HTMS :: Volume #94

#9390: The ancestral dragon true body is promoted!

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! Some useful materials were built up by the immortal fire by Ling Xiao directly, integrated in the body. 一些有用的材料直接被凌霄以仙火炼化,融入了身体之内。 Strengthens the mortal body! 强化肉身! The time such as flashes by. 时间如白驹过隙。 Without thinking in an instant, was one month passes. 没想到一转眼,就又是一个月过去了。 The Ling Xiao ancestral dragon true body during the unceasing fusion absorption, makes great strides forward toward a stronger rank. 凌霄祖龙真身在不断的融合吸收之中,朝着更强的级别迈进。 The quantitative change can result in the qualitative change. 量变可以引发质变。 Where this truth uses in common. 这个道理在什么地方都通用。 Roar!” “吼!” When 100 big dragon wreckage were built up thoroughly complete. 当一百个巨龙残骸被彻底炼化完成的时候。 In the body of Ling Xiao erupted sound of the terrifying shouting. 凌霄的身体里爆发出了一声恐怖的嘶吼之声。 ancestral dragon soars. 祖龙腾空而起。 Formed the day to fall the phenomenon in the Ling Xiao top of the head. 凌霄的头顶形成了天降异象。 Day level true body! 天级真身! Really successfully! 真得成功了! The prefectural level bloodlines true body success is promoted to the day level bloodlines true body. 地级血脉真身成功晋升为天级血脉真身。 Ling Xiao felt oneself from top to bottom are the strength. 凌霄感觉自己浑身上下都是力量。 The battle efficiency had the leap once again. 战斗力又一次产生了飞跃。 He opened the eyes suddenly. 他猛然睁开了双眼。 Looked to a monster of nearby -and-a-half Great Emperor ranks. 看向了附近的一尊半步大帝级别的怪物。 Revealed wiped the happy expression. 露出了一抹笑意。 Then the right hand presents dragon claw, displays the nine dragons marvelous ability, grasped. 而后右手呈现龙爪,施展九龙神功,抓了过去。 ! 咔嚓! The monster of solemn half Great Emperor rank, collapses at the first blow under Ling Xiao unexpectedly. 堂堂半步大帝级别的怪物,在凌霄手底下竟然不堪一击。 Although is only ordinary half Great Emperor. 虽然只是普通的半步大帝 Although is only low-grade half Great Emperor. 虽然只是下品半步大帝 May by Ling Xiao instantaneous instant kill. 可被凌霄瞬间秒杀 Indicated that on this day the level ancestral dragon true body was terrifying. 就足见这天级祖龙真身有多么恐怖了。 This is also only the low-grade day level true body. 这还只是下品天级真身而已啊。 Ling Xiao cultivation base has not changed, the Heavenly Dao domain has not changed, but the strength actually had the huge change. 凌霄修为没有变,天道领域也没有变,但战力却发生了巨大的变化。 Did not know powerful many compared with before. 比之前不知道强大了多少。 The day level bloodlines true body, really results is not the prefectural level can compare. 天级血脉真身,真得不是地级能比的。 Now, his talent in the entire desolate ancient battlefield, was peak exists. 如今,他的天赋在整个荒古战场之中,也算是顶尖存在了吧。 Took that half Great Emperor death crystal core, Ling Xiao quickly went into hiding. 取了那半步大帝的死亡晶核,凌霄急忙又隐匿了起来。 He does not want to stare by the monster of Great Emperor level. 他可不想被大帝级的怪物盯上。 Even if the ancestral dragon true body is promoted now. 就算现在祖龙真身晋级了。 But is not this/should insolent time. 但也不是该张狂的时候。 Here did not have other thing, was the time leaves!” “这里也没别的东西了,是时候离开了!” Ling Xiao thinks, walks toward the mountain valley outside. 凌霄想了想,朝着山谷外面走去。 After avoiding the domain range of Great Emperor level monster, Ling Xiao relieved the concealment shape, steps the flying sword to fly directly toward outside. 避开了大帝级怪物的领域范围之后,凌霄就解除了隐匿形态,直接踏上飞剑朝着外面飞去。 The person of coming were too many, outside monster basically turned over in full, when here, is the waste time. 进来的人太多了,外面的怪物基本上都被清缴一空,待在这里,也是浪费时间。 Might as well has a look to elsewhere. 还不如到别处去看看。 Departed the mountain valley. 飞出了山谷。 Ling Xiao is very happy. 凌霄心情很不错。 This harvest was too simply big. 这一次的收获简直太大了。 Is just thinking these, Ling Xiao felt a very terrifying killing intent to raid suddenly. 正想着这些,凌霄突然间感受到了一股非常恐怖的杀意袭来。 Escapes spatially!” “遁空!” He never imagined radically continually, the direct selection escaped spatially. 他根本连想都没想,直接选择了遁空。 In that flickers, the attack falls on he was standing the position together. 就在那一瞬,一道攻击落在了他原来站着的位置。 The ground was rumbled a gulf. 地面被轰出了一个深坑。 Has the killer! 有杀手! Does not wait for him to stand firm, once again attacks to raid. 不等他站稳脚跟,又一次攻击袭来。 Go away!” “滚开!” Ling Xiao releases 24 throwing knives instantaneously. 凌霄瞬间释放二十四把飞刀。 These throwing knives may obtain from Shadow Blade Gate killer there. 这些飞刀可都是从影刀门的杀手那里得到的。 Completely is low-grade Emperor Armament. 全部都是下品帝兵 Displays by the Ling Xiao governing sword technique. 凌霄的御剑术施展出来。 Shot at around the body. 射向了身体周围。 Dingdong! 叮叮当当! A rapid sound conveys. 一阵急促的声音传来。 The enemies were blocked. 敌人被拦住了。 Luckily, Ling Xiao has the primal chaos eye. 幸好,凌霄有太极眼。 Can see killer of that concealment in hidden place. 能够看到那隐匿在暗处的杀手。 Altogether three people! 一共三人! Three -and-a-half Great Emperor! 三个半步大帝 Shadow Blade Gate killer without doubt! 影刀门的杀手无疑! Also really thinks highly of him. 还真得是看得起他啊。 If could not see, perhaps he has died. 如果看不到,他恐怕已经死了。 „Can you see us?” “你能看到我们?” The killers revealed the figure. 杀手显露出了身形。 The shadow bloodlines seem to have no the function to Ling Xiao in any case. 反正影子血脉似乎对凌霄没什么作用。 The concealment will also consume true yuan, appears would rather simply. 隐匿还会消耗真元,倒不如索性显现。 „Are you Shadow Blade Gate killers?” “你们是影刀门的杀手?” Ling Xiao asked. 凌霄问道。 Right, you killed our Shadow Blade Gate person, damn!” “没错,你杀了我们影刀门的人,该死!” The killers coldly said. 杀手冷冷说道。 Three people, the complete black clothes wear a mask. 三个人,全部黑衣蒙面。 Completely half Great Emperor. 全部都半步大帝 This made Ling Xiao feel the deep sense of crisis. 这让凌霄感受到了深深的危机感。 He remembers the words that the snow rose spoke suddenly, the snow lotus knew accidentally Shadow Blade Gate must send half Great Emperor to assassinate him. 他忽然想起雪玫瑰所说的话,雪莲无意中得知了影刀门要派半步大帝刺杀他。 He had not been serious at that time. 他当时还没当回事儿。 After all he is only eight heavy Quasi-Emperor. 毕竟他只是一个八重准帝 Who can think, the opposite party does regard as important him unexpectedly? 谁能想到,对方竟然这么看重他? You really think highly of me actually!” “你们倒是真看得起我!” Ling Xiao said with a smile. 凌霄笑道。 You killed our altogether 12 killers. “你杀了我们一共十二名杀手。 We must attach great importance. ” 我们必须重视。” No. 1 killer coldly said. 一号杀手冷冷道。 Right, kills our Shadow Blade Gate killer, must die!” “没错,杀我们影刀门的杀手,必死!” No. 2 killer also said. 二号杀手也道。 Ling Xiao thinks that is also. 凌霄想了想也是。 From killing that two Shadow Blade Gate killer starts, Shadow Blade Gate sent out more than ten killers one after another. 从杀死那两名影刀门的杀手开始,影刀门就接连派出了十几个杀手。 Strongest even has peak Quasi-Emperor. 最强的甚至有巅峰准帝 However was killed by him. 不过都被他干掉了。 Now sends out half step Great Emperor, probably is also very normal. 现在派出半步大帝,好像也很正常。 Just right that hehe, you come!” “呵呵,你们来的正好!” Ling Xiao took out the spear/gun of saint. 凌霄取出了圣者之枪。 Deals with these people, the black Thunder Dragon spear/gun and jack-o'-lantern demon spear/gun is insufficient. 对付这些人,黑雷龙枪和鬼火魔枪已经不够用了。 Must be the spear/gun of saint. 必须是圣者之枪。 Come, making you my hone!” “来吧,让你们成为我的磨刀石吧!” He wants to try, day level true body true strength. 他想试试,天级真身的真正战力。 This is three -and-a-half Great Emperor is low-grade half Great Emperor. 这是三个半步大帝都是下品半步大帝 Has the domain principle of most peak. 拥有最顶尖的领域法则。 But has not formed the world principle. 但还没有形成世界法则。 Copes, is Ok. 对付起来,还是可以的。 Perhaps they stronger compared with these monsters, but should also many. 或许他们比那些怪物要强,但应该也强不了多少吧。 Although thinks at heart. 虽然心里头这么想。 But Ling Xiao does not dare to have slight having a low opinion of the enemy. 凌霄可不敢有丝毫的轻敌。 Despises the enemy strategically. 战略上藐视敌人。 But in the tactic, cannot have a low opinion of the enemy absolutely. 但战术上,绝对不能轻敌。 Perhaps otherwise must be punished. 不然恐怕就得受到惩罚。 Moreover, these two -and-a-half Great Emperor, had, but in prefectural level bloodlines true body. 而且,这两个半步大帝,拥有的可是地级中品血脉真身。 It is not the common chop suey. 可不是一般的杂碎。 Also was the talent. 也算是天才了。 Copes with such eight heavy Quasi-Emperor, really must three of us to collaborate? Was above some thinks highly of him?” “对付这么一个八重准帝,真得要我们三人联手吗?上面是不是有些太看得起他了?” No. 3 killer somewhat disdains to say. 三号杀手有些不屑道。 Do not have a low opinion of the enemy, three of us assassinate jointly, has not succeeded, begins together!” “不要轻敌,我们三人联手刺杀,都没有成功,一起动手!” No. 1 killer said. 一号杀手道。 A pair three, suffer a loss. 一对三,太吃亏。 Therefore Ling Xiao first released the white bones madame and Destruction Black Dragon. 所以凌霄第一时间就释放出了白骨夫人和毁灭黑龙 The two are high-grade half Great Emperor, but is the ordinary half Great Emperor level. 二者都是上品半步大帝,只不过属于普通半步大帝的水准。 Perhaps is not the opponent of that three killer, but can block a long time absolutely. 或许不是那三个杀手的对手,但绝对能够挡住很长一段时间。 Ling Xiao must give itself to create the one-to-one opportunity. 凌霄要给自己创造一对一的机会。 Bang! 轰! Destruction Black Dragon giant dragon claw racket to No. 3 killer. 毁灭黑龙巨大的龙爪拍向了三号杀手。 The white bones madame exudes the terrifying squeal, spur crazy thorns to No. 2 killer. 白骨夫人发出恐怖的尖叫声,一道道骨刺疯狂刺向了二号杀手。 Three killers are very shocked. 三个杀手都很震惊。 Luckily sent our three, if one, today perhaps also really must plant here.” “幸亏派了我们三个,如果是一个,今天恐怕还真得栽在这里了。” They are very shocked. 他们很震惊。 Ling Xiao has such ability unexpectedly, really must shock. 凌霄居然有这样的能力,真得是太震撼了。 Ling Xiao killed to No. 1 killer. 凌霄则杀向了一号杀手。 Shadow Blade Gate killer, but not only with throwing knife. 影刀门的杀手,可不仅仅都是用飞刀的。 This killer uses is one foot short sword. 这一号杀手用的就是一把一尺长的短刀。 The short sword is sharp. 短刀锋锐无比。 Understands at a glance Emperor Armament. 一看就知道中品帝兵 Like Ling Xiao the spear/gun of saint. 凌霄的圣者之枪一样。 The fight has started. 战斗已经开始。 Destruction Black Dragon and white bones madame blocked two killers for Ling Xiao. 毁灭黑龙和白骨夫人替凌霄挡住了两个杀手。 Remaining, must depend on Ling Xiao. 剩下的一个,就得靠凌霄自己了。 Shadow kills!” “影杀!” Suddenly, No. 1 killer figure vanishes suddenly. 突然,一号杀手身形骤然消失。 Changed to three remnant shades, killed from the different directions simultaneously to Ling Xiao. 化作了三道残影,从不同的方向同时杀向了凌霄 The skill that although the opposite party goes into hiding is unable to display. 虽然对方隐匿的本事无法施展了。 Because Ling Xiao has the primal chaos eye. 因为凌霄有太极眼在。 But shadow bloodlines not only absolutely goes into hiding is so simple. 但影子血脉绝对不只是隐匿那么简单。 Clone is also an ability. 分身也是其中一种能力。 In that flash, the speed extremely quick flash, you are unable to judge that actually which is the true attack. 在那一瞬间,速度极快的一瞬间,你根本无法判断出究竟哪一个才是真正的攻击。 The judgment made a mistake, you must die! 判断错了,你就得死! 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