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#9394: The desolate fights the stage!

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! Among three treasures, is not separates mutually. 三件宝物之间,并不是互相割裂的。 They are the interconnections. 他们彼此之间是互相联系的。 Formed a common strength. 形成了一股共同的力量。 Gathered above Qilin god cauldron martial soul. 汇聚在了麒麟神鼎武魂之上。 Also gathers above the weapon in Ling Xiao hand. 也同时汇聚在凌霄手中的兵器之上。 Continue, has a look at my limit is anything!” “继续,看看我的极限是什么!” On Ling Xiao has dozens Emperor Armament, even Saint soldier. 凌霄身上有数十件帝兵,甚至还有圣兵。 However the estimate Saint soldier he could not fuse temporarily, because cultivation base was too weak. 不过估计圣兵他暂时是融合不了的,因为修为太弱了。 The Emperor Armament difficulty is enormous, do not say other. 中品帝兵的难度都是极大,更不要说其它了。 ! 一件! Two! 两件! Ling Xiao felt that own soul received the enormous pressure finally. 凌霄感觉自己的灵魂终于受到了极大的压力。 By this time, Ling Xiao had integrated 36 Emperor Armament successfully. 到此时,凌霄已经成功融入了三十六把帝兵 And high-grade Emperor Armament three. 其中上品帝兵三把。 Emperor Armament 13. 中品帝兵十三把。 Low-grade Emperor Armament 20! 下品帝兵二十把! In Emperor Armament, there is an attack class, auxiliary kind, there is a defense class. 帝兵之中,有攻击类的,辅助类的,也有防御类的。 Emperor Armament that however Ling Xiao is using naturally cannot integrate. 不过凌霄正在使用的帝兵自然不会融入其中。 For example Nine Swallow God Armor and wind and thunder boots and no shadow and saint soldier of these. 比如九吞神甲、风雷靴、无影手、圣者之兵这些。 36 treasures, are his limit. 三十六件宝物,已经是他的极限了。 However, Ling Xiao is satisfied. 不过,凌霄已经非常满足了。 At once, his thought moves. 旋即,他念头一动。 The Qilin god cauldron changed to 36 rays unexpectedly, appeared in Ling Xiao behind. 麒麟神鼎居然化作了三十六道光芒,浮现在了凌霄的身后。 Ling Xiao grasps the spear/gun of saint. 凌霄手握圣者之枪。 These 36 rays set upright the body of Ling Xiao to integrate in the spear/gun of saint. 这三十六道光芒竖着凌霄的身体融入到圣者之枪中。 Was equal to might that 37 Emperor Armament add. 等于是三十七件帝兵加起来的威力。 This terrifying? 这得有多恐怖? Kills!” “杀!” Ling Xiao angrily roars. 凌霄怒吼一声。 A spear pierces leaves, is only the ordinary attack. 一枪刺出,只是普通的攻击。 The distant place, a mountain was levelled directly. 远方,一座大山直接被抹平了。 This might, has exceeded the Heavenly Dao judgement of 60% strengths. 这威力,已经超越了60%力道的天道裁决。 Perhaps can achieve the might of most likely (80%) Heavenly Dao judgement. 恐怕能达到八成天道裁决的威力。 The key is not consumes true yuan. 关键并不是那么耗费真元 Is consumes the soul strength to be somewhat many. 就是耗费魂力有些多。 Terrifying! “恐怖! Wanbao god technique! 万宝神术! If can integrate over ten thousand Emperor Armament seriously. 若当真能融入上万件帝兵 No, what Emperor Armament is not, I am over ten thousand years of Saint soldiers, if integrates completely, that might terrifying? ” 不,帝兵不算什么,我可是有上万年圣兵的,假如全部融入进去,那威力有多恐怖?” In the Ling Xiao heart, shocks. 凌霄心中,非常震撼。 Now, he integrates mostly low-grade Emperor Armament. 现在,他融入的大多还是下品帝兵 Three high-grade Emperor Armament are the limits. 三件上品帝兵已经是极限了。 Many could not support again. 再多就撑不住了。 To integrate a stronger weapon, not only own strength must grow stronger. 想要融入更强的兵器,不仅自己的实力要变强。 Moreover must get so far as many good Emperor Armament. 而且也得弄到更多的好的帝兵啊。 High-grade Emperor Armament, even best quality goods Emperor Armament. 上品帝兵,甚至还有极品帝兵 Received Qilin god cauldron martial soul. 收起了麒麟神鼎武魂 Ling Xiao revealed wiped the happy expression. 凌霄露出了一抹笑意。 Naturally, this thing eventually is only auxiliary. 当然,这东西终究只是辅助。 What is important is cultivation base. 重要的还是修为 Thinks of here, Ling Xiao put out the remaining domain god stones. 想到这里,凌霄拿出了剩下的领域神石。 Used to raise the domain rank completely. 全部用来提升领域等级。 The final domain god stone will use up completely. 将最后的领域神石全部用完。 The Heavenly Dao domain also crossed the threshold to promote nine levels of accomplishments from nine levels. 天道领域也从九级入门提升到了九级大成。 What a pity, without domain god stone. 可惜,没领域神石了。 Ling Xiao has no other choice, can only turn around to leave. 凌霄不得已,只能转身离开。 He did not fear actually Shadow Blade Gate sends the killer. 他倒是不怕影刀门派来杀手。 His present strength was stronger. 他现在实力更强了。 The killer of half Great Emperor rank he did not fear, whom but can also send? 半步大帝级别的杀手他都不怕,还能派谁来? Great Emperor cannot come. 大帝是不能来的。 The strongest killer who sends at most is also high-grade half Great Emperor. 派来的最强杀手顶多也就是上品半步大帝 He cannot be victorious, hasn't been able to run? 他打不过,还不能跑吗? He may compared with before met five lines of chaotic times not know powerful many now. 他现在可比之前遇到五行乱的时候不知道强大了多少。 Fears an egg! 怕个卵! Thinks of here, he left this place. 想到这里,他离开了这个地方。 In an instant, entered the desolate ancient battlefield already nearly three months. 转眼间,进入荒古战场已经快三个月了。 His cultivation base also promotes present Ninth Layer/nine layers to cross the threshold Quasi-Emperor from initial sevenfold peak Quasi-Emperor. 他的修为也从最初的七重巅峰准帝晋升到了现在的九重入门准帝 Seeming like, three years later achieves half step Great Emperor should completely is not the issue. 看起来,三年后达到半步大帝应该完全不是问题。 Can keep this cultivation speed to be good. 能保持这种修炼速度就好了。 However, should not be easy. 不过,应该没那么容易吧。 From Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor to peak Quasi-Emperor is a ridge. 九重准帝到巅峰准帝可是一道坎。 From peak Quasi-Emperor to half Great Emperor is also a ridge. 从巅峰准帝到半步大帝也是一道坎。 Each does not feel better. 每一道都不好过啊。 Caught innumerable martial artist. 都卡住了无数的武者 All the way, 一路上, Ling Xiao experienced the cruelty of desolate ancient battlefield. Frigid! 凌霄见识到了荒古战场的残忍。惨烈! Brutal! 无情! Many Heaven's Chosen were killed, many people bury the bone in this. 许多天骄被杀,许多人埋骨于此。 In order to become stronger. 为了变得更强。 But kept here the life. 可是却将性命留在了这里。 What is strange, a Shadow Blade Gate school of killer has not come, this makes Ling Xiao many somewhat uncomfortable. 奇怪的是,影刀门并没有派杀手前来,这让凌霄多少有些不爽。 But he must swallow the energy essence to promote cultivation base urgently needed. 他现在可是急需要吞噬能量精华来提升修为 Doesn't come the person line? 不来人怎么行? What may make Ling Xiao not think, he ran into the person of Wanbao god sect on the road unexpectedly. 可让凌霄没想到的是,他居然在路上遇到了万宝神宗的人。 Also experienced the great strength of Wanbao god sect. 也见识到了万宝神宗的强大。 Each disciple of Wanbao god sect, as if has Qilin god cauldron martial soul. 万宝神宗的每一个弟子,似乎都拥有麒麟神鼎武魂 But their martial soul empty, does not have the genuine Qilin god cauldron fragment. 只不过他们的武魂都是虚的,没有真正的麒麟神鼎碎片。 Originally, Ling Xiao does not want to provoke them. 本来吧,凌霄并不想招惹他们。 After all oneself studied the Wanbao god technique of Wanbao god sect. 毕竟自己学了万宝神宗的万宝神术。 What may make him not think, martial artist of these Wanbao god sects to rob Emperor Armament, that is really kills without batting an eye. 可让他没想到的是,这些万宝神宗的武者为了抢夺帝兵,那真得是杀人不眨眼啊。 Ling Xiao can only make a move. 凌霄只能出手。 Killed several people. 干掉了好几个人。 Also promoted Ninth Layer/nine layers little to become Quasi-Emperor cultivation base cultivation base. 也将修为提升到了九重小成准帝修为 On this day, he appeared in front of a village. 这一日,他出现在了一个村庄前面。 Said is the village, but how this village felt bigger than many cities. 说是村庄,但这村庄怎么感觉比很多城池都要大啊。 Does not have the city wall. 只是没有城墙而已。 In the village, some people have gone on patrol. 村子之中,一直都有人巡逻。 Many martial artist, should be the so-called wild people. 好些武者,应该就是所谓的荒人了。 The wild strength that in the wild person body shows, making the wild strength of Ling Xiao within the body be ready to make trouble. 荒人身体之中透出的荒之力,让凌霄体内的荒之力蠢蠢欲动。 Do not overdo it, killed the wild person also to here?” “别乱来,在这里杀了荒人还得了?” Ling Xiao is somewhat speechless. 凌霄有些无语。 The strength of desolate wants to grow stronger. 荒之力想要变强。 Made Ling Xiao give birth unexpectedly killed to read. 竟然让凌霄生出了杀念。 In the village, is very lively. 村庄之中,很是热闹。 Crowded, there are many shops and stalls. 人来人往,也有很多的店铺和摊位。 In the village, has massive martial artist. 村庄之中,存在大量的武者 Weakest was eight heavy Quasi-Emperor. 最弱的就是八重准帝了。 Even existence of half Great Emperor. 甚至还有半步大帝的存在。 These are the outcomers. 这些都是外来者。 Unlike the wear of wild person completely. 与荒人的穿着完全不同。 The aura is completely also different. 气息也完全不同。 Wild person Ling Xiao can look. 荒人凌霄一眼就能看出来。 These people estimated that is like Ling Xiao, comes the desolate ancient battlefield to be informed and experienced, because is injured or wants to rest enters the village. 这些人估计都跟凌霄一样,是来荒古战场历练的,因为受伤或者想要休息才进入村庄的。 After all in the village can trade the goods. 毕竟村庄之中可以交易物品。 Also can avoid being killed. 还可以避免被杀。 Is safe area in the true sense. 是真正意义上的安全区。 Each village has Great Emperor to assume personal command. 每一个村子都有大帝坐镇。 In patrol leaders, even half Great Emperor. 巡逻队之中,甚至还有半步大帝 Therefore, generally will not have what danger. 所以,一般是不会有什么危险的。 Naturally, two situations were difficult to say. 当然,二般情况就难说了。 After all, in this world outside many law avid follower. In the village does not have the inn. 毕竟,这世上还是有很多法外狂徒的。村子里没有客栈。 However has the common people residence to rent. 但是有民居可以租赁。 The Ling Xiao expenditure Saint stone rented a courtyard. 凌霄花费圣石租下了一个院子。 Rested well. 好好休息了一番。 Walks, encounters many fights. 一路走来,遭遇多场战斗。 Also should rest. 也是该休息休息了。 One day later, Ling Xiao feels the spirit to be abundant, therefore then strolls to the village. 一天之后,凌霄感觉精神充沛,于是便到村子里闲逛。 Has a look to buy anything. 看看能买点什么东西。 He had massive death crystal cores, actually could not have used, to exchange Saint stone. 他有大量的死亡晶核,其实已经用不到了,就是为了兑换成圣石的。 Here had the special purchase death crystal core store. 这里有专门收购死亡晶核的商铺。 The complete death crystal core will exchange the Saint stone. 将全部的死亡晶核都兑换成了圣石。 Ling Xiao purchased the medicinal herb and military supplies of sizing up. 凌霄又购买了打量的药材和补给品。 . 正要回去。 Suddenly hears some roadside people to walk while said: Hears not to have, the desolate fights on the stage, some people were fighting, we watch the fun!” 忽然听到路旁有人一边走一边说道:“听说没,荒战台上,又有人在战斗了,我们去看看热闹吧!” Right, can step the desolate to fight the person of stage, the strength is not weak. “对啊,能踏上荒战台的人,实力都不弱。 Could learn/study some experiences! ” 说不定能学习到一些经验!” Another humanity. 另外一人道。 Does the desolate fight the stage? 荒战台? The Ling Xiao not too clear this thing is anything. 凌霄不太明白这东西是什么。 However since fights the stage, should mostly be the place that is used to fight. 不过既然是战台,应该多半就是用来战斗的地方吧。 Is also all right to do now in any case, happen to have a look. 反正现在也没事儿做,正好去看看。 Therefore, his following passer-by fights the stage to walk toward the desolate together. 于是,他跟着路人一块往荒战台走去。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9360 desolate fights stage!) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9360章荒战台!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! Likes «Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul» please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!() 喜欢《霸天武魂》请向你的朋友(QQ、博客、微信等方式)推荐本书,谢谢您的支持!!()
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