IKTT :: Volume #5

#444 Part 2: Life inheritance carrier( 8200 character chapters)

Said in detail, any information that you provide will affect me formulates the new not incoming wire line.” “详细说说,你提供的任何情报都会影响到我制定新的未来线。” adore/admire Yao nods: 慕暚点头: I once when exploring the vestige islands had understood with black ink an information, how long me this information had unclear specifically, that residual breakage information underwent our explanations, understood the approximate meaning.” “我与墨曾在探索遗迹岛屿时了解过一段信息,这段信息具体存在了多久我也不清楚,那段残留的破损信息经过我们的解读,明白了大致意思。” Listened to black ink saying that this information should be the column god who these died inexplicably stays behind, they are seeking for one type to be able their knowledge and strength inheritance to the means of next era, but they as if met the predicament, does not know that can be their traces with what method reserved.” “听墨说,这段信息应该是那些莫名死去的柱神留下,他们在寻找一种能够将他们的知识与力量传承给下一个纪元的办法,但他们似乎遇到了困局,不知道用什么方法才能保留属于他们的痕迹。” I have not understood what is heard.” The Feng Qi expression doubts said. “我没听明白。”封棋表情疑惑道。 For example, you want to retain an information, passes to your grandson, what means will you choose?” “举例来说,你想要将一段信息保留下来,传给你的孙子,你会选择什么办法?” „The method of my record information is the notebook.” Feng Qi replied decisively. “我记录信息的方法是笔记本。”封棋果断回答道。 Your method right, but records the content with the notebook, can record many, the knowledge of column gods is very vast, even if puts together the paper of the world, is not enough to record, what is more difficult is even can with the paper record, how long these knowledge be able to preserve, don't forget, the paper will be corroded.” “你的方法没错,但用笔记本来记录内容,又能记录多少,柱神们的知识无比浩瀚,即使将全世界的纸张都加在一起,都不足以记录,更难的是即使能够用纸张记录,这些知识又能保存多久,别忘了,纸会被腐蚀。” Except for the paper, the human most advanced record method nearly is invalid in the face of the time, the hard disk and database, and even carve the writing in the stone, these methods could...... be possible the time to elongate the information record hundred years, the millenniums and ten thousand years to 100 million years, 1 billion years, 10 billion years, human can be used in the method of record unravelling, remote in the future will not stay behind any is the trace of human, all will disappear under the corrosion of time......, even if better than the column god, is unable to seek for one type to contend with the information record carrier that the time corrodes truly.” “除了纸张,人类最先进的记录手段在时间面前都近乎无效,硬盘、数据库,乃至将文字刻在石块上,这些手段或许能将信息记录百年、千年、万年……可将时间拉长至一亿年,十亿年,百亿年,人类能够用于记录的手段都将灰飞烟灭,遥远的未来不会留下任何属于人类的痕迹,一切都将在时间的腐蚀下泯灭……即使强如柱神,也无法寻找到一种能够真正抗衡时间腐蚀的信息记录载体。” Hears these words, in the Feng Qi heart has doubts: 听到这番话,封棋心中疑惑: I did not understand, what relations this also does have with our human?” “我不理解,这与我们人类又有什么关系?” Naturally related, my discovery with black ink can show, human should be creates at first by the column god, and may be extension of column god life, or the carrier of strength and knowledge of column god.” “当然有关,我与墨的发现能够证明,人类最初应该是由柱神创造,且极有可能是柱神生命的延续,亦或是柱神的力量与知识的载体。” Discovered that the Feng Qi expression gradually compels ignorant, adore/admire Yao continues to explain: 发现封棋的表情逐渐懵逼,慕暚继续解释道: Column god how, when studies to save the knowledge and strength discovered, only has a thing to resist the corrosion of time truly, that is the life inheritance.” “柱神在研究如何存储知识与力量的时候发现,只有一种东西能够真正抵御时间的腐蚀,那就是生命传承。” Explained with the words that you can understand, 1 gram DNA may save the 455 EB information content, information content huge that therefore human body DNA can save, DNA can also the information duplication inheritance of storage to the next generation, making the next generation continue the reserved information simultaneously, then passes to the next generation...... this is a life inheritance relay, each time the inheritance is a new student/life.” “用你能够理解的话来解释,一克的DNA可存储455EB的信息量,所以人体DNA可以存储的信息量非常之庞大,同时DNA还能将存储的信息复制传承给下一代,让下一代继续保留信息,然后再传给下一代……这是一种生命传承接力,每次传承都是新生。” Listened to adore/admire Yao the explanation, Feng Qi was ignorant immediately: 听了慕暚的解释,封棋顿时懵了: DNA, even if can inherit to the next generation, but will change, after many generations of inheritance , the gene original information should be disrupted, depends upon the information that the life inheritance saves to be confused?” “DNA即使能继承给下一代,但是会发生变化啊,多代传承后基因原本的信息应该会被打乱吧,依靠生命传承存储的信息不就错乱了?” „The reorganization and change of gene will not lose on behalf of the information, this looks like fixed time the electronic lock that these change the password, the surface password changes the thing that did not represent internal saves to change, even if really changed, can still through counter push the process of change the return to original state initial information, some are the means.” “基因的重组与改变并不代表信息会丢失,这就像是那些定时变更密码的电子锁,表层的密码变了不代表内部存储的东西会变,即使真的变了,也能通过逆推变化过程来还原最初的信息,有的是办法。” You can understand, the column gods will soon fall from the sky for some reasons, but they hope the strength and knowledge transmission to the future epoch, therefore created can the human of carrying/sustaining knowledge and strength, to guarantee these information will not lose, they established many complex protection mechanism, for example the instinct of human to multiplication longs for, possibly was one of the hypotheses.” “你可以这么理解,柱神们因为某种原因即将陨落,但他们希望将力量与知识传递给未来的新纪元,于是创造了能够承载知识与力量的人类,为了保证这些信息不会丢失,他们设置了许多复杂的保护机制,例如人类对繁衍的本能渴望,就可能是设定之一。” With the multiplication advancement, the carrier of knowledge and strength disperses unceasingly, causes some human supplementary miracles, but some human have not supplemented the miracle goods.” “伴随着繁衍进程,知识与力量的载体不断分散,导致部分人类附带奇迹,而部分人类则没有附带奇迹物品。” Listened to adore/admire Yao the explanation, Feng Qi gradually to understand why black ink will call human for the seal household utensils. 听了慕暚的解释,封棋逐渐理解了为何墨会称呼人类为封印器皿了。 Other information?” “还有其他信息吗?” Has, black ink once guessed, perhaps human is a column god another form life continues, the column gods know oneself cannot escape the situation the steamroll, therefore calls it the RNA in your human own information storage in the material, transmitted it to the next era, and evolves finally nowadays human appearance, tried to avoid the final crisis by this.” “有,墨曾猜测说,人类或许是柱神另一种形式的生命延续,柱神们知道自己逃不过大势的碾压,于是将自己的信息存储于你们人类称之为核糖核酸的物质里,将其传递给了下一个纪元,并最终进化成现如今的人类模样,试图以此躲过最终危机。” Listened to adore/admire Yao the explanation, Feng Qi to understand suddenly a matter, he opened the mouth to say at this time: 听了慕暚的解释,封棋忽然明白了一件事,他在这时开口道: Miracle that therefore you seek , is actually human is right?” “所以你寻找的奇迹,其实就是人类本身对吗?” Right, I studied one type to activate in black ink the hidden human body together the method of mysterious strength, but this way was ineffective to all human, only then these revealed that some ability characteristics potential had the means to activate the mysterious strength in within the body through my way.” “没错,我与墨一起研究出了一种能够激活隐藏人体内神秘力量的方法,但这种方式并非对所有人类有效,只有那些显露部分能力特征的潜力者才有办法通过我的方式激活体内的神秘力量。” adore/admire Yao the explanation, untied always lingered in the doubts of his heart. 慕暚的解释,解开了始终萦绕在他心头的一个疑惑。 Originally the dubhe and leaf sovereign, Weiwei...... they be at the potential half state of activation, adore/admire Yao play the role in adding fuel to the flames, this also explained why adore/admire Yao is always seeking for the miracle, rather than creates the miracle soldier. 原来天枢、叶皇、蔚薇……他们本身就是处于潜力半激活状态,慕暚只是起到了推波助澜的作用,这也就解释了为什么慕暚始终在寻找奇迹,而不是去创造奇迹战士。 Thinks of here, the new doubts appear in his mind. 想到这里,新的疑惑在他的脑海中浮现。 What are these miracle goods? Special strength measuring instrument present that strips from the human body?” “那些奇迹物品又是什么?难道是从人体剥离出来的特殊力量具现化?” Facing the inquiry, adore/admire Yao nods shakes the head: 面对询问,慕暚点头又摇头: „It is not clear, I am born the human and miracle goods had existed, according to me the information that checks in the vestige islands, the strengths of many column gods had not been retained, the column god who perhaps this part has not obtained the inheritance qualifications own strength measuring instrument present, turned into the miracle goods, caused overwhelming majority miracle goods to have shatter, fission and other conditions under the corrosion of time, so long as the time were long enough, some miracle goods will also change into the nihility finally, became part of the world structure.” “不清楚,我诞生的时候人类与奇迹物品就已经存在了,根据我在遗迹岛屿上查到的信息,有许多柱神的力量并未被保留,或许正是这部分没有获得传承资格的柱神将自己的力量具现化,变成了奇迹物品,也就导致绝大部分奇迹物品在时间的腐蚀下出现了破碎、分裂等状况,只要时间足够久,这部分奇迹物品也终将化为虚无,成为世界构造的一部分。” adore/admire Yao the explanation makes Feng Qi be lost in thought. 慕暚的解释让封棋陷入了沉思。 Can see many information that adore/admire Yao understands, bases on the guess that the limited clue gives. 可以看出慕暚了解到的许多信息,也只是基于有限线索给出的猜测。 But the concrete truth is anything, even adore/admire Yao is unable to give the affirmative guarantee. 但具体真相是什么,即使慕暚也无法给出肯定的保证。 After all adore/admire Yao is born in this era, but the column god is actually on the life of era. 毕竟慕暚诞生于这个纪元,但柱神却是上个纪元的生命。 Since that moment that adore/admire Yao is born, the miracle goods had existed, she and black ink similarly are inquiring about of the world truth. 慕暚诞生的那一刻起,奇迹物品就已经存在了,她与墨同样是世界真相的探寻者。 At this time he thought of the lord of dense fog suddenly. 这时他忽然想到了迷雾之主。 In the main body of dense fog is also checking miracle goods, since this miracle goods inherit through the way of bloodlines. 迷雾之主体内也存着一个奇迹物品,这件奇迹物品就是通过血脉的方式传承至今。 The dense fog lord not to know in own bloodlines to hide a divine tool. 就连迷雾之主自己都不曾知晓自己的血脉中潜藏着一件神器。 But what made him have doubts, why the dense fog the Lord ancestor can through licking to lick the blood that the column god left behind to gain that partial information. 但令他疑惑的是,为什么迷雾之主的老祖宗能够通过舔舐柱神留下的血液获取那部分信息。 Thinks of here, he said in the heart to have doubts to adore/admire Yao immediately. 想到这里,他当即对慕暚说出了心中疑惑。 Facing the inquiry, adore/admire Yao looks the thinking, later said: 面对询问,慕暚面露思索,随后道: Actually the exterior most miracle goods damage the condition, few does not have the breakage when may be shoulders the corrosion of time...... the column god definitely not to expect the epoch born after all initially, definitely was the preservation the longer the better, the life inheritance was the safest means that whatever other miracle goods the time corroded, could retain to the epoch, may dissipate under the corrosion of time.” “其实外部的大部分奇迹物品都是破损状态,极少数没有破损的可能是扛过了时间的腐蚀……毕竟当初柱神肯定也没料到新纪元诞生会在什么时候,肯定是保存越久越好,生命传承是最保险的办法,其他奇迹物品则任由时间腐蚀,或许能够保留至新纪元,或许会在时间的腐蚀下消散。” Feng Qi hears word, cannot help but nods. 封棋闻言,不由得点头。 adore/admire Yao the analysis is not groundless. 慕暚的分析不无道理。 Perhaps the miracle goods are the strength and knowledge that the column god gives up, whatever some strengths and knowledge withstand the corrosion of time, can keep next era all along with the reason. 或许外界的奇迹物品是柱神放弃的力量与知识,任由这部分力量与知识承受时间的腐蚀,能否留到下一个纪元一切随缘。 This perhaps is the miracle goods that nearly cannot be destroyed, majority is the incomplete condition truth. 这或许就是近乎不可摧毁的奇迹物品,大部分都是残缺状态的真相。 Regarding this issue, Feng Qi had not pondered again, he looks to adore/admire Yao continues to pursue asks: 对于这个问题,封棋没有再细想,他望向慕暚继续追问道: You know how you are is born?” “你知道自己是如何诞生吗?” „It is not clear, when I am born consciousness discovered oneself float in world, at that time this world had had primitive human, the first friend who when the ink is I explore world knows, he and I same has doubts oneself origin, we had suspected whether are also the special consciousness body that the column god creates.” “不清楚,我诞生意识时就发现自己悬浮于人类世界,那时候这个世界就已经存在原始人类了,墨是我探索世界时认识的第一个朋友,他与我一样十分疑惑自己的来历,我们都有怀疑过自己是否也是柱神创造出来的特殊意识体。” Why said?” “为什么这么说?” I analyzed a shatter information with black ink in the miracle islands, probably is such a meaning: Our extensions will initiate the challenge in alternative forms.” “我与墨在奇迹岛屿上解析了一段破碎的信息,大概是这么一个意思:我们的延续会以另一种形式重新发起挑战。” I the understanding of these words am, the column gods know oneself will die, but they have not chosen to unknown submit, they plan oneself strength and knowledge leave the next era in inheritance the form, enabled to grasp the epoch life of their strength to unknown to initiate the challenge again, and tried to defeat unknown.” “我对这句话的理解是,柱神们知道自己会死,但他们并未选择向未知屈服,他们打算将自己的力量与知识以传承的形式留给下一个纪元,让掌握了他们力量的新纪元生命重新向未知发起挑战,并试图战胜未知。” Feng Qi nodded at this time: 封棋在这时点头: „Should unknown in your mouth, refer to the situation arriving?” “你口中的未知,应该指的是大势降临吧?” I with black ink also think that feels the column god perhaps before our eras appear have challenged the situation to arrive, and were defeated, therefore left behind many inheritance to the successor of epoch, I have the possibility with black ink very much am also the column god leave the inheritance of epoch life.” “我与墨也是这么想的,觉得柱神或许在我们这个纪元出现前就已经挑战过大势降临,并失败了,所以留下了诸多传承给新纪元的继承者,我与墨很有可能也是柱神留给新纪元生命的传承。” „The situation that the column gods cannot escape arrives, can we really contend?” “就连柱神都逃不过的大势降临,我们真的能够抗衡吗?” Should lose, but we should not sit waiting for death, must learn to revolt.” On adore/admire Yao the face the reappearing bright smile, was saying squeezes in the mouth chicken leg one in hand, after closing the mouth, makes an effort to pull, pulls out the bone. “应该会输吧,但我们不该坐以待毙,要学会反抗。”慕暚的脸上浮现灿烂笑容,说着将手里的鸡腿一口塞入嘴里,闭上嘴巴后用力一扯,拉出骨头。 Looked on adore/admire Yao the face to be full of the power the smile, Feng Qi also follows to smile: 望着慕暚脸上充满感染力的笑容,封棋也跟着笑了: Yes, even the failure does not submit.” “是啊,即使失败也绝不屈服。” Looks at each other to smile, their innermost feelings produced the resonance. 相视微笑间,他们的内心产生了共鸣。 He discovered that adore/admire Yao and he is the same kind of person, the only difference is, adore/admire Yao is always a mindless optimistic stance. 他发现慕暚与他是同一类人,唯一的不同之处就在于,慕暚始终都是一副没心没肺的乐观姿态。 What issue also has?” adore/admire Yao in this time curious say/way. “还有什么问题吗?”慕暚在这时好奇道。 Naturally...... was right, can you continue the life span for me?” “当然……对了,你能为我延续寿命吗?” Eh, seemingly cannot, Weiwei have the potential that the long life span is she brings, was not I gave her long life span directly, therefore...... you understood.” “额,貌似不能,蔚薇拥有悠长的寿命是她自带的潜力,并非是我直接赋予了她悠长的寿命,所以……你懂的。” Or you take a look at the potential that has anything to hide, perhaps in my gene hid the strength and knowledge of some column god, after the activation, can the luxuriant elder sister and dubhe obtain the long life span likely like that.” “要不你瞧瞧身上有没有什么隐藏的潜力,说不定我的基因中隐藏了某个柱神的力量与知识,激活后也能像蔚姐、天枢那般获得悠长的寿命。” I carefully observed a moment ago, you are ordinary, is not potential, gives up.” “我刚才仔细观察了,你非常普通,并非潜力者,放弃吧。” Feng Qi:...... 封棋:…… Denied facing adore/admire Yao, in the Feng Qi heart sighed with emotion, knows oneself were difficult to escape eventually dies. 面对慕暚否定,封棋心中感慨,知道自己终究是难逃一死。 He no longer pondered that this issue, decided continues understands many intelligence information to adore/admire Yao. He one collection of issues has not gotten the answer now. 他不再细想这个问题,决定继续向慕暚了解更多的情报信息。他现在还有一堆问题没有得到答案。 adore/admire does Yao, what origin wash the clear that scarlet rune/symbol writing crystal stone is?” “慕暚,沐晴身上的那颗猩红符文晶石是什么来历?” Who bathe is Qing?” adore/admire Yao is stunned. “沐晴是谁?”慕暚愕然。 Still remembers that you once did give the first director of scarlet research institute a scarlet rune/symbol writing crystal stone? In order to find the accommodator of this rune/symbol writing crystal stone, the scarlet research institute conducted the innumerable experiments, established from the scarlet research institute uses for several hundred years to seek until now, but bathe Qing was the only scarlet accommodator, is the owner of present scarlet rune/symbol writing crystal stone.” “还记得你曾经将一颗猩红色的符文晶石交给猩红研究院的第一任院长吗?为了找到这颗符文晶石的适应者,猩红研究院进行了无数次实验,从猩红研究院成立至今用了数百年时间寻找,而沐晴就是唯一的猩红适应者,也是现在猩红符文晶石的拥有者。” Hears these words, adore/admire Yao stands up suddenly, two shine: 听到这番话,慕暚豁然站起身,两眼放光: „Did the scarlet rune/symbol writing crystal stone present the accommodator?” “猩红符文晶石出现适应者了?” Un, had appeared......, therefore, what origin is this rune/symbol writing crystal stone?” “嗯,已经出现了……所以,这颗符文晶石到底是什么来历?” QVQ will continue the two-in-one big chapter tomorrow ~ I really already very diligently in symbol QVQ明天继续二合一大章~我真的已经很努力在码字了
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