HTMS :: Volume #94

#9369: The person of this damn going

At this time, 12 Great Emperor also flew. 此时,十二个大帝也飞了出来。 It seems somewhat distressed. 显得有些狼狈。 What happened?” “发生什么事情了?” Outside Great Emperor level powerhouse asked. 外面的大帝级强者问道。 Scoffs!” “嗤!” Suddenly, the innumerable tentacles project from the gulf. 突然,无数的触手从深坑之中射出。 Over a hundred martial artist, because avoids to be stabbed. 上百个武者,因为躲避不及被刺中。 Then rapidly by suck dry blood. 而后迅速被吸干了血液。 As can be seen, that bloodthirsty Martial Saint condition was better. 可以看到,那嗜血武圣的状态更好了。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint stands in the blood light, just like a terrifying devil. 嗜血武圣站在血光之中,宛若一尊恐怖的恶魔。 Snort, but is soon the oil completely lamp dry old fogy, having anything is good to fear that one crowd of waste!” “哼,不过是个快要油尽灯枯的老家伙,有什么好怕的,一群废物!” Great Emperor that just rushed to looked at bloodthirsty Martial Saint. 一个刚刚赶到的大帝看了一眼嗜血武圣 He does not seem able to understand that 12 Great Emperor were being pursued the attack, so will be passive. 他似乎无法明白那十二个大帝被追着攻击,会如此被动。 He cannot completely understand cultivation base of opposite party, but can feel that the vitality of opposite party is very weak. 他看不透对方的修为,但能感觉到对方的气血很是虚弱。 Therefore, he attacked. 所以,他攻击了。 This is Great Emperor from Blood Blade Gate. 这是一名来自血刀门大帝 In the hand the blood blade blooms incomparably giant blade glow, the sound of howling gets up, as if day after day broke out. 手中血刀绽放出无比巨大的刀芒,呼啸之声响起,似乎连天都劈开了。 The attack of Great Emperor rank, was really terrifying, every saw one time shockingly. 大帝级别的攻击,真得是太恐怖了,每一次看到都让人震惊。 The blood blade is Emperor Armament, although is only low-grade Emperor Armament, might that but erupts actually with the Ling Xiao imagination in complete different. 血刀乃是帝兵,虽然只是下品帝兵,但爆发出来的威力却跟凌霄想象中的完全不一样。 Similar attack, even if he uses best quality goods Emperor Armament unable to achieve 1/10 of opposite party might. 同样的攻击,就算他用极品帝兵也无法达到对方这种威力的十分之一。 This was too terrifying. 这太恐怖了。 Other world principle coordination Advance Great Emperor true yuan. 世界法则配合更高级别的大帝真元 The might really must be inconceivable. 威力真得难以想象。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint shows the smile that wiped to disdain. 嗜血武圣露出了一抹不屑的笑容。 Although he is very weak, but low rank Mortal Emperor, not possible him how. 虽然他很虚弱,不过一个低阶人帝,也不可能将他怎么样的。 He wields conveniently. 他随手一挥。 The blood light sparkle, the tentacle easily intercepted that terrifying blade glow together. 血光闪耀,一道触手轻易拦截住了那恐怖的刀芒。 Although the tentacle shut off. 虽然触手被切断了。 The strength of however in the blade glow containing was also swallowed. 不过刀芒中蕴含的力量也被吞噬了。 Hehe, low rank Mortal Emperor, really overreaches oneself!” “呵呵,低阶人帝而已,真是不自量力!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint sneers to say. 嗜血武圣冷笑道。 How possibly, you are, can block the might that my strikes unexpectedly.” “怎么可能,你到底是谁,竟然能挡住我这一击的威力。” That Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor was hurried. 血刀门大帝慌了。 Bloodthirsty mosquito!” “嗜血蚊!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint had not replied. 嗜血武圣没有回答。 Wields the hand, the innumerable mosquito flew. 将手一挥,无数的蚊子飞了出去。 Encircles that Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor unexpectedly. 竟然将那血刀门大帝团团围住。 Had falls on the body of Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor. 更有许多落在了血刀门大帝的身上。 At that moment, Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor feels own vitality to pass crazily. 那一刻,血刀门大帝感受到自己的气血在疯狂流逝。 Rolls to me!” “都给我滚!” Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor angrily roars, the whole body blooming blade light, killed all mosquito. 血刀门大帝怒吼一声,全身绽放刀光,将所有的蚊子都杀死了。 But the mosquito bites that to flicker, the fatal bloodthirsty virus will have injected into his within the body. 但蚊子叮咬那一瞬,已经将致命的嗜血病毒注入了他的体内。 He felt that oneself vitality still in may not contain passes. 他感觉自己的气血依然在不可遏制地流逝。 Hateful, actually you are , is actually who!” “可恶,你究竟是谁,究竟是谁啊!” Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor shouted panic-stricken. 血刀门大帝惊恐地大喊了起来。 He should be bloodthirsty Martial Saint of livelihood god!” “他应该就是日月神教的嗜血武圣!” A sound sound. 一个声音响了起来。 Spreads from the crowd. 从人群之中传出。 No one knows that was who says. 没有人知道是谁说的。 But everyone was shocked. 但所有人都震惊了。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint! You are bloodthirsty Martial Saint of livelihood god! How possibly, haven't you died?” “嗜血武圣!你是日月神教的嗜血武圣!怎么可能,你不是早就死了吗?” The people have a big shock. 众人都是大惊失色。 Hehe, has not thought that unexpectedly also some people know the old man!” “呵呵,没想到居然还有人认识老夫!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint said with a smile. 嗜血武圣笑道。 Acknowledgment! 承认了! The people complexion is ugly, bloodthirsty Martial Saint, is the powerhouse of sage level, existence of far ultra Great Emperor. 众人脸色难看,嗜血武圣,可是圣人级的强者,远超大帝的存在啊。 Multiplication! “繁衍! Growth! ” 成长!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint is sneering. 嗜血武圣冷笑着。 In the body of that Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor, the bloodthirsty virus are getting more and more, grows into the bloodthirsty insects unexpectedly. 血刀门大帝的身体里面,嗜血病毒越来越多,竟然成长为一个个嗜血虫。 Swallowed speed large scale increase. 吞噬的速度大幅度提升。 Although is Great Emperor. 虽然是大帝 Has strong capability that the soul does not extinguish will then not die. 拥有灵魂不灭便不会死的强大能力。 But once the mortal body was destroyed, wants to remould the mortal body, is not easy. 可一旦肉身被毁,想要重塑肉身,却也没那么容易啊。 Therefore unless it is absolutely essential, no one wants to lose own mortal body. 所以不到万不得已,没有人想要失去自己的肉身。 „-! Help! Help!” “啊-!救命!救命啊!” That Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor is shouting panic-stricken. 血刀门大帝惊恐地大喊着。 But body rapid withered. 可是身体还是迅速干瘪了下去。 Flash that the soul wants to run away, 灵魂想要逃走的一瞬间, Was pierced by the blood light together. Even the soul is hard to get out of trouble. 被一道血光洞穿。连灵魂都难以脱困。 Solemn Great Emperor, was killed. 堂堂大帝,就这么被杀了。 Although weakest Mortal Emperor, but died unexpectedly like this. 虽然只是最弱的人帝,可居然就这样死了。 Also made people feel inconceivable. 也太让人感觉不可思议了。 Especially one crowd of Quasi-Emperor. 尤其是一群准帝们。 Existence that in their mind, Great Emperor will not die. 在他们的印象中,大帝就是不会死的存在。 Escapes, escapes quickly! Great Emperor cannot block him, we are not better!” “逃,快逃啊!大帝都挡不住他,我们更不行!” Countless people escape crazily toward outside. 无数的人都疯狂地朝着外面逃去。 Great Emperor was easily killed, did others keep that not dead without the burial ground? 大帝都被轻易杀死,其他人留下来那不是更死无葬身之地了吗? Swallowed a Great Emperor vitality. 吞噬了一个大帝的气血。 The bloodthirsty Martial Saint strength restored, the obvious skin also became smoother. 嗜血武圣的实力又恢复了一些,明显皮肤也变得更加光滑了。 The whole person also had a human appearance. 整个人也更有个人样了。 Hehehe, Great Emperor, here has many Great Emperor, kills!” “嘿嘿嘿,大帝啊,这里有好多大帝啊,杀!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint is excited. 嗜血武圣兴奋不已。 The blood of Great Emperor was too delicious, he could not have a liking for these small insects, but plunged that more than ten Great Emperor. 大帝的鲜血实在太美味了,他看不上那些小虫子了,而是扑向了那十几个大帝 That altogether 17 Great Emperor, facing bloodthirsty Martial Saint, were the complexion was still ugly. 那一共十七个大帝,面对嗜血武圣,仍然是脸色难看。 They want to run away, may also know, the running away words, can only by defeat in detail. 他们想要逃走,可也知道,逃走的话,只会被各个击破。 Such, was more troublesome. 那样,就更麻烦了。 „, To prevent by defeat in detail, I suggested, we collaborate. “诸位,为了防止被各个击破,我建议,我们还是联手吧。 Although the opposite party are Martial Saint, but now is very weak, we have the win possibility. ” 对方虽然是武圣,但现在很虚弱,我们还是有取胜的可能性的。” Heavenly King Sect Great Emperor bright sound said. 天王宗大帝朗声道。 Agreement!” “同意!” I also agreed!” “我也同意!” Must collaborate, otherwise puts this fellow to go out, was complete!” “必须联手,不然放这家伙出去,就全完了!” Especially Soaring to Heaven Sect, Heavenly King Sect and Blood Blade Gate, are very near from here. 尤其是凌天宗天王宗血刀门,距离这里很近。 Once this fellow goes out, definitely will produce the giant disaster. Hehe, is jointly useful? ” 一旦这家伙出去,必然会产生巨大的灾难。呵呵,联手有用吗?” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint sneered, plunged one of them suddenly. 嗜血武圣冷笑了一声,突然间扑向了其中一人。 Begins!” “动手!” 17 Great Emperor, do not dare to have neglects slightly, acts. 十七个大帝,不敢有丝毫怠慢,同时出手。 Cannot absolutely by the opposite party defeat in detail. 绝对不能被对方各个击破。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint eventually is very weak. 嗜血武圣终究是很虚弱。 Facing the attacks of jointly 17 Great Emperor, does not dare to meet hardly. 面对十七个大帝的联手攻击,也不敢硬接。 But disperses suddenly, changed to the innumerable mosquito. 而是突然散开,化作了无数的蚊子。 Evaded this struck, then fused, kills to one of them. 躲过了这一击,而后重新融合,杀向了其中一人。 We also begin , helping bloodthirsty Martial Saint!” “我们也动手吧,帮助嗜血武圣!” The several Great Emperor level powerhouses of livelihood god also acted. 日月神教的几个大帝级强者也出手了。 Their people are not many, only have six. 他们人不多,只有六个。 But after they make a move, can divert several opponents. 但他们出手之后,就能牵制住好几个对手。 Thus, making the bloodthirsty Martial Saint advantage bigger. 这样,让嗜血武圣的优势就变得更大了。 Bloodthirsty mosquito group!” “嗜血蚊群!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint sneers. 嗜血武圣冷笑一声。 A a group of mosquito surrounded remaining 11 Great Emperor. 一大群的蚊子包围了剩下的十一个大帝 Terrifying bloodthirsty mosquito fierce, just now these Great Emperor saw. 恐怖的嗜血蚊有多厉害,方才这些大帝都看到了。 It is not willing by near body. 可不愿意被近身。 The crazy emanation attack, attempts to avoid the mosquito. 都疯狂的发出攻击,企图避开蚊子。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint swallowed Great Emperor, the strength was obviously stronger. 嗜血武圣吞噬了一个大帝,实力明显更强了。 Here Great Emperor, many are only Mortal Emperor. 这里的大帝,多数都只是人帝而已。 Moreover is low rank Mortal Emperor. 而且是低阶人帝 The strength is not high. 战力根本不高。 Therefore at this time really very passively. 所以此时真得非常被动。 In the past by respectable Great Emperor, in this war, unexpectedly was such collapsing at the first blow. 以往被推崇备至的大帝,在这一战中,竟然是如此的不堪一击。 Death!” “死!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint suddenly appeared side Great Emperor, revealed wiped to grin fiendishly. 嗜血武圣突然出现在了一个大帝身旁,露出了一抹狞笑。 That Great Emperor, is Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor. 大帝,是凌天宗大帝 Approaches facing bloodthirsty Martial Saint suddenly, he can only brandish Emperor Armament in hand, erupts own strongest attack. 面对嗜血武圣突然靠近,他只能挥舞手中的帝兵,爆发出自己的最强攻击。 But because is extremely flurried, the attack hit unexpectedly leaning. 可因为太过慌乱,攻击竟然打偏了。 Ended!” “完了!” In his heart startled. 他心中惊慌。
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