IRAS :: Volume #17

#1650: 【World celebrities rating!】

Next day. 第二天。 Next reflected the first date. 下映首日。 In world network: 世界网络上: 738 million dollars!” “738000000美金!” Global shade history 96!” “全球影史96位!” Went against heaven's will really!” “真逆天了!” „The China movie created the miracle!” 中国电影创造奇迹了!” In the Hollywood history first time was done upside-down by the foreign movie!” 好莱坞史上第一次被外国电影干倒了!” „The «Commando unit 2» finally box office 398 million dollars, including 400 million overflowed.” “《突击队2》最终票房才398000000美金啊,连400000000都没过。” China also had world-class movie Director finally.” 中国终于也有世界级的电影导演了。” Yes, can only break off the wrist|skill with Hollywood China Director!” “是啊,唯一一个能和好莱坞掰手腕的中国导演!” Is hard to imagine, has to acknowledge that China truly rose.” “难以想象,也不得不承认,中国确实崛起了。” „The military theme movie of Nobel Peace Prize winner is in the global shade history box office ranking, is this joke or real? Shouldn't Nobel Peace Prize all previous winner, devote to the cause of peace? Isn't should the hobby at the charity enterprise? He completely is how different from others! Since he has advanced into the world celebrities, hits the person at the Awards ceremony, promotes the military tactics on television program, makes the military movie, this which the matter that is the Nobel Peace Prize winner should do.” “诺贝尔和平奖得主的军事题材电影登上全球影史票房排行榜,这到底是个笑话还是真的啊?诺贝尔和平奖历届得主,不是都应该致力于和平事业吗?不是都应该嗜好于慈善事业吗?他怎么跟别人完全不一样啊!从他跻身世界名人榜以来,又是在颁奖典礼上打人,又是在电视节目上鼓吹军事战术,又是拍军事电影的,这哪一个是诺贝尔和平奖得主该干的事儿啊。” , confers him the prize for peace, it is estimated that the person of Nobel Prize judges meeting the intestines regret was blue at this time!” “噗,把和平奖颁给他,估计诺贝尔奖评委会的人此时肠子都悔青了!” Zhang Ye? I remembered him.” 张烨?我记住他了。” I have also remembered, is really an outstandingly able person.” “我也记住了,真是个奇人。” Later International Entertainment Circle, was interesting.” “以后的国际娱乐圈,要有意思了。” The netizens leave a message in abundance. 各国网友纷纷留言。 Zhang Ye international popularity exploded once more, before did not know that Zhang Ye foreigner, many also knew through this matter this name, before knew the Zhang Ye person, through this time matter, has known about him familiar, looks from the overseas netizens' chat discussion very obviously, before everybody called Zhang Ye, always several characters replaced with that China person, few can be called the Zhang Ye name, but now, between the foreigners were saying Zhang Ye transliterated the past name, obviously the violent of its popularity increased. 张烨的国际人气再次爆炸了,之前很多不认识张烨的外国人,许多也通过这件事知道了这个名字,之前本来就知道张烨的人,也通过这次的事情,对他更加熟悉更加了解了,从国外网友们的聊天讨论中就看得很明显,以前大家称呼张烨,向来都是用“那个中国人”几个字代替的,没几个能叫出张烨的名字,但现在,老外们字里行间都在说着张烨音译过去的名字,可见其知名度的暴增。 ... In family|home. 家里。 Villa. 别墅。 Entire 2-3 months of busy, Zhang Ye can rest finally, went home to start from last night, he raises head whistling rests greatly, has rested to this morning has not gotten out of bed. 整整两三个月的忙碌,张烨终于能休息了,从昨晚回到家开始,他就仰头呼呼大睡,一直睡到今天上午还没起床。 Backache. 腰疼。 The leg hurts. 腿疼。 The neck hurts. 脖子疼。 Which which hurts. 哪儿哪儿都疼。 Old Wu: Gets up?” 老吴:“起吗?” Zhang Ye: Rests the little while again.” 张烨:“再睡会儿。” Old Wu: He He, didn't awake?” 老吴:“呵呵,不是都醒了吗?” Zhang Ye: Cannot get up, again lying down little while.” 张烨:“起不来,再躺会儿。” Old Wu: I should do grocery shopping to prepare food.” 老吴:“我该买菜做饭了。” Zhang Ye: „It is not good, making me hug the little while.” 张烨:“不行,让我搂会儿。” Sisi: Father, you accompanies me to play.” 思思:“爸爸,你陪我玩。” Zhang Ye: Father cannot move.” 张烨:“爸爸动不了啦。” Zhang Ye closes one's eyes to hug the wife, he does not get out of bed, does not make Old Wu get up, the hand builds on her belly, leg on her leg, the mouth mumbled is playing. 张烨闭着眼抱着媳妇儿,他不起床,也死活不让老吴起,手搭在她肚子上,腿架在她腿上,嘴里哼哼唧唧地耍着赖。 Old Wu with a laugh is pinching the head and neck there to him, knows that this time was exhausted. 老吴就在那儿笑呵呵地给他捏着脑袋和脖子,也知道他这段时间累坏了。 The television is starting. 电视开着。 The above news is «Wolf Warriors 2». 上面的新闻全是《战狼2》的。 Yesterday under reflected the last day of box office, making the China movie break up the Hollywood shade history box office's monopoly, has left behind the one's own name and Voice in the world at one fell swoop, this matter let the Domestic innumerable media as well as the professionals is caught off guard, the news has exploded the pot starting from yesterday. 昨天下映最后一天的票房,让中国电影打破了好莱坞影史票房的垄断,一举在世界上留下了自己的名字与声音,这件事让国内无数媒体以及业内人士都措手不及,新闻从昨天开始已经炸了锅。 Television: „The China movie first time has sent out shouting of one's own in the world, making us remember this historical moment, makes us remember Zhang Ye this name!” 电视:“中国电影第一次在世界发出了自己的呼喊,让我们记住这历史性的一刻,也让我们记住张烨这个名字!” Shock! 震惊! Wild with joy! 狂喜! Does not dare to believe! 不敢置信! Whole nation congratulations! 举国庆贺! - this is the Domestic atmosphere. ——这就是国内的气氛。 Zhang Ye narrowed the eye to sweep under television, pass/test, was tired.” 张烨眯眼扫了下电视,“关了吧,都听腻啦。” Old Wu smiles, I have not been tired.” 老吴笑笑,“我还没听腻呢。” Zhang Ye asked: „Did the world celebrities renew?” 张烨问:“世界名人榜更新了吗?” I have a look.” Old Wu turned, did not have.” “我看看。”老吴翻了一下,“还没呢。” Zhang Ye said: Effect is sincere.” 张烨道:“效率真慢呀。” He has renewed and other today's international popularity lists, to him, this work has completed, he has given a motherland big present, gave world one to frighten, fan a Hollywood palm of the hand, this doing has done, remaining made him most pay attention naturally is his something, for example the international popularity rank, many achievements, many news, many awarded, finally must carry out on popularity, this also examines his this time work achievement important indicator, like mad 2-3 months, have not been able the white wine. 他一直在等今天的国际人气榜单更新,对他而言,这次的工作已经完成了,他送了祖国一份大礼,给了全世界一个惊吓,扇了好莱坞一个巴掌,该做的都做了,剩下的让他最关注的当然就是他个人的一些事了,比如国际人气排名,多少成就,多少新闻,多少褒奖,最终还得落实到人气上,这也是检验他这次工作成果的重要指标,拼死拼活了两三个月,不能白干啊。 Downstairs transmit the sound suddenly. 楼下忽然传来声响。 Father Mother and father-in-law mothers-in-law came. 老爸老妈和岳父岳母都来了。 Zhang Ye and Old Wu then get out of bed to go downstairs. 张烨老吴这才起床下楼。 Li Qinqin beams from ear to ear: „Hasn't Little Ye, rested how the little while? Your this time, may become national Hero, read the news?” 李琴琴笑逐颜开道:“小烨,怎么没多睡会儿?你这次啊,可成国家英雄了,看新闻了吗?” Zhang Ye smiles, mother, you looked that which my looks like Hero.” 张烨笑笑,“妈,您看我哪儿像英雄啊。” Li Qinqin sizes up his several eyes up and down, covers the mouth to say with a smile: Which looks like I think your.” 李琴琴上下打量他几眼,掩嘴笑道:“我看你哪儿都像。” Zhang Ye lets go, Hero is not at all, others did not scold me me to burn the high-grade incense.” 张烨摊手,“英雄不敢当,别人不骂我我就烧高香了。” Now who also dares to scold you?” Mother was happy, your one's own surfer looks.” “现在谁还敢骂你?”老妈乐了,“你自己上网看吧。” Li Qinqin also said: Your name dares to touch in Domestic radically nobody now, spoke your word of praise, as long as spoke your malicious remarks, immediately is the violent storm, couple days ago didn't you know? Before two, on weibo said with Celebrity that you have a grudge in several «Wolf Warriors 2» photographies has the slight defect, finally on the same day had been besieged by the national netizens, two people have all closed the Weibo commentary, now has not opened, that new emerging artist Song Qi, the back held before your knife, now had forced out by the Domestic Director collective, the netizen also scolded to him insanely.” 李琴琴也说:“你的名字现在在国内根本没人敢碰,说你好话可以,但凡说你坏话,马上就是狂风暴雨,前几天你不知道吗?有两个之前跟你有仇的明星微博上说了几句《战狼2》拍摄上有瑕疵,结果当天就被全国网友围攻了,两个人全把微薄评论关闭了,现在还没开启呢,还有那个小鲜肉宋祁,之前背后捅你们刀子的,现在已经被国内导演集体封杀了,网友也给他骂疯了。” The Zhang Ye perspiration said: Is insufficient?” 张烨汗道:“不至于吧?” Did nobody scold me? 没人骂我了? How as if a little not to be familiar with. 怎么仿佛有点不习惯呀。 Father said: „Do you know you now in Domestic popularity? In the morning Chenchen looked at a China Celebrity popularity rating to the You and Me mother, you now or S-list first, but has surpassed the S-list second that new emerging artist quick time of popularity data.” 老爸说道:“你知道你现在在国内人气吗?早上辰辰我和你妈看了一眼中国明星人气评级,你现在还是超一线第一,不过已经超过超一线第二名的那个小鲜肉快一倍的人气数据了。” This truly is the fact. 这确实是事实。 Before everyone felt that Zhang Ye arrived at the boss in Domestic, China first Celebrity, popularity was impossible to rise again too, but no one has thought that just like early ascend the summit Zhang Ye can also rise suddenly in Domestic popularity unexpectedly, this was too scary, from another angle explanation, the popularity promotion of «Wolf Warriors 2» to Zhang Ye was huge, moreover Domestic popularity rose dramatically, will accumulate to the Zhang Ye international popularity list , before rewarded , that little while of Zhang Ye infinite close world celebrities, majority of popularity on was the Domestic pile. 以前大家都觉得,张烨国内走到头儿了,已经中国第一明星了,人气也不可能再涨太多了,可是谁也没想到,俨然早都登顶了的张烨竟然还可以在国内人气暴涨,这个就太吓人了,也从另一种角度说明,《战狼2》对张烨人气提升是巨大的,而且国内人气飙升,也会累积到张烨国际人气榜单中,诺奖之前张烨无限接近世界名人榜的那会儿,大部分人气就是国内堆上去的啊。 Zhang Ye said with a smile: It seems like this movie shot right.” 张烨笑道:“看来这个电影拍对了啊。” Mother is very happy, far more than was shoots right, this movie may make your war become famous, was right, how much money my this time has made?” 老妈喜上眉梢,“何止是拍对了,这电影可让你一战成名了,对了,咱家这次赚了多少钱啊?” Father also cares saying: Has calculated? Your father-in-law mother-in-law and Zeqing house is also mortgaging, this money must hurry to return.” 老爸也关心道:“计算过没有?你岳父岳母和则卿的房子还抵押着呢,这钱得赶紧还上啊。” Zhang Ye smiles, I have calculated.” 张烨笑笑,“我算过了。” The people sit down on the sofa. 众人都在沙发上坐下。 Zhang Ye brings the written records, writes drawing above with a laugh, spoke of this matter, he was also very encouraged, your everybody looked, the total box office was 4.83 billion, inside had little is the overseas box office, that was divided quite complex, does not calculate first that Domestic was about 4.8 billion, after deducting the tax and related expense, then with various yard lines to the half minute, the institute line took away about 50%, possibly were many a percentage point, then money Fen of release side, the investor finally can the hand in should have probably 1.8 billion appearances, this movie was our family|home capitalization throws, did not involve. Is divided with other capital, therefore 1.8 billion are our, oh, later also some extra incomes, for example the «Wolf Warriors 2» network broadcasts the power, the television broadcasts the copyright, by our box office result, this money are also many, moreover this sum of money basically is our own, does not need to divide with others, therefore I consider as finished finally, we succeed in obtaining are this number.” 张烨拿来纸笔,笑呵呵地在上面写写画画,说到这个事,他也很振奋,“您大家看啊,总票房是4830000000,里面有一点点是海外票房,那个分成比较复杂,先不算,国内是4800000000左右,扣除税和相关费用后,再和各大院线对半分,院线拿走50左右,可能还多一个百分点,再把发行方的钱分了,投资方最后能到手里的应该有大概1800000000的样子,这部电影是咱们一家全资投的,不牵扯到。跟其他资方分成,所以1800000000都是咱们的,噢,后期还有一些外快,比如《战狼2》的网络播出权,电视播出版权,以咱们的票房成绩来说,这个钱也不少呢,而且这笔钱基本都是咱们自己的,不用跟别人分,所以最后我算了一下,咱们到手是这个数儿。” A digit writes on the paper. 一个数字写在纸上。 The whole families look fearful and apprehensive. 一家人看得心惊肉跳。 - 2 billion Renminbi! ——2000000000人民币! Does the Mother opening mouth, succeed in obtaining latter 2 billion?” 老妈张大嘴,“到手后2000000000?” Zhang Ye said with a laugh: Right, other have buckled.” 张烨笑呵呵道:“对,其他已经扣了。” Wu Changhe that had not spoken had a scare, how can these many?” 一直没说话的吴长河都吓了一跳,“怎么会这么多?” Because the box office is high.” Zhang Ye said with a smile. “因为票房高啊。”张烨笑道。 Mother called out: Sent! This may send!” 老妈叫道:“发了啊!这可发了啊!” Father sobbed: I thought that isn't so real? 2 billion? Is our own? My this has not seen these much money for a lifetime!” 老爸唏嘘道:“我怎么觉得这么不真实呢?2000000000?都是咱们自己的?我这一辈子也没见过这么多钱啊!” Wu Changhe sighed: I have not seen.” 吴长河感叹道:“我也没见过啊。” Li Qinqin startled [say / way]: Invests 200 million, reports back 2 billion?” 李琴琴惊道:“投资两个亿,回报2000000000?” Zhang Ye said with a smile: „Before I pat , said that your everybody to money that I invest, my ten times of also you, come, we calculate how to divide up money.” 张烨笑道:“我拍之前就说了,您大家给我投的钱,我十倍还你们,来,咱们算一算怎么分账。” Father beckons with the hand directly, I paid a money with your mother, does not divide.” 老爸直接摆手,“我跟你妈就出了一点钱,就不分了。” Wu Zeqing said with a smile: Father, that is not good, one yard normalizing code.” 吴则卿微笑道:“爸,那不行,一码归一码。” Zhang Ye said: Right, scores points.” 张烨道:“对对,都得分。” Mother this time rare natural, the big hand has wielded said: Ok, I want that much money not to have the place to be colored with your father, your one's own is taking.” 老妈这次难得大方了一回,大手一挥道:“行啦,我跟你爸要那么多钱也没地方花,你自己拿着吧。” Li Qinqin said: We do not want, after waiting for money to the account, first comes back house Xie Ya, the remaining money your young couples are saving, later, you, if makes a movie to shoot drama series to cover again, was insufficient to raise money unable to find to invest again everywhere.” 李琴琴笑着说:“我们也不要了,等钱到账以后,先把房子解押回来,剩下的钱你们小两口存着吧,以后啊,你们要是再拍个电影拍个电视剧捂的,也不至于再到处筹钱找不到投资了。” Zhang Ye was anxious, that is not good!” 张烨急了,“那不行!” Wu Changhe said: First puts there you.” 吴长河道:“先放你们俩那儿。” Said for quite a while, they do not want. 说了半天,他们也不要。 End, Wu Zeqing said: I am saving for everybody with Little Ye first.” 末了,吴则卿道:“那我跟小烨先替大家存着。” At this time, the world celebrities of latest issue renewed finally! 这时候,最新一期的世界名人榜终于更新了! Old Wu said: Renewed.” 老吴说:“更新了。” Li Qinqin asked: How many?” 李琴琴问:“多少了?” Mother asked: Arranged several?” 老妈问道:“排第几了?” Since «Wolf Warriors 2» screens, Zhang Ye international popularity is at the ascent stage. 自从《战狼2》上映后,张烨的国际人气就一直处在上升阶段。 59. 59位。 52. 52位。 47. 47位。 45. 45位。 Rises dramatically on International C-list step by step. 国际三线上一步步飙升。 Until today, Zhang Ye this popularity of round acquisition finally has made known, he position in International Celebrity list had the change once again. 直到今天,张烨这一轮获得的人气才终于揭晓了,他在国际明星榜单上的位置又一次发生了变化。 World celebrities. 世界名人榜。 International C-list: 国际三线: Zhang Ye rank - 29! 张烨排名——29位! The direct ascent a level, from the International C-list middle reaches position, the wind to the International C-list upstream stage, was getting more and more near to International B-list. Must know that three months ago, Zhang Ye has not even mounted International Celebrity list, at that time he has not been considered as International Celebrity! 直接上升了一个层级,从国际三线的中游位置,飙到了国际三线的上游阶段,离国际二线越来越近了。要知道,在三个月之前,张烨甚至还没有登上国际明星榜单的啊,那时他还不算是国际明星的啊! Has not been on the list. 未上榜。 Succeeding in the imperial civil service examination system. 登榜。 End tour. 末游。 Middle reaches. 中游。 Upstream. 上游。 Has only used three months of time! 只用了三个月时间 This rode the rocket to be ordinary simply! 这简直是坐了火箭一般啊! This rising trend, has been scared simply the people of the world! 这个上升势头,简直吓呆了世界人民! ... In world network: 世界网络上: Came out!” “出来了!” List renewed!” “榜单更新了!” Heavens/Days! Jia Cisco came up!” 天啊!贾思科上来了!” On Jia Cisco to International C-list middle reaches rating! Before he was Celebrity that C-list set the base!” “贾思科上到国际三线中游评级了!以前他可是三线垫底的明星啊!” Is «Wolf Warriors 2» takes to him in China popularity!” “是《战狼2》带给他在中国人气!” You look at the Zhang Ye rating!” “你们看张烨的评级!” C-list 29!” 三线29位了!” Was too scary!” “太吓人了!” Is promoted such quickly from nobody!” “从没有人晋级这么快的啊!” Yes, past international superstar Fylla, Robert, Lilian also not such quick Speed!” “是啊,当年的国际巨星菲拉、罗贝尔、莉莉安也都没有这么快的速度啊!” Then how many months? China Celebrity just mounted the international list three months, has can attack the International B-list rating?” “这才几个月啊?中国明星刚登上国际榜单才三个月啊,就已经要冲击国际二线评级了吗?” Was too quick!” “太快了!” This world how?” “这世界怎么了?” Does not have China Celebrity to be able in the world celebrities to arrive at this altitude!” “从没有一个中国明星能在世界名人榜上到达这种高度啊!” „A movie, has made a connection with Zhang Ye road internationally thoroughly!” “一部电影,彻底打通了张烨在国际上的路啊!”
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