HTMS :: Volume #94

#9393: Fusion life old tree!

Open illumination, so long as the corpse has not damaged completely, can resurrect. “阳面照射,只要尸体没有完全损毁,就可以复活。 However remembered, the corpse cannot the time be too long, most cannot over one month. ” 但是记住了,尸体不能时间太长,最多不能超过一个月。” Nine assign/life a Martial Saint introduced. 九命武圣介绍道。 Good thing!” “好东西啊!” Ling Xiao shocks and excited. 凌霄震撼而又兴奋。 Ok, you absorbed the inheritance here. “好了,你就在这里吸收传承吧。 I also before complete disappearance helps you. ” 我还在完全消失之前帮助你。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to say. 九命武圣道。 Ling Xiao nods. 凌霄点了点头。 Put out the inheritance jade. 拿出了传承玉璧。 A strength attacks the whole body suddenly. 一股力量骤然冲击全身。 Ling Xiao quickly closed the eye. 凌霄急忙闭上了眼睛。 A Heavenly Dao bodhi appeared in his side. 一尊天道菩提浮现在了他的身旁。 Interesting, this little fellow not only has Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul, but also has the Heavenly Dao bodhi, his body, some actually many secrets. “有趣,这小家伙不仅拥有霸天武魂,而且还拥有天道菩提,他的身上,究竟有多少秘密。 Seeming like, I was really pick the treasure. ” 看起来,我真得是捡到宝了啊。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to smile. 九命武圣笑了笑。 Excited. 兴奋不已。 Who does not think that own inheritance gives one to be worth entrusting the person. 谁不想自己的传承交给一个值得托付之人啊。 About a month later. 大约一个月之后。 Bang! 轰! A strength attacked to approach in the sky suddenly. 一股力量突然冲击向了天空之中。 However the outside world has no response. 不过外界并没有什么反应。 Ling Xiao opened the eyes suddenly. 凌霄猛然睁开了双眼。 The life principle promoted the pinnacle domain to be complete unexpectedly directly. 生命法则竟然直接提升到了极致领域圆满。 Moreover, inherits the strength of bringing, made him break through cultivation base. 不仅如此,传承所带来的力量,也让他突破了修为 Is promoted from peak Quasi-Emperor to low-grade half Great Emperor. 从巅峰准帝晋升为下品半步大帝 This seems like span of half step, but to Ling Xiao is actually a stride. 这看似一小步的跨越,但对凌霄而言却是一大步。 Because this means that he faces the phoenix even nine, can still win with ease. 因为这意味着他就算面对凰九,也能够轻松取胜了。 You really have the talent very much. “你果然很有天赋。 Such being the case, the old man helps your one finally. 既然如此,老夫就最后再帮你一把吧。 The word, he enters the thatched hut, comes out, took two groups of light balls. 言罢,他进入茅草屋,出来的时候,拿了两团光球。 In one group, contains the strength of Heavenly Dao. 一团之中,蕴藏天道之力。 Strength of the purest Heavenly Dao. 最纯粹的天道之力。 In one group, implication is actually the strength of desolate. 一团之中,蕴含的却是荒之力。 In that even can see the fragment of stone of desolate. 那里面,甚至可以看到荒之石的碎片。 „ Very surprised, actually I am also very surprised. “很惊讶吧,其实我也很惊讶。 I have not thought, a person can grasp simultaneously many to the high principle. 我没想到,一个人可以同时掌握多种至高法则。 Is also thinking strength of stone of fragment and this pure Heavenly Dao this desolate must waste. 原本还想着这荒之石碎片以及这股纯粹的天道之力要浪费了。 Now, happen to gives to you. 现在,正好送给你。 I also finished the wish thoroughly, did not use again such lonely going on living. ” 我也算是彻底了却心愿,不用再这么寂寞的活下去了。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to say with a smile: You close the eye, do not resist, the old man helps you, can speed up the time!” 九命武圣笑道:“你闭上眼睛,不要抵抗,老夫帮你,可以加快时间!” Ling Xiao nods. 凌霄点了点头。 No resistance. 没有任何反抗。 Nine assigned/life Martial Saint pours into the body of Ling Xiao the strength and desolate stone of fragment Heavenly Dao simultaneously. 九命武圣将天道之力和荒之石碎片同时注入到了凌霄的身体之中。 Ling Xiao releases Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul, two strengths fuse in the universe, as if formed two galaxies. 凌霄释放出霸天武魂,两种力量在宇宙之中融合,仿佛形成了两个星系。 In addition the life principle and space and time principle, are four galaxies. 加上生命法则和时空法则,就是四个星系。 Galaxy revolution. 星系运转。 Strength also during unceasing fusion. 力量也在不断融合之中。 If only Ling Xiao, could spend for a year. 如果只是凌霄自己的话,可能要花费一年时间。 But nine assign/life Martial Saint to assist, it is estimated that several months can handle. 但有九命武圣相助,估计几个月就可以搞定了。 The time is passing slowly. 时间在慢慢流逝。 The serious famine principle and Heavenly Dao principle of Ling Xiao are promoting. 凌霄的大荒法则和天道法则都在提升。 Even the mortal body is stiffening. 甚至肉身都在变强。 But at this time, the effect of road of life seems to have vanished. 而此时,生命之路的效果似乎已经消失了。 Everyone obtained some rewards. 所有人都得到了一些奖励。 Various types of things have. 各种东西都有。 But does not have nine to assign/life the inheritance of Martial Saint only. 但唯独没有九命武圣的传承。 Walks a farther person, obtained is better. 走得越远的人,得到的越好。 Finally, everyone gathered at one. 最终,大家重新聚集在了一起。 Arrived around Tree of Life. 来到了生命之树附近。 Real regret, I, if ate the fruit, was insufficient anything unable to obtain.” “真后悔,我要是吃了果实,就不至于什么都得不到了。” It is not able to be the certain extent martial artist, cannot obtain to reward. 无法达到一定程度的武者,是得不到奖励的。 Oh, I am.” “唉,我何尝不是。” Person who has not eaten the fruit, is quite many. 没有吃果实的人,可是相当不少的。 We, although ate the fruit, but cannot obtain nine to assign/life the inheritance of Martial Saint, was actually who to obtain?” “我们虽然吃了果实,但也没能得到九命武圣的传承,究竟是谁得到了?” The phoenix nine coldly asks. 凰九冷冷问道。 The people you have a look at me, I have a look at you, is suspecting the opposite party. 众人你看看我,我看看你,都在怀疑对方。 I hope that do not conceal, who obtained the inheritance, most said that gave up any idea of that had sole possession of!” “我希望你们不要隐瞒,谁得到了传承,最好说出来,休想独吞!” The wolf meets anything not to obtain, therefore he is uncomfortable. 狼逅什么都没有得到,所以他非常不爽。 Now no one is able to go out in any case. 现在反正谁也无法出去。 You had not discovered that Ling Xiao not here!” “你们没发现吗,凌霄不在这里!” Lin Baoyu coldly said: Besides him, the people who lived here, then inherited only possibly was he!” 林宝玉冷冷说道:“除了他之外,活下来的人都在这里了,那么得到传承的只可能是他!” Right, certainly is this, the damn fellow, he here, did not certainly obtain the inheritance!” “没错,一定是这样的,该死的家伙,他不在这里,肯定是得到了传承!” The azure fire of azure luan palace clenches jaws to say. 青鸾宫的青火咬牙切齿道。 He helps the wind eagle cope with Ling Xiao. 他帮过风雄鹰对付凌霄 Has a grudge with Ling Xiao, therefore most does not hope is Ling Xiao obtains the inheritance. 凌霄有仇,所以最不希望的就是凌霄获得传承。 Then was too disadvantageous to him. 那对他太不利了。 „Has he walked? Is accepting the inheritance?” “他是已经走了?还是正在接受传承?” Some person of puzzled say/way. 有人困惑道。 Should not walk, if he walked, we can also certainly leave, therefore, has not definitely walked, we are waiting here, he will certainly appear.” “应该还没走,如果他走了,我们一定也可以离开了,所以,肯定是还没走,我们就在这里等着,他一定会出现的。” The phoenix nine said. 凰九说道。 The people nod. 众人点了点头。 No matter how, first just wait. 不管如何,就先等着吧。 After all, the Martial Saint inheritance was extremely precious. 毕竟,武圣传承太过珍贵了。 Can be born shadow blade Martial Saint, can be born second Martial Saint. 能诞生一个影刀武圣,就能诞生第二个武圣 Who doesn't move? 谁不动心? Another side, quenching of Ling Xiao has conducted finally. 另外一边,凌霄的淬炼已经进行到了最后。 The Heavenly Dao domain has also been promoted for the pinnacle domain, advances in unison with the life domain. 天道领域也已经晋级为极致领域,与生命领域齐头并进。 The domain of desolate promotes more terrifying, has evolved becomes the world principle embryonic form. 荒之领域提升更为恐怖,已经演化成为了世界法则雏形。 The world of desolate! 荒之世界! Is stronger than the front two types. 比前面两种更强。 Now Ling Xiao hits to the high principle, is quite low on the space and time principle scale, pitiful pinnacle space and time will. 现在凌霄击中至高法则之中,就时空法则档次比较低,只有可怜的极致时空意志。 Even the domain is actually not. 连领域其实都算不上。 Also in a day, the cultivation of Ling Xiao will have ended completely. 又过了一天,凌霄的修炼已经完全结束。 Can feel that own day level bloodlines true body promoted much. 能感觉到自己的天级血脉真身提升了不少。 Although low-grade. 虽说还是下品。 But in the low-grade, absolutely is strongest, even endures compared with others' mid-graded day level true body. 但在下品之中,绝对是最强的,甚至堪比别人的中品天级真身。 Ling Xiao can feel own great strength. 凌霄能感受到自己的强大。 Now, meets the phoenix nine and the others, ten moves, can end the fight, this is now his place of great strength., 如今,遇上凰九等人,不出十招,就能解决战斗,这就是现在他的强大之处。、 The mortal body is also powerful incomparable, ordinary low-grade half Great Emperor, he only depends on the mortal body, can defeat. 肉身同样强悍无比,普通的下品半步大帝,他只凭肉身,都能击败。 Ok, my duty was accomplished, preserves the present consciousness laboriously, but really very tired. “好了,我的任务算是完成了,辛苦保存现在的意识,可真得很累啊。 I should also leave! 我也该离开了! Right, that life old tree, you carry off. 对了,那棵生命古树,你带走吧。 I thought that in your bloodlines also has the numerous god bloodlines, it should be suitable you. 我看你的血脉之中还有众神血脉,它应该非常适合你。 Your numerous god bloodlines are also very special, although was inferior that your Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul is like that mysterious, but cultivates the pinnacle. 你的众神血脉也是非常特殊,虽然不如你的霸天武魂那般神奇,但修炼到极致。 You will discover the place of its great strength. ” 你就会发现它的强大之处了。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to speak, the form gradually becomes pale. 九命武圣说着话,身影逐渐变淡。 Many thanks senior!” “多谢前辈!” Ling Xiao deeply bows. 凌霄深深鞠躬。 Although nine assign/life Martial Saint only to have the remnant soul, but also is his half master. 虽然九命武圣只剩下残魂,但也算是他的半个师父。 This etiquette, must. 这个礼仪,是必须的。 Does not need to thank me, inherits well my life inheritance, carrying forward, that was best to thank to me, ha, went!” “不必谢我,好好将我的生命传承继承下去吧,发扬光大,那就是对我最好的感谢了,哈哈哈,去吧!” Nine assign/life Martial Saint with the final strength, delivered Ling Xiao to return to the side of life old tree. 九命武圣用最后的力量,送凌霄回到了生命古树的身旁。 Sees Ling Xiao, everyone stood. 看到凌霄,所有人都站了起来。 Some people are cut-throat ; 有人凶狠; Some people are excited ; 有人兴奋; Some people were happy ; 有人高兴; Some people envy! 有人嫉妒! What expression has. 什么样的表情都有。 Ling Xiao has not actually gone to look at the people, but before arrived at the life old tree : Nine assign/life Martial Saint to ask you to leave with me, do you want?” 凌霄却没有去看众人,而是走到了生命古树之前:“九命武圣想让你跟我走,你愿意吗?” The life old tree had not replied. 生命古树没有回答。 But its behavior showed all. 但它的行为说明了一切。 Changes to together the green light, integrates in the body of Ling Xiao. 化作一道绿光,融入凌霄的身体之中。 Then Ling Xiao sat. 而后凌霄坐了下来。 Makes him!” “弄他!” Some people proposed. 有人提议道。
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