ICSBAP :: Volume #5

#495: Choice cave mansion

Two people arrive at the odd job palace quickly. 两人很快来到杂务殿。 Deacon Yang puts out a hand to wield, a map appears in front of Luo Yan. 羊执事伸手一挥,一张地图浮现在罗阎面前。 My exquisite Buddhist temple altogether has 19, but except for your me on this, other 18, is sovereign by the resources world that the big magical powers smelt, the non- common member can occupy. However you, after all are the conquest type big member, can on 18, choose a cave mansion actually.” “我玲珑道场共有十九层,不过除了你我所在这一层,其他十八层,都是宗主以大神通熔炼的资源世界,非一般修士可以占据。不过你么,毕竟是征伐型大修士,倒是可以在十八层,选择一座洞府。” Deacon Yang looked at Luo Yan with no trace, seemingly careless saying. 羊执事不着痕迹的看了眼罗阎,看似漫不经心的说道。 18 th does only have seven cave mansions?” “第十八层就只有七座洞府?” Luo Yan looks to the present map. 罗阎看向眼前的地图。 This seems like the corner of some world, the region length and breadth, the flood and field intersection, seven cave mansions, were only labelled, reveals above the map. 这似乎是某个世界的一角,地域广袤,海陆相交,唯有七座洞府,被标注出来,显露在地图之上。 „The 18 th naturally incessantly seven cave mansions, but other cave mansions have Lord, only then these seven cave mansions may choose for you.” Deacon Yang undulating say/way. “第十八层当然不止七座洞府,不过其他洞府都已经有主,只有这七座洞府可供你选择。”羊执事澹澹道。 Luo Yan hears word, lowers the head looks again to the map. 罗阎闻言,低头再次看向地图。 On map except for seven cave mansions, but also is labelling names. 地图上除了七座洞府,还标注着一个个名称。 Bishui spring, rain flower forest, hundred medicine gardens, glazed jade immortal tree...... 碧水泉,雨花林,百药园,璃玉仙树…… He looks at the name that by the eye seven cave mansions labelled, opens the mouth to ask: Senior whether to say these seven cave mansions the places of fit and unfit quality?” 他看了眼七座洞府旁标注的名称,开口问道:“前辈能否说说这七座洞府的优劣之处?” Deacon Yang nods, said without hesitation: These seven cave mansions, best naturally is this. Chooses this cave mansion, may control the Bishui spring. This Bishui spring is unusual, not only the spring water is seven product Lingquan, breeds ten million of spirit fish, from one to eight to mention just a few. Only trades the spirit fish, every year income, can reach as high as ten hundred million spirit crystal.” 羊执事颔首,不假思索道:“这七座洞府嘛,最好的当然是这一座。选择这座洞府,可掌控碧水泉。这碧水泉非同一般,不仅泉水本身是七品灵泉,其中更是孕育数以千万计的灵鱼,从一品到八品不一而足。光是贩卖灵鱼,每年的收入,便可高达十亿灵晶。” Every year ten hundred million spirit crystal! 每年十亿灵晶 This is a very shocking number, enough dozens ordinary Law Phase boundary member cultivation to need. 这是一笔很惊人的数字,足够数十个普通的法相境修士修炼所需。 Even if Luo Yan, after hearing this number still looks askance slightly. 即便是罗阎,在听到这个数字后也微微侧目。 He looks at the cave mansion that Deacon Yang referred , the cave mansion is located in the map center, from other cave mansions, recently was 100,000 li (0.5 km), but the region of control, is the length and breadth. 他看了眼羊执事所指的洞府,洞府位于地图中央,距离其它洞府,最近都有十万里,可统御的区域,也算是广袤。 He thinks, without the earliest possible time chooses, but continues to ask: That other cave mansions?” 他想了想,没有第一时间选择,而是继续问道:“那其它洞府呢?” Deacon Yang strokes the beard, said: These cave mansions, the specification basically does not have two, disparity then in the thing of dependency. Besides the Bishui spring sells the spirit fish to enter ten hundred million spirit crystal every year, the rain flower forest is tree farm comprised of the innumerable spirit trees, delivers the high quality spirit wood as well as some magical things, every year may enter five hundred million spirit crystal. Hundred medicine gardens are the medicine gardens, is planting many type of precious efficacious medicines, every year may enter eight hundred million spirit crystal, but the efficacious medicine is precious, needs many manpower to nurse. Then is this glazed jade immortal tree, do not look at this are the immortal tree, but the glazed jade immortal tree in 3000 will bear fruit a time, the previous result will be 300 years ago, in other words, you must wait for in 2700, can the harvest next batch of immortal fruits......” 羊执事一捋山羊胡,道:“这些洞府本身,规格基本无二,差距便在附庸之物上。除碧水泉售卖灵鱼每年可入十亿灵晶外,雨花林是由无数灵树组成的林场,其中产出高品质灵木以及一些灵物,每年可入五亿灵晶。百药园是药园,其中种植着许多种珍贵灵药,每年可入八亿灵晶,但灵药珍贵,需要不少人手看护。然后就是这璃玉仙树,你别看这是仙树,但璃玉仙树三千年才结一次果,上次结果是三百年前,也就是说,你要等两千七百年,才能收获下一批仙果……” Deacon Yang 1510, said the fit and unfit quality of various cave mansions. 羊执事一五一十,将各座洞府的优劣说了出来。 Without doubt. 无疑。 Cave mansion that the even more desirably Bishui spring is. 最好的是碧水泉所在的洞府。 Luo Yan also asks that the glazed jade immortal sets up one time the value of bearing many immortal fruit as well as each immortal fruit, the obtained answering tuart is the immortal fruit does not have the city valuably, but after all compared with blue water spring tall many. 罗阎又问了问璃玉仙树一次结多少枚仙果以及每个仙果的价值,得到的答桉却是仙果有价无市,但终归比碧水泉高不了多少。 Thinks that which cave mansion chose?” Deacon Yang asked. “想好选哪座洞府了么?”羊执事问道。 This.” Luo Yan hesitates little, toward one islands one finger/refers of map most corner. “就这座吧。”罗阎沉吟少许,朝着地图最角落的一座岛屿一指。 This? glazed jade immortal tree? You may want to be clear, the glazed jade immortal tree also in 2700 meets the result, ten thousand Niao is inferior to a bird in the forest in the truth of hand, you should also understand. After cave mansion designation, wants to replace, but must pay 300 hundred million spirit crystal prices.” Deacon Yang selects the brow, some do not dare to believe. “这座?璃玉仙树?你可想清楚,璃玉仙树还有两千七百年才会结果,万鸟在林不如一鸟在手的道理,你应该也明白。洞府选定后,想要更换,可是要付出三百亿灵晶的代价的。”羊执事一挑眉头,有些不敢置信。 The glazed jade immortal tree is the immortal tree, the step positions of nine steps, are equal to the Star Lord boundary. 璃玉仙树是仙树,九阶的阶位,等同星主境。 But its bears the immortal fruit, actually after wanting 2700, can harvest. 但其所结仙果,却要两千七百后才能收获。 This also indicated, in these 2700 neutral gear period, this immortal tree is unable to bring any income to the member. 这也就表示,在这两千七百年的空档期中,这棵仙树无法给修士带来任何收益。 In 2700 is how long, trades to be any other member, is impossible to choose the glazed jade immortal tree in the cave mansion. 两千七百年何其漫长,换作任何其他修士,都不可能选择璃玉仙树所在洞府。 Determination, this. I like in a big way.” Luo Yan cracks into a smile. “确定,就这座了。我喜欢大的。”罗阎咧嘴一笑。 The income is an aspect. 收益是一方面。 Luo Yan regards as important, is the position and size of cave mansion. 罗阎更看重的,是洞府的位置以及大小。 Cave mansion that he chooses, 他所选择的洞府, Not is only in seven cave mansions is biggest, but also hangs the overseas this solitary one, the nearest cave mansion, had 1 million li (0.5 km) distance. Without the spirit spring, he can transplant from outside. 不仅是七座洞府中最大的,而且孤悬海外,距离最近的洞府,都有百万里的距离。没灵泉,他可以从外面移植。 Without the spirit tree, he can also plant. 没灵树,他也可以自己栽。 Without the efficacious medicine, he can similarly the type. 没灵药,他同样可以自己种。 The pisculture, herding...... wants the place to be big enough, making money to be easy? 养鱼,放牧……只要地方够大,赚钱还不容易? Since you insist on so, that this cave mansion was your.” On the Deacon Yang face shows the inexplicable smile, puts out jade jue to throw to Luo Yan, this jade jue is a key, after recognizing Lord, inputs the supernatural power, can go to the cave mansion. Also, this is the basic immortal pouch, is sect gate issues you one on the junks, including your status faith token. You are the conquest type big member, is first grade disciple, wears the Japan , France robes, in Linglong Immortal Sect, position only in leader, five big elders, as well as under ten big true lines. However this is only a gate gives your position, true position, strives by own strength.” “既然你执意如此,那这座洞府就是你的了。”羊执事脸上露出莫名笑容,拿出一枚玉玦扔给罗阎,“这玉玦就是钥匙,认主之后,输入法力,便可前往洞府。还有,这是入门仙囊,是宗门发给你的一应杂物,其中有你的身份信物。你是征伐型大修士,是一等弟子,着大日法袍,在玲珑仙宗内,地位只在掌门,五大长老,以及十大真传之下。不过这只是宗门赋予你的地位,真正的地位,还是靠自己实力去争取的。” Deacon Yang throws storage bag to Luo Yan, on the face shows the inexplicable smile, as if somewhat ridicules. 羊执事又将一个储物袋扔给罗阎,脸上露出莫名的笑容,似乎有些揶揄。 Many thanks senior.” Luo Yan received jade jue and storage bag, arched cupping one hand in the other across the chest toward Deacon Yang. “多谢前辈。”罗阎接过玉玦和储物袋,朝羊执事拱了拱手。 You're welcome, I according to sect gate custom management.” Deacon Yang coldly smiles, said, „the present matter got through, should say the private affair.” “不用谢,我只是按宗门规矩办事而已。”羊执事冷冷一笑,又道,“现在事情办完了,该说说私事了。” What does senior want to say?” Luo Yan this in the examination basic immortal pouch, hears word raised the head immediately, looked at Deacon Yang. “前辈想说什么?”罗阎本在查看入门仙囊,闻言当即抬起头,看了眼羊执事 You offended Yu Cheng, do not think that joins Linglong Immortal Sect to rest on all things. Your auspicious day, but also in behind.” Deacon Yang is losing both hands but actually, the smile becomes dense. “你得罪了余成,别以为加入玲珑仙宗就万事皆休。你的好日子,还在后头呢。”羊执事倒负着双手,笑容变得森然起来。 Senior can help me bring both sides together with Yu Cheng, does everyone turn swords into plowshares? Is sect gate fellow apprentices, why to fight life and death?” The Luo Yan silent moment, on the face disclosed the sincere expression. “前辈能够帮我跟余成牵线搭桥,大家化干戈为玉帛吗?都是一个宗门的师兄弟,何必斗个你死我活?”罗阎沉默片刻,脸上透露诚恳表情。 Now knows that feared?” Deacon Yang shot a look at Luo Yan slantingly, teasing of whole face, turns around to depart directly, only leaves behind two characters, late.” “现在知道怕了?”羊执事斜瞥了眼罗阎,满脸的戏谑,直接转身离去,只留下两个字,“晚了。” He has not listened to the wicked interest in Luo Yan words, only thought that Luo Yan instigated. 他没听出罗阎话中的恶趣味,只觉得罗阎怂了。 Luo Yan looks at the back that Deacon Yang departs, vanishes until it in the corner, he takes back the vision, grins to smile. 罗阎看着羊执事离去的背影,直到其消失在拐角处,他才收回目光,咧嘴笑了笑。 Zhang Zhao, Deacon Yang...... I then just came back for a half hour, jumps two. Yu Cheng that boy, but also is really a julid wriggles even after being cut dead, worthily is the World Lord reincarnation.” “张钊,羊执事……我这才刚回来半个小时,就跳出来两个。余成那厮,还真是百足之虫,死而不僵,不愧是界主转世。” In his heart is thinking silently, curls the lip, inputs a supernatural power toward jade jue, then the eye in a flash, then arrived under an exceedingly high big tree. 他心中默默想着,撇了撇嘴,朝着玉玦输入一丝法力,然后眼睛一晃,便来到了一棵通天大树之下。 The gale blows, making him narrow the eye satisfied, then started to size up own domain. 大风吹来,令他惬意的眯了眯眼,然后才开始打量自己的地盘。 This is islands. 这是一座岛屿。 Huge to the islands that being inconceivable, its diameter was the terrifying 220,000 li (0.5 km), on land the area many stars is huger. 一座巨大到难以想象的岛屿,其直径达到了恐怖的二十二万里,比许多星球上陆地的面积都要巨大。 Takes a broad view at the institute , the prairie stretches to the horizon, the horizon place, reveals the partly visible mountain range outline. 放眼所及,草原一望无垠,只有地平线处,显露出若隐若现的山脉轮廓。 But the glazed jade immortal tree, then stands erect the center of this plain, Luo Yan behind. 璃玉仙树,便矗立这片平原的中央,罗阎的身后。 The immortal tree is sturdy, the tree trunk diameter have several the kilometer fully, is hundreds of thousands of meters highly, imitates, if hangs a day of cloud, blocks the sky, the great local products, its endless deep green branches and leaves do not let fall, drags with the wind sways the rich spiritual energy that is inconceivable. 仙树粗壮,树干直径足有数千米,高度更是达到数十万米,彷若垂天之云,遮天蔽日,伟岸不可方物,其无尽的碧绿枝叶垂落而下,随风摇曳间挥洒出难以想象的浓郁灵气。 Luo Yan stands under the tree, then thinks refreshing, having to plant is greatly comfortable and greatly pleased. 罗阎站在树下,便觉沁人心脾,有种大自在和大快意。 He puts out a hand to stroke the glazed jade immortal tree, feels terrifying vitality that in the immortal tree contains, as if hears a euphonious laughter to transmit from the immortal tree deep place. 他伸手抚摸着璃玉仙树,感受着仙树中蕴含的恐怖生机,仿佛听到声声银铃般的笑声从仙树深处传来。 His eye pupil flashes, said: But does the immortal tree tree spirit?” 他眼眸一闪,道:“可是仙树树灵?” The laughter is suddenly quiet, but branches and leaves have actually caressed his latter nape of the neck lightly, taking to his cake is itchy. 笑声陡然静谧,但一根枝叶却轻抚过他的后脖颈,带给他一阵酥痒。 He turn head looks, does not see the ringleader disaster, sees only several branches and leaves to drag with the wind. 他回头望去,不见罪魁祸事,只见几根枝叶在随风摇曳。 Shy? 害羞了么? How like child? 怎么像小孩一样? In the Luo Yan heart suddenly, has turned the head to stroke the glazed jade immortal tree gently, sprinkles however smiles: From now, this cave mansion belongs to me, therefore the following day, please look after much.” 罗阎心中恍然,转过头轻轻抚摸璃玉仙树,洒然一笑:“从此以后,这座洞府归我所有,所以接下来的日子,请你多多关照。” The immortal tree is unusual. 仙树非同一般。 Not only the fruit is valuable, the leaf, the branch, sets up the thick liquid, the root hair, the non- common thing, the value is precious. 不仅果实值钱,树叶,树枝,树浆,根须等,都非俗物,价值珍贵。 Deacon Yang only said the fruit, but without mentioning these materials, obviously is because this cannot demand the range in the cave mansion master, really must demand forcefully, this immortal tree tree spirits, only feared that must be angry. 羊执事只说果实,而没提及这些材料,显然是因为这不在洞府主人可索取范围,真要强行索取,这仙树树灵,只怕就要生气了。 In the Luo Yan heart understands, is thinking is together with the glazed jade immortal tree harmoniously. 罗阎心中明了,便想着跟璃玉仙树和谐相处。 Perhaps has the enemy to invade one's territory, this immortal tree, but can also support for him. 或许有敌来犯,这仙树,还能为他撑腰。 He strokes the immortal to set up one, thinks, puts out the life source, in the root hair place of glazed jade immortal tree, dropped a drop. 他抚摸仙树一阵,想了想,又拿出生命源泉,在璃玉仙树的根须处,滴落了一滴。 This drop of life source blinks then vanishes without the trace. 这滴生命源泉眨眼便消失无踪。 But is quick, Luo Yan then hears in the glazed jade immortal tree to hear the intermittent cheerful laughter, with the wind drags the branches and leaves that to wave including the surroundings was quicker. 而很快,罗阎便听到璃玉仙树中传来阵阵欢快的笑声,连周围随风摇曳的枝叶都舞动的更快了些。 Afterward, only listens to gu winter one. 随后,只听咕冬一声。 A blue jade color fruit of fist size from in the air crashes, appears in the Luo Yan under foot. 一颗拳头大小的碧玉色果实从空中坠落,出现在罗阎脚下。 Luo Yan is stunned, picks up the fruit that falls slightly one to size up, on the face appears the color of several points of surprise: glazed jade immortal fruit?” 罗阎愕然,捡起掉落的果实微一打量,脸上浮现几分诧异之色:“璃玉仙果?” In his heart shocks. 他心中震惊。 On the one hand is paying a man back in his own coin that this glazed jade immortal tree actually understands. 一方面是这棵璃玉仙树竟然懂的礼尚往来。 On the other hand is the glazed jade immortal tree actually also harbors to have the glazed jade immortal fruit. 另一方面则是璃玉仙树竟然还私藏有璃玉仙果。 Actually harbored, that definitely incessantly. 竟然私藏了,那肯定不止一颗。 This glazed jade immortal tree, unexpectedly own little strongbox! 璃玉仙树,竟然还有自己的小金库! This makes Luo Yan look askance, but looks askance merely, how has not actually thought of the swindling and abducting, possesses of the little strongbox of glazed jade immortal tree. 这让罗阎侧目,但仅仅只是侧目,却也没想到怎么坑蒙拐骗,将璃玉仙树的小金库占为己有。 He polishes the glazed jade immortal fruit, enjoys the immortal fruit, while examination basic immortal pouch. 他将璃玉仙果擦干净,一边享受仙果,一边查看入门仙囊。 In basic immortal pouch nothing. 入门仙囊中没什么东西。 Several sets of first grade disciple Japan , France robe, the quality is the best quality goods most precious object. 几套一等弟子的大日法袍,品质都是极品至宝。 A jade sign of representative capacity faith token, writes Linglong Immortal Sect directly, the reverse side was first grade disciple, the jade sign has bound with him, fuses his wisp of aura, divine consciousness searched into, but may also know that sect gate contributed wait/etc. 一门代表身份信物的玉牌,正面写着玲珑仙宗,反面则是一等弟子,玉牌已经和他绑定,融合了他的一缕气息,神念探入其中,还可得知宗门贡献等等。 Only pitifully, Luo Yan just crossed the threshold, the contribution naturally is zero. 只可惜,罗阎刚入门,贡献自然为零。 Besides the Japan , France robes and status jade signs, a sect rule booklet, a law sword, the Law Phase quality is also the best quality goods most precious object, the physical appearance is extremely good, seems like decoration. 除了大日法袍和身份玉牌外,还有一本门规小册子,一柄法剑,法相品质同样是极品至宝,品相极佳,似乎是装饰之用。 Luo Yan does not hesitate excessively, wears the Japan , France robes, is joined to the law sword, then grips the becoming enlightened hair bun the hair with a azure rope. 罗阎没有过多犹豫,穿上大日法袍,又配上法剑,然后再用一根青绳将头发扎成道髻。 Calls the mirage to look, pours the elegant bearing, the years does not seem to left any trace on him, as before is a straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards bright goal handsome few Toshiro. 唤出水镜一看,倒也风度翩翩,岁月仿佛未曾在他身上留下任何痕迹,依旧是一个剑眉朗目的英俊少年郎。 The glazed jade immortal fruit into the belly, for his rich mortal body , to promote the supernatural power. 璃玉仙果入肚,为他殷实肉身,增进法力。 After he digests a glazed jade immortal fruit, a sect rule booklet was also read by him. 而等到他消化完一枚璃玉仙果后,一本门规小册子也被他看完了。 And the rule is many. 其中规律繁多。 But he summarizes, the capital crime nothing but is two. 但他总结下来,死罪无非是俩条。 Others cave mansion cannot enter. 他人洞府不可擅入。 Others life cannot excel at taking. 他人性命不可擅取。 Cannot kill, then hits remnantly?” Luo Yan is crooked the head to think. “不能杀死,那将人打残呢?”罗阎歪着脑袋想了想。 sect gate has the law enforcement member hidden in various places, if discovered that the same side massacres, but not lethal, takes the lead making a move to enter Buddhist temple 13 to think of faults for 100 years. 宗门有执法修士隐于各处,若发现同门残杀而未致死,率先出手者入道场十三层思过一百年。 By the law enforcement member was discovered will be punished. 被执法修士发现才会受到惩罚。 This in other words, so long as were not discovered, or law enforcement member sheep Zhuang cannot see, hits remnantly is also all right. 这也就是说,只要不被发现,或者执法修士羊装看不见,将人打残也没事。 Thinks of this, the Luo Yan eye narrowed narrowing the eyes. 想到这,罗阎眼睛眯了眯。 He also planned to go out to stroll, now looks like, before processing Yu Cheng, stay in own cave mansion to wonderfully, after all no one knows Yu Cheng that World Lord is reincarnated coerced many member. 他本来还打算出去逛一逛,现在看来,在处理完余成之前,还是呆在自己的洞府为妙,毕竟谁也不知道界主转世的余成到底裹挟了多少修士。 He shakes the head, diverges the diverse and confused thought that sizes up own cave mansion again. 他摇了摇头,散去纷杂念头,再次打量自己的洞府。 Immortal tree, plain. 仙树,平原。 Immortal tree not far away, a glazed jade immortal palace stands erect, the pavilion is close, meteorology but actually also astonishing. 仙树不远处,一座璃玉仙宫矗立,楼阁鳞次栉比,气象倒也惊人。 This big islands, from now henceforth, are his territory. 这偌大岛屿,从今以后,就是他的领地。 Before he becomes the true line, or moves before on own initiative, this islands will be he only the domain in Linglong Immortal Sect. 在他成为真传前,或是主动搬出去前,这岛屿将是他在玲珑仙宗内唯一的地盘。 Such a giant and important domain, naturally cannot only have him to handle. 这样巨大而重要的一块地盘,自然不能只有他一人打理。 He calls the yellow angel chart, the immortal chart stirs, forms fall, appear before him. 他唤出黄天仙图,仙图鼓荡,一道道身影从中而落,出现在他面前。 He Qingqing, Zhou Ling, as well as huge war giant beast. 何青青,周玲,以及庞大的战争巨兽。 Luo Yan three subordinates, at this time curious is sizing up the surroundings, particularly the war giant beast, 10,000 heads are rocking, innumerable only eyes greedy looks that is higher than several times of glazed jade immortal trees him, in the mouth the saliva drops unceasingly. 罗阎的三个手下,此时都好奇的打量着周围,尤其是战争巨兽,一万颗头颅晃动着,无数只眼睛贪婪的看着比他还高几倍的璃玉仙树,嘴中涎水不断滴落。 glazed jade immortal tree implication vigorous such as the vitality of sea. This triggered its hunter instinct, actually wants to swallow the glazed jade immortal tree, even is this abundant fertile land that moistens the immortal tree. 璃玉仙树蕴含雄浑如海的生命力。这触发了它的猎手本能,竟然想要吞噬掉璃玉仙树,甚至是这片滋润出仙树的丰沃土地。 Small war, this is my domain, inside all things, are my, is unedible, clear?” The Luo Yan transmission passes a thought. “小战,这是我的地盘,里面的所有东西,都是我的,不能吃,明白么?”罗阎传达过去一股意念。 Immediately, the war giant beast is law-abiding. 当即,战争巨兽安分下来。 Its 10,000 heads gather in front of Luo Yan, flatters is rocking, passes to a thought. 它一万颗头颅凑到罗阎面前,讨好般的晃动着,也传到过来一股意念。 It said that it felt in the sea has the fish, it wants to go to the seashore to fish. 它说它感觉大海中有鱼,它想去海边捕鱼。 Luo Yan thinks the region that own cave mansion covers, outside the coastline 10,000 li (0.5 km) sea area, is his territory. 罗阎想到自己洞府笼罩的区域,海岸线以外一万里的海域,都是他的领地。 Therefore he then agreed the request of war giant beast, only made it little eat, then leaves the range of cave mansion. 于是他便同意了战争巨兽的请求,只让它少吃点,然后别出了洞府的范围。 Lives in the Buddhist temple 18 member, as if extraordinary, possibly has the Celestial boundary and even is the member of Venerable boundary, he does not think the war giant beast encroaches upon others' domain, was killed livingly. 居住在道场十八层的修士,似乎都非凡,其中可能存在天人境乃至是尊者境的修士,他可不想战争巨兽侵犯别人的地盘,然后被人活生生打死。 The war giant beast changes into departs together black light. 战争巨兽化为一道黑光离去。 Luo Yan looks to He Qingqing and Zhou Ling: Now I have become the Linglong Immortal Sect disciple, here is my cave mansion. Zhou Ling, you are quite familiar with the Taicang galaxy, you go to Lingyun Star, helping me meet several people.” 罗阎又看向何青青周玲:“如今我已成为玲珑仙宗弟子,这里是我的洞府。周玲,你对太仓星系颇为熟悉,你去一趟凌云星,帮我接几个人。” As Linglong Immortal Sect first grade disciple, the authority is huge, takes several relatives and friends to enter Linglong Immortal Sect, merely mediocre. 身为玲珑仙宗一等弟子,权柄巨大,接几个亲朋进入玲珑仙宗,不过尔尔。 But he must meet the person. 而他要接之人。 First, An Chan elder sister An Qingchen, its two are Xuan Jingsheng, the Han Jinlong and other Tianyuan World member. 其一是安禅的姐姐安清尘,其二则是玄景升,韩金龙天元界修士。 Meeting An Qingchen is he to the commitment of An Chan, since complies with An Chan to look after An Qingchen, that must certainly look after for a lifetime. 安清尘是他对安禅的承诺,既然答应安禅照顾安清尘,那肯定要照顾一辈子。 But meets Xuan Jingsheng, Han Jinlong and the others, then because of Tianyuan World. 而接玄景升,韩金龙等人,则是因为天元界 He will soon become the conquest type big member, in his eyes, Tianyuan World is his it's in the bag, after this, naturally must handle Tianyuan World by the person of being familiar for him. 他即将成为征伐型大修士,在他眼中,天元界已经是他囊中之物,这以后,自然要由熟悉之人替他打理天元界
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