HTMS :: Volume #94

#9394: Extinguishes iron buddha Lin Baoyu!

Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus kept off before the body of Ling Xiao rapidly. 白凤凤和雪莲迅速挡在了凌霄的身前。 Not thinks about it!” “想都别想!” Ling Xiao closed the eye. 凌霄闭上了眼睛。 The life old tree starts to integrate in the numerous god bloodlines. 生命古树开始融入众神血脉之中。 As if numerous god homing. 就仿佛众神归位。 It is the seventh gods. 它是第七尊神明。 However from fusion that flickers to start, its strength surpassed Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madame, surpassed other gods. 但是从融合的那一瞬开始,它的实力就超过了毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人,更超过了其他神明。 cultivation base as before is high-grade half Great Emperor. 修为依旧是上品半步大帝 But the battle efficiency actually endures the ratio to have high-grade prefectural level true body high-grade half Great Emperor. 但战斗力却堪比拥有上品地级真身的上品半步大帝 But Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madame can only be at present is equivalent to the owner level bloodlines true body high-grade half Great Emperor. 毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人目前只能算是相当于拥有人级血脉真身的上品半步大帝而已。 Missing is very far. 差得还挺远的。 In addition Ling Xiao grasped to high principle- life domain principle. 再加上凌霄掌握了至高法则-生命领域法则。 This causes the same attribute life old tree, can achieve a more powerful effect. 这就使得同属性的生命古树,可以发挥出更强大的效果。 When he fuses the life old tree, the attack of people and Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus has launched. 在他融合生命古树的时候,众人与白凤凤和雪莲的攻击已经展开了。 Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus are nothing less. 白凤凤和雪莲不可谓不强。 In addition two people obtained some chances. 再加上两人都得到了一些机缘。 The strength was also increased much. 实力也提升了不少。 The snow lotus now was also high-grade half Great Emperor. 雪莲如今也是上品半步大帝了。 Two people collaborate, for a short time is also insufficient to be defeated. 两人联手,一时半会儿还不至于落败。 How long but could not insist. 但也坚持不了多长时间的。 After all in the opponent also has phoenix nine, thunder clap and wolves to meet such existence. 毕竟对手中也有凰九、雷震子、狼逅这样的存在。 „Do you do!” “你们干什么!” After three minutes, Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus were injured. 三分钟后,白凤凤和雪莲都受伤了。 But Ling Xiao also stood. 凌霄也站了起来。 Settled on martial artist, sudden holds. 看准了其中一名武者,突然一把抓住。 Iron buddha, you have aimed at me, I have not killed you, gives you opportunity. “铁浮图,你一直针对我,我没杀你,是给你机会。 What a pity you do not seem like clear, does not treat as the opportunity this opportunity. 可惜你似乎不明白啊,不把这种机会当做机会。 I butchered you! ” 那我就宰了你!” The Ling Xiao finger moves. 凌霄手指一动。 Strength of eruption swallowing. 吞噬之力爆发。 Is low-grade half Great Emperor he, kills iron buddha such existence, simply is easy as pie. 已经是下品半步大帝的他,杀铁浮图这样的存在,简直就是易如反掌。 Swallows the iron buddha the energy essence. 吞噬完铁浮图的能量精华。 Ling Xiao flung to fly the corpse conveniently. 凌霄随手将尸体甩飞了出去。 Naturally, storage ring took ahead of time. 当然,储物戒提前拿了。 Who can also come?” “还有谁要来?” The Ling Xiao action, daunted everyone. 凌霄的举动,吓住了所有人。 A moment later, the phoenix nine coldly said: Ling Xiao, you obtained nine to assign/life the inheritance of Martial Saint was right?” 片刻之后,凰九才冷冷道:“凌霄,你得到了九命武圣的传承对吧?” Obtained, what's the big deal?” “得到了,那又如何?” Ling Xiao indifferent looks that the phoenix nine asked. 凌霄冷漠的看着凰九反问道。 This nine gave to stump the phoenix actually. 这倒是把凰九给问住了。 Chance, being predestined friends resulted in it, with person who I eat the fruit together, should also obtain the corresponding advantage, are you unsatisfied?” “机缘,本就有缘者得之,跟着我一起吃果子的人,应该也都得到了相应的好处吧,你们还不满意?” Ling Xiao coldly said. 凌霄冷冷道。 Ling Xiao, you must hand over the inheritance, this is the opportunity that we get to come together diligently! 凌霄,你必须将传承交出来,这是我们大家一起努力才得来的机会! You cannot have sole possession. 你不能独吞。 Otherwise, do not blame us not being impolite! ” 否则的话,别怪我们不客气!” The speech, is actually Lin Baoyu. 说话的,却是林宝玉。 Lin Baoyu is not feeling well. 林宝玉不爽啊。 The opportunity in this holy sepulchre, is he possibly exceeds the Ling Xiao opportunity only. 这一次圣墓的机会,是他唯一可能超越凌霄的机会。 Unexpectedly but missed like this. 可是居然就这样错过了。 Really was too uncomfortable. 真得是太不爽了。 Therefore, he cannot make Ling Xiao have the inheritance absolutely to leave. 所以,他绝对不能让凌霄带着传承离开。 Otherwise, he must be stepped on by Ling Xiao for a lifetime in the under foot. 否则,他一辈子也要被凌霄踩在脚下。 This is absolutely incorrect! 这是绝对不行的! „It seems like, the death of iron buddha, has not made you be afraid, you could rest assured that I will deliver you to go with him to meet!” “看起来,铁浮图的死,并没有让你害怕啊,你放心,我会送你去跟他见面的!” Ling Xiao coldly said. 凌霄冷冷道。 Lin Baoyu will draw back in the future several steps, the complexion is somewhat ugly. 林宝玉往后退了好几步,脸色有些难看。 But sees the phoenix nine and the others, his courage was also big: „ Snort, you little frighten me, I said is unreasonable? 但看到凰九等人,他胆子又大了起来:“哼,你少吓唬我,我说的难道没有道理吗? Everyone is this idea, you cannot have sole possession of the inheritance. 大家都是这个想法,你不能独吞传承。 Either hands over everyone to share. 要么交出来大家共享。 Either death! 要么死! You also want to kill me, did here so many people, you kill? ” 你还想杀我,这里这么多人,你杀得了吗?” Right, Ling Xiao, you must hand over the inheritance, otherwise you cannot get away today!” “没错,凌霄,你必须交出传承,不然你今天走不了!” The azure fire also coldly said. 青火也冷冷说道。 Bang! 轰! The phoenix nine rubbish, directly the aura that releases the terrifying, compelled to Ling Xiao: Does not hand over the inheritance, that dies!” 凰九可不废话,直接释放出恐怖的气息,逼向了凌霄:“不交出传承,那就死!” Hehe, depends on you?” “呵呵,就凭你?” Ling Xiao looked at phoenix 91 lightly: Kills me? Before you could not accomplish, now, you cannot accomplish!” 凌霄淡淡看了凰九一眼:“杀我?之前你就办不到,现在,你更办不到!” Moreover, he is not one person is fighting, we!” “而且,他可不是一人在战斗,还有我们!” Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus swallowed therapy pill, quick are restored to health. 白凤凤和雪莲吞下了疗伤丹,很快就康复了。 The Ling Xiao perfect quality therapy pill, that did not joke. 凌霄的完美品质疗伤丹,那可不是闹着玩的。 In addition before , the life fruit that swallows, making their resiliences promote. 再加上之前吞下的生命果实,使得她们的恢复能力都提升了很多。 Bai Fengfeng, I come to hit with you!” 白凤凤,我来跟你打!” The wolf met to observe closely Bai Fengfeng. 狼逅盯住了白凤凤 I cope with the snow lotus!” “那我来对付雪莲!” Another high-grade half Great Emperor blocked the snow lotus. 另外一个上品半步大帝拦住了雪莲。 „, Does not need rubbish with him, not only on this boy nine assign/life the secret of Martial Saint inheritance, definitely also has other secret. “诸位,不必跟他废话了,这小子身上不光有九命武圣传承的秘密,肯定还有别的秘密。 Otherwise, he not possible to kill wind eagle and the others by peak Quasi-Emperor cultivation base. ” 不然的话,他不可能以巅峰准帝修为杀死风雄鹰等人。” Lin Baoyu shouts loudly: Everyone collaborates, do not give them the opportunity.” 林宝玉大声喊道:“大家联手,不要给他们机会。” He does not want to obtain the buried treasure now, does not want to make Ling Xiao live. 他现在已经不想得到宝藏了,就是不想让凌霄活着。 Because Ling Xiao is living, has no advantage to him. 因为凌霄活着,对他没有任何的好处。 Seeming like, you were really want dead!” “看起来,你是真得想死了!” Ling Xiao lifted the foot to move toward Lin Baoyu. 凌霄抬脚走向了林宝玉。 Snort, has me, whom you want to kill!” “哼,有我在,你想杀谁!” Phoenix nine cold snort/hum, a palm bang approached Ling Xiao. 凰九冷哼一声,一掌轰向了凌霄 Ice-cold aura rupturing. 冰冷的气息爆裂。 Escapes spatially!” “遁空!” Ling Xiao contemptuous smiling. 凌霄轻蔑的笑了笑。 The next instance, before had arrived at Lin Baoyu's body : I must kill you, no one can block!” 下一个瞬间,已经到了林宝玉的身前:“我要杀你,谁都拦不住!” Lin Baoyu has a big shock. 林宝玉大惊失色。 Quickly uses the Wanbao god technique. 急忙施展万宝神术。 Several Emperor Armament hang in in the air. 十几把帝兵悬在空中。 His strength also rises suddenly instantaneously. 他的战力也瞬间暴涨。 In his hand a long sword cut to Ling Xiao. 他手中一把长剑斩向了凌霄 Cannot die! 绝不能死! So long as blocks this time, he was all right. 只要挡住这一次,他就没事儿了。 Because the phoenix nine attacks have killed from the back to Ling Xiao. 因为凰九的攻击已经从背后杀向了凌霄 Ling Xiao, a palm will not rumble, while blocking phoenix nine attacks, throat that held Lin Baoyu. 凌霄头也不会,一掌轰出,在挡住凰九攻击的同时,一把抓住了林宝玉的咽喉。 Too easy. 太容易了。 Simply with carrying a newly-born puppy was so easy. 简直就跟拎起一只刚出生的小狗那么容易。 Lin Baoyu was shocked. 林宝玉震惊了。 Everyone was shocked. 所有人都震惊了。 Ling Xiao is very strong, they know. 凌霄很强,他们知道。 But, Ling Xiao unexpectedly is so strong. 但没想到,凌霄居然这么强。 Lin Baoyu was being carried like the chicken bastard, is very painful: Forgave me, forgave me, I do not dare!” 林宝玉被像小鸡崽子一样拎着,痛苦不堪:“饶了我,饶了我吧,我不敢了!” Forgave you? I have given you opportunity, moreover more than once, but you and I for enemy! “饶了你?我给过你机会了,而且不止一次,可你事事与我为敌! Today, did you feel me also bountiful you? ” 今天,你觉得我还会饶了你吗?” Ling Xiao coldly said: You must die!” 凌霄冷冷道:“你必须得死!” Ling Xiao, you best put him, otherwise do not want to live today departure.” 凌霄,你最好放了他,不然你今天也别想活着离开。” The phoenix nine were repelled by a palm, although useless full power, but he is very uncomfortable, felt oneself were shamed. 凰九被一掌击退,虽然没用全力,但他还是非常不爽,觉得自己被羞辱了。 Does not have the face very much. 很没面子。 Hehe, you are anything , pairs me to gesticulate!” “呵呵,你算个什么东西,也配对我指手画脚!” Ling Xiao contemptuously looked at phoenix 91, then swallows opening. 凌霄轻蔑地看了凰九一眼,而后吞噬开启。 During Lin Baoyu is weeping bitterly died a tragic death. 林宝玉在痛哭之中惨死。 The body was gradually withered. 身体逐渐干瘪了下去。 Hiss ~ ~! 嘶~~! Sees this, the people arrived washed cold air. 看到这一幕,众人都到洗了一口凉气。 Too terrifying! 太恐怖了! Just was the iron buddha, the present is Lin Baoyu. 刚刚是铁浮图,现在是林宝玉。 The strengths of two people, are terrifying. 两个人的实力,都非常恐怖的。 mid-graded half Great Emperor, day level low-grade true body. 中品半步大帝,天级下品真身。 Such strength, in the outcomer in desolate ancient battlefield, absolutely was the top standard. 这样的实力,在荒古战场之中的外来者里,绝对算是一流水平了。 But is ordinary with the base and low baby in the hand of Ling Xiao, does not have the strength to hit back. 但在凌霄的手中却跟卑微的婴儿一般,毫无还手之力。 Died. 就那么死了。 Dies very vexed. 死得很窝囊。 Very simply. 很干脆。 The azure fire has a scare. 青火吓了一跳。 He possibly compared with these two slightly strong a little. 他可能会比这两人稍微强那么一点。 But self-examines to defeating any in these two, is not easy. 但自问要将击败这两人中的任何一个,都不容易。
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