HSSB :: Volume #16

#1538: Two swords in hand

Future Buddha with first fighting of Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable, like this erupts. 未来佛祖无量天尊的第一次交手,就这样爆发。 In that catastrophe, several Fellow Daoist, from beginning to end, have not come.” “那一场浩劫中,有几位道友,从始至终,不曾现身。” The Unequalled Holy Mother sound as if penetrates long eternal, arrives at the present: If said according to South Pole and North Star two Fellow Daoist, feared mostly the whereabouts in that Jade Gate, but the truth actually how, we cannot know.” 无当圣母的声音仿佛穿透悠悠万古,来到如今:“若依南极勾陈二位道友所言,怕多半着落在那座玉门里,但真相究竟如何,非吾等所能知。” Queen Mother of the West Western Kunlun Jade Lake was ruined. 西王母西昆仑瑶池破败了。 Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery Eastern World of Blue Essence Eternal Happiness was ruined. 太乙救苦天尊东方青华长乐世界破败了。 Master Zhenyuan Five Villas Monastery was ruined. 镇元子五庄观破败了。 These Taoism Supreme Being, in that Great Cataclysm, completely have not come, later has not had the news. 这几位道门大能,在那场大破灭里,都完全没有现身过,之后也不曾有消息。 Jade Gate gets up from Heavenly Court Divine Palace, naturally possibly is in Heavenly Court Divine Palace Supreme Being handiwork, otherwise is hard to hide the truth from the informers of that many people. 玉门起自天庭神宫,自然最可能是天庭神宫大能手笔,否则难以瞒过那么多人的耳目。 However at that time the strangeness of situation, still had the confusing feeling. 但是当时事态之诡异,仍然有扑朔迷离之感。 If can find the Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery whereabouts, or found the clue that certain possibly has, can make us further know that actually initially to have anything.” Yan Zhaoge muttered. “如果能找到太乙救苦天尊的下落,或者找到某些可能存在的线索,能让我们更进一步知道当初究竟发生了什么。”燕赵歌喃喃自语。 About the Human Primordial Stone fragment, daring the greatest danger possibly was too low. 关于人元石碎片,虎口拔牙的可能太低了。 Yin Tianxia captured the Heavenly Primordial Stone fragment in the past, exploited Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable and Future Buddha battles the luxurious loopholes. 尹天下当年夺得天元石碎片,是钻了无量天尊未来佛祖交战正酣的空子。 At that time Immortal Courtyard received the rumor, however could not take more skilled people with the White Lotus Pure Land war, can only look for the Heavenly Primordial Stone fragment by few manpower secrets, after finding, tried to bring back to Immortal Courtyard, finally had the person tribulation by Yin Tianxia. 彼时仙庭收到风声,然而同白莲净土大战抽不出更多强手,只能由少量人手秘密寻访天元石碎片,找到后设法带回仙庭,结果被尹天下带人劫了。 But now competes for the Human Primordial Stone fragment, is the focal point of both sides battle, expert like clouds. 而现在争夺人元石碎片,却是双方争斗的焦点,高手如云。 The war that erupts, therefore comes, Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable and Future Buddha at any time personally is possibly out the confrontation. 重新爆发的大战,正是因此而来,无量天尊未来佛祖随时可能亲自下场交锋。 Under this situation wants to fish in troubled waters, great fortune equal to Heaven feared that is not necessarily is sufficient. 这种情况下想要浑水摸鱼,洪福齐天怕是都不一定够用。 Unequalled Holy Mother comes this, mainly is hopes to investigate related Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery individual information and clue. 无当圣母来此,主要便是希望查访有关太乙救苦天尊个人的信息和线索。 If Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery is not Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable, has not fallen from the sky in that Jade Gate, his present situation, was quite worth paying attention. 如果太乙救苦天尊并非无量天尊,又没有陨落在那座玉门内,他现在的情况,就相当值得关注了。 In the past, Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable wanted ascended to Way Realm time, feared that was the hope can lead into the path of virtue directly forcefully my Taoism numerous powerhouses, became enlightened to increase the boost for it, that Jade Gate suppressed entire sky, then for this reason came.” “当年,无量天尊登临道境的时候,怕是希望能直接强行渡化我道门众多强者,为其成道增添助力,那玉门镇压诸天,便是为此而来。” Yan Zhaoge long put out a breath: Lord Buddha Maitreya becomes enlightened, only uses to part of Human Primordial Stone fragments, but Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable becomes enlightened, besides the Human Primordial Stone fragment, he also used Heavenly Primordial Stone.” 燕赵歌长长吐出一口气:“弥勒尊佛祖成道,只用到一部分人元石碎片,而无量天尊成道,除了人元石碎片以外,他还用到了天元石。” In Jade Gate the person's shadow staggered vibration, perhaps is other Taoism Supreme Being, tries to prevent Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable to lead into the path of virtue the action of Taoism person of same belief. 玉门里人影交错的震动,或许是其他道门大能,试图阻止无量天尊渡化道门同道的举动。 both sides is pestering, Future Buddha kills, the great misfortune begins officially. 双方正纠缠间,未来佛祖杀到,大劫正式拉开序幕。 Until afterward, Heavenly Court Divine Palace Cataclysm, Three Pure Ones Orthodox mostly suffered a disaster, numerous powder cultivated the death that also died, loose powder. 及至后来,天庭神宫破灭,三清正宗大多遭劫,众多散修也死的死,散的散。 Entire world Great Thousand broken, human world has been the prosperous times the Martial Way civilization to stop suddenly. 寰宇大千破碎,人间已经达到盛世的武道文明戛然而止。 As well as, common people utter misery, the innumerable common people common people, unconsciously perish under situation quite the same as. 以及,苍生涂炭,无数黎民百姓,在浑然不觉的情况下殒命。 If puts the present, perhaps regarding Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable and Future Buddha, regarding Immortal Courtyard and White Lotus Pure Land, this needs to preserve, population and burning incense that needs to compete. 如果放到现在,对于无量天尊未来佛祖,对于仙庭白莲净土来说,这或许是需要保存,需要争夺的人口和香火 But to was just born, foundation also not steady Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable, this is the cornerstone of foundation laying. 但对刚刚诞生,根基还不稳的无量天尊而言,这是奠基的基石。 But to Future Buddha, actually does not allow Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable to have the opportunity of standing firm. 而对未来佛祖来说,却是绝不容无量天尊有站稳脚跟的机会。 Therefore, at that time human world of Taoism rein had not changed to Naraka. 于是,彼时道门统御的人间并未化作地狱 But did not have directly. 而是直接没了。 Under Buddha's aura covers, the area of Buddhism rein, then becomes pleasant auspicious Pure Land, evades the catastrophe, the achievement Future Buddha end law provides relief, big merit of helping the distressed. 佛光笼罩之下,佛门统御的疆域,则成为喜乐祥和之净土,避过浩劫,成就未来佛祖末法济世,救苦救难的大功德。 First is the civil strife, latter is the Buddha disaster, Taoism authentic in light of this drops the valley, in slowly will still raise the vitality until the present. 先是内乱,后是佛灾,道门正宗就此跌落谷底,直到如今还在徐徐将养元气。 External Way, actually the large quantities of spineless people are involved.” Unequalled Holy Mother said calmly. 外道,却有一大批软骨头投身其中。”无当圣母平静言道。 Although the initial population and burning incense are quite thin, but Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable has bossed around for example main smallpox Primordial Monarch of the Blue Dawn Yu Hualong, Heavenly Monarch who Received Treasure Cao Bao , etc. belonged to Heavenly Court Divine Palace or the Taoism authentic powerhouse, accumulated the initial secondary roles. 虽然最初的人口和香火较为稀薄,但无量天尊还是笼络了例如主痘碧霞元君余化龙,纳宝天君曹宝等原属于天庭神宫又或者道门正宗的强者,积累了最初的班底。 Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss Pure Land, early colludes with External Way, at first otherwise when External Way also is impossible crossed starts the initial steps.” Yan Zhaoge sneers. 西天极乐净土,早与外道有勾结,若不然外道不可能渡过最初草创时的起步阶段。”燕赵歌冷笑一声。 After all when is newly-established, the Immortal Courtyard's inferiority was too obvious, when damaged severely their suffering heavy casualties vitality recently the situation must be earlier. 毕竟初创之时,仙庭的劣势太明显了,甚至比最近他们损兵折将元气大伤时处境还要更早。 Said gratefully that can go against, definitely is not only by oneself, either has the helper, either is the enemy had problems. 毫不客气的说,能顶过来,肯定不是单靠自己,要么有帮手,要么就是敌人内部出了问题。 Thinks carefully, perhaps under urging of Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss Pure Land, had the birth of Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable also perhaps.” The Unequalled Holy Mother sound is very cold. “细细思来,或许正是在西天极乐净土的撺掇下,才有了无量天尊的诞生也说不定。”无当圣母的声音很冷。 Yan Zhaoge narrows the eye: „...... Possible.” 燕赵歌眯缝一下眼睛:“......不无可能。” We, have a look for the time being whether east to find extremely the Dao Brother whereabouts.” The Unequalled Holy Mother sound gets down lowly. “我们,且自看看能否找到东极道兄的下落吧。”无当圣母声音低落下去。 Yan Zhaoge's North Deep Doppelgänger also calmly looks to distant place, restores silent. 燕赵歌的北冥分身也静静望向远方,恢复沉默。 In another side endless void, the Yan Zhaoge main body and Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di and Gao Qingxuan they, are bringing Fallen Immortal ancient sword with the Jade Spring Realm people, returns to Heavenly Awakening Universe. 另一边的无尽虚空里,燕赵歌本尊和封云笙燕狄高清漩他们,带着陷仙古剑玉泉界众人,返回天苏宇宙 Walks on the road, listening to Yan Zhaoge's to narrate that the people were silent. 走在路上,听了燕赵歌的讲述,众人都默然。 On the same day scene in Jade Gate, another possibility......” the Yan Di sound is low and deep. “当日玉门里的景象,还有另一种可能......”燕狄声音低沉。 After Yan Zhaoge is slightly silent one next, the nod said: „Another possibility, is the construction of Jade Gate, originally is handiwork of more than one person.” 燕赵歌微微沉默一下后,点头说道:“另一种可能,就是玉门的建造,本就是不止一个人的手笔。” Just to fight for final achievement, therefore one crowd of human world, erupted an internal strife. 只不过为了争抢最终成果,所以一群人间,又爆发了一场内讧。 This possibility is relatively speaking low, after all has not succeeded truly, makes the internal strife, the final outcome is everybody as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket.” Yan Di said slowly: Has that several of suspicion is Taoism cream of the crop Supreme Being, generally speaking is insufficient to make such mistake, but will of the people unpredictable......” “这个可能性相对而言较小,毕竟还没有真正成功,就闹内讧,最终结果是大家谁都竹篮打水一场空。”燕狄徐徐说道:“有嫌疑的那几位无不是道门最顶尖大能,一般而言不至于犯这样的错误,但是人心难测......” Now is very difficult saying that perhaps the past truth, did have the talented person in Jade Gate to be completely clear?” After Yan Zhaoge sighed, vision became quiet gentle: But this does not affect our paths.” “如今很难说,当年的真相,或许只有玉门里的人才完全清楚吧?”燕赵歌叹息一声后,目光变得沉静平和:“但这不影响我们的道路。” Side him, Feng Yunsheng shows a faint smile. 他身旁,封云笙微微一笑。 Yan Di and Gao Qingxuan, on the face also show the light happy expression, the vision is gentle and firm. 燕狄高清漩,脸上也都露出淡淡笑意,目光平和而又坚定。 No matter what, if the two families External Way war further intensifies, that to us, naturally is the good deed, they play intensely are better. Hits for a long time is more better.” Yan Zhaoge chuckle. “不管怎么说,如果两家外道的大战进一步加剧,那对我们来说,自然是好事,他们打得越激烈越好。打得越长久越好。”燕赵歌轻笑一声。 Although Hall of Pills is good, although Heavenly Awakening Universe hides, but if causes the Way Realm Supreme Being wholly-absorbed search, even if Yan Zhaoge and the others cannot shun the world, the pressure still was also too big. 丹殿虽好,天苏宇宙虽隐蔽,但如果引得道境大能专心搜索,燕赵歌等人哪怕避世不出,压力也仍然太大了。 Only some enemies each other divert, Heavenly Awakening Universe just now can be long-time. 唯有敌人彼此牵制,天苏宇宙方才能长久。 Therefore before Yan Zhaoge, deliberately plans to do matter. 所以燕赵歌之前才处心积虑搞事情。 Does the matter, can have the safety. 搞事,才能有平安。 Now finally unexpected good, Yan Zhaoge and the others can also relax slightly. 如今结果出乎预料的好,燕赵歌等人也能稍微松一口气了。 ............ ............ Yan Zhaoge relaxes, other people are not relaxed. 燕赵歌松一口气,其他人却不轻松。 After Wang Guan brings Heavenly Lord Gu is returning to Immortal Courtyard Heavenly Palace, greets their people to knit the brows: Does this appearance?” 王管带着鼓天尊返回仙庭天宫后,迎接他们的人皱眉不已:“怎么搞成这幅模样?” „The opposite party is bringing As-You-Will Gold-Banded Cudgel.” Wang Guan yawns: Fallen Immortal ancient sword then also fell into the hands of these External Way.” “对方带着如意金箍棒呢。”王管打个呵欠:“陷仙古剑这下也落入那些外道之手了。” He raises up two fingers: External Way there, had two.” 他竖起两根手指:“外道那里,已经有两把了。”
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