HSSB :: Volume #9

#889: Southern Supreme Master

Yan Di in the main hall, in the looks at palace together light avatar illusion realm, above scene fluctuates at this moment, is presenting Western scene. 燕狄此刻就在大殿中,看着殿内一块光影幻境,上面景象变幻,也正呈现出西方景象 looks at that flies to sweep across the horizon the crimson flame, Yan Di asks: „Is this Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen gets rid personally?” 看着那飞席卷天际的赤红火光,燕狄问道:“这是南方至尊庄深亲自出手吗?” Yan Zhao Ge said: Besides him, the Southern Flaming Heaven Realm second person has not had this grade of momentum.” 燕赵歌言道:“除了他以外,南方炎天境没第二个人有这等声势了。” His both hands hug alternately in the front: Similarly truth, Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, if Cao Jie is unable to get rid, then nobody can prevent him.” 他双手交叉抱在胸前:“同样道理,东南阳天境这边,如果曹捷无法出手,那么没人能阻挡他。” Imperial Reed Sea here cannot defend, the Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm defense line can only draw back draws back again.” 皇笳海这里守不住,东南阳天境的防线只能一退再退。” Yan Zhao Ge rubs own temple gently: But, the opposite party definitely will reach out for a yard after taking an inch, is unceasingly thorough, pursues unceasingly, till forcing Gold Courtyard Mountain hands over Tang Yong Hao.” 燕赵歌轻轻搓揉自己的太阳穴:“不过,对方肯定会得寸进尺,不断深入,不断追击,直到迫使金庭山交出唐永昊为止。” Tang Yong Hao, contains the the Way and its Virtue rosy cloud brume phoenix bone with that throughout is the goal that Southern Flaming Heaven Realm most wants, other below these. 唐永昊,和那块蕴含道德霞霭的凤凰骨,始终是南方炎天境最要的目标,其他一切都等而下之。 Um, may also request to hand over me.” Yan Zhao Ge, then said slightly. “嗯,可能还会要求交出我。”燕赵歌稍微顿了一下,接着说道。 Yan Di asked: You formerly said that can rumble to collapse Spirit Virtuous Region here Slit of the Heavenly Wall?” 燕狄问道:“你先前说,要轰塌灵贤洲这里的天壁之伤?” Yan Zhao Ge replied: Time is somewhat tight, now does not have the big assurance, if cannot succeed, that is suppressed cultivation after me, arrives at Eight Extremities World, guards Slit of the Heavenly Wall entrance.” 燕赵歌答道:“时间有些紧,现在没有多大把握,如果不能成功的话,那就由我压制修为以后,降临八极大世界,镇守天壁之伤入口。” Everybody suppresses cultivation to arrive at side Lower Realm, is Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen personally pursues, Yan Zhao Ge did not mind. 大家都压制修为降临一方下界,便是南方至尊庄深亲自追下去,燕赵歌都不介意。 Yan Di has not spoken, in static looks at light avatar image, red western sky. 燕狄没说话,静静看着光影图像中,一片通红的西方天空。 The light avatar image rocks suddenly, seemed affected by the external force. 光影图像突然晃动一下,仿佛受到外力影响。 Then, light avatar quick distortion, finally Cataclysm. 然后,光影很快扭曲,最终破灭 Yan Zhao Ge sinking sound track: Came.” 燕赵歌沉声道:“来了。” Inundates the Heavenly Fire light, came from Southern Flaming Heaven Realm, sweeps across two boundary border regions quickly, then enters Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm Imperial Reed Sea most west frontier, directly Bright Pure Region that Southern Flaming Heaven Realm borders on. 天火光,从南方炎天境而来,快席卷两境交界区域,然后进入东南阳天境皇笳海最西陲,直接与南方炎天境接壤的景清洲 The Bright Pure Region sea area, Endless Primoridal Magnetic Storm is in the most powerful time. 景清洲海域,无尽元磁风暴正处于最强盛的时期。 Inundates the Celestial Dragon volume wind, curls up below sea water direct impact horizon, in the water spout, the terrifying electric current keeps beating the twinkle. 天龙卷风,卷起下方海水直冲天际,水龙卷里,恐怖电流不停跳动闪烁。 Entire Bright Pure Region, presents Underworld scene. 整个景清洲,都呈现一幅地狱景象 However, as the crimson flame arrives, that terrifying Endless Primoridal Magnetic Storm, in short instantaneous, subsides. 但是,随着赤红火光到来,那恐怖的无尽元磁风暴,都在短短瞬间,就平息下去。 The electric light clears, the storm idle time, sea water drops. 电光散尽,风暴停歇,海水回落。 Only has the crimson flame to sweep across the world, fast crosses Bright Pure Region. 唯有赤红火光席卷天地,飞快越过景清洲 Big naturally terrifying cataclysm calamity, as if was also trod in this flame at this moment in the under foot. 自然的恐怖灾劫,此刻仿佛也被在这火光踏在脚下。 But in two sides direction, is correct a formidable aura, follows that crimson flame, enters the Imperial Reed Sea boundary together. 而在两边方向,也有道道强大气息,追随那赤红火光,一同进入皇笳海地界。 Imperial Reed Sea Bright Pure Region and above the Desert Mountain Region sea area, a hundred zhang (333m) great boat, in multi-coloured rays surrounding, hangs above the vault of heaven. 皇笳海景清洲漠山洲海域上方,一艘百丈巨舟,于霞光包围中,悬于天穹之上。 That is Wind Riding Heavenly Boat. 那正是一艘乘风天舟 Stands on the boat, several people are stern-faced the look, the flame that the looks at rear area approaches. 站在舟上,几个人都一脸凝重神色,看着后方靠近的火光。 The person here, has the Gold Courtyard Mountain Southeast Supreme person, Sword King of the Shadow Mountain Lin Han Hua, has with is Mu Jun and the others of Southeast Supreme disciple. 在这里的人,有金庭山东南至尊徒,影山剑王林汉华,有同为东南至尊弟子的穆军等人 Enough three Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage realm top powerhouse. 还有足足三名武圣九重,仙桥后期境界的顶尖强者。 And a white gray old woman, hangs the sword with Lin Han Hua and Mu Jun and the others same waist, Realm Above the Realm martial artist is familiar with Supreme Lord saying that it is Southeast Sword Governess. 其中一个白苍苍的老妇,和林汉华穆军等人一样腰间悬剑,界上界武者习惯上尊称其为东南剑姥 She and Southeast Supreme Cao Jie was the same side, Southeast Supreme saw her, must call Senior Apprentice Sister. 她和东南至尊曹捷乃是同门,东南至尊见了她,也要称一声师姐 Although cultivation realm caught up by younger Cao Jie, but Southeast Sword Governess was still one of the Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm creme of the crop powerhouses. 虽然修为境界被更年轻的曹捷后来居上,但东南剑姥仍然是东南阳天境最顶尖的强者之一。 Another two Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm powerhouses, is the southeast with Gold Courtyard Mountain goodwill old and renowned scholar, before this should Sword Governess and Lin Han Hua and the others invite, to come to help. 另外两名武圣九重境界强者,则都是同金庭山亲善的东南耆宿,此前应剑姥林汉华等人相邀,前来助拳。 The people in the border, with the Southern Flaming Heaven Realm numerous top powerhouse war, occupied the winning side before indistinctly. 众人之前在边境,与南方炎天境一众顶尖强者大战,隐约还占到上风。 But arrives along with Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen, Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm one line of can only , but retrocedes. 但随着南方至尊庄深亲临,东南阳天境一行人只能无奈后退。 Inundates the Heavenly Fire light, from the sky changes into gigantic fire phoenix, the wings launches, blocks the sky. 天火光,在空中化为一只巨大火凤凰,双翼展开,遮天蔽日。 That fire phoenix flutters slightly, then has under shop day lid Earthly Fire Yu Luo, covers Lin Han Hua and Southeast Sword Governess on and the others Wind Riding Heavenly Boat directly. 火凤凰稍微一振翅,便有铺天盖地火雨落下,直接笼罩乘风天舟上的林汉华东南剑姥等人 Southern Supreme rather went too far.” Southeast Sword Governess sees that also not many idle talk, pat the waist long sword, sword light immediately direct impact bullfight. 南方至尊未免欺人太甚了。”东南剑姥见状,也不多废话,一拍腰间长剑,剑光顿时直冲斗牛。 At this moment, under sword light shines, as if the group star gathers magnificent, the physique that lets this old woman becomes indistinct the dust. 这一刻,剑光映照下,仿佛群星聚华,让这老妪的身姿变得缥缈出尘。 In the star light, white gray old woman disappears does not see, displacing, is a feature is fine-looking, looks beautiful high selects the girl. 星光中,白苍苍的老妇人消失不见,取而代之者,乃是一个眉目英挺,姿容秀丽的高挑女郎。 Her sword cuts, sword light everywhere, the world domain originally separates together the fissure immediately, in the dark slit, a star light sparkles, as if a galaxy. 她一剑斩出,剑光到处,原本的天地界域顿时分开一道裂痕,黑暗的缝隙里,点点星光闪耀,仿佛一条星河。 rain of fire that the galaxy in the sky, the place above drops, falls in the galaxy, keeps colliding with the star light. 星河当空,上方落下的火雨,都落在星河里,与星光不停碰撞。 The flame and star light disappear alternately, change into a brilliance. 火光和星光交替泯灭,化为一片绚烂。 Southeast Sword Governess sword momentum keeps, sword tip directs, in the galaxy myriad star light, get together in one, is very dazzling, points to vault of heaven above fire phoenix. 东南剑姥剑势不停,剑锋一引,星河里万千星光,齐聚一处,无比璀璨夺目,直指天穹上空的火凤凰 Her personality is old, but Mi La, sharply like sword, then facing Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen, must assault as far as possible. 她性情老而弥辣,锐利如剑,便是面对南方至尊庄深,也要尽可能抢攻。 That fire phoenix Qing called one, a personal appearance revolution in midair. 火凤凰清鸣一声,在半空里身形一转。 Innumerable stream of fire change to the terrifying flame vortex, hangs above the vault of heaven. 无数流火化作恐怖的火焰漩涡,悬于苍穹之上。 That vortex, as if a terrifying one-eyed, indifferently under gaze, as if abyss gigantic mouth, big Zhang Kailai, must swallow the myriad things. 那漩涡,仿佛一只恐怖的独眼,漠然注视下方,又仿佛一张深渊巨口,大张开来,要吞噬万物。 The star light, the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals passes through the sword of place, entered the flame vortex, was worn down unceasingly. 星光所化,洞天贯地之剑,入了火焰漩涡,被不断消磨。 On Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, another two Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage realm powerhouse, gets rid. 乘风天舟上,另外两名武圣九重,仙桥后期境界强者,也一齐出手。 The blue light shoots up to the sky together, everywhere one visit, silence reigns, the person keeps piece of ice and frost. 一道蓝光冲天而起,所到之处,万籁俱寂,徒留一片冰霜 ice and frost, not only the life is everywhere on the wane, including Space and time, as if stagnates static. 冰霜到处,不仅仅生命凋零,连空间与时间,仿佛都凝滞静止。 Golden great hand, has grasped the fist, ejects upwardly. 一直金色巨手,握成拳,向上击出。 The golden fist everywhere, keeps exploding void, implication serious strength, direct crush world space and time. 金色拳头到处,虚空不停爆炸,其中蕴含之沉重力量,直接碾压天地时空。 No matter the sword of Sword Governess, these two strengths that gets rid, which is casual, wins Starseizing Scholar Guan Li De. 不管是剑姥之剑,还是后出手的这两道力量,随便哪个,都更胜摘星居士关立德 Ice blue radiance and golden great fist, simultaneously shells, in that is wearing down on the sword light flame vortex. 冰蓝光辉与金色巨拳,同时轰击在那正消磨剑光的火焰漩涡上。 After the flame whirlpool twists one next, finally disruption. 火焰旋涡扭曲一下后,终于碎裂。 fire phoenix departs again, was only weak. 火凤凰重新从中飞出,只是虚弱了许多。 At this moment, sword magnificent shoots up to the sky together, cuts the spent force fire phoenix! 就在这时,一道剑华冲天而起,直斩强弩之末的火凤凰 Sword King of the Shadow Mountain, Lin Han Hua! 影山剑王,林汉华 Martial Saint Eighth Layer realm, actually may challenge the Martial Saint Ninth Layer powerhouse. 武圣八重境界,却可挑战武圣九重的强者。 But sees sword light to prick phoenix within the body, inundates the Heavenly Fire light as if also along with the it dim several points. 但见剑光刺入凤凰体内,漫天火光似乎也随之黯淡几分。 The next flash, the flame once more is but bright. 可是下一瞬间,火焰再次明亮起来。 The large flame that as if the Nirvana rebirth, the fire phoenix Gao Xiang horizon, several tail plumes extend once more, in cling Lin Han Hua the long sword, making it onset and retreat not probably. 仿佛涅槃重生,火凤凰再次高翔天际,几根尾翎延伸出来的火舌,更卷住林汉华手里长剑,使之进退不得。 Southeast Sword Governess and the others, looks dignified. 东南剑姥等人,都神情凝重。 They just now, pour also with the give-and-take that match fights. 他们方才,倒也同对手战的有来有往。 Method that but the opposite party uses, but Fire Phoenix is mysterious. 但对方所施展的手段,只不过火凤奥妙而已。 Dense of Five Virtues, is the Phoenix True Form Volume essence. 五德之密,才是凤凰真形卷的精髓。 The matches have not acted seriously. 对手根本还没有动真格的。 The distant place, sea of fire dispersing, another Wind Riding Heavenly Boat appears. 远方,火海散开,又一艘乘风天舟出现。 That belongs to Southern Flaming Heaven Realm Phoenix Rites Mountain Parasoltree Slope Wind Riding Heavenly Boat. 那是属于南方炎天境凤仪山梧桐坡乘风天舟 Above Divine Boat, a form draw sits in meditation in the chair, said indifferently: Just now gives each of you one completely to unfold the opportunity of manager, has greeted.” 神舟之上,一个身影平静坐在椅中,淡然说道:“方才给你们每人一个尽展所长的机会,算是打过招呼。” Now, gives this Tang Yong Hao and Yan Zhao Ge these two people, if not so, this place must bully southeast you seriously.” “现在,将唐永昊燕赵歌这两个人交给本座,如若不然,本座当真要欺你东南了。”
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