HSSB :: Volume #9

#885: Imperial Reed Sea new overlord

Guan Li De, Rising Spirit, King Cheng of Xuan, Kang Ping and other top powerhouses, died in battle one after another. 关立德升灵子玄成王康平等顶尖强者,相继阵亡。 Great Xuan Dynasty one although also has Taoist Shi, He Dong Cheng, Gu Zhang and other powerhouses to lead, but this fought the result to be already doomed. 大玄王朝一方虽然还有石道人贺东成顾章等强者领衔,但这一战结果已然注定。 By Taoist Shi, He Dong Cheng and Gu Zhang joint effort, placed the past, sufficiently swept away in Imperial Reed Sea any big influence. 石道人贺东成顾章合力,放在往日,都足以横扫皇笳海内任何一家大势力。 With the aid of the Taoist Shi array formation attainments, was the past has Bronze Statue Island of name of Imperial Reed Sea first defensive area advantage, if still existed, could not resist the Great Xuan Dynasty oppression of the people. 借助石道人阵法造诣,便是昔日有皇笳海第一防守地利之名的铜人岛如果还存在,也抵挡不住大玄王朝的铁蹄。 But in the Broad Creed Mountain under foot at this moment, the Great Xuan Dynasty losing battle has decided. 可是在此刻的广乘山脚下,大玄王朝败局已定。 Even if Yan Zhao Ge main body, because consumes oversized, but withdrawal from combat, Broad Creed Mountain powerhouses headed by Yan Di, sweeps the present enemy sufficiently. 纵然燕赵歌本尊因为消耗过大而退出战斗,以燕狄为首的广乘山强者们,也足以扫荡眼前的敌人。 Taoist Shi and He Dong Cheng have the wound in the body, wants to run also difficultly. 石道人贺东成更是都有伤在身,想跑也难。 The critical moment, they try to pack off Gu Zhang. 紧要关头,他们试图将顾章送走。 Gu Zhang is also practices Flowing Light of Time Sword similarly, the sword light speed fast. 顾章同样也是修练岁月流光剑,剑光速度飞快。 However Yan Zhao Ge's North Deep Doppelgänger controls Mysterious King Spear, speed is not slower than him, impedes his hands and feet, keeping it from withdrawing. 但是燕赵歌的北冥分身驾驭玄王枪,速度丝毫不比他慢,绊住其手脚,使之无法脱身。 Yan Di sweeps away the battlefield, under the blade the ghost are innumerable. 燕狄一路横扫战场,刀下亡魂无数。 Has been complying with the Yan Zhao Ge those words, today invades one's territory the person of Broad Creed Mountain, don't even think you can run. 正应了燕赵歌那句话,今日来犯广乘山之人,一个都别想跑 When all settle down, Spirit Virtuous Region nearby world, finally starts to return to gradually normal. 当一切都尘埃落定,灵贤洲附近的天地,终于开始渐渐恢复平静。 However, early is one piece in confusion. 不过,也早已经是一片狼藉。 Realm Above the Realm world domain, spiritual qi environment, stable degree by far Eight Extremities World and Vast Ocean World such Lower Realm. 界上界天地界域,灵气环境,稳定程度都远胜八极大世界沧海大世界那样的下界 Is powerful enough to destroy the Eight Extremities World's strength, here, possibly also raises a storm. 足以摧毁八极大世界的力量,在这里,可能也就掀起一阵风浪。 But today this war, numerous powerhouses get rid together, hit heaven and the earth turning upside down. 但今天这一战,众多强者一起出手,打得天翻地覆 When other Imperial Reed Sea people, feel the Spirit Virtuous Region battlefield the disturbance to subside finally, dares approaches here to observe situation time, appears in their front scene as if judgment day. 皇笳海其他人,感觉灵贤洲战场这边风波终于平息,敢于靠近这里观察情况的时候,出现在他们面前的景象仿佛世界末日。 The sea water tumbles, forms several gigantic eddy currents, occupies sea surface, the turbid wave is dreadful. 海水翻滚,形成数个巨大漩涡,占据海面,浊浪滔天。 Below seabed reef rock disrupts all, the crimson light class proliferates seabed, keeps the flowing twinkle, spurts thinly, changes to the flame. 下方海底礁岩尽数碎裂,赤红光流遍布海底,不停流动闪烁,喷薄而起,化作火焰。 On the vault of heaven, Space slits, are twisting at this moment are actually healing gradually, but seemed was still alarmed. 天穹上,一道道空间缝隙,此刻倒是都在扭曲着渐渐愈合,但看上去仍然触目惊心。 Nether Dark Sect Sect Master Zhou Hou Sheng looks at scene, sucks in cold air at present: Here, perhaps Bright Pure Region Endless Primoridal Magnetic Storm is more violent than is when just now terrorist, the person who cultivation is insufficient, steps into the battlefield edge to be affected, immediately is the dead end.” 幽暗宗宗主周浩生看着眼前景象,倒抽一口凉气:“方才这里,恐怕比景清洲无尽元磁风暴最猛烈时还要恐怖,修为不足的人,踏入战场边缘被波及,立刻就是死路一条。” Side him, is standing North Sea Sword Pavilion Pavilion Lord Gu Hong: Is hard to imagine, Broad Creed Mountain under not having situation of foreign aid, how can support?” 在他身旁,站着北海剑阁阁主顾鸿:“难以想象,广乘山在没有外援的情况下,如何能撑过来?” Zhou Hou Sheng silent: „... Is don't tell me, really immortal armament that the emperor Venerable to leave behind?” 周浩生沉默了一下:“…难道说,真的是帝尊留下的仙兵?” Does not know.” Gu Hong said: Properly speaking, Broad Creed Mountain should nobody be able to stimulate to movement immortal armament is, but if can estimate by the common sense that is not Broad Creed Mountain, was not Young Lord of the Sun Luminary.” “不知道。”顾鸿言道:“按理说,广乘山应该无人能催动仙兵才是,但若是能以常理揣度,那也不是广乘山,不是日曜少尊了。” Although Yan Zhao Ge does not catch cold to Young Lord of the Sun Luminary this given name, but this given name spreads in Imperial Reed Sea and Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm broadly. 虽然燕赵歌日曜少尊这个名号并不感冒,但这个名号在皇笳海东南阳天境还是流传最广。 Before this, will politely call such his person, mostly is the background cultivation somewhat low people. 只是此前,会这么尊称他的人,大多是都是背景修为偏低的人。 But at this moment, is Gu Hong, must politely call to the Yan Zhao Ge use. 但此刻,便是顾鸿,也要对燕赵歌使用尊称了。 But Zhou Hou Sheng heard this, had not thought that has slightly the improper place, instead very naturally. 周浩生闻言,没觉得有丝毫不妥的地方,反而很自然 Although North Sea Sword Pavilion and Nether Dark Sect, have scored, but Gu Hong and Zhou Hou Sheng arrive at Broad Creed Mountain, has been received. 虽然北海剑阁幽暗宗,都已经破门,但顾鸿周浩生来到广乘山,还是得到接待。 To Broad Creed Mountain, had inquired detailed situation, in the Gu Hong two people of hearts is more panic-stricken. 到了广乘山,询问过详细情况,顾鸿两人心中更加惊骇。 They think Broad Creed Mountain resisted the attack of Great Xuan Dynasty, can preserve oneself. 原本他们以为广乘山只是抵挡住了大玄王朝的进攻,得以保全自身。 At this moment knows that Broad Creed Mountain not only has supported this disaster, steps on the disaster in soles of the feet! 这一刻才知道,广乘山不仅仅是撑过这一场劫难,更将劫难踩在脚底 He Dong Cheng, Martial Saint Seventh Layer, Immortal Bridge primary stage realm. 贺东成,武圣七重,仙桥初期境界 Gu Zhang, Martial Saint Seventh Layer, Immortal Bridge primary stage realm. 顾章,武圣七重,仙桥初期境界 Kang Ping, Martial Saint Seventh Layer, Immortal Bridge primary stage realm, has high grade sacred armament Cloud Turning Heaven Light Sword. 康平,武圣七重,仙桥初期境界,身怀上品圣兵云转天光剑 Taoist Shi, Martial Saint Seventh Layer, Immortal Bridge primary stage realm, one of the in society creme of the crop array formation Grandmaster. 石道人,武圣七重,仙桥初期境界,世间最顶尖阵法大师之一。 King Cheng of Xuan, Martial Saint Eighth Layer, Immortal Bridge intermediate stage realm, has high grade sacred armament Five Fires and Seven Birds Armour. 玄成王,武圣八重,仙桥中期境界,身怀上品圣兵五火七禽铠 Before , extinguished North Sea Sword Pavilion and Nether Dark Sect personally single-handedly, to Gu Hong and Zhou Hou Sheng as if nightmare general Rising Spirit. 还有之前亲手单枪匹马灭了北海剑阁幽暗宗,对顾鸿周浩生而言仿佛梦魇一般的升灵子 In addition, stems from Gu Hong they to expect that has Martial Saint Ninth Layer, Immortal Bridge later stage realm, entire Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm knows how things stand of Starseizing Scholar Guan Li De powerhouses. 此外,出乎顾鸿他们预料,更有武圣九重,仙桥后期境界,整个东南阳天境有数强者之一的摘星居士关立德 The so formidable lineup, places entire Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm, besides Gold Courtyard Mountain, having several families can resist? 如此强大的阵容,放在整个东南阳天境,除了金庭山以外,有几家能抵挡住? But these many powerhouses, die in the Broad Creed Mountain under foot completely, was struck to kill by Yan Zhao Ge and Yan Di and the others completely! 但这么多强者,全部死在广乘山脚下,全部被燕赵歌燕狄等人击杀! Invades one's territory the person of Broad Creed Mountain, is annihilated! 来犯广乘山之人,全军覆没! Great Xuan Dynasty was swept in the Imperial Reed Sea top powerhouse, so long as Broad Creed Mountain wants, later went to break Great Xuan royal capital, extinguished Great Xuan Dynasty to be also a cinch thoroughly. 大玄王朝皇笳海的顶尖强者被扫荡一空,只要广乘山愿意,稍后去破了大玄王都,彻底灭了大玄王朝也不在话下。 Realized that this one point Gu Hong and Zhou Hou Sheng two people, suddenly also somewhat are out of sorts. 意识到这一点顾鸿周浩生二人,一时间也有些失神。 They are Lin Han Hua rescue before this, Lin Han Hua is battling with the Southern Flaming Heaven Realm powerhouse at this moment. 他们此前为林汉华所救,林汉华此刻正在同南方炎天境强者交战。 The Gu Hong two humanities were still worried about Broad Creed Mountain, if cannot resist, should be what to do good. 顾鸿二人本还在担心广乘山如果抵挡不住,该怎么办才好。 But looking back now, completely expects with them is different. 但现在看来,完全和他们预想的不一样。 Should say that this is Broad Creed Mountain takes to Guan Li De and Great Xuan Dynasty disaster. 或者应该说,这是一场广乘山带给关立德大玄王朝的劫难。 Recovers, past also calculated top big shot in Imperial Reed Sea, side hero Gu Hong and Zhou Hou Sheng look at each other to smile bitterly. 回过神来,昔日在皇笳海也算顶尖大佬,一方豪雄顾鸿周浩生相视苦笑。 Their two families wants to base in this Imperial Reed Sea, now must look at the Broad Creed Mountain's meaning. 他们两家想要在这皇笳海重新立足,现在恐怕要看广乘山的意思了呢。 This... Is the Imperial Reed Sea new overlord. 这…是皇笳海新的霸主。 Compared with overlord who formerly Great Xuan Dynasty also wanted the powerful! 比先前大玄王朝还要强势的霸主! Recently for these years, the Imperial Reed Sea wind and cloud surged, the change was unceasing, always had the new chapter to launch. 最近这几年来,皇笳海风云激荡,变化不断,总有新篇章展开。 But to today, has been possible be called thorough clouding over, when one such as past Great Xuan Dynasty initially constructed. 但到了今天,堪称彻彻底底的变天,一如当年大玄王朝初建之时。 The fierce dragon crossed the river to Great Xuan Dynasty in years past, present Broad Creed Mountain rises from side Lower Realm, the short several years time prestige being near all sea, makes people feel to shock. 只是相对于大玄王朝昔年猛龙过江,如今的广乘山自一方下界崛起,短短数年时间威临四海,更让人感到震撼。 In the Gu Hong heart are at this moment more acclaims. 顾鸿心中此刻更多是赞叹。 His North Sea Sword Pavilion with Yan Zhao Ge and Broad Creed Mountain the goodwill, Broad Creed Mountain usually in the attitude obviously was not usually overbearing like Great Xuan Dynasty, North Sea Sword Pavilion reopens Mountain Gate, the pressure is not big. 北海剑阁燕赵歌广乘山素来亲善,广乘山平日里作风显然也不像大玄王朝那么霸道,北海剑阁重开山门,压力不大。 But Zhou Hou Sheng unavoidably somewhat is at this moment awkward. 周浩生此刻则难免有几分尴尬。 He suspected unavoidably that Yan Zhao Ge and Broad Creed Mountain can be so strong, because of Great Nether Light Wheel, therefore. 他不免怀疑,燕赵歌广乘山能如此强势,是因为大幽明轮之故。 But Zhou Hou Sheng can only press these suspicions at present forcefully in heart, cannot think. 周浩生眼下只能将这些怀疑强行压在心底,不敢多想。 Hears the Bright Light Sect destruction actually, since Lu Zhi Tao is Yan Zhao Ge kills personally, continuously with Zhou Hou Sheng that Bright Light Sect opposes, sobbed. 倒是听说光明宗覆灭,罗志涛燕赵歌亲手所杀后,一直以来同光明宗对立的周浩生,唏嘘不已。 Resistance lifetime old enemy, such falling from the sky destruction, Zhou Hou Sheng very has mixed feelings. 对抗一生的宿敌,就这样陨落覆灭,周浩生心情很复杂。 Joyful, inspired, loses, so a little bit is sorrowful. 喜悦,振奋,失落,还有那么一点点悲哀。 But he can only tidy up the mood, the intention repairs himself with the relations between Broad Creed Mountain. 但他只能收拾心情,用心修复自家同广乘山之间的关系。 As this war settles down, fights the result to spread over Imperial Reed Sea, is as for after other Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm places proliferate, people falls into astonished. 随着这一战尘埃落定,大战结果传遍皇笳海,乃至于向东南阳天境其他地方扩散后,世人都陷入惊愕。 Imperial Reed Sea numerous careful influences, go to Spirit Virtuous Region, pays a visit here new King. 皇笳海众多中小心势力,纷纷前往灵贤洲,拜见这里的新王者。 But other Southeast Radiant Heaven Realm places, such as Setting Sun Archipelago, Jade Yang Mountain Range and other places, is paying attention to this new formidable neighbor. 东南阳天境其他地方,如落日群岛玉阳山脉等地,则都在关注这个新崛起的强大邻居。 Broad Creed Mountain, Taoism Sacred Mountain of the East. 广乘山,道门东岳 At this moment listens to this name again, most people suddenly had several points to be different from the past feeling. 这一刻再听这个名字,大多数人突然有了几分不同于以往的感受。
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