IBJWMC :: Volume #4

#356: anomaly mermaid young girl

Perhaps because of the program of action effective relations, avoids the fight, does not go deliberately to collect the day of material treasure, only seeks for 《Azure Mercury》 to next entrance with single-hearted devotion finally in early morning, side a stone wall of hole room, found a cave entrance. 或许是因为行动方针奏效的关系,一路回避战斗,不去刻意收集天材地宝,只是专心寻找通往下一层的入口的『湛蓝水银』最终在凌晨时分,于一间窟室的石壁侧面,找到了一口洞口。 That to the second entrance, downward, like other channels, the intriguing even/including to other place, cannot see it directly and differences between these channels. 那就是通往第二层的入口,直接往下,不像其余通道,错综复杂的连向别的地方,一眼就能看出其与那些通道间的不同。 Su Ming's group not hesitant, jumps in cave entrance directly, entered second. 苏明一行也没有犹豫,直接跳进洞口里,进到了第二层。 Although is early morning, because before Polar Night Labyrinth present, Su Ming and the others from Xu Xiayan there had learned that the entrance will open at dusk, therefore has rested in turn relations, the people are also full of energy, can continue to hurry along. 虽然已经是凌晨时分,但因为在极夜迷宫现界前,苏明等人就已经从许夏烟那里得知入口是在傍晚时分才会开启,所以都轮流休息过了的关系,众人也是精神抖擞,可以继续赶路。 Thinks that must arrive in tenth floor in seven days, but must reserve some time to plunder the resources in the following floor, Su Ming's group also wants through above several, not to waste the time as soon as possible. 想到必须在七天内抵达第十层,还得预留一些时间在下面的楼层搜刮资源,苏明一行也是想尽快通过上面几层,别浪费时间。 Therefore, the people have no continuation of objection to hurry along, and was the same previously, avoids the senseless fight, does not collect the low level the day material treasure, can save the time to save the time, can save the energy to save the energy, really could not avoid met make a move, otherwise was hurries along, hurry along and hurry along again. 于是,众人没有任何异议的继续赶路,并和先前一样,回避无谓的战斗,不去收集低层次的天材地宝,能省时间就省时间,能省精力就省精力,实在避不开了才会出手,否则便是赶路、赶路、再赶路。 In such a case, over the following several days, Su Ming's group extremely smooth has rushed to a labyrinth layer upon layer. 在这样的情况下,接下来的几天,苏明一行极为顺利的闯过了一层层的迷宫。 Before next morning, they found the entrance to third floor in the second hole room as before, arrives in third floor smoothly. 第二天天亮之前,他们依旧在第二层的一间窟室里找到了通往第三层的入口,顺利抵达第三层 Next day high noon, they saw the entrance to fourth floor in the lair that one crowd of Illusory Demon perched, thus collective make a move, struck to kill Illusory Demon in lair entirely, entered fourth floor. 第二天正午时分,他们在一群幻魔栖息的巢穴里看到了通往第四层的入口,从而集体出手,将巢穴里的幻魔通通击杀,进入了第四层 Next day night, they in the fight that in a time is unable to avoid destroyed a small lake, found the entrance in that lake, entered fifth. 第二天的夜晚,他们则在一次无法回避的战斗中破坏了一片小湖泊,在那片湖泊里找到了入口,进入了第五层。 Arrived at this time, Su Ming and the others stopped, found a quite safe place to pitch camp, starts to rest. 到得这个时候,苏明等人才停了下来,找了一个比较安全的地方安营扎寨,开始休息。 Was Tongxin Yao this small girl could not mainly have supported. 主要是童心瑶这个小丫头已经撑不住了。 Small girl was young, is body tender physically weak Warlock, can catch up with one day and one night roads continuously, is quite rare. 小丫头年龄本来就小,又是身娇体弱的术士,能连续不断的赶上一天一夜的路,已经是相当难得的了。 Su Ming, Chi Qian, Mu Yan and Feng Qing'er and the others is High-Class Hunter, stamina is abundant, but mind/energetic aspect exhausted unavoidable, even if can also insist now, for the following distance considered, stopping the rest is very necessary. 苏明池浅穆嫣风清儿等人则都是上级猎人,体力还算充沛,但精神方面的疲惫还是无法避免,就算现在还能坚持,为了后面的路程考虑,停下来休息都是很有必要的。 Until third day the dawn, the people, seek for the entrance to sixth floor again. 直到第三天天亮,众人才再次出发,寻找起通往第六层的入口。 This time, actually spent almost one day, Su Ming and the others to find the entrance to sixth floor. 这次,却是花了差不多一天,苏明等人才找到了通往第六层的入口。 Without the means that they bumped into High-Class Illusory Demon in sixth floor, astrayed a Dangerous Type territory. 没办法,他们在第六层中碰上了上级幻魔,误入了一只危险种的领地。 Right. 没错。 From fifth start of Polar Night Labyrinth, here presented High-Class Illusory Demon finally. 极夜迷宫的第五层开始,这里终于是出现了上级幻魔 Astrays Su Ming and the others of that High-Class Illusory Demon territory, almost will be is carried large quantities of Illusory Demon by that threatening Dangerous Type shortly to surrounding, will fall into to a battle of encirclement. 误入那只上级幻魔领地的苏明等人,几乎是顷刻间就被那来势汹汹的危险种携带着大批的幻魔给包围,陷入到一场包围战中。 This war, Su Ming gives full play of power and strength, the direct incarnation to move the fort, various low level and intermediate Spiritual Technique emerges one after another incessantly, will just now surround to come, quantity extremely numerous Illusory Demon groups burning down. 这一战,苏明大发神威,直接化身为移动炮台,各种低级、中级的灵性术层出不穷,方才将包围而来,数量极多的幻魔群给烧光。 This makes Tongxin Yao look that is full of the worship to Su Ming's look, making Su Ming also quite enjoy. 这让童心瑶小朋友看向苏明的眼神都充满着崇拜,让苏明也是颇为受用。 As for that Dangerous Type, the strength can only say is ordinary, and on cannot compare favorably with 5-Star professional the outstanding people in these Dangerous Type, and on almost does not evolve quickly, can have Ghoul that contend with the 5-Star peak level, its strength is like general Dangerous Type, situated in 4-Star professional to 5-Star professional, is stronger than 4-Star, is weaker than 5-Star. 至于那危险种,实力只能说是普普通通,及不上能够媲美五星职业者的那些危险种中的佼佼者,更及不上几乎快进化,能与五星巅峰级存在一较高下的食尸鬼,其实力与一般的危险种一样,处于四星职业者五星职业者之间,比四星强,比五星弱。 Such opponent, does not need Su Ming make a move, did not need Chi Qian make a move, Mu Yan and Feng Qing'er these two 5-Star professional comes up to have more than enough to spare. 这样的对手,不需要苏明出手,更不需要池浅出手,穆嫣风清儿这两个五星职业者上去就绰绰有余了。 Feels sorry for that Dangerous Type, first is the military is slaughtered hand/subordinate by Su Ming, tied down by the Mu Yan thorn soft whip stubbornly, runs cannot run away, even moves to become the difficulty, then has high-quality goods level alchemical weapon Feng Qing'er to, the fate pitifully, it can be imagined. 可怜那危险种,先是手下兵力被苏明屠戮一空,又被穆嫣的荆棘软鞭给死死缠住,跑都跑不掉,连移动一下都成困难,再对上拥有精品级炼金武器风清儿,下场有多凄惨,可想而知。 Finally, that Dangerous Type was cut the both arms by Feng Qing'er with kukri, sliced off the both legs, at once is passed through the head by Feng Qing'er to a blade, died again cannot die. 最终,那危险种就被风清儿反曲刀切下了双臂,又削掉了双腿,旋即被风清儿给一刀贯穿了脑袋,死得不能再死了。 Su Ming had a liking for this Dangerous Type material, after it dismembers a body, in very happy loading into backpack, was opened meat, had for the first time quite satisfactory harvest. 苏明看上了这只危险种的素材,将其大卸八块以后,美滋滋的装进背包里,也算是开了荤,有了首次比较满意的收获。 What is worth mentioning is, this Dangerous Type is also defending a strange strange tree, on this tree bears an amber fruit, to a Su Ming big pleasant surprise. 值得一提的是,这只危险种还守着一棵奇异怪树,这树上结一种琥珀果,给苏明一个不小的惊喜。 The amber fruit, one type can be used to refine the amber potion material, is precisely most important principal material. 琥珀果,一种能够用来炼制琥珀药剂的材料,且是其中最重要的主材料。 But amber potion is one type can be used to promote Spirit Power, even there is a certain probability to make Warlock enter comprehends status/condition, precious potion that the strength strives largely. 而琥珀药剂则是一种能够用来提升灵力,甚至有一定几率让术士进入领悟状态,实力大幅精进的珍贵药剂 Even, if there is an average person to take this bottle of precious potion, also certain probability awakened Spiritual Physique, became Warlock, took the unusual road. 甚至,若是有普通人服用了这瓶珍贵的药剂,还有一定的几率觉醒灵性体质,成为术士,就此走上超凡之路。 So precious alchemical potion, its quality reached the best quality goods level, is the best quality goods in best quality goods, the precious degree is next to marvelous work potion. 如此珍贵的炼金药剂,其品质就达到了极品级,还是极品中的极品,珍贵程度仅次于神品药剂 Naturally, Su Ming only obtained this bottle of precious potion refinement material, was not equal to this bottle of potion. 当然,苏明只是得到了这瓶珍贵药剂的炼制材料而已,不等于得到了这瓶药剂 The refinement material that but in amber potion most precious and is most difficult to look for is the amber fruit, other refinement materials do not calculate to be difficult to look, go to Wanbao Auction House, flowered about 100000 contribution points, should be able to collect. 可琥珀药剂中最珍贵且最难找的炼制材料就是琥珀果,其余炼制材料都不算难找,去一趟万宝拍卖行,花个100000左右的贡献点,应该就能凑齐。 Now the amber fruit had, Su Ming only needs to look for technique/technology to pass through again, trustworthy Alchemist Warlock refines for oneself, that can obtain such a bottle of precious best quality goods potion. 现在琥珀果有了,苏明只需要再找一位技术过关,值得信赖的炼金术士为自己进行炼制,那就能获得这样一瓶珍贵的极品药剂 One bottle of amber potion, conduct the auction in Wanbao Auction House the words, can lay out 800000 contribution points rates lowly, is more expensive than beforehand Rinsing Potion. 一瓶琥珀药剂,在万宝拍卖行中进行拍卖的话,最低都能拍出800000贡献点的成交价,远比之前的洗涤药剂更昂贵。 Even if the only amber fruit, takes away the auction, can lay out 500000 contribution points about prices. 哪怕只是琥珀果,拿去拍卖,都能拍出500000贡献点左右的价格。 Has such treasure, Su Ming this time has not disregarded finally, without a second thought, takes off it at the scene. 有这样的宝物,苏明这次总算没有无视,想也不想,当场将其摘下。 Originally, the words that the amber peel picks, do not undergo the special handling, will conduct the special preserved the words is gradually will be rotten, but Su Ming will admit in it the golden finger backpack, that will be the best preserved way, absolutely safe. 本来,琥珀果被摘下来的话,不经过特殊处理,进行特殊保存的话是会渐渐腐烂的,可苏明将其放进金手指背包中,那就是最好的保存方式,万无一失。 A Dangerous Type whole body material, as well as an amber fruit, comes Polar Night Labyrinth these in three days, Su Ming also obtained the first satisfactory harvest. 只危险种的全身素材,以及一颗琥珀果,来极夜迷宫这三天里,苏明也算是获得了第一笔满意的收获。 precisely because had this interlude, Su Ming's group lost a lot of time, caused after the darkness got down, just now found the entrance to sixth floor. 正是因为有这一插曲,苏明一行才耽误了不少时间,导致在天黑下来以后,方才找到了通往第六层的入口。 However, three world to sixth floor, this speed are quick. 不过,三天下到第六层,这速度已经算是很快了。 At least, Su Ming does not think that many teams are quicker than 《Azure Mercury》. 至少,苏明不认为有多少个团队比『湛蓝水银』更快。 After arriving in sixth floor, Su Ming's group started to pitch camp, entered the rest time. 抵达了第六层以后,苏明一行又开始安营扎寨,进入了休息时光。 ...... ...... sixth floor, a shore of river. 第六层,一条河川的岸边。 In overspreading the stone river ashore, several tents were built, bathes in the flame of bonfire, seems especially warm. 在铺满石头的河川岸上,几个帐篷就被搭建了起来,沐浴在篝火的火光中,显得格外温馨。 At this time, Chi Qian and Mu Yan then catch the fish to touch the shrimp in the river, makes the tonight's dinner. 此时,池浅穆嫣便在河中抓鱼摸虾,作今晚的晚餐。 Feng Qing'er sits before the bonfire, on the bonfire is putting up a pot, is making the soup. 风清儿坐在篝火前,篝火上则架着一口锅,正在煮着汤。 Tongxin Yao processes the food in the one side, once for a while gives Feng Qing'er some materials, making Feng Qing'er throw into the pot, stirs. 童心瑶就在一旁处理食材,时不时的将一些材料递给风清儿,让风清儿扔进锅中,搅拌起来。 As for Su Ming, is actually the porter, from own backpack cushioning, pillow, vermifuge, vanilla wait/etc things unceasing took outward. 至于苏明,却是当起了搬运工,正从自己的背包里将软垫、枕头、驱虫剂、香草等等物件不断的往外拿。 Chi Qian and Mu Yan catches the fish, while the corner of the eye also glimpsed this. 池浅穆嫣一边抓鱼,一边眼角也是瞥见了这一幕。 No matter looked that find it several times hard to believe.” “不管看几次都觉得不可思议啊。” Mu Yan is then curling the trouser legs coverings, stands in the rivers, in a low voice said. 穆嫣便卷着裤腿,站在河流中,低声说了一句 Yes.” The hand of Chi Qian is trying to find out in the water, touches, while looks at Su Ming's direction, said: Really does not know how Captain accomplishes, unexpectedly can baseless the thing receiving, can take anytime and anywhere, this method, even if these 7-Star professional can't accomplish?” “是啊。”池浅的手则在水中摸索着,一边摸,一边看着苏明的方向,道:“真不知道团长是怎么办到的,居然能凭空将东西给收起来,又能随时随地取出来,这手段,就算是那些七星职业者都办不到吧?” Is what has special effectiveness alchemical item?” Mu Yan said: Possibly like can alchemical item that the commodity info clerk preserves baseless, has not heard.” “是什么有特殊效用的炼金道具吗?”穆嫣这么道:“可能像这样能够将物资凭空收纳保存起来的炼金道具,从来就没有听说过。” Who not?” Chi Qian nodded, said: If really has such alchemical item to be published, that this item had been treated as the treasure to collect by major base city, will refine the technique also to be levied immediately, conducted the manufacture of mass by Alchemist Warlock of official employment, will serve as the strategic resources.” “谁不是呢?”池浅点了点头,道:“要是真有这样的炼金道具问世,那这种道具早就被各大基地市当做珍宝收集起来了,炼制手法也会立即被征收,被官方雇佣的炼金术士进行大批量的制作,用作战略物资。” Can the info clerk preserve the commodity baseless, such alchemical item, the strategic significance is out of the ordinary. 能够凭空收纳保存物资,这样的炼金道具,战略意义是非同凡响的。 To transporting of commodity, in commercial trade action that the capturing/raiding action or the merchants who the strategy and professional that team no matter initiates in base city initiates initiate, has to consider, is the most important major problem. 对物资的运送,不管是在基地市发起的战略行动、职业者团队发起的攻略行动还是商人们发起的商业贸易行动里,都是不得不考虑,还是重中之重的大问题。 If can the info clerk preserve a lot of commodities baseless, the only person can conduct alchemical item that the transportation, transports to be published, that will definitely cause major base city, the major teams, various respected families and major influences and even is demented of major e-business. 如果有一件能够凭空收纳保存大量物资,单凭一人就能进行运输、运送的炼金道具问世,那必然会引起各大基地市、各大团队、各大家族、各大势力乃至是各大商务企业的癫狂。 If nothing else, said that this action that enters Polar Night Labyrinth, other team basically took the full commodity, protects the commodity to go forward, while must transport transports, influence in enormous degree efficiency of speed and action of march. 别的不说,就说这次进入极夜迷宫的行动,别的团队基本都是带上了满滿的物資,一邊保护着物资前进,一边还得运输运送,极大程度上的影响到了行进的速度及行动的效率。 Reviews the 《Azure Mercury》 team, is all penniless besides own arming, besides carrying 1-2 military supplies and emergency food and emergency water used, anything does not need to bring. 反观『湛蓝水银』团队,个个除了自身的武装以外都是两手空空,除了携带1-2补给品和应急食物、应急用水以外,什么都不需要带。 Su Ming forces in the commodity own backpack entirely, needs to use to take. 苏明就将物资通通塞进自己的背包里,需要用时才会拿出来。 If there is condition, even if Su Ming moves a room to enter Polar Night Labyrinth not to have the issue, let alone was tent, food, military supplies and other commodities. 如果不是没有条件,苏明就算是搬一栋屋子进极夜迷宫都没问题,更别说是帐篷、食物、补给品等物资了。 Heard that Captain came from passed on lively Longyao City in the industry recently quite, was in same base city comes out with 《Summer Chasing Smoke》 Captain Xu.” Chi Qian said: could it be this is Longyao City newly developed alchemical item and so on?” “听说团长来自于最近在业界裡传得比较热闹的陇曜市,与『夏日逐烟』许团长是同一个基地市里出来的。”池浅就这么说了:“难道这是陇曜市新研制出来的炼金道具之类的吗?” Is this?” Mu Yan doubtfully said: But I have not seen Captain Xu to use the similar method.” “是这样吗?”穆嫣疑惑道:“可我没见到许团长使用同样的手段过啊。” two people looked at each other one immediately mutually, laughs in spite of trying not to one after another. 两人顿时互相对视了一眼,接连失笑。 I have a feeling.” Mu Yan said suddenly: Our Captain, may become serious influential figure in the future.” “我有种感觉。”穆嫣突然这么道:“我们的团长,未来可能会成为不得了的大人物。” Chi Qian heavily nodded. 池浅重重点下了头 This point, she never suspected. 这一点,她从不怀疑。 But in two people mouth so-called influential figure, is actually thinking at this moment...... 两人口中所谓的大人物,此时此刻却在想着...... „In probably goes home to go to a soft bed...” “好像回家里去趟软绵绵的大床啊...” Su Ming looks at the shop on the pebble, appears some uneven cushioning, sighing silently. 苏明看着铺在石子上,显得有些不平的软垫,默默的叹着气。 Does not live easily, small clear(ly) sighed. 生活不易,小明叹气。 „The also seven days, how should this day have?” 还有七天,这日子该怎么过啊?” Su Ming is heaving a sigh. 苏明就在唉声叹气着。 Suddenly... 突然... Niing!” 咪呤!” Mist emerges in behind Su Ming suddenly, and disperses all of a sudden. 一阵水雾在苏明的身后突然涌现,并一下子散开。 Xiao Hai'er came from the mist, pair of watery blue eyes stares is staring at a direction. 小海儿从水雾中现身,一对水蓝色的眼眸直勾勾的盯着一个方向。 Inside, longs for reappearing. 内里,一丝渴望浮现。
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