HSSB :: Volume #9

#882: Utterly destroy!

In years past able to move unhindered Imperial Reed Sea, in recent years returned to here, swept away North Sea Sword Pavilion, Bronze Statue Island and Nether Dark Sect, lorded it over as if Heavenly Tribulation general Rising Spirit in Imperial Reed Sea, today was struck to kill by Yan Zhaoge under Broad Creed Mountain! 昔年纵横皇笳海,近年重返这里,横扫北海剑阁铜人岛幽暗宗,在皇笳海称王称霸仿佛天劫一般的升灵子,今日被燕赵歌击杀于广乘山下! In the Yan Zhaoge long howl, the movement keeps radically, lifts the hand is type Heaven Turning Seal, hits to Taoist Shi. 燕赵歌长啸声中,动作根本不停,抬手便又是一式番天印,打向石道人 Taoist Shi radiance shines, departs one after another law directly. 石道人身上光辉亮起,直接飞出一座又一座法阵。 array formation rune fast enlarges in void, camouflages the vault of heaven, overlapped, protects him under. 阵法符纹在虚空中飞快放大,遮蔽天穹,重重叠叠,将他护在下方。 In Yan Zhaoge Bamboo Staff everywhere, sword momentum changes, between Fallen Immortal Sword and Absolute Immortal Sword transform freely. 燕赵歌手里竹杖到处,剑势一变,陷仙剑绝仙剑之间转换自如。 Cuts off void Fallen Immortal Sword to change to the Cataclysm myriad things instantaneously Absolute Immortal Sword. 斩断虚空的陷仙剑瞬间化作破灭万物的绝仙剑 The red glow vanishes, the white clouds start. 红芒消失,白气乍起。 White Absolute Immortal sword qi everywhere, with irresistible force, that overlapping many great array, start to disintegrate immediately together. 白森森的绝仙剑气到处,势如破竹,那层层叠叠诸多大阵,顿时开始一起土崩瓦解。 A Yan Zhaoge palm leans the day, immediately hits these broken array pattern completely vanishes in puff of smoke. 燕赵歌一掌倾天,顿时将那些破碎阵纹全部打得灰飞烟灭。 Under Taoist Shi body Gamera, although is afraid, but rose, by the sincere carapace, helping Taoist Shi resist. 石道人身下旋龟,虽然感到恐惧,但还是升了上来,以自己厚重的龟甲,帮助石道人抵挡。 The black red light class sparkles, changes to piece by piece light mist, forms piece of huge carapace enchantment together, the defensive power is astonishing. 黑红光流闪耀间,化作一片片光岚,共同形成一片庞大的龟甲结界,防御力惊人。 But a Yan Zhaoge palm falls, on carapace enchantment presents the dense and numerous fissures immediately. 燕赵歌一掌落下,龟甲结界上顿时出现密密麻麻的裂痕。 Opens!” Yan Zhaoge drinks lowly, under hand the thrust augmentation, the broad strength of inversion universe turn over world, presses that carapace enchantment cuns (2.5cm) broken once more. “开!”燕赵歌一声低喝,手底下再次加力,颠倒乾坤翻转天地的恢宏力量,压得那龟甲结界寸寸破碎 Heaven Turning Seal of incomparable terrifying, shells officially in Gamera itself carries on the back. 无比恐怖的番天印,正式轰击在旋龟本身背上。 The firm carapace trembles, has not split immediately. 坚固的龟甲一颤,没有立刻裂开。 However that Gamera sends out a wail, the seven orifices spurts the blood! 但是那旋龟发出一声哀鸣,七窍喷血! Yan Zhaoge laughs, the personal appearance flies, no longer pays attention to that old turtle. 燕赵歌哈哈一笑,身形飞起,不再理会那头老龟。 King Cheng of Xuan tidied up the thoughts at this time, fast catches up, although Five Fires and Seven Birds Armour was damaged greatly, fights embarrassedly again, but King Cheng of Xuan also braces oneself to rescue Taoist Shi. 玄成王这时收拾心思,飞快赶来,虽然五火七禽铠受到大损伤,难堪再战,但玄成王也硬着头皮冲上来救援石道人 Without the advantage of array formation topography, the Taoist Shi strength is then limited, they not necessarily compares favorably with including He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang. 没有阵法地势之利,石道人的实力便非常有限,连贺东成顾章他们都未必比得上。 Yan Zhaoge strange smiling, with the King Cheng of Xuan engagement, Fallen Immortal Sword has not launched, the red light dodges, arrived at elsewhere. 燕赵歌诡异的笑了笑,没有同玄成王接战,陷仙剑展开,红光一闪,已经到了别处。 But Yan Di Slashing the Heaven and Splitting the Earth terrifying sabre momentum, the Mt Tai capping attacks generally crazily to King Cheng of Xuan and Taoist Shi they. 燕狄斩天裂地的恐怖刀势,泰山压顶一般狂攻向玄成王石道人他们。 The Yan Zhaoge personal appearance flashes, has actually blocked Starseizing Scholar Guan Lide for Yan Di. 燕赵歌身形闪动间,却替燕狄挡住了摘星居士关立德 immortal armament, did not have, other things entertain your excellency.” Yan Zhaoge looks at front Starseizing Scholar Guan Lide, hey however said with a smile. 仙兵,是没有了,有些别的东西招待阁下。”燕赵歌看着面前的摘星居士关立德,嘿然笑道。 Guan Lide gazes at Yan Zhaoge: „Are you then Yan Zhaoge? Really uncommon, but must grasp immortal armament that Nether Light Great Emperor leaves behind, you also fall far short.” 关立德注视燕赵歌:“你便是燕赵歌?果然不凡,但要掌握幽明大帝留下的仙兵,你还差得远。” His palm, the five fingers wield, as if innumerable stars have delimited the horizon. 他手掌一张,五指挥动之间,仿佛无数星辰划过天际。 Each star axle, has the unique rule and path, graceful with an improper method. 每一道星轨,都有自己独特的规律和轨迹,曼妙无方。 Guan Lide comes up, although depends the cultivation realm superiority, oppresses others by the potential, but the martial arts way, does not seem that crude arbitrary. 关立德一上来虽然仗着修为境界的优势,以势压人,但武学路数,并非看上去那么鲁莽蛮横。 The absolute art picks star, has both the imposing manner broad and ingenious nimble and resourceful in one. 绝学摘星手,兼具气势恢宏和巧妙灵动于一身。 At this moment, that crowd of stars past, leads Guan Lide void, as if changes to the universe to be void. 此刻,那群星流转间,带动关立德所处虚空,都仿佛化作宇宙虚空。 Just now that practices the Cosmic Light Heavenly Book person, the strength is truly good, is I must win him, is not the easy matter.” “方才那个修练宙光天书的人,实力确实不俗,便是我要胜他,也非易事。” Guan Lide coldly said: But if you thought that you can kill him, then can also win me, you rather let success go to the head.” 关立德冷冷说道:“但是如果你觉得,你能杀了他,便也能胜我,那你未免太得意忘形了。” I not by your Fallen Immortal Sword restraint.” “我可不会被你的陷仙剑克制。” In Yan Zhaoge Forest Green Bamboo Staff must hit Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown of his top of the head, but the Guan Lide form becomes as deep as a well. 燕赵歌手里墨绿竹杖要打他头顶的晨星元阳冠,但关立德的身影却变得难以捉摸。 The Fallen Immortal Sword red sword glow sparkles in all directions, but that everywhere star light links up into a single stretch, Yan Zhaoge resisting outside. 陷仙剑的红色剑芒四处闪耀,但那漫天星光连成一片,将燕赵歌拒之于外。 In sea of stars is correct a meteor to crash, hiding the sky and covering the earth hits toward Yan Zhaoge. 星海中更有道道流星坠落,铺天盖地向着燕赵歌打去。 Yan Zhaoge sword momentum changes, Fallen Immortal Sword changes makes Absolute Immortal Sword, white sword qi everywhere, cuts to extinguish that meteor. 燕赵歌剑势一变,陷仙剑变作绝仙剑,白色剑气到处,将那一颗颗流星斩灭。 Greater Yang Seal hangs the culmination, then in this sea of stars, as if space center. 太阳印高悬中天,便是在这星海中,也仿佛宇宙中心。 However, star day transfers, there is a radiant golden star light to emerge, blocks the Greater Yang Seal way, high grade sacred armament Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown radiance that Guan Lide has. 不过,星天挪移之间,有璀璨至极的金色星光涌现,阻住太阳印的去路,正是关立德持有的上品圣兵晨星元阳冠光辉 The Guan Lide sound as if resounds in each place: Your that Bamboo Staff, cannot project on my Morning Stars Primordial Yang Crown, is you have Greater Yang Seal such Supreme Treasure, is unable the strength displays peak, can my what?” 关立德的声音仿佛在各个地方响起:“你那竹杖,打不到我的晨星元阳冠,便是你有太阳印这样的至宝,无法将其中力量发挥到极致,能奈我何?” During the speeches, everywhere sea of stars, gradually catches golden color. 说话间,漫天星海,都渐渐染上一层金色。 The golden meteor shower everywhere, entire void was hit tattered and torn. 金色的流星雨到处,整个虚空都被打得千疮百孔。 This is Martial Saint Ninth Layer, the Immortal Bridge later stage realm powerhouse, the coordination of same high grade sacred armament strength, tyrannical. 这是一个武圣九重,仙桥后期境界强者,同一件上品圣兵力量的配合,强横至极。 A large area of attack, but random golden meteor, possibly extinguishes kills a Martial Saint Seventh Layer realm powerhouse. 大面积的攻击,但其中任意一枚金色流星,都可能灭杀一个武圣七重境界的强者。 Under so large-scale meteor Yuluo, the Martial Saint Eighth Layer realm powerhouse does not have the high grade sacred armament guard, cannot undergo! 如此大规模的流星雨落下,武圣八重境界强者没有上品圣兵护身,也经受不住! Pities your father and son is the talent of having god-given wisdom, does not practice easily, I show a bright way to you.” Guan Lide said lightly: Practices Executing Immortal Four Swords, the institute of Realm Above the Realm not your taking shelter, gives me immortal armament as early as possible, oneself early escape.” “怜你父子二人皆是天纵之才,修练不易,我给你们指条明路。”关立德淡淡说道:“修练诛仙四剑,界上界没你容身之所,趁早把仙兵给我,自己早早逃命去吧。” Yan Zhaoge smiled, Greater Yang Seal takes back oneself top of the head, opens the sunlight curtain, prevents the bombardment of golden meteor shower. 燕赵歌笑了笑,太阳印收回自己头顶,张开日光帷幕,阻挡金色流星雨的轰击。 both sides to just the Supreme Yang strength, kept to bumping. 双方都是至刚至阳的力量,不停对碰。 Yan Zhaoge launches Absolute Immortal Sword absolute art, with Greater Yang Seal coordinates, to meet the approaching enemy the attack of Guan Lide. 燕赵歌绝仙剑绝学展开,同太阳印配合,迎击关立德的攻击。 Today dares to violate the person of my Broad Creed Mountain, do not want to walk.” Yan Zhaoge said with a smile: I whether practices Executing Immortal Four Swords, but also is important?” “今日胆敢犯我广乘山之人,一个也别想走。”燕赵歌笑道:“我是否修练诛仙四剑,还重要吗?” His left hand displays Yin-Yang Finger, transfers golden meteor of that day on arched drops, hits to nearby King Cheng of Xuan and Taoist Shi. 左手施展阴阳指,挪移那天穹上落下的金色流星,打向一旁的玄成王石道人 In there, loses Five Fires and Seven Birds Armour and Gamera two Great Xuan Dynasty old ancestors, facing the Yan Di earthshaking attack, has been surrounded by perils! 在那里,失去五火七禽铠旋龟的两位大玄王朝老祖,面对燕狄惊天动地的攻击,已经险象环生! Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array counter- volume world, must block including their escape routes together! 太乙破阙阵反卷天地,连他们的退路都要一起封死! Guan Lide reprimanded: Junior of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth!” 关立德斥道:“不知天高地厚的小辈!” His palm cage, among star circulations, resists Yan Zhaoge's Yin-Yang Finger. 他手掌一笼,星斗流转之间,抗拒燕赵歌的阴阳指 This is actually he picks in star absolute art a change of change of the seasons, to a certain extent has the wonder of different tunes played with equal skill with Yin-Yang Finger. 这却是他摘星手绝学中一门斗转星移的变化,一定程度上与阴阳指异曲同工之妙。 Not if Yin-Yang Finger is exquisite, but Guan Lide cultivation realm above Yan Zhaoge, the control group star resists the function of Yin-Yang Finger. 不若阴阳指精妙,但关立德修为境界远在燕赵歌之上,控制群星抗拒阴阳指的作用。 Meanwhile, among galaxy circulations, must vacillate Greater Yang Seal unexpectedly, making Greater Yang Seal deviate the Yan Zhaoge top of the head. 与此同时,星河流转之间,竟要动摇太阳印,让太阳印偏离燕赵歌头顶。 The boundless star rain revolves on the vault of heaven, changes into the gigantic vortex, the star light is bright. 茫茫星雨在天穹上旋转,化为巨大漩涡,星光熠熠。 The vortex everywhere, swallows all, destroys all, sweeps away the world! 漩涡到处,吞噬一切,摧毁一切,横扫天地! The time and Space, as if lost the significance in this moment. 时间与空间,在这一刻仿佛都已经失去意义。 Martial Saint Ninth Layer realm Guan Lide, this has ejected fully, must take Yan Zhaoge as soon as possible. 武圣九重境界关立德,这一击出了全力,要尽快拿下燕赵歌 Otherwise when Yan Di has solved another side King Cheng of Xuan they, will come to cope with him with Yan Zhaoge with joint forces. 否则等到燕狄解决了另一边的玄成王他们,就会过来与燕赵歌合力对付他了。 Guan Lide saw, Yan Di after Five Elements Great Firmament Immortal Physique hard anti- King Cheng of Xuan a spear, in the hand Heavenly Sabre Dragon Pleased, chops maliciously on King Cheng of Xuan! 关立德已经看见,燕狄五行大罗仙体硬抗玄成王一枪后,手中天刀龙衎,狠狠劈在玄成王身上! But......” Guan Lide both hands simultaneously out, under presses together, the sea of stars vortex of that terrifying then falls toward the Yan Zhaoge overhead bang: I am quicker!” “但是……”关立德双手齐出,一同下压,那恐怖的星海漩涡便朝燕赵歌当头轰落:“我更快!” sea of stars vortex to the Yan Zhaoge top of the head, loudly rupturing! 星海漩涡到了燕赵歌头顶,轰然爆裂! As if the group star gathers, twists the extreme, swallows void to exist, then destroys together! 仿佛群星汇聚,扭曲到极点,吞噬虚空一切存在,然后一起毁灭! That astonishing might, unexpectedly also indistinctly somewhat primordial chaos Cataclysm, the terrifying momentum of universe large explosion! 那惊人的威力,竟然也隐约有几分混沌破灭,宇宙大爆炸的恐怖声势! Yan Zhaoge both eyes has the cold brightness to flash through. 燕赵歌双目却有寒光闪过。 He he he has smiled: Then you could not run away.” 他呵呵笑了起来:“这下你跑不掉了。” Received Forest Green Bamboo Staff, the Yan Zhaoge double palm stretched out to the top of the head together.( To be continued.) 直接收了墨绿竹杖,燕赵歌双掌一起向头顶伸出。(未完待续。)
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