HTMS :: Volume #94

#9390: Cowards?

This vast mountain lineage/vein, south barren hill is a biggest mountain top. 这一大片山脉,南荒山是最大的一座山头。 What is strange, on south barren hill, really has the exuberant incomparable vitality to erupt. 奇怪的是,南荒山上,竟然有旺盛无比的生命力在爆发。 This was too unusual. 这太奇特了。 The above green and luxuriant vegetation, appears with the surrounding is such difference. 上面郁郁葱葱的植被,跟周围的一切都显得是那么的不同。 „ Is this place a holy sepulchre? Looks that somewhat is indeed strange. “这地方就是圣墓?看着的确有些古怪。 The one who hears nine to assign/life the Martial Saint cultivation is the life principle! 听说九命武圣修炼的是生命法则! 12 types to one of the high principles. 十二种至高法则之一。 Perhaps because of the life principle, will make this mountain so vitality abundant. ” 或许正是因为生命法则,才会让这座山如此生机盎然。” Some people guessed. 有人猜测道。 How should go in? Where cannot see is the exit|to speak, moreover we had come to here before, has not discovered other unusual?” “可是该怎么进去呢?看不出哪里是出口啊,而且我们之前来过这里,也没发现别的异常啊?” Some people said. 有人说道。 That jade pendant is not only the map, but also possibly is the key, put out to come to see knows!” “那玉佩不仅是地图,还可能是钥匙,拿出来看看就知道了!” Ling Xiao says. 凌霄开口说道。 Right, takes the jade pendant!” “对啊,都把玉佩拿出来!” Phoenix nine loud say/way. 凰九大声道。 The people put out the jade pendant. 众人拿出了玉佩。 In that flickers, projected green rays that the jade pendant takes suddenly. 就在玉佩拿出来的那一瞬,骤然间射出了一道道绿色的光芒。 Then the ray connects on the mountain. 而后光芒在山上交汇。 The place of connection presented gate of the flash unexpectedly. 交汇之处居然出现了一闪光之门。 The gate of green light, seems like the transmission gate. 绿色的光之门,很像是传送门。 This makes the people excited. 这让众人激动不已。 At this time, the jade pendant in people hand also changes into the nihility gradually, vanishes to disappear. 此时,众人手中的玉佩也渐渐化为虚无,消失不见了。 However this is unimportant. 不过这已经不要紧了。 More importantly, the entrance has opened. 重要的是,入口已经开启。 This definitely enters the entrance of holy sepulchre!” “这肯定就是进入圣墓的入口了!” The people said excitedly. 众人兴奋地说道。 Whiz! 嗖! The form fled together suddenly. 一道身影突然窜了出去。 Since the channel has opened, some that people like forestalling. 既然通道已经打开,那就有人喜欢抢先。 This person is often self-confident, thinks goes advanced, can first benefit 这种人往往非常自信,认为先进去,就能先得到好处 Phoenix nine!” “凰九!” Ling Xiao looked at one to fly in forefront one person, was the phoenix nine. 凌霄看了一眼飞在最前面的一人,正是凰九。 We also walk!” The people with, do not dare to fall behind. “我们也走!”众人也都跟了上去,不敢落后。 At this time, the phoenix nine had entered in the transmission gate, vanishes does not see. 此时,凰九已经进入了传送门之中,消失不见。 The people are also following close on. 众人也紧跟着进去了。 The present scenery changes. 眼前的景色一变。 Presented a profound channel. 出现了一条深邃的通道。 In the channel was full of the terrifying pressure, that pressure, making the people on the scene feel that the action difficulty, not to mention flew. 通道之中充满了恐怖的威压,那种压力,让在场众人都感觉到行动困难,更不用说飞行了。 At this time, the people of unity had started to have the situation of mutual alert. 此时,原本团结的众人已经开始出现了互相戒备的情况。 The holy sepulchre had found. 圣墓已经找到。 Naturally can have the divergence of interests, even is the competitor. 自然会出现利益分歧,甚至是竞争对手。 Everyone not possible to feel relieved to other person. 谁都不可能对另外的人放心的。 Therefore everyone formed the small group. 于是大家组成了小团体。 Ling Xiao, Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus one groups, pour also safely. 凌霄白凤凤和雪莲三人一组,倒也安全。 However, now temporarily will not have had the battle, after all did not have the buried treasure to appear. 不过,现在暂时还不会发生争斗,毕竟还没有宝藏出现。 The people are admonishing mutually, moves toward the front, is very discrete. 众人互相警戒着,朝着前方移动,都很谨慎。 This place, no one knows that can have the danger, therefore does not dare to be negligent absolutely. 这种地方,谁也不知道会不会有危险,因此绝对不敢大意。 This tunnel is not long, about after one hour, had seen the end. 这条隧道并不算长,大约一个小时之后,就已经看到了尽头。 But this process is not simple. 但这个过程却不简单啊。 more toward inside, felt that the pressure is bigger. 越往里边,就感觉到压力越大。 Luckily comes is the elites, otherwise definitely will have many people eliminated directly. 幸好来的都是精英,不然肯定会有很多人直接被淘汰了。 Front has the bright!” “前面有亮光!” Some people shouted. 有人喊了起来。 Although is the bright, but this bright is dim. 虽然是亮光,但这亮光却非常黯淡。 Is the weak green ray. 是微弱的绿色光芒。 A very terrifying feeling. 给人一种非常恐怖的感觉。 Walks!” “走!” The frightened each people have. 恐惧每个人都有。 But regarding the demand of holy sepulchre buried treasure, is bigger. 但对于圣墓宝藏的需求,却更大。 The people quicken pace, flushes away toward the tunnel beside. 众人加快了步伐,朝着隧道之外冲去。 Everyone picked up the speed, seemed for fear that thrown in behind. 每个人都加快了速度,仿佛生怕被扔在了后面。 Runs out of the tunnel that flickers, everyone felt a relaxedness. 冲出隧道的那一瞬,所有人都感觉到了一阵轻松。 That pressure did not have. 那种威压没有了。 But displaces, is actually shocking. 但取而代之的,却是震惊。 Above the open land of front big piece, is dancing in the air unexpectedly the innumerable jack-o'-lanterns. 前方大片的荒地之上,竟然飞舞着无数的鬼火。 The green jack-o'-lantern, is sparkling the green light here. 绿色的鬼火,将这里闪耀着绿光。 Actually makes the atmosphere more terrifying, is more depressing. 却使得氛围变得更加恐怖,更加压抑。 Under, is the innumerable white bones. 下方,是无数的白骨。 Tomb. 还有坟墓。 Some white bones expose outside. 有的白骨暴露在外面。 Some were actually buried in the heap, became the tomb. 有的却被埋在土堆之中,成了坟墓。 This what damned place? Do nine assign/life the Martial Saint holy sepulchre to be able here?” “这什么鬼地方?九命武圣的圣墓会在这里吗?” Some people questioned. 有人质疑道。 „The words that hehe, does not believe go back, are in any case many your is not many, is short of your many!” “呵呵,不相信的话就回去吧,反正多你一个不多,少你一个不少!” The phoenix nine sneers saying: Holy sepulchre must depend on the chance, which was so easy, making you find all of a sudden.” 凰九冷笑道:“圣墓可是要靠机缘的,哪儿那么容易,让你一下子就找到了。” I felt, even could not find nine to assign/life the Martial Saint holy sepulchre, in these graves, can have existence of Great Emperor rank?” “我觉得,就算找不到九命武圣的圣墓,这些坟墓里面,会不会有大帝级别的存在?” Some people said. 有人说道。 Right!” “对啊!” The next quarter, some people had flushed. 下一刻,已经有人冲了出去。 Dies martial artist here, definitely is before death terrorist. 死在这里的武者,生前肯定都非常恐怖。 Even if no Martial Saint, but definitely still has existence of Great Emperor level. 就算没有武圣,但肯定也有大帝级的存在。 Be careful!” “当心!” Ling Xiao looked at Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus said. 凌霄看了白凤凤和雪莲一眼说道。 He has not discovered what improper. 他并没有发现什么不妥。 Because purely experiences. 只是纯粹因为经验。 This place, often is not safe. 往往这种地方,都没那么安全。 Before that mountain valley, didn't have a lot of not dead monsters? 之前那个山谷之中,不就存在大量的不死怪物吗? Perhaps here also has. 这里说不定也有。 Three people have not impulsed, but is the discrete vanguard. 三人并未冲动,而是谨慎前行。 Coward!” “胆小鬼!” Some people look at the Ling Xiao three people, sneered. 有人看着凌霄三人,冷笑了一声。 However the next quarter, he exuded the pitiful yell sound suddenly. 然而下一刻,突然间他就发出了惨叫声。 In the grave mound, the hand of deep place white bones, penetrated his chest directly. 坟堆之中,深处一只白骨之手,直接穿透了他的胸膛。 The aura of death filled his whole body. 死亡的气息弥漫他的全身。 This moment time, he had changed into a beach wealth. 这片刻时间,他就已经化为了一滩脓水。 Be careful!” “都小心!” Some people shouted. 有人喊了起来。 In the grave mound, more monsters crawled. 坟堆之中,更多的怪物爬了出来。 Has half the body of white bones, there are completely, rotten corpse. 有半截的白骨之身,也有完整的,还有腐烂的尸体。 Looks very terrifying. 看起来非常恐怖。 The Ling Xiao three people stopped the footsteps, back to back standing, facing the danger of surrounding. 凌霄三人停下了脚步,背对背站着,面对外围的危险。 Whiz! 嗖! The arrow arrow shoots together suddenly. 一道箭矢突然射来。 Ling Xiao waves to resist. 凌霄挥手抵挡。 No shadow glove struck to fly that arrow arrow, but he also felt the unusual terrifying strength on the arrow arrow transmitting. 无影手套将那箭矢击飞了出去,但是他也感受到了箭矢上面传来的非常恐怖的力量。 Careful, these monster strengths are not weak!” “小心点,这些怪物实力可不弱!” He quickly reminded. 他急忙提醒。 Roar!” “吼!” Roar!” “吼!” The monsters exuded the strange shouting sound, killed unceasingly to the people. 怪物们发出了诡异的嘶吼声,不断杀向了众人。 Not is only the skeleton of human, even the skeleton of monster beast. 不仅仅是人类的尸骨,甚至还有妖兽的尸骨。 Huge incomparable. 巨大无比。 At this time the phoenix nine encountered a skeleton of big dragon. 此时凰九就遭遇到了一具巨龙的尸骨。 The phoenix nine are nothing less. 凰九不可谓不强。 Freezes the monster directly, a fist bang is then broken. 直接将怪物冻结,而后一拳轰碎。 But what troubles, the monster of disruption condenses unexpectedly again. 但麻烦的是,碎裂的怪物竟然再次凝聚起来。 Perfect , to continue nine to launch the attack toward the phoenix. 完好无损,继续朝着凰九发动攻击。 The Yu Zhan field is also similar. 余战场也都类似。 These monsters as if not die. 这些怪物仿佛是不会死的。 Even if you killed it, the opposite party will still condense. 即便你将其杀了,对方也会重新凝聚。 Like that mountain valley in monster. 像极了那个山谷之中的怪物。 The monster in mountain valley, had the death crystal core to take the core, ruined can kill. 山谷中的怪物,有死亡晶核作为核心,毁掉就可以杀死。 Does not know that what these monsters the weakness are? 不知道这些怪物的弱点是什么? Ling Xiao observed by the primal chaos eye, in the bodies of these monsters death crystal core. 凌霄以太极眼观察了一下,这些怪物的身体里并没有死亡晶核。 They depend on the surviving will of King to act purely. 他们是纯粹靠着王者的残存意志在行动。 Guards own tomb. 捍卫自己的墓穴。 They are protecting oneself tomb, does not need to prolong contact, passes on the line directly!” “他们只是在保护自己的墓穴,不必恋战,直接通过就行!” Ling Xiao shouts. 凌霄喊道。 At once, brings Bai Fengfeng and snow lotus flushes away forward. 旋即,带着白凤凤和雪莲向前冲去。 So long as does not approach the tomb, the monster will not attack. 只要不靠近墓穴,怪物就不会攻击。 Others also follow the example. 其他人也有样学样。 However some people are unwilling. 不过有人不甘心啊。 Because they thought that oneself are unable to obtain the final holy sepulchre buried treasure mostly. 因为他们觉得自己多半无法得到最后的圣墓宝藏。 If here tomb can open. 这里的墓穴要是能开启。 That was good. 那就再好不过了。 martial artist crushes the monster, while the instance that the monster restores, the bang approached the tomb. 一名武者将怪物击碎,趁着怪物恢复的瞬间,轰向了坟墓。
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