HTMS :: Volume #94

#9370: 3 Heavenly Emperor!

A tentacle had pierced his body. 一条触手已经洞穿了他的身体。 „-!” “啊-!” Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor called out pitifully, felt that the vitality in within the body is passing crazily. 血刀门大帝惨叫了一声,感觉体内的气血正在疯狂流逝。 Prevents him quickly, cannot make him work, otherwise he will become stronger and stronger!” “快阻止他,不能在让他得逞了,否则他会变得越来越强!” Some people roared. 有人吼了起来。 Present bloodthirsty Martial Saint is very difficult to deal with. 现在的嗜血武圣就已经很难对付了。 If makes this fellow take the blood again, restores the strength, then had no way to resist. 要是再让这家伙吸食鲜血,恢复实力,那么就更没法对抗了。 Other Great Emperor killed. 其余大帝杀了过来。 Completely is the strongest attacks. 全部都是最强攻击。 Draws back!” “退!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint also obviously is afraid the attacks of these people. 嗜血武圣也明显害怕这些人的攻击。 The figure flashes, has fallen back on the one side. 身形一闪,已经退到了一旁。 But that Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor mortal body, still during continue be withered. 但那个凌天宗大帝的肉身,依然在持续干瘪之中。 His soul had been destroyed. 他的灵魂已经被摧毁了。 The meat god does not have the resistance. 肉神毫无反抗。 Hehe, useless, you cannot kill my, low rank Mortal Emperor, one flock of ants! “嘿嘿,没用的,你们杀不死我的,低阶的人帝,一群蝼蚁! Dies to me! ” 都给我死!” Swallowed the blood of two Great Emperor continuously, bloodthirsty Martial Saint was obviously stronger. 连续吞噬了两个大帝的鲜血,嗜血武圣明显更强了。 He no longer avoids constantly. 他不再只是一味躲避。 But started the counter-attack. 而是开始了反击。 At this time, he remembered oneself blood sword. 这个时候,他才想起了自己的血剑。 Then following he very long Saint soldier, disappeared, does not know that was taken away by whom. 那把伴随了他很久的圣兵,不见了,不知道被谁拿走了。 He can only take Emperor Armament. 他只能拿了一把帝兵 A sword cuts. 一剑斩出。 Blood glittering. 血光闪烁。 The might is huge, directly toward Great Emperor of small lot gate killed. 威力巨大无比,直接朝着其中一个小宗门的大帝杀了过去。 This person of strength is weaker, is easy to cope. 此人实力较弱一些,也容易对付。 That Great Emperor erupts the strength resistance of whole body. 那个大帝爆发出全身的力量对抗。 But was stabbed. 但还是被刺中了。 Although was stabbed the arm. 虽然只是被刺中了胳膊。 But arm actually in a short time withered. 可是胳膊却在很短的时间里就干瘪了下来。 This bloodthirsty Martial Saint, really must be too terrorist. 这嗜血武圣,真得太恐怖了。 Does not know that cultivated any evil family merit law, unexpectedly hits the opposite party, can swallow the vitality of opposite party. 不知道修炼了什么邪门功法,居然只是击中对方,就能将对方的气血吞噬了。 Hahahaha, was too crisp!” “哈哈哈哈,太爽了!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint kills emerges, in the hand the long sword punctures unceasingly. 嗜血武圣杀得兴起,手中长剑不断刺出。 Several sword light routed more than ten Great Emperor. 十几道剑光击溃了十几个大帝 Everyone was injured. 每个人都受伤了。 The injured spot is withered. 受伤的部位都已经干瘪。 Some vitalities were swallowed. 部分气血被吞噬。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint becomes more terrifying. 嗜血武圣变得更加恐怖。 The sages, really must be too strong! 圣人,真得太强了! Even a vitality weak sage, is still not ordinary Great Emperor can contend. 即便是一个气血虚弱的圣人,依然不是普通的大帝能够抗衡的。 In people injured that moment, Great Emperor of livelihood god acted, seizes this opportunity, puts to death Great Emperor jointly. 就在众人受伤的那一刻,日月神教的大帝出手了,抓住这个机会,将一名大帝联手诛杀。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint swallowed a Great Emperor vitality again. 嗜血武圣再度吞噬了一个大帝的气血。 Once again grown stronger! 又一次变强了! Was troublesome! Cannot continue again, escapes, escapes quickly! “麻烦了!不能再继续下去了,逃,快逃! Our, but increases the strength to him. ” 我们这样,不过是给他增加实力罢了。” Remaining Great Emperor look at this situation, knows that this fought without the odds of success. 剩下的大帝一看这情况,知道这一战毫无胜算了。 Must escape! 必须得逃! Bloodthirsty Martial Saint originally on enough terrifying. 嗜血武圣本来就足够恐怖了。 Now swallows a Great Emperor vitality. 现在又吞噬了一个大帝的气血。 How also to play? 还怎么玩? The remaining more than ten people scatter in all directions to escape, cannot choose the exact way because of flurry. 剩下的十几个人四散而逃,慌不择路。 Originally is not sect gate, where has anything to unite, sees the danger, naturally evades. 本来就不是一个宗门的,哪里有什么团结可言,看到危险,自然是纷纷逃避。 No dares to keep the dying war. 没有一个敢留下来死战的。 Snort, can escape? Starting from old man released that moment, was doomed your death.” “哼,逃得掉吗?在老夫被释放的那一刻开始,就注定了你们的死亡。” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint cold snort/hum, recognized a direction, pursued. 嗜血武圣冷哼一声,认准了一个方向,追了过去。 Escapes, escapes quickly!” “逃,快逃啊!” The surroundings somewhat bold fellow was also watching the fun. 周围本来还有些大胆的家伙在看热闹。 Because in their opinion, more than ten Great Emperor collaborates, should be able to cope with what bloodthirsty Martial Saint. 因为在他们看来,十几个大帝联手,应该能对付什么嗜血武圣吧。 But now seems like, they are really the wishful thinking. 可现在看起来,他们真得是痴心妄想啊。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint was too terrifying. 嗜血武圣太恐怖了。 It is not these people can contend. 根本就不是这些人能够抗衡的。 At this time, thunder fire and thunder soldier/weapon and golden flame have soon escaped from the black hot plain. 此时,雷火、雷兵和金焰都已经快要逃出黑火平原了。 Facing such powerhouse, they do not have the tiny bit stop, wholeheartedly only wants to escape. 面对那样的强者,他们没有一丝一毫的停顿,一心只想逃命。 Great Emperor how? 大帝又如何? Facing powerful Martial Saint, does not help matters. 面对强大的武圣,根本无济于事。 Small 13?” “小十三呢?” thunder fire asked suddenly. 雷火突然问道。 Does not know, but he should not have the matter, the boy was most astute!” “不知道,不过他应该不会有事儿吧,那小子最精明了!” thunder ice said. 雷冰道。 At this time, her sudden complexion big change: Was bad, these Great Emperor lost!” 就在这时候,她突然脸色大变:“糟了,那些大帝输了!” The distant place, Great Emperor of more than ten surviving insane scattered in all directions to escape generally. 远处,十几个残存的大帝疯了一般四散而逃。 The distant place can see, their aura are quite powerful. 远处就能看到,他们的气息极为强大。 Goal naturally also big. 目标自然也大。 We hurry, cannot treat here. “我们赶紧走,不能待在这里了。 What that bloodthirsty Martial Saint stares now is these Great Emperor, if Great Emperor were all killed, will definitely stare at us, therefore, the present is the best time of running away! ” 那嗜血武圣现在盯上的是那些大帝,如果大帝全被杀了,肯定就会盯上我们的,所以,现在是逃走的最佳时机!” thunder ice holds the hand of thunder fire, escapes toward the distant place. 雷冰一拉雷火的手,朝着远处逃去。 golden flame also brought Heavenly Yang Sect martial artist to escape. 金焰也带着天阳宗武者逃了。 Ling Xiao where? 凌霄在哪儿? Ling Xiao at this time in that gulf. 凌霄此时就在那深坑之中。 Hehe, you hit, the corpse of this god beast, I received!” “嘿嘿,你们打吧,这神兽的尸体,我就收了!” Ling Xiao originally weak, perhaps in the Martial Saint eye, is similar to the ants, will not think that has anything to be strange. 凌霄本来就弱,或许在武圣眼里,就跟蝼蚁差不多,根本不会觉得有什么奇怪的。 In addition he used ancestral dragon to go into hiding the figure, was more impossible to detect. 再加上他利用祖龙隐匿了身形,就更不可能察觉到了。 However Ling Xiao is very discrete, flew away until that group of people, appears the figure, received the corpse of that black fire flying lion. 不过凌霄还是很谨慎,直到那帮人飞走了,才显出身形,将那黑火飞狮的尸体收了。 Also searched one in deep pit. 又在深坑里搜索了一阵。 Ling Xiao saw a stele. 凌霄看到了一块石碑。 On this stele also has suppression two characters. 这石碑上面还有“镇压”二字。 Obviously is used to suppress the bloodthirsty Martial Saint thing. 显然是用来镇压嗜血武圣的东西。 He also received. 他也收了。 Other had nothing, he then leaves air-splitting. 其它就没什么了,他这才破空离开。 Erect, felt terrifying aura to drop from the clouds suddenly. 正飞着,突然间感受到了一股恐怖的气息从天而降。 That is together the sword light. 那是一道剑光。 The sword light of incomparable terrifying, kills directly toward bloodthirsty Martial Saint! 无比恐怖的剑光,直接朝着嗜血武圣杀去! Damn, is Heavenly Emperor!” “该死,是天帝!” Heavenly Emperor, in Great Emperor three boundaries strong level. 天帝,大帝三种境界之中强的层次。 Mortal Emperor, Spiritual Emperor and Heavenly Emperor! 人帝灵帝天帝 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint does not dare to neglect. 嗜血武圣不敢怠慢。 In the hand the long sword killed. 手中长剑杀了出去。 Collided with that sword light in one next quarter, bloodthirsty Martial Saint is rumbled to fly to pound directly in the ground. 与那剑光碰撞在了一起下一刻,嗜血武圣直接被轰飞砸在了地面上。 In an extremely difficult situation. 狼狈不堪。 What is more terrifying, Great Emperor of livelihood god was shaken directly kills. 更恐怖的是,一个日月神教的大帝直接被震杀了。 Because was too near from bloodthirsty Martial Saint. 因为距离嗜血武圣太近了。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint sneers, swallows its vitality directly. 嗜血武圣冷笑一声,直接将其气血吞噬。 Also grown stronger several points. 又变强了几分。 The deceased person only value is to help him restores. 死人唯一的价值就是帮助他恢复。 At this time, the person's shadow appears together suddenly during was void. 此时,一道人影骤然出现在了虚空之中。 The long hair dances in the air. 长发飞舞。 Is long very young. 长得很是年轻。 But it is estimated that lived many years, the soul age was very definitely big. 但估计活了很多年了,魂龄肯定很大了。 He stands there, sends out one vastly such as the terrifying aura of smoke. 他站在那里,散发出一股浩瀚如烟的恐怖气息。 Sovereign! Is we sovereign!” “宗主!是我们宗主!” Soaring to Heaven Sect martial artist relax. 凌天宗武者们松了口气。 Sees this youth, they should be all right. 看到这青年,他们都应该没事儿了。 Ling Xiao gawked , Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign arrived unexpectedly. 凌霄愣了一下,没想到,凌天宗的宗主居然到了。 However this is also normal. 不过这也正常。 Here is very near from Soaring to Heaven Sect. 这里距离凌天宗很近。 At this time, the blood light killed together again to bloodthirsty Martial Saint. 就在这个时候,一道血光再次杀向了嗜血武圣 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint resists again. 嗜血武圣再次抵挡。 Emperor Armament in hand disrupted. 手中的帝兵都碎裂了。 The people also drew back again. 人也再一次退了出去。 The complexion is ugly. 脸色难看。 This is a middle-aged man who wears the blood robe, light head. 这是一个身穿血袍的中年男子,光着头。 Grasps the blood blade. 手持血刀。 Seemingly unusual overwhelming power. 看起来非常威猛。 Really is accidental/surprised, bloodthirsty Martial Saint on books, unexpectedly living appearance in father at present. “真是意外啊,书本上的嗜血武圣,居然活生生的出现在了老子的眼前。 However, looks at your weak appearance, should just be released. ” 不过,看你这虚弱的样子,应该刚刚才被释放吧。” The bald middle age sneers to say. 光头中年冷笑道。 Sovereign, is our Blood Blade Gate sovereign!” “宗主,是我们血刀门的宗主!” Blood Blade Gate martial artist also relaxes. 血刀门武者也松了口气。 Sovereign arrival, moreover is two, these was always insufficient to fear that bloodthirsty Martial Saint time again? 宗主驾临,而且是两位,这一次总不至于再惧怕那嗜血武圣了吧? Livelihood god, resurges, has not thought that made me meet!” “日月神教,死灰复燃,没想到让我遇上了!” Another sound sound. 又一个声音响了起来。
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