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#9393: Wanbao god technique

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! Many people by oneself in death crisis, not only has not broken through, instead died. 很多人让自己处在死亡危机之中,不仅没有突破,反而死了。 Is the perception is insufficient. 就是悟性不够。 Cannot demand. 不能强求。 What damn is you!” “该死的是你!” At this time, another two fights also ended. 此时,另外两场战斗也结束了。 Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madame was destroyed. 毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人被摧毁了。 Returned to the Ling Xiao body. 回到了凌霄身体之中。 Three pairs one. 三对一。 They as if said well. 他们似乎说得不错。 This war, damn seems like Ling Xiao. 这一战,该死的似乎是凌霄 No, you do not understand!” “不,你们不懂!” Ling Xiao smiles. 凌霄笑了笑。 Grasps the spear/gun of saint, released Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul. 手持圣者之枪,释放了霸天武魂 Does not need to place oneself in the crisis by oneself. 已经不需要让自己置身危机之中了。 Then, slaughters. 接下来的,就是杀戮。 Kills!” “杀!” Moved! 动了! Released Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Ling Xiao to move! 释放了霸天武魂凌霄动了! The body is simultaneously incarnation ancestral dragon. 身体更是同时化身祖龙 The body of giant Divine Dragon under the Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul increase, terrifyingly exceptionally. 巨大的神龙之躯在霸天武魂的增幅之下,更加恐怖异常。 Bang! 轰! A Divine Dragon claw racket to No. 1 killer. 神龙一爪子拍向了一号杀手。 Blocks to me!” “给我挡住!” No. 1 killer does not believe, was just now also compelled Ling Xiao that nearly died by oneself, becomes strong. 一号杀手不相信,方才还被自己逼得险些死掉的凌霄,会变得有多强。 He took back clone. 他收回了分身。 The effect of compounded drug has not abated. 丹药的效果还没有消退。 Therefore, he believes that oneself can block this to strike absolutely. 所以,他相信自己绝对挡得住这一击。 Heavenly Dao judgement! 60% might!” “天道裁决!60%威力!” Ling Xiao displays the Heavenly Dao judgement by the body of Divine Dragon. 凌霄以神龙之躯施展天道裁决。 The might is more terrifying! 威力更加恐怖! The god thunder erupts from dragon claw. 神雷自龙爪之中喷发而出。 Waits for No. 1 killer to realize oneself are unable to resist, already late! 等一号杀手意识到自己根本无法抵挡的时候,已经晚了! ! 咔嚓! The giant thunderclap thunders to lower. 巨大的雷声轰鸣降下。 Meddles the attack that erupts to be annihilated on the 1st instantaneously. 一号插手爆发出来的攻击被瞬间湮灭。 Then, together with No. 1 killer, was rumbled the fragment. 而后,连同一号杀手自己,也被轰成了碎片。 Escapes!” “逃!” Another two killers have not acted, had realized is not right. 另外两个杀手还没出手,就已经意识到了不对。 Present Ling Xiao, unlike just now completely. 现在的凌霄,跟方才完全不一样。 This feeling, they felt intense. 这种感觉,他们感觉非常强烈。 In addition they and Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madame fight, the consumption is very big. 再加上他们与毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人一战,消耗很大。 Was killed including 1st, perhaps they are not the opponents. 连一号都被干掉了,他们恐怕也不是对手。 Escaped? “逃得了吗? Nine Swallow God Armor, eruption! ” 九吞神甲,爆发!” The Divine Dragon opens the mouth spurts, the Nine Swallow God Armor strength changes to dragon Xi to release. 神龙张口一喷,九吞神甲的力量化作龙熄释放出去。 Wrote off No. 2 killer directly. 直接抹杀了二号杀手。 Damn, my Shadow Blade Gate will not let off absolutely your!” “该死,我影刀门绝对不会放过你的!” No. 3 killer picked up the speed of running away. 三号杀手加快了逃走的速度。 In his opinion. 在他看来。 Ling Xiao erupted killed to incur twice, can kill two people to be very fierce, absolutely did not have the ability again under the killer to him. 凌霄爆发了两次杀招,能杀死两人已经很厉害了,绝对没有能力再对他下杀手。 What a pity, the blood-color ray penetrated his heart together instantaneously. 可惜,一道血色光芒瞬间穿透了他的心脏。 A blood sword! 一把血剑! A Saint soldier! 一把圣兵! Saint soldier?” “圣兵?” No. 3 killer looks shocking own body gets down rapidly witheredly, suction the complete essence and blood by the blood sword Saint soldier. 三号杀手震惊地看着自己的身体迅速干瘪下去,被血剑圣兵吸走了全部的精血。 Died desperately. 绝望地死去。 Swallows!” “吞噬!” Ling Xiao opened swallowed the energy essence. 凌霄开启了吞噬能量精华。 Three -and-a-half Great Emperor energy essence enter in the body, brought promotion that is absolutely unequalled. 三个半步大帝的能量精华进入身体之中,带来的提升那是绝对无与伦比的。 Bang! 轰! Some moment, in the Ling Xiao body erupted an astonishing strength. 某一刻,凌霄身体之中爆发出了一股惊人的力量。 Breakthrough! 突破了! With being promoted of Heavenly Dao domain, his cultivation base also broke through. 随着天道领域的晋级,他的修为也突破了。 Broke through the Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor basic stage. 突破到了九重准帝入门阶段。 He received storage ring as well as treasure of three killers, then, turns around to leave. 他收了三个杀手的储物戒以及身上的宝物,而后,转身离开。 Just one slaughtered, the consumption were many, moreover was injured. 刚刚一番厮杀,消耗不少,而且也受伤了。 He must find a place to restore well. 他必须得找个地方好好恢复一下了。 After several days, Ling Xiao fully restores, and consolidated cultivation base in the Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor basic stage. 数日后,凌霄完全恢复,并且将修为巩固在了九重准帝入门阶段。 Has a look at the harvest!” “看看收获吧!” He thought of these storage ring of beforehand confiscation. 他想到了之前没收的那些储物戒 Including Shadow Blade Gate killer storage ring, as well as storage ring of Five Elements Gate that three youth talents. 包括影刀门杀手的储物戒,以及五行门那三个青年才俊的储物戒 In Shadow Blade Gate half Great Emperor storage ring has many good things. 影刀门的半步大帝储物戒里有不少的好东西。 Including Saint stone, shadow pill, Emperor Armament wait/etc. 包括圣石、影丹、帝兵等等。 Only Emperor Armament, in addition has more than 30. 单是帝兵,加起来就有三十多件。 Ling Xiao felt own present really became the Emperor Armament specialized household quickly. 凌霄感觉自己现在真得快成帝兵专业户了。 Others also when use accurate Emperor Armament, 别人还在使用准帝兵的时候, He makes to do massive Emperor Armament unexpectedly. Thinks, is actually not strange. 他竟然一弄就能搞到大量的帝兵。想一想,倒是不奇怪。 The Shadow Blade Gate killer kills people everywhere. 影刀门的杀手到处杀人。 Killed is also Heaven's Chosen. 杀死的还都是天骄。 So long as enters desolate ancient battlefield Heaven's Chosen, most inferior should also have low-grade Emperor Armament. 只要进入荒古战场的天骄,最次的也应该有下品帝兵的。 This is the killers of three -and-a-half Great Emperor ranks, can obtain so many Emperor Armament also nothing to wonder. 这可是三个半步大帝级别的杀手,能得到这么多的帝兵也就不足为怪了。 However slightly what is a pity, the Shadow Blade Gate shadow blade killed the technique rare book not to find. 不过稍微可惜的是,影刀门的影刀杀技秘籍没有找到。 If found, can consider in detail actually. 如果找到了,倒是可以参详一下。 Could improve, making own flying sword attack is more fearful. 或许能改进一下,使得自己的飞剑攻击更加可怕。 Un? What is this?” “嗯?这是什么?” Ling Xiao saw an animal skin scroll. 凌霄看到了一张兽皮卷轴。 Opens looks, above the animal skin scroll unexpectedly is one set of mystique- Wanbao god technique! 打开一看,兽皮卷轴之上竟然是一套秘法-“万宝神术”! In this Wanbao god technique. 这万宝神术中所述。 Above True Martial Divine Province, there is sect gate, the name for Wanbao god sect. 真武神洲之上,有一个宗门,名之为“万宝神宗”。 The Wanbao god sect is time-honored, the historical upper layer has had the complete Qilin god cauldron. 万宝神宗历史悠久,历史上层拥有过完整的麒麟神鼎。 The hearsay, the Qilin god cauldron can smelt the treasure, every time smelts one, not only can the automatic release attack. 传闻,麒麟神鼎可以熔炼宝物,每熔炼一件,不仅可以自动释放攻击。 Can add to hold above the weapon in martial artist hand. 更可以加持到武者手中的兵器之上。 But this method, was called the Wanbao god technique. 而这种方法,便被称之为万宝神术。 Although the Qilin god cauldron disrupted afterward. 尽管麒麟神鼎后来碎裂了。 But the Wanbao god technique still hands down from generation to generation. 但万宝神术依然传了下来。 martial artist of Wanbao god sect can the treasure and weapon seal in martial soul. 万宝神宗的武者可以将宝物和兵器封印在武魂之中。 The bloodlines true body is stronger, martial soul can the treasure of seal be more. 血脉真身越强,武魂能封印的宝物就越多。 The treasure are more, the might overlay even more is terrifying. 宝物越多,威力叠加就越发恐怖。 Scratches, this simply for the mystique that I customize. “擦,这简直就是为我量身定做的秘法嘛。 Shadow Blade Gate this was delivers to warm. 影刀门这是送温暖来了。 It is estimated that killed the disciple of Wanbao god sect. ” 估计是杀了万宝神宗的弟子吧。” Ling Xiao excitedly was simply bad. 凌霄简直兴奋坏了。 He has Qilin god cauldron martial soul. 他拥有麒麟神鼎武魂 Although is only the incomplete Qilin god cauldron casual transformation. 虽然只是残缺的麒麟神鼎随便转化而成。 But uses the Wanbao god technique, is absolutely twice the result with half the effort. 但使用万宝神术,绝对是事半功倍的。 The people of Wanbao god sect have no way to compare with him. 万宝神宗的人都没法跟他比。 After collecting the good thing . 搜集了好东西之后。 Ling Xiao also took Five Elements Gate storage ring of three Heaven's Chosen. 凌霄又将五行门的三个天骄的储物戒拿了出来。 Everyone has in one Emperor Armament. 每个人都有一件中品帝兵 Really is enviable. 真得是让人羡慕。 However other on no thing, disappointed him somewhat slightly. 不过别的就没什么好东西了,稍微让他有些失望。 Before then, Ling Xiao once and other low-grade Emperor Armament seals entered in the demon day shield Qilin god cauldron martial soul. 在这之前,凌霄曾将魔天盾等两件下品帝兵封印进了麒麟神鼎武魂之中。 But does not know that has such usage. 但并不知道有这样的用法。 Although this god technique is good, but actually others besides martial artist of Wanbao god sect obtained uselessly. 这神术虽然好,但其实除了万宝神宗的武者之外其余人得到了也没用。 However to him, is different. 但是对他而言,却不一样。 Has Qilin god cauldron martial soul him. 拥有麒麟神鼎武魂的他。 Is more suitable than this type of thing the person of Wanbao god sect. 比万宝神宗的人更适合这种东西。 Thinks of here, he starts to comprehend the Wanbao god technique. 想到这里,他就开始参悟万宝神术。 Several days later. 数天后。 Ling Xiao put out the black Thunder Dragon spear/gun and jack-o'-lantern demon spear/gun. 凌霄拿出了黑雷龙枪和鬼火魔枪。 The plan attempts. 打算尝试一下。 According to quotation of Wanbao god technique. 按照万宝神术的引述。 He released the Qilin god cauldron. 他释放出了麒麟神鼎。 That flickers, in the Qilin god cauldron presented a strange space unexpectedly. 那一瞬,麒麟神鼎之中竟然出现了一个奇异的空间。 Innumerable light balls float in midair. 无数的光球悬浮在半空之中。 Enough over ten thousand. 足足有上万个之多。 And in two light balls has the thing. 其中两个光球之中已经有了东西。 Fusion!” “融合!” Ling Xiao drinks one lightly, the black Thunder Dragon spear/gun was attracted by the Qilin god cauldron suddenly. 凌霄轻喝一声,黑雷龙枪突然被麒麟神鼎吸了进去。 That flickers, Ling Xiao felt terrifying aura to integrate in the Qilin god cauldron. 那一瞬,凌霄就感受到了一股恐怖的气息融入到了麒麟神鼎之中。 Not was only the might of Qilin god cauldron increased, rank promotion. 不仅是麒麟神鼎的威力变大了,等级提升了。 Even in the Ling Xiao hand is grasping the weapon might also increased. 凌霄手中握着的兵器威力也变大了。 This is the marvelous place of Wanbao god technique. 这便是万宝神术的奇妙之处啊。 However fusion treasure time, the meeting needs to consume massive soul strength. 不过融合宝物的时候,会需要消耗大量的魂力。 If the soul strength is weak, is not only unable to achieve, even can also instead injure itself. 如果魂力不够强,不仅无法做到,甚至还会反伤自己。 Naturally, the Ling Xiao soul strength is powerful enough, this at all is not the issue. 当然,凌霄的魂力足够强悍,这根本不是问题。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9359 Wanbao god technique) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9359章万宝神术)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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