IKTT :: Volume #5

#444 Part 1: Life inheritance carrier( 8200 character chapters)

Chapter 444 life inheritance carrier( 8200 character chapters) 第444章生命传承载体(8200字章节) Listens to Feng Qi to tell in a soft voice own experience, expression caring at all of the beginning Mu Yao, gradually becomes earnest, in this period once for a while nod affirmation. 听着封棋轻声讲述自己的经历,慕暚的表情从一开始的满不在乎,逐渐变得认真,期间时不时点头肯定。 The time intravenous drip passes. 时间点滴流逝。 Under the side night environment of northern boundary, cannot distinguish clearly during the daytime and at night, how long also did not know. 北境的极夜环境下,分不清白天与黑夜,也不知过去了多久。 Told, Feng Qi also followed the memory picture to fall into the recollection, got sucked is unable to extricate oneself. 讲述中,封棋也跟随记忆画面陷入回忆,深陷其中无法自拔。 When he told, drop of tears took advantage of opportunity from the corner of the eye fall. 当他讲述完毕,一滴眼泪顺势从眼角滑落。 When he recovers, discovered that Mu Yao has stood in his side, was laughing and playing to rub his head: 等他回过神来,发现慕暚已经站在他的身边,嬉笑着揉了揉他的脑袋: Chess young, good work.” “棋仔,辛苦了。” Puts out a hand to open out the left hand of Mu Yao, Feng Qi that withdraws from the mood sea could not have borne roll the eyes. 伸手拨开慕暚的左手,已经从情绪海洋中脱身的封棋忍不住翻白眼。 This road he himself elects, does not need others' pitying and loving dearly. 这条路他自己选的,并不需要别人的怜悯与心疼。 He opened the mouth to say at this time: 他在这时开口道: Mu Yao, this/should I ask now.” 慕暚,现在该我问了吧。” Mu Yao hears word, makes an effort to nod, after arriving opposite of the table sits down, starts the big mouth feed, later said: 慕暚闻言,用力点头,来到餐桌对面坐下后,开始大口进食,随后说道: Asked that speaks out frankly.” “问吧,知无不言。” What status are you?” “你到底是什么身份?” Your guess is right, I am very similar to the situation of black ink moon/month young fatty, he is clone of black ink moon/month consciousness creation, but I am Sun consciousness clone of creation, we use this way to walk in the world.” “你的猜测是对的,我和墨月小胖子的情况十分相似,他是墨月意识创造的分身,而我是太阳意识创造的分身,我们用这种方式行走于世界。” Listened to the reply of Mu Yao, Feng Qi to fall into silent. 听了慕暚的回答,封棋陷入沉默。 Through the beforehand timeline acquired situation, after he and Lord of Mist analyzes the status origin of black ink, to the Mu Yao origin has roughly guessed the direction, therefore the reply of Mu Yao has not made him be surprised. 通过之前时间线收集到的情况,他与迷雾之主剖析出墨的身份来历后,就对慕暚的来历有了大致猜测方向,所以慕暚的回答并未令他感到意外。 He continues to inquire later: 他随后继续询问道: I never understand a matter, why you must build Tongtian Road, most potential the soldier in human sends to there, does that no doubt to create a path of stop domain world influence invasion, but human nowadays situation is even more bad, particularly after 1500, existence of Tongtian Road has been nonsensical to human, makes these soldiers retreat the world...... for example to establish a human city that would rather is similar to Star City, has the powerhouses on Tongtian Road to guard this city, such human can have more growth spaces, can perhaps grow into is not inferior in one of the super strong clan. Side influence.” “我始终不理解一件事,你为什么要打造通天路,将人类中最有潜力的战士送去那里,这么做固然能够创造出一条阻拦领域世界势力入侵的道路,但人类现如今的局势愈发恶劣,尤其是到了1500年后,通天路的存在对人类而言已经毫无意义可言,倒不如让那些战士退守人类世界……例如建立一座类似于星城的人类城市,有通天路上的强者镇守这座城市,这样人类才能拥有更多的成长空间,或许就能成长为不逊色于超级强族的一方势力。” Facing the inquiry, Mu Yao first was takes up the wine glass on table to drink one, on the face appeared being infatuated look, then explained: 面对询问,慕暚先是拿起桌上的酒杯喝了一口,脸上浮现陶醉神色,然后才解释道: Building Tongtian Road are more to delay by the time of domain world invasion.” “打造通天路更多是为了延缓被领域世界入侵的时间。” Situation arrives at the front, the race influence of domain world wants to continue to live, only then invasion world road may walk, therefore they will choose the invasion world in any event, is unable to contend with the domain world at the strength of world, therefore Tongtian Road can only postpone the speed of invasion, actually cannot prevent the invasion completely.” “大势降临面前,领域世界的种族势力想要继续活着,只有入侵人类世界这一条路可走,所以无论如何他们都会选择入侵人类世界,以人类世界的力量根本无法与领域世界抗衡,所以通天路只能暂缓入侵的速度,却不能完全阻挡入侵。” Why therefore Tongtian Road does exist? The best choice should not reduces the human position, making these exceedingly high soldiers guard the position to strive to develop the time to human?” The Feng Qi brow slightly wrinkle said. “所以通天路为何存在?最好的选择不该是紧缩人类阵地,让这些通天战士镇守阵地给人类争取发展时间吗?”封棋眉头微皱道。 you made a mistake, without Tongtian Road wins the time to human, the human civilization welcomed did not persevere the steady progression years that the position obtained, but will be a hopeless future, could insist for several hundred years, but will perish in the future eventually.” “伱错了,如果没有通天路给人类争取时间,人类文明迎来的不是坚守阵地获得的稳定发展岁月,而是一条没有希望的未来,或许能坚持数百年,但未来终究会灭亡。” How this words saying.” Feng Qi look dignified say/way. “此话怎讲。”封棋神色凝重道。 Example described, the world and domain world look like the neighboring two walls, was dyed the red was dyed the golden color, when belongs the red that wall soon crashes, the red to survive to start to change the position, the choice invasion golden color surface, the red seizes a golden wall every time the region, the above golden color will change into the red, the final result is the golden color vanishes thoroughly, the world becomes the red, is the domain world swallows the world thoroughly, alternative world.” “举例来形容,人类世界与领域世界就像是相邻的两堵墙壁,一面被染成红色一面被染成了金色,当属于红色的那面墙壁快要崩塌的时候,红色为了存活开始转移阵地,选择入侵金色面,红色每占领一块金色墙壁的区域,上面的金色就会化为红色,最终的结局就是金色彻底消失,世界变为红色,也就是领域世界彻底吞噬人类世界,替代人类世界。” Therefore builds Tongtian Road, don't you but who clone as solar consciousness, want to be swallowed by the domain world?” “所以打造通天路,只是身为太阳意识分身的你,不想被领域世界吞噬?” Listened to the reply of Mu Yao, Feng Qi heart to have doubts unties. 听了慕暚的回答,封棋心底的一个疑惑被解开了。 He once knew through the information of silver moon clan, the domain influence choice carries the domain field to arrive at the world to have the advantage, actually is also the riskiest action. 他通过银月族的情报曾得知,领域势力选择携带领域场降临人类世界存在着优势,却也是最为冒险的举动。 The bell had once said to Lin Ran, in Tongtian Road has one group of strength extremely powerful blocking the way, they as if have the ability of induction domain field, the luck good silver moon clan to carry the domain field to pass, but the luck is not good to have the crisis of extermination of the clan. 银铃曾对林染说过,通天路上有着一群实力极为强悍的拦路者,他们似乎有感应领域场的能力,运气好银月族能够携带领域场通过,但运气不好就有灭族的危机。 Does not want to make the clansman adventurous silver moon clan choose reduced the risk, after bell and other vanguard fighters determined can adapt to the circumstances of world, the choice abandons the clan domain field resolutely, arrives directly. 不想让族人冒险的银月族选择了降低风险,在银铃等先锋战士确定能够适应人类世界的环境后,毅然选择抛弃族地领域场,直接降临。 At that time knew when this news, he felt that very had doubts. 当时得知这个消息时,他感到十分疑惑。 Did not understand why carries the domain field with arrive directly, exposes the risk the degree disparity is so huge. 不理解为何携带领域场与直接降临,暴露风险的程度差距如此巨大。 Now listened to the explanation of Mu Yao, doubts in his heart untied. 现在听了慕暚的解释,他心中的疑惑被解开了。 This is obviously related with Mu Yao, carries the domain field to arrive looks like takes the territory that can dye, after entering the world, will swallow the space of world, the expansion and spread along with domain field, will swallow also to enter to continue, to be the world consciousness the injury of Mu Yao to be enormous. 这显然与慕暚有关,携带领域场降临就像是带上了一块能够染色的领土,进入人类世界后将吞噬人类世界的一片空间,伴随着领域场的扩张与蔓延,吞噬还会进持续下去,对身为人类世界意识慕暚的伤害极大。 To prevent this possible occurrence, Mu Yao builds Tongtian Road, takes the lead to aim at these to carry the domain field arriving domain influence. 所以为了阻止这种可能的发生,慕暚打造通天路,率先针对那些携带领域场降临的领域势力。 You thought I am very selfish?” Mu Yao is laughing and playing the inquiry to say. “你是不是觉得我很自私?”慕暚嬉笑着询问道。 Perhaps...... you have reason that must do that?” Feng Qi has not said definitely the words, because has looked at the Mu Yao memory, therefore he knows that Mu Yao always has the charitable disposition about human. “或许……你有必须这么做的理由?”封棋并未将话说死,因为看过慕暚的记忆,所以他知道慕暚对人类始终心存善念。 Un, if my main body falls from the sky, even if the human civilization remains, did not have the development opportunities, will welcome eventually perishes, is impossible to grow to sufficiently with the strength that the domain peak ethnic group contends with.” “嗯,如果我的本体陨落,人类文明即使还存在,却也没有了发展空间,终究会迎来灭亡,根本不可能成长到足以与领域巅峰族群抗衡的实力。” Why?” “为何?” Human is the life that under the solar principle is born, they are most with the rule of domain world can only be compatible, is actually not able to integrate truly......, if the domain world swallows the world thoroughly, even if human also gains a footing in the world, existing all cultivation systems will be overthrown majority, all will fall short diligently, they can only try another method to seek for one type to accommodate in the cultivation method of domain world furthermore, abandons the existing cultivation system.” “人类是太阳法则下诞生的生命,他们与领域世界的规则最多只能是兼容,却无法真正融入……如果领域世界彻底吞噬人类世界,即使人类还占有世界的一席之地,现有的所有修炼体系都将被推翻大部分,所有努力将功亏一篑,他们只能另辟蹊径去寻找一种更兼容于领域世界的修炼法门,抛弃现有的修炼体系。” Hears these words, the Feng Qi mind shock. 听到这番话,封棋心神剧震。 He thinks suddenly an information that initial several timeline, understand. 他忽然想到了最初几条时间线,了解到的一则情报。 At that time when he investigated the dark period that dawn army created, there are such several crucial importance information. 当时他调查黎明军创造的黑暗时期时,有这么几个重要关键信息。 The first critical information: Mu Qing forms dawn army, and betrays human, the choice and human are enemies. 第一个关键信息:沐晴组建起黎明军,并背叛人类,选择与人类为敌。 The second critical information: Mu Qing leads dawn army to launch to massacre city, creates the plunging the people into disaster...... 第二个关键信息:沐晴带领黎明军展开屠城,造成生灵涂炭…… The third critical information, Mu Qing starts vigorously to carry out rune/symbol writing to transform the plan , the project that plans to give up gradually regains this Scarlet Research Institute, in the future in dawn army will be born lots of rune/symbol writing soldier. 第三个关键信息,沐晴开始大力推行符文改造计划,将这个猩红研究院也打算逐步放弃的项目重拾,往后黎明军内诞生了大量符文战士。 ...... …… In light of the Mu Yao explanation, he understands suddenly why Mu Qing will vigorously carry out rune/symbol writing to transform the plan in the future. 结合慕暚刚才的解释,他忽然明白了沐晴为何会在未来大力推行符文改造计划。 Obviously was Mu Qing understood the truth through Mu Yao. 显然是沐晴通过慕暚了解了真相。 Felt since the final home to return to of existing cultivation system is tends does not have, wanting human to go to the rule of compatible domain world, only then the Scarlet Research Institute ultimate project rune/symbol writing transforms plan, transforms to be close to the domain lifeform human the life form. 觉得既然现有修炼体系的最终归宿是趋于无,想要人类去兼容领域世界的规则,只有猩红研究院的终极项目“符文改造计划”,将人类改造成接近领域生物的生命形态。 But Mu Qing is also rune/symbol writing transforms one of the plan experiment bodies. 沐晴也是符文改造计划的实验体之一。 Now wants to come, at that time Mu Qing was looking for a feasible new outlet for human, rather than historical description like that to create more evil soldiers, this carries out rune/symbol writing to transform the plan. 现在想来,当时沐晴是在为人类寻找一条可行的新出路,而不是历史描述的那般,为了创造更多邪恶战士,这才推行符文改造计划。 Recovers, he looks up to the whole face enjoys Mu Yao in feed. 回过神来,他抬头望向满脸享受进食中的慕暚 If the explanation of Mu Yao is the truth, the future of human Sun will be closely linked with the Mu Yao main body obviously. 如果慕暚的解释就是真相,人类的未来显然与慕暚的本体“太阳”息息相关。 Is precisely a Rong Jurong, suffers if either one suffers. 且是一荣俱荣,一损俱损。 It looks like daybreak plays to resist in the pattern, Lord crystal bases of both sides. 就像是破晓游戏对抗模式中,敌我双方的主水晶基地。 This also explained Tongtian Road why so important. 这也就解释了为什么通天路如此重要。 The significance that Tongtian Road has is to resist the speed of domain influence invasion, simultaneously gave opportunity of the development of the human race respite, during this, human can vigorously develop is most suitable own growth path. 通天路存在的意义是抵挡领域势力入侵的速度,同时给了人类发展喘息之机,这期间人类可以大力发展最适合自己的成长道路。 At that time Mu Yao expected the possible worst situation obviously. 那时候慕暚显然预料到了可能发生的最坏情况。 The worst situation in order to deal having, initiated with Mu Qing promoted rune/symbol writing to transform the further development of plan. 为了应对出现的最坏情况,与沐晴发起了推动符文改造计划的进一步发展。 Thinks of here, he looks to continue to inquire to Mu Yao: 想到这里,他望向慕暚继续询问道: I understand significance that Tongtian Road has, what I do not understand, why you do not keep some powerhouses to human, but their altogether sent to Tongtian Road completely, causes rear to fall into enemy hands seriously.” “我明白通天路存在的意义了,但我不理解的是,你为何不留一些强者给人类,而是将他们一股脑的全部送去了通天路,导致后方严重失守。” Hears these words, was in plain rice Mu Yao to be suddenly silent. 听到这番话,正在干饭的慕暚忽然沉默了。 Hesitates for a long time, she is laughing and playing to explain: 沉吟许久,她嬉笑着解释道: Actually I had trained many human powerhouses, for example has certainly Ye Huang in your history textbook, they lead the invasion of human resistance domain influence, after creating nowadays five big cities...... the turbulent period finished, human at the high-speed development phase, is prosperous, can reduce facing the invasion pressure of domain influence, is that side Tongtian Road pressure is on the contrary getting bigger and bigger, therefore they were sent to Tongtian Road by me.” “其实我曾经培养过许多人类强者,例如肯定存在于你们历史课本中的叶皇,正是他们带领人类反抗领域势力的入侵,缔造了现如今的五大城市……动荡时期结束后,人类处在高速发展阶段,一切都是欣欣向荣,面对领域势力的入侵压力得以减少,反倒是通天路那边的压力越来越大,所以他们被我送去了通天路。” At this point, Mu Yao sighed suddenly: 说到这里,慕暚忽然叹气: This is a difficult choice, if keeps in these soldiers the human society, they no doubt can make the person clan be able to develop in a short time calmly and steadily, but is very short this time, without Tongtian Road creates more time, this time effort looked like the illusion, waited for this world to be covered by the domain field, their payouts will turn come to naught, win more time, was in order to create to make one being a worthy opponent domain live the force system of ethnic group in this time sufficiently.” “这是一个两难的选择,如果将这些战士留在人类社会中,他们固然能够让人族短时间内得以安稳发展,但这个时间很短暂,如果没有通天路创造更多时间,这时候的努力就像是镜花水月,等这个世界被领域场覆盖,他们的付出将变成一场空,争取更多的时间,就是为了能够在这个时间内创造出足以让人类匹敌领域生族群的力量体系。” How I also once hesitated should choose, found Ye Huang and the others to conduct the discussion...... the human society is quite at that time calm and steady, no doubt had the pressure facing the external threat, but was insufficient the degree that achieved the civilization to perish, in comparison Tongtian Road followed the domain influence that the invasion came to increase even more difficultly, the space of world was being nibbled massively, if did not add the strength, the footsteps of invasion will further also speed up.” “我也曾犹豫过该如何抉择,也找了叶皇等人进行商议……当时人类社会较为安稳,面对外部威胁固然有压力,但不至于达到文明灭亡的程度,相比之下通天路伴随入侵而来的领域势力增多愈发艰难,人类世界的空间正在被大量蚕食,如果再不增添力量,入侵的脚步还会进一步加快。” Therefore I took away the miracle soldier group by group, they in Tongtian Road for the person clan carrying a heavy load vanguard, strive to develop the time as far as possible.” “于是我带走了一批又一批的奇迹战士,他们在通天路上替人族负重前行,尽量争取发展时间。” Listened to the explanation of Mu Yao, Feng Qi to be lost in thought that later inquired: 听了慕暚的解释,封棋陷入沉思,随后询问道: You should very long not come back the human society, otherwise not possible, whatever five big cities were infiltrated by the domain influence.” “你应该很久没有回来人类社会了吧,否则也不可能任由五大城市被领域势力渗透。” I have left the world to be very long, in this period had not returned, therefore makes these domain ambush influences work.” Saying, Mu Yao cannot bear grin, as if gets more mad, she brandished a fist subconsciously indignantly. “我已经离开人类世界很久了,期间不曾归来,所以让这些领域潜伏势力得逞。”说着,慕暚忍不住龇牙,似乎越想越气,她下意识气愤的挥舞了一下拳头。 The explanation of Mu Yao lets Feng Qi suddenly. 慕暚的解释让封棋恍然。 If Mu Yao, definitely will still discover some clue, not possible, whatever the domain influence infiltrates the human society. 如果慕暚还在,肯定会发现些许端倪,不可能任由领域势力渗透进人类社会。 Also she anything does not know the circumstances of the matter no wonder now. 也难怪她现在什么都不知情了。 „Did these years that you leave where go to?” “你离开的这些年去了哪里?” Went to the void world.” “去了虚空世界。” Void?” “虚空?” This is the first time that not Feng Qi knew void existence. 这并不是封棋第一次知晓虚空的存在。 He once in the future dreamland line, through one illusory transmission a quiet cinema city that went to the quiet cinema city lord to build, that city on float in void. 他曾在一次未来梦境线中,通过一座虚幻的传送阵去往了幽影城主打造的幽影城,那座城市就悬浮于虚空之中。 Narrator to the void explanation is, this is a special space that attaches to the domain world and world, inside environment is quite bad, at all is not the place that the ordinary flesh lifeform can survive. 旁白对虚空的解释是,这是一处依附于领域世界与人类世界的特殊空间,里面的环境极为恶劣,根本不是普通血肉生物能够生存的地方。 But the quiet cinema city can exist in void, space barrier protector that it is fortunate that also the quiet cinema city Lord consumption great quantity resources built. 而幽影城之所以能够存在于虚空之中,也得亏了幽影城主耗费巨量资源打造的空间壁垒保护层。 What in the Feng Qi heart is curious, did these years that Mu Yao vanishes actually make what? 封棋心中好奇的是,慕暚消失的这些年究竟去做了什么? Thinks of here, he inquired immediately: 想到这里,他当即询问道: Mu Yao, why do you go to the void world?” 慕暚,你为什么去虚空世界?” In the void world has broken float islands, there has many things that the life of era leaves behind, is I understood that the world truth the place, was surrounded in that islands finally, until now can extricate.” “虚空世界中有一座残破的悬浮岛屿,那里有上个纪元的生命遗留下来的许多东西,也是我了解世界真相的地方,结果就在那座岛屿被困住了,直到现在才得以解脱。” Previous era?” Feng Qi is stunned: “上个纪元?”封棋愕然: „Do you refer to that era that Pillar God is at?” “你指的是柱神所在的那个纪元?” Mu Yao swallows food of mouth, later nods seriously: 慕暚将嘴里的食物咽下,随后郑重点头: Right, the historical relic that is very likely Pillar God to be at the era of leaves behind, I understood the truth about this world there.” “对,很有可能是柱神所在的纪元留下的历史遗物,我在那里了解到了许多关于这个世界的真相。” „Haven't you contacted Pillar God?” “你没接触过柱神吗?” How I have possibly contacted, that is on an era, even several era ago super powerhouses, I are born in this era, naturally has not contacted Pillar God.” “我怎么可能接触过,那是上个纪元,甚至数个纪元前的超级强者,我诞生于这个纪元,当然不曾接触过柱神。” Hears these words, Feng Qi somewhat was immediately ignorant. 听到这番话,封棋顿时有些懵了。 He wanted to inquire that the information of Mu Yao about Pillar God, has not actually thought that Mu Yao does not understand Pillar God unexpectedly. 他原本想要询问慕暚关于柱神的信息,却没想到慕暚竟然也不了解柱神 „Can you know the miracle goods the origin?” “那你可知道奇迹物品的来历?” The origin of miracle goods, always puzzles one of his doubts. 奇迹物品的来历,是始终困扰他的疑惑之一。 If Mu Yao is unable to him the answer, he really not to know where went to seek for the truth. 如果慕暚无法给他答案,他就真不知道去哪里寻找真相了。 I found some incomplete information fragments in that vestige islands, roughly can piece together some answers, the miracle goods should be the life of Pillar God era leave this era the relic of life.” “我在那座遗迹岛屿上找到了一些残缺的信息片段,大致能够拼凑出一些答案,奇迹物品应该是柱神纪元的生命留给这个纪元的生命的遗物。” Heard Mu Yao to know the information in this aspect, Feng Qi came the spirit immediately, immediately inquired: 听到慕暚知晓这方面的信息,封棋顿时来了精神,当即询问道: Said in detail.” “详细说说。” Mu Yao had not explained this issue, plain rice at the same time is rousing the cheek, said: 慕暚并未解释这个问题,干饭的同时鼓着腮帮子,说道: Actually I and you are the same , had once suspected actually this world is the game is the real world, because the before many hypotheses and human cataclysms of this world, many online games that researches and develops are very similar.” “其实我与你一样,也曾怀疑过这个世界究竟是游戏还是真实的世界,因为这个世界的许多设定与人类灾变前研发的许多网络游戏十分相似。” Most made me feel what was puzzled, actually the domain world and world were how existence, but in online game I found the answer......, if you have played the online game, will discover that the setting and game of domain world and world were very similar.” “其中最令我感到不解的是,领域世界与人类世界究竟是怎样一种存在,但在网络游戏里我找到了答案……如果你玩过网络游戏,会发现领域世界与人类世界的设定与游戏十分相似。” Hesitates the long time, Mu Yao continues saying: 沉吟半晌,慕暚继续道: World looks like the Lord world of player, the domain world looks like the capturing/raiding world of player, can call it the transcription world, therefore there world was divided different microcosms, looks like in the game the different difficulty transcriptions, each transcription also has the different races, after capturing/raiding, can deliver the different resources.” “人类世界就像是玩家的主世界,领域世界就像是玩家的攻略世界,也可以称之为副本世界,所以那里的世界被分割成一个个不同的小世界,就像是游戏里不同难度的副本,每个副本又有不同的种族,攻略后能产出不同的资源。” Hears here, Feng Qi cannot bear knit the brows. 听到这里,封棋忍不住皱眉。 He suspected the authenticity that this world, the reason came from many functions of miracle goods. 他怀疑这个世界的真实性,原因来自于奇迹物品的许多功能。 At this moment listened to Mu Yao saying that he thought suddenly this world was the probability of game was bigger, the domain world really such as Mu Yao said, looked like the transcription world in game. 此刻听慕暚这么说,他忽然觉得这个世界是游戏的概率更大了,领域世界真如慕暚所说,就像是游戏里的副本世界。 What is your answer?” “你的答案是什么?” Does not know, but the black ink moon/month young fatty said that he has studied the regular principle of this world, feels this world big probability real.” “不知道,但墨月小胖子说他研究过这个世界的规则原理,觉得这个世界大概率是真的。” You with black ink moon/month relations very?” Feng Qi is stunned. “你和墨月的关系很好吗?”封棋愕然。 Once related well, I often go to the domain world to have the feast, he also often comes to the world to play......, until he had the bird to occupy the dove nest, wanted the idea that I swallowed.” “曾经关系不错,我时常去领域世界吃大餐,他也时常来人类世界游玩……直到他有了雀占鸠巢,想要将我吞噬的想法。” I discovered that the strength of black ink is not strong, can definitely kill him by your strength?” “我发现墨的实力并不强,以你的实力完全可以将他杀死吧?” I can only kill his consciousness clone, want to kill him thoroughly, only then means that that routs all domain fields in domain world completely, after looking like 1500 that you described, the black ink moon/month dyed the scarlet to be the same the whole world, between he and me, only then a cause of death, that was covered.” “我只能杀死他的意识分身,想要将他彻底杀死只有一个办法,那就是将领域世界的所有领域场全部击溃,就像是你描述的1500年后,墨月将整个世界染成猩红色一样,他与我之间只有一种死法,那就是被覆盖。” Listened to the description of Mu Yao, the Feng Qi innermost feelings had a clearer cognition regarding the world and domain world. 听了慕暚的描述,封棋内心对于人类世界与领域世界有了更清晰的认知。 Mu Yao is the consciousness of Sun clone, the ink is the black ink moon/month consciousness clone. 慕暚是太阳的意识分身,墨是墨月的意识分身。 They respectively on behalf of world and domain world. 他们分别代表人类世界与领域世界。 But in comparison, the role of Mu Yao is obviously bigger than the black ink moon/month. 但相比之下,慕暚的作用显然比墨月更大一些。 Is clone of the world consciousness, Mu Yao represents the entire world, but the black ink moon/month is unable completely on behalf of the domain world, even without the black ink moon/month, in the domain world also had the different microcosms, in each microcosm has own consciousness and rule. 同是世界意识的分身,慕暚代表整个人类世界,但墨月无法完全代表领域世界,即使没了墨月,领域世界内还有不同的小世界,每个小世界内都有属于自己的意识与规则。 But human actually cannot do without Mu Yao. 但人类却不能没有慕暚 If Mu Yao dropped down, is the rule of world the thorough disorder. 如果慕暚倒下了,属于人类世界的规则将会彻底紊乱。 This was also Mu Yao said that if the domain world seized the world thoroughly, then the growth upper limit of human will be suppressed, is unable to open most suitable person clan the reason of growth way. 这也是慕暚说如果领域世界彻底占领人类世界,那么人类的成长上限将被压制,无法开辟最适合人族的成长方式的原因。 Also in the history Mu Qing must transform rune/symbol writing no wonder plans to be set at one of the dawn Jun's main growth routes. 也难怪历史中沐晴要将符文改造计划设定为黎明军的主要成长路线之一。 This path no doubt is not the first choice, actually must have. 这条道路固然不是首选,却必须要有。 If by some chance the Tongtian Road defense line collapses, the domain world occupies the world thoroughly , without human of Sun to seek the outlet difficultly. 万一通天路防线崩溃,领域世界彻底占据人类世界,没有了太阳的人类将难寻出路。 Missing understanding, he cannot bear the secret nod. 思念通达,他忍不住暗暗点头。 At this moment in his heart many doubts had not gotten the answer, he looks to continue to inquire to Mu Yao: 此刻他心中还有诸多疑惑没有得到答案,他望向慕暚继续询问道: Mu Yao, I once have had the contact in timeline and black ink, he said that human is supreme powerhouse sealing vessel, how do these words explain?” 慕暚,我曾在一条时间线与墨有过接触,他说人类是至强者封印器皿,这句话怎么解读?” „, This is I and he once explored the vestige islands the time, through one answer that there residual partial information pieces together.” “哦,这是我与他曾经探索遗迹岛屿的时候,通过那里残留的部分信息拼凑出来的一种答案。”
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