HTMS :: Volume #94

#9391: Fights the killer!

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! Ling Xiao revealed wiped the happy expression. 凌霄露出了一抹笑意。 In the mouth erupts the strange sound. 口中爆发出诡异的声音。 Extinguishes the soul demon sound to get up. 灭魂魔音响起。 Three forms obviously had shivered together. 三道身影明显有一道颤抖了一下。 Ling Xiao grasps the spear/gun of saint, punctured. 凌霄手持圣者之枪,刺了过去。 When! 当! A loud sound. 一声巨响。 Long spear/gun and short sword hit in one. 长枪与短刀撞击在了一起。 Indeed fell on the tangible. 的的确确是落在了实处。 The killers were shaken draw back. 杀手被震退了。 However two clone to puncture unexpectedly on the body of Ling Xiao. 然而两道分身竟然刺在了凌霄的身上。 Had the injury. 产生了伤害。 Hehe , my clone also has the lethality. “嘿嘿,没想到吧,我的分身也是有杀伤力的。 But must share my main body the strength, otherwise you not possible to repel me! ” 只不过要分担我本体的力量,否则你也不可能将我击退!” The killers sneer to say. 杀手冷笑道。 Ling Xiao knits the brows. 凌霄皱了皱眉。 Although there is Nine Swallow God Armor, Ling Xiao has not been injured. 虽然有九吞神甲在,凌霄并没有受伤。 How many but can Nine Swallow God Armor block time attacks? 可是九吞神甲又能挡住几次攻击呢? This issue is not solved, is somewhat troublesome. 这个问题不解决,可是有些麻烦的。 „ It seems like, your body has the treasure, but is useless, regardless on you have what treasure, must die! “看起来,你身上有宝物,不过没用,无论你身上有什么宝物,都得死! Kills! ” 杀!” The killers launch the attack again. 杀手再次发动攻击。 Did several things at the same time to increase two unexpectedly. 分身竟然又增加了两个。 In addition main body, altogether five. 加上本体,一共五个。 Escapes spatially! Kills!” “遁空!杀!” The Ling Xiao figure vanished in the encirclement ring. 凌霄身形消失在了包围圈之中。 Then appears in the killer behind, a spear pierces leaves. 而后出现在杀手的身后,一枪刺出。 However the killer disappeared in that flash unexpectedly. 不过杀手竟然在那一瞬间消失了。 Good strange movement.” “好诡异的身法。” Ling Xiao knits the brows. 凌霄皱了皱眉。 Runs into such opponent for the first time. 第一次遇到这样的对手啊。 Before, is his speed is quicker. 以前,都是他的速度更快。 Let the opposite party attack reluctantly. 让对方攻击无奈。 Today, actually in turn. 今天,倒是反过来了。 Even if he has the opportunity of attack, but the opposite party actually can still dodge. 即便他有攻击的机会,但对方却依然能够闪避开来。 Hehe, interesting!” “呵呵,有意思!” Ling Xiao smiles: Again come!” 凌霄笑了笑:“再来!” You can also smile, death!” “你还笑得出来吗,死吧!” This time clone, had/left two, in addition the main body altogether is seven. 这一次的分身,又多出了两个,加上本体一共是七个。 Surrounded Ling Xiao directly, killed. 直接包围住了凌霄,杀了过来。 Ling Xiao this time has not avoided. 凌霄这一次没有躲避。 Also has not gone to look for the true body. 也没有去找真身。 The direct long spear/gun sweeps away. 直接长枪横扫。 Transferred around the body, the terrifying spear/gun glow goes toward all around bang. 绕着身体转了一圈,恐怖的枪芒朝着四周轰去。 All clone to destroy. 将所有的分身摧毁。 However the main body of opposite party actually vanishes once again. 不过对方的本体却又一次消失。 Useless!” “没用的!” Ling Xiao shakes the head saying: „ Your these acrobatics before me, make futile efforts, might as well the upfront fights with me, perhaps opportunity. 凌霄摇了摇头道:“你这些把戏在我面前,就是枉费心机,还不如正面与我一战,或许还有机会。 Kills! ” 杀!” Ling Xiao held to gun down suddenly. 凌霄突然持枪杀了出去。 Obviously that direction no one, but his attack actually kills in that direction. 明明那个方向没有人,但他的攻击却朝着那个方向杀出。 When! 当! Once again the terrifying bellow resounds. 又一次恐怖的轰鸣声响起。 The Ling Xiao figure violent draws back more than ten meters away. 凌霄身形暴退十多米远。 However the killer also draws back more than ten meters away similarly. 不过杀手也同样退出去十多米远。 It seems somewhat distressed. 显得有些狼狈。 Right that „ you said that I did not waste the time, butchered you directly is! “你说的对,我就不浪费时间了,正面宰了你就是! The ghost cuts! ” 鬼影斩!” The killer complexion is somewhat ugly. 杀手面色有些难看。 He of solemn half Great Emperor level, was repelled unexpectedly. 堂堂半步大帝级的他,居然被人击退了。 In this face may really be unattractive. 这面子上可真的是不好看啊。 Although this result is well-matched. 虽然这个结果算是旗鼓相当。 May be well-matched with eight heavy Quasi-Emperor, is really joyful. 可与一个八重准帝旗鼓相当,真得是让人高兴不起来啊。 Therefore, he must butcher this boy. 所以,他一定要宰了这个小子。 Otherwise, cannot redeem reputation. 不然,找不回面子。 Another two fights have played inextricably involved. 另外两场战斗已经打得难分难解。 Although the white bones madame and Destruction Black Dragon gradually fall into the disadvantage. 尽管白骨夫人和毁灭黑龙逐渐陷入劣势。 However for a short time, but also is unable to end the fight. 不过一时半会儿,还无法结束战斗。 Also can support. 还能支撑。 12 dragon spear/gun, ten Second Layer attacks!” “十二龙枪,十二重攻击!” Facing the frontal attack of opposite party, Ling Xiao erupted 12 dragon spear/gun complete might directly. 面对对方的正面攻击,凌霄直接爆发了十二龙枪的全部威力。 Ten Second Layer strengths erupt continuously. 二重的力道连续爆发。 The sound of dragon recitation resounds unceasingly. 龙吟之声不断响起。 Rumbling rumbling! 轰轰轰轰轰! The sound of continual blasting open gets up. 连续的炸裂之声响起。 Ling Xiao retrocedes once again more than ten meters away. 凌霄又一次后退十多米远。 However this time, the opposite party draws back many, withdrew from 20 meters away. 不过这一次,对方退得更多,足足退出了二十米远。 Obviously, this attack, he occupied superiorly. 显然,这一次攻击,他占优了。 However this advantage, is not big. 不过这优势,并不大。 peak slaughtering domain!” 顶尖的杀戮领域!” Ling Xiao is somewhat surprised, 凌霄有些惊讶, The domain of opposite party unexpectedly is not the illusory image, but slaughters. Pursue pinnacle lethality. 对方的领域居然不是幻影,而是杀戮。追求极致的杀伤力。 The might is terrifying! 威力非常恐怖! Continue!” “继续!” The killer complexion is gloomy, killed again to Ling Xiao, the blade shadow was ample, which not being able to see clearly together was. 杀手脸色阴沉,再度杀向了凌霄,刀影绰绰,看不清哪一道才是真得。 But terrifying killing intent, is real. 但恐怖的杀意,却非常真实。 Rumbling rumbling! 轰轰轰轰! Ding-dong! 当当当当! Two people fight instantaneously more than ten times. 两人瞬间交手十几次之多。 Projected on the space from the ground. 从地上打到了天上。 Projected on the ground from the space. 从天上打到了地上。 Also is more than ten times. 又是十几次。 Dozens times fights. 前后数十次的交手。 Ling Xiao had some advantages. 凌霄都占据了一些优势。 Only pitifully, this advantage is not big. 只可惜,这优势并不算大。 Even so, the complexion of killer is getting more and more ugly. 但即便如此,杀手的脸色已经越来越难看了。 Ling Xiao strength, unexpectedly terrifying to so degree. 凌霄的战力,竟然恐怖到了如此程度。 He is not only able to take the opposite party, instead during also fell into was passive. 他不仅迟迟无法拿下对方,反而还陷入了被动之中。 This somewhat was awkward. 这就有些尴尬了。 Hehe, Shadow Blade Gate killer, is mediocre.” “呵呵,影刀门的杀手,也不过如此嘛。” Ling Xiao said with a smile lightly. 凌霄轻笑道。 Snort, no wonder can kill our Shadow Blade Gate so many killers, originally is the day of level bloodlines true body. “哼,难怪能杀死我们影刀门那么多的杀手,原来是天级血脉真身。 Only pitifully, your cultivation base was too weak. 只可惜,你的修为太弱了。 If stronger, I today really am not your opponent. 如果再强一些,我今天还真不是你的对手。 But now, you die. 但现在,你去死吧。 Slaughters the blood to cut! ” 杀戮血斩!” That flickers, the short sword in killer hand turned into the blood red. 那一瞬,杀手手中的短刀变成了血红色。 The terrifying strength stored up the pinnacle. 恐怖的力量蓄积到了极致。 Even Ling Xiao frowns. 凌霄都皱起了眉头。 This move, is very terrifying! 这一招,很恐怖! Ling Xiao does not dare to neglect. 凌霄不敢怠慢。 Stimulates to movement strength of the god quietly. 悄然催动众神之力。 Integrates the strength of tyrant day. 融入霸天之力。 Both hands are grasping the spear/gun of saint, displays 12 dragon spear/gun again. 双手握着圣者之枪,再度施展出十二龙枪。 The sound of dragon recitation was more terrifying than before. 龙吟之声比之前更加恐怖。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! The front six spears/guns, blocked the blood of opposite party to cut. 前面六枪,就挡住了对方的血斩。 Blood cuts, the second type!” “血斩,第二式!” However, the attack of killer had not ended. 然而,杀手的攻击并未结束。 The advantage of short sword is to change quickly. 短刀的好处就是变招很快。 The blood cuts the second type, the might is overbearing, is more fearful. 血斩第二式,威力更加霸道,更加可怕。 Ling Xiao soars, foot treads the wind and thunder boots, treads continuously seven steps, cuts the smashing that blood. 凌霄腾空而起,脚踏风雷靴,连续踏出七步,才将那血斩粉碎。 But had attack together, the bang on the body of Ling Xiao. 但还是有一道攻击,轰在了凌霄的身上。 Nine Swallow God Armor shone a gem. 九吞神甲又亮了一颗宝石。 Hasn't blocked unexpectedly completely?” “竟然没完全挡住?” Ling Xiao knits the brows. 凌霄皱了皱眉。 Own cultivation base, eventually was too weak. 自己的修为,终究还是太弱了。 The opposite party said right. 对方说的没错。 Without the Nine Swallow God Armor words, he has been injured now absolutely. 没有九吞神甲的话,他现在绝对已经受伤了。 Without the means that his cultivation base is only eight heavy complete Quasi-Emperor. 没办法,他的修为只是八重圆满准帝 But the opposite party, is actually low-grade half Great Emperor. 而对方,却是下品半步大帝 Peak Quasi-Emperor with half Great Emperor, seems like, only then a disparity of such rank. 巅峰准帝与半步大帝之间,看似只有那么一个级别的差距。 However in fact the disparity is actually enormous. 然而实际上差距却是极大。 Then low-grade half Great Emperor with eight heavy Quasi-Emperor disparities, does not need to raise. 那么下品半步大帝与八重准帝的差距,就更不必提了。 Big you are inconceivable. 大的你难以想象。 Naturally, if the bloodlines true body of opposite party, only then person level. 当然,若是对方的血脉真身只有人级。 Even does not have the bloodlines true body, Ling Xiao naturally easily to extinguish kills. 甚至没有血脉真身,凌霄当然可以轻易灭杀。 Like extinguishing kills the beforehand monster. 就像灭杀之前的怪物一样。 But the opposite party, is in the prefectural level the bloodlines true body. 但对方,可是地级中品血脉真身。 Also was evildoer/monstrous talent. 也算是个妖孽了。 Fights over a hundred rounds, Ling Xiao can have some advantages slightly, is very rare. 大战上百回合,凌霄能稍微占据一些优势,就已经很难得了。 „ It is not good, this way is not good! „ “不行,这样下去不行!“ Ling Xiao looked to another two fights. 凌霄看向了另外两场战斗。 At this time Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madames have been injured are very heavy. 此时毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人都已经受伤很重了。 That two fights, must end. 那两场战斗,就要结束了。 Ling Xiao must fight a battle to force a quick decision. 凌霄必须得速战速决。 Otherwise was collaborated by three people, he does not have the odds of success. 不然被三人联手,他毫无胜算。 Spelled! 拼了! During fight, breakthrough! 在战斗之中,突破自我! Improvement Heavenly Dao domain rank! 提升天道领域的等级! Thinks of here, in the Ling Xiao eye erupted ray firm will. 想到这里,凌霄眼中爆发出了锐意的光芒。 Removed the strength of tyrant day directly. 直接撤了霸天之力。 The strength of tyrant day can make him have certain advantage. 霸天之力可以让他拥有一定的优势。 But is actually not able to beat the opposite party. 但却又无法将对方击败。 Therefore, he needs the crisis. 所以,他需要危机。 Only the crisis can stimulate the potential truly. 只有危机才能真正激发潜能。 Let his Heavenly Dao domain grow rapidly, only then the Heavenly Dao domain breaks through, cultivation base breaks through, he possible to strike to kill these three people! 让他的天道领域快速成长起来,只有天道领域突破,修为突破,他才可能将这三人击杀! 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