IACHMND :: Volume #4

#317: Gobbles up Sun, don't I have the immortal tribulation?

The Ni Kun present condition is not very good, is much thinner, the skeleton also resembles. Must eat greatly, the meat making up. 倪坤现在的状态很不好,瘦得皮包骨头,骷髅也似。必须大吃一顿,把肉给补回来。 However he with Lu Xiyan now is poor and blank. 不过他跟陆昔颜现在是一穷二白。 The immortal crystal cultivation when the time domain, has consumed cleanly, magical treasure that seizes continually is gnawed up by two people. 仙晶早就在时光领域中修炼时,消耗得一干二净,连缴获的法宝都被两人啃光了。 Is good is so big because of the universe, some are high-energy food- at least to Ni Kun, even if not produce the immortal crystal Heaven, he can still find the high-energy food of substitution. 好在宇宙这么大,有的是高能食材-至少对倪坤来说,即使不去出产仙晶的天界,他也能找到替代的高能食材。 This is an ordinary small-scale star, wants on small many compared with the Central Land World Sun. 这是一颗普普通通的小型恒星,比中土界的太阳还要小上许多。 The surroundings do not have life planet, only has several desolated deathly stillness, or the scalding hot or ice-cold asteroid, moves around it. 周围也并没有生命星球,只有几颗荒芜死寂,或灼热或冰冷的小行星,围绕着它旋转。 Found this small-scale star, confirmed that on its surrounding asteroid, and lifeless seed, Ni Kun without delay, an incarnation ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) giant, opened big mouth, deeply attracted. 找到这颗小型恒星,确认其周围的小行星上,并无生命萌芽,倪坤二话不说,化身万丈巨人,张开大嘴,深深一吸。 Bang! 轰! Is sending out infinitely photo-thermal, blazing white dazzling Sun to be really hot, from the star surface , the waterfall that such as hangs upside down is loudly ordinary, invests in the Ni Kun mouth in a steady stream. 散发着无穷光热,炽白刺目的太阳真火,自恒星表面轰然冲起,如倒悬的瀑布一般,源源投入倪坤口中。 In this moment, the ray of entire star, becomes dim. All energies of small-scale star release, do not have an omission, was swallowed into the abdomen by Ni Kun entirely. 在这一刻,整颗恒星的光芒,都变得黯淡下来。小型恒星释放的所有能量,几无一丝遗漏,统统被倪坤吞入腹中。 This way of eating, can accomplish on Ni Kun. even/including same is expert in body refinement Lu Xiyan unable to support. 这种吃法,也就倪坤能办到了。连同样专精炼体陆昔颜都撑不住。 But Ni Kun also in unlocking eighth stage cultivation technique, observing and emulating senses Grand Dao to project for many years, just now develops this and other heroic ways of eating. 倪坤也是在解锁第八重功法,观摩感悟大道投影多年,方才开发出这等豪迈的吃法。 If in the past, he most also can only the small mouth small mouth place swallow to attract Sun to be really hot. 若在从前,他最多也就只能小口小口地吞吸太阳真火罢了。 The one breath ate half double-hour, Ni Kun felt that the efficiency was insufficient. 一口气吃了半个时辰,倪坤感觉效率还是不够。 Therefore then refining up Sun to be really hot, while by really hot body refinement, tempers World Avatar magical ability. 于是便一边炼化太阳真火,一边以真火炼体,锤炼法天相地神通 Also half double-hour. 又过半个时辰。 On Ni Kun shakes loudly, the chest and belly is common like the rubber ball of gasification, the inflation, blows up fast high. 倪坤身上轰然一震,胸腹如同充气的皮球一般,飞快膨胀,高高鼓起。 Lu Xiyan that waits and sees from afar one startled: Old Ni you relax, do not explode to the brace oneself!” 远远观望的陆昔颜一惊:“老倪你悠着点,千万别把自己给撑爆了!” When is saying, listens to the Ni Kun whole body physique to sound together, the epithelium rumbling trembles, that inflates the chest and belly that blows up unceasingly, reduces fast, the figure is 1000 ten feets, changes into 11,000 zhang (3.33 m) giant, swallows the solar really hot efficiency to double directly. 正说时,就听倪坤浑身筋骨齐鸣,皮膜轰轰震颤,那不断膨胀鼓起的胸腹,随之飞快地缩小,身形则是再长1000丈,化为一万一千丈的巨人,吞食太阳真火的效率直接增加一倍。 Lu Xiyan is speechless: Unexpectedly grown stronger......” 陆昔颜无语:“居然又变强了……” She has not misread, Ni Kun truly grown stronger. 她没有看错,倪坤确实又变强了。 Since unlocking seventh stage cultivation technique, opens inner universe thirty three layer Heaven, after successfully cultivated establishment of the Heavenly Court, even if when the daily life, walks sits lies, Ni Kun cultivation base, every day fast is still inflating. 自从解锁第七重功法,开辟内宇宙三十三重天,修成立天庭之后,即使在日常生活当中,行走坐卧之时,倪坤修为,也每天都在飞快膨胀。 But in unlocking eighth stage cultivation technique, after starting to observe and emulate to sense Grand Dao projects, Ni Kun realm, is every time, continually is promoting. 而在解锁第八重功法,开始观摩感悟大道投影之后,倪坤境界,更是每时每刻,都在不断提升。 So long as the resources are sufficient, nutrition can follow, his strength then can grow without limits. 只要资源足够,“营养”跟得上,他的实力便能无止境地增长。 Only pitifully, he was unable to look like Heavenly Lord to be common now, directly touches universe source sea, must have the high-energy food to eat food supplements, can promotion realm, transform as the real not empty strength fast. 只可惜,他现在还不能像天尊一般,直接触及宇宙本源之海,必须得有高能食材进补,才能将飞快提升的境界,转化为真实不虚的实力。 Is good because, even if no immortal crystal, in this universe, still innumerable every large or small Sun, pours also Ni Kun hungrily. 好在即使没有仙晶,这宇宙之中,也还有无数大大小小的太阳,倒也饿不着倪坤 Bang! 轰! Also half double-hour, on Ni Kun has erupted loudly the loud sound again, explodes the rushing air wave, the chest and belly inflates once again blows up, gives the feeling that the person one type eats supports and is unable to withstand the load. 又过半个时辰,倪坤身上再次爆发出轰然巨响,炸出澎湃气浪,胸腹又一次膨胀鼓起,予人一种吃得太撑、不堪重负的感觉。 But after less than half double-hour, on him then the physique sounds together once again, in ka ka resounding sound, again is 1000 ten feets. 但小半个时辰后,他身上便又一次筋骨齐鸣,于咔咔脆响声中,再长1000丈。 Lu Xiyan looks on one, sees Ni Kun truly to withstand, was no longer worried for him, emits the temporary palace, entered inside to sit in meditation cultivation. 陆昔颜旁观一阵,见倪坤确实顶得住,也就不再为他担心,放出行宫,进里面打坐修炼去了。 The time passes slowly. 时间缓缓流逝。 Three months later, that small-scale star, the amount of space occupied had shrunk 10%. 三个月后,那颗小型恒星,体量已然缩水了10%。 But the Ni Kun build, has inflated to 30,000 zhang (3.33 m). 倪坤的体型,已然膨胀至三万丈。 These three months of gluttonies swallow, Ni Kun summoned the flesh that Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord offered sacrifices, has made up. Moreover, the strength was to also go to a strong position. 这三个月的饕餮吞食,倪坤召唤元魔天尊献祭的血肉,早已补了回来。不仅如此,实力亦是去到了一个超强的境地。 However to this position, Ni Kun felt faintly, as if had reached the limit. 不过到了这个境地,倪坤隐隐感觉,似乎已到了极限。 Actually cultivation base to limit. But swallows Sun, the cultivation efficiency of progressing by leaps and bounds, had reached the limit. 倒不是修为到了极限。而是吞食太阳,突飞猛进的修炼效率,已经到了极限。 Sun is really hot also uses, but to his function, no longer like the beforehand three months like that remarkable. 太阳真火还有用,但对他的作用,已不再像之前三个月那般显著。 If before three months, he will swallow certain amount Sun to be really hot, the cultivation base quantification of promotion is 100 values, that present swallows similarly many Sun to be really hot, increased cultivation base only then one. 若将之前的三个月,他吞食一定量的太阳真火,提升的修为量化为一百数值,那现在吞食同样多的太阳真火,增加的修为就只有“一”了。 Ni Kun does not find it but actually strange. 倪坤倒也不觉得奇怪。 This ate with same pill medicine, had the drug resistance, the effect unceasing attenuation was a truth. 这就跟同一种丹药吃多了,产生耐药性,效果不断弱化是一个道理。 Regarding the immortal, will not have drug resistance only the cultivation resources, seemingly also only then immortal crystal. 对于仙人来说,唯一不会产生“耐药性”的修炼资源,貌似也就只有仙晶了。 Therefore in the end, can try to get so far as a lot of immortal crystals?” “所以到头来,还是得设法弄到大量仙晶么?” Since eats Sun to enhance the cultivation base efficiency drastically to reduce, now could not have achieved an entire Sun, pinches bean one to swallow, succeeds by sheer force of numbers, Ni Kun does not want to waste the time again. 既然吃太阳提升修为的效率大幅降低,现在又还做不到把一整颗太阳,捏成豆子一口吞下,以量取胜,倪坤也就不想再浪费时间了。 He closes the mouth, finished swallowing, moves physique, the whole body joint blew out thunderclap thundering. 他闭上嘴巴,结束吞食,活动了一下筋骨,浑身关节爆出一阵霹雳般的轰鸣。 Later the figure reduces fast, restores for the habit. 之后身形飞快缩小,又恢复为常态。 Just when restored the habit, his huge body quality, as well as natural radiation the heat, making him turn into a real small Sun. Including side that small-scale star, is shaken by the attraction that he sends out, the track displaces slightly. 刚恢复常态时,他庞大的身体质量,以及身上自然辐射出的热量,令他变成了一颗货真价实的小太阳。连旁边那颗小型恒星,都被他散发的引力撼动,轨道微微偏移。 If arrives at some world in this shape, even if controls the attraction, the only quality, falls to the ground can other small world of amount of space occupied step on to putting on Central Land that the heat of nature sending out, is can instantaneously that small world evaporation completely. 若以这种形态降临某个世界,即使控制住自身引力,单凭质量,落地就能把中土那等体量的小世界踩个对穿,自然散发的热量,更是瞬间就能那小世界蒸发殆尽。 Passed the period of time, Ni Kun just now controlled the huge strength that this month exploded rises thoroughly, the body the heat of quality and nature sending out, controlled in the level of normal person. 过了好一阵子,倪坤方才彻底掌控了这一个月来爆涨的庞大力量,将身体质量和自然散发的热量,控制在正常人的水准。 Controlled the body, Ni Kun caught the eye sweeps, settles on one to surround this small-scale star to revolve, the diameter had about the planets of eight thousand li (500 km). 控制好了身体,倪坤抬眼一扫,看中一颗环绕这小型恒星运转,直径约有八千里的行星。 He lifts the right hand slowly, the five fingers splits, the palm aims at that planet distantly. 他缓缓抬起右手,五指叉开,掌心遥遥对准那颗星球 Later the five fingers close up slowly, when the strength of Yuan magnetism sweeps away, in the palm, concentrates a point to flaming the white light point. 之后五指缓缓合拢,元磁之力横扫之际,掌心之中,凝出一点炽白光点。 That blazing a white light rapid inflation, light group that in an instant changes into a fist size. 那炽白光点飞速膨胀,转眼化为一颗拳头大小的光团。 Later, the light group changes into the light beam, spraying, if blazing the white lance, spans tens of millions li (0.5 km) from, punctures above that planet, submerges in the planet core instantaneously. 之后,光团化为光束,喷射而出,若一杆炽白长矛,跨越数千万里距离,刺在那星球之上,瞬间没入星球核心之中。 Afterward sees that planet to shake fiercely, the build inflates suddenly, the ground jacks fast, the surface boils up the dense and numerous openings, blazing the white ray innumerably, from proliferating in the opening of planet surface spewed out, making planet become seems like one to be covered with flaminged the sea urchin that the white light punctured. 随后就见那星球猛地一震,体型骤然膨胀,地面飞快抬升,地表迸出密密麻麻的裂口,无数炽白光芒,自遍布星球表面的裂口之中喷涌而出,令星球变得好像是一只长满了炽白光刺的海胆。 This condition, only continued short to flicker. 这种状态,只持续了短短一瞬。 The wild white light erupts loudly, planet explodes instantaneously, changes into the innumerable fragments, projects in all directions. But quick, these fragment then inflated white lights catch up, is reduced to ashes in the white light. 狂暴的白光轰然爆发,星球瞬间爆裂,化为无数碎片,四面八方抛射。但很快,那些碎片便被膨胀的白光追上,于白光之中化为灰烬。 The Ni Kun corners of the mouth turn upwards slightly, talked to oneself: Present I, had annihilates the star strength.” 倪坤嘴角微微翘起,自语:“如今的我,也拥有一击灭星的实力了。” Destroys the small amount of space occupied planet surface, ordinary Human Immortal and Earth Immortal can accomplish. 毁灭小体量星球表面,普通的人仙地仙都可以办到。 Thoroughly destroys small amount of space occupied planet, Heavenly Immortal can also achieve, but needs to spend not the short time. 彻底摧毁一颗小体量星球,天仙亦能做到,只是需要花费不短的时间。 The Heavenly Monarch words, destroy more than 8000 miles in diameter small planet, three moves of two types may achieve. 天君的话,摧毁一颗直径8000多里的小小星球,三招两式就可做到。 Perhaps like Yang Zheng that especially powerful Two Tribulations Heavenly Monarch, only needs a sword, can cut to break this and other planet of small amount of space occupied. 杨铮那种格外强大的二劫天君,或许只需一剑,便可斩破这等小体量的星球 But Ni Kun , only need strike now, can destroy this grade of amount of space occupied planet. This even is not his full power. If he acts full power, then siwuwan miles in diameter planet, he can also strike the smashing even. 倪坤,如今也只需一击,便可摧毁这等体量的星球。这甚至还不是他的全力。他若是全力出手,那么即使是一颗直径四五万里的星球,他亦可以一击粉碎。 Only by the destructive power, he is as good Two Tribulations Heavenly Monarch. 只论破坏力,他并不逊于二劫天君 Naturally, if Heavenly Lord, even is away from trillion space and times, finger/refers of broken stars mighty force. 当然,若是天尊的话,即使隔着亿万时空,亦有一指碎星辰的伟力。 Therefore although the Ni Kun present strength is strong, may compare to Heavenly Lord, had been inferior. 所以倪坤现在的实力虽强,可比起天尊,还是有所不如。 Key is I now or cannot touch universe source sea......” “关键是我现在还是不能触摸到宇宙本源之海……” Ni Kun feels the chin, in the heart deliberately considered: I must like Heavenly Immortal, cross Spiritual Intensity Tribulation, can touch universe source sea? But...... I do not have heavenly tribulation probably!” 倪坤摸着下巴,心中寻思:“难道我得像天仙一样,渡过灵机劫,才能触摸到宇宙本源之海?可是……我好像没有天劫啊!” Although he when cultivation fifth stage cultivation technique, receives and instructs the strength of heavenly tribulation on own initiative, quenchings does not extinguish Golden Body, but he really did not have to endure heavenly tribulation passively. 他虽然在修炼第五重功法时,主动接引天劫之力,淬炼不灭金身,可他还真就一直就没有被动地挨过天劫 Normally by his present strength, Heavenly Immortal Spiritual Intensity Tribulation should also look for him, but he has not absolutely had any premonition- he has asked Lu Xiyan, initially when her Heavenly Immortal Realm perfection, induced existence of immortal tribulation indistinctly, only needed the thought to move, can initiate. 按说以他现在的实力,天仙灵机劫也该找上他了,可他偏偏就完全没有过任何预感-他问过陆昔颜,当初她天仙境圆满时,就隐约感应到了仙劫的存在,只需念头一动,便可自行引发。 Naturally can also not initiate, when makes the foot preparation, after the accumulation is enough, inspires the immortal tribulation. 当然也可以不引发,等到作足准备,积累足够之后再引动仙劫。 According to the view of Lu Xiyan, the existence feeling of immortal tribulation is extremely strong, looks like has an invisible deva-eye, in the darkness, hangs in own top of the head. 按照陆昔颜的说法,仙劫的存在感是极强的,就像是有一只无形的天眼,于冥冥之中,悬于自己头顶。 When the immortal tribulation has not fallen, during that is dark the deva-eye, be at closed position. Once inspires the immortal tribulation, on that day the eye will then open the eyes, throws down line of sight, therefore the immortal tribulation then also arrives. 仙劫未降时,那冥冥之中的天眼,处于闭合状态。一旦引动仙劫,那天眼便会睁开双眼,投下“视线”,于是仙劫便随之降临。 Lu Xiyan around the Crossing Tribulation feeling, described very clearly. 陆昔颜将自己渡劫前后的感受,描述得非常清楚。 However Ni Kun has not induced to that so-called deva-eye. 然而倪坤就是没有感应到那所谓的“天眼”。 Therefore, I not only do not have mortal cultivator Crossing Tribulation Realm three heavenly tribulation, even Heavenly Immortal Spiritual Intensity Tribulation also? The God does not enlarge ones vision, isn't willing to see me? Also or...... my soul and cultivation technique all come from the different space and time universe, doesn't turn over to this side universe Heavenly Dao jurisdiction? Also or Heavenly Dao of this side universe, looks at me to cultivate the behavior too brightly, decided that turns a blind eye to me?” “所以,我不仅没有凡修渡劫境的三次天劫,连天仙灵机劫也没有?老天爷不开眼,不愿意见到我?又或是……我灵魂、功法皆来自异时空宇宙,不归这方宇宙天道管辖?又或是这方宇宙的天道,看我做人太敞亮,决定对我睁一只眼闭一只眼?” Ni Kun a little does not trace certainly. 倪坤有点摸不准。 However does not cross the immortal tribulation, looks very good, may in fact not be meddlesome. 不过不渡仙劫,看起来很好,可实际上并不是什么好事。 Without the words that the immortal tribulation may cross, perhaps he touches universe source sea forever hopelessly. 因为没有仙劫可渡的话,那他说不定永远无望触及宇宙本源之海 Cannot enter universe source sea, with this side universe root depth contact, how does he also become Heavenly Lord? Also how promote to Golden Immortal? 不能进入宇宙本源之海,与此方宇宙的“根源”深度接触,那他还怎么成为天尊?又如何晋位金仙 How finally to break out of the fetter of source sea, jumps out of this side universe, ascends a height to get a broad view beginning of the universe greatly Luo Golden Immortal the position? 最后又怎么摆脱源海的束缚,跳出这方宇宙,登临“混元大罗金仙”之位? Therefore, I can One with the World realm, induces Heavenly Immortal Spiritual Intensity Tribulation, others' Spiritual Intensity Tribulation, receives and instructs on me on own initiative?” “所以,我还是得以‘天人合一’的境界,感应天仙灵机劫,主动把别人的灵机劫,接引到我身上来么?” Ni Kun feels the chin, talked to oneself: This operation difficulty...... the feeling is a little big! but it's still must try 1 or 2. However is not the present...... the present words, was the time continues my scheduled plan.” 倪坤摸着下巴,自语:“这个操作难度……感觉有点大啊!不过还是得尝试一二。不过不是现在……现在的话,是时候继续我预定的计划了。” He begins, looks up to void. 他起头,仰望虚空。 In void of some innumerable stars twinkles, projects on behalf of Spirit Firmament Heaven that giant star, from sending out eye-catching brilliance. 有无数星辰闪烁的虚空之中,代表灵霄天的那颗巨星投影,正自散发着夺目的光彩。 Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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