IACHMND :: Volume #4

#316: Forgotten Savior

Central Land was saved temporarily. 中土暂时得救了。 Reason that said that temporarily , because above nine days, from the archenemy of closing eyes deep sleep, is possibly opening the eyes momentarily, concentrates on Central Land the line of sight. 之所以说“暂时”,自是因为九天之上,还有一位正自闭目沉睡的大敌,随时可能睁开双眼,将视线投注到中土 If cannot solve that archenemy, the recovery of Central Land , can only appear briefly. 倘若不能解决那大敌,中土的复苏,亦只会是昙花一现。 However in the day of this worldwide celebration, Ni Kun has not gone to be so far. 不过在这普天同庆的日子,倪坤没有去想那么远。 When restores the blood-color crystal jade that Yang Zheng left behind to Lu Xiyan, Ni Kun then waves gently, Central Land cultivator in palm universe, returned the Central Land present world. 待到陆昔颜修复了杨铮留下的血色晶璧,倪坤便轻轻一挥手,将掌心乾坤中的中土修士们,放回了中土现世。 Stands erect in remote void, stares at that to have a new lease of life beautiful planet, on looks at planet, that from slowly the full of vitality of germination, the form that the looks at acquaintances cheer, the Ni Kun corners of the mouth, emerges wipes to feel the sense of achievement the happy expression. 屹立在遥远的虚空之中,凝视着那重获新生的美丽星球,看着星球上,那正自缓缓萌发的勃勃生机,看着熟人们欢呼雀跃的身影,倪坤嘴角,不禁浮出一抹充满成就感的笑意。 No matter how, at least today, in this moment, he to achieve in the future. 不管未来如何,至少在今天,在这一刻,他做到了。 He has not disappointed relatives and friends division commanders, Central Land from the destruction edge, pulls back single-handedly. 他没有辜负亲友师长们的希望,将中土从覆灭的边缘,一手拉了回来。 Lu Xiyan both hands surround the chest, accompanies side him, said lightly: You do not go back to visit your friend, celebrates with them together?” 陆昔颜双手环抱胸口,陪伴在他身边,淡淡道:“你不回去看一看你的朋友,与他们一起庆祝吗?” Ni Kun shakes the head slowly: My karma is too heavy. Before solving Spirit Firmament Heaven, I will not meet with them again. Moreover, I must certainly do some......” 倪坤缓缓摇头:“我身上的因果太重。解决灵霄天之前,我不会再与他们见面。不仅如此,我还得做得更绝一点……” During the speeches, he offers a sacrifice to Black-Yellow Karmic Virtue Tower, dangling infinite qi of black-yellow, wraps entire planet. 说话间,他祭起玄黄功德塔,垂下无穷玄黄之气,包裹住整颗星球 You do that actually the significance is not big.” “你这么做,其实意义并不大。” Lu Xiyan said: Your itself is the Central Land family background, Central Land World has your family member, friend and sect. The whole world is you retrieves single-handedly, you are the Central Land World biological son. Has so grave karma to exist, how to cover up the secret again, is unable to separate thoroughly.” 陆昔颜道:“你本就是中土出身,中土界有你的亲人、朋友、师门。整个世界都是你一手救回,你就是中土界的亲儿子。有如此深重的因果存在,再怎么遮掩天机,也无法彻底隔断的。” So long as one point hopes, must completely effort very do.” Ni Kun said earnestly: I do that now, at least has the opportunity to let Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord, will not cross me to notice Central Land directly.” “但只要还有一分希望,就得尽十分的努力去做。”倪坤认真道:“我现在这么做,至少有机会让灵霄天尊,不会越过我直接注意到中土。” He confuses the secret at this moment, the only goal, is to highlight own existence feeling vigorously, downplays the Central Land existence feeling. 他此刻搅乱天机,唯一的目的,就是要极力凸显自己的存在感,淡化中土的存在感。 He must shield Central Land with himself, hopes that can make Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord unable to cross him, discovers existence of Central Land directly. 他要用自己来掩护中土,希望能令灵霄天尊无法越过他,直接发现中土的存在。 His idea, has the opportunity to put into practice. 他的想法,是有机会实现的。 Central Land no doubt is the places of Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord nine disciple died, but the Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord nine disciples had died after all for more than 3000 years, and when its died, is only perfection Heavenly Immortal. 中土固然是灵霄天尊九弟子殒落之地,但灵霄天尊九弟子毕竟已经死了三千多年,且其殒落之时,也就只是圆满天仙而已。 But Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan got rid of Heavenly Lord Chen Long recently. Heavenly Lord Chen Long is the Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord first disciple, is Spirit Firmament Heaven Heavenly Emperor, is newly promoted Heavenly Lord. The heaviness of karma, high of priority, was far exceeds died more than 3000 years of nine disciples. 倪坤陆昔颜最近才干掉了辰龙天尊辰龙天尊灵霄天尊首徒,又是灵霄天天帝,还是一位新晋天尊因果之重,优先级之高,自是远远超出死掉三千多年的九弟子。 So long as conceals appropriately, then the Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord attention, first will be likely centralized, in cutting to kill on Heavenly Lord Chen Long Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan. 只要掩饰得当,那么灵霄天尊的注意力,很可能会首先集中在斩杀了辰龙天尊倪坤陆昔颜身上。 So long as their two can support, that Ni Kun back Central Land, immediately, will not then possibly enter the line of sight of Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord. 只要他们两个撑得住,那倪坤背后的中土,便可能不会在第一时间,进入灵霄天尊的视线。 Does not see the family member friend and sect elders, does not want to make this karma further aggravate. 不去见亲人朋友、师门长辈们,自是不想让这因果进一步加重。 Offers a sacrifice to Black-Yellow Karmic Virtue Tower, dangles qi of black-yellow, scrubs entire planet, to disrupt secret. 祭起玄黄功德塔,垂下玄黄之气,洗刷整个星球,正是为了扰乱天机。 Moreover, Ni Kun even also cleaned the memory of family member friends, making them forget itself temporarily. 不仅如此,倪坤甚至还清洗了亲人朋友们的记忆,让他们暂时遗忘了自己。 Under everywhere qi of black-yellow scrubbing, had once had people of happening together with Ni Kun, in this moment, lost entirely about his memory...... 漫天玄黄之气洗刷之下,曾与倪坤有过交集的人们,在这一刻,统统失去了关于他的记忆…… Central Land. 中土 Profound Yang Sect entrance. 玄阳宗山门。 guarding the Nest of Devils Central Land cultivator, were delivered to the Profound Yang Sect entrance by Ni Kun. 镇守万妖窟中土修士们,都被倪坤送到了玄阳宗山门。 Chu Sinan is gesticulating the hand signal, was telling with master Su Ningzhen delightedly Ni Kun defeats the Nest of Devils magnificent feat. 楚司南正比划着手势,眉飞色舞地与师父素凝真讲述着倪坤击破万妖窟的壮举。 Qiao Mengyan, Qiu Jingyuan, Zhang Dafu and other Ni Kun old friends, from reddening all over the face, acoustic ray shivers, is speaking incoherently loudly. Everyone is shouting to speak, actually no one could hear clearly others to say anything, but everyone is still keeping telling, is dispersed by this own excited excited. 乔孟炎秋景沅张大富倪坤的老友们,也正自满脸通红、声线颤抖、语无伦次地大声说着话。每个人都在扯着嗓子说话,谁也听不清别人究竟在说什么,可所有人都还在不停地诉说着,以此渲泄着自己的激动兴奋。 Including Lengkou grim and quiet Yuchi Jing, turned into the words to discuss all along, is drawing Senior Brother Sect Master, is speaking endlessly. 连一贯冷口冷面、寡言少语的尉迟敬,都变成了话唠,拉着掌门师兄,喋喋不休地说着话。 Many every sect cultivator, sit on the ground, covers the face the sob. Some shoulders shrug, bursts into tears silently, some kneel on the ground, the howling ceramic cries. Some bursts into tears, while bang bang kotows, is sacrificing to ancestors in the past bloody battle, elapsed Teacher and hand and foot. 还有许多各派修士,坐在地上,掩面哭泣。有的肩头耸动,默默流泪,有的跪在地上,嚎陶大哭。有的一边流泪,一边嘭嘭叩首,告祭着在过去的血战中,逝去的师长、手足。 Yue Qingyi is biting the lip, is clutching the lower hem corner, looks up to the sky, is reading at heart broken: 越青依咬着嘴唇,揪着衣角,仰望天空,心里碎碎念着: Was finished, senior brother Ni can hit to explode Nest of Devils, at least is Heavenly Immortal...... I is also only small Nascent Soul cultivator...... immortal is also able to discriminate now, my cannot keep up with his rhythm completely! His rigid escaping marriage dozens years, are because see me is a small waste material, cannot follow rhythm that he grows?” “完蛋了,倪师兄能打爆万妖窟,至少也是天仙……我现在还只是个小小的元婴修士……仙凡有别,我这完全跟不上他的节奏啊!难道他执着逃婚数十年,就是因为看出我是个小废材,跟不上他成长的节奏么?” When is low-spirited, the ear bank broadcasts the familiar sound: I above nine days you......” 正黯然时,耳畔传来熟悉的声音:“我在九天之上等你……” Yue Qingyi eye one bright, just about to says anything, sees above the vault of heaven, dangles qi of black-yellow, is involved in the crowd, the brush has brushed generally back and forth several, then...... 越青依眼睛一亮,刚要说些什么,就见天穹之上,垂下条条玄黄之气,卷入人群之中,刷子一般来来回回刷过几趟,然后…… Various sounds stop suddenly. 各种声音戛然而止。 The Profound Yang entrance becomes a silence. 玄阳山门变得一片寂静。 The quick, exciting noisy discussion made a sound, the weeping sound and laughing sound also appear again. 很快,兴奋嘈杂的议论声又响了起来,哭声、欢笑声也再次出现。 No one realized, the resounding name, from their mind, had once vanished quietly. 没人意识到,有一个曾经响亮的名字,已自他们脑海之中,悄然消失。 Chu Sinan blinks, Master looks at Su Ningzhen: Master, I you told a moment ago what is coming?” 楚司南眨眨眼,看着师父素凝真:“师父,我刚才跟你说什么来着?” The Su Ningzhen smile said: You said that you recovered World Spirit Root.” 素凝真微笑道:“你说你复苏了天地灵根。” Yes?” Chu Sinan thinks, makes an effort to nod, believes firmly that without doubt said: No mistake, World Spirit Root is I recovers! I really am a Savior!” “是么?”楚司南想了想,用力点头,确信无疑地说道:“没有错,天地灵根就是我复苏的!我果然是救世主哇!” On the mouth is saying, she actually not bright strange: Did I really recover World Spirit Root? How to feel strangely? Also, what feeling like forgot...... to seem like one to be thick and strong, hugged to have the thigh of security sense very much? 嘴上这么说着,她心里却莫明古怪:我真的复苏了天地灵根?怎么感觉怪怪的?还有,感觉好像忘了些什么……好像是一条又粗又壮,抱起来很有安全感的大腿? Thinks of here, Chu Sinan shivers with fright: Thought gradually is abnormal I, thinks bewilderedly what thigh...... must drink a liquor to help get over a shock!” 想到这里,楚司南不禁打了个冷战:“思想逐渐变态啊我,莫明其妙想什么大腿……得喝口酒压压惊!” Takes out a bottle gourd hastily, tons fill several greatly, wipes the mouth, has the liquor air/Qi, mentioned itself to save the world delightedly, recovered the World Spirit Root magnificent feat...... 连忙取出一只葫芦,吨吨吨大灌几口,把嘴一抹,哈出酒气,又眉飞色舞地说起了自己拯救世界,复苏天地灵根的壮举…… Qiao Mengyan, Qiu Jingyuan, Yuchi Jing and the others, had to plant faintly as if forgot anything's feeling. 乔孟炎秋景沅尉迟敬等人,也都隐隐有种似乎遗忘了什么的感觉。 Sinan worthily is a Savior, recovered World Spirit Root....... The detail probably is a little but fuzzy! Then, how Nest of Devils does explode? Should Sinan have no way to hit to explode Nest of Devils?...... Did not think, was World Spirit Root recovers, the direct brace exploded Nest of Devils......” 司南不愧是救世主,复苏了天地灵根。可是……细节好像有点模糊啊!说起来,万妖窟是怎么爆掉的?司南应该还没法儿打爆万妖窟吧?唔……想起来了,是天地灵根复苏,直接撑爆了万妖窟……” Quick, their brain made up many strange details, and believed in firmly, later in this warm atmosphere, threw in the heart that light doubts, loudly said again is laughing, was dispersed has an intention wild with joy. 很快,他们就自行脑补出了许多奇异的细节,并对此深信不疑,之后就在这热烈的氛围中,抛去心中那一丝淡淡的疑惑,再次大说大笑着,渲泄起心中的狂喜。 Yue Qingyi is looking at the vault of heaven dull, crossed good one, just now takes back the line of sight, deliberately considered: 越青依呆呆望着天穹,过了好一阵,方才收回视线,寻思: Heavenly Dao restored normally, I must try hard cultivation. Un, strives in 3.000 years, promote to Heavenly Immortal...... Heavenly Immortal, the feeling is quite difficult, but my words, certainly!” 天道恢复正常了,我得努力修炼了。嗯,争取在三千年内,晋位天仙……天仙啊,感觉好难,但我的话,一定可以的!” She does not know why oneself set the so great goal suddenly. 她不知道自己为什么突然立下如此宏大的志向。 She is also only small Nascent Soul cultivator, even heavenly tribulation had not crossed, half Immortal is not, unexpectedly resolves achievement Heavenly Immortal in 3.000 years...... 她还只是个小小的元婴修士呢,连天劫都没有渡过,连半仙都不是,居然就立志在三千年内成就天仙…… Why can so? 为何会如此? Yue Qingyi does not think clearly. 越青依也想不明白。 Perhaps is because looks forward to Central Land 3.000 years ago, that half-step Heavenly Immortal senior? 也许是因为憧憬中土三千年前,那位半步天仙的前辈? Also or, the universe is so big, wants to have a look? 又或者,宇宙那么大,就想去看看? In brief, the will of Heavenly Immortal, is faithful. 总之,天仙之志,就此不渝。 Old Ni your also owed.” Lu Xiyan sighed: No one remembers your name, no one knows your merit.” 老倪你这也太亏了。”陆昔颜叹道:“没人记得你的名字,也没人知道你的功绩啦。” She knows that Ni Kun does that to conceal the secret as far as possible, protects Central Land. 她知道倪坤这么做,是为了尽可能地掩饰天机,保护中土 But she knows similarly, before Ni Kun is a good person , the temper of manifesting a presence. 但她同样知道,倪坤是个好人前显圣的性子。 For the Central Land security, his hesitating makes everyone put behind that unexpectedly his name and merit, paid price, is really huge. 为了中土的安全,他居然不惜让所有人都忘却他的名字与功绩,付出的代价,着实巨大。 Ni Kun chuckle: „The we chivalrous person, this matter flicked the sleeve, deeply hides with.” 倪坤轻笑:“我辈侠士,正该事了拂衣去,深藏身与名。” Lu Xiyan praised: Your ideological realm sublimated.” 陆昔颜赞道:“你的思想境界又升华了。” Overpraised.” Ni Kun said humbly: Mainly is if the matter can be solved, I can also make them restore to remember. When the time comes enjoys ten thousand numerous to cheer again, the whole world pays homage, pours also not late.” “过奖。”倪坤谦逊道:“主要是如果事情能解决,我还可以让他们恢复记忆的。到时候再来享受万众欢呼,举世膜拜,倒也为时不晚。” „......” Lu Xiyan is speechless, the curling the lip corner/horn, said: „The Central Land crisis solved temporarily, receives round trip?” “……”陆昔颜无语,撇撇嘴角,说道:“中土的危机暂时解决了,接下来去哪?” Ni Kun hesitates, said slowly: Then, goes to two places again, covers up a secret.” 倪坤沉吟一阵,缓缓道:“接下来,再去两个地方,遮掩一番天机。” Blue Water Planet, god territory. 蓝水星,神域。 The broad grand Godking palace, stands erect in the summit of Divine Mountain, frequently is glittering warm gentle, sacred dignified golden light. 恢弘壮丽的神王宫,屹立在神山之巅,时刻闪烁着温暖柔和,又神圣威严的金光。 Godking Xuan Nu wears the pure white gauze skirt, grasps the golden scepter, stands in the high balcony, is overlooking below Divine Mountain. 神王玄女身着纯白纱裙,手持黄金权杖,站在高高的阳台上,俯瞰着下方的神山。 After more than 20 years of spiritual energy recoveries, Divine Mountain has restored the vitality. 经过二十多年的灵气复苏,神山已然恢复生机。 12 newly-built palaces, surround and protect under the Godking palace. In each palace, has a powerful soldier to guard. 十二座新建的宫殿,拱卫在神王宫下方。每一座宫殿之中,都有一位强大的战士镇守。 Xuan Nu can see, the soldier who that 12 assume the zodiac, wears glitteringly, the modeling is magnificent, sends out the gold of powerful aura to fight the clothes. In the respective palace, or is sitting in meditation to contemplate, either the exercise fights the technique. 玄女能够看到,那十二位坐镇十二宫的战士,都身着金光闪闪,造型华丽,又散发着强悍气息的黄金战衣。正在各自的宫殿之中,或打坐冥想,或锻炼战技。 Besides these 12 soldiers, in the city that below is newly-built, is living tens of thousands of god territory soldier. 除这十二位战士外,下方一座新建起的城市之中,亦生活着数以万计的神域战士。 They are wheting every day are fighting the technique, hopes that can obtain to fight the approval of clothes, becomes an honorable Godking warrior. 他们每天都在磨砺着战技,希望能获得战衣的认可,成为一位光荣的神王斗士。 More than 20 years pass by, 88 sets of Godking games clothes that in the past master left behind, has half to choose the master. 二十多年过去,当年师父留下的八十八套神王衣,已经有一半选择了主人。 It is expected that in 20 years, the remaining half fight the clothes, will select the lord one after another. 预计再过二十年,剩下的一半战衣,也将陆续择主。 Thought to fight the clothes, Xuan Nu is hard to avoid thinking of her powerful mysterious, unfeeling master: Walks is more than 20 years, will you...... also come back to look at me?” 想到战衣,玄女就难以避免地想到了她那个强大神秘,又冷酷无情的师父:“一走就是二十多年,你……还会回来看我吗?” When is recalling, qi of black-yellow, drops from the clouds suddenly, that once made her palpitate with excitement, the form that until now never forgets, unknowingly, disappears without the trace. 正回忆时,条条玄黄之气,忽然从天而降,那曾令她怦然心动,至今念念不忘的身影,不知不觉,消失无踪。 Fire Phoenix World. 火凰界 Has become Scarlet Refinement Sect Sect Master Zhou Wanyan, is sitting well on the Sect Master throne, listening to the elders to report the arrangement about this year's sect competition. 已成为赤炼门掌门周琬琰,正端坐掌门宝座上,听长老们汇报着关于今年宗门大比的安排。 Has Killer Yama week big Sect Master of this grade of baleful energy title, now is solemn atmosphere, has dignified great cultivator. Although realm only Golden Core perfection, but with Thunderclap Sword, murders the swift and fierce Thunderclap Sword secret art, commonplace Nascent Soul cultivator, is not her opponent. 有着“索命阎罗”这等煞气称号的周大掌门,如今已是一位端庄大气、极具威严的大修士境界虽只金丹圆满,但凭着一口惊雷剑,一身杀伐凌厉的惊雷剑诀,等闲元婴修士,都不是她的对手。 Under, was once responsible for shouting that side Ni Kun the elder brother in smooth Bai brother and sister, now takes on sect left Protector Bai Wuhen, is speaking with confidence: 下方,曾经在倪坤身边负责喊溜的白氏兄妹中的兄长,如今担当宗门左护法的白无痕,正自侃侃而谈: This year's sect competition, besides single match, team match. Each team five disciples, way of competition, in trial illusion that in the Fire Phoenix palace provides, conducts wrestling Yi between two teams. The goal is not to beat the opposing player purely, but defeats the opposite party base......” “今年的宗门大比,除了单人赛之外,还有团队赛项目。每个团队将有五名弟子,比赛的方式,是在火凰殿提供的试炼幻境中,进行两队之间的搏奕。目标并不是单纯地击败对方队员,而是击破对方基地……” Bai Wuhen was illustrating in detail the competition form of sect competition team match, right Protector Bai Wuxia, gives the supplementary explanation in side. Zhou Wanyan often nods slightly, seemingly heard earnestly, the thought to fly beyond the highest heavens very actually early: 白无痕详细解说着宗门大比团队赛的比赛形式,右护法白无瑕,在旁作补充说明。周琬琰不时微微颔首,看似听得十分认真,实则念头早飞到了九霄云外: Master walked has more than 30 years, when I will also soon reach to Nascent Soul Realm...... my successfully cultivated Nascent Soul, should the master also come back to look at me?” “师父走了已有三十多年,我也即将臻至元婴境界……等我修成元婴时,师父也该回来看我了吧?” Just when thinks, qi of black-yellow, drops from the clouds suddenly...... 正想时,条条玄黄之气,忽而从天而降…… Zhou Wanyan and Bai brother and sister, forgot something, in the brain also had/left something. 周琬琰与白氏兄妹,都忘记了一些事情,脑子里也多出了一些东西。 Forgot that is existence of Ni Kun. Leaves, is Ni Kun deduces for them, cultivation technique of respective successor, points to the boundary of Heavenly Immortal...... 忘记的,是倪坤的存在。多出的,是倪坤为他们推演的,各自后继的修行功法,直指天仙之境…… Once Vermilion Bird Hall, present Fire Phoenix palace. 曾经的朱雀殿,如今的火凰殿。 Turning the shape into Fire Phoenix of beautiful female, wears the scarlet palace clothing, stands is floating the spatial summit, qi of black-yellow that looks at dangles, with a smile light language: My memory, is not easy to eliminate...... fellow daoist Ni pains, I then coordinate your one time.” 化形为一位绝美女子的火凰,身着大红宫装,站在浮空山巅,看着垂下的玄黄之气,含笑轻语:“我的记忆,可不是那么容易消除的……不过倪道友既一片苦心,我便配合你一次吧。” Therefore she proclaimed the memory. 于是她自封了记忆。 On this day. 在这一天。 Fire Phoenix World all cultivator, forgot that once by one's effort, usurped Scarlet Refinement Sect, throws off Vermilion Bird Hall, rescues Fire Phoenix, by mortal cultivator realm, separates the man who fights not dead spatially with higher world True Immortal. 火凰界所有的修士,都忘掉了那个曾经以一己之力,篡夺赤炼门,掀翻朱雀殿,解救火凰,以凡修境界,与上界真仙隔空交手而不死的男人。 Void. 虚空之中。 Is of great success.” “大功告成。” Ni Kun receives Black-Yellow Karmic Virtue Tower, looking down oneself are thin with the skeleton body: Should do, has done. Then...... we first eat until full, regain the condition.” 倪坤收起玄黄功德塔,低头看了看自己瘦得跟骷髅似的身子:“该做的,都已经做了。接下来……咱们先去饱餐一顿,恢复一下状态。” Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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