HTMS :: Volume #94

#9397: Half isn't Great Emperor good?

Chapter 9363 half isn't Great Emperor good? 第9363章连半步大帝也不行? In diaphragm storage ring departed a shield, is low-grade Emperor Armament. 光阑储物戒中飞出了一面盾牌,也是下品帝兵 The giant shield kept off before his body. 巨大的盾牌挡在了他的身前。 On him also appeared to fight armor, unexpectedly was Emperor Armament. 他身上也浮现了一具战甲,竟然是中品帝兵 This boy can block the attack of half step Great Emperor, mostly is because Emperor Armament of these defense classes play the effect. 这小子能挡得住半步大帝的攻击,多半就是因为这些防御类的帝兵起到了效果吧。 No shadow!” “无影手!” Ling Xiao poured into true yuan no shadow glove. 凌霄真元注入到了无影手套之中。 Suddenly, the dragon claw might rises suddenly. 突然间,龙爪的威力暴涨。 Bang! 轰! dragon claw direct bang above giant shield. 龙爪直接轰在了巨大的盾牌之上。 Although the shield has not disrupted. 盾牌虽然没有碎裂。 But the terrifying impulse hit on the body of diaphragm, shook to fly again the diaphragm. 但恐怖的冲击力还是撞在了光阑的身上,再一次将光阑震飞出去。 The diaphragm mouth spits the blood again, felt that has blurred the consciousness. 光阑再次口吐鲜血,感觉连意识都已经模糊了。 Ended, ended! I was dying, how can like this!” “完了,完了!我要死了,怎么会这样!” The diaphragm was scared completely. 光阑完全吓傻了。 Ling Xiao was too strong. 凌霄太强了。 Simply before him half Great Emperor is more terrifying. 简直比他之前遇到的半步大帝还要恐怖。 Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor. 一个九重小成准帝而已。 How to be in so the degree powerful. 怎么会强大到如此程度。 This is what monster. 这是什么怪物啊。 It is not able to accept simply! 简直无法接受! How he knows. 他又怎么会知道。 Ling Xiao is eight heavy Quasi-Emperor time, has cut to kill three Shadow Blade Gate half Great Emperor. 凌霄还是八重准帝的时候,就已经斩杀了三个影刀门的半步大帝了。 Now cultivation base breaks through Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor, the strength is naturally stronger. 如今修为突破九重准帝,实力自然更强。 This, he has not used the Wanbao god technique. 就这,他还没有使用万宝神术呢。 Forgave, forgave me!” “饶命,饶了我吧!” The diaphragm shouted panic-stricken. 光阑惊恐地大喊了起来。 Frightens heavily. 吓得不轻。 Ling Xiao disdain looked at his one eyes: Hands over your storage ring, as well as on you all treasures, then get the hell out!” 凌霄不屑地看了他一眼:“交出你的储物戒,以及你身上所有的宝物,然后滚蛋!” He has offended Shadow Blade Gate, Five Elements Gate and person of Wanbao god sect now. 他如今已经得罪了影刀门五行门以及万宝神宗的人。 Does not want to offend more people again. 不想再得罪更多的人了。 What is most essential, this person killed did not have the significance. 最关键的是,此人杀了也没意义。 The energy essence are too few. 能量精华太少。 So long as took storage ring and treasure on the line. 只要拿了储物戒和宝物就行了。 Gives you, gives you completely!” “给你,全部给你!” The diaphragm relaxes, gave Ling Xiao body all treasures, then tumbled to tumble the arena. 光阑松了口气,将身上所有的宝物都给了凌霄,然后连滚带爬地滚落下了擂台。 I stated again one time, wants to come up, if you were not half Great Emperor, then best to have the good thing, can trade your lives. “我再声明一次,想上来的,如果你不是半步大帝,那么最好身上有好东西,能换你们的命。 Otherwise, the next time, will not have him is so lucky. ” 不然,下一次,可不会有他这么幸运了。” Ling Xiao said lightly. 凌霄淡淡说道。 No wonder he dares to challenge half step Great Emperor, this fellow was too terrifying, endures compared with low-grade half Great Emperor!” “难怪他敢挑战半步大帝,这家伙太恐怖了,堪比下品半步大帝啊!” Obviously is only Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor, will this fellow be so strong? Right, he definitely is the day of level bloodlines true body!” “明明只是九重小成准帝而已,这家伙怎么会这么强?对了,他肯定是天级血脉真身!” Even the day level bloodlines true body, should not such, definitely have other reason!” “就算是天级血脉真身,也不该如此之强吧,肯定还有别的理由!” The people discuss spiritedly, a long time no one dares to come up. 众人议论纷纷,很长一段时间都没有人敢上去了。 Everyone can look, the Ling Xiao strength, has exceeded general low-grade half Great Emperor. 谁都看得出来,凌霄的战力,已经超越了一般的下品半步大帝 Even half Great Emperor, must weigh well, actually whether can with a Ling Xiao war. 就算是半步大帝,都得好好衡量一下,究竟是否能与凌霄一战。 Half Great Emperor comes up, can exempt! “半步大帝上来,可以免死! Naturally, the premise is you must make me harvest! ” 当然,前提是你得让我有所收获!” Ling Xiao comes to here to not to kill people, but to discipline oneself. 凌霄来这里不是为了杀人,而是为了磨练自己。 I come!” “我来!” Finally, for a long time later, a youth stepped fought the stage. 终于,许久之后,一个青年踏上了战台。 Light holds up!” “光擎!” „The Elder Brother of diaphragm?” “光阑的哥哥吧?” He has broken through half Great Emperor probably quickly, almost, can comprehend the world principle embryonic form.” “他好像已经快突破中品半步大帝了,差一点,就可以领悟世界法则雏形了。” It seems like wants to recover the gathering place to own younger brother!” “看来是想给自己的弟弟找回场子!” Who can win?” “谁能赢?” Does not know, but this fight will be splendid!” “不知道,但这场战斗已经会非常精彩!” The people somewhat anticipated, wants to have a look, actually Ling Xiao can strong to what degree. 众人都有些期待,都想看看,凌霄究竟能强到什么程度。 Ling Xiao also anticipated very much. 凌霄也很期待。 Hit two, finally came one to let his excited opponent. 打了两场,终于来了一个能让他兴奋的对手了。 This light holds up, by positive/direct combat capability, absolutely compared with the Shadow Blade Gate killer. 这个光擎,论正面的战斗能力,绝对比影刀门的杀手强很多。 Grants instruction!” “赐教!” Only held up to arch cupping one hand in the other across the chest, suddenly began. 光擎拱了拱手,突然就动手了。 The whole body flame tumbles, in the hand a flame sword, cuts to kill directly. 全身火焰翻滚,手中一把火焰战刀,直接斩杀出去。 The crazy flame sweeps across Ling Xiao, beast of prey that as if the flame condenses. 疯狂的火焰席卷凌霄,仿佛火焰凝聚的猛兽。 Comes well!” “来得好!” Ling Xiao also put out the spear/gun of saint. 凌霄也拿出了圣者之枪。 Then a spear pierces leaves. 而后一枪刺出。 Stabbed that flame fierce tiger. 刺中了那火焰猛虎。 The fierce tigers blast open loudly. 猛虎轰然炸裂。 Entire war stage by flame package. 整个战台都被火焰包裹。 Then, these flame unified a Fire Phoenix, dashed to Ling Xiao to go. 而后,这些火焰凝聚成了一头火凤凰,直扑凌霄而去。 Interesting! The domain of fire, moreover is the peak hot domain!” “有趣!火之领域吗,而且是顶尖的火之领域!” Ling Xiao smiled, smiled excitedly. 凌霄笑了,非常兴奋的笑了。 After the domain of fire cultivates the pinnacle, is very fierce. 火之领域修炼到极致之后,也是很厉害啊。 The sole domain, not necessarily compares five lines of domains to be bad. 单一的领域,未必就比五行领域差。 But the premise is, you must cultivation the pinnacle it. 但前提是,你要将其修炼到极致。 12 dragon spear/gun! 十二龙枪! Facing the powerful opponent, Ling Xiao actual combat 12 dragon spear/gun and god thunder Tatian secret art and opposite party slaughter. 面对强大的对手,凌霄实战十二龙枪与神雷踏天诀与对方厮杀。 He with not extinguishing the soul demon sound, imprisonment eye and Heavenly Dao judgement. 他没有用灭魂魔音、禁锢之眼以及天道裁决。 Also has not used the Wanbao god technique. 也没有用万宝神术。 Purely slaughters by 12 dragon spear/gun and god thunder Tatian secret art. 单纯以十二龙枪和神雷踏天诀厮杀。 Two people engage in fierce battle for about an hour. 两人鏖战将近一个小时。 Also cannot decide the victory and defeat. 也没能分出胜负。 It can be said that this light holds up very strongly. 可以说,这个光擎真得很强。 If Ling Xiao does not use the special method, wants to win him, but also is very difficult. 如果凌霄不用特殊手段,想要赢他,还真的很难。 Also can continue?” “还要继续吗?” Ling Xiao stands there, calm. 凌霄站在那里,气定神闲。 But the light holds up actually pants, true yuan consumes seriously. 而光擎却是气喘吁吁,真元消耗严重。 He is somewhat speechless. 他有些无语。 Really is a monster!” “真是个怪物!” Only holds up the forced smile: Does not need to fight again, fights again, I lost.” 光擎苦笑:“不必再战了,再战下去,我就输了。” Good, you get down!” “好吧,你下去吧!” Ling Xiao waves. 凌霄挥了挥手。 Only held up to turn around the arena. 光擎转身下了擂台。 Ling Xiao is somewhat helpless. 凌霄有些无奈。 It seems like, low-grade half Great Emperor has satisfied him insufficiently. 看起来,下品半步大帝已经不足以满足他。 Definitely is unable to give him to create the sense of crisis. 完全无法给他创造出危机感。 Although said that hits very much satisfies a craving, but also at most cultivation base consolidated. 虽然说打得很过瘾,但也顶多就是将修为巩固一番。 Has not stimulated the function of potential. 没有激发潜能的作用。 Has half Great Emperor? Comes up a war!” “有中品半步大帝吗?上来一战!” Ling Xiao looked to the stage, the clear and resonant voice asked again. 凌霄看向了台下,再次朗声问道。 Stage next numerous martial artist simply speechless. 台下一众武者简直无语至极。 This good abnormal fellow. 这好变态的家伙啊。 Obviously is Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor. 明明就是个九重准帝而已。 Unexpectedly almost defeated low-grade half Great Emperor, must challenge half Great Emperor. 居然差点就击败了下品半步大帝,现在又要挑战中品半步大帝 This was also too ruthless. 这也太狠了吧。 Even under the stage the person are the talent, even their respective influences are the Saint level influences. 即便台下之人都是天才,即便他们所属的势力都是圣级势力。 May to Ling Xiao such strength, still be the shock. 可对凌霄这样的战力,依然是震惊不已。 Here half Great Emperor, except for Shadow Blade Gate beside, no is ordinary half Great Emperor, is the talents. 这里的半步大帝,除了影刀门的之外,没有一个是普通的半步大帝,都是天才啊。 Hehe, finally found the treasure. “嘿嘿嘿嘿,终于找到宝了。 Very long no one can make me so excited. 很久没有人能够让我这般兴奋了。 If can cut to kill you, certainly can discover the interesting matter. ” 若能将你斩杀,一定能发现许多有趣的事情吧。” A dark and cheerless smiling sound. 一个阴惨惨的笑声响了起来。 Hears the will of the people hair wool. 听得人心头发毛。 On the stage, jumps a fellow of whole body black robe. 台上,跳上来一个浑身黑袍的家伙。 The long hair, is pale. 长发,脸色苍白。 The listless appearance, probably momentarily was possible generally. 病恹恹的样子,就好像随时都可能死了一般。 Bang! 轰! Terrifying aura eruption. 恐怖的气息爆发。 Fired into Ling Xiao. 冲向了凌霄 World principle embryonic form!” “世界法则雏形!” Ling Xiao immediately at present one bright. 凌霄顿时眼前一亮。 Half Great Emperor, right. 中品半步大帝,没错了。 This is real half Great Emperor. Held up compared with the beforehand light does not know powerful many. 这可是一个货真价实的中品半步大帝。比之前的光擎不知道强大了多少。 Please grant instruction!” “请赐教!” Ling Xiao kills directly, grasps the spear/gun of saint, displays 12 dragon spear/gun. 凌霄直接杀出,手持圣者之枪,施展十二龙枪。 Rumbling rumbling! 轰轰轰轰! 12 arrived at the dragon shape spear/gun shadow as if to hit above the wall barrier, was defeated and dispersed unexpectedly in abundance. 十二到龙形枪影仿佛撞在了壁障之上,竟然纷纷溃散开来。 Ling Xiao frowns slightly. 凌霄微微蹙眉。 Is this world principle? 这就是世界法则吗? Although is only the embryonic form. 虽然只是雏形。 But did not know wisely many compared with the domain principle. 但比领域法则不知道高明了多少。 The opposite party in the world principle embryonic form, can block 12 dragon spear/gun under his ordinary condition merely, is really fierce. 对方仅仅以世界法则雏形,就能挡住他普通状态之下的十二龙枪,实在是厉害。 Fierce! 厉害啊! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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