HTMS :: Volume #94

#9391: Life jungle

Thought a heap, can drive out easily. 原本以为一座土堆而已,可以轻而易举轰开。 However what makes him not think, this heap unexpectedly is very tenacious. 然而让他没想到的是,这土堆竟然坚韧无比。 What is most fearful, in a terrifying death aura grave mound released. 最可怕的是,一股恐怖的死亡气息坟堆之中释放出来。 Sneaked in his body. 钻进了他的身体之中。 He exuded the panic-stricken pitiful yell sound. 他发出了惊恐的惨叫声。 Finally, the eyes lost the ray slowly. 最后,慢慢双眼失去了光芒。 Turned into the monster unexpectedly. 竟然变成了怪物。 The monster of protection tomb. 守护坟墓的怪物。 Hiss ~ ~!” “嘶~~!” The people held breath cold air. 众人倒吸了一口凉气。 Too terrifying, this compared with dying also uncomfortably. 太恐怖了,这比死了还难受啊。 Walks quickly!” “快走!” Does not want the masters for these grave mounds to mourn by the side of the coffin, that can only clash. 不想替这些坟堆的主人守灵,那就只能冲出去。 Quick, they ran out of this grave mound, arrived on a road. 很快,他们就冲出了这一片坟堆,来到了一条路上。 On this road, two human form sculpture. 这条路上,有两尊人形雕塑。 An appearance is fierce, affable. 一尊面目狰狞,一尊和蔼可亲。 They approach, the sculpture moved suddenly. 他们靠近的时候,雕塑突然间动了。 As if lives general. 仿佛活过来一般。 Go away!” “滚开!” The phoenix nine and thunder clap simultaneously launched the attack. 凰九和雷震子同时发动了攻击。 Attempts the bang to draw back that sculpture. 企图轰退那雕塑。 However what has not thought that the striking power of that sculpture is quite terrifying. 然而没想到的是,那雕塑的攻击力极为恐怖。 Only one move, nine and thunder clap flew to the bang the phoenix. 只一招,就将凰九和雷震子给轰飞了。 Two people corners of the mouth seeped out the blood threads, the complexion is ugly. 两人嘴角渗出了血丝,脸色难看。 People heart shock. 众人心头震惊不已。 Has not thought that the battle efficiency of this sculpture is so unexpectedly terrifying. 没想到这雕塑的战斗力竟然如此恐怖。 With ease in most peak two strengths them injuring. 这么轻松就将他们之中最顶尖的两个战力给打伤了。 This should be the protection. “这应该是守护。 Is impossible to pass by anyone of independent strength. 凭借任何一人的单独战力都不可能通过。 Only can collaborate. ” 只能联手了。” Ling Xiao said: Here, we collaborate temporarily, should not have the issue!” 凌霄说道:“在这里,我们暂时联手,应该没问题的!” Right, so the powerful enemy, only feared that also can only collaborate, first overran said again.” “没错,如此强敌,只怕也只能联手了,先冲过去再说。” The phoenix nine nods to say. 凰九点了点头道。 He is unable to pass. 他都无法通过。 Only can collaborate. 只能联手。 The people did not oppose. 众人都不反对。 After all, passed this pass/test, may see the Holy Mother buried treasure. 毕竟,过了这一关,才有可能看到圣母宝藏。 Therefore, the people launched the attack together. 于是,众人一起发动了攻击。 Temporarily discarded hostile relationship. 暂时舍弃了互相之间的敌对关系。 Altogether more than 60 people. 一共六十多人。 All-out attack! 全力攻击! Even if two protection statues are powerful, cannot resist the people to attack jointly. 即便是两尊守护雕像强大无比,也抵不住众人联手的攻击。 The sculpture was hit finally returned to the home position, does not move again. 雕塑终于被打得回到了原位,再次不动弹了。 Clash/To!” “冲!” While this opportunity, the people rush over directly. 趁此机会,众人直接冲了过去。 This war, several people died in battle. 这一战,还是有几个人战死了。 However this does not have the means. 不过这没办法。 Everyone radically without enough time sad. 大家根本来不及悲伤。 If not hurry to overrun, who knows that sculpture can restart. 如果不赶紧冲过去,谁知道那雕塑会不会重新启动啊。 Really terrifying, is that nine assigns/life the Martial Saint will? “真恐怖,那是九命武圣的意志吗? In the hearsay, nine assign/life Martial Saint to grasp the life principle, changed into nine life bodies. 传闻中,九命武圣掌握生命法则,化为了九种生命体。 Has the good wickedly. 有恶有善。 Therefore, that should be the sculpture that his good and evil will changes into. 所以,那应该是他的善恶意志化为的雕塑。 Is a wisp of consciousness, has the strength of Great Emperor level, is really the terrifying. ” 仅仅是一缕意识而已,都已经拥有大帝级的战力,真是恐怖。” Some people said. 有人说道。 Also not necessarily, nine assigned/life Martial Saint also to have many subordinates initially, was the powerhouse of Great Emperor level, perhaps was their wills.” “也未必,九命武圣当初还有许多手下,都是大帝级的强者,说不定是他们的意志。” Also some people said. 也有人说道。 People said that while goes forward. 众人一边说,一边前进。 Not long, the people saw a jungle, the green and luxuriant jungle, is long very luxuriantly. 没有多久,众人就看到了一片丛林,郁郁葱葱的丛林,长得非常茂盛。 In the air is filling the aura of life. 空气中都弥漫着生命的气息。 „Is this life jungle?” “这就是生命丛林吗?” Some people guessed. 有人猜测道。 Hearsay, nine assigned/life Martial Saint to build the life jungle using the life principle, evolved the innumerable lives, does not know that was.” “传闻,九命武圣利用生命法则打造了生命丛林,演化出无数的生命,不知道是不是真得。” Should no danger?” “应该没什么危险吧?” Has humanity. 有人道。 Should not have!” “应该没有!” Although on everyone mouth said that but actually no one dares to enter in the jungle temporarily. 虽然大家嘴上都这么说,可却暂时没有一人敢进入丛林之中。 The issue is, the jungle is a road which must be taken. 问题是,丛林又是必经之路。 Does not pass through here, you are impossible to arrive in front. 不经过这里,你就不可能抵达前面。 What to do? 怎么办? Fears anything, the direct past was!” “怕什么,直接过去就是!” Lin Baoyu clenches teeth, flew directly. 林宝玉咬了咬牙,直接飞了出去。 He has been inferior to Ling Xiao now, to exceed Ling Xiao again, must result in adventurous. 他现在已经不如凌霄,如果想要再次超越凌霄,就必须得冒险。 If can the thing of wish, he be able to walk the shortcut, strengthen. 如果能够得到想要的东西,那他就能走捷径,变强。 Lin Baoyu flew into the life jungle. 林宝玉飞入了生命丛林之中。 Has not exuded what pitiful yell sound. 并没有发出什么惨叫声。 The people looked at one mutually. 众人互相看了一眼。 Fled in abundance. 都纷纷窜了进去。 Ling Xiao and the others do not have the exception. 凌霄等人也没有例外。 All flew. 全部飞了进去。 Soon, they saw Lin Baoyu. 不多久,他们就看到了林宝玉。 This time Lin Baoyu Station there, his front, 11 giant trees. 此时的林宝玉站在那里,他的前方,十一个巨大的树木。 This tree, is growing the eye and nose unexpectedly. 这树,居然长着眼睛和鼻子。 On the tree, there are innumerable fruits. 树上,有无数的果实。 Each fragrance greets the nostrils. 每一颗都香味扑鼻。 I have seen in the book, steps into the life jungle, certainly will see Tree of Life! “我在书中看到过,踏入生命丛林,一定会见到一颗生命之树 Wants, must eat a Tree of Life fruit. 想要过去,就必须得吃一颗生命之树的果实。 This fruit can make your vitality abundant. 这颗果实可以让你的生命力充沛无比。 Crossed the front danger. ” 渡过前方的危险。” Some people said: Occasionally is this Tree of Life?” 有人说道:“难道偶这就是生命之树?” Joking, how to possibly have this type of thing?” “开玩笑的吧,怎么可能会有这种东西?” The phoenix nine sneers saying: Certainly some people of mysterious, do not need to pay attention, without the danger, the direct past were!” 凰九冷笑道:“一定是有人故弄玄虚,不必理会,既然没有危险,直接过去就是!” Right, I also thought that is nine assigns/life Martial Saint to leave our joke, that fruit I will not eat in any case.” “对,我也觉得是九命武圣留给我们的一个玩笑,反正那果子我不会吃。” The wolf meets also said. 狼逅也说道。 Children, ate the Tree of Life fruit, your vitalities will be more abundant. “孩子们,吃了生命之树的果实,你们的生命力将会更加充沛。 Even if came to the verge of death, can still resurrect. 即便濒临死亡,也能够复活。 Why doesn't try? ” 为什么不尝试一下呢?” Tree of Life speech. 生命之树说话了。 Snort, plays tricks, I destroyed this Tree of Life, has a look to have what danger!” “哼,装神弄鬼,我就毁了这生命之树,看看能有什么危险!” The wolf meets to sneer, the incarnation great wolf, a claw racket to that Tree of Life. 狼逅冷笑一声,化身巨狼,一爪子拍向了那生命之树 ! 咔嚓! Tree of Life has no resistance. 生命之树并没有任何抵抗。 Was met the direct racket to break to pieces the innumerable branch and fruits by the wolf. 被狼逅直接拍碎了无数的枝丫和果实。 But the wolf meets happily also not with enough time. 但狼逅还没来得及高兴。 Suddenly all restored. 忽然间一切又都恢复了。 I am Tree of Life, how also to be ruined by you, your baby good unreasonable, does not want to eat the fruit, leaves is, why to attack me.” “我是生命之树,又怎么可能被你毁掉,你这娃娃好没道理,不想吃果子,就离开便是,何必攻击我。” Tree of Life said lightly. 生命之树淡淡说道。 The wolf met cold snort/hum, really has not continued to attack, had no function in any case. 狼逅冷哼了一声,果然没有继续攻击,反正也没什么作用。 He flew directly. 他直接飞了过去。 Tree of Life that this can speak, depends the strange fruit, the fool will eat. 这会说话的生命之树,仗着奇怪的果子,傻子才会吃呢。 Is unsafe. 太不保险了。 We also walk!” “我们也走吧!” Dark wolf clan several martial artist following wolves met to leave, crossed Tree of Life, went toward the front. 黑暗狼族几个武者都跟着狼逅离开了,越过了生命之树,朝着前方而去。 Also some people left. 紧接着,又有人离开了。 The remaining people have about near half. 剩下的人还有将近一半左右。 Ling Xiao, do we eat?” 凌霄,我们吃不吃?” Bai Fengfeng looked that asked to Ling Xiao. 白凤凤看向了凌霄问道。 Eats, why does not eat, this is the good thing, does not eat does not eat white/in vain!” “吃,为什么不吃呢,这可是好东西啊,不吃白不吃!” Ling Xiao smiled saying with a smile. 凌霄笑了笑道。 „Are you earnest?” “你认真的?” The snow lotus said with amazement: This thing was also too strange.” 雪莲惊讶道:“这东西也太诡异了吧。” Relax, listens my, eats and that's the end.” “放心,听我的,吃就是了。” Ling Xiao has observed these life fruits. 凌霄观察过那些生命果实了。 In contains the strong vitality. 内中蕴含强大的生命力。 In addition, does not have other thing. 除此之外,并没有别的东西。 Words that Tree of Life spoke in. 生命之树说的话都是在真得。 Therefore, does not need to reject. 所以,没必要拒绝。 Moreover, in his opinion, this is nine assigns/life the test of Martial Saint. 而且,在他看来,这是九命武圣的考验。 If not the late fruit, is unable to adopt the following test. 如果不迟果实,根本无法通过后面的考验。 Good, I believe you!” “好,我信你!” Bai Fengfeng clenches teeth, the nod said. 白凤凤咬了咬牙,点头道。 I also believe you!” “我也信你!” The snow lotus also nodded. 雪莲也点头了。 Thereupon, their three first ate up the fruit. 于是乎,他们三个抢先吃下了果实。 Clever child , hopes in the past you can have nine lives!” “乖孩子,过去吧,希望你们能够拥有九命!” Tree of Life smiled saying with a smile. 生命之树笑了笑道。 Ling Xiao nods. 凌霄点了点头。 Three people walk toward front. 三人往前面走去。 Arrives here, Ling Xiao felt that the Tree of Life words are what meaning. 到这里,凌霄就感觉到了生命之树的话是什么意思了。
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