IJWTPGQ :: Volume #13

#1220: Venus dungeon

In the secret room, only has Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng. 密室中,只有周文惠海峰 Where in the five years did you go to?” Hui Haifeng asked Zhou Wen. “这五年你去了哪里?”惠海峰周文 How you know Chess Piece Mountain isn't I?” Zhou Wen somewhat asked with amazement, Hui Haifeng can say accurately for five years, obviously did not blindly guess. “你怎么知道棋子山的不是我?”周文有些惊讶地问道,惠海峰能够准确的说出五年时间,显然并非是瞎猜。 Hui Haifeng flips the supercilious look: Your that morality haven't I known? Even if only watches the picture, I can still see that am not you.” 惠海峰翻了翻白眼:“你那德性我还不知道?就算只看照片,我也能一眼看出那不是你。” Good.” Zhou Wen said reluctantly: I was surrounded by the teacher, with dying almost, for five years came out.” “好吧。”周文无奈地说道:“我被老师困住了,和死了差不多,五年才出来。” Hui Haifeng nods: Probably also guesses, is your boy Human Sovereign? Cut Di Tian, other dimensions will not give up, you did not die, in the five years so will not be calm and steady. However with the personality of teacher, he should not make you die purely for five years, what definitely has to plan right?” 惠海峰点点头:“大概也猜的到,你小子就是人皇吧?斩了帝天,异次元不会善罢甘休,你不死,这五年就不会这么安稳。不过以老师的性格,他应该不会单纯的让你死五年,肯定有什么算计对吧?” Also is, my been stranded place, the thought time passes is very slow, felt that on almost crossed for more than 100 years.” Zhou Wen said. “也算是吧,我被困的地方,思维时间过的很慢,感觉上差不多过了一百多年时间。”周文说道。 Some Hui Haifeng envy said: Teacher is really sorest your last student, five years trade for hundred years, if give me so many time, perhaps I studied Disaster Rank dimensional liquid.” 惠海峰有些嫉妒地说道:“老师果然还是最疼你这个关门弟子,五年换百年,要是给我这么多时间,我说不定连天灾级次元液都研究出来了。” Is only the thought time, the body gearing cannot move, what do you study?” Zhou Wen is somewhat speechless. “只是思维时间,身体连动都不能动,你研究什么啊?”周文有些无语。 Also right.” Hui Haifeng smiles. “也对。”惠海峰嘿嘿一笑。 Short five years, your blending Federation President, sufficed fiercely.” Zhou Wen said. “短短五年,你就混成了联邦总统,够厉害的啊。”周文说道。 Is various coincidences, on the one hand is my research, before was the teacher went to other dimensions, did not give our respective something, these things were very big to my help.” Hui Haifeng paused, continues saying: My this president, is nominal, in fact now the Federation's real power mostly grasps in Guardians Alliance and Six Great Families hand, my president including Holy City unable to control completely.” “算是多方面的巧合吧,一方面是我自己的研究,还有就是老师去异次元之前不是给了我们各自一些东西,那些东西对我的帮助很大。”惠海峰顿了顿,又继续说道:“不过我这个总统,算是有名无实吧,实际上现在联邦的实权大多都掌握在守护者联盟六大家族手中,我这个总统连一个圣城都无法完全掌控。” „Are you also this president?” The Zhou Wen doubts asked. “那你还当这个总统?”周文疑惑地问道。 Why improper, although is nominal, but I have stood after all this position, can go to change something slowly, can find the way to realize own ideal. Like an actor, only then comes to power, can see your performing skill, can infect others. If I stand under the stage, that feared that my performing skill is good, thought again many, is unable to affect to change anybody.” Hui Haifeng said. “为什么不当,尽管有名无实,可我毕竟已经站到了这个位置,可以去慢慢改变一些东西,可以想办法实现自己的理想。就像一个演员,只有上了台,才能够让人看到你的演技,才能够去感染别人。如果我只是站在台下,那怕我的演技再好,想的再多,也无法影响改变任何人。”惠海峰说道。 What do you want?” Zhou Wen looks at Hui Haifeng. “你到底想要什么?”周文看着惠海峰 My wish lets under not have the orphan on this day again.” Hui Haifeng sincere said: Perhaps you find it very ridiculous, I also know, this is almost not the goal that is possible to achieve, but I am want to try.” “我想要让这天下再无孤儿。”惠海峰正色说道:“你也许觉得很可笑,我也知道,这几乎是不可能完成的目标,可我就是想要试一试。” This point is not laughable.” Zhou Wen somewhat changes countenance, although he does not have such mind/bosom, but this does not hinder him to admire such person. “这一点也不可笑。”周文有些动容,虽然他自己没有那样的胸怀,可是这并不妨碍他敬佩这样的人。 Naturally, wants to give a try, what kind of scenery standing in the summit of the world is.” Hui Haifeng smiles, then said. “当然,也想要试试看,站在世界之巅是怎样的风景。”惠海峰嘿嘿一笑,又接着说道。 Hui Haifeng turns hostile such rapidness, making Zhou Wen somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry: Now you have almost achieved, when the feeling of president how?” 惠海峰变脸如此之快,让周文有些哭笑不得:“现在你差不多已经做到了,当总统的感觉怎么样?” „It is not very good, too many have a mind to be incapable.” Hui Haifeng shakes the head, obviously does not want to say too. “很不好,太多的有心无力。”惠海峰摇摇头,显然不想说太多。 Zhou Wen had not asked again, this is not his specialty, is unable to help Hui Haifeng make anything, asked also uselessly. 周文也没有再问,这不是他的专长,无法帮惠海峰做什么,问也没用。 You and Gu Dian (classical) what's the matter?” Zhou Wen then asked. “你和古典是怎么回事?”周文转而问道。 Some fellows, do not hope I and Gu Dian (classical) walk is too near, or does not think I and underground trade market walk is too near, therefore turned into this.” Hui Haifeng said somewhat vague, but Zhou Wen understood. “有些家伙,不希望我和古典走的太近,或者说不想我和地下交易市场走的太近,所以就变成了这样。”惠海峰说的有些隐晦,不过周文还是听懂了。 Two people also chatted something, but has not chatted is too long, Hui Haifeng was too busy, is quick he to leave to handle something. 两人又聊了一些事情,但也没有聊太久,惠海峰实在太忙了,很快他就必须要离开去处理一些事情。 Hui Haifeng makes Zhou Wen remain, when he comes back to have food in the evening together. 惠海峰周文留下来,等他晚上回来一起吃一顿饭。 Zhou Wen returns to Hui Haifeng to the temporary room that he arranges, put out cellphone to look, discovered that Venus dungeon has downloaded unexpectedly successfully, this imagined the time of using to be shorter than him. 周文回到惠海峰给他安排的临时房间,拿出手机看了看,发现金星副本竟然已经下载成功了,这比他想象中用的时间要短很多。 Selected Venus dungeon, quick blood-colored little person appeared in that half-sphere shape metal building peak platform, there should be the metal building entrance, but the entrance has not actually opened. 点开了金星副本,很快血色小人就出现在那个半球形金属建筑的顶端平台上,那里应该就是金属建筑的入口,可是入口却并没有打开。 Zhou Wen knows, like this not being able to open entrance, should need some special method to go. 周文知道,像这种打不开的入口,应该需要某种特殊方法才能够进去。 Uses the Human Sovereign strength, the attempt breaks the entrance forcefully, finally has not actually succeeded, metal building hard is unable to imagine, even the Fear Rank strength is unable its damage. 使用人皇的力量,尝试强行打破入口,结果却并没有成功,金属建筑坚硬的无法想象,连恐惧级的力量都无法将其损伤。 Also tries with eye of Listening Truth and perspective, finally is unable to peep at the situation in metal building. 又用谛听和透视之眼试了试,结果也无法窥视到金属建筑内的情况。 Portrays Clown Mask, Zhou Wen directly uses teleport to go, these to went in time, at present the scene changes, blood-colored little person has placed in half-sphere shape metal building. 刻画出小丑面具,周文直接使用瞬移进去,这一次到是进去了,眼前景象变化,血色小人已经身处于半球形金属建筑之内。 But sees the scene that sees, made Zhou Wen be startled slightly. 可是入目看到的景象,却让周文微微怔了一下。 Under the entrance, is a room of hexagon, in the midpoint of room, is standing erect a 45-meter metal statue. 入口下面,是一个六角形的房间,在房间的正中央,矗立着一座高达45米的金属雕像。 That metal statue is one bright silver, the contour is very strange, probably a human of large size puts on modernized Metal Armor, but is certain, in that does not have human, he is a pure metal statue. 那金属雕像是一种亮银色,外形是很怪异,像是一个大号的人类穿着现代化的金属装甲,不过可以肯定,那里面并没有人类,他就是一个纯粹的金属雕像。 In the middle of his left hand, is also grasping a weapon unexpectedly, how that weapon sees seems like the submachine gun, but looks has compared with the submachine gun the technical feeling, the spear's/gun's body is also the bright silver metal. 在他的左手当中,竟然还握着一把武器,那武器怎么看都像是冲锋枪,但是比冲锋枪看起来更加有科技感,枪身也是亮银金属。 Zhou Wen was planning when that strange metal statue, the eye of metal statue shone suddenly, is glittering the golden halo. 周文正在打算那古怪的金属雕像之时,金属雕像的眼睛突然亮了起来,闪烁着金色的光晕。 Ka clatter! 咔嗒嗒! Then, Zhou Wen sees the rifle in metal statue hand, to the blood-colored little person spraying large flame, large number of metal bullets sprays at the inconceivable speed. 接下来,周文就看到金属雕像手中的大枪,冲着血色小人喷射火舌,大量的金属子弹以不可思议的速度喷射出来。 Zhou Wen is controlling blood-colored little person, direct teleport to the back of metal statue, in hand Asura of Heaven a Shura Blade blade cuts, cleaves in two metal statue directly. 周文操控着血色小人,直接瞬移到金属雕像的背后,手中天之阿修罗所化的修罗刀一刀斩下去,直接把金属雕像劈成了两半。 Cuts to kill mythical creature Metal Guard, discovers dimensional crystal.” “斩杀神话生物金属守卫,发现次元结晶。” strength crystal fell together, has not waited for Zhou Wen to pick, above the six walls of hexagon room, presented a front door respectively, massive metal protections are carrying the spear/gun, like tidal flushed. 一块力量结晶掉落了出来,还没等周文去捡,六角形房间的六面墙壁之上,各自出现了一个大门,大量的金属守护拎着枪,如同潮水般冲了进来。 Simultaneously large number of bullets from spray to come in all directions, the firepower covered the entire room, leeway that has almost not dodged. 同时大量的子弹从四面八方喷射而来,火力覆盖了整个房间,几乎没有躲闪的余地。 Zhou Wen can after all teleport expert, but he has not chosen teleport, body Fear Transformation, whatever the bullet hits on him, actually passes through from his body within the body, as if his body is only the illusory image is common, these bullets cannot injure his slightest. 周文毕竟是能够瞬移强者,不过他并没有选择瞬移,身体恐惧化,任由子弹打在他身上,却从他的身体内穿了过去,仿佛他的身体只是幻影一般,那些子弹伤不到他分毫。 The bullet hits on the wall, hits on Metal Guard, but these bullets quick become the wall on the melting or are the metal protect part of body, cannot harm them. 子弹打在墙上,还有很多打在金属守卫身上,可是那些子弹很快就融化成为了墙壁或者是金属守护身体的一部分,并没有能够伤害到他们自己。 „If not Fear Rank, Mythical Rank human comes, only feared that will be killed instantaneously, this was also only just started, this dungeon a little meaning.” Zhou Wen wants to know now, this dungeon deep place had anything. “如果不是恐惧级,神话级的人类进来,只怕瞬间就会被打死,这还只是刚开始,这副本有点意思。”周文现在更想知道,这副本的深处到底有什么东西了。
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