ICSBAP :: Volume #5

#494 Part 2: Return

Luo Yan deeply inspires, manages to the sheep nods slightly, then enters in the middle of the main hall. 罗阎深吸一口气,对羊执事微微颔首,便走进大殿当中。 The main hall is quiet and dark. 大殿静谧而黑暗。 Luo Yan enters, only feels endless spacious, looks up, then sees a giant metal weak picture to stand erect at present. 罗阎走进其中,只感受无尽的空旷,抬头一看,便见一尊巨大的金属凋像屹立眼前。 Looks at the weak resembles, he as if saw an incomparably great person's shadow, immediately in the heart suddenly, guessed this weak resembles should be the arrival vessel that big day reveres. 看着凋像,他仿佛看到了一尊无比伟岸的人影,当即心中恍然,猜测这凋像应该就是那位大天尊的降临容器。 The big day reveres, is the World Lord level to the powerhouse, how really interview they. 大天尊,乃界主级至强者,岂会真的接见他们。 Arrives in this, mostly is only a wisp of thought that clone is not continually. 降临于此的,多半只是一缕意念,连分身都算不上。 Fact also indeed so. 事实也的确如此。 Luo Yan only thinks that the pupil light projects together to him, then storage ring then flies toward him. 罗阎只觉一道眸光投射向他,然后一枚储物戒便朝他飞来。 He received storage ring, divine consciousness just searched, then feels at present in a flash, has returned to the main hall entrance. 他接过储物戒,神念刚刚探进去,便感到眼前一晃,已经回到大殿入口。 He turns back the crowd, the look flashes slightly. 他走回人群,眼神微微闪动。 What in storage ring is wisp of air/Qi, air/Qi of wisp of chaos. 储物戒中的是一缕气,一缕混沌之气。 The so-called chaos metaplasia myriad things, the chaos can carrying/sustaining all , he so long as swallows the air/Qi of this chaos, then can be centered on, thorough is in one all sorts of different phenomenon friendly, lets day fairyland, reaches to completeness in the true sense! 所谓混沌化生万物,混沌能够承载一切,他只要吞噬这股混沌之气,便能以之为核心,将种种不同异象彻底融合为一体,让罗天仙境,臻至真正意义上的完整! „The air/Qi of this wisp of chaos, to me, actually compares a Star Lord level weapon more precious.” “这缕混沌之气,对我而言,却比一件星主级兵器更要珍贵。” The complete Luo heaven fairyland, is a macrocosm, contains all sorts of invincible mights, is no comparison between them. 完整的罗天仙境,将是一个大世界,蕴含种种神威,不可同日而语。 If he thorough completes Luo heaven fairyland concise, perhaps Law Phase revealed, can the breaking main road rule, the common Celestial, be able to suppress continually directly. 他若是将罗天仙境彻底凝练完成,或许一座法相显露,便可破碎大道规则,连一般的天人,都可以直接镇压。 At this time. 这时候。 Ye Zhufei also walks from the main hall, she looks to Luo Yan, passes message asks: Senior Brother Luo, what did you result to reward?” 叶竹妃也从大殿中走出来,她看向罗阎,传音问道:“罗师兄,你得了什么赏赐?” Luo Yan said truthfully: Air/Qi of wisp of chaos.” 罗阎如实道:“一缕混沌之气。” Ye Zhufei red lip slightly, exclaims: That is the treasure of eternal level, the big day reveres also is really natural.” 叶竹妃红唇微张,惊叹道:“那可是永恒级的宝物,大天尊还真是大方。” Luo Yan chuckle: You? What did you result in?” 罗阎轻笑:“那你呢?你得了什么?” Ye Zhufei curls the lip: ancient Jing of one volume of World Lord levels.” 叶竹妃撇了撇嘴:“一卷界主级的古经。” She only said merely World Lord level ancient Jing, has not mentioned ancient Jing the given name. 她仅仅只说了界主级古经,却并没有提及古经的名讳。 Luo Yan said: „The classics of World Lord level, touch the good fortune, concerns the value, may be more precious than the air/Qi of my wisp of chaos.” 罗阎道:“界主级的经典,都触及造化,论及价值,比我这一缕混沌之气可珍贵多了。” Ye Zhufei hears word smiled. She is the Linglong Immortal Sect locally born disciple. 叶竹妃闻言又笑了起来。她是玲珑仙宗土生土长的弟子。 But Luo Yan is only a bystander. 罗阎只是一个外人。 This reward, will definitely have the diversity. 这奖赏,必然会有参差。 Luo Yan looked at around the eye the member, among their facial expressions is difficult to cover the innermost feelings to be excited, obviously obtained good rewarding. 罗阎看了眼周围修士,他们神情间都难掩内心激动,显然都得到了不错的赏赐。 Luo Yan has not asked them, they have not asked Luo Yan. 罗阎没有问他们,他们也没有问罗阎 Quick. 很快。 Finally entered Shen Yue of main hall also to come out. 最后进入大殿的神玥也出来了。 After she comes out, looked at Luo Yan, has not asked anything actually, only nods to Luo Yan, then smiled, as if also to obtain the excellent reward. 她出来后看了眼罗阎,倒是没问什么,只对罗阎点了点头,然后轻轻一笑,似乎也得到了极好的奖赏。 This reward is sect gate gives you, wants to make persistent efforts, does not lose sect gate the cultivation, does not drop sect gate the prestige. But besides the reward of sect gate, you will also be sealed as the conquest type big member, will also obtain the reward of Star Alliance, that is you through the true reward of inspection. However reward of Star Alliance, several days later will arrive, therefore you now, can meet the cave mansion to wait.” When the people get on the shoulder, the sheep manages opens the mouth again. “这奖赏是宗门给你们的,希望诸位再接再厉,不负宗门的栽培,不堕宗门的声威。而除了宗门的奖赏外,你们还将被加封为征伐型大修士,还将得到星盟的奖赏,那才是你通过考核的真正奖励。不过星盟的奖赏,几天后才会到达,所以你们现在,可以会洞府去等候了。”等到众人都领完肩上,羊执事才再次开口。 Many thanks sheep deacon.” “多谢羊执事。” Sheep deacon said goodbye.” “羊执事告辞。” The people 11 depart. 众人一一离去。 Before departure, nods to Luo Yan, Shen Yue and Ye Zhufei also gave Luo Yan the position of cave mansion, when invited the Luo Yan free time went to gather. 在离去前,都对罗阎点了点头,其中神玥叶竹妃还将洞府的位置给了罗阎,邀请罗阎空暇时前去一聚。 Regarding this, Luo Yan also 11 responses. 对此,罗阎也一一回应。 After the people depart, the sheep deacon looks to only remaining Luo Yan, the facial expression becomes with deep veneration: Your excellency is this time through all member of inspection , the person of only not my Linglong Immortal Sect. You two choices, first receive resources now, leaves Linglong Immortal Sect, second is to then join my Linglong Immortal Sect, how do you plan to elect?” 等众人都离去后,羊执事看向仅剩下的罗阎,神情变得肃然:“阁下是这次通过考核的所有修士中,仅有的非我玲珑仙宗之人。你现在有两个选择,第一个领取一笔资源,离开玲珑仙宗,第二个便是加入我玲珑仙宗,你打算如何选?” Luo Yan not hesitant, immediately said: I want to join Linglong Immortal Sect.” 罗阎没有犹豫,当即道:“我想要加入玲珑仙宗。” sheep Zhishi has not revealed the color of least bit accident/surprise, sleeves, turn around to face forward to walk: That comes with me.” 羊执事没有露出半点意外之色,一弗衣袖,转身朝前走去:“那就跟我来吧。”
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