HDLL :: Volume #2

#177: We in the same place? ( 9 / 10 )

Incomplete fresh flower front, Mo Fei air/Qi bulging to look at Yang Yi, the latter is lifting the chopsticks awkwardly. 一盘残缺的“鲜花”前面,墨菲鼓鼓地看着杨轶,后者尴尬地举着筷子。 That what to do?” Yang Yi is in a dilemma. “那咋办?”杨轶进退两难。 Puts down, I pat first!” The Mo Fei pouts mouth, has referred to the tray. “放下啦,我先拍一下!”墨菲嘟着嘴,指了指盘子。 Good, Yang Yi will clamp pink rose has put, is with original is the same, but the color deeply, after all has dipped the sauce. 好吧,杨轶又将夹起来的“粉红色玫瑰”放了回去,还是跟原来一样,但颜色深了一些,毕竟蘸了酱料。 Mo Fei actually does not care, her filled with joy pulls out cell phone, has made several pictures. Naturally, the cell phone photograph of this time, the pixel is very low, the effect of patting is very common. She thinks insufficient, ran to take Yang Yi's single Fan, making Yang Yi pat, but also has patted her with fresh flower group photo. 墨菲却不在意,她喜滋滋地掏出手机,拍了几张照片。当然,这个时代的手机拍照,像素还很低,拍出来的效果很一般。她觉得不够,又跑去拿了杨轶的单反,让杨轶来拍,还拍了一张她跟“鲜花”的合照。 The Mo Fei happy expression in scene abundant, but also stretched out her to think v font fingers that frustrated very much, the young girl heart was full. 镜头里的墨菲笑意盎然,还伸出了她觉得很挫的v字型手指,少女心满满的。 Did not hate to eat!” After tosses about, Mo Fei was mumbling, sat, said that this was the artware, how the artware can eat?” “都舍不得吃了!”一阵折腾后,墨菲嘟囔着,坐回来,说道,“这都是艺术品,艺术品怎么能吃呢?” Yang Yi has hesitated a while, he said: Or I do some again other, at noon doesn't eat this?” 杨轶沉吟了一会儿,他说道:“要不我再去做点别的,中午不吃这个?” Mo Fei has held on him, said with a smile: Good, cracks a joke, does not use such troublesome!” 墨菲拉住了他,笑道:“好啦,开玩笑的,不用这么麻烦!” Come, you eat first!” Mo Fei takes up the chopsticks, picks Yang Yi had dipped the sauce a moment ago pink rose to hand in front of Yang Yi's, comes, the little darling opens the mouth!” “来,你先吃!”墨菲拿起筷子,夹起刚才杨轶蘸了酱料的“粉红色玫瑰”递到杨轶的面前,“来,乖乖张开嘴巴哦!” This roars the Xixi expression! 这是哄曦曦的语气! Mo Fei was obviously mischievous, she just like a Jian autumn waters eyes pupil, sparkles is sending out the happy expression. 墨菲显然是在调皮了,她宛如一翦秋水般的眼眸,闪闪地在散发着笑意。 Actually, this is Mo Fei own chopsticks...... 其实,这是墨菲自己的筷子…… But if at this time also cared about these, Yang Yi got what one deserves unmarried! 但这个时候如果还在意这些,杨轶就活该单身了! Yang Yi opens mouth without hesitation, he also very much sensibly lowered the head, making Mo Fei steamed dumpling clamp his mouth carrot, end, but also contained the eating point. 杨轶毫不犹豫地张开嘴,他还很懂事地低下头,让墨菲将胡萝卜“蒸饺”夹到自己的嘴里,末了,还含了一下筷子尖。 Delicious?” Mo Fei looks that Yang Yi is chewing, hopes asked. “好吃吗?”墨菲看着杨轶在咀嚼,期盼地问道。 Yang Yi nodded, after finishing eating, said: Flavor is good, meat stuffing taste is very good, was slightly cool a point, you must a bit faster eat!” 杨轶点了点头,吃完之后才说道:“味道还不错,肉馅口感很好,就是稍微凉了一点,你要快点吃!” Mo Fei also picks together pink rose, she has not shut out this chopsticks to be eaten by Yang Yi but actually, studied Yang Yi to dip the sauce, then filled the mouth to taste. The sauce the promotion digests makes with other vinegars and seasonings that will not be salty, instead made the meat stuffing the tasty taste obtain blooming in the mouth. 墨菲也夹起一块“粉红色玫瑰”,她倒没有嫌弃这个筷子被杨轶吃过,学着杨轶蘸了蘸酱料,然后塞到嘴里品尝起来。酱料是用促进消化的醋和其他调料做成的,不会很咸,反而让肉馅的鲜美滋味在口中得到了绽放。 Is very delicious!” Mo Fei eye one bright, rouses nang the mouth to say. “很好吃诶!”墨菲眼睛一亮,鼓囔着嘴巴说道。 She did not hold anything to hope that the attractive dish, had sacrificed the taste for the shape after all, but Yang Yi this fresh flower, is accidental very delicious! 她本来是不抱什么希望的,毕竟很多好看的菜,为了形状而牺牲了口感,但杨轶这盘“鲜花”,意外得很好吃! Moreover meat stuffing that Yang Yi adjusts, is not only delicious, but also coagulated the moisture content, compared the ordinary stuffed dumpling stuffing to be delicious! 而且杨轶调的肉馅,不仅味道鲜美,而且还凝固住了水分,都比普通的饺子馅还好吃呢! Yes?” Yang Yi said with a smile, Mo Fei's affirmed that making him feel used Boss' effort to make this TV dinner, was worth! “是吧?”杨轶笑道,墨菲的肯定,让他觉得费了老大的劲儿做这盘菜,也是值得的! You also eat!” Mo Fei picks one pink rose, has dipped the sauce, delivers. “你也吃啊!”墨菲又夹起一个“粉红色玫瑰”,蘸了酱料,送过来。 Yang Yi has gawked staring, he has not thought that Mo Fei must clamp to him, then has lowered the head and eaten one. 杨轶愣了愣,他没想到墨菲还要给他夹,便低头又吃了一口。 Mo Fei this little while takes back the chopsticks, the elegantly beautiful cheek has hiked up blushing of not easy detection, she thinks that she just had eaten this chopsticks, then, they one go to another, to kiss indirectly? 墨菲这会儿收回筷子,冷艳的脸蛋飘起了一丝不易察觉的红晕,她才想起来,她刚刚吃过这个筷子,那么,他们俩一来一去又一来,岂不是间接接吻了? In order to conceal shaming of oneself innermost feelings bashfully, Mo Fei lowers the head captures other fresh flower, but, she there encountered the difficult problem in green rose. 为了掩饰自己内心的羞臊,墨菲低头去攻略其他的“鲜花”,不过,她在“绿玫瑰”那儿遭遇了难题。 The thin slice that the cucumber cuts is not long, moreover is very crisp, does not wrap the meat stuffing like other very well, the words that does not clamp carefully, the chopsticks lifted to disperse! 黄瓜切出来的薄片没有那么长,而且很脆,不像其他的那样将肉馅包裹得很好,不小心夹的话,筷子一抬起来就散了! Yeah, this what to do?” Mo Fei seeks help from Yang Yi. “哎,这个怎么办?”墨菲杨轶求助。 Yang Yi shows a faint smile, he puts out his chopsticks, said temperately: Makes me come!” 杨轶微微一笑,他拿出自己的筷子,温和地说道:“让我来吧!” Sees only the Yang Yi strength to be very dexterous, chopsticks pick one steadily green rose, has dipped the sauce, hands in front of Mo Fei's. 只见杨轶力道很轻巧,筷子稳稳地夹起一朵“绿玫瑰”,蘸了酱料,递到墨菲的面前。 This is also good, I have clamped to you twice, came to clamp to me this feedback to you!” Mo Fei blushes, was saying, while green rose will eat up. “这样也好,我给你夹了两次,这回轮到你来给我夹了!”墨菲红着脸,一边说着,一边将“绿玫瑰”吃下。 Cucumber is also delicious!” Mo Fei drum nang was saying. “黄瓜也蛮好吃的!”墨菲鼓囔着说道。 That tries the cabbage again.” Yang Yi continues to give Mo Fei to clamp. “那再试试白菜的。”杨轶继续给墨菲夹。 Mo Fei also not only eats, her interest by Yang Yi selecting, gives Yang Yi to clamp grinningly. Their you feed my one, I feed your one, a bulk lots fresh flower was eliminated rapidly, but they moved finally including the hand! 墨菲也不光自己吃,她兴致被杨轶给挑起来,笑嘻嘻地也给杨轶夹。两人你喂我一口,我喂你一口,一大盘鲜花在迅速被消灭,而他们俩最后都连手都动上了! Yes, Mo Fei cannot clamp green rose, then the direct seat of honor, pinches one, the sauce does not dip, then fills the Yang Yi's mouth, she also giggle said with a smile: I ate to the full, remaining turned over to you, must finish eating, did not know!” 是的,墨菲夹不起“绿玫瑰”,便直接上手,捏起一朵,酱料也不蘸,便塞到杨轶的嘴里,她还咯咯地笑道:“我吃饱了啊,剩下的都归你,要吃完,知道不!” Yang Yi nodded, but has not waited for him to finish eating the mouth, Mo Fei filled one to come, used the hand, the practical joke must the Yang Yi's mouth crowding generally. 杨轶点了点头,但没等他吃完嘴里的,墨菲又塞了一个过来,还是用手,恶作剧一般要将杨轶的嘴巴给塞满。 Yang Yi has Mo Fei's grabbing, him has been dumbfounded with Mo Fei, from the beginning Mo Fei or the practical joke were held same titter, afterward, such looking at each other, unknowingly the sensible temperature somewhat rose, the middle air as if was also inciting to conduct the electric current...... 杨轶只好将墨菲的手给抓住了,他跟墨菲大眼瞪小眼,一开始墨菲还是恶作剧被抓住一样偷笑着,后来,这样的对视,不知不觉感觉温度有些上升,中间的空气仿佛也在滋滋地传导着电流…… Mo Fei pursed the lips, why does not know, the heart is jumping crazily, jumps very fiercely. 墨菲抿了抿嘴,不知道为啥,心脏在狂跳,跳得很厉害。 Mo Fei......” Yang Yi finished eating finally, he could not bear lick has licked lips Palestine, said gently. 墨菲……”杨轶终于吃完了,他忍不住舔了舔嘴巴,轻轻地说道。 Um......” Mo Fei shakes hand by Yang Yi gently, so long as actually she then can work loose toward the retraction, but Mo Fei does not have, she looks at the Yang Yi brilliant vision, is somewhat panic-stricken. “嗯……”墨菲杨轶轻轻地拉着手,其实她只要往回缩便能挣脱开,但墨菲没有,她看着杨轶灼灼的目光,有些心慌意乱。 Mo Fei, we in the same place? I like you!” Before Yang Yi actually, does not have plan that this vindicates once more, but after he holds on Mo Fei's, then cannot bear the impulsion in heart. 墨菲,我们在一起吧?我喜欢你!”杨轶其实之前没有这个再次表白的打算的,但他拉住墨菲的手之后,便忍不住心中的冲动。 This can it be that can expect to obtain, when Mo Fei saw that Yang Yi that likes the tight look time, she then had the preparation. 这岂是能预料得到,当墨菲看到杨轶那喜欢得紧的眼神时候,她便有了心理准备。 Sees only her to nip the lower lip, although expression could not install, but the mouth was hard, the words that said thought of as before callously: That is not good, where can such easily cheap you?” 只见她咬了咬下唇,虽然表情装不了了,但嘴还硬着,说出来的话依旧装着冷酷:“那可不行,哪能这么轻易就便宜了你?” But this is not her original intention, after saying, she added: Most minimum, most at least you must write a new love poem to me on the spot, I satisfied have been able to promise you!” 但这不是她的本意,说出后,她又紧接着补充道:“最起码,最起码你还得现场给我写一首新的情诗,我满意了才能答应你!” Um, cannot such casually promise him, the thing that is too easy to obtain, the men will often not treasure, again put a small barrier to be good to him! 嗯,不能这么随便就答应他,太容易得到的东西,男人们往往都不会珍惜,就再给他设一个小小的障碍好了! The women are thinking presumptuously. 女人自作聪明地想着。 Yang Yi somewhat loses actually from the beginning, but after hearing the Mo Fei's supplement, he is overjoyed. 杨轶其实一开始有些失落,但听到墨菲的补充之后,他喜出望外。 However, Mo Fei is swayed by personal gains and losses: Can write a poem to be too difficult? If what to do he can't write?” 不过,墨菲又自己患得患失起来:“会不会写一首诗太难了?他要是写不出来怎么办?” Therefore, Mo Fei also changed a statement: Or you do not compose a poem also good, changes a picture cartoon, on picture that Love Your Shape, must make me smile happily!” 于是,墨菲又改口道:“或者你不写诗也行,改画一个漫画,就画那个爱你的形状,要让我开心笑了才可以哦!” Perhaps this can Yang Yi be able to accomplish? 这个或许杨轶能办得到吧? However, Yang Yi actually hastily shakes the head, said: Does not use, does not need to change, I read a poem to you now, I write for your!” 然而,杨轶却连忙摇头,说道:“不用,不用改,我现在就给你念一首诗,我写给你的!” Is pleasantly surprised? 惊不惊喜?
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