HSSB :: Volume #12

#1162: Countermeasure

Yan Zhaoge and Xue Chuqing looking at each other long time, somewhat is in a daze. 燕赵歌雪初晴对视半晌,都有些发呆。 Sees the front, may really unable to think, to melt awkwardly, mother and child unexpectedly are the same means. 见面前,可实在想不到,为了化解尴尬,母子俩竟然是相同的办法。 So tacit, in the flash, making them more awkward. 如此默契,在一瞬间,让两人更加尴尬。 However later, actually also marvelously relaxes, looks at each other, in the vision adds the warm feeling. 不过稍后,却也奇迹般的放松下来,看着彼此,目光中都更添暖意。 Naturally, the side Yan Di's laughter, is more grating. 当然,旁边燕狄的笑声,更加刺耳。 Yan Zhaoge somewhat speechless looks to Yan Di. 燕赵歌有些无语的看向燕狄 Own father appearance, but was really returns hard to see compared with the solar eclipse. 自家老爹这幅模样,可真是比日蚀还少见了。 Xue Chuqing discontented horizontal Yan Di. 雪初晴则不满的横了燕狄一眼。 Unexpectedly looks at her joke before the son, may endure what else cannot be tolerated! 居然在儿子面前看她的笑话,是可忍孰不可忍! Yan Di simultaneously gazed by mother and child, suddenly instead smiled loudly. 燕狄同时被母子二人注视,一时间反而笑得更大声了。 For these years, today is he happiest one day. 这么多年以来,今天是他最欢喜的一天。 Yan Zhaoge and Xue Chuqing, cannot stretch the face, but shakes the head to laugh in spite of trying not. 燕赵歌雪初晴,也都绷不住脸,无奈摇头失笑。 Each other face-to-face, many are somewhat awkward, but is finally more relaxed. 彼此面对面,多少还是有些尴尬,不过总算轻松一些。 They do not have specially the trace chats, but followed the topic simply, continued to discuss. 他们没有特意着痕迹的重新拉家常,而是索性顺着刚才的话题,继续谈下去。 If possible, I do not plan Jade Green Stream Heaven.” Yan Zhaoge first took a stand: Such one comes us, although was safe, but the pressure was equal to all forwarding to Uncle-Master Yue and Jade Capital Cliff, Earth Sovereign Hidden Sovereign pressed together, Uncle-Master Yue was too difficult to do.” “如果可以的话,我不打算去碧游天。”燕赵歌首先表态:“那样一来我们虽然安全了,但压力等于全转给了越师伯玉京岩,地皇隐皇一起压下来,越师伯太难做了。” Yan Di also restrains the smiling face, said seriously: not bad.” 燕狄也收敛笑容,郑重说道:“不错。” My these years, had not gone to Jade Green Stream Heaven, have the reason.” Xue Chuqing smiles bitterly: Great-Grand Master she, is quite deep with the Jade Green Stream Heaven gratitude and grudges.” “我这些年来,一直没去碧游天,不是没原因的。”雪初晴苦笑一声:“太师祖她老人家,同碧游天恩怨颇深。” Saying, she suddenly somewhat puzzled looked at Yan Di one. 说着,她突然有些纠结的看了燕狄一眼。 Yan Di and Yan Zhaoge tacit moving away vision. 燕狄燕赵歌都默契的移开目光。 They formerly have thought rank issue that because Supreme Lord of the Gold Luminary Venus and Supreme Lord of Wood Luminary Jupiter bring. 他们先前也想过因为金曜太白上尊木曜岁星上尊带来的辈分问题。 Therefore this matter installs silly... 所以这事儿还是装糊涂吧… Hidden Sovereign and Earth Sovereign kiss thick, Uncle-Master Yue one person alone cannot save the situation.” Yan Zhaoge coughs , to continue stern saying: Needs to seek to help the person who Uncle-Master Yue shares the pressure.” 隐皇地皇亲厚,越师伯独木难支。”燕赵歌干咳一声,继续正色说道:“需要寻找能帮越师伯分担压力的人。” The Yan Di vision rocks slightly: „... His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign!” 燕狄目光微微晃动一下:“…辰皇陛下!” not bad.” Yan Zhaoge nods the head: In hearsay, His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign and grandfather intersect the sworn friend, if can seek him to get rid, the Uncle-Master Yue pressure was small.” 不错。”燕赵歌颔首:“传闻中,辰皇陛下和祖父相交莫逆,如果能寻得他出手,越师伯的压力就小了。” Is only, now the clue is on hand limited, does not know how should relate His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign, although I guessed him in Realm Above the Realm, but these many years did not have the message, were not easy to seek.” “只是,现在手头线索有限,不知该如何联系辰皇陛下,虽然我猜测他就在界上界,但这么多年没有音讯,还是不易寻找。” Yan Zhaoge hesitates was saying: Does not know that Uncle-Master Yue and Earth Sovereign who comes back first, therefore cannot constantly dry, the necessary time, has to look for Her Majesty the Empress.” 燕赵歌沉吟着说道:“不知道越师伯地皇谁先回来,所以不能一味枯等,必要时候,只好去找女帝陛下了。” She is perhaps inharmonious with that Senior Chu, but is related to His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign, the empress definitely is careful, can inquire some clues badly.” “她同那位楚前辈或许不睦,但事关辰皇陛下,女帝肯定上心,最不济也能打探些线索。” Xue Chuqing heard this, asked in a soft voice: Said that His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign in Realm Above the Realm, does have what basis?” 雪初晴闻言,轻声问道:“说辰皇陛下就在界上界,有何依据?” Yan Zhaoge informs the Chu Lili matter immediately. 燕赵歌当即将楚黎黎的事情告知。 So that's how it is...” After Xue Chuqing hesitation moment, said: If so, might as well toward Northern Mysterious Heaven Realm one line, Northern Supreme perhaps knows something.” “原来如此…”雪初晴沉吟片刻后说道:“如果是这样的话,不妨往北方玄天境一行,北方至尊或许知道一些事情。” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di are surprised. 燕赵歌燕狄都感到意外。 I did not know about His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign situation really that also knows to that Senior Chu not many, when the master one time talked with me, had mentioned her name.” Xue Chuqing answered. “我对辰皇陛下情况不甚了解,对那位楚前辈也所知不多,但师父生前有一次与我交谈时,曾经提到过她的名字。”雪初晴解释道。 Yan Zhaoge came the interest: Said?” 燕赵歌来了兴致:“怎么说?” Then is Yue Zhenbei disciple Wang Pu and the others, did not know about Chu Lili situation. 便是越震北门下王普等人,对楚黎黎情况都不了解。 That Senior Chu, with Demonic Path, seems to be related with Nine Nether.” Xue Chuqing prudent saying. “那位楚前辈,似乎同魔道,同九幽有关。”雪初晴慎重的说道。 Nine Nether?” Yan Zhaoge knits the brows slightly. 九幽?”燕赵歌微微皱眉。 Remembers oneself initially had seen the Chu Lili appearance, he slightly feels the accident, at that time had not seen any clue. 想起自己当初见过的楚黎黎的模样,他略感意外,当时并没有看出任何端倪。 Xue Chuqing said: I also really did not affirm, but this may as a clue, His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign go into hiding in the past, is quite sudden, the matter is unusual, must be predestined friends by.” 雪初晴言道:“我亦不甚肯定,但这该可作为一条线索,辰皇陛下当年销声匿迹,颇为突然,事情反常,必有缘由。” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di slowly nod. 燕赵歌燕狄都徐徐点头。 Why Xue Chuqing suggested to look for Northern Supreme, reason was also very obvious. 雪初晴为什么建议找北方至尊,原因也很明显。 On Northern Mysterious Heaven Realm, the common domain channel, to Land of Nether Border, is Realm Above the Realm with the front that Nine Nether contacts, one of the Northern Supreme responsibility, is monitors these to appear once for a while, unstable domain channel. 北方玄天境上,常有界域通道,通往幽垠之地,是界上界九幽接触的前线,北方至尊的职责之一,便是监视这些时不时出现,并不稳定的界域通道。 If Mercury Sovereign with the Chu Lili matter, is related with Nine Nether, then possibly found the Mercury Sovereign place is not Central Honour Heaven Realm Kunlun Mountain, but is Northern Mysterious Heaven Realm. 如果辰皇楚黎黎的事情,同九幽有关,那么最可能找到辰皇的地方并非中央钧天境昆仑山,而是北方玄天境 Could find His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign, is the indefinite matter.” Yan Zhaoge rubs own temple gently: Had found, His Majesty the Mercury Sovereign by no means certainly will also lend a hand to assist.” “能否找到辰皇陛下,还是不确定的事情。”燕赵歌轻轻搓揉自己的太阳穴:“找到了,辰皇陛下也并非一定就会出手相助。” Said actually Mercury Sovereign is not willing to help. 倒不是说辰皇不肯帮忙。 But was he went into hiding in the past strangely, had any special reason mostly. 而是他当年离奇销声匿迹,多半是有什么特殊缘由。 If were hobbled the energy, is unable to withdraw, then not necessarily has idle getting rid. 如果被牵绊住了精力,无法脱身的话,那么未必有空闲出手。 Yan Di said slowly: „An issue, has to consider.” 燕狄徐徐说道:“还有一个问题,不得不考虑。” Possibility that Earth Sovereign and Hidden Sovereign to bring it up a level.” Yan Zhaoge eyes flash. 地皇隐皇更上一层楼的可能。”燕赵歌目光一闪 Different rises from Sword Sovereign Yue Zhenbei is late, Earth Sovereign and Hidden Sovereign said that emperor several thousand years, already stood in the level. 不同于剑皇越震北崛起较晚,地皇隐皇都已经称皇数千年,早就站在所处层次的。 Who knows when they can succeed take forward one step? 谁知道,他们什么时候就能成功向前迈出一步? Therefore, other methods if also wants, to do multiple things at the same time is the Righteous Way principle.” “所以,其他方法也要想,多管齐下才是正道理。” Yan Zhaoge was saying, the eye looks at Xue Chuqing secretly. 燕赵歌说着,眼睛偷瞄雪初晴 Xue Chuqing understands his meaning, shakes the head saying: Does not need such to visit me, the Great-Grand Master whereabouts, I am not clear.” 雪初晴明白他意思,摇头说道:“不用那样看我,太师祖的下落,我也不清楚。” Great-Grand Master in her mouth, naturally then in years past was Kunlun Nine Luminaries Supreme Lord of Wood Luminary Jupiter. 她口中的太师祖,自然便是昔年位列昆仑九曜木曜岁星上尊 Then Well-Illuminated Great Emperor she?” Yan Zhaoge asked. “那么通明大帝她老人家呢?”燕赵歌问道。 The pressure that Earth Sovereign and Hidden Sovereign create, Well-Illuminated Great Emperor is not necessarily able to help to share. 地皇隐皇带来的压力,通明大帝未必能帮助分担。 But if Well-Illuminated Great Emperor knows that her master Supreme Lord of Wood Luminary Jupiter whereabouts, that is friendly greatest. 可如果通明大帝知道她师父木曜岁星上尊的下落,那就善莫大焉。 Grand Master grandma passed away.” Xue Chuqing sighed. 师祖婆婆已经过世了。”雪初晴叹息一声。 „... Sorry.” Yan Zhaoge smiles bitterly immediately. “呃…抱歉。”燕赵歌顿时苦笑。 Xue Chuqing shakes the head: Might as well.” 雪初晴摇头:“无妨。” She said slowly: Does not have the means to think, although Great-Grand Master situation is unclear, but can attempt to contact with other person.” 她徐徐说道:“也并非全无办法可想,虽然太师祖情况不明,但可以尝试联系别的人。” Is only, after receiving the information, whether the opposite party responded, is unable to guarantee.” “只是,接到信息后,对方是否回应,就无法保证了。” And...” After Xue Chuqing expression slightly one next, then said: About relation that person, my some anxieties.” “而且…”雪初晴语气稍微顿了一下后,接着说道:“关于联系其人,我有些疑虑。” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di came interest: Said?” 燕赵歌燕狄都来了兴趣:“怎么说?” First, the opposite party already left Realm Above the Realm, places boundlessly void, does not know is remote, where does not know to be, also has not left behind the faith token, wants to relate, the common method is invalid.” Xue Chuqing said: „To relate, needs to use the special method.” “首先,对方早就离开界上界,身处茫茫虚空,不知多么遥远,不知身在何方,又没有留下信物,想要联系,寻常方法是行不通的。”雪初晴言道:“想要联系,需要用特殊方法。” This method is not my Master Sect hands down from generation to generation, but from elsewhere, I estimates in secret, the feeling is not simple.” “这方法并非我师门传下来,而是得自别处,我私下里揣摩,感觉没那么简单。” Xue Chuqing explanation while said: These years, I roam about to walk each region, actually has then prepared, is only because of the condition reason, the progress is limited.” 雪初晴一边解释一边说道:“这些年来,我流浪行走各地,其实便有所准备,只是因为条件原因,进展有限。” Stops to stay over the place each other to outline the connection you, can obtain the special thing...” Yan Zhaoge eye one bright: Disturbance false appearance that because you leave behind are too many, must distinguish the real place to be very difficult, therefore I could not have seen what at present you are arranging, mentions according to you now, really has the special place?” “将您驻足停留过的地方彼此勾勒连线,可以得出特别的东西…”燕赵歌眼睛一亮:“因为您留下的干扰假象太多,要分辨真实地点很难,所以我目前还看不出您到底在布置什么,按你现在说来,果然有特异之处?”
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