HSSB :: Volume #12

#1163: Supreme Lord of the Sun Luminary Greater Yang

Xue Chuqing was somewhat surprised, stares at Yan Zhaoge to look at the long time: Zhaoge is not really simple, can look including this.” 雪初晴有些惊讶,盯着燕赵歌看了半晌:“赵歌真不简单,连这都能看出来。” Her vision somewhat ponders: This may not only be the issue of cultivation depth, but involves unknown secret secret.” 她目光有些玩味:“这可不仅仅是修为深浅的问题,而是涉及许多不为人知的秘闻秘传呢。” My these years rush about, fortuitous encounter are many, do not despise me.” Yan Zhaoge curls the lip. “我这些年东奔西跑,奇遇不少,您可别小看我。”燕赵歌撇撇嘴。 He steals a glance sizes up Xue Chuqing: My previously also guesses, maybe anything can Realm Above the Realm entire scrap great array.” 他偷眼打量雪初晴:“我先前还猜,别是什么能把界上界整个炸碎的大阵。” What thinks blindly?” Xue Chuqing does not know whether to laugh or cry: Must dare to do , before Earth Sovereign and Hidden Sovereign begin, His Majesty the Sword Sovereign first tidied up us.” “瞎想什么呢?”雪初晴哭笑不得:“真要敢那么做,地皇隐皇动手前,剑皇陛下就先把我们收拾了。” Yan Zhaoge asked: What concrete does?” 燕赵歌问道:“具体是做什么的呢?” Xue Chuqing replied: Foundation is of side latitude, above this, other adjustments.” 雪初晴答道:“基础是方纬之阵,在此之上,还有别的一些调整。” Of side latitude, Pre-Great Cataclysm famous scheme, moreover being puzzled person in invisible. 方纬之阵,大破灭前有名的迷阵,而且惑人于无形。 Among square inches, after day latitude place. 方寸之间,经天纬地。 Makes a long story short, if Xue Chuqing arranges appropriately, then she is involved as to create array, the help of coordinate river chart, can find her person really is very limited all over the world. 简单说来,如果雪初晴布置妥当,那么她作为布阵者置身其中,配合河图的帮助,普天之下能找到她的人就真的很有限了。 Of this side latitude, covers entire Realm Above the Realm, even also has many Lower Realm. 她这座方纬之阵,覆盖整个界上界,甚至还有诸多下界 After the side latitude an interesting part lies in becomes, can only solve, cannot break. 方纬之阵的妙处在于阵成之后,只能解,不能破。 Only if, is even the to create array foundation shovel. 除非,将布阵根基铲平。 That was equal to that must destroys Realm Above the Realm and many Lower Realm together. 那就等于是要将界上界和诸多下界一起毁灭。 Naturally, wants to arrange of such huge one side latitude, naturally is not an easy matter. 当然,想要布置这么庞大的一座方纬之阵,自然也不是一件容易的事情。 Also must prevent by the person before to create array succeeds ahead of time realized that destroys. 还要防止被人在布阵成功前提前察觉,加以破坏。 Therefore until today, Xue Chuqing still in secret slowly planned the scheme. 所以直到今日,雪初晴仍在暗中徐徐谋划图谋。 In the Yan Zhaoge heart acclaimed, said that she was extensive, was careful, did not reveal the flaw, said that she was overcautious, was captured obviously, unexpectedly can also arrange so gigantic handiwork. 燕赵歌心中赞叹,说她粗放吧,偏偏小心谨慎,不露破绽,说她谨小慎微吧,明明被人追捕,居然还能摆下如此巨大手笔 However after he cares about Xue Chuqing, half a word words: Other adjustment? Was you said that related other people's special measure?” 不过他更关心雪初晴后半句话:“别的调整?就是您方才所说,联系他人的特殊办法?” If only of pure side latitude, before Yan Zhaoge, can look. 如果只是单纯的方纬之阵,燕赵歌之前就能看出来了。 Other array formation attainments profound powerhouses, may see the flaw ahead of time. 其他阵法造诣高深的强者,也有可能提前看出破绽。 Under situation that in many false appearances mislead the public, there is an extra change, can make Yan Zhaoge suddenly not distinguish clear. 在诸多假象混淆视听的情况下,又有了额外的变化,才能让燕赵歌一时间都分辨不清。 not bad, in the side latitude in a foundation, will unify.” Xue Chuqing said: Has the so huge foundation, just now can support magical equipment, is unable to determine under situation of goal in the earlier period the signalling.” 不错,在方纬之阵的基础上,将之结合进来。”雪初晴言道:“有如此庞大的基础,方才可以支持法仪,在前期无法确定目标的情况下传信。” Saying that Yan Zhaoge understands clearly: Is equal to reversing of side latitude, finds the person taking advantage of this first, then signalling.” 燕赵歌了然的说道:“等于是逆转方纬之阵,借此先找人,然后传信。” Can cover of entire Realm Above the Realm’s side latitude, the effect naturally incomparable force.” “能覆盖整个界上界的方纬之阵,功效自然无比强力。” Xue Chuqing nods the head: not bad, but defers to this method to create array, I always somewhat strange feeling, as if also has the mystery, but I still could not look at present.” 雪初晴颔首:“不错,只是按照这法门布阵,我总有些奇怪的感觉,似乎其中还有奥妙,但我目前尚看不出来。” Oh? Yan Zhaoge heard this, can not not care. 哦?燕赵歌闻言,不得不在意。 Supreme Lord of Wood Luminary Jupiter, in Kunlun Nine Luminaries, to learned and accomplished be then famous in the past. 木曜岁星上尊,当年在昆仑九曜中,便以博学多才著称。 Xue Chuqing is its direct descendant descendant, inherited this one point perfectly. 雪初晴身为其嫡系传人,完美继承了这一点 In Realm Above the Realm Martial Saint, strength height, regardless, only compared with the experience, besides oneself and Chen Qianhua, Yan Zhaoge cannot think that can with the person who mother places on a par. 界上界武圣之中,实力高低不论,只比见识,除了自己和陈乾华以外,燕赵歌想不到能跟母亲相提并论的人。 She has an anxiety, that showing has the issue. 她都有所疑虑,那说明真的有问题。 This matter, first on heart.” Yan Di said at this time: „The matter in society has obtained has lost, satisfies both sides unusually, weighs the importance.” “此事,先记在心上。”燕狄这时说道:“世间之事有所得有所失,少有两全其美,权衡轻重罢了。” Yan Zhaoge feels own chin: „Is the person who preparation contacts with which?” 燕赵歌摸着自己的下巴:“准备联系的人是哪位?” Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars.” 火曜荧惑上尊。” Hears this name, the first picture that in the Yan Zhaoge father and son mind appears, is actually one talks straight and frankly, Square Heaven Painting Halberd that the raging fire winds around. 听见这个名字,燕赵歌父子二人脑海中浮现的第一个画面,却是一杆指天画地,烈火缭绕的方天画戟 Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars words, as if... In Kunlun Nine Luminaries, that most comes and goes freely?” Yan Zhaoge some indefinite asking: „Is the relation to this, he willing to help?” 火曜荧惑上尊的话,似乎…是昆仑九曜中,最独来独往的一位?”燕赵歌有些不确定的问道:“就算联系到这位,他肯帮忙吗?” The Supreme Lord of the Dark Luminary Rāhu Jian Shunhua conduct is quite alone, many are refers to acting arbitrarily. 都说暗曜罗睺上尊简瞬华行事比较独,多是指独断专行。 Must say eccentrically, actually must regard Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars. 要说孤僻,却还要首推火曜荧惑上尊 According to information that Yan Zhaoge has now, although this Supreme Being powerhouse is Kunlun Nine Luminaries, actually extremely little participates in the Realm Above the Realm’s matter, spreads related to his fact, is in nine people are least. 燕赵歌现在掌握的信息,这位大能强者虽然位列昆仑九曜,却极少参与界上界的事情,有关他的事迹流传,是九人之中最少的。 Even if has not undergone the desalinization treatment, the news about Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars is few. 哪怕没有经过淡化处理,关于火曜荧惑上尊的消息都很少。 However, nobody dares saying that this makes up the number. 但是,又没人敢说这位是凑数的。 Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars, only several times came motionless, then is the earthshaking important matter. 火曜荧惑上尊不动则已,仅有的几次现身,便全是惊天动地的大事。 Just, that person is individualistic, comes and goes freely, had not heard that he and who relate specially intimate. 只不过,其人特立独行,独来独往,从来没听说他和谁关系特别亲近。 This matter secret, the unusual person knows.” Xue Chuqing said: Once listened to the master to mention, Great-Grand Master with Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars, as if some gratitude and grudges disputes.” “此事隐秘,少有人知。”雪初晴言道:“曾经听师父生前提及,太师祖火曜荧惑上尊之间,似乎有些恩怨纠葛。” Is only the master does not know details, but listened to Grand Master grandma accidentally to mention in the past.” “只是师父也不知道详情,只是听师祖婆婆当年偶然提及。” Yan Zhaoge notes the expression of Xue Chuqing: Em... Resentment, dispute?” 燕赵歌注意到雪初晴的措辞:“恩…怨,纠葛?” not bad.” Xue Chuqing nods the head: Even if therefore relates Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars, was very difficult saying that he will have what kind of response.” 不错。”雪初晴颔首:“所以即便联系到火曜荧惑上尊,也很难说他会有怎样的回应。” „But since some people direct me to try to contact with him, then explained that hopeful.” “但既然有人指点我设法联系他,那么就说明,有希望。” Xue Chuqing stops slightly: Just...” 雪初晴稍微停顿一下:“只不过…” But, directs you to seek Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars that perhaps has to attempt.” Yan Zhaoge then said: Should in view of you, you not issue a warrant for arrest to capture, situation is impossible was worse, therefore relates Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars mostly really hopefully, but directs your, actually the goal is seeks for Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars.” “只不过,指点您去寻火曜荧惑上尊的那位,说不定别有企图。”燕赵歌接着说下去:“应该不是针对您,您被通缉追捕,情况不可能更糟了,所以多半是真有希望联系火曜荧惑上尊,而指点您的那一位,其实目标在于寻找火曜荧惑上尊。” Xue Chuqing said: not bad, this is another reason of my anxiety.” 雪初晴言道:“不错,这正是我疑虑的又一个原因。” Said that directs you to seek Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars that is who?” Yan Zhaoge has selected the brow tip: Asks him not to count on that since urges you to look for Supreme Lord of Fire Luminary Mars, he will be will definitely not come to the help.” “说起来,指点您去寻火曜荧惑上尊的那一位,是谁啊?”燕赵歌挑了挑眉梢:“找他是不指望了,既然撺掇您去找火曜荧惑上尊,那他自己是肯定不会现身帮忙的。” Before Xue Chuqing replied, first looked to Yan Zhaoge. 雪初晴回答前,先看向燕赵歌 Beginning Yan Zhaoge when is somewhat bewildered, but in the heart moves slightly, has thought of anything indistinctly. 燕赵歌初时有些莫名其妙,但心中微微一动,隐约想到了什么。 Really listens to Xue Chuqing saying: My previously, although conceals identity to hide in all directions, but has also listened about you and Broad Creed Mountain's hearsay.” 果然就听雪初晴说道:“我先前虽然隐姓埋名四处躲藏,但也听过一些关于你们和广乘山的传闻。” One is, Zhaoge did you obtain Greater Yang Seal?” “其中一条是,赵歌你得到了太阳印?” Yan Zhaoge suddenly: Supreme Lord of the Sun Luminary Greater Yang, Gao Han!” 燕赵歌恍然:“日曜太阳上尊,高寒!” This name, Yan Zhaoge was quite familiar. 这个名字,燕赵歌极为熟悉了。 Even if he has not seen the opposite party honorable person. 哪怕他从没见过对方真人。 But must say in Kunlun Nine Luminaries, the person who he most is familiar with its material, Supreme Lord of the Sun Luminary Greater Yang Gao Han can be listed at first several. 但要说昆仑九曜里,他最熟悉其资料的人,日曜太阳上尊高寒可以排在头几位。 Greater Yang Seal is also pinching in Yan Zhaoge now. 太阳印现在还就在燕赵歌手里捏着呢。 How Zhaoge do you obtain Greater Yang Seal?” Xue Chuqing asked. 赵歌你是如何得到太阳印的?”雪初晴问道。 Yan Zhaoge said the matter process, Xue Chuqing sighed: previously also guessed, but since Supreme Lord of the Sun Luminary Greater Yang already left Eight Extremities World that to locate the Nine Nether slit, that initially indicated that my person, mostly was he.” 燕赵歌说了事情经过,雪初晴叹息一声:“先前还只是猜测,但既然日曜太阳上尊早就已经离开八极大世界那处九幽缝隙,那当初点拨我的人,多半便是他了。”
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