pinnacle speed advances the sudden retreat giant Illusory Demon body incessantly, to its heavy/thick such as the chest of mountain wall, rumbled the sparkle struck. 身影以极致的速度突进到了暴退不止的巨人幻魔身前,对着它那厚重如山壁的胸口,轰出了闪耀的一击。 【Silver Arm ・ 10% ・ Fist Strike】!” 【银之臂·十分之一·拳击】!” In resounding through horizon ice-cold sound, sparkles the light is exploding a fist, heavily bang on the chest of giant Illusory Demon. 在响彻天际的冰冷声音中,闪耀着光爆似的一拳,重重的轰在了巨人幻魔的胸口上。 Bang ——!” “轰隆——!” At this moment, entire Polar Night Labyrinth trembles suddenly, sixth floor and approached two floors to be the same like the earthquake, turned to well up fiercely. 这一刻里,整个极夜迷宫都蓦然一颤,第六层及临近了两个楼層更是有如地震一般,剧烈翻涌了起来。 What's the matter...!?” “怎么回事...!?” What happened!?” “发生什么事了!?” Aaah!” 啊啊啊!” Be careful!” “小心!” Much the wanderer in the labyrinth, or is battling with Illusory Demon, is picking the professional team of day material treasure then to be given to be involved by this sudden vibration, such as bumps into the true earthquake to be the same, or was shaken unstaily, the either caved in terrain gives to affect, was buried, is hit by the disaster. 不少在迷宫中闯荡,或是与幻魔交战着,或是在采摘着天材地宝的职业者团队便纷纷都被这突如其来的震动给卷入,如碰上真正的地震一般,要么被震得东倒西歪,要么被塌陷的地形给波及,被掩埋,遭遇灾难。 Especially places in sixth floor professionals, each one such as falls into the earth movement the mountains shook disaster, falls into to scared and stampede status/condition. 尤其是身处于第六层职业者们,个个都如陷入地动山摇般的天灾里似的,陷入到恐慌及狼狈逃窜的状态中。 Including Su Ming and Xiao Hai'er direction hurries to is brought disaster to toward Chi Qian, Mu Yan, Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao that and the others. 包括正往苏明小海儿的方向赶去的池浅穆嫣风清儿童心瑶等人都被殃及。 Be careful!” “小心!” Chi Qian then complexion big change, without hesitation the bosom Tongxin Yao stopper to Feng Qing'er, oneself grasps the long sword, rises with a spring, the innumerable giant crushed stone clods that will attack rumble at the scene broken. 池浅便面色大变,毫不犹豫的将怀里的童心瑶塞给风清儿,自身则手持长剑,一跃而起,将来袭的无数巨大碎石岩块给当场轰碎。 Holds quickly!” “快抓住!” Mu Yan could also not maintain the past iceberg beautiful woman image, beautiful face changing colors flung the thorn soft whip, tied down Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao two people, together, are hanging in a connection to the stone column of ceiling on, in order to avoid by difficult situation shock-wave blowing. 穆嫣亦是维持不了往日的冰山美人形象了,花容失色般的甩出荆棘软鞭,缠住风清儿童心瑶两人,连带着自己一起,吊在一根连接至天花板的石柱上,以免被惊涛骇浪般的冲击波给刮走。 Chi Qian even crashed in sand storm of attack, can see that indistinctly her figure raises rapidly, the whole body changes to the enchanting Demon shape, carries astonishing power, waves the long sword, the sand storm and shock-wave that will attack gave to cut open at the scene, protect behind Mu Yan, Feng Qing'er and Tongxin Yao and the others. 池浅甚至冲进了一片来袭的沙尘暴里,隐隐约约能够看到她的身形迅速拔高,全身都化作妖娆的魔人形态,携着惊人力量,一挥手中长剑,将来袭的沙尘暴及冲击波都给当场切开,护住了身后穆嫣风清儿童心瑶等人 Then, the feeling of earth movement the mountains shook does not know how long maintained. 就这样,地动山摇的感觉不知道维持了多久。 But places in central giant Illusory Demon that a light explodes, actually in that heaven-shaking sound, the whole body blasts open. 而身处于一阵光爆的中心的巨人幻魔,却是在那惊天动静中,浑身炸裂。 That, disintegrates just like the mountain massif. 那一幕,宛若山体瓦解。
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