IHEP :: Volume #19

#1882: Ghosts and demons!

What situation? 啥情况? Lay in Chen Shanshan that gold/metal conducts the back solid reliably fiercely one startled, the whole body muscle tightened subconsciously. 原本趴在森金坚实可靠背上的陈姗姗猛地一惊,浑身肌肉下意识的绷紧了起来。 Do not be anxious, do not reveal any unusual, cannot pay attention by him!” Yang Rui that familiar sound reminder said. “不要紧张,不要露出任何反常,千万不能被他注意到!”杨瑞那熟悉的声音提醒道。 Chen Shanshan bites the lip: Eldest child, you said simply, do you do frightened call me should not be anxious? Do you play me? What exactly had?” 陈姗姗咬了咬嘴唇:“老大,你说得简单呀,你搞得那么惊悚叫我不要紧张?你玩我呢?到底发生了啥?” That side silent several seconds, said again: I saw King's body in a place......” 那边沉默了几秒,再次道:“我在一个地方看到了森金的尸体......” Corpse?” “尸体?” The Chen Shanshan expression stretches, hasn't she misunderstood? Is corpse phrase? What that now at the back of her is? 陈姗姗表情一绷,她没听错吧?是尸体这个字眼吗?那现在背着她的是什么? Really...... is the corpse?” Chen Shanshan asked cautiously, suddenly thought that was gloomy at the back of own frank guy, before that reliable feeling was gone forever instantaneously...... „I am not very definite......” that side Yang Rui is low and deep: That feeling took root like gold/metal there, turned into fostering talent, the whole body leather bag threw over on the tree, becomes part of tree, the flesh was as if filled by the tree trunk by the suck dry completely, I thought that should be an extremely painful process, because my whole life has not seen the expression that has that twisted painfully, in the malicious ghost compared with movie also wanted the malicious ghost!” “真的......是尸体吗?”陈姗姗小心翼翼问道,突然觉得背着自己的这个爽朗大汉阴森无比,之前那种可靠的感觉瞬间一去不复返......“我也不是很确定......”那边杨瑞低沉道:“那感觉就像森金扎根在了那里,变成了树人,浑身皮囊被披在了树上,成为了树的一部分,血肉似乎完全被吸干然后被树干本身填充,我觉得应该是一个极为痛苦的过程,因为我这辈子没见过那么痛苦扭曲的表情,比电影里的恶鬼还要恶鬼!” I said that uncle...... this situation, should you trade the temperate point description slightly? Your intentional?” “我说大叔......这种情况,你是不是应该稍微换点温和点的描述?你故意的吧?” The tone difference that Chen Shanshan passes message has not only brought the weeping voice. 陈姗姗传音的语气只差没带着哭腔了。 I said, is hopes you lose heart some ....... that side Yang Rui to say in a low voice: I do not know that you as if a little are why intimate that fellow, about one knew that several hours of person as if there is trust very much, under must result in a material, so as to avoid you have not known......” “我这么说,是希望你死心一些.......”那边杨瑞低声道:“我不知道为什么你似乎有点亲近那家伙,对一个才认识几个小时的人似乎很有信任,必须得下点猛料,免得你还不自知......” Chen Shanshan: ........ 陈姗姗:“........” Yes, knew how many hour of people, oneself why will that trust him? Now remembers, is somewhat strange...... 是啊,一个才认识几小时的人,自己为什么会对他那么信任?现在想起,是有些古怪呀...... How should I do?” “我该怎么做?” Finds the way to make him put down you, will find the opportunity to jump in the future!” “想办法让他放下你,找机会往后跳!” This saying makes Chen Shanshan be startled fiercely: How you know that I do conduct the back in him?” 这话让陈姗姗猛地一怔:“你怎么知道我在他背上?” Because I behind not the far place ..... do not turn head in you, keeps calm, should not be discovered by him!” “因为我在你身后不远的地方.....不要回头,保持冷静,千万不要被他发现!” Conditioned reflex Chen Shanshan hears word was almost suppressing own seeking livehood desire immediately forcefully, deeply after inspiring, forces itself to calm down as far as possible! 正差点条件反射回头的陈姗姗闻言顿时强行压制了自己的求生欲,深吸一口气后强迫自己尽量冷静下来! You behind me?” “你在我后面?” Un, approximately possibly the distances of ten meter/rice, owed this mist to shield certain sound, I have not been detected now!” “恩,大约可能十来米的距离,也亏了这雾气能屏蔽一定的声音,我现在都没被发觉!” We what to do?” Chen Shanshan suppresses the heartbeat to ask. “那我们怎么办?”陈姗姗压住心跳问道。 You find the way to leave him, unexpected runs in my direction, so long as can run ten meters distance, we then had the opportunity to escape!” “你想办法离开他,出其不意的往我这方向跑,只要能跑出十米的距离,我们便有机会逃掉了!” Why said?” Chen Shanshan cannot bear ask: What thing this fellow does not know, you determined can throw off him?” “为什么这么说?”陈姗姗忍不住问道:“这家伙是什么东西都不知道,你确定能甩掉他?” Big probability energy!” Yang Rui said in a low voice: This place had supposed probably some positive results, is a channel of similar spatial warping, you seem like that is walking the straight line, but actually many places have similar root hair same branch channel, enters a branch, will immediately enter another space channel, before I, threw off a very terrifying thing by luck in this manner.” “大概率能!”杨瑞低声道:“这地方大概已经估摸到一些名堂了,是一个类似空间扭曲的通道,你看似在走直线,但其实很多地方都有类似根须一样的分支通道,进入一个分支,立刻就会进入另外一个空间通道,之前我侥幸用这种方式,甩掉了一个很恐怖的东西。” Terrifying thing? Is what?” “恐怖的东西?是什么?” You do not want to know......” “你不会想知道的......” Chen Shanshan: ......... Must make the best use of the time, because he will then lead into some branch channel you probably, I do not dare to depend too near, if lost your field of vision, I could not help you small girl!” 陈姗姗:“.........”“得抓紧时间了,因为保不齐他便会将你带入某个分支通道,我不敢靠太近,如果丢失了你们的视野,那我就帮不到你了小丫头!” I know ....... Chen Shanshan inspires, the tone maintains gentle opening the mouth of as far as possible: Senior?” “我知道了.......”陈姗姗吸了口气,语气尽量保持平和的开了口:“前辈?” Un? What's wrong?” gold/metal as before is that negligent tone, but makes the Chen Shanshan heart send at this time coolly. “恩?咋了?”森金依旧是那副大咧咧的口气,但此时却让陈姗姗心头更加发凉。 What person can a straightforward big Han clothing resembles so? Under that leather bag can be a terrifying face? 一个什么样的人才能把一个耿直大汉装得这般的像?那皮囊下会是怎么一副恐怖的面孔? more thinks, the Chen Shanshan heart ice is colder. 越这么想,陈姗姗越心头冰寒。 „Has senior, our walked?” A Chen Shanshan puzzled language gas channel/angrily said: Although your physical strength is abundant, I am not heavy, but has only walked many are is also consuming......” “前辈,我们就这样一直走吗?”陈姗姗一副不解的语气道:“虽然您体力充沛,我也不重,可一直这样走也多少是在消耗呀......” You actually very heavy......” “你其实挺重的......” Chen Shanshan: ......... 陈姗姗:“.........” That, how said that......” gold/metal buckles the head saying: I don't know either, this Sir also the first time was encountered this situation, collapsing does not have the clue suddenly, can only walk look, waited for the opposite party actively......” “那个嘛,怎么说呢......”森金扣着脑袋道:“我也不知道,本大人也是第一次遇到这种情况,破局是一时间没头绪了,只能走了看看,等待对方主动了......” This?” Chen Shanshan inspires saying: Sir puts me to get down......” “这样呀?”陈姗姗吸了口气道:“大人放我下来吧......” Un?” gold/metal body, turning head of doubts: Does? Is muscle too hard diaphragm that conducts the back to you?” “恩?”森金身体一顿,疑惑的回头:“干嘛?是背上的肌肉太硬膈到你了吗?” Chen Shanshan pulled the corners of the mouth, immediately said: Is this, I felt that periphery has what element to fluctuate probably, is thinking is only walking with it aimless, might as well survey look.” 陈姗姗扯了扯嘴角,随即道:“是这样,我感觉周围好像有什么元素波动,想着与其这样漫无目的走着,不如探测了看看。” Surveys here with the psychic force?” gold/metal looks spookily to the opposite party: Very dangerous!” “用精神力探测这里?”森金幽幽的看向对方:“很危险的哟!” Must try ....... the Chen Shanshan forced smile to say. “总得试一试呀.......”陈姗姗苦笑道。 Good......” gold/metal put Chen Shanshan immediately. “好吧......”森金顿时将陈姗姗放了下来。 ......” Chen Shanshan long to aspirate, immediately closed the eyes, entered contemplated the condition, peripheral resounded an element resonance immediately buzz the sound of cry. “呼......”陈姗姗长长吐了口气,随即闭上了双眼,进入了冥想状态,周边顿时响起一阵元素共鸣的嗡鸣之声。 Well?” gold/metal gawked: Little fellow, your element induction force is very good!” “咦?”森金愣了一下:“小家伙,你这元素感应力很不错呀!” When said anything again, Chen Shanshan opens eyes to point at the left front position suddenly fiercely: Sir, there should have anything!” 正待再说点什么,陈姗姗突然猛地睁眼指着左前方位置:“大人,那里应该有什么东西!” „?” gold/metal hears word looked, immediately toward extends the hand behind: Holds me, we had a look together in the past......” “哦?”森金闻言看了过去,随即将手往身后伸了伸:“抓住我,我们一起过去看看......” But this saying did not have the response, gold/metal week knitting the brows, then looked, actually discovered Chen Shanshan has changed into a fuzzy shadow to run 45 meters away! 可这话却没有了回应,森金周了皱眉,回头一看,却发现陈姗姗早就化为一个模糊的影子跑出去了四五米远! But about ten meters, obviously also has another shadow to put out a hand to Chen Shanshan! 而在十米开外,明显还有另外一个影子对着陈姗姗伸出了手! „...... This troubled......” gold/metal pupil cold light to flash, started the strength to pursue instantaneously, finally just a start, a huge wind power raided, blew to fly gold/metal directly! “啧......这就麻烦了呀......”森金瞳孔冷光一闪,瞬间启动力量追了过去,结果刚一启动,一股巨大的风力袭来,直接将森金吹飞了出去! But Chen Shanshan is plunges the Yang Rui shadow that does not return. 陈姗姗则是头也不回的扑向杨瑞的影子。 Walks!!” “走!!” Really, such as Yang Rui said that after ten meters position, he, oneself has just approached, then held own hand leads fast toward another side to run! 果然,如杨瑞所言,在后十米位置,他一直都在,自己刚一靠近,便抓住自己的手带着自己飞快的朝着另外一边跑去! Chen Shanshan then looked at one, was blown gold/metal who flies to pursue instantaneously, the huge shadow like a cat, the movement of moving is keen, like a tall and strong type soldier, does not look at Chen Shanshan scalp tingles instantaneously! 陈姗姗回头看了一眼,那被吹飞的森金瞬间追了过来,庞大的影子像一只猫一样,跑动的动作灵敏无比,一点也不像一个魁梧类型的战士,瞬间看得陈姗姗头皮发麻! Really ..... Yang Rui said right, gold/metal, has the issue! 果然.....杨瑞说得没错,森金,是有问题的! Slowly, you where?” “姗姗,你在哪儿?” Chen Shanshan stares, this sound...... clearly is the Yang Rui sound! 陈姗姗一愣,这声音......分明是杨瑞的声音! Can hear? You now where? Here has very dangerous thing, we must hurry to converge are! Let me tell you, our senior officials definitely have the issue, you now and he in the same place?” “听得到吗?你现在在哪儿?这边有很危险的东西,咱们得赶紧汇合才是!我跟你说,咱们那个长官肯定有问题的,你现在和他在一起吗?” Chen Shanshan: ........ 陈姗姗:“........” What situation? Did the space and time overlap? 什么情况?时空重叠了吗? What is hurries to converge? Haven't we converged? 什么叫赶紧汇合?我们不是已经汇合了吗? Inexplicable, Chen Shanshan looks up, at this time discovered, Yang Rui grabs her hand obviously, but cannot see clearly the appearance of opposite party, can see clearly only, grabs own hand! 莫名的,陈姗姗抬头看去,这时候才发现,明明杨瑞已经抓住了她的手,可自己还是看不清对方的样子,唯一能看清楚的,就是抓住自己的手! This where is the hand of Yang Rui!! 这哪里是杨瑞的手!! After seeing clearly that hand, the Chen Shanshan whole body goosebumps stands, jet black pale, nail slender just like the wild animal to be the same, like movie in the hands of these zombies! 看清楚那只手后,陈姗姗浑身鸡皮疙瘩立起,漆黑苍白、指甲修长的犹如野兽一样,像极了电影里那些僵尸的手一样! Ended!! 完了!! At this moment, Chen Shanshan whole body icy cold to pinnacle! 这一刻,陈姗姗浑身冰凉到了极致!
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