HTMS :: Volume #94

#9398: Death sickle!

Chapter 9364 death sickle! 第9364章死亡镰刀! But this war, makes Ling Xiao very excited. 但这一战,也让凌霄无比兴奋。 Only then such opponent, can take to him the pressure. 只有这样的对手,才能带给他压力。 Can make his cultivation base continue to promote. 才能让他的修为继续提升。 The potential cell of his within the body saved massive pure energies. 他体内的潜能细胞存储了大量的纯净能量。 If comes across the strong pressure, can stimulate. 如果遇到强大的压力,就可以激发出来。 Bang! 轰! The black robe youth one step treads, death aura that the body releases the terrifying. 黑袍青年一步踏出,身上释放出恐怖的死亡气息。 Suddenly, a giant sickle appears. 骤然,一把巨大的镰刀浮现。 Cuts to kill toward Ling Xiao. 朝着凌霄斩杀过去。 Death sickle!” “死亡镰刀!” The blood-color sickle, the divine tool of god of disciplinary punishment life death, the terrifying seemed to be incomparable. 血色的镰刀,仿佛死亡之神惩戒生灵的神器,恐怖无比。 Ling Xiao felt the crisis finally. 凌霄终于感受到了危机。 Intense sense of crisis. 强烈的危机感。 He is excited. 他兴奋至极。 Bang! 轰! His body starts to change, the strength of ancestral dragon erupts crazily. 他的身体开始发生变化,祖龙之力疯狂爆发。 His behind, the ancestral dragon empty shadow seethes unceasingly, exudes the sound of intermittent dragon recitation. 他的身后,祖龙的虚影不断翻腾,发出阵阵龙吟之声。 This is not martial soul. 这不是武魂 This is the phenomenon! 这是异象! Is phenomenon that the day of level bloodlines true body can demonstrate. 是天级血脉真身才能展示出来的异象。 Facing the death sickle, Ling Xiao grasped the spear/gun of saint, punctured a spear/gun by the powerful ancestral dragon true body. 面对死亡镰刀,凌霄手持圣者之枪,以强大的祖龙真身刺出一枪。 Bang! 轰! The spear/gun and death sickle hit saint in one. 圣者之枪与死亡镰刀撞击在了一起。 A fearful strength blasts open suddenly. 一股可怕的力量骤然炸裂。 Sharp tearing feeling toward Ling Xiao. 锋锐的撕裂感朝着凌霄袭来。 Ling Xiao knits the brows slightly. 凌霄微微皱了皱眉。 The left hand changes to dragon claw immediately, rumbled a fist. 左手当即化作龙爪,轰出了一拳。 Then crushes the attack of opposite party completely. 这才将对方的攻击完全粉碎。 However oneself also withdrew over a hundred meters away. 不过自己也退后了上百米远。 Hehe, is really strong!” “嘿嘿,真强!” Ling Xiao revealed wiped the happy expression. 凌霄露出了一抹笑意。 Was half Great Emperor, the strength is worthily more powerful than the low-grade are too many. 不愧是中品半步大帝,实力比下品强大太多了。 The world principle embryonic form, wants the terrifying is too more than peak domain principle. 世界法则雏形,比顶尖领域法则要恐怖太多。 Is the nature must change completely. 完全是质得变化。 Even the Ling Xiao Heavenly Dao domain, is still inferior in the world principle. 就算是凌霄的天道领域,也逊色于世界法则。 cultivation base of this black robe youth chaotic is like five lines, is half Great Emperor. 这黑袍青年的修为与五行乱一样,都是中品半步大帝 However, the strength actually misses randomly quite far with five lines. 不过,实力与五行乱却差得比较远。 Because five lines randomly are the day of level bloodlines true bodies. 因为五行乱是天级血脉真身。 But this person, is only the prefectural level high-grade true body. 而此人,只是地级上品真身而已。 The obvious five lines are randomly fearful. 可见五行乱有多么可怕。 However, even if inferior to five lines of chaotic, the strength terrifying of this black robe youth is still incomparable, condenses the world principle embryonic form. 不过,即便不如五行乱,这个黑袍青年的战力也恐怖无比,凝聚世界法则雏形。 The strength is powerful. 实力强悍无比。 The world principle, has been close to strength of the whole world. 世界法则,已经接近于掌控世界之力。 Ancestral Dragon Realm is a world! 祖龙界是一个世界! The paradise is also a world. 仙界也是一个世界。 The strength of the world, is the essences and essence of this world. 世界之力,就是这一个个世界的本质和真髓。 Hehe, good, can block my attack also not injured. “呵呵,不错嘛,能挡住我的攻击还不受伤。 However, that is all! ” 不过,仅此而已了!” The black robe youth smiles, is not surprised about the Ling Xiao strength. 黑袍青年笑了笑,对凌霄的实力并不惊讶。 Ling Xiao can defeat up to hold up, strength not possible weak. 凌霄能击败光擎,实力不可能弱。 Now blocks his attack, is normal. 如今挡住他一次攻击,也正常。 But the fight is not 1-2 times. 但战斗并不是1-2。 Kills!” “杀!” He killed again to Ling Xiao. 他再次杀向了凌霄 The terrifying world principle ferments again. 恐怖的世界法则再次酝酿。 That may not necessarily!” “那可未必!” Ling Xiao smiles, the opponent is powerful, he is excited. 凌霄笑了笑,对手越是强大,他就越是兴奋。 While this opportunity, happen to can try the might of Wanbao god technique. 趁着这个机会,正好可以试试万宝神术的威力了。 The Qilin god cauldron is hanging and vertical. 麒麟神鼎悬空而立。 Departed light balls from the cauldron. 从鼎中飞出了一个个光球。 In the light ball, has Emperor Armament. 光球之中,都有帝兵 Altogether is 12 light balls, 12 Emperor Armament. 一共是十二个光球,十二把帝兵 With reappearing of these light balls. 随着这些光球的浮现。 The Ling Xiao hand spear/gun of saint also becomes heavy. 凌霄手中的圣者之枪也变得沉重起来。 The might is condensing unceasingly. 威力在不断凝聚。 Is equal to 13 Emperor Armament complete might. 等于是十三把帝兵全部的威力。 He has not used 36 Emperor Armament directly. 他并没有直接用三十六把帝兵 If too strong, cannot have the effect of exercise. 要是太强,就起不到锻炼的效果了。 Wanbao god technique, are you person of Wanbao god sect?” “万宝神术,你是万宝神宗的人?” The black robe youth gawked, the complexion becomes dignified. 黑袍青年愣了一下,脸色变得凝重起来。 Ling Xiao smiles, had not replied. 凌霄笑了笑,并未回答。 Whether, why to explain. 是或者不是,何必去解释呢。 Snort, the talent of Wanbao god sect how, today, you must die!” “哼,万宝神宗的天才又如何,今天,你依然要死!” The black robe youth does not seem good with the Wanbao god sect relations. 黑袍青年似乎与万宝神宗关系并不好。 One step treads, the black flame burns unceasingly. 一步踏出,黑色的火焰不断燃烧。 In the hand were many a genuine sickle. 手中多了一把真正的镰刀。 This sickle, without a doubt, is Emperor Armament. 这镰刀,毫无疑问,是中品帝兵 Grasps the sickle, cut directly to Ling Xiao. 手持镰刀,直接斩向了凌霄 Ling Xiao shows a faint smile. 凌霄微微一笑。 In hand the spear pierces of saint. 手中圣者之枪刺了出去。 Bang! 轰! Two people collide again. 两人再次碰撞。 Ling Xiao retrocedes again. 凌霄再次后退。 However, these only drew back more than ten meters away time. 不过,这一次只退了十几米远。 Before drew back over a hundred meters. 之前可是退了上百米的。 Was similar!” “差不多了!” Ling Xiao has not offered a sacrifice to new Emperor Armament again. 凌霄没有再祭出新的帝兵 Because does not need. 因为没有必要。 To stimulate the potential, must result at the disadvantage. 想要激发潜能,就必须得处在劣势。 He estimated that once 36 Emperor Armament offer a sacrifice to completely. 他估计一旦三十六把帝兵全部祭出。 Oneself compared with this black robe youth. 自己就要比这个黑袍青年强了。 Death!” “死!” Black robe youth look ice-cold, in the hand burns the sickle of black flame to cut unceasingly. 黑袍青年眼神冰冷,手中燃烧着黑色火焰的镰刀不断斩下。 Facing the attack, Ling Xiao rushes directly. 面对攻击,凌霄直接冲了上去。 Has not used the soul technique. 并没有使用魂术。 The truth is the same. 道理还是一样。 He must stimulate the potential in within the body, cannot use the soul technique. 他要激发体内的潜能,就不能用魂术。 Otherwise, was too easy. 否则的话,太容易了。 Bang! 轰! Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Two people fights have conducted more than ten rounds instantaneously. 两人的战斗瞬间就已经进行了十几个回合。 Although Ling Xiao has been at the disadvantage. 凌霄虽然一直处在劣势。 But has not actually defeated. 但却始终没有败。 The black robe youth complexion is very ugly. 黑袍青年脸色很是难看。 Several rounds, have not been able to defeat Ling Xiao unexpectedly, really must be somewhat awkward. 十几个回合,竟然还不能将凌霄击败,真得有些尴尬了。 This may just come up completely differently time that aggression with him. 这可跟他刚上来的时候那种霸气完全不一样啊。 Damn!” “该死!” In the black robe youth eyes glitters is killing intent. 黑袍青年眼中闪烁着杀意。 He wanted to butcher Ling Xiao. 他想要宰了凌霄 martial artist under stage has been shocked. 台下的武者都已经愣住了。 The Ling Xiao strength was also too terrifying. 凌霄的战力也太恐怖了吧。 Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor. 九重小成准帝而已。 Unexpectedly can hit such a long time with half Great Emperor? 居然能够与中品半步大帝打这么长时间? Although falls on leeward, but actually throughout not defeated appearance. 虽然落在下风,但却始终没有被击败的样子。 Evildoer/Monstrous talent! True evildoer/monstrous talent!” “妖孽!真正的妖孽啊!” The people say with emotion. 众人不由感慨道。 Yes, the so fearful strength, in the Saint level will influence not have even, only if these most peak Saint level influence.” “是啊,如此可怕的战力,就算是圣级势力之中也不会有吧,除非是那些最顶尖的圣级势力。” Wanbao god sect is time-honored, can be born such talent, pouring is not strange!” “万宝神宗历史悠久,能诞生出这样的天才,倒也不奇怪!” Looks at his appearance, probably accomplishes a task with ease, you said, he did use the full power?” “看他的样子,像是游刃有余啊,你们说,他用了全力吗?” The people gawked, but also really cannot determine. 众人愣了一下,还真的不敢确定。 Fights above stage, the fight is still continuing. 战台之上,战斗还在继续。 Ling Xiao coordinates the Wanbao god technique, still does not beat the black robe youth. 凌霄配合万宝神术,依然是不敌黑袍青年。 However can support reluctantly. 不过勉强能够撑住。 The potential in within the body is erupting crazily. 体内的潜能在疯狂爆发。 It seems like wants Ling Xiao to win. 似乎是想要凌霄取胜。 Two people hit quickly for a half hour. 两人很快就打了半个小时了。 Still makes no distinction between victory and defeat. 依然不分胜负。 Ha, is this feeling!” “哈哈哈,就是这种感觉!” Ling Xiao laughed, although the Wanbao god technique has not used completely. 凌霄大笑了起来,虽然万宝神术并没有完全用出来。 However he also used about 70% strengths. 不过他也用了将近70%的实力了。 Still was suppressed by the opposite party. 依然被对方压制。 This feeling is very crisp. 这种感觉很爽。 He wants is such opponent. 他要的就是这样的对手。 This black robe youth is actually weak. 这黑袍青年其实还算弱的。 If were stronger is better. 要是再强一些就更好了。 Two people wars made the desolate fight the stage to rock unceasingly. 两人的大战令荒战台都不断晃动起来。 However this desolate fights obviously is the special material quality builds, may not have that easy destruction. 不过这荒战台明显是特殊材质打造,可没那么容易毁坏。 Damn, unexpectedly is the sparring partner with me?” “该死,居然拿我当陪练?” The black robe youth complexion is gloomy. 黑袍青年脸色阴沉。 He felt very uncomfortable. 他感觉很不爽。 Own solemn half Great Emperor, was regarded the sparring partner unexpectedly. 自己堂堂中品半步大帝,居然被人当成了陪练。 But on the other hand, in his half Great Emperor, can not be compelled in this by Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor. 但话又说回来了,他一个中品半步大帝,能不被一个九重准帝逼到这份上。 Needs to use attacks full power, can suppress the opponent. 需要倾尽全力去攻击,才能压制对手。 This can also make him progress. 这也能让他进步。 Actually does not calculate the bad matter. 其实也不算坏事儿。 The fight is still continuing. 战斗还在继续。 In Ling Xiao does not have in the situation of complete explosion strength. 凌霄没有完全爆发战力的情况下。 Black robe youth obviously even better. 黑袍青年明显更胜一筹。 Moreover, the black robe youth clearly also has the hidden. 而且,黑袍青年显然也有隐藏。 Without the complete explosion. 没有完全爆发。 Above this war stage, is not the life-and-death fight, the average person will hold back one trick. 在这战台之上,不是生死之战,一般人都会留一手的。 Therefore Ling Xiao does not dare to be extremely self-satisfied. 因此凌霄也不敢太过得意。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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