HSSB :: Volume #9

#883: Sword vs Starseizer!

Between the Yan Zhaoge two palms, Bright and Dark intertwined, primordial chaos appears intermittently. 燕赵歌两掌之间,光暗交错,混沌隐现。 At the same time, said that the spoken parts light shoots up to the sky. 同一时间,道道白光冲天而起。 The Broad Creed Mountain Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array strength in addition holds completely on Yan Zhaoge. 广乘山太乙破阙阵的力量全部加持在燕赵歌身上。 Obtains the array formation in addition to hold, Yan Zhaoge uses Nether Light Twelve Arts as the table, Everlasting Heavenly Book is , the double palm unites, blocks at present the sea of stars vortex large explosion. 得到阵法加持,燕赵歌幽明十二法为表,无极天书为里,双掌合一,挡住眼前星海漩涡的大爆炸。 In this moment, primordial chaos is reserved. 在这一刻,混沌内敛。 All to the one point collapse, then return to turn over to not to have. 一切都向一点塌缩,然后复返归无。 In this flash, Guan Lide personal appearance, by temporary anchorage. 在这一瞬间,关立德的身形,被暂时定住。 His palm strength with Yan Zhaoge's True Primordial pesters in together, the onset and retreat can not. 他的掌力同燕赵歌的真元纠缠在一起,进退不得。 Although is only instantaneous, but Guan Lide the detection is not right immediately. 虽然只是瞬间,但关立德立刻察觉不对。 But does not need he to change incurs, suddenly sees in Yan Zhaoge both eyes, purple light for the first time presently! 可是不待他变招,突然就见燕赵歌双目中,紫光乍现! Yan Zhaoge coldly gazes at Guan Lide, in the right eye presents purple thunder ray first. 燕赵歌冷冷注视关立德,右眼之中先出现紫色雷光 Then is the left eye. 接着是左眼。 Then whole body. 然后全身。 In the world at this moment, the ray dark has flickered suddenly. 天地间这一刻,光线猛然暗了一瞬。 Only has the startled Heavenly Thunder thunderclap, in this suddenly, loudly eruption! 唯有惊天雷霆,在这一刹那间,轰然爆发! Just likes inexhaustible, the terrifying thunder and lightning that is hard to measure, in trivial one in an instant, the complete combustion, the complete eruption, blooms completely! 恍若无穷无尽,难以计量的恐怖雷电,于区区一个刹那之间,全部燃烧,全部爆发,全部绽放! Thunder of the Instant method! 正是刹那之雷的法门! At this moment, is not only the strength complete explosion of Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment in the Yan Zhaoge right eye contains. 此时此刻,不仅仅是燕赵歌右眼中蕴藏的雷帝之眼碎片的力量完全爆发。 Simultaneously also has Yan Zhaoge, vigorous True Primordial, burns in this completely in an instant all! 同时还有燕赵歌自己,一身雄浑真元,也全部在这刹那间尽数燃烧! By the Yan Zhaoge present cultivation strength, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment strength erupts on hand, was not big to his in person consumption. 燕赵歌眼下的修为实力,手头雷帝之眼碎片力量爆发,对他本人消耗已经不大。 After the sacred armament fragment erupts, the fragment can fall into to sink the dormancy, but no longer affects the Yan Zhaoge itself strength. 圣兵碎片爆发后,碎片会陷入沉眠,但不再影响燕赵歌本身实力。 But now, is not only the sacred armament fragment, Yan Zhaoge in person also stimulates to movement Thunder of the Instant, uses strikes fully! 可是现在,不仅仅是圣兵碎片,燕赵歌本人也催动刹那之雷,倾尽全力一击! It is not able to make up for the eruption that leaves no ground like this including the Yin-Yang Heavenly Book, Supreme Ultimate Yin Yang Palm, Thunderous Finger Snap and other exhaust fumes methods in a short time. 阴阳天书太极阴阳掌弹指惊雷等回气法门都无法在短时间内弥补这样不留余地的爆发。 After this strikes, the Yan Zhaoge in person vigor will decline large scale. 这一击之后,燕赵歌本人精气神将大幅度衰落。 But takes this as the price, will receive in exchange strikes certainly! 而以此为代价,将换取绝强一击! The terrifying thunder forms the broad light beam, dazzling, in this flash, changes into the world only bright! 恐怖的雷霆形成恢宏光柱,璀璨夺目,在这一刹那,化为天地间唯一光明! The Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array strength, complete in addition holds on Yan Zhaoge. 太乙破阙阵的力量,完全加持在燕赵歌身上。 The Yan Zhaoge palm potential suddenly changes, changes to Absolute Immortal Sword. 燕赵歌掌势猛然一变,化作绝仙剑 Has the help of array formation, has the instant eruption, making Yan Zhaoge change incurs, was quicker than such half step Guan Lide. 阵法的帮助,有刹那雷法的爆发,让燕赵歌变招,比关立德快了那么半步。 But is these half step, is the unbearable disparity! 但就是这半步,便是咫尺天涯的差距! Exterminates the myriad things, the good fortune finally terrifying sword intent showing. 灭绝万物,造化终焉的恐怖剑意彰显。 Strength of Thunder of the Instant combustion, at this moment completely the transformation is Absolute Immortal sword qi. 刹那之雷燃烧的力量,这一刻全部转化为绝仙剑气 White sword qi fills the world. 白茫茫的剑气弥漫天地。 Yan Zhaoge this war stops at nothing, since stimulation of movement has studied independently the Absolute Immortal Sword Scripture strongest sword! 燕赵歌这一战无所顾忌,催动自修成绝仙剑经以来的最强一剑! Infinite sword qi restraining, the congealment is one. 无穷剑气收敛,凝结为一线。 Of strength incomparable centralism! 力量无比集中的一线! Compared with common Absolute Immortal sword qi, must quicker! 更比寻常绝仙剑气,要更快的一线! Guan Lide, in the heart hidden had a feeling, but slow half step. 就连关立德,心中已经隐有所感,但还是慢了半步。 sea of stars vortex that tyrannical sword qi has punctured the Yan Zhaoge top of the head directly explode, is upward, straight thrust Guan Lide itself! 凶戾剑气直接打穿了燕赵歌头顶正在爆裂的星海漩涡,一路向上,直刺关立德本身! Guan Lide lifts the hand to keep off, but sword qi still with irresistible force, passed through that to be able the palm of star seizing and moon catching ! 关立德抬手一挡,但剑气仍然势如破竹,贯穿那可以摘星拿月的手掌! In the world resounds Guan Lide one miserably. 天地间响起关立德一声惨哼。 But the least bit bloodstain has not splashed. 但半点血迹都没有溅起。 The flesh and blood of his wound place, must vanishes in puff of smoke by the sword qi transpiration directly, clean! 他伤口处的血肉,直接被剑气蒸腾得灰飞烟灭,一干二净! White sword qi castrates continuous, after piercing the Guan Lide palm, then pierces his chest! 白色剑气去势不休,刺穿关立德手掌后,再刺穿他的胸膛! Guan Lide clenches the teeth, agitates own True Primordial, a star is luminous, gathers to the wound place, wants to suppress the injury temporarily first. 关立德咬紧牙关,鼓动自身真元,点点星光亮起,向伤口处汇聚,想要暂时先镇压伤势。 However the star light contacts the wound that white sword qi makes, immediately dissipates, keeps the sick and wounded place alone, as if the broken chinaware is the same, little by little continues to all around encircles the spread! 但是星光接触到白色剑气打出的伤口,顿时消散,独留伤患处,仿佛破碎的瓷器一样,一点一点继续向四周围蔓延! Guan Lide startled and anger, stimulates to movement own Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown, the radiant golden star light emits together, the goal points to Yan Zhaoge. 关立德又惊又怒,催动自己的晨星元阳冠,一道璀璨金色星光放出,目标直指燕赵歌 Although Yan Zhaoge this matter weak, but controls Greater Yang Seal, helping oneself keep off the attack of Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown. 燕赵歌此事虽然虚弱至极,但还是驾驭太阳印,帮自己挡下晨星元阳冠的攻击。 Guan Lide sees that in the heart is sad difficult to bear. 关立德见状,心中更是郁愤难当。 Has not thought that his solemn Martial Saint Ninth Layer, the Immortal Bridge later stage realm powerhouse, ate such big one to owe in Yan Zhaoge unexpectedly stuffily. 怎么也没有想到,他堂堂武圣九重,仙桥后期境界的强者,竟然在燕赵歌手里吃了这么大一个闷亏。 But he actually does not dare to continue to remain at this moment. 但他此刻却不敢继续多留。 His present injury is very serious, but other one side, cuts to kill King Cheng of Xuan Yan Di, causes heavy losses to Taoist Shi again! 他眼下伤势很重,而另外一边,斩杀玄成王燕狄,再重创石道人 Although besides Magna Universe Array, Taoist Shi can also arrange other formidable array formation, but is difficult to keep off the Yan Di unparalleled point. 虽然除了大衍乾坤阵以外,石道人还能布置其他强大阵法,但是都难挡燕狄盖世锋芒。 Did not have Gamera to escort for him protector, Taoist Shi was hard to display. 没了旋龟为他保驾护法,石道人更是难以施展。 Yan Di pays attention Yan Zhaoge that side war in the time similarly. 燕狄同样在时刻留心燕赵歌那边的战局。 After a blade causes heavy losses to Taoist Shi, he deeply inspires, the personal appearance shoots up to the sky, then substitutes for Yan Zhaoge, attacks to Guan Lide. 一刀重创石道人之后,他深吸一口气,身形冲天而起,转而替下燕赵歌,攻向关立德 sabre momentum is continuous, as if endless mighty waves, keeping severely wounded Guan Lide from withdrawing, can only resist depending on Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown. 刀势连绵不绝,仿佛无尽波涛,让重伤的关立德无法脱身,只能凭晨星元阳冠招架。 His high grade sacred armament attacked defends weakly, at this time took the lead by Yan Di, is pressed immediately cannot gain ground. 他这件上品圣兵本来就攻强守弱,这时被燕狄占据主动,顿时被压得抬不起头来。 Yan Zhaoge “ha” smiles, the hand flings, Forest Green Bamboo Staff ejects. 燕赵歌“哈”的一声笑,手一甩,墨绿竹杖抛出。 North Deep Doppelgänger has met Bamboo Staff, gratefully toward a Guan Lide right in the face strong drive! 北冥分身接了竹杖,毫不客气就朝关立德劈头盖脸一顿猛抽! Guan Lide is mad seethes with rage. 关立德气得七窍生烟。 Although North Deep Doppelgänger strength weak in the Yan Zhaoge main body, but in the hand Forest Green Bamboo Staff, greeted toward his Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown on. 北冥分身实力虽然弱于燕赵歌本尊,但是手里墨绿竹杖,却一个劲朝他的晨星元阳冠上招呼。 Guan Lide was seriously injured, faces Yan Di's sabre edge, can only socialize reluctantly. 关立德受了重伤,又面对燕狄的刀锋,只能勉强周旋。 At this moment he is unable again like formerly, by flexible dealing of own martial arts style, making Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown evade Yan Zhaoge that Forest Green Bamboo Staff. 此刻他无法再像先前那样,凭借自身武学招式的灵活应对,让晨星元阳冠避过燕赵歌那条墨绿竹杖 Only can looks at own Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown, by that strange Forest Green Bamboo Staff, be hit the star light to be dim helplessly. 只能眼睁睁看着自己的晨星元阳冠,被那诡异的墨绿竹杖,打得星光黯淡。 high grade sacred armament Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown, his middle grade sacred armament, has also suffered Bamboo Staff, directly was hit collapse! 上品圣兵晨星元阳冠也就罢了,他身上中品圣兵,挨了竹杖一下,就直接被打得崩灭 Even if formerly Rising Spirit died, Guan Lide also shocks the surprise, but was still assured to own strength. 哪怕先前升灵子死的时候,关立德也只是震惊诧异,但对自身实力仍然笃定。 Even if Yan Zhaoge father and son's strength far ultra anticipated, but in the Guan Lide mind, the worst result, nothing but cannot obtain long-awaited immortal armament. 哪怕燕赵歌父子二人的实力远超预期,但在关立德心目中,最坏结果,无非自己得不到梦寐以求的仙兵 Except for this, he cannot think really also will have other any consequences. 除此以外,他真想不到还会有什么其他后果。 But now, this Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm top powerhouse, actually heartfelt feeling threat of death! 但现在,这位武圣九重境界的顶尖强者,却真切感受到了死亡的威胁! From one including Immortal Bridge Martial Saint no Sect! 源自一个连仙桥武圣都没有的宗门 In the Guan Lide memory, such influence, him, turning the palm may extinguish! 关立德记忆中,这样的势力,于他而言,翻掌可灭! For example Nether Dark Sect. 例如幽暗宗 Nether Light Sacred Cult [lineage/vein], many years of legacy, but got Mountain Gate by him, if not Lin Hanhua meddles, at that time directly exterminated an entire family by him. 幽明圣教一脉,多年传承,但被他打上山门,若非林汉华插手,当时就直接被他灭门。 But today actually kicks the sheet iron Broad Creed Mountain here. 但今天却在广乘山这里踢到铁板。 Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown finally by Yan Zhaoge's Forest Green Bamboo Staff strikes. 晨星元阳冠终于被燕赵歌的墨绿竹杖打落 The Yan Di startled Heavenly Unity blade begins, the severely wounded Guan Lide disaster resists, an arm cut off directly, flying up at angle heaven! 燕狄天一刀再起,重伤的关立德灾难抵挡,一条臂膀直接被斩断,斜飞上天! Guan Lide bitterly looks, saw the Yan Zhaoge personal appearance already to fall, returned in Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array thoroughly. 关立德恨恨的望去,就见燕赵歌身形早已下落,彻底退回太乙破阙阵中。 At this moment, Yan Zhaoge under people protection, leisurely sits in meditation to control one's breathing, replies the vitality. 此刻,燕赵歌正在众人保护下,优哉游哉的打坐调息,回复元气。 Sees the Guan Lide line of sight to look, Yan Zhaoge smiles toward him waves, while said with a laugh: This senior, it seems like by your skill, I gives you immortal armament, how long you could not guarantee, such being the case, was saving here first.” 关立德视线望过来,燕赵歌一边笑朝他挥手致意,一边笑呵呵说道:“这位前辈,看来以你的本事,我就是把仙兵给你,你也保不了多久,既然如此,还是先在我这里存着吧。”
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