HTMS :: Volume #94

#9398: The elimination plan of wild person!

Strange, are actually these black-clothed person who? Why do they want to chase down us?” “奇怪,那些黑衣人究竟是什么人?他们为什么要追杀我们?” Bai Fengfeng knits the brows to ask. 白凤凤皱眉问道。 If I have not guessed that wrong, perhaps this matter, has the relations with the wild person. “如果我没猜错的话,这件事情,恐怕跟荒人有关系。 They must start to us. ” 他们要对我们下手了。” Ling Xiao said: „ That group of black-clothed person, you possibly do not know, but I can actually notice that the wild strength of their within the body is flowing, this cannot hide, could not camouflage. 凌霄道:“那群黑衣人,你们可能不知道,但我却能看到他们体内的荒之力在流动,这个是隐藏不了,也是伪装不了的。 The confusion in recombination beforehand flying swallow village. 再结合之前飞燕村的混乱。 Therefore, I can conclude, the present desolate ancient battlefield, is certainly dangerous. 所以,我能够断定,现在的荒古战场,一定非常危险。 We could probably leave. ” 我们可能必须得离开了。” That what to do? Do we also return to flying swallow village?” “那怎么办?我们还回飞燕村吗?” Saussurea involucrata astonished say/way. 雪莲惊愕道。 Normal, does not go back to be safer. “正常来说,不回去可能会更加安全。 But I felt actually, in the wild person also has the weak one, is not the experts, therefore, possibly enters the village to meet the relative security. 但我倒是觉得,荒人之中也有弱者,又不都是高手,所以,可能进村会相对安全一些。 After all can make them be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt. ” 毕竟可以让他们投鼠忌器。” Ling Xiao thinks to say. 凌霄想了想道。 Therefore, we meet flying swallow village, is really not good escapes and that's the end. “所以,我们还是会飞燕村吧,实在不行逃就是了。 Goes back to inform the Fengming Shan foothold and person in snow mountain spirit palace foothold, should walk, here is unsafe. ” 回去通知一下凤鸣山据点和雪山神宫据点的人,该走了,这里已经不安全了。” Good! First returns to flying swallow village!” “好!先回飞燕村!” Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus nod, therefore three people flew toward flying swallow village. 白凤凤和雪莲点了点头,于是三人朝着飞燕村飞了过去。 At that time, on south barren hill. 彼时,南荒山上。 One group of powerhouses gathered here. 一群强者聚集在了这里。 The complexion is not quite attractive. 脸色不太好看。 Just now altogether 21 Great Emperor level powerhouses. 方才一共二十一个大帝级强者。 Was killed four unexpectedly. 竟然被干掉了四个。 Remaining 17. 就剩下十七个了。 Damn, only killed them ten to come individual, we actually died four, too failure!” “该死,只杀了他们十来个人,我们却死了四个,太失败了!” Accomplishment level Mortal Emperor showed the mean expression: „ Blames that boy, never expected that in the outcomer was born unexpectedly that terrifying existence. 大成级人帝露出了阴狠的表情:“都怪那个小子,没想到外来者之中竟然诞生了那么恐怖的存在。 We originally planned to use the news of this nine life holy sepulchres, making these outcomers kill one another. 我们原计划利用这一次九命圣墓的消息,让那些外来者自相残杀的。 Then catches the whole lot in a dragnet the remaining people. 然后再将剩下的人一网打尽。 Only pitifully, the plan failed. 只可惜,计划还是失败了。 These peak evildoer/monstrous talent have not killed. 这些顶尖的妖孽一个都没杀死。 These fellows, but also is really sly. ” 这些家伙,还真是狡猾。” That what to do? Stops planning?” “那怎么办?停止计划吗?” Some people asked. 有人问道。 What is done cannot be undone, since had started, must the execution. “开弓没有回头箭,既然已经开始了,就必须得执行到底。 The desolate ancient battlefield is the territory of our wild person, why to make the outcomer profit. 荒古战场可是我们荒人的领地,凭什么让外来者占便宜。 Kill! 杀! All killed! 全杀了! Kills them to be afraid! 杀到他们害怕! Kills them not to dare to enter the desolate ancient battlefield! ” 杀到他们再也不敢进入荒古战场!” Accomplishment level Mortal Emperor revealed the fierce facial features, exuded the low and deep shouting sound. 大成级人帝露出了狰狞的面容,发出了低沉的嘶吼声。 Right, our wild person was killed by these outcomers unexpectedly cruelly, cannot endure absolutely.” “没错,我们荒人竟然被这些外来者残忍杀害,绝对不能忍。” Kills!” “杀!” The people roared. 众人都吼了起来。 These years, after the desolate ancient battlefield opens, the wild person was also more dangerous outside. 这些年,荒古战场开启之后,荒人在外面也更加危险了。 By the person of killing, but are many. 被杀之人可是不少。 This makes their hates gradually accumulate. 这让他们的怨恨逐渐积累。 Finally develops today's this situation. 终于发展到了今天这种地步。 They have the powerhouse of Great Emperor level, therefore at the desolate ancient battlefield combat, they have the overwhelming superiority. 他们有大帝级的强者,所以在荒古战场作战,他们是占据绝对优势的。 „ After going back, immediately informs each village, sends out the expert, hunts and kills the outcomer! “回去之后,立即通知各个村子,派出高手,猎杀外来者! Meanwhile, must pay attention to protect our people. 同时,要注意保护我们的人。 Perhaps I feared in these people some people to guess correctly our plan. 我怕那些人之中恐怕已经有人猜到了我们的计划。 Will start to our people. 会对我们的人下手。 Moreover, sends for in ‚the city of desolate ambush. 另外,派人在‘荒古之城’埋伏。 They will certainly go to the city of desolate. 他们一定会去荒古之城的。 In there, kills some people. 在那里,多杀一些人。 Best kills these peak evildoer/monstrous talent. ” 最好是杀那些顶尖的妖孽。” Accomplishment level Mortal Emperor speaks, waves saying: Goes, respective arrangement.” 大成级人帝说完话,挥了挥手道:“去吧,各自安排。” Yes!” “是!” The people nod in abundance, then leaves air-splitting. 众人纷纷点头,而后破空离开。 Everyone, on the face covered entirely vicious killing intent. 每个人,脸上都布满了凶狠的杀意。 Accomplishment level Mortal Emperor looked at the distant place: Ling Xiao, the little fellow, you thinks that you did run away? You will die eventually in our hands!” 大成级人帝看了看远处:“凌霄,小家伙,你以为你逃得了吗?你终究还是会死在我们手中!” Another side, Ling Xiao, Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus had arrived in flying swallow village. 另外一边,凌霄白凤凤和雪莲三人已经抵达了飞燕村。 flying swallow village seems like also and equally is usually quiet. 飞燕村看起来还和平常一样平静。 Has not had the large-scale attack. 并没有发生大规模的袭击事件。 „Did we guess wrong?” “难道我们猜错了?” Bai Fengfeng knits the brows to say. 白凤凤皱眉道。 No mistake!” “没有错!” Ling Xiao shakes the head saying: „ I can obviously feel these guards to our hostilities, these wild people to our killing intent. 凌霄摇了摇头道:“我能明显感觉到那些守卫对我们的敌意,那些荒人对我们的杀意。 They have not begun, because feared that we counter-attack. 他们没有动手,只是因为怕我们反击。 Perhaps careful, they will kill in secret! ” 小心点,恐怕他们会暗中袭杀的!” Was bad, returns to the Fengming Shan foothold and snow mountain spirit palace foothold quickly has a look!” “糟了,快回凤鸣山据点和雪山神宫据点看看!” Bai Fengfeng startled say/way. 白凤凤惊道。 If the opposite party really must do. 如果对方真得那么做了。 Then these footholds will definitely be attacked. 那么那些据点肯定会遭到袭击。 Very dangerous. 非常危险。 Saussurea involucrata, if necessary, contacts with me directly!” “雪莲,如果有需要,直接联系我!” Ling Xiao said that then went to the Fengming Shan foothold with Bai Fengfeng. 凌霄说了一声,便跟白凤凤前往了凤鸣山据点。 All the way, the seen external talent are few. 一路上,见到的外来天才非常少。 Moreover person who sees, is terrified-looking, runs toward outside hurriedly. 而且看到的人,也是一脸惶恐,急匆匆往外面跑。 On the face of Bai Fengfeng, covered entirely anxiously. 白凤凤的脸上,布满了焦虑。 When they arrive at the Fengming Shan foothold time. 等他们来到凤鸣山据点的时候。 Here is similar to the silent tomb to be the same unexpectedly. 这里竟然如同寂静的墓地一般。 Cannot see a person. 看不到一个人。 Unlike former that lively scene completely. 与之前那热闹的景象完全不同。 Although they enter the holy sepulchre to have about a year. 虽说他们进入圣墓有将近一年的时间了。 But is not the extent that. 可也不至于如此啊。 Died? Walked?” “是死了?还是走了?” The Bai Fengfeng complexion is ugly. 白凤凤脸色非常难看。 Felt the unprecedented pain. 感受到了前所未有的痛苦。 These may be her same side. 那些可都是她的同门啊。 Although some people had betrayed Ling Xiao, but that is only 1-2 bad apples. 虽然有人曾经出卖过凌霄,但那只是1-2害群之马。 Most people are good. 大多数人还是好的。 Two people investigated a while in the Fengming Shan foothold. 两人在凤鸣山据点里调查了一会儿。 Finally in the cave of hidden, found dying martial artist. 才终于在隐藏的地窖之中,找到了一个垂死的武者 Few lords, few lords escape quickly, the wild person was insane, they attacked our foothold, most people were grasped, some people were killed. “少主,少主快逃啊,荒人疯了,他们袭击了我们的据点,大多数人都被抓了,有人被杀了。 I hid in the cave, escapes death by a hair's breadth, but, is not quickly good! ” 我躲进了地窖,才幸免于难,不过,也快不行了!” martial artist said miserable. 武者凄苦地说道。 Ling Xiao put out the Yin-Yang mirror. 凌霄拿出了阴阳镜。 With shone that martial artist openly. 用阳面照射了一下那武者 Injury restoration of marvelously martial artist. 武者的伤势奇迹般的恢复起来。 Has the strength of life to pour into the opposite party body unceasingly. 不断有生命之力注入对方身体之中。 The situation of opposite party, better and better. 对方的情况,越来越好。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Outside, heard the terrifying bellow suddenly. 外面,忽然传来了恐怖的轰鸣声。 Obviously yes, some people came. 显然是,有人来了。 You here therapy, remembered, do not go out.” “你在这里疗伤,记住了,不要出去。” Ling Xiao and Bai Fengfeng left the cave, arrived at outside. 凌霄白凤凤离开了地窖,来到了外面。 In the courtyard, presented over a hundred martial artist. 院子里,出现了上百名武者 Uniform is completely half Great Emperor. 清一色全部都是半步大帝 And even over a hundred are high-grade half Great Emperor. 其中甚至有上百个都是上品半步大帝 In their bodies has the strength of desolate. 他们身体之中都有荒之力。 But will actually not use. 但却不会使用。 The Ling Xiao corners of the mouth brought back wiped the happy expression. 凌霄嘴角勾起了一抹笑意。 Since you will not use, that gives me. 既然你们不会用,那就交给我吧。 Takes!” “拿下!” One of them waves, ordered directly. 其中一人挥了挥手,直接下令。 Several hundred -and-a-half Great Emperor plunged Ling Xiao and Bai Fengfeng. 数百个半步大帝扑向了凌霄白凤凤 Life old tree, white bones madame and Destruction Black Dragon! “生命古树、白骨夫人、毁灭黑龙 Kills! ” 杀!” Gods who Ling Xiao releases three high-grade half Great Emperor ranks. 凌霄释放出三尊上品半步大帝级别的神明。 Also killed. 同时也杀了出去。 Half Great Emperor, regardless of being strong, in his hands, collapses at the first blow radically. 半步大帝,无论多强,在他手中,根本不堪一击。 A spear pierces leaves, more than ten people will fall to the ground dead shortly. 一枪刺出,十几个人顷刻间倒地死亡。 Ling Xiao swallowed their energy essence. 凌霄吞噬了他们的能量精华。 Integrated in the strength of desolate. 融入到了荒之力之中。 Another side, Bai Fengfeng also changed to the white phoenix. 另外一边,白凤凤也化作了白色的凤凰。 The Saint light dances in the air. 圣光飞舞。 Kills the wild person to be off their feet. 杀得荒人人仰马翻。 At this time, the form flushed together. 此时,一道身影冲了过来。 Is the snow lotus. 是雪莲。 Her behind, but also is pursuing one -and-a-half crowds of Great Emperor. 她的身后,还追着一群半步大帝 Escapes quickly! Without enough time!” “快逃!来不及了!” The snow lotus shouted. 雪莲大喊。 Obviously, she also encountered the danger. 显然,她也遇到危险了。
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