HSSB :: Volume #9

#890: Two boundary control

On Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, several people exist, perform all the god to end the air/Qi foot, is Southern Flaming Heaven Realm Phoenix Rites Mountain Parasoltree Slope disciple. 乘风天舟上,有数人存在,尽皆神完气足,都是南方炎天境凤仪山梧桐坡门下 On the people the head, sits well a person, the whole person surroundings have multi-coloured rays and floating clouds contrast. 众人上首,端坐一人,整个人周围有霞光云霭烘托。 The crimson flame forms a halo around this person of body. 赤红火光在这人身体周围形成一个光晕。 In the surrounding world fills square flame, by this artificial central sending out. 周围天地间弥漫四方的火光,都是以这人为中心散发。 Sees this person, Southeast Sword Governess and Lin Hanhua and the others pupil slightly to contract. 看见这个人,东南剑姥林汉华等人瞳孔都微微收缩。 Because of front person, is Southern Flaming Heaven Realm ruler, one of the Realm Above the Realm Ten Directions' Supremes, Phoenix Rites Mountain Parasoltree Slope master, Zhuang Shen. 因为面前的人,正是南方炎天境主宰,界上界十方至尊之一,凤仪山梧桐坡的主人,庄深 That person appearance is thin, is quite handsome, seems 30 years old ages, but is living one such as the snow white hair, a chignon combs simply. 其人容颜清癯,颇为英俊,看上去30岁许年纪,但生着一头如雪白发,一个发髻简单梳起。 His look seems with its sub- Zhuang Chaohui has fifty to sixty percent similarities. 他相貌看上去同其子庄朝晖五、六分相似 Because the appearance is extremely young, seems looks like the brothers many likely the fathers and sons. 因为面相太过年轻,看上去像兄弟多过像父子。 But that covers the terrifying power fluctuation of entire sky, told everyone fully, his strength, was far from Zhuang Chaohui may compare. 但那一身涵盖诸天的恐怖力量波动,充分告诉每一个人,他的实力,远非庄朝晖可比。 Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen tranquil sitting in chair, indifferent looks at at present Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm people. 南方至尊庄深平静的坐在椅中,淡然看着眼前东南阳天境众人。 In the sky, sword tip unemotionally by Lin Hanhua that phoenix flame ties down. 天空中,剑锋被凤凰火焰缠住的林汉华面无表情。 In his hand the long sword shakes, the sword light as if suddenly differentiation is two. 他手中长剑一抖,剑光仿佛忽地分化为两道。 Above the vault of heaven, as if also two star light sparkle, just likes the blue dragon biangular, not only palm spring the power of living, and breaks to fighting to kill, baleful qi is threatening! 天穹之上,仿佛也有两道星光闪耀,犹如苍龙双角,既掌春生之权,又破冲斗杀,煞气逼人! Heaven Constellations of Twenty-Eight Mansions, the head of Eastern seven mansions, Horn Mansion, Horn Wood Flood Dragon! 天辰二十八星宿,东方七宿之首,角宿,角木蛟 The blue dragon biangular hit, makes an effort to make, gets rid of the immobilization of flame. 苍龙双角撞击,用力一挣,摆脱火焰的钳制。 Lin Hanhua sword light directs, Horn Mansion is first, later Neck Gold Dragon, Root Soil Racoon, Room Sun Rabbit, Heart Moon Fox, Tail Fire Tiger and Winnowing Basket Water Leopard grading sends, Azure Dragon of the East seven mansions simultaneously out! 林汉华剑光一引,角宿为先,之后亢金龙氐土貉房日兔心月狐尾火虎箕水豹次第而发,东方青龙七宿齐出 ice cold sword light and broad star light gather one, changes into as if galaxy general Colossal Dragon. 凌冽剑光和恢宏星光汇聚一处,化为一条仿佛星河一般的巨龙 Startled Celestial Dragon recited resounds, stars Azure Dragon counter-attacked that as if to rule fire phoenix of world! 天龙吟响起,星辰青龙反攻那仿佛君临天地的火凤凰 Southeast Sword Governess pinches secret sword art at the same time, Wood Wolf of the Legs, Gold Dog of the Bond, Soil Pheasant of the Stomach, Sun Fowl of the Hairy Head, Moon Crow of the Net, Fire Monkey of the Turtle Beak and Water Ape of the Three Stars seven swords unites, the shape of collection White Tiger of the West seven mansions. 东南剑姥同一时间手捏剑诀,奎木狼娄金狗胃土雉昴日鸡毕月乌觜火猴参水猿七剑合一,集西方白虎七宿之象。 sword light and star light change to fierce white tiger together, murderous qi is imposing. 剑光与星光一起化作凶猛白虎,杀气凛然。 Another two Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm powerhouses, mustering additional courage, gives the trick respectively, attacks together to fire phoenix. 另外两位武圣九重境界东南阳天境强者,也鼓起余勇,各出奇招,一同攻向火凤凰 In the Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen end chair on Wind Riding Heavenly Boat has not moved, right hand sets up the palm like the blade, flies high cuts continually three. 乘风天舟上的南方至尊庄深端坐椅中没动,右手立掌如刀,凌空连斩三下。 In everywhere sea of fire, then again departs three fire phoenix, the merge first that matches the Lin Hanhua four people separately. 漫天火海中,便再飞出三只火凤凰,合并最先那一只,分别敌住林汉华四人。 Southeast Sword Governess long recited in a drawn-out voice, sword momentum shivered with fire phoenix, suddenly changed. 东南剑姥曼声长吟,剑势火凤凰颤抖间,突然一变。 White Tiger of the West seven mansions, changes to Black Turtle of the North seven mansions. 西方白虎七宿,化作北方玄武七宿 The space galaxy as if changes to real running water river, drops from the clouds, immediately presses restrain that fire phoenix! 天上星河仿佛化作真实流水大河,从天而降,顿时压制住火凤凰 But quick, side that fire phoenix is correct a yellow smoke to reappear, gives the incomparably serious vigorous feeling, imitates, if Chengtian carries earth. 可是很快,那火凤凰身边就有道道黄烟浮现,给人以无比沉重浑厚的感觉,仿若承天载物的大地。 The soil yellow mist and dust one presently, immediately the Mysterious Warrior suppression that Southeast Sword Governess star light sword intent evolves. 土黄烟尘一现,顿时将东南剑姥星光剑意演化的玄武镇压。 Five Virtues true meaning, Karmic Virtue Deep Soil! 五德真意,功德厚土 Karmic Virtue is boundless, overcomes nature to continue said. 功德无边,补天续道。 For protecting oneself, continuous endless, all evil does not invade. 用于护身,连绵不尽,诸邪不侵。 Manifestation of Will, then own strength is tenacious, the enemy is hard to melt, thus forms to destroy the hardest defenses, invincible potential. 将之外放,则自身力量坚韧,敌人难以化解,从而形成无坚不摧,攻无不克之势。 Other three fire phoenix, vanished at this time, the disciple keeps fire phoenix that this merit protects oneself. 其他三头火凤凰,这时都消失,徒留这头功德护身的火凤凰 Wears Karmic Virtue Deep Soil fire phoenix to circle in the sky, not only Southeast Sword Governess, including the Lin Hanhua three people of offensive, together was routed! 身披功德厚土火凤凰在天空中盘旋间,不独东南剑姥,连林汉华三人的攻势,也都被一起击溃! Cultivates the behavior, must know the onset and retreat.” Zhuang Shen on Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, puts out a hand to fly high empty presses: Notice from stepping blind alley, then the saints and sages are difficult to rescue.” “做人,要识进退。”庄深乘风天舟上,伸手凌空虚虚一按:“须知自蹈死路,则圣贤难救。” The fire phoenix dive drops, temporarily has let Lin Hanhua and Southeast Sword Governess, old and renowned scholar attacks toward that two Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm. 火凤凰俯冲下降,暂时让过林汉华东南剑姥,向着那两个东南阳天境耆宿攻去。 But at this moment, above the vault of heaven, opens wide void suddenly, a star light sparkles. 但就在这时,天穹之上,虚空突然洞开,点点星光闪耀。 Each stars, in the sky are bright in this moment as if Great Sun, radiance shines. 每一颗星辰,在这一刻都仿佛大日当空般明亮耀眼,光辉普照。 This side world, like the present, the distance real night sky so is not at present close. 眼前这一方天地,从没有像现在这样,距离真实星空如此接近。 In the stars that on the respective track operates, as if side people. 一颗颗在各自轨道上运行的星辰,仿佛就在人们身边。 On Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, the Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen vision concentrates, finally is earnest: Cao Jie, did you arrive unexpectedly?” 乘风天舟上,南方至尊庄深目光一凝,终于认真起来:“曹捷,你居然到了?” Above the vault of heaven, 28 thick light beams fall together. 天穹之上,28道粗大的光柱一起落下。 entire sky Twenty-Eight Mansions sparkles together, changes to 28 Grotto-Heaven to pass through the place sword light, arrives at Realm Above the Realm Imperial Reed Sea, aims at that fire phoenix together. 诸天二十八星宿一起闪耀,化作28道洞天贯地的剑光,降临界上界皇笳海,一起指向那火凤凰 Zhuang Shen stands up from the seat, stands in the Wind Riding Heavenly Boat bow, with palm generation of blades, a blade chops slowly. 庄深从座位上站起,立在乘风天舟船头,以掌代刀,徐徐一刀劈出。 That fire phoenix expressed a Qing cry, gave up Lin Hanhua and the others, non-stop flew the heaven. 火凤凰发出一声清鸣,放弃林汉华等人,直飞上天。 In the take-off process, inexhaustible flame gathers toward the phoenix on. 上升过程中,无穷无尽的火焰向着凤凰身上汇聚。 The phoenix build does not see to increase, but the strength even more condenses. 凤凰体型不见变大,但是力量愈发凝聚。 Karmic Virtue Deep Soil, Fortune Virtue Purple Light and Secret Virtue White Qi together present. 功德厚土,福德紫光阴德白气一起呈现。 In addition, has the light wave flood to open, the wave everywhere, such as the sage is near, ten thousand laws do not moisten. 除此之外,更有淡淡水波泛开,水波到处,如圣人临,万法不沾。 Sacred Virtue Wave Ripple. 正是圣德水波 Besides the the Way and its Virtue rosy cloud brume, that fire phoenix Four Virtues Reinforced Body, flowing light is brilliant, as if unique world, does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish. 除了道德霞霭以外,那火凤凰四德加身,流光绚烂,仿佛超脱世界,不死不灭。 Above Twenty-Eight Mansions melts magnificent sword light, gets together in one, falls on that phoenix. 上空二十八星宿所化之辉煌剑光,齐聚一处,落在那凤凰身上。 Among the sword light circulations, Realm Above the Realm as if must be torn to pieces the gap. 剑光流转间,界上界仿佛都要被撕破出缺口。 sword light that looks at that drops from the clouds, Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm one line, all relaxed. 看着那从天而降的剑光,东南阳天境一行人,全都松了口气。 Junior Apprentice Brother Cao rushed finally.” Southeast Sword Governess receives the sword to sheathe, restores that hoary-headed old woman appearance. 曹师弟终于赶到了。”东南剑姥收剑入鞘,重新恢复那白发苍苍的老妪模样。 Lin Hanhua said: Was His Majesty the Brocade Emperor meddles?” 林汉华言道:“是锦帝陛下插手了吗?” Southeast Sword Governess nods the head slowly: It seems like His Majesty the Brocade Emperor returns to Realm Above the Realm from Territory Beyond the Void finally, blocks Heaven Emperor with enough time.” 东南剑姥徐徐颔首:“看来锦帝陛下终于从域外虚空返回界上界,来得及拦下乾帝。” Above the vault of heaven, among sea of stars, a purple clothes man comes, if item bright star, sharp sword. 天穹之上,星海之间,一个紫衣男子现身,目若朗星,又似利剑。 Lord of Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, Southeast Supreme, Cao Jie! 东南阳天境之主,东南至尊,曹捷 Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen, Cao Jie above visual vault of heaven, unemotionally, the personal appearance leaves Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, surfaces the boat slowly. 南方至尊庄深,目视天穹之上的曹捷,面无表情,身形离开乘风天舟,徐徐上浮。 That Four Virtues Reinforced Body phoenix flies back to side him, unites with his personal appearance, immediately is greater. 四德加身的凤凰飞回他身旁,与他身形合一,顿时更加宏大。 Even if above Twenty-Eight Mansions gathers sword light to fall together, is difficult to move its slightest. 哪怕上方二十八星宿汇聚剑光一起落下,也难动其分毫。 Five Virtues Reinforced Body, all generations do not rub, world extinguishes us to extinguish. 五德加身,万劫不磨,天地灭我方灭。 Zhuang Shen has Four Virtues Defensive Physique, the defensive power has also been an astonishing degree. 庄深四德护体,防御力也已经达到一个惊人的程度。 His static looks at Cao Jie: „The this throne life, steadily collects the Five Virtues true meaning, now only misses one step then to arrive completely, you know perfectly well so, actually receive under entered the sect that Tang Yong Hao, can it be that to be feeling embarrassed this throne sincerely?” 他静静看着曹捷:“本座一生,不断收集五德真意,如今只差一步便到圆满,你明知如此,却将那唐永昊入门下,莫不是在诚心为难本座?” Cao Jie said indifferently: „The Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm ground, whom I must receive to be the disciple, is my matter.” 曹捷漠然说道:“东南阳天境地面,我要收谁做弟子,是我的事情。” He was saying, points at secret sword art to direct, toward below Zhuang Shen one finger. 他说着,手指剑诀一引,向着下方庄深一指。 Tang Yong Hao is my disciple, you make me associate with people, Zhuang Shen, you think that who you are?” 唐永昊是我弟子,你让我交人,庄深,你以为你是谁?” In Cao Jie both eyes, purple light thrives, secret sword art, vault of heaven sea of stars shakes once more. 曹捷双目中,紫光勃发,剑诀所向,天穹星海再次震荡。 The innumerable stars revolve, said that Purple Qi fills the world, from remote Milky Way, in addition holds on Cao Jie. 无数星辰运转,道道紫气弥漫天地,源自遥远天河,加持在曹捷身上。 From the Cao Jie fingertip, appears together purple sword light. 曹捷指尖,现出一道紫色剑光 sword light everywhere, Zhuang Shen protects body Four Virtues, immediately starts to disintegrate! 剑光到处,庄深护体四德,顿时开始瓦解!
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