HSSB :: Volume #9

#891: Great Xuan Dynasty, becomes the history

Cao Jie this purple sword light, might is greatest, including Four Virtues Reinforced Body Zhuang Shen, somewhat cannot resist its point! 曹捷这道紫色剑光,威力莫大,连四德加身庄深,都有些抵挡不住其锋芒! Sacred Virtue Wave Ripple that should ten thousand laws not moisten, caught the light purple at this time, is no longer clear. 本该万法不沾的圣德水波,这时染上淡淡紫色,不再澄澈。 Continuous endless, Karmic Virtue Deep Soil that all evil does not invade, was shaking to disintegrate at this time gradually. 连绵无尽,诸邪不侵的功德厚土,这时在渐渐震荡瓦解。 Does not fall to kill Fortune Virtue Purple Light of tribulation, leisurely changes pale, the murderous intention dies the trillion, starts indistinctly presents. 不坠杀劫的福德紫光,悠悠变淡,杀机死兆,开始隐约呈现。 In all generations always has Secret Virtue White Qi of a slim chance of survival, at this moment is especially nimble and resourceful, must start to wield the function. 万劫之中总有一线生机的阴德白气,这一刻格外灵动,已经要开始挥作用。 The Zhuang Shen vision is spooky: Three wall emperor swords, Purple Tenuity Sword...” 庄深目光幽幽:“三垣帝剑,紫微剑…” Middle Heaven Purple Tenuity of the North Pole Star Grand Sovereign Great Emperor legacy absolute art, three wall emperor swords. 中天紫微北极太皇大帝嫡传绝学,三垣帝剑。 Taoism sword art absolute art above Twenty-Eight Mansions secret sword art. 更在二十八星宿剑诀之上的道门剑道绝学 The purple micro wall takes Three Walls Middle Palace, lives Purple Tenuity Sword is might not measured, wonderful with an improper method. 紫微垣作为三垣中宫,所生之紫微剑更是威力莫测,神妙无方。 This is the basis of Gold Courtyard Mountain [lineage/vein] opening the mountain and establishing the school, even if Gold Courtyard Mountain legacy three wall emperor swords not entire, has Purple Tenuity Sword, also sufficiently arrogant eating delicacies in society. 此乃金庭山一脉开山立派之根本,哪怕金庭山传承的三垣帝剑不全,有紫微剑在,也足以傲啸世间。 Southeast Supreme Cao Jie is sword cultivator, striking power takes a broad view at entire Realm Above the Realm, Realm of Supreme, unusual person. 东南至尊曹捷身为剑修,攻击力放眼整个界上界,至尊之境,少有人及。 Then is Four Virtues Reinforced Body, defends astonishing Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen, at this moment also has to evade the point temporarily. 便是四德加身,防御惊人的南方至尊庄深,此刻也不得不暂避锋芒。 Four Virtues Reinforced Body, the phoenix Nirvana, I cannot kill you.” The Cao Jie sword refers to Zhuang Shen: But you cannot win me.” 四德加身,凤凰涅槃,我杀不得你。”曹捷剑指庄深:“但你更胜不得我。” He is calm, seems recounting an obvious fact. 他语气平静,仿佛在述说一个再明显不过的事实。 But both sides fighting result, is also proving this one point. 双方交手结果,也在证明这一点 Cao Jie Purple Tenuity Sword falls, cuts to extinguish covers the Zhuang Shen whole body, Four Virtues Defensive Physique fire phoenix! 曹捷紫微剑落下,生生斩灭笼罩庄深全身,四德护体火凤凰 In everywhere stream of fire, Zhuang Shen falls on Wind Riding Heavenly Boat. 漫天流火之中,庄深落回乘风天舟上。 Looks down, above oneself palm, are impressively many a blood-stained mouth. 低头看去,自己手掌之上,赫然多出一道血口。 The flame covers, Wind Riding Heavenly Boat of Zhuang Shen and under foot turns around to go. 火光笼罩间,庄深和脚下的乘风天舟掉头而去。 His sound conveys tranquilly: Compares in you, this throne defends the storm to be weak, one to one fights, truly does not get the advantage.” 他的声音平静传来:“相较于你,本座守强攻弱,一对一交手,确实不占优势。” No matter Zhuang Shen, is Cao Jie, has high grade sacred armament and priceless and unique rare treasure in the body. 不管是庄深,还是曹捷,都有上品圣兵奇珍异宝在身。 But both sides first fighting , is about by no means considered as to know the whole story. 双方并非第一次交手,彼此之间也大致算得上知根知底。 Builds the abscess slightly, investigates progress and current depth that opposite party these years do not see for a long time, in the heart then probably knows how things stand. 略微搭搭手,探查对方这些年许久不见的进展和目前的深浅,心中便大概有数。 both sides is Martial Saint Tenth Layer, world Supreme cultivation, could decide the victory and defeat, but is very difficult to come out the life and death. 双方都是武圣十重,人间至尊修为,或许能分出胜负,但很难决出生死。 Since Cao Jie appears here, Zhuang Shen then knows that the original plan is invalid, fights again, was insignificant. 曹捷既然出现在这里,庄深便知道原先的计划行不通,再战下去,已无意义。 His expression is indifferent, does not see to be annoyed and frustrate, only then strengthened and was determined: But that phoenix bone, this throne wins, Cao Jie, we have another chance to meet.” 他语气淡然,不见懊恼与挫败,只有坚定和决心:“但那凤凰骨,本座志在必得,曹捷,咱们后会有期。” Fire Phoenix reappears, covers entire Wind Riding Heavenly Boat, boundless gigantic. 火凤重现,笼罩整个乘风天舟,无边巨大 The both wings inspire, passes through Bright Pure Region instantaneously, runs away to west Southern Flaming Heaven Realm. 双翅一振,瞬间穿越景清洲,向西面的南方炎天境遁去。 Cao Jie is built on above the vault of heaven, takes a step to forward, pursues. 曹捷立于天穹之上,迈步向前,一路追去。 sword light refers , the sky stars as if in abundance crash, series hits to fire phoenix that escapes. 剑光所指,天空星辰仿佛纷纷坠落,连环向那远遁的火凤凰打去。 Suddenly in the sky stream of fire spurts, as if innumerable phoenix feathers fall. 一时间天空中流火飞洒,仿佛无数凤凰羽掉落。 Lin Hanhua and Southeast Sword Governess, that two Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm old and renowned scholar, on Wind Riding Heavenly Boat all Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm martial artist, the spirit greatly inspired at this time. 林汉华东南剑姥,那两名武圣九重境界的耆宿,还有乘风天舟上所有东南阳天境武者,这时都精神大振。 Has into my southeastern invading enemy, exterminates all, we counter-attack Southern Flaming Heaven Realm along with Junior Apprentice Brother Cao.” Southeast Sword Governess opened the mouth to say at this time. “有入我东南的来犯之敌,尽数诛除,我们随曹师弟反攻南方炎天境。”东南剑姥这时开口说道。 Lin Hanhua said: Yes, Uncle-Master.” 林汉华言道:“是,师伯。” The group and others, transfer the spear head immediately, changes from defensive to offensive, follows Southeast Supreme to counter-attack the pursuit together. 一行人等,当即调转枪头,反守为攻,跟随东南至尊一起反攻追击。 Invades the Southern Flaming Heaven Realm powerhouse in Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm to be also clever, presently Southeast Supreme Cao Jie comes, but Southern Supreme Zhuang Shen withdraws, then also immediately pauses to turn around to retreat. 侵入东南阳天境内的南方炎天境强者也都乖觉,现东南至尊曹捷现身,而南方至尊庄深后撤,便也立即停步掉头撤退。 The bonus was so, still some people are chased down by the one close behind the other, falls from the sky in this, has lost the life. 饶是如此,仍然有人被衔尾追杀,陨落于此,送了性命。 Considered that own Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm also has the issue to process, after Cao Jie forces Zhuang Shen to return Phoenix Rites Mountain Parasoltree Slope, finally turns back. 考虑到自家东南阳天境内部还有问题要处理,曹捷迫使庄深退回凤仪山梧桐坡后,终于折返。 Profound Blaze City, Dragon Stem Region in Imperial Reed Sea central region. 玄燚城,地处皇笳海中央区域的龙柯洲 Also is the Great Xuan Dynasty capital city. 同时也是大玄王朝的都城。 Constructs the city is about hundred years of time, but in these hundred years, is the Imperial Reed Sea center, may be called the Imperial Reed Sea first place city. 建城不过百余年时间,但在这百余年里,一直是皇笳海的中心,堪称皇笳海第一名城。 In those days meteorological prosperous Profound Blaze City, is just flustered at present. 只是,往日气象繁盛的玄燚城,眼下正人心惶惶。 Before this Imperial Reed Sea beacon rises from all directions, everywhere Anti Xuan time, has not seen Profound Blaze City so scene. 此前皇笳海烽烟四起,遍地反玄的时候,都不曾见玄燚城这般景象 But now, will of the people are not from top to bottom steady. 但现在,从上到下,都人心不稳。 Result that because, Spirit Virtuous Region fights, has fed. 因为,灵贤洲一战的结果,已经传回。 Rising Spirit, King Cheng of Xuan, Taoist Shi, Kang Ping and other top powerhouses, expedite Broad Creed Mountain, finally is actually annihilated! 升灵子玄成王石道人康平等顶尖强者,远征广乘山,结果却全军覆没! So the news feeds in Profound Blaze City, is no different than the bolt from the blue, making people feel the calamity. 如此消息传回玄燚城,无异于晴天霹雳,让人感觉天塌地陷。 Remains behind here Great Xuan Dynasty powerhouse, but also is trying the stable will of the people diligently. 留守这里的大玄王朝强者,还在努力尝试安定人心。 Their only hopes, are that secret Receiving Heaven Imitation Array. 他们唯一的希望,便是那隐秘的承天效法阵 That great array, no matter Gold Courtyard Mountain or Broad Creed Mountain, how many minute of faces must sell Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, impossible to utterly destroy to them? 那座大阵在,不管金庭山还是广乘山,都要卖乾元大帝几分面子,不可能对他们斩尽杀绝吧? This is the Great Xuan Dynasty final hope. 这已经是大玄王朝最后的希望。 But on this day, a person suddenly appears sky over Profound Blaze City. 但这一日,一个人突然出现在玄燚城上空。 White gray, is gradually old an old woman. 白苍苍,垂垂老矣的一个老妇人。 But when sword light shines, the space galaxy sparkle, as if Milky Way rewinds, falls in torrents to Profound Blaze City. 但当剑光亮起时,天上星河闪耀,仿佛天河倒卷,向玄燚城倾泻。 In city guarding, cultivation is highest Martial Saint Sixth Layer, Seeing God later stage realm, how can resist Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage Southeast Sword Governess? 城中镇守者,修为最高不过武圣六重,见神后期境界,如何能抵挡武圣九重,仙桥后期东南剑姥 Was the day, Profound Blaze City broken, Receiving Heaven Imitation Array destroyed. 是日,玄燚城破,承天效法阵毁。 Great Xuan Dynasty, in Imperial Reed Sea, thoroughly becomes the history. 大玄王朝,在皇笳海,彻底成为历史。 Since has arrived at the same place with Gold Courtyard Mountain, Yuan Zhengfeng then does not do to be overcautious and indecisive, mouse both sides matters. 既然已经和金庭山走到一起,元正峰便不做瞻前顾后,鼠两端的事情。 Counter-attacks the motion of Southern Flaming Heaven Realm, he also one and participates. 反攻南方炎天境的行动,他也一并参加。 When to returning to Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm Imperial Reed Sea, just arrived in Spirit Virtuous Region Broad Creed Mountain Mountain Gate, hears a news to transmit. 待到返回东南阳天境皇笳海,刚刚抵达灵贤洲广乘山山门,就听一个消息传来。 Southeast Sword Governess, has trampled flat Great Xuan royal capital! 东南剑姥,踏平了大玄王都 Great Xuan royal capital was broken, there Receiving Heaven Imitation Array could not suspend.” Yuan Zhengfeng hears the news, sighs was saying: Southeast Supreme this has no consideration for face with the Great Xuan Dynasty back great person thoroughly.” 大玄王都被破,那里的承天效法阵也摆不下去了。”元正峰闻讯,叹息着说道:“东南至尊这是彻底同大玄王朝背后的大人物撕破脸了。” Does not have inciting of Southeast Supreme, Southeast Sword Governess the matter that is insufficient to make this to be ruthless. 没有东南至尊的授意,东南剑姥不至于作此赶尽杀绝的事情。 Yan Zhaoge feels own chin: That Great Emperor, this second-rate, therefore forces Southeast Supreme to obey with Southern Supreme.” 燕赵歌摸着自己的下巴:“那位大帝,这一次等于是和南方至尊一起逼迫东南至尊就范。” „The Southeast Supreme temper is quite faint, is actually the non- clay figurine, can not have fire qi? This is big sword cultivator, although most times carry out with the person facilitate the convenient principle, but if some people annoyed the wool he, he was more stubborn than most people.” 东南至尊性子比较淡漠,可是却非泥人,焉能没有火气?这可是一位大剑修啊,虽然多数时候奉行与人方便自己方便的原则,可要是有人惹毛了他,他比绝大多数人要死硬。” The Yuan Zhengfeng finger selected has selected Yan Zhaoge: If not my humble school has gone bad the matter of that Great Emperor repeatedly, kills too miserably Great Xuan Dynasty, perhaps he is not necessarily able line of so intense methods.” 元正峰手指点了点燕赵歌:“若非本派屡屡坏了那位大帝的事情,把大玄王朝杀得太惨,他恐怕未必会行如此激烈的手段。” Perhaps in his opinion, is Southeast Supreme incites us to do.” “或许在他看来,是东南至尊授意我们这么干的。” Yan Zhaoge grins: To a certain extent, is such a matter, Gold Courtyard Mountain high and low should also be able to understand truth, perhaps some people can some resentment.” 燕赵歌咧咧嘴:“某种程度上来说,是这么回事,金庭山上下应该也能想明白这其中的道理,有些人说不定会有些怨气呢。” Fang Zhun said: Currently speaking, Southeast Supreme has not cared, said according to the teacher, Southeast Sword Governess and Sword King of the Shadow Mountain have not cared, this was actually enough.” 方准说道:“从目前来看,东南至尊没有放在心上,按师尊所言,东南剑姥影山剑王也没有在意,这其实便已经足够。” Yan Zhaoge looking pensive: „Speaking of Sword King of the Shadow Mountain, the matter has concealed worry...” 燕赵歌若有所思:“说到影山剑王,事情不是没有隐忧啊…”
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