ICSBAP :: Volume #5

#496: Passes on the law

Yes, master.” “是,主人。” Zhou Ling is a servant. 周玲是奴仆。 Such person, even if through inspection, is unable to join Linglong Immortal Sect, but the reward of Star Alliance will have as before, she can become the conquest type big member as before. 这样的人,纵然通过考核,也无法加入玲珑仙宗,但星盟的奖赏依旧会有,她依旧能成为征伐型大修士。 Luo Yan has a faith token to give Zhou Ling with the status jade sign rubbing, Zhou Ling then hastily left this place. 罗阎以身份玉牌拓印出一份信物交给周玲,周玲便匆匆离开了此地。 Luo Yan looks to He Qingqing, the facial expression apology: Qingqing, complying with your matter probably cannot to achieve, before the inspection ended, the Heavenly Demon Sect first treasure house and second treasure house not present world, therefore I have not obtained the primitive demon palace.” 罗阎又看向何青青,神情歉意道:“青青,答应你的事可能无法做到了,考核结束之前,天魔宗第一宝库和第二宝库都未曾现世,所以我也没得到原始魔宫。” He Qingqing said with a smile: Master of being all right, the primitive demon palace is only the external object, I in Heavenly Demon Sect.” 何青青笑道:“没事的主人,原始魔宫只是外物,我在天魔宗就在。” Luo Yan nods: You could rest assured that I will help you collect Heavenly Demon Sect to wander about destitute as far as possible the merit law and magical powers outside, making you be able to reconstruct Heavenly Demon Sect.” 罗阎颔首:“你放心,我会尽量帮你收集天魔宗流落在外的功法和神通,让你能够重建天魔宗。” Heavenly Demon Sect most classics, hide in the second treasure house, inheritance of that representative Heavenly Demon Sect. 天魔宗的大部分经典,都藏在第二宝库中,那代表天魔宗的传承。 But primitive demon palace, then hides in the first treasure house, that representative Heavenly Demon Sect background. 而原始魔宫,则藏在第一宝库中,那代表天魔宗的底蕴。 Cannot open these two treasure houses, this is the faulty stroke in handwriting of tour of Luo Yan this Heavenly Demon World, but plans unable to keep up with the change, the trial ended ahead of time, he also has no alternative. 未能打开这两座宝库,这是罗阎此次天魔界之行的败笔,但计划赶不上变化,试炼提前结束,他也无可奈何。 Two people in tandem, enter the glazed jade immortal palace. 两人一前一后,走进璃玉仙宫。 As the Luo Yan future cave mansion, the glazed jade immortal palace has no qualms the name of immortal palace, the internal layout is luxurious, pavilions are built by the high quality spirit material, not only magnificent profound wonderful, but can also maintain not spoiled for hundreds of thousands of years immortal. 作为罗阎未来的洞府,璃玉仙宫无愧仙宫之名,内部布置奢华,亭台楼阁都由高品质灵材打造而成,不仅瑰丽玄奇,而且能保持数十万年不腐不朽。 And several big pavilions, all mustard Xumi, outside seems like only a garret, in fact actually different, internal space nearly ten thousand li (0.5 km), let the member sufficiently experiments own various methods. 其中几座大的楼阁,皆芥纳须弥,外面看上去只是一座阁楼,实际上却别有洞天,内部的空间近乎万里,足以让修士在其中试验自己的各种手段。 The glazed jade immortal palace from outside looked that is magnificent and lordly. 璃玉仙宫从外看瑰丽而气派。 Enters looked, is also quiet and beautiful in good taste, like paradise. 走进一看,却又清幽雅静,如同世外桃源。 The place of only minor defect in something otherwise perfect, is then negligent to handle, the pavilion institute is everywhere overgrown with weeds, some quite bleak scenes. 唯一美中不足之处,便是疏于打理,处处阁院都杂草丛生,颇有些荒凉景象。 However this is not important. 不过这不打紧。 Luo Yan pats the yellow angel chart, a leader malicious ghost then departs, starts to clean the glazed jade immortal palace. 罗阎一拍黄天仙图,一头头恶鬼便飞出,开始打扫璃玉仙宫。 As for Luo Yan, he strolls in the winding corridor, appreciates this glazed jade immortal palace, enjoys the rare leisurely and carefree time. 至于罗阎,他漫步在回廊中,欣赏这座璃玉仙宫,享受难得的悠闲时光。 Master, here spiritual energy is quite rich. I think that I then can definitely fly to enter suddenly courageous, breaks through to the Law Phase boundary quickly.” Inspiration of He Qingqing facial expression burning hot, seeming to in all spiritual energy inspiration lungs the world. “主人,这儿的灵气好浓郁啊。我想我接下来肯定能突飞勐进,很快突破到法相境。”何青青神情炙热的吸了口气,好似要将天地间所有灵气吸入肺中。 Her jet black eye pupil flashes slightly. 她漆黑的眼眸微微闪动。 If Heavenly Demon World has such spiritual energy density, she has broken through the Law Phase boundary, became with his fellow apprentice's same Law Phase boundary member. 天魔界有这样的灵气浓度,她早就突破法相境,成为和他师兄一样的法相境修士了。 This place, simply is a heaven. 这地方,简直是天堂。 You broke through the Law Phase boundary, I then reward your Venerable level weapon.” Luo Yan is saying with a smile. “等你突破法相境,我便奖励你一件尊者级兵器。”罗阎笑着道。 He killed many people in Heavenly Demon World, the Venerable level weapon in hand also remained, can take to reward actually to give own subordinates. 他在天魔界中杀了不少人,手中的尊者级兵器也还留了一些,倒是可以拿出来奖励给自己的手下们。 Really?! That ahead of time many thanks master!” The He Qingqing great happiness, jumped happily. “真的?!那就提前多谢主人了!”何青青大喜,高兴的跳了起来。 The Luo Yan chuckle, the pupil light at a glimpse, is actually detecting anything suddenly. 罗阎轻笑着,眸光一瞥之间,却忽然察觉到了什么。 Qingqing, what you cultivate/repair is what merit law?” He walks while asked. “青青,你修的是什么功法?”他边走边问。 Returns to the master, what I cultivate/repair is «Refining up Magic Primitively», this is a Star Lord level merit law, may absorb the spiritual energy to transform as the primitive demon air/Qi, may transform the mortal body as the primitive demon body, I cultivated third, has begun to start to quenching the demon body. So long as quenchings the demon body, I am not then weaker than my Senior Brother.” The He Qingqing respectful sound replied. “回主人,我修的是《原始炼魔法》,这是一门星主级功法,可吸收灵气转化为原始魔气,更可将肉身转化为原始魔体,我修炼到了第三层,已经着手开始淬炼魔体。只要淬炼出魔体,我便不比我那师兄弱。”何青青恭声回答道。 Heavenly Demon Sect barely manages to maintain a feeble existence, the be continuous innumerable years, most inheritance broke. 天魔宗苟延残喘,绵延无数年,大部分传承都断了。 Therefore the merit law that she cultivates is also only a Star Lord level merit law, the grasped magical powers are few, can take few that acts. 所以她修炼的功法也只是一门星主级功法,掌握的神通更是寥寥,能拿得出手的没有几门。 Primitive demon air/Qi is strange, you are Heavenly Demon Sect sovereign, practices this family merit law also to take but actually. However the primitive demon air/Qi will also putrefy the will of the people, making one degenerate, if you only cultivate/repair refine the magic primitively, in the future will crash into the demonic path mostly. Here has «Disparate Seventh Passing through», is the territory basic shell Wish Alliance merit law, you may minor in it, the strong mind, crosses the person also to cross oneself, the Buddha demon read henceforward, then can resist the influence that the primitive demon gas range came.” “原始魔气诡异霸道,你即为天魔宗宗主,修行这门功法倒也可取。不过原始魔气也会腐化人心,引人堕落,你若只修原始炼魔法,日后多半会坠入魔道。我这里有一门《悬殊普渡经》,乃域主级愿盟功法,你可兼修之,壮大心神,渡人也渡己,自此以后佛魔一念,便能抵挡原始魔气带来的影响。” Luo Yan puts out a hand to wield. 罗阎伸手一挥。 The thought infiltrates the He Qingqing mind together, in the method of being enlightened, «Disparate Seventh after» passed on. 一道意念打入何青青脑海,以醍醐灌顶的手段,将《悬殊普渡经》传了过去。 Any merit law has the advantages. 任何功法都有利弊。 If the fire is the merit law might is overbearing, will make people more impulsive irritably. 如火系功法威力霸道,却会让人更加冲动火爆。 «Beginning of the universe Demon Standard» that also for example Luo Yan cultivates, the inborn myriad things to raise the person, I swallow ten thousand people to build up strength, this makes Luo Yan be able to swallow myriad bloodlines to smelt one, casts the unsurpassed body and spirit, but also makes Luo Yan often see the person, then has plants to embezzle to refine the desire. 又比如罗阎所修的《混元魔典》,天生万物以养人,我吞万人以强身,这让罗阎能够吞噬万千血脉熔炼一身,铸就无上体魄,但同时也让罗阎每每看到人,便有种侵吞炼化的欲望。 Therefore, he has to be used to cultivation Mind Refinement Law whole time. 为此,他不得不将大部分时间用来修炼炼神法 Only has the powerful mind will, he can suppress the innermost feelings the desire. 唯有强大的心灵意志,他才能压制住内心的欲望。 Otherwise, the bloodlines conflict has not approached, he driven by desire, will become a monster that eats the person. 若不然,血脉冲突还未来临,他就会在欲望的驱使下,成为一只吃人的怪物。 Even so, after entering battle condition, his many will be affected, falls into half crazy condition. 即便如此,在进入战斗状态后,他多少还是会受到影响,陷入半疯狂的状态中。 His. 他这样。 Compared with He Qingqing that he cannot withstand is so. 比他不堪的何青青更是如此。 If not minor in this Buddha family merit law, in this period of time that the He Qingqing following strength rises suddenly, by the primitive demon air contamination mind, will become one to lose sane Humanoid Demon mostly fascinated. 若不兼修这门佛门功法,何青青接下来实力暴涨的这段时间内,多半会被原始魔气污染心灵,入魔成为一头失去理智的人魔 But had this Buddha family merit law, her mind attainments then can promote rapidly, wishing the strength to suppress the primitive demon air/Qi in within the body, the influence of primitive demon air/Qi, was then minimal. 但有了这门佛门功法,她的心灵造诣便能快速提升上去,愿力更能压制体内的原始魔气,原始魔气的影响,便也微乎其微了。 Many thanks master.” “多谢主人。” He Qingqing facial expression great happiness. 何青青神情大喜。 She also knows that oneself issue is. 她也知道自己的问题所在。 Luo Yan gives her «Disparate Seventh Passing through», it may be said that solved her urgent matter. 罗阎给她《悬殊普渡经》,可谓是解了她燃眉之急。 After the Buddhist literature passes to He Qingqing, after Luo Yan makes He Qingqing choose a garret took own dwelling, then alone toward the garret of glazed jade immortal palace midpoint walks. 将佛经传给何青青后,罗阎又让何青青挑选了一座阁楼作为自己的住处后,便独自朝璃玉仙宫正中央的阁楼走去。 That is the immortal palace center is , is also the residence of cave mansion master. 那是仙宫中枢所在,也是洞府主人的居所。 He pushes the door to enter, a lotus magnificent, 32 steps fall, he has arrived at a boundless space. 他推门而入,一步一莲华,三两步落下,他已来到一片无垠空间。 As if places oneself in the middle of the universe, the surroundings ice-cold darkness, is the boundless void. 就仿佛置身宇宙当中,周围冰冷黑暗,是无垠的空虚。 Only has under his body, has a diameter about hundred li (0.5 km) metal sphere, as the only carrying/sustaining thing, making him have to fall the place of foot, simultaneously sends out one just like the black hole huge suction, is attracting all in space. 唯有他身下,有着一颗直径百里左右的金属圆球,作为唯一的承载物,让他有个落足之处,同时散发出一股宛如黑洞般的巨大吸力,吸引着空间中的一切。 The environment is bad. 环境恶劣。 Skylight not obvious, such as remotely darkest desolated starry sky. 天光不可见,如最偏僻最黑暗的荒芜星空。 But what is different from the desolated starry sky, here spiritual energy is rich, boundary near spiritual energy fluid. 但和荒芜星空不同的是,这儿灵气浓郁,毗邻灵气化液的界限。 Luo Yan puts out a hand to touch toward the ground, then can tie light high quality spirit crystal the sensation to the ground. 罗阎伸手往地上一摸,便能感知到地面上结有一层薄薄的高品质灵晶 This makes him sigh with emotion this is a good place. 这让他不由感慨这是个好地方。 Sits cross-legged to take a seat. 盘膝落座。 Sinking heart spirit. 沉心精神。 Luo Yan then plans to start the first cultivation in glazed jade immortal palace. 罗阎便打算开始在璃玉仙宫中的第一次修炼。 He has a lot to do. 他有很多事情要做。 For example absorbs Chaos Qi, concise Law Phase Luo heaven fairyland. 比如吸收混沌之气,凝练法相罗天仙境。 Also for example the absorption life source, quenchings the mortal body, expands the vitality, making Crystal Body God Kingdom enter a scale. 又比如吸收生命源泉,淬炼肉身,壮大生机,让晶体神国更进一个档次。 However before the cultivation, his also matter must do. 不过在修炼之前,他还有一件事要做。 That copes with Zhang Zhao. 那就是对付张钊。 After Luo Yan return, Zhang Zhao's first jumps to find the Luo Yan troublesome person. 罗阎回归后,张钊第一个跳出来找罗阎麻烦的人。 Luo Yan seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, the midway then intercepted Zhang Zhao's wisp of air/Qi. 罗阎睚眦必报,中途便截取了张钊的一缕气。 But intercepts Zhang Zhao's wisp of air/Qi, is because Luo Yan once obtained one to call in Heavenly Demon World makes the technique of «Calamity Demon Subdue Technique» curse. 而之所以截取张钊的一缕气,便是因为罗阎曾在天魔界中得到一门唤做《厄难魔镇术》的诅咒之术。 He takes Zhang Zhao wisp of air/Qi ; first, to plan to teach Zhang Zhao ; second, to try the might of technique of this curse. 他取张钊一缕气,一是打算教训张钊,二是试试这门诅咒之术的威力。 He opens the palm, sees only wisp of aura from become the white transparently. 他张开手掌,只见一缕气息从透明变为白色。 At once the flesh fills, a Zhang Zhao of diminished version then appears in his hands. 旋即血肉填补,一个缩小版的张钊便出现在他手中。 human puppet is lifelike, the jet black pupil is nimble and resourceful, seems not human puppet, but is a living person. 人偶栩栩如生,漆黑的眸子灵动,仿佛不是人偶,而是一个活人。 Before Luo Yan human puppet places the body, the hand pinches the law secret art, the lip moves slightly, incantation words pour out. 罗阎人偶放在身前,手掐法诀,嘴唇微动,一道道咒言倾吐而出。 These incantation words rouse dark the strength, changes into black rune/symbol writing, integrate human puppet. 这些咒言勾动冥冥中的力量,化为黑色符文,一枚枚融入人偶 Next second. 下一秒。 Only listens to bang a light sound, the human puppet chest blasts out a pinhole, whirlwind projects one group of scarlet blood. 只听‘砰’的一声轻响,人偶胸膛炸开一个小洞,飚射出一团猩红鲜血。 ... ... Haha, the big treasure small treasure, does not see for a long time, your times are so good, praise your!” “哈哈,大宝贝小宝贝,许久不见,你们的功夫还是这么棒,夸你们一下!” In a luxurious room, Zhang Zhao lies on the bed, the left hand hugs one, the right hand hugs one, is the cake, if the beautiful woman fairy maiden of boneless, drank to the dregs the happiness of having two wives. 一座奢华的房间中,张钊躺在床上,左手搂一个,右手搂一个,皆是酥若无骨的佳人仙子,享尽了齐人之福。 Two fairy maidens snuggle in Zhang Zhao huai, performs to sue the words from the heart, cried to pass through many places tenderly. 两个仙子依偎在张钊怀中,尽诉衷肠,娇啼宛转。 They are the Linglong Immortal Sect locally born member, in the family/home have the ancestor are the Linglong Immortal Sect great people, but the ancestor has fallen from the sky, their position also suffer a disastrous decline, becomes the Linglong Immortal Sect position lowest person. 她们都是玲珑仙宗土生土长的修士,家中有先祖是玲珑仙宗大人物,但先祖早已陨落,她们的地位也一落千丈,成为了玲珑仙宗地位最低的人。 Their two, is fortunately, was regarded as important by Zhang Zhao, joined Linglong Immortal Sect reluctantly, becomes the third-class disciple. 她们两个,也是有幸,被张钊看重,才勉强加入了玲珑仙宗,成为了三等弟子。 Therefore to them, Zhang Zhao is their entirety, naturally must serve well. 因而对她们而言,张钊就是她们的全部,自然要好好侍奉。 Zhang Zhao facial expression is joyful, near the person after the pillow said a while talk between lovers, sat, narrows the eye saying: Treasure felt relieved, I must become the conquest type big member immediately, raises you two to raise. And gets up, along with me studied «Yellow Emperor who sect gate just bestowed To fly upwards after» together! This is the World Lord level merit law, I the advantage, you can also profit at someone's expense along with me!” 张钊神情愉悦,和枕边人说了一会儿情话后,坐了起来,眯着眼睛道:“宝贝们放心,我马上就要成为征伐型大修士了,养你们两个还是养得起的。且起来,随我一起研究宗门刚刚赐下的《黄帝飞升经》!这可是界主级功法,我得好处,你们也能随我沾光!” „Isn't sect family merit law cannot leak?” And a fairy maiden crisp sound said. “宗门功法不是不能外传么?”其中一个仙子酥声道。 Another fairy maiden is actually suddenly, the double cheek is crimson immediately. 另一个仙子却是恍然,双腮顿时绯红。 Haha, the treasure has not to know, this «Yellow Emperor Flew upwards after» is an exception, my may not practice.” “哈哈,宝贝有所不知,这《黄帝飞升经》是个例外,我一个可修炼不得。” Zhang Zhao is laughing, but also wants to say anything. 张钊大笑着,还想说些什么。 But at this time, his complexion suddenly changed, put out a hand according to own chest, but has not waited for his palm to touch, the chest then bang, blasted out a finger-thick pinhole, blood whirlwind shoots, incarnadine bed brand-new bedding. 但这时候,他脸色忽然一变,伸手按向自己的胸膛,可还没等他的手掌触及,胸膛便砰的一声,炸开一个手指粗细的小洞,鲜血飚射而出,染红一床崭新被褥。 Two females see that the panic-stricken scream makes noise, was frightened loses color. 两个女子见状,都惊恐的尖叫出声,被吓得面无血色。 Zhang Zhao complexion becomes flushed, during the thought rotations, on the chest the muscle wriggles, the wound starts to heal rapidly. 张钊脸色涨红,意念转动间,胸膛上肌肉蠕动,伤口开始迅速愈合。 He raised the head, looks to two companions of losing color, comforts saying: All right, slightly asked...” 他抬头,看向面无血色的两个伴侣,安慰道:“没事的,一点小问…” Topic character has not said. ‘题’字还没说完。 Also titters one. 又是噗嗤一声。 This time is the right arm, the palm is torn, probably was pierced by a sword, the severe pain, making him unable to bear grins slightly, the whole body covers entirely the cold sweat instantaneously. 这次是右臂,手掌被撕裂,像是被一把剑刺穿,剧烈的痛楚,让他忍不住微微龇牙,浑身瞬间布满冷汗。 Master, are you really all right?” Two females were terrified, they have not witnessed the so strange scene, some head blanks. “相公,你真的没事?”两个女子惶恐极了,她们不曾目睹过这般诡异的场景,脑袋都有些空白。 Zhang Zhao complexion is ugly, silent, starts to get own physical exam. 张钊脸色难看,默然不语,开始检查自己的身体。 Possibly is the coincidence one time, twice definitely had problems. 一次可能是巧合,两次肯定是出问题了。 Some people are coping with themselves! 有人在对付自己! His body is all right. 他的身体没事。 Is it possible that cursed? 莫非是诅咒? His look changes, then must set out to seek the help excitedly, but he sets out not to succeed unexpectedly, a tremendous strength presses on him, making him unable to set out, moved continually cannot achieve. 他勃然色变,便要起身寻求帮助,但他起身竟然没成功,一股巨大的力量压在他身上,令他根本无法起身,连挪动都做不到。 Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… In this flash, is several continuous light sounds, but on his body had/left several blood holes. 就在这一刹那,又是几声连绵轻响,而他的身体上又多出了几个血洞。 His whole body already dripping with blood. 他浑身已经鲜血淋漓。 The terrifying image, was scared two females, the tears drip want to drop, stay in same place helpless. 恐怖的形象,吓傻了身边的两个女子,都泪泫欲滴,呆在原地手足无措。 Zhang Zhao wants to speak. 张钊想说话。 But opens mouth breaks, only then blood blowout. 但一张嘴就破碎,只有鲜血喷出。 He looks at present two useless females, knows, only then can save itself, therefore the agitation strength, starts and presses the enormous force on him contends. 他看着眼前两个没用的女子,知道只有自己能救自己,于是鼓动力量,开始与压在他身上的巨大力量抗衡。 So-called curse, is not multipurpose! So long as cursed my person on is not more than me, that this curse then could not want my life!” “所谓诅咒,也非万能!只要诅咒我的人不比我强上太多,那这诅咒便要不了我的命!” In his heart is so thinking. 他心中这般想着。 The god palace starts to create a clamor, the inexhaustible supernatural power flows, wells up toward all the limbs and bones. 神宫开始鼓噪,无穷无尽的法力流淌出来,朝四肢百骸涌去。 He struggles fiercely, the four limbs start to twitch. 他剧烈挣扎,四肢开始抽搐。 But at the same time, all sorts of calamities, arrives unceasingly on him. 而与此同时,一种种厄难,也不断降临在他身上。 Shears the nose, finishes a job, rolls over the tongue, the flesh lives the maggot rottenly...... until finally, his head was reversed 720 degrees forcefully, two meters high body was extruded one meter, the youth handsome facial features become withered old, pushes one group of bodies as if to place oneself the bloodshed. 割鼻,断手,轧舌,血肉腐烂生蛆……及至最后,他的头颅被硬生生扭转了七百二十度,两米高的身躯被挤压成一米,青春俊朗的面容变得干枯苍老,挤成一团的身体仿佛置身血海。 Finally. 终于。 With a loud sound, he stood, the supernatural power like the rainbow, cuts off dark across the sky the curse strength. 随着一声巨响,他站了起来,法力如长虹,横空斩断冥冥中的诅咒力量。 But at this time. 但这时候。 He has injured and source, not only cultivation base damages greatly, even the life span, lost half to be many. 他已经伤及本源,不仅修为大损,连寿命,都损失了一半还要多。 ... ... Bang! 砰! Luo Yan looks front to explode the fragments human puppet, curls the lip, in the eye reveals little senseless. 罗阎望着面前炸成碎屑的人偶,撇了撇嘴,眼中流露少许无趣。 He has not received the hand on own initiative. 他还没主动收手。 His calamity demon town/subdues technique, was worked loose by Zhang Zhao. 他的厄难魔镇术,就被张钊挣脱了。 His strength far ultra Zhang Zhao, if facing the war, his hand then can its suppression, however the use calamity demon town/subdues technique, he spells to try, was unable to control Zhang Zhao unexpectedly. 他的实力远超张钊,若正面对战,他一只手便能将其镇压,然而使用厄难魔镇术,他拼尽了全力,竟然还无法控制住张钊。 This disappoints his technique to this curse quite. 这让他对这门诅咒之术颇为失望。 „, The goal was to achieve after all.” “罢了,目的终归是达到了。” sect Mennei is unable to kill people, therefore Luo Yan also wants to teach Zhang Zhao. 宗门内无法杀人,所以罗阎也只是想教训张钊一番。 The goal is achieved. 目的达到。 Luo Yan then sets one's mind at ease, puts out Chaos Qi that say/way big Heavenly Venerable rewards. 罗阎便沉下心来,拿出那道大天尊赏赐下来的混沌之气 He inspects carefully, but also made Dorama look, guaranteed after Chaos Qi did not have the issue, then started to refine this wisp of Chaos Qi. 他仔细检查一遍,还让多罗摩看了看,确保混沌之气没问题后,便开始炼化这缕混沌之气 Chaos Qi enters the body. 混沌之气入体。 Takes to him the change. 带给他许多变化。 His bloodlines are many and heterogeneous, has the negligible repel faintly, but under the washout of Chaos Qi, this negligible repel vanishes unexpectedly, his all bloodlines thorough fusing together, thus makes his inexplicable was more relaxed. 他的血脉繁多而驳杂,隐隐有微末排斥,但在混沌之气的冲刷之下,这微末排斥竟然消失殆尽,他所有血脉彻底的融为一体,从而让他莫名的轻松了许多。 Chaos Qi passes the whole body, after succinct his mortal body, enters the god palace, enters the Law Phase core place. 混沌之气流转全身,洗练他的肉身后,钻进神宫,进入法相核心处。 Chaos Qi enters. 混沌之气进入。 The Luo day fairyland is similar to piece together is no longer lax, starts again concise, toward the Chaos Qi contraction. 罗天仙境不再如同拼凑般松松垮垮,开始再一次凝练,朝着混沌之气收缩。 Although changes is small, but its might actually must on more tyrannical several points. 虽然变小,但其威力却要更强横上几分。 But the Chaos Qi particularity, causes his Law Phase, can contend with the main road rule, if later runs into the common Celestial boundary member, he only need haunch Law Phase, then can with it fighting. 混沌之气的特殊性,更是使得他的法相,能够与大道规则抗衡,以后若遇到一般的天人境修士,他只需撑起法相,便能与之争锋。 Refining up Chaos Qi. 炼化完混沌之气 Luo Yan starts to refine the life source. 罗阎又开始炼化生命源泉。 The life source in his hand, may make his life rise dramatically in 5000, but may also make his Crystal Body God Kingdom go a step further, obtains stronger defensive power, even yes, weakens the injury from main road rule! 他手中的生命源泉,可让他寿元暴增五千年,还可让他的晶体神国更进一步,获得更加强大的防御力,甚至是,削弱来自大道规则的伤害!
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