HSSB :: Volume #9

#884: The alienating oneself way out, who don't you die dead?

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Heard that the word of Yan Zhaoge, Guan Lide only felt evil fire upward wells up. 闻听燕赵歌之言,关立德只感觉一股邪火往上涌。 Knows own inexorable fate arrived, he said with a smile miserably: It seems like my Guan, must capsize in Yingouli today.” 知道自己劫数到了,他惨笑道:“看来我关某人,今天要在阴沟里翻船了。” But he is staring Yan Zhaoge: Boy, leaves anxiously happily, I am waiting for you below!” 但他瞪着燕赵歌:“小子,别急着得意,我在下面等着你!” Yan Zhaoge asked: My what?” 燕赵歌笑问:“等我什么?” Guan Lide vision glance world, on every day within white line, the trace still remained together. 关立德目光扫视天地,就见天地间一道白线,痕迹仍然残留。 As if the world was delimited together the sword mark. 仿佛世界被划出一道剑痕。 Yan Zhaoge just now type Absolute Immortal Sword handiwork. 正是燕赵歌方才一式绝仙剑手笔 Exterminates the myriad things, the world keeps the wound, lingers. 灭绝万物,天地留伤,经久不散。 This sword is too strong, including Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage realm Guan Lide was stabbed. 这一剑太强,连武圣九重,仙桥后期境界关立德都被刺伤。 Numinous Treasure Four Swords delivers sword intent that the good fortune enters nirvana, was shown incisively. 灵宝四剑送造化入灭的剑意,被展现得淋漓尽致。 Here is situated in west Imperial Reed Sea frontier, is away from Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm and Southern Flaming Heaven Realm intersection point is not far. 这里地处皇笳海西陲,距离东南阳天境南方炎天境交界处不远。 Broad Creed Mountain here war at the same time, Gold Courtyard Mountain and Parasoltree Slope powerhouse, is launching at this moment also the frigid fight there. 广乘山这边大战的同时,金庭山梧桐坡的强者,此刻也正在那里展开惨烈战斗。 If formerly fought the mighty waves that causes, they realized that but temporarily is unable to divert attention the words that cares about, then Yan Zhaoge just now that sword, making the person think that does not pay attention difficultly. 如果说,先前交手引起的波澜,他们察觉但暂时无法分心在意的话,那么燕赵歌方才那一剑,让人想不注意都难。 Even if the temporary war is intense, cannot do several things at the same time the investigation, later also definitely some people will come. 就算暂时战局紧张,分不出身过来探查,稍后也肯定会有人过来。 But this sword mark, is similar to the wound of world, wants to heal, is not the matter little while. 而这道剑痕,如同天地之伤,想要愈合,不是一时三刻的事情。 Yan Zhaoge looks following the Guan Lide vision that tittered smiles. 燕赵歌顺着关立德的目光看去,噗嗤一笑。 His with a smile looks at Guan Lide: I have not thought that south Zhendong Starseizing Scholar, can be Supreme Pure legacy unexpectedly, is really unexpected.” 他笑吟吟看着关立德:“我也不曾想到,名震东南的摘星居士,居然会是上清嫡传,真是出乎预料。” Guan Lide stares the round eye: You......” 关立德瞪圆眼睛:“你……” But the evidence is solid, I and others did not believe good.” Yan Zhaoge has referred to that sword mark, said with a smile: Since has discovered that I and same side naturally must carry out Earth Sovereign decree, cuts to kill your this Supreme Pure legacy, the truth, is such simple.” “但证据确凿,我等不信不行。”燕赵歌指了指那道剑痕,笑道:“既然发现了,我和同门自然要奉行地皇谕令,将你这上清嫡传斩杀喽,事实真相,就是这么简单。” Guan Lide loudly shouted to clear the way: Good Yan Zhaoge, good to deliberately mispresent, unexpectedly wants to frame in me? You think that Cao Jie so will be easy to be deceived by you?” 关立德大喝道:“好一个燕赵歌,好一个指鹿为马,居然想栽赃到我头上?你以为曹捷会那么容易被你糊弄吗?” Yan Zhaoge said lightly: I may not think must deceive Southeast Supreme, so long as can outside the person to Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm have a confession, was enough.” 燕赵歌淡淡说道:“我可从没想过要糊弄东南至尊,只要能对东南阳天境以外的人有个交代,就足够了。” Your excellency, three four times complies in public but opposes in private to the Southeast Supreme wish actually, even does against flagrantly, you thought that that one point friendship that your past old friends accumulated, how many also does remain now?” “倒是阁下,三番四次对东南至尊的意愿阳奉阴违,甚至是明目张胆对着干,你觉得,你们昔日故交攒下的那一点情分,如今还剩多少?” Guan Lide is staring at Yan Zhaoge, suddenly after the feeling , a backbone chill in the air braves, direct impact top of the head. 关立德盯着燕赵歌,突然感觉后脊梁骨一阵寒意冒起,直冲头顶。 Yan Zhaoge let go, said calmly: You obtain immortal armament from here, Southeast Supreme not necessarily investigate you, you were cut to kill by me, Southeast Supreme will not investigate me.” 燕赵歌摊了摊手,平静说道:“你从我这里得到仙兵,东南至尊不一定追究你,你被我斩杀,东南至尊也不会追究我。” His looks at Guan Lide, smiles: Just now, you , if not thinking drives me fully to commit suicide, but flees immediately, actually the hopeful whole body draws back, but you ruined the opportunity.” 看着关立德,又是一笑:“方才,你如果不想着全力置我于死地,而是立刻遁走,其实有希望全身而退,但你自己断送了机会。” Alienating oneself way out, who don't you die dead?” “自绝生路,你不死谁死?” In the Guan Lide heart the cold air braves, but another woods cold sabre edge, arrived at his top of the head! 关立德心中寒气直冒,而另一把森寒的刀锋,已经到了他的头顶! Yan Di's blade! 燕狄的刀! Has oneself father to get rid, Yan Zhaoge no longer looks at that side Guan Lide. 有自家老爹出手,燕赵歌不再看关立德那边。 If he said that the Guan Lide book had the opportunity to withdraw. 如他所言,关立德本有机会脱身。 After is the Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm powerhouse, also there is high grade sacred armament along, had not been restrained by Fallen Immortal Sword like Rising Spirit and Kang Ping. 毕竟是实打实的武圣九重境界强者,又有上品圣兵随身,还不像升灵子康平那样被陷仙剑克制。 This kind of top powerhouse does not want the dying war, but seeks the words that withdraws wholeheartedly, entire Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, can retain his person not to be many. 这样一个顶尖强者不想死战,而是一心谋求脱身的话,整个东南阳天境,能留住他的人都不多。 What a pity, his misjudgment situation, misjudgment Yan Zhaoge's strength. 可惜,他还是错误判断局势,错误判断燕赵歌的实力。 This wrong, does not have the road back. 这一错,没有回头路。 Yan Zhaoge feels own weak, shakes the head slightly. 燕赵歌感受自身的虚弱,微微摇头。 When not previous time with Eastern Supreme direct disciple Xiang Yiyang fights, displays Thunder of the Instant, actually has controlled. 不似上次同东方至尊门下弟子向一洋交手时,施展刹那之雷,其实有所节制。 This time, Yan Zhaoge was also speaks to stimulate to movement peak instant, by he that deep background, consumption is huge. 这一次,燕赵歌也是讲刹那雷法催动到极致了,以他那么深厚的底子,也消耗巨大 However, because practices the Everlasting Heavenly Book reason, he is also insufficient the thorough oil lamp to be completely dry. 不过,因为修练无极天书的缘故,他还不至于彻底油尽灯枯。 Yan Zhaoge looks up to the distant place, cracks into a smile. 燕赵歌抬头向远方望去,咧嘴一笑。 There has a back, fast is running away. 那里有一个背影,正在飞快远逃。 Bright Light Sect Sect Master, Luo Zhitao. 光明宗宗主,罗志涛 Was seized by Guan Lide, under the Guan Lide severe wound, the strength control so is no longer exquisite. 本来被关立德所擒,关立德重伤之下,力量控制不再那么精妙。 When the wild star light causes heavy losses to Luo Zhitao, loosens to his fetter. 狂放的星光重创罗志涛之余,也松开对他的束缚。 Luo Zhitao has resulted in the freedom, cannot give a thought to own injury, runs away hastily. 罗志涛得了自由,顾不得自身伤势,连忙远逃。 Witnesses Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di fathers and sons and Broad Creed Mountain high and low, with Guan Lide, Rising Spirit, King Cheng of Xuan and Taoist Shi their war roars, Luo Zhitao has an idea at this moment. 亲眼目睹燕赵歌燕狄父子和广乘山上下,同关立德升灵子玄成王石道人他们的大战吼,罗志涛此刻只有一个想法。 The farther the better to this Broad Creed Mountain! 离这广乘山越远越好! Once resenting was unwilling, depressed aggrieved, at this moment gradually transform to desperately. 曾经的愤恨不甘,郁闷憋屈,这一刻都渐渐转化为绝望。 Present Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, are not present he can resist, remain to fight a hopeless battle, bring about own destruction. 眼下的燕赵歌广乘山,不是现在的他所能对抗,留下来不过以卵击石,自寻死路。 The courage and resolute, Luo Zhitao is not deficient, but he does not think utterly hopeless brings death. 勇气和果决,罗志涛并不缺乏,但他绝不想毫无希望的去送死。 Keeps the mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever, keeps the useful body, another day can certainly avenge a grievance......” Luo Zhitao to talk over this thought in the heart repeatedly. “留得青山在不愁没柴烧,留得有用之身,他日一定能报仇雪恨……”罗志涛一遍又一遍在心中念叨这个念头。 But by Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain these years the terrifying development speed that comes to show, several years later, he and can Bright Light Sect revenge really? 但以燕赵歌广乘山这些年来所展现的恐怖发展速度,再过几年,他和光明宗真的能报仇吗? The disparity only will be perhaps bigger...... 差距恐怕只会更大…… This truth Luo Zhitao not necessarily does not understand, but he cannot think, otherwise not stops completely desperately, will submerge him thoroughly, destroys his will. 这个道理罗志涛未必不懂,但他不能去想,否则无止尽的绝望,将彻底淹没他,摧毁他的意志。 May at this moment, the person's shadow flash before together, blocks outrageously before the Luo Zhitao body. 可就在这时,一道人影闪现,悍然拦在罗志涛身前。 Luo Zhitao fixes the eyes on to look, is Yan Zhaoge's North Deep Doppelgänger! 罗志涛定睛看去,正是燕赵歌的北冥分身 In North Deep Doppelgänger the Mysterious King Spear back after behind, said calmly: In the past Yan has not become Martial Saint, tries this Realm Above the Realm from Eight Extremities World, the root then in your honourable school and Great Sun Saint Sect.” 北冥分身手里玄王枪背在身后,平静说道:“当年燕某未成武圣,从八极大世界设法上来这界上界,根源便在贵派大日圣宗。” Four years ago, I send off Zhang Chao in Bright Pure Region seabed, now, sends off Sect Master Luo you.” “四年前,我在景清洲海底送走张焯,如今,送走罗宗主你。” My Broad Creed Mountain with the your honourable school's gratitude and grudges, makes to mediate in this today.” “我广乘山贵派的恩怨,今天在此做个了断。” Saying, in North Deep Doppelgänger washes one's hands of Mysterious King Spear, spear shaft to Luo Zhitao! 说着,北冥分身一抖手里玄王枪,一枪刺罗志涛 Luo Zhitao own severe wound, lost Sun-Moon Golden Wheel, how at this moment can keep off this a spear? 罗志涛自身重伤,又失了日月金轮,此刻如何能挡这一枪 The shadow of death covered, his heart first time had the regret. 死亡阴影笼罩,他心头不由头一次生出悔意。 Past, if not listen to Great Sun Saint Sect to mislead, does not seek after Greater Yin Royal Crown and Greater Yang Seal, perhaps will not have the tribulation of today......” “昔日,若是不听大日圣宗蛊惑,不贪图太阴冠冕太阳印,或许就不会有今日之劫……” „After this Yan Zhaoge comes up Realm Above the Realm, if tries to exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk , perhaps will not fall to present this paddies......” “这燕赵歌上来界上界后,若是设法化干戈为玉帛,或许也不会落到现在这步田地……” What a pity, that all are impossible. 可惜,那一切都是不可能的。 As a Realm Above the Realm side hero influence, the strength sweeps away willfully side Lower Realm sufficiently, knew perfectly well that side Lower Realm had Greater Yang Seal and Greater Yin Royal Crown such treasure, how can not have the thoughts? 作为界上界一方豪雄势力,力量足以横扫任意一方下界,明知一方下界有了太阳印太阴冠冕这样的宝物,如何能不起心思? Trivial side Lower Realm Sect, dares to prevent own footsteps, how possibly not conveniently elimination? 区区一方下界宗门,胆敢阻挡自身脚步,怎么可能不随手将之清除? The enemy kills several Martial Saint powerhouses, in initially was also only one did not have the ascended to Realm of Martial Saint junior to dare to run Realm Above the Realm, if did not kill avenging, how to Sect in can the obedience? 对方杀死自家数名武圣强者,在当初又只是一个还没有登临武圣之境的小辈竟敢跑来界上界,若是不杀之雪恨,对宗门内如何能服众? Luo Zhitao thinks own decision right, but in the past the correct experience, in the end all was the mistake. 罗志涛觉得自己的决定都没错,但往常正确的经验,到头来全是错误。 Yan Zhaoge said indifferently: You are the same with Guan Lide.” 燕赵歌漠然说道:“你和关立德一样。” If not spread the Great Nether Light Wheel news, Luo Zhitao will not stare by Guan Lide, after capturing, was brought to the Broad Creed Mountain under foot, he gets out of trouble after the Bright Pure Region seabed black hole, there is very much a hope to live is leaving Imperial Reed Sea. 如果不是散布大幽明轮消息,罗志涛就不会被关立德盯上,擒拿后被带到广乘山脚下,他从景清洲海底黑洞脱困后,有很大希望活着离开皇笳海 But humans affair not, if. 但世事没有如果。 Alienating oneself way out, who don't you die dead?” “自绝生路,你不死谁死?” Void, the spear|gun shade flashes through together, passes through a person's shadow. 虚空中,一道枪影闪过,贯穿一个人影。 Bang!” “砰!” blood fog blasting open! 血雾炸裂! Was the day, Bright Light Sect Sect Master Luo Zhitao falls from the sky, once occupied many years of big influence Bright Light Sect in Imperial Reed Sea, vanished into thin air, became the history.( To be continued.) 是日,光明宗宗主罗志涛陨落,曾经在皇笳海盘踞多年的大势力光明宗,烟消云散,成为历史。(未完待续。)
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