HSSB :: Volume #9

#888: Martial Saint Tenth Layer, Physique of Human Immortal

Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm and Southern Flaming Heaven Realm this war, the final outcome, wants the whereabouts eventually in Southeast Supreme Cao Jie and Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen two people. But the beforehand all sorts of signs indicated that stands in Great Xuan Dynasty behind Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, likely meddles this matter. Therefore Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen and Southern Flaming Heaven Realm, so will be strong, start wars between two boundaries. 东南阳天境南方炎天境此次大战,最终结果,终究要着落在东南至尊曹捷南方至尊庄深两人身上。但之前种种迹象表明,站在大玄王朝身后的乾元大帝,很可能插手这件事情。所以南方至尊庄深南方炎天境,才会如此强势,掀起两境之间的大战。 If Southeast Supreme Cao Jie were diverted by Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, cannot enter the war, then entire Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, nobody may keep off Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen. 而如果东南至尊曹捷乾元大帝牵制,不能参战,那么整个东南阳天境,无人可挡南方至尊庄深 From the overall general situation, the aspect to Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, to Imperial Reed Sea Yan Zhao Ge and Broad Creed Mountain, is not actually advantageous. This does not affect Great Xuan Dynasty to bully to visit, Yan Zhao Ge and Broad Creed Mountain give to deal a head-on blow. However after solving the Great Xuan Dynasty problem, Yan Zhao Ge needs to consider then possibly the threat of arrival. 从整体大局来讲,局面对东南阳天境,对皇笳海燕赵歌广乘山,其实并不怎么有利。这不影响大玄王朝欺上门来,燕赵歌广乘山给予迎头痛击。不过在解决大玄王朝的问题后,燕赵歌就需要考虑接下来可能到来的威胁。 Studies how destroys Slit of the Heavenly Wall, is at the same time. Destroys Slit of the Heavenly Wall, does not cut off the road of Lower Realm martial artist flying upwards. 研究如何摧毁天壁之伤,就是其中一方面。摧毁天壁之伤,并非断绝下界武者飞升之路。 Cuts off Lower Realm cultivation not to arrive at Martial Saint Fourth Layer realm martial artist, arrives at the Realm Above the Realm way with the aid of the nonego. Meanwhile, cuts off the Realm Above the Realm powerhouse, arrives at the Lower Realm path directly. 只是断绝下界修为不到武圣四重境界武者,借助外物来到界上界的途径。同时,也是断绝界上界强者,直接降临下界的道路。 The people do not have the foresight to have the sorrow near at hand, if Southern Flaming Heaven Realm wins, occupies Imperial Reed Sea, then Realm Above the Realm Broad Creed Mountain migration at the same time, Spirit Virtuous Region here Slit of the Heavenly Wall was the issue. 人无远虑必有近忧,如果南方炎天境获胜,占据皇笳海,那么界上界广乘山迁移的同时,灵贤洲这里的天壁之伤就是问题了。 That side Luán Image Region Slit of the Heavenly Wall to Vast Ocean World but actually, after all Vast Ocean World with the Eight Extremities World non- direct connectivity. 鸾相州那边通往沧海大世界天壁之伤倒也罢了,毕竟沧海大世界八极大世界不直接连通。 However Spirit Virtuous Region here Slit of the Heavenly Wall goes nonstop to Eight Extremities World. 但是灵贤洲这里的天壁之伤直通八极大世界 If Realm Above the Realm Broad Creed Mountain migrates, absolutely not will leave the enemy here. 界上界广乘山如果迁移,断不会将这里留给敌人。 Naturally, Yan Zhao Ge also has to make both kinds of preparation, seals up the Slit of the Heavenly Wall method besides the research thoroughly, he also produces in a hurry a Heavenly Connection jade kind of treasure in the collection material. Just, this treasure is rare, but the demand is also high, therefore the gap is quite big. 当然,燕赵歌也有做两手准备,除了研究彻底封闭天壁之伤的方法以外,他也在收集材料赶制通天玉一类的宝物。只不过,这种宝物毕竟难得,而需求量又高,所以缺口比较大。 Because there is Yuan Zheng Feng to go to the border, Broad Creed Mountain also gave the great concern to the border war, therefore the news fed is prompt. However, while Yan Zhao Ge receives the previous news, at present world scene, lives the change suddenly indistinctly. 因为有元正峰去了边境,广乘山也对边境战事予以高度关注,所以消息传回非常及时。不过,就在燕赵歌接到前一个消息的同时,眼前天地景象,突然隐约生变化。 World spiritual qi circulation, obvious change, the shape of appearing intermittently disorder. 天地灵气流转,明显变动,隐现紊乱之象。 Yan Zhao Ge leaves the cleanroom that oneself were, stands has an audience with the emperor west Southern Flaming Heaven Realm in Broad Creed Mountain and Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm intersection point looks. The west sky, turned into fiery red impressively. The billowing heat wave, heads on unceasingly. 燕赵歌出了自己所在的净室,站在广乘山上朝西面南方炎天境东南阳天境交界处望去。西面天空,赫然已经变成一片火红。滚滚热浪,不断扑面而来。 Ah Hu look is dignified: Young Master, did Southern Supreme such quickly kill?” 身旁的阿虎神色凝重:“公子,南方至尊这么快就杀来了?” Yan Zhao Ge visual West: Did not have, just arrived at border, but this Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen truly personally went into action.” 燕赵歌目视西方:“还没有,刚到边境,不过这次南方至尊庄深确实亲自出马了。” Ah Hu stares dumbfounded: Although our here is not far from the border, but in any case is away from Desert Mountain Region and Bright Pure Region, he noise that makes to the border, our can here also see?” 阿虎瞠目结舌:“虽然咱们这里距离边境不远,但好歹隔着漠山洲景清洲,他到边境闹出的动静,咱们这里也能看到?” Otherwise do you think?” Yan Zhao Ge spoke thoughtlessly to reply: Martial Saint Tenth Layer, world Supreme, that did not say casually, but stands in world peak most existence, surmounts separation of Human Immortal, on ascended to Immortal Realm. Why otherwise called Supreme?” “要不然你以为呢?”燕赵歌随口答道:“武圣十重,人间至尊,那不是随便说说,而是真的站在人间巅峰最的存在,跨越人仙之隔,就登临仙境了。否则为什么叫至尊?” Ah Hu touches the head, the subconsciousness shrank under the neck. 阿虎摸了摸脑袋,下意识缩了下脖子。 Yan Zhao Ge sees that says with a smile: „Before Great Cataclysm, in the custom manages the Martial Saint Tenth Layer realm powerhouse, called Human Immortal, or Void Immortal, means that only missed one step, was True Immortal. Our generation martial artist practice, breaks sees True God void, Orifice Refining God Forming, many acupoints become the god's stars resonance with real universe, then the strength is stronger, realm is higher. High to the certain extent, after promoting Martial Saint Seventh Layer realm, is can see one point Immortal Gate shade, steps the bridge to Immortal Realm, therefore calls Immortal Bridge.” 燕赵歌见状,笑道:“大破灭以前,习惯上管武圣十重境界的强者,叫人仙,或者虚仙,意味着只差一步,便是真仙。我辈武者修练,打破虚空见得真神,炼窍成神,越多穴窍成神同真实宇宙的星辰共鸣,则力量越强,境界越高。高到一定程度,晋升武圣七重境界以后,算是能看见一点仙门的影儿,踏上通往仙境的桥梁,所以称之为仙桥。” Yan Zhao Ge has referred to the west side already the fiery red sky: However Martial Saint Tenth Layer realm, is true Great Perfection realm, refers to is martial artist builds up the comes true god whole body acupoints, with the stars resonance, to this situation, martial artist within the body universe, almost already with real universe not different.” 燕赵歌指了指西边已经火红的天空:“而武圣十重境界,是真正的大圆满境界,指的就是武者将全身穴窍都炼成真神,与星辰共鸣,到了这个地步,武者体内宇宙,几乎已经同真实宇宙无异。” To a certain extent, the Martial Saint Tenth Layer realm powerhouse, stands on equivalent to in the Immortal Bridge end, at present is Immortal Gate. 某种程度上来说,武圣十重境界的强者,就相当于站在仙桥的尽头,眼前就是仙门 Can shove open this Taoism, the Human Immortal two characters, can remove the front that “Human” character. 能推开这道门,人仙两个字,就可以去掉前面的那个“人”字。 looks at understands gradually Ah Hu that Yan Zhao Ge said: All acupoints together become the gods, with the stars resonance, within the body universe completely is nearly real, will give martial artist to bring about the change of shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones, this also to shove open Immortal Gate actually prepares.” 看着渐渐明白过来的阿虎,燕赵歌说道:“所有穴窍一起成神,与星辰共鸣,体内宇宙近乎完全真实,将给武者带来脱胎换骨的变化,这其实也是为了推开仙门做准备。” Even if acupoints has not built up the god, with completely becomes the god, has difference essentially, therefore Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm, with Martial Saint Tenth Layer realm, the disparity is very big. Is much greater than Martial Scholar Ninth Layer and Martial Scholar Tenth Layer, disparity between Great Martial Scholar Ninth Layer and Great Martial Scholar Tenth Layer. Above is the immortal, its under is the human, therefore called Human Immortal. 哪怕还有一个穴窍没有炼成神,与全部成神,都有本质上的差别,所以武圣九重境界,和武圣十重境界,差距很大。远大于宗师九重宗师十重,大宗师九重大宗师十重之间的差距。其上是仙,其下是人,所以称人仙 The name of world Supreme, came from this. 人间至尊之名,由此而来。 Yan Zhao Ge said: Human body has secret acupoints, wants with the stars resonance, is difficult, therefore more in the future will practice is more difficult, some Martial Saint Ninth Layer, the Immortal Bridge later stage realm powerhouse, has not built up on difference such several acupoints, but on these acupoints, often is unbearable, difficult such as to ascend to heaven.” 燕赵歌言道:“人体有许多隐秘的穴窍,想要与星辰共鸣,非常困难,所以越往后修练越困难,有些武圣九重,仙桥后期境界的强者,就差那么几个穴窍没有炼成,但就这几个穴窍,往往就是咫尺天涯,难如登天。” Ah Hu anxious asking: Young Master, that can Old Sect Master have the matter?” 阿虎紧张的问道:“公子,那老掌门会不会有事?” Yan Zhao Ge leaves to go to the Heavenly Celestial Peak Sect main hall, walks on the road said: Matter may not be, other Sword King of the Shadow Mountain and Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm powerhouses should evacuate decisively, so long as Grand Master and people leave together promptly, then should not have the issue.” 燕赵歌动身前往乾天峰宗门正殿,在路上边走边说道:“事不可为,影山剑王和其他东南阳天境强者应该会果断撤离,只要师祖和众人一起及时离开,便应该不会有问题。” The Ah Hu facial expression is more relaxed: Young Master, what way does this inside have?” 阿虎神情轻松一些:“公子,这里面有什么门道吗?” Yan Zhao Ge has savored a lip: Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen practices Phoenix True Form Volume, formidable really formidable, but also many limits. Parasoltree Slope does not have the practice method of the Way and its Virtue rosy cloud brume, can not discuss. Can Southern Supreme Sacred Virtue Wave Ripple I not be clear, if can, then he must restrain itself, matter that little dry uses strength to bully the weak. He cultivates Secret Virtue White Qi, oneself vitality often in does not dye kills the tribulation, but in turn, to other people, he also needs to cultivate the behavior to keep one, does not handle the matter that is ruthless.” 燕赵歌咂摸了一下嘴唇:“南方至尊庄深修练凤凰真形卷,强大是真的强大,不过也有许多限制。梧桐坡没有道德霞霭的修练法门,可以不谈。南方至尊会不会圣德水波我不清楚,如果会,那么他要克制自己,少干恃强凌弱的事情。他修阴德白气,自己生机常在不染杀劫,但是反过来,对其他人,他也需要做人留一线,不做赶尽杀绝的事情。” Here, Yan Zhao Ge curled the lip: Naturally , is really not competent, but practices uselessly to oneself, dry were many also possibly harmfully, causing cultivation to stagnate even backs up, or the progress will be difficult in the future. As for does to counteract the matter of Five Virtues, does few, achieves any degree, throughout needs martial artist to weigh to make a decision.” 说到这里,燕赵歌撇了撇嘴:“当然,也不是真的不能干,只不过对自己修练无益,干的多了还可能有害,导致修为停滞甚至倒退,又或者日后进步艰难。至于到底做不做有悖五德之事,做多做少,做到什么程度,始终还是需要武者自己衡量拿主意的。” Ah Hu listened, nods: If Sword King of the Shadow Mountain and Old Sect Master and the others does not die to fight does not draw back, insists to lock horns with Southern Supreme, under that Southern Supreme should not need the cruel methods.” 阿虎听了,点点头:“如果影山剑王老掌门等人不是死战不退,硬要跟南方至尊顶牛到底的话,那南方至尊应该没必要下狠手。” Has gone against main hall entrance Yan Zhao Ge to Heavenly Celestial Peak, returns to look to the West. 燕赵歌到了乾天峰顶正殿门口,回看向西方。 Western half sky, changed into fiery red completely, and is flying to spread to here. 西方半边天空,已经完全化为一片火红,并且在飞向这边蔓延。 Yan Zhao Ge has selected the eyebrow: To me, he affirms being able to get down hand.” 燕赵歌挑了挑眉:“对我,他肯定下得去手。”
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