HSSB :: Volume #9

#887: ginseng fruit leaf

Leaf that in Yan Zhaoge withered, the average person does not recognize its origin. 燕赵歌手里已经枯萎的叶子,一般人认不出其来历。 Because is nearly legend general existence. 因为已经是近乎神话传说一般的存在。 legendary, mysterious fruit trees, are the spirit roots of world production. 传说中,有一种神奇的果树,乃天地生成的灵根。 3,000 years blossoms, a 3,000 years result, again 3,000 years side maturely. 三千年一开花,三千年一结果,再三千年方得成熟。 The short head 10,000 years, only tie 30 fruits. 短头10000年,只结得30个果子。 Is predestined friends, smells, lives 360 years old \; Eats one, lives for 47,000 years. 有缘的,闻一闻,就活360岁\;吃一个,就活47000年。 The fruit that has falls with the [gold/metal], with wooden and dry, with the water, with is hot and burnt, enters with the earth. 结出的果子遇金而落,遇木而枯,遇水而化,遇火而焦,遇土而入。 This fruit, named sapodilla plum, Journey to the West legendary quite famous spirit fruit. 此果,名为人参果,西游传说中颇为有名的灵果。 The master of fruit tree, is legendary the ancestor of place immortal, only respects the world, does not do obeisance Three Pure Ones, with town Yuan of world with Mr. 果树的主人,乃是传说中的地仙之祖,只敬天地,不拜三清,与世同君的镇元子。 Said that only respects the world, but only respects the sun actually, in addition “Earth”, takes meaning of the world harmony. 说是只敬天地,但其实只敬天道,加上“地”,是取个天地和谐之意。 In other words, in this big buphthalmo, “Heaven” can handle his burning incense worship, “Earth” cannot handle. 换言之,在这位大牛眼里,“天”当得起他的香火敬拜,“地”当不起。 Said fairly, this town Yuan immortal, in the entire Taoism history, truly is one of the apex big cows knowing how things stand, true myth thumb. 公正的说,这位镇元大仙,在整个道门历史上,也确实是有数的顶尖大牛之一,真正的神话巨擘。 However, he and ginseng fruit tree, very long not present world, are Pre-Great Cataclysm, many years had not had the message, completely nearly character in the legend. 不过,他和人参果树,已经很久不现世,便是大破灭前,也已经多年不曾有过音讯,完全近乎神话传说里的人物。 Town Yuan sub- past cave mansion dojo Five Villas Monastery, although also, but only a small number of disciples. 镇元子当年的洞府道场五庄观,虽然还在,但只有少数门人。 Post-Great Cataclysm, has disappeared thoroughly, a present Realm Above the Realm people is not good to determine whether Five Villas Monastery still exists. 一场大破灭后,已经彻底不见踪影,如今的界上界中人也不好确定,五庄观是否还存在。 However, present Realm Above the Realm, a foundation of top great person, then stems from some town Yuan sub- legacy. 不过,现在的界上界,一位顶尖大人物的根底,便是源于镇元子的部分传承 Is true legacy, dug ruins legacy to do has separated the world successor, nobody knew. 是真正的嫡传,还是掘遗迹传承做了隔世传人,无人知晓。 This great person, is of Heaven Primordial Great Emperor Five Emperors. 这位大人物,便是五帝之一的乾元大帝 Although was not a town Yuan sub- complete true line, but also the shook world, endured with Brocade Emperor and the others posts. 虽然不是得了镇元子全部真传,但也叱咤天下,堪与锦帝等人并列。 Yan Zhaoge sees Magna Universe Array that Taoist Shi has arranged, thought somewhat Five Villas Monastery legacy way. 燕赵歌见了石道人摆下的大衍乾坤阵,就觉得其中有几分五庄观传承的路数。 Five Villas Monastery legacy is quite special, in the past Heavenly Court Divine Palace book collection recorded limitedly, therefore Yan Zhaoge cannot affirm immediately. 只是五庄观传承比较特殊,当年的天庭神宫藏书里记载有限,所以燕赵歌不敢立即肯定。 But now found this withered ginseng fruit leaf from the Taoist Shi travel bag, Yan Zhaoge again is then unquestioned. 但现在从石道人的行囊里找到这一片枯萎的人参果树叶子,燕赵歌便再无疑问。 Incites King Wen of Xuan, Taoist Shi and Rising Spirit and the others to arrive at Imperial Reed Sea, arranges Receiving Heaven Imitation Array, looks for the Empress of the Earth person, is Heaven Primordial Great Emperor. 授意玄文王石道人升灵子等人来到皇笳海,摆下承天效法阵,寻找后土皇地祇的人,正是乾元大帝 Also no wonder Southeast Supreme formerly had tacitly consented to the motion of opposite party. 也难怪东南至尊先前默许了对方的行动。 Can arrive at that realm character, really accumulates deeply, powerful.” Yan Zhaoge touches own chin, heart said: „Before having this matter, perhaps few knows personally, this Great Emperor, besides Five Villas Monastery legacy, Jade Pure legacy Cosmic Light Heavenly Book.” “能走到那个境界的人物,果然都积累深厚,实力强大呀。”燕赵歌摸了摸自己的下巴,心道:“有这事儿之前,恐怕没几个人知道,这位大帝,除了五庄观传承以外,还有玉清嫡传宙光天书。” In his hand presents a side metal ancient seal, assumes the long linearity, the quadrangular, as if a handle short-sword, but does not have the sword tip sword to be sharp. 他手里出现一方金属古印,呈长条形,四棱柱,仿佛一柄短剑,但是没有剑锋剑尖。 The short-sword peak, is bevels, engraves a side seal, the trace is plain and mysterious. 短剑顶端,是削平的,镌刻出一方印章,纹路古朴而又玄妙。 From high grade sacred armament of hand of Rising Spirit, Passage of Time Sword Seal. 正是得自升灵子之手的上品圣兵,光阴剑印 Ensiform ancient India , China, spread the bleak ancient aura, as if passes through eternally, be continuous since. 剑形古印中,传出荒凉古老的气息,仿佛穿越万古,绵延至今。 Yan Zhaoge shows a faint smile. 燕赵歌微微一笑。 Has Everlasting Heavenly Book, has Cosmic Light Heavenly Book remnant that before this obtains, at this moment this Passage of Time Sword Seal, he has very big assurance to infer complete Cosmic Light Heavenly Book again. 无极天书,有此前得到的宙光天书残篇,此刻再得这光阴剑印,他有很大把握推导出完整的宙光天书 Although definitely will integrate individual opinion of Heaven Primordial Great Emperor and Rising Spirit, the restoration beginning is impure, but was also enough. 虽然其中肯定会融入乾元大帝升灵子的个人见解,不复原始纯粹,但也已经足够。 Practices in the process, Yan Zhaoge can draw support from the Everlasting Heavenly Book slowly trimming. 修练过程中,燕赵歌可以借助无极天书慢慢微调。 However Passage of Time Sword Seal is high grade sacred armament, survives Martial Saint Eighth Layer, Immortal Bridge intermediate stage realm powerhouse Rising Spirit sword intent. 不过光阴剑印到底是上品圣兵,其中更还残存武圣八重,仙桥中期境界强者升灵子剑意 Wants subduing to build up, then withdraws strength ideal condition, but also needs to spend some time, spend some effort. 想要将之收服炼化,然后提取其中力量意境,还需要花些时间,费些手脚 However Yan Zhaoge does not worry. 不过燕赵歌并不着急。 Receives Passage of Time Sword Seal, his line of sight falls on that withered ginseng fruit leaf: Was a pity that the vitality cuts off...” 收起光阴剑印,他的视线重新落在那片枯萎的人参果树叶子上:“可惜,生机断绝啊…” The life fruit tree, the day earth deities plants, its mesozoic Gathering Spirit strength, ranks among the best in the entire sky treasure tree. 人生果树,天地灵种,其中生蕴灵力,在诸天宝树里数一数二。 But in turn, its vitality, if cut off, that is the deity is also difficult to rescue. 但反过来,它的生机如果断绝了,那也是神仙难救。 In Yan Zhaoge this is a fallen leaf, and withered, although he has Life and Fortune Heavenly Book on hand, but suddenly does not have any mentality. 燕赵歌手里这是一片落叶,且已经枯萎,虽然他手头有生生造化天书,但一时间也没什么思路。 Receives simply the first fallen leaf, Yan Zhaoge continues to ponder over other harvests. 索性先将落叶收好,燕赵歌继续琢磨其他收获。 Somewhat stems from his anticipation, Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage realm Guan Lide, in the pouch deficient, especially poor. 有些出乎他的意料,武圣九重,仙桥后期境界关立德,囊中匮乏,格外的穷。 This makes Yan Zhaoge cannot help but somewhat wonder. 这让燕赵歌不由得有些纳闷。 By the Guan Lide cultivation status, fights these many years in Realm Above the Realm, even if along the travel bag, this richly is very right. 关立德修为地位,在界上界打拼这么多年,即便是随身行囊,也该很丰富才对。 But looking back now, they are simply poorer than Martial Saint Seventh Layer Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng. 但现在看来,简直比武圣七重顾章贺东成他们还要穷。 From top to bottom, besides high grade sacred armament Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown and several middle grade sacred armament along, does not have other valuable things again, disappointing Yan Zhaoge. 浑身上下,除了上品圣兵晨星元阳冠和几件随身的中品圣兵以外,再无其他有价值的东西,让燕赵歌大为失望。 In hearsay, Guan Lide, although comes and goes freely, but also has the successor disciple.” “传闻中,关立德虽然独来独往,但也有传人弟子。” Yan Zhaoge looking pensive: He several times come to Imperial Reed Sea, is personally goes forth to battle, actually does not see the disciple to accompany, it seems like his disciple accompanies, is handling certain matters for him, for example, nurses pill furnace, or helps to create array refiner anything.” 燕赵歌若有所思:“他几次到皇笳海来,都是自己亲自上阵,却不见弟子随从,看来他的弟子随从,是在替他做某些事情,比方说,看护丹炉,或者帮忙布阵炼器什么的。” Then, Guan Lide may plan a heavy treasure actually. 如此一来,关立德倒是有可能在筹谋一件重宝。 Perhaps his beforehand savings, mostly spends on this thing. 他之前的积蓄,或许大都花费在这件东西上。 Yan Zhaoge has savored a lip, clashes Guan Lide to take advantage, has added many dangers to Broad Creed Mountain, by the Yan Zhaoge's idea, killed him is not finished up, must retaliate, got the Guan Lide main house gate. 燕赵歌咂摸了一下嘴唇,就冲关立德趁火打劫,给广乘山添了许多危险,以燕赵歌的想法,干掉他都不算完事,更要回敬一番,打上关立德家门去。 However under situation that in Guan Lide in person died, Southeast Supreme must return to protect mostly his posterity. 不过在关立德本人已死的情况下,东南至尊多半要回护一下他的后人。 The dead are over, Southeast Supreme is discontented with Guan Lide, had finished, at this time instead can be that old friend friendship has an effect. 死者已矣,东南至尊关立德再不满,也都结束了,这时候反而会是那点故人情分更起作用。 Yan Zhaoge also understands but actually, shrugs the shoulders, the thoughts changed to at other matters. 燕赵歌对此倒也理解,耸耸肩膀,心思转到了其他事情上。 Rising Spirit, Taoist Shi and King Cheng of Xuan initially left Imperial Reed Sea, should be Heaven Primordial Great Emperor also has the new assignment to send to them, what can be?” Yan Zhaoge ponders over at heart: This Great Emperor idea are many.” 升灵子石道人玄成王当初离开皇笳海,应该是乾元大帝又有新的差事派给他们,会是什么呢?”燕赵歌心里琢磨:“这位大帝想法很多啊。” Although in the Yan Zhaoge mind is transferring many thoughts, but is not only is also reorganizing the harvest of this war. 燕赵歌脑海中虽然转着诸多心思,但也并不仅仅是在整理这次大战的收获。 He is choosy in various treasures of this gain, improves his idea. 他在这次获取的各种宝物里挑挑拣拣,完善自己的一个构思。 That is, how thorough bang breaks down Slit of the Heavenly Wall. 那就是,如何彻底轰垮一条天壁之伤 Does not crack a joke, Yan Zhaoge truly in very much seriously thinks deeply about this issue. 不是开玩笑,燕赵歌是确实在很认真思索这个问题。 As if was showing that Yan Zhaoge pondered this issue the necessity, feeds in a news from the border quickly. 仿佛在证明燕赵歌思考这个问题的必要性,从边境很快传回一个消息。 In has not fallen into the obvious inferior under situation, Southern Flaming Heaven Realm that side offensive, instead slowed down. 在并没有落入明显劣势的情况下,南方炎天境那边的攻势,反而放缓了。 Slows down, does not retreat. 放缓,并不是退却。 On the contrary, after slowing down, they have toward the meanings of two wing depth advances. 相反,在放缓之后,他们有朝着两翼纵深前进的意思。 As if existing for some, making way central battlefield at the same time, prepares to invade Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm massively. 仿佛在为某个存在,让开中央战场的同时,准备大规模侵入东南阳天境 Yan Zhaoge hears the first response of this news is, Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen, must get rid personally. 燕赵歌听到这个消息的第一反应是,南方至尊庄深,要亲自出手了。
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