IHEP :: Volume #19

#1881: ancient god

Encounters the difficult position the rookie player who naturally incessantly Chen Shanshan and Yang Rui this type harnesses initially, these devil soldiers also started to disperse because of the mist of this blocking line of sight in fact. 遇到困境的自然不止陈姗姗杨瑞这种初来驾到的新人选手,事实上那些恶魔士兵也因为这层遮挡视线的薄雾而开始分散了起来。 In the bone of abyss devil too does not trust others, therefore first chooses the approach that travels to avoid like the flatter spirit is the wisest choice, several soldiers of recruitment avoided the teammate slowly subconsciously, after all no one can determine, now and close that form, is what ghost thing 深渊恶魔的骨子里都是不太信任他人的,所以像阿灵那样第一时间选择跑路避开的做法是最为明智的选择,姗姗招聘的几个士兵都下意识的避开了队友,毕竟谁也不敢确定,现在和自己近在咫尺的那个身影,到底是个什么鬼东西 However must say that flurried but actually not flurried, abyss surrounding many places compared with this danger many, can survive to grow up there, what world has not seen. 不过要说慌乱倒也没慌乱,深渊外围很多地方比这危险得多,能在那里生存长大,什么世面没见过。 Mostly the soldier seems quite calm, but pulling weapon protection with total concentration silently, the breath adjustment and pressure control very well, even you cannot see a flurry from their faces. 大多战士显得相当冷静,只是默默的拔出武器聚精会神的防备,呼吸调整和精神压力都控制得很好,甚至你都不能从它们脸上看到一丝的慌乱。 If Chen Shanshan sees the movements of own these soldiers, certainly ashamed incomparable, because she displays to say now quite bad! 倘若陈姗姗看到自己那些士兵的动作,一定会羞愧无比,因为她现在表现可以说相当糟糕! Is stranded in this dim mist, could not see that the direction, could not see periphery, can only see the road of under foot, has always thought that periphery will have any unknown thing to stare at her, before mind, has watched the horror movie reappears fast, because of the spiritual department player brain handling capacity of ultra-fast, these horror film repertoires is the highly efficiency broadcasts in the brain, the flash body terrifying cell gave to draw fully! 困在这片朦胧的雾气里,看不到方向、看不到周围、只能看到脚下的路,总一直觉得周围会有什么未知的东西盯着她,脑海里以前看过的恐怖电影快速重现,因为精神系玩家超快的大脑处理能力,那些恐怖片套路更是高效率在脑中播放,一瞬间身体恐怖细胞都给拉满了! Receives the axe to start from gold/metal, felt slowly oneself feel weak more and more, has not known how long, she could not bear finally, stops in same place, sat, breathing heavily in gulps. 从森金接到斧头开始,姗姗就觉得自己越来越乏力,也不知过了多久,她终于忍不住,停在了原地,坐了下来,大口大口的喘着粗气。 How long did senior we walk?” “前辈我们走了多久?” Un this gold/metal feels the chin, grins to say with a smile: Probably seven minutes/shares about 30 seconds?” “嗯这个嘛”森金摸着下巴,咧嘴笑道:“大概七分三十秒左右?” Chen Shanshan: „” 陈姗姗:“” In the past such short time? Why felt like a century? 才过去这么短时间吗?为什么感觉像走了一个世纪一样? But why “可为什么” But is the physical exertion so why quick?” gold/metal followed the Chen Shanshan words to say with a smile: You think right?” “可为什么体力消耗这么快?”森金接过了陈姗姗的话笑道:“你是这么想的对吧?” Chen Shanshan nods hastily. 陈姗姗连忙点头。 Naturally is because you want is too many reluctantly gold/metal visits her: Rookie will make this mistake, particularly the life body of spiritual department , like thinking it is also consumes the psychic force one way, because you in short supply brain various full speed opening imagination, just like CPU of many machinery, the revolution overloaded, naturally will consume oversized, the spiritual consumption is oversized, not only the spirit is weak, the body will also be at lacks the sugar condition, like you now “当然是因为你想太多呀”森金无奈的看着她:“新人很多都会犯这种错误,尤其是精神系的生命体,要知道,像想它也是消耗精神力的一种方式,你因为紧张大脑里全速开启各种想象,和很多机械的CPU一样,运转过载了,当然就会消耗过大呀,精神消耗过大不光精神虚弱,身体也会处于缺糖状态,就像你现在这样了” Chen Shanshan looks at the opposite party, some have not thought, the explanation theory of this mechanical bond lifeform, says from this fellow mouth at present, because this fellow, regardless of dresses up the character of usually displaying, like game in the orc dragon embroidered costume of that type of only holding joint exercises axe proceed boldly 陈姗姗愣愣的看着对方,有些没想到,这种机械结合生物的讲解理论,会从眼前这家伙嘴中说出来,因为这家伙无论打扮还是平时表现的性格,都像极了游戏里那种只会操斧头硬干的兽人龙套 Like this, close your eyes, the deep breath tries to have a look to close these imagination “这样,闭上眼,深呼吸试着看看关闭那些想象” Chen Shanshan nods, closed the eye, but almost the next second opened the eyes fiercely, a face is panic-stricken, the complexion seems paler. 陈姗姗点点头,闭上了眼睛,但几乎下一秒就猛地睁开了双眼,一脸惊恐,脸色显得更加苍白。 It seems like failure dense/woods gold point nod: Also normal, imagines this type of thing, more is more is hard to stop under certain circumstances artificially!” “看来失败了呢”森金点了点头:“不过也正常,想象这种东西,越是在某些情况下越是难以人为制止!” This theory is actually very simple, the person in many situations, the imagination controls, for example looked at a terrifying before sleeping, after turning off a light, in the brain will be uncontrolled remembers some bewildered things, more wants to control itself not to let one's thoughts wander, more will unable to bear so goes to think, causes not to dare to turn off a light even loses sleep. 这理论其实很简单,人在很多情况下,想象是不由控制的,比如在睡觉前看了一部恐怖,关灯后脑子里会不受控制想起些莫名其妙的东西,越是想控制自己不去乱想,越是会忍不住这般去想,导致不敢关灯甚至失眠。 The Chen Shanshan situation is so, as the spiritual department player, is unable to control in the situation that oneself look like thinks, the consumption is very quick. 陈姗姗的情况就是如此,作为精神系玩家,在无法控制自己像想的情况下,消耗是非常快的。 Really is troublesome, come gold/metal squatted down the body, the solid back reveal will give the opposite party, making Chen Shanshan stare immediately. “真是麻烦呢,来吧”森金蹲下了身子,将坚实的后背露给了对方,让陈姗姗顿时一愣。 Almost the attention was shifted all of a sudden 几乎一下子注意力就被转移了过来 What sends to stare?” gold/metal knits the brows: Comes up!” “发什么愣呢?”森金皱眉道:“上来呀!” „” Chen Shanshan complexion red nod, depended slowly. “哦”陈姗姗脸色通红的点了点头,缓缓的靠了上去。 Somewhat troubled the senior official embarrassed “不好意思有些麻烦长官了” What means does that have?” gold/metal sighed: Who lets meet your such later generation?” “那有什么办法呢?”森金叹气道:“谁让遇到你这样的后辈?” Chen Shanshan lay in the opposite party conducts the back, shrank the head, does not know that was because ashamed or because of other anything, becoming flushed on face had not vanished. 陈姗姗趴在对方背上,缩了缩脑袋,也不知是因为羞愧还是因为别的什么,脸上的涨红一直没消失。 Is trying the centralized attention, looks that” periphery gold/metal prompts saying: Particularly ancient god type of thing may compared with the evil god danger, ancient God who this type just regained consciousness, must be especially careful “试着集中注意力,看着周围”森金提示道:“古神这种东西可比邪神危险,尤其是这种刚苏醒的古神,得格外小心” Ancient god compared with evil god danger?” After shifting the topic, the Chen Shanshan tone restores normal, curious asking slightly: „Isn't evil god the intruder who the foreign country comes? How to have this conclusion?” “古神比邪神危险?”转移话题后,陈姗姗语气稍稍恢复正常,好奇的问道:“邪神不是外域来的入侵者吗?怎么会有这种结论?” In her, to protecting ancient God of this world, some those favorable impressions, this stems from the fairytale of central China, to the description of Spiritual God, as if compared with existence of goodwill. 在她心里,对守护本世界的古神,是有那么些好感的,这源于华中的神话故事,对神灵的描述,似乎都是比亲善的存在。 Intruder gold/metal smiles: We are also the intruder, you thought that we to these indigenous, is the danger?” “入侵者”森金笑了笑:“我们也是入侵者呀,你觉得我们对那些土著来说,算不算危险?” This different?” Chen Shanshan said immediately. “这不一样吧?”陈姗姗顿时愣道。 Naturally is the same!” gold/metal said with a smile: We need indigenous, needs the population, in our eyes, indigenous on these stars are the rare labor forces, is the producer, valuable, if is not at heart abnormal, the big probability will not slaughter inexplicably, but the ancient god is different, they defend the consciousness mentality of native world, when necessary, they can be fiercest are the killing machines, treating us with treating one of us is the same cruelty “当然一样!”森金笑道:“我们需要土著,需要人口,在我们眼里,这些星球上的土著是难得的劳动力,是生产者,是有价值的,若非心里变态,大概率是不会莫名屠杀,但古神不一样,它们是维护本土世界的意识心态,必要的时候,它们会是最厉害是杀人机器,对待我们和对待自家人都是一样的残忍” Wenxianli with god of Euler this life, many ancients is respectable to this Spiritual God, described the benevolent god of protection life and respect life it, like a mother role, but in fact was not such, according to us investigated, the method of this Euler's to the follower and people, might be called cruel.” “就拿这个生命之神欧拉来说吧文献里,很多古人对这个神灵推崇备至,将它描绘成了守护生命、敬重生命的仁慈之神,如同一个母亲般的角色,而事实上并非如此,根据我们调查,这个欧拉对信徒和子民的手段,堪称残忍至极。” This Spiritual God once the biggest altar was located in the forest of this mainland, there we used the magnetic field method to discover was suffered insanely the energetic body, these ancient God offered sacrifices the follower with very cruel method, making their pain twist dead, then also detained the soul with the method of principle class forcefully, suffered with a more fearful energetic method, extruded more spiritual energies through the painful way, over 800 million indigenous died in that forest, seriously was the hell of corpse mountain blood sea “这个神灵曾经最大的祭坛位于这个大陆的艾露恩森林,那里我们用磁场手段发现了很多被折磨疯了的精神体,这些古神用很残忍的手段献祭了信徒,让它们痛苦扭曲而死,而后还用法则类的方法强行留住了灵魂,用更为可怕的精神手段进行折磨,通过痛苦的方式挤压出更多精神能量,超过八亿土著死在了那片森林里,当真是尸山血海的地狱” 8.8 billion?” Chen Shanshan hears the whole body goosebumps to stand, 800 million lives were suffered dead in that forest cruelly, is a picture? “八八亿?”陈姗姗听得浑身鸡皮疙瘩立起,八亿的生命被残忍折磨死在那森林里,是怎样一个景像? When really she wants to say anything, the mind deep place broadcasts a sound suddenly, a familiar sound. 真当她想说点什么的时候,脑海深处突然传来一个声音,一个熟悉的声音。 Slowly, in?” “姗姗,在吗?” Auspicious uncle?” In Chen Shanshan eye immediately one happy! “瑞叔?”陈姗姗眼中顿时一喜! You now where? With whom in the same place?” “你现在在哪里?和谁在一起的?” I and senior official, where do you, want us to look for you together?” The Chen Shanshan happy say/way, she from was worried about the Yang Rui safety a moment ago very much. “我和长官一起的,你在哪里,要不要我们过来找你?”陈姗姗高兴道,她从刚才就很担心杨瑞的安危。 Slowly, you must find the way to flee gold/metal!” “姗姗,你得想办法逃离森金!” Eh?” “额?”
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