HSSB :: Volume #16

#1539: Executing Immortal Sword and Absolute Immortal Sword

In the palace lies to bend down a [gold/metal] eye camel, on [gold/metal] Yantuo is sitting one to wear the scarlet long gown, the surface like the Chinese indigo, sends Cinnabar, the forehead also lives one, daoist that three items of circles open. 殿中趴伏着一头金眼驼,金眼驼上坐着一个穿大红袍服,面如蓝靛,发似朱砂,额头还生一眼,三目圆睁的道人 This daoist welcomed Heavenly Lord Great Dream Wang Guan and Heavenly Lord Gu comes, sees the Heavenly Lord Gu wound to be heavy, he then can from the [gold/metal] eye camel, asking [gold/metal] Yantuo to set out to carry on the back Heavenly Lord Gu, convalesces to the one side. 道人迎了大梦天尊王管鼓天尊进来,见鼓天尊伤重,他便能从金眼驼上下来,叫金眼驼起身驮了鼓天尊,到一旁静养。 Your previously the anxious place is not groundless.” daoist said to Wang Guan: „A External Way people, really projects on Executing Immortal Four Swords to come up idea.” “你先前所忧虑处不无道理。”道人王管言道:“外道中人,果然把主意打到诛仙四剑上去。” Wang Guan is listless: Two swords, although is cut-throat, but may also accept, but if Executing Immortal Four Swords does to them, that was really difficult to govern, they had the complete Executing Immortal Array chart.” 王管没精打采:“两把剑,虽然凶狠,但还可接受,但若是诛仙四剑都给他们搞到手,那就真的难治了,他们有完整诛仙阵图的。” Lives three eyes daoist saying: Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable has the law aim to lower, the matter of Executing Immortal Four Swords, had the result.” 生着三只眼的道人说道:“无量天尊有法旨降下,诛仙四剑之事,已有分晓。” Oh? Wang Guan heard this, the color of surface present surprise. 哦?王管闻言,面现诧异之色。 daoist said: At present the East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor whereabouts had the conclusive clue, is related to the Human Primordial Stone fragment, can not, Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable I and others stare careless and indiscreet tightly.” 道人言道:“眼下东极青华大帝行踪有了确凿线索,事关人元石碎片,轻忽不得,无量天尊着我等盯紧。” You stare tightly good.” Wang Guan restores the languid appearance: Some conditions said really again that this exits I to calculate to do one's best, then must recuperate well, makes up much thinks that is right.” “你们盯紧就好啦。”王管重新恢复懒洋洋的模样:“真有状况了再说,这趟出去我已经算尽心尽力,接下来要好好调养一番,多多补觉才对。” This daoist looks at Wang Guan, shakes the head slightly, but has not said anything, only said: You as one likes, if later called you, then should not be.” 道人看着王管,微微摇头,但也没有多说什么,只言道:“你自便,之后若是叫你,你别不来便是。” ...... …… In same time White Lotus Pure Land, white lotus drops from the clouds, way myriad Buddhist Country keep, goes to the White Lotus Pure Land center without consulting anybody. 同一时间的白莲净土里,一朵白莲从天而降,途径万千佛国而不停,径自前往白莲净土中心。 On the base of lotus flower, sits cross-legged to sit one to have the long hair, wears the youth of buddhist monk's robes cassock, kneecap traverse handle long sword. 莲座上,盘膝坐着一个留着长发,身披僧衣袈裟的青年,膝头横放一柄长剑。 New generation Sword Buddha, Master Six Paths Sword Qu Su. 正是新一代剑佛,六道剑子瞿苏 The Qu Su appearance is quiet, not sadly not happy, enters piece of Buddhist Land, before arriving at treasure mountain Mountain Gate, falls. 瞿苏面目沉静,无悲无喜,入一片佛土,来到一座宝山山门前,落下地来。 Mountain Gate there, a Golden Body Buddha sits well above similarly white lotus, sees Qu Su to come back, opens the mouth saying: „The matter of Buddha known treasure Sword King Buddha passing away.” 山门那里,一尊金身佛陀同样端坐白莲之上,见瞿苏回来,开口说道:“佛祖已知宝剑王佛圆寂之事。” Regarding a External Way people, although foundation is Avedha-Vasa Treasure Light and Buddha's aura, but the powerhouse of ascended to Great Encompassing level, relatively is eventually more free. 对于外道中人来说,虽然根基都是愿力宝光佛光,但登临大罗层次的强者,终究相对自由一些。 Otherwise by Sword Buddha strength cultivation, is among the best in White Lotus Pure Land all Buddha, the non- commonplace may compare, is missing is 2000 years, how Future Buddha can not seek? 否则以剑佛的实力修为,在白莲净土诸佛中名列前茅,非等闲可比,一失踪就是2000余年,未来佛祖如何能不寻找? Contends with Immortal Courtyard, if no match who strength is similar, Sword Buddha one person, is need more than one Immortal Courtyard Great Encompassing Heavenly Immortal can resist. 仙庭相争,如果没有实力相若的对手,剑佛一人,是需要不止一个仙庭大罗天仙才能招架的。 He was missing in the past, to White Lotus Pure Land, is not allow to neglect loss. 他当年失踪,对白莲净土而言,也是不容忽视的损失。 If runs away the concealment to hide, is actually not easy, but Sword Buddha by Fallen Immortal ancient sword and Jade Cauldron remains seal, nearly does not refuse stubbornly the fresh condition, Future Buddha wanted to ask him then also to have the difficulty. 如果是自己偷跑隐匿躲藏,倒是不容易,但剑佛是被陷仙古剑玉鼎遗蜕封印,近乎不死不生的状态,未来佛祖想要找他便也有了难度。 However, Sword Buddha ascended to Great Encompassing key Wish Power Buddha's aura , he as soon as falls from the sky, Future Buddha has the detection immediately. 不过,剑佛登临大罗的关键到底还是愿力佛光,他一陨落,未来佛祖立刻就有察觉。 Qu Su nods the head: Family masters die in a sitting posture, I want to seek the enemy to revenge, sought my buddha's finger bone wrong way especially.” 瞿苏颔首:“家师坐化,我欲寻对头报仇,特来求我佛指点迷津。” That Golden Body Buddha replied: Buddha has the word, opportunity not, but also needs and other External Way people, when seeks the next treasured sword again.” 那尊金身佛陀答道:“佛祖有言,时机未至,还需等那些外道中人,再寻下一把宝剑时。” They seek Fallen Immortal ancient sword, very possible in original Slaying Immortal ancient sword by the hand to make the direction, but actually to use what secret art, could not actually have completely understood.” Qu Su said. “他们寻陷仙古剑,很可能是靠手中原有的戮仙古剑来做指引,只是其中究竟用何秘法,却还看不透。”瞿苏言道。 The Golden Body Buddha lowers Xuan Buddha: „The Buddha inference, this law may not often be, the gaps of some years.” 金身佛陀低喧佛号:“佛祖推断,此法不可常为,会有些年头的间隔。” Qu Su closes pair of eyes, after long time, opens eyes: I will pay attention.” 瞿苏闭上双眼,半晌后睁开眼来:“我会关注。” Things have gotten to this point, was not only valuable Sword King Buddha passed away, but also involved the External Way gradually potential major problem.” The Golden Body Buddha said: I and others will pay attention.” “事已至此,不仅仅是宝剑王佛圆寂,还涉及外道渐渐势大的问题。”金身佛陀说道:“我等都会关注。” thanking lotus throne great.” The Qu Su double palm gathers ten: That side related East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor, what situation the present is?” 谢过莲台弘法佛。”瞿苏双掌合十:“有关东极青华大帝那边,如今是什么情况?” Lotus throne great replied: Has the conclusive clue without doubt, may seek for East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor, where then East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor, is lives now dies, then still do not know.” 莲台弘法佛答道:“有确凿无疑的线索,可寻找东极青华大帝,然则东极青华大帝如今何在,是生是死,则犹未可知。” He bows the head saying: „According to Grand Saint of Nine Spirits, initially the Human Primordial Stone fragment in his hand, in the Pre-Great Cataclysm evening, was taken by East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor, if nothing unexpected happens, then thing still with East Pole of Blue Essence Great Emperor in the same place.” 他低首道:“据九灵元圣所言,当初他手里的人元石碎片,在大破灭前夕,被东极青华大帝取走,如无意外,则东西仍跟东极青华大帝在一起。” I from returning to Buddhist Country sharpen sword, if there is a matter to officially inform my one then.” Qu Su nods, said goodbye after lotus throne great departed. “我自返回佛国磨剑,若有事知会我一声即可。”瞿苏点点头,向莲台弘法佛告辞后离去。 ...... …… From the new generation Demon of Yang Metal incarnation birth rebirth, but Demon of Yang Earth and Demon of Yin Water resurrecting temporarily broke the hope, Nine Nether Demonkind then no longer continued to pester, returned Nine Nether Demon Territory in abundance. 自新一代庚金之魔的化身降世重生,而戊土之魔癸水之魔复活都暂时断了希望,九幽群魔便不再继续纠缠,纷纷退回九幽魔域 In this process, suffers all influence to encircle, naturally loses seriously. 这个过程中,遭受各方势力围剿,自然损失惨重。 Including Primordial Heart's Demon and Shadow Demon, injury is heavy. 原始心魔影魔,都伤势不轻。 However, returns Nine Nether successfully, for them was well satisfied. 不过,成功退回九幽,对他们来说已经心满意足。 The Nine Nether demon sea in deep pool at this moment, in the Primordial Heart's Demon that as if human world same residence, a vice- old person appearance the head of Demonic Path Great Encompassing, Zhengan leisurely lying on one's side on the big stone, as if rests. 此刻的九幽魔海之渊里,原始心魔那仿佛人间一样的居所中,一副老人模样的魔道大罗之首,正安逸的侧卧在大石上,仿佛小憩。 Suddenly, under old man body the shadow of big stone rocks slightly. 忽然,老者身下大石的影子微微晃动一下。 Yang Metal situation how?” The old men have not opened eyes, eyes closed asked. 庚金情况如何?”老者没有睁眼,闭目问道。 In the shadow spreads the Shadow Demon sound: In good compared with expectation.” 影子里传出影魔的声音:“比预想中的好。” That is good, he is most important.” The old men sighed were saying: Was a pity that Yin Water and Yang Earth, do not know also how long wants, but Yang Metal can become, does not calculate in vain, I and other following patient waiting.” “那就好,他是重中之重。”老者叹息着说道:“只是可惜癸水戊土,不知还要等多久,不过庚金能成,也算不枉,我等接下来耐心等待吧。” Shadow Demon asked: Executing Immortal Four Swords, did Three Pure Ones Orthodox seek two swords?” 影魔问道:“诛仙四剑,三清正宗已经寻得两剑?” Primordial Heart's Demon opens eyes, said with a smile slightly: Yes, besides Slaying Immortal, Fallen Immortal also arrived in their hands.” 原始心魔睁开眼,微微笑道:“是啊,除了戮仙以外,陷仙也到他们手里了。” So, is Executing Immortal and Absolute Immortal...” The shadow said. “如此,接下来是诛仙绝仙…”影子说道。 And others had nothing to do with me.” Primordial Heart's Demon said: Then the matter no matter how changes, looked at Great Unrestrained Heavenly Demon.” “与我等无关了。”原始心魔言道:“接下来事情不管如何变化,都看大自在天魔了。” Shadow Demon said: Feels to be a pity, moreover risk is not small.” 影魔言道:“只是感到可惜,而且风险不小。” Primordial Heart's Demon said calmly: Gives up, gives up, has shed to have.” 原始心魔平静说道:“舍得,舍得,有舍才有得。” not bad...” In the shadow the sound gets down low and deep, finally vanishes. 不错…”影子里声音低沉下去,最终消失。 The old man looks at at present glorious weather, the sunlight beautiful world, closes the eye , to continue to lie down on the ravine big stone naps. 老者看着眼前风和日丽,阳光明媚的天地,重新闭上眼睛,继续躺在山间大石上打盹。 But in the vast world outside Nine Nether, in Outside Territory endless void, Immortal Courtyard and Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, the flames of war with White Lotus Pure Land and Monster Race, gets stronger and stronger. 而在九幽以外的广阔天地,域外无尽虚空里,仙庭西方极乐净土,同白莲净土妖族的战火,也愈演愈烈。 Regarding Yan Zhaoge and the others, then strives for precious development opportunity once more. 对于燕赵歌等人而言,则是藉此再次争取到宝贵的发展时机 Fallen Immortal ancient sword succeeds in obtaining successfully, wants to continue to seek for Executing Immortal ancient sword or Absolute Immortal ancient sword, Yan Zhaoge opens the altar|jar procedure once more, needs to await calmly the 7 × 7 = 49 year later. 陷仙古剑成功到手,想要继续寻找诛仙古剑又或者绝仙古剑,燕赵歌再次开坛做法,需要静候七七四十九年以后。 Don't said the Immortal Realm powerhouse, is to high realm Martial Saint, 49 years, 50 years, are or short every so often, in an instant pass. 莫说仙境强者,便是对较高境界武圣而言,49年,或者说50年时间,很多时候都非常短暂,转眼即逝。 One time closes up, possibly incessantly for a long time. 一次闭关,可能都不止这么长时间。 However to the average person between the world customs, this was actually most lifetime time. 然而对于世俗间的普通人来说,这却是大半生时光了。 The population multiplication lives, at least is two generations, even are possibly more. 人口繁衍生息,至少是两代人,甚至可能更多。
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