HTMS :: Volume #94

#9392: With nine assign/life Martial Saint to meet!

Tree of Life behind road, is life the road of consumption. 生命之树身后的路,就是生命的消耗之路。 Almost every distance, the vitality will have consumed some. 几乎每过一段距离,生命力就会消耗一些。 Has proceeded, continuously consumption. 一直往前走,一直消耗。 Only if you stop. 除非你停下来。 Walked about one kilometer distance. 走了大约一千米的距离。 Ling Xiao saw the wolf meets and the others. 凌霄看到了狼逅等人。 This time wolf meets, panic-stricken incomparable. 此时的狼逅,惊恐无比。 They stood there do not dare to move. 他们站在那里不敢动了。 No matter because walks forward, walks backward, will consume the vitality, they can only treat in same place, can maintain a livelihood. 因为不管是向前走,还是向后走,都会消耗生命力,他们只能待在原地,才能活命。 Hehe, making you eat the life fruit, you do not eat!” “呵呵,让你吃生命果实,你又不吃!” Ling Xiao smiles , to continue to proceed with Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus. 凌霄笑了笑,和白凤凤、雪莲继续往前走。 The following person, noticed that Ling Xiao and the others were all right, there are ate the fruit much. 后面的人,看到凌霄等人没事儿,也有不少吃了果实。 But even if ate the fruit. 但就算都吃了果实。 The physique of everyone also has the difference. 每个人的体质也有不同。 The talent also has the difference. 天赋也有不同。 Therefore, the road of this life can walk far, is different. 所以,这条生命之路能走多远,也还是不一样。 About 10,000 meters time, Ling Xiao only had a person. 大约一万米左右的时候,凌霄只剩下一个人了。 Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus stopped, is unable to continue to go forward. 白凤凤和雪莲都停了下来,无法继续前进了。 Ling Xiao proceeded about 10,000 meters distance. 凌霄又往前走了大约一万米的距离。 Suddenly, saw a thatched hut. 突然间,看到了一座茅草屋。 Outside the room sits an old man, looks very illusory, does not seem like the honorable person. 屋外坐着一个老者,看起来非常虚幻,不像是真人。 Seem like the imaginary body of energy condensation. 倒像是能量凝聚的幻体。 Welcome you little fellow, you are only one can arrive here person, surprises me very much!” “欢迎你啊小家伙,你是唯一一个能抵达这里的人,很让我意外啊!” The old men looked to Ling Xiao, said with a smile. 老者看向了凌霄,笑着说道。 Originally 10,000 meters time, I planned to come, but saw that you can also walk, I waited, said here until you.” “原本一万米的时候,我就打算现身了,只不过看到你还能走,我就又等了等,直到你来道这里。” „Is senior nine assigns/life the Martial Saint senior?” “前辈难道是九命武圣前辈?” Ling Xiao shocks asks. 凌霄震撼地问道。 Hehe, do nine assign/life Martial Saint? Before others indeed called my nine lives.” “呵呵,九命武圣吗?以前别人的确称呼我九命。” The old men smiled saying with a smile: Sits!” 老者笑了笑道:“过来坐吧!” Ling Xiao nods. 凌霄点了点头。 He can look, nine assigned/life Martial Saint to die. 他能看出来,九命武圣应该已经死了。 This is the remnant soul using the imaginary body that the energy condenses. 这不过是残魂利用能量凝聚出来的幻体罢了。 Even so, he is still respectful. 但即便如此,他依然非常恭敬。 Bow bowing. 躬了躬身。 Sat in the side of old man. 才坐在了老者的身旁。 „Does little fellow, you name?” “小家伙,你叫什么名字?” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to ask with a smile. 九命武圣笑着问道。 Younger generation Ling Xiao!” “晚辈凌霄!” Ling Xiao said. 凌霄道。 „, Did you obtain the little fellows of two jade pendants? Good good, no wonder you can walk are so far, the vitality is so tenacious. “哦,你就是得到了两块玉佩的小家伙吗?不错不错,难怪你能够走这么远,生命力如此顽强。 Should you be in this group of people strongest? ” 你应该是这群人之中最强的一个吧?” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to say. 九命武圣道。 In Ling Xiao heart one startled, oneself obtained several jade pendants, nine assign/life Martial Saint to know unexpectedly. 凌霄心中一惊,自己得到了几块玉佩,九命武圣居然都知道。 Younger generation is not strongest, compared with my powerhouse, several people, but I and they fight, will not be killed and that's the end.” “晚辈不算最强,比我强者,有好几个人,只不过我与他们战斗,也不会被杀就是了。” Ling Xiao told the facts. 凌霄实话实说。 Ha, your cultivation base is lowest, the strength is actually approaches strongly, naturally is strongest.” “哈哈哈,你的修为最低,战力却接近最强,自然就是最强。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to say with a smile. 九命武圣笑道。 Senior, the younger generation enters here, does not know the time, whether can tell the younger generation, in the past how long?” “前辈,晚辈进入这里,不知时间,是否可以告诉晚辈,过去多长时间了?” Ling Xiao was worried very much the time passes by too. 凌霄很担心时间过去太多。 A half year!” “半年!” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to say with a smile. 九命武圣笑道。 A half year!” “半年!” Ling Xiao is startled. 凌霄吃了一惊。 Unexpectedly already past a half year. 没想到,竟然已经过去半年了。 In addition the beforehand time, from five years approximately should the remaining two years. 加上之前的时间,距离五年之约应该就剩下两年时间了。 However fortunately. 不过还好。 These saw time nine assign/life Martial Saint, in the half year the time has not calculated that wastes in vain. 这一次见到了九命武圣,这半年时间也没算白白浪费。 Ok, the idle talk does not say. “好了,废话不说了。 Since you arrived here, my inheritance turned over to you. 你既然来到了这里,我的传承就归你了。 However I observed you to grasp the Heavenly Dao principle. 不过我观你已经掌握了天道法则。 Perhaps is unable carrying/sustaining my life principle. 恐怕无法承载我的生命法则。 Really must be somewhat regrettable. ” 真得有些遗憾。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to sigh: „, The waiting is so remote, cannot find the right candidate unexpectedly.” 九命武圣叹了口气道:“没想到,等待如此久远,竟然还是没能找到合适的人选。” Why?” “为什么?” Ling Xiao is puzzled. 凌霄不解。 You do not know that 12 types to the high principle, are not possible to melt in a person of body. “你不知道吗,十二种至高法则,是不可能融于一人之身的。 Is the kings, how possibly to allow that others do sleep peacefully? 都是王,怎么可能容许他人安睡? The Heavenly Dao principle and life principle, are 12 types to one of the high principles. 天道法则、生命法则,都是十二种至高法则之一啊。 Really is regrettable! ” 真得是遗憾!” Nine assign/life Martial Saint also to sigh. 九命武圣又叹了口气道。 The Ling Xiao expression is somewhat strange: „Did you determine?” 凌霄的表情有些古怪:“您确定?” Determination!” “确定!” Nine assign/life Martial Saint saying: „ Although martial artist possibly controls many principles, evolves from the will principle to the domain principle, evolves to arrive at the world principle again. 九命武圣道:“虽然一名武者可能掌控多种法则,从意志法则进化到领域法则,再进化到世界法则。 But are unable to grasp the only 12 types to the high principle together. 但唯独十二种至高法则无法共同掌握。 Since the ancient times is so. 自古以来就是如此。 Grasps one type, is exists unparalleled. 掌握其中一种,便已经是盖世存在了。 To grasp over two types, that is at all not possible existence. 想要掌握两种以上,那是根本不可能的存在。 Self- is since in any case sensible, has never seen! ” 反正自我懂事以来,从未见过!” You felt, this is nothing?” “那您觉得,这算什么?” Ling Xiao released own Heavenly Dao domain, the space and time domain and life domain! 凌霄释放出了自己的天道领域、时空领域以及生命领域! As far as he know. 据他所知。 These three types, to one of the high principles. 这三种,都是至高法则之一。 But the Heavenly Dao principle ranks is near the top. 只不过天道法则排名更靠前罢了。 In the king to high principle. 属于至高法则之中的王。 How possibly!” “怎么可能!” Nine assigned/life Martial Saint to stand shocking. 九命武圣震惊地站了起来。 Cannot believe simply, this is. 简直不敢相信,这是真得。 Ling Xiao grasps three types unexpectedly simultaneously to the high principle. 凌霄竟然同时掌握三种至高法则。 Although the space and time principle and life principle are quite weak, is unable to compare with the Heavenly Dao principle. 虽然时空法则和生命法则还比较弱,根本无法与天道法则相比。 But also grasps, this is impossible. 但同时掌握,这本身就不可能啊。 Let alone three planted, both types are impossible. 别说三种了,两种都不可能。 Senior, I have Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul!” “前辈,我拥有山河武魂!” Ling Xiao this is the first time that confessed this matter to others directly. 凌霄这还是第一次直接向别人坦白这种事儿。 Nine assigned/life Martial Saint in any case is a deceased person. 反正九命武圣已经是个死人了。 Also not possible to compete for Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul with him. 也不可能跟他争夺山河武魂 Human King Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul!” 人王山河武魂!” Nine assigned/life Martial Saint more shocking. 九命武圣更震惊了。 Ling Xiao nods. 凌霄点了点头。 Released Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul. 霸天武魂释放了出来。 Good! Good! Also made the transformation to Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul unexpectedly, then, others are not easily able to identify. “好!好!竟然还对山河武魂进行了改造,如此一来,别人轻易也无法辨认出来。 Your this boy is fierce. ” 你这小子厉害啊。” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to laugh saying: „ Heaven waits me is not thin, in me at point of death, can send so the talent for me unexpectedly! 九命武圣大笑道:“苍天待我不薄,在我弥留之际,居然能为我送来如此天才! Your life principle is too weak, so long as obtains my inheritance, will exceed the Heavenly Dao principle absolutely directly. 你的生命法则还太弱,只要得到我的传承,绝对会直接超越天道法则。 In the future, three types to high principle any type, so long as promotes, you can promote cultivation base. 日后,三种至高法则任何一种只要晋升,你都能提升修为 This gives you! ” 这个给你!” Nine assign/life Martial Saint to turn the hand, storage ring appeared in his hand. 九命武圣将手一翻,一枚储物戒出现在了他的手中。 After too many years, enters here person to be actually many. “历经太多岁月,进入这里的人其实不少。 They took away my many things. 他们拿走了我的许多东西。 Only pitifully, no one can come here, obtains my inheritance. 只可惜,没有一个人能走到这里,得到我的传承。 In this storage ring the thing are not many. 储物戒里东西不多了。 And is the same, is my inheritance jade. 其中一样,就是我的传承玉璧。 Other things, I will be long-term according to the distance that these people walk, assignment reward. ” 其余的东西,我会按照那些人走的距离长远,分配奖励的。” Many thanks senior!” “多谢前辈!” Ling Xiao received storage ring. 凌霄接过储物戒 Inside the discovery thing only had three types. 发现里边的东西只剩下三样了。 Together inheritance jade, a sword, a mirror. 一块传承玉璧,一把剑,一面镜子。 „ This sword, is the saber that I most like, Saint soldier in the true sense! “这把剑,是我最喜欢的佩剑,真正意义上的圣兵! What a pity you are unable to play its true might now. 可惜你如今无法发挥出其真正的威力。 However you take, the sword of its named life! 不过你拿着吧,它名为生命之剑! Can absorb others' life directly, passes the burden to other person of bodies. 可以直接汲取别人的生命,转嫁到其他人身体之中。 Including yourself. 包括你自己。 Words that uses well, the effect is infinite, but easily do not take. 好好用的话,效果无穷,不过轻易不要拿出来。 Your present cultivation base is very bad, if stared by the powerhouse of Great Emperor level, you must die without doubt. 你如今修为还很差,要是被大帝级的强者盯上,你必死无疑。 Mirror named Yin-Yang mirror, may sentence the life and death. 镜子名为‘阴阳镜’,可判生死。 So long as is cultivation base is inferior your, the shady-side illumination, died at the scene! 只要是修为不如你的,阴面照射,当场死亡! Even cultivation base is higher than you, can still produce certain results, making its vitality drop. 即便修为比你高的,也能产生一定效果,令其生命力下降。 Subsequently reduces the battle efficiency of opposite party! ” 继而降低对方的战斗力!”
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