HTMS :: Volume #94

#9396: It is not half Great Emperor do not come up!

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! The desolate fights the stage is a brutal place. 荒战台就是如此残酷的一个地方。 You want to depend on others to discipline oneself, others are not silly. 你想靠着别人来磨练自己,别人可不傻。 Also wants to obtain the thing from you. 也想从你身上得到东西。 Cannot do well, you lost the poor life. 搞不好,你就将小命丢了。 Who does also come a war? So long as is under the peak Quasi-Emperor 30% durations and degrees of cooking, I accompany. “还有谁来一战?只要是巅峰准帝30%火候之下的,我都奉陪。 However I explained beforehand, cultivation base lowers compared with me, must the life and death struggle. 不过我事先说明了,修为比我低的,必须生死战。 I do not want to waste the time! ” 我不想浪费时间!” The blue clothes youth just now fights, not many consumptions, therefore he also wants to continue. 蓝衣青年方才战斗,并没有多少消耗,所以他还想继续。 I come!” “我来!” A red robe youth jumped up the arena. 一个红袍青年跳上了擂台。 cultivation base and blue clothes youth are exactly the same. 修为与蓝衣青年一模一样。 Is the peak Quasi-Emperor 30% durations and degrees of cooking. 都是巅峰准帝30%火候。 Good!” “好!” Two people have not conducted the life-and-death fight. 两人并没有进行生死之战。 Because the strength is equivalent, both sides can obtain benefits. 因为实力相当,双方都可以获益。 This fights the resistance to be intense. 这一战对抗非常激烈。 Two people are full power a war. 两人都是全力一战。 Although is not the life-and-death fight, still concerns the life and death, because you do not try, may be killed. 虽说不是生死之战,依然关乎生死,因为你不尽全力,就可能会被杀。 The desolate fights around stage, no matter the wild person or the outcomer, are looking at the fight earnestly. 荒战台周围,不管是荒人还是外来者,都在认真地看着战斗。 Does not watch the fun. 不是看热闹。 But looks at the way. 而是看门道。 Also can master some fight skills. 从中也能掌握一些战斗技巧。 On the stage two people strength is really well-matched. 台上两人果然实力旗鼓相当。 Hit for enough more than 40 minutes, finally decides the victory and defeat. 打了足足四十多分钟,才最终分出胜负。 That blue clothes youth even better, injures the opposite party. 还是那蓝衣青年更胜一筹,将对方打伤。 The opposite party take advantage of opportunity to tumble under the arena. 对方顺势滚落擂台之下。 Many thanks!” “多谢了!” The blue clothes youth held holding the fist in the other hand, then leaves. 蓝衣青年抱了抱拳,而后离开。 This war, the consumption is very big, but harvests is also very big, seeming like him was the plan leaves to cultivate with concentration. 这一战,消耗很大,但收获也很大,看起来他是打算离开去潜心修炼了。 Then, Ling Xiao watched several showdowns, some people were killed, some people become reconciled, so long as gains the victory, will certainly have obtained. 接下来,凌霄又看了几场对决,有人被杀,有人握手言和,但只要取得胜利,就一定会有所得。 This makes him be somewhat choked up with emotions unavoidably. 这让他不免有些心潮澎湃。 Plays!” “上去玩玩!” Thinks of here, Ling Xiao soars, fought above stage to the desolate. 想到这里,凌霄腾空而起,到了荒战台之上。 The desolate fights the stage to want high compared with the surroundings many. 荒战台比周围要高不少。 The stand here, can easily see surrounding martial artist. 站在这里,可以轻易看到周围的武者 Who comes to fight with me, best is half Great Emperor, otherwise I urged you not to come up, otherwise death!” “谁来与我一战,最好是半步大帝,不然我劝你别上来,否则死!” Ling Xiao looks all around, cold sound said. 凌霄环顾四周,冷声说道。 Hears this saying, the scene immediately in an uproar. 听到这话,现场顿时一片哗然。 My goodness, this boy was also too rampant, revealed obviously cultivation base that only had Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor. “好家伙,这厮也太嚣张了吧,明明显露出来的修为只有九重小成准帝罢了。 Makes half step Great Emperor challenge unexpectedly? ” 竟然让半步大帝去挑战?” Extremely arrogant! Unexpectedly said that under half step Great Emperor comes up to die, he thinks that who he is?” “狂妄!居然说半步大帝之下上去必死,他以为他是谁啊?” Snort, I come to fight with him!” “哼,我来与他一战!” Some person of cold snort/hum, soar. 有人冷哼一声,腾空而起。 Aura that erupts, only has Ninth Layer/nine layers peak Quasi-Emperor cultivation base. 爆发出来的气息来看,只有九重巅峰准帝修为 Ling Xiao knits the brows: I said enough, under half Great Emperor came up, death!” 凌霄皱了皱眉道:“我说够了,半步大帝之下上来,死!” He is very uncomfortable. 他很不爽。 Has warned, unexpectedly also some people bring death. 都警告过了,居然还有人来送死。 Extremely arrogant, your trivial Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor, dares to look down upon my Ninth Layer/nine layers peak Quasi-Emperor unexpectedly, courts death!” “狂妄,你区区九重小成准帝,竟然敢瞧不起我九重巅峰准帝,找死!” The youth explode drink one, launched the attack directly, in the hand the sword cuts to Ling Xiao, tyrannical exceptionally. 青年爆喝一声,直接发动攻击,手中战刀砍向了凌霄,暴虐异常。 Obviously is because was looked down on, therefore in heart uncomfortable. 显然是因为被小瞧了,所以心中不爽。 Bang! 轰! A Ling Xiao palm rumbles conveniently. 凌霄随手一掌轰出。 Holds wind everywhere one visit, all attack collapse completely, in the opposite party hand the sword flew 掌风所到之处,一切攻击全部崩溃,对方手中战刀都飞了出去 Then, the palm of Ling Xiao holds the throat of opposite party. 而后,凌霄的手掌已经抓住了对方的咽喉。 In view of the fact that you are first, I can forgive you not dead. “鉴于你是第一个,我可以饶你不死。 But, cannot have second. 但有一个,不能有第二个。 Under half Great Emperor, who dares to come up, kills without the amnesty! 半步大帝之下的,谁敢上来,杀无赦! Go away! ” 滚!” Ling Xiao threw to fight the stage martial artist conveniently. 凌霄随手将武者扔出了战台。 martial artist thanked again and again. 武者连连感谢。 Draws back in a panic. 仓皇退下。 Really must preserve a life. 真得是保住了一条命啊。 He felt, Ling Xiao must kill him, he hides unable to hide. 他感觉,凌霄要杀他,他躲都躲不掉。 Must die absolutely without doubt. 绝对必死无疑啊。 Because is the first person, Ling Xiao therefore showed mercy, but then, he will not be forgiving again. 因为是第一个人,凌霄所以手下留情了,但接下来,他不会再留情。 Fights under stage, everyone gawked. 战台之下,所有人都愣了一下。 Immediately sobbed. 顿时不由唏嘘。 Very powerful, under strikes relaxed steamroll Ninth Layer/nine layers peak Quasi-Emperor, 好强,一击之下轻松碾压九重巅峰准帝, This strength, is really terrifying. Hehe, the strength of this person is indeed overbearing, I try!” 这实力,真得是恐怖。“嘿嘿,此人的战力的确霸道,我上去试试!” A bald youth revealed wiped the happy expression. 一个光头青年露出了一抹笑意。 war intent is wild. 战意狂暴。 The fearful aura blooms. 可怕的气息绽放出来。 Unexpectedly is the peak Quasi-Emperor 90% durations and degrees of cooking, misses one step, is half Great Emperor. 竟然是巅峰准帝90%火候,差一步,便是半步大帝 Hehe, never expected that the diaphragm came up unexpectedly!” “呵呵,没想到光阑居然上去了!” Yes, diaphragm, although cultivation base is 90% crucial moment peak Quasi-Emperor, but the strength is extremely powerful, same level martial artist, had been cut to kill several by him. “是啊,光阑虽然修为是90%火候巅峰准帝,但战力极为强悍,同级武者,已经被他斩杀了好几个了。 Even facing low-grade half Great Emperor, can be in an impregnable position, although is unable to win, but the good and evil preserved the life! ” 甚至面对下品半步大帝,也能立于不败之地,虽然无法取胜,但好歹是保存了性命!” He has wanted to look for the right opponent to discipline oneself, attempts to promote cultivation base, seems like, stared at that boy!” “他一直想要寻找合适的对手来磨练自己,企图晋升修为,看起来,盯上那个小子了!” Does not know that boy is capable of making him break through.” “不知道那小子有没有能力让他突破。” The bald youth diaphragm just went on stage, brought in sound of the discussion. 光头青年光阑刚刚上场,就引来了一片议论之声。 I have said that has first, cannot have second, when you really I don't dare to kill people? “我说过了,有第一个,不能有第二个,你们真当我不敢杀人吗? Since you want dead, I then help you! ” 既然你想死,我便成全你!” Ling Xiao is somewhat depressed. 凌霄有些郁闷。 Although this diaphragm strength is good, the goal of but not being able to achieve the exercise. 虽然这光阑实力不错,但也达不到锻炼的目的。 What his present need is the powerhouse of half Great Emperor rank tempers itself. 他现在需要的是半步大帝级别的强者来锤炼自己啊。 He has no meaning of having a low opinion of the enemy. 他并没有任何轻敌的意思。 After all, he had butchered three -and-a-half Great Emperor. 毕竟,他已经宰了三个半步大帝了。 Moreover is Shadow Blade Gate half Great Emperor. 而且是影刀门的半步大帝 That is unusual. 那可是非同一般的。 Moreover is one pair three. 而且还是一对三。 But his words listen in others, that was extremely arrogant. 可他的话在别人听来,那就是狂妄了。 Even half Great Emperor disdains in fights radically with him. 甚至半步大帝根本就不屑于跟他交手。 However, butchered this person, should be OK. 不过,宰了这个人,应该就可以了吧。 Extremely arrogant, you think that you killed Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor, really can not pay attention to me? “狂妄至极,你以为你杀了一个九重准帝,就真能不把我放在眼里了吗? Kills! ” 杀!” Always some people do not like listening to the advice. 总有人不喜欢听劝告。 Always some people felt oneself compared with others ox Bai. 总有人觉得自己比别人牛掰。 The weapon of diaphragm use, is a fiery-red sword, the sword is low-grade Emperor Armament. 光阑使用的兵器,乃是一把火红色的战刀,战刀是下品帝兵 The wild aura sweeps across, rolls up and pushes along general like the wind and thunder. 狂暴的气息席卷而出,如同风雷卷动一般。 Howls. 呼啸而过。 Ling Xiao coldly smiles, since is impenetrably thickheaded, does not do to blame him not being impolite. 凌霄冷冷一笑,既然冥顽不灵,就休要怪他不客气了。 His attack is simple, displays the nine dragons marvelous ability directly, the right hand presents the dragon claw shape, grasped instantaneously. 他的攻击非常简单,直接施展九龙神功,右手呈现龙爪的形状,瞬间抓了过去。 The attack of opposite party disintegrates in that flash. 对方的攻击在那一瞬间土崩瓦解。 In the hand the sword was also grasped by Ling Xiao in dragon claw, the terrifying strength charged into the body of diaphragm following the sword. The diaphragm scared. 手中战刀也被凌霄抓在龙爪之中,恐怖的力道顺着战刀冲向了光阑的身体。光阑吓坏了。 This was also too strong. 这也太强了吧。 Draws back!” “退!” He quickly abandoned the sword in hand, withdraws in a panic. 他急忙扔下了手中的战刀,仓皇退后。 But already late. 可还是已经晚了。 A fearful strength impact above his heart lineage/vein. 一股可怕的力道冲击在他的心脉之上。 ! 噗! He put out a blood crazily. 他狂吐出了一口鲜血。 Flew. 飞了出去。 Pounded to fall above the arena. 砸落在了擂台之上。 This is impossible!” “这不可能!” Only extremely, crawls completely panic-stricken, turns around to escape. 光满惊恐万分,爬起来,转身就逃。 Cannot continue. 不能继续了。 The Ling Xiao strength was too terrifying. 凌霄的战力实在太恐怖了。 Does not hurry to escape the arena. 不赶紧逃下擂台。 His absolute poor life does not guarantee. 他绝对小命不保。 Luckily is not the life and death struggle. 幸好不是生死战。 He wants under escaping the arena, should be all right. 他只要逃下擂台,应该就没事儿了。 Under the stage the people look at diaphragm that appearance in an extremely difficult situation, is the shock. 台下众人看着光阑那狼狈不堪的模样,都是震惊不已。 They have thought many possibilities, but has not thought can only be this. 他们想过许多种可能,但唯独没有想到会是这样。 Solemn diaphragm. 堂堂光阑。 Were the peak Quasi-Emperor 90% durations and degrees of cooking, been unexpectedly oppressive? 巅峰准帝90%火候,居然被虐了? Where do you escape go?” “你逃哪儿去啊?” The next second, the Ling Xiao unexpected happening appears above direction that in the diaphragm ran away. 下一秒,凌霄鬼使神差地出现在了光阑逃走的方向之上。 dragon claw wields again. 龙爪再次挥出。 Damn, blocks to me!” “该死,给我挡住啊!” The diaphragm shouted panic-stricken. 光阑惊恐地大喊了起来。 The attack of Ling Xiao is too strong, frightens him in a panic to resist. 凌霄的攻击实在太强,吓得他仓皇抵挡。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9362 is not half Great Emperor do not come up!) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9362章不是半步大帝别上来!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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