IJWTPGQ :: Volume #13

#1219: My movement technique is not good

In Liu Yujin escorting , before Zhou Wen arrived at the beforehand mansion again, what previous Hui Wan walks is the side gate, time what this they walk is the main entrance. 刘玉谨的“护送”下,周文再次来到了之前大宅前,只不过上一次惠玩走的是侧门,这一次他们走的是正门。 This is the Hui family private mansion, is not the place of Hui Haifeng work. 这是惠家的私人府邸,并不是惠海峰办公的地方。 However the area is very considerable, after entering the front door, first sees is a big stretch of open area, probably the drill ground is ordinary, many soldier are training. 不过占地面积还是非常可观,进入大门之后,首先看到的就是一大片空地,像是操场一般,正有很多军人正训练。 Zhou Wen looked at these soldier that practices, discovered that they are practicing movement technique, moreover this movement technique looks familiar very much. 周文看了一眼那些正在练习的军人,发现他们正在练习一种身法,而且这种身法很是眼熟。 „Isn't this Hui Haifeng that true two movement technique?” Zhou Wen thought quickly. “这不是惠海峰的那个真二身法吗?”周文很快就想起来了。 Sees Zhou Wen to look that these soldier practice movement technique, Hui Wan quite somewhat proud saying: Zhou Wen, how do you look at movement technique that they practice?” 周文看那些军人练习身法,惠玩颇有些自豪的说道:“周文,你看他们练习的身法怎么样?” Same.” Zhou Wen spoke thoughtlessly to say. “一般般吧。”周文随口说道。 This true two movement technique, the name has half is Zhou Wen gets up, Hui Haifeng also said that this movement technique has half is Zhou Wen’s, he also said that embarrassed this movement technique how is how strong, feels like praising itself. 真二身法,名字有一半是周文起的,惠海峰也说这身法有一半是周文的,他也不好意思说这身法怎么怎么强,感觉上像是在夸自己。 Moreover this movement technique regarding Zhou Wen, truly can only be the same. 而且这身法对于周文来说,确实只能算一般般。 Hui Wan then wants saying that but this movement technique his father creates, but heard Zhou Wen saying that latter half a word ka has not come out in the throat, red that the small face suppressed. 惠玩原本接下来想说,这身法可是他父亲所创,可是听到周文这么说,后半句咔在喉咙里面没有出来,小脸憋的通红。 Some Liu Yujin hears, cold sound said: true two movement technique begins in Hui family, many families by federal four areas was actually used, is army compulsory movement technique, passed through does not know that confirmations of how many soldier and how many fights, was better than Luoyang Setting Sun Army, is studying true two movement technique massively, the mister said that this movement technique was ordinary, better was movement technique, stronger than true two movement technique?” 刘玉谨有些听不下去了,冷声说道:“真二身法始于惠家,却被联邦四区的诸多家族所用,是军队必修的身法,经过了不知道多少军人和多少场战斗的验证,强如洛阳落日军,也在大规模学习真二身法,先生说这身法一般,想必有更好的身法,比真二身法更强了?” Hui Wan also looks at Zhou Wen, although he thinks that Zhou Wen is very strong, but the father similarly is his pride. 惠玩也看着周文,虽然他认为周文很强,可是父亲同样是他的骄傲。 My movement technique is not good.” Zhou Wen does not want to argue with them, without necessity of arguing, this hits the right hand with the left hand is a truth. “我身法不行。”周文不想和他们争辩,也没有争辩的必要,这就和左手打右手是一个道理。 Those who let Zhou Wen unable to think, true two movement technique unexpectedly in the middle of army by widespread utilization. 周文想不到的是,真二身法竟然会在军队当中被广泛的运用。 Has to acknowledge, Hui Haifeng this fellow is really the talent, only he used most energy above the research pitifully, afterward was the president, otherwise by his ability, oneself cultivation base when was also the apex. 不得不承认,惠海峰这家伙还真是天才,只可惜他把大部分精力都用在了研究上面,后来又当了总统,否则以他的才能,自身修为也当属顶尖。 Saw Zhou Wen as if to recognize instigated, Liu Yujin to has not said anything again. 周文似乎认怂了,刘玉谨到是没有再说什么。 Hui Wan somewhat is disappointed, his has mixed feelings, although does not hope that own father reputation is tainted, but also wants Zhou Wen the stronger the better, so long as there are so, he thing that learns from Zhou Wen there, the value will be higher. 惠玩却有些失望,他的心情比较复杂,虽然不希望自己的父亲名誉受损,可是同样希望周文越强越好,只要有如此,他从周文那里学到的东西,价值才会越高。 Zhou Wen acknowledged that own movement technique is not good, Hui Wan will not naturally feel happy. 周文承认自己的身法不行,惠玩自然也不会觉得高兴。 Young master, the Sir comes back immediately, you and Mr. Zhou first wait in the reception room.” Seeing Hui Wan must the Zhou Wen taking away backyard, Liu Yujin speak to prevent. “少爷,大人马上就回来,您和周先生还是先在会客厅内等一等吧。”见惠玩要把周文带去后院,刘玉谨出言阻止。 Hui Wan also knows that this matter must obtain Hui Haifeng to permit, thinks to nod assent, entered the reception room with Zhou Wen, waits for Hui Haifeng to come back. 惠玩也知道这件事也是要得到惠海峰允许的,想了想就点头同意,和周文一起进了会客厅,等待着惠海峰回来。 Does not know that Mr. Zhou excels, on the one hand ability? What can teach the young master?” Liu Yujin told after person to Zhou Wen but actually tea, asks again. “不知道周先生擅长哪一方面的能力?要教少爷什么?”刘玉谨吩咐人给周文倒了茶之后,再次开口询问。 Zhou Wen seriously pondered a moment later, replied: I most am good at maintaining life, but this ability, without the means teaches others, taught unable to learn, therefore I only planned to teach Hui Wan origin qi art.” 周文认真地思考了片刻之后,回答道:“我最擅长保命,不过这一项能力,没办法教给别人,教了也学不会,所以我只打算教惠玩元气诀。” Maintains life?” Liu Yujin is startled slightly, hears Zhou Wen to teach Hui Wan origin qi art unexpectedly, cannot help but the complexion changes, said with a straight face: origin qi art is all bases, how could also to practice casually, even if Six Great Families origin qi art, but must select over and over, looked whether suits the young master to cultivate, your origin qi art, compared with Six Great Families origin qi art?” “保命?”刘玉谨微微一怔,听到周文竟然要教惠玩元气诀,不由得脸色微变,正容道:“元气诀是一切的根本,又岂能随便练习,纵然是六大家族元气诀,还要再三甄选,看是否适合少爷修炼,您的元气诀,比六大家族元气诀更好吗?” Cannot say, the origin qi art quality, primarily depends on cultivator talent and ability.” Zhou Wen said. “更好说不上,元气诀的好坏,主要还是取决于修行者本身的天赋和能力。”周文说道。 Liu Yujin more looks at a Zhou Wen more swindler, in the heart cannot help but sneers likely. 刘玉谨越看周文越像个骗子,心中不由得冷笑。 Liu Yujin also wants to say anything, actually sees some people to come from outside, impressively is Hui Haifeng of formal dress. 刘玉谨还想说什么,却见有人从外面进来,赫然就是一身正装的惠海峰 Sir, this......” Liu Yujin just wants to remind Hui Haifeng, Zhou Wen this person has the issue very much. “大人,这位……”刘玉谨刚想提醒惠海峰,周文这个人很有问题。 But who knows that Hui Haifeng sees Zhou Wen, hammered a fist on the past on his chest directly: Comes Holy City not to inform one ahead of time, but also Little Wan turning, your what meaning? Is jealous me to have the son you not to have? Envied the envy to hate you saying that I made Little Wan give you to become the adopted son, so as to avoid you eyes were red.” 可是谁知道惠海峰见到周文,直接就过去在他胸膛上锤了一拳:“来圣城也不提前通知一声,还把小玩给拐走,你什么意思嘛?妒忌我有儿子你没有是不是?羡慕妒忌恨你就说啊,我让小玩给你当干儿子,免得你眼红。” You are remain, like this little ancestor, I may.” Zhou Wen said with a smile. “你还是自己留着吧,这样的小祖宗,我可要不起。”周文笑道。 Sir......” Liu Yujin somewhat surprised, looks at the Hui Haifeng appearance, as if had recognized this is real Zhou Wen. “大人……”刘玉谨有些意外,看惠海峰的模样,似乎已经认定了这是真的周文 Hui Haifeng has not waited for Liu Yujin saying that direct introduced: Yujin, this is my little junior brother Zhou Wen, manages a document to him, making him be able to pass in and out freely, so as to avoid later troubles.” 惠海峰没等刘玉谨说完,就直接介绍道:“玉谨,这就是我的小学弟周文,给他办个证件,让他能够自由进出,免得以后麻烦。” Then, Hui Haifeng also said to Zhou Wen: Zhou Wen, I, no matter you want, in any case Little Wan is your biological nephew, it's up to you, teaches anything casually. Let me think, you first teach movement technique......” 说罢,惠海峰又对周文说道:“周文,我不管你要不要,反正小玩是你亲侄子,你看着办吧,随便教点什么。让我想想,你就先教身法吧……” Father......” the Hui Wan look is strange, wants to say anything. “老爸……”惠玩神色古怪,想说什么。 Little Wan, but also is gawking doing, has not given you Uncle Zhou to pay new year's call, the red package must have.” Hui Haifeng said with a smile. 小玩,还楞着干什么,还不给你周叔叔拜年,红包肯定少不了。”惠海峰笑着说道。 „Are you concerned about face, now in year? Pays new year's call, you this year also too early.” Zhou Wen does not know whether to laugh or cry. “你要不要脸啊,现在才年中好吗?拜年,你这年也太早了吧。”周文哭笑不得。 I, no matter, you must teach in any case, my such son, it's up to you.” Hui Haifeng negligent sits to pour tea to oneself drinks, basic, no matter Zhou Wen, I am a rascal, I have son my honorable appearance. “我不管,反正你得教,我就这么一个儿子,你看着办。”惠海峰大咧咧的坐下来倒茶给自己喝,根本不管周文,一副我就是无赖,我有儿子我光荣的模样。 Father...... he said that his movement technique not good......” Hui Wan to find the opportunity, said one low voice. “老爸……他说他身法不好……”惠玩找到机会,小声说了一句。 Hui Haifeng listened almost all not to spurt water that just drank: His isn't movement technique good? If he movement technique is not good, on this Earth also has the movement technique good person? true two movement technique this name has half is he gets up, I can create this movement technique, the part is imitating him, you said that his movement technique isn't good?” 惠海峰听了差点没把刚喝下去的一口水全喷出来:“他身法不好?他要是身法不好,这地球上还有身法好的人吗?真二身法这名字有一半是他起的,我能创出这身法,有一部分就在模仿他,你说他身法不好?” Nearby Liu Yujin person listened stupidly, true two movement technique that Hui Haifeng created, spread over various federal greater military areas, even some Outer Sea many people in study, unexpectedly were imitation Zhou Wen. 一旁的刘玉谨人都听傻了,惠海峰所创的真二身法,传遍联邦各大军区,连海外都有很多人在学,竟然是模仿的周文 Was not I said that was he says.” Hui Wan beckons with the hand again and again, points at Zhou Wen to say. “不是我说的,是他自己说的。”惠玩连连摆手,指着周文说道。 You deceive the child, interesting? It is not good, my son's immature mind came under the serious attack, later the life cast the indelible shadow, you must compensate......” Hui Haifeng one to the appearance that the Zhou Wen last coin gives to blackmail. “你骗小孩子,有意思吗?不行,我儿子幼小的心灵受到了沉重的打击,以后人生都留下了难以磨灭的阴影,你得赔……”惠海峰一副要把周文最后一个硬币都给敲诈出来的模样。 origin qi art has taught your son, sufficed to compensate?” Zhou Wen the face was saying painstakingly. 元气诀已经教给你儿子了,够赔了吧?”周文苦着脸说道。 This also almost.” Hui Haifeng presses the head of Hui Wan to ask: origin qi art that your Uncle Zhou teaches, practices well, later did not need to practice other origin qi art again.” “这还差不多。”惠海峰按着惠玩的脑袋问道:“你周叔叔教的元气诀,好好练,以后不用再练其它的元气诀了。” Sir, we spent so many painstaking care origin qi art and manufacture that exclusive mythical liquid before from God family attains......” Liu Yujin remind Hui Haifeng hastily. “大人,我们之前花费了那么多的心血从神之家族拿到的元气诀和制造的专属神话液……”刘玉谨连忙提醒惠海峰 Has my little junior brother origin qi art, wants these tattered gadget to do?” The Hui Haifeng words made Liu Yujin open the mouth. “有我小学弟元气诀,要那些破烂玩意儿干什么?”惠海峰的话让刘玉谨张大了嘴巴。 Before Hui Haifeng did not say, tattered gadget in his mouth, but paid the huge price, top origin qi art that came back from Lane God family. 以前惠海峰可不是这么说的,他口中的破烂玩意儿,可是付出了巨大代价,才从神之家族回来的顶级元气诀 Moreover in order to makes Hui Wan cultivation, but also made specially can give Hui Wan special physique exclusive mythical liquid, the price is unable to imagine high. 而且为了能够让惠玩修炼,还专门制造了能够赋予惠玩特殊体质的专属神话液,代价之高无法想象。 Now Zhou Wen teaches what origin qi art not to know, was talked into by Hui Haifeng directly tattered, this change was also too rapid. 现在连周文传授了什么元气诀都不知道,就直接被惠海峰说成了破烂,这变化也太快了。 I said little junior brother, only teaches origin qi art to be inadequate, your movement technique must teach, my such son, your such biological nephew, must make him preserve the life......” Hui Haifeng to continue to squeeze Zhou Wen. “我说小学弟,只教元气诀不成啊,你的身法得教一教,我就这么一个儿子,你就这么一个亲侄子,得让他保住命啊……”惠海峰继续压榨周文
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