HTMS :: Volume #94

#9368: Bloodthirsty Martial Saint

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Damn!” “该死!” Ling Xiao quickly let thunder fire and thunder ice entered in Ancestral Dragon Tower, and reminded golden flame do not fall to the ground, soared. 凌霄急忙让雷火雷冰进入了祖龙塔之中,并且提醒金焰不要落地,腾空而起。 Others do not believe him, but golden flame believes. 别人不相信他,但金焰相信。 The time of this bloodthirsty killing formation arrangement is not long. 这嗜血杀阵布置的时间不长。 But arranges the person of strength killing formation to be terrifying. 但布置杀阵之人实力非常恐怖。 In addition that Saint soldier, making the strategy the might exceptionally terrifying. 再加上那件圣兵,使得阵法的威力异常恐怖。 12 Great Emperor are attacking that blood sword crazily, attempts to win it. 十二个大帝正在疯狂攻击那血剑,企图将其夺走。 However they have not detected, their courage vigor was screening out. 但是他们并未察觉到,自身的血气正在被抽走。 Because they are Great Emperor, therefore no feeling. 因为他们是大帝,所以没什么感觉。 But other martial artist were miserable. 可其余的武者就惨了。 As long as stands in the ground. 但凡站在地面上的。 The feelings are intense. 感触都非常强烈。 The vitality leaks crazily, was inhaled the ground. 气血疯狂外泄,被吸入到了地面。 Escapes quickly, one group of idiots, here is a trap!” “快逃啊,一帮蠢货,这里是个陷阱!” Ling Xiao shouts greatly. 凌霄大喊道。 Some people listened to his words, flies toward above. 还是有人听了他的话,往上面飞去。 However actually crashed suddenly. 然而却突然间坠落了下来。 Above, was stopped up unexpectedly. 上面,居然被人堵住了。 Is who? 是谁? The Ling Xiao opening primal chaos goes shortly. 凌霄开启太极眼看去。 Is one group of black-clothed person. 是一群黑衣人。 Although the black clothes wears a mask, but Ling Xiao can actually look, these fellows clearly are the Sun and Moon Palace people. 虽然黑衣蒙面,但凌霄却能看出来,这些家伙分明就是日月宫的人。 He as if understood anything. 他似乎明白了什么。 Before attacked the patron god beast, the one who breaks the seal is the livelihood god? 难道之前攻击守护神兽,破掉封印的是日月神教? Then rescued person, perhaps is also the big shot of livelihood god? 那么被救出的人,恐怕也是日月神教的大佬吧? Isn't Martial Saint? 不会又是一个武圣吧? The Ling Xiao complexion was white. 凌霄脸色都白了。 Suddenly, at this time, in the ground sparkled the blood red ray. 突然,这个时候,地面上闪耀起了血红色的光芒。 Then the innumerable tentacles extended from the ground. 而后无数的触手从地面伸了出来。 Pricked in the bodies of these martial artist. 刺入到了那些武者的身体里面。 Then crazy swallowing essence and blood. 而后疯狂的吞噬精血。 This, made that 12 Great Emperor respond finally. 这一幕,终于让那十二个大帝反应过来了。 What ghost thing?” “什么鬼东西?” They make a move, attack these tentacles. 他们出手,攻击那些触手。 But the speed of tentacle is extremely fast, the might is enormous. 但触手的速度极快,威力极大。 Even they, still resist very difficultly. 就算是他们,也抵挡得非常困难。 Others not to mention. 其他人更不必说了。 Was stabbed the body by the tentacle, directly by suck dry. 被触手刺中了身体,直接就被吸干了。 Ling Xiao sees this, flew a higher place. 凌霄看到这一幕,飞到了更高的地方。 Luckily they flew ahead of time, will otherwise be troublesome. 幸亏他们提前飞起来了,不然会非常麻烦。 But even so, there is a tentacle to send out the attack. 可即便如此,还是有触手发出了攻击。 Killed to them. 杀向了他们。 I must help them!” “我得帮他们!” Ling Xiao looked at golden flame one saying: You find the way to escape, does not need to manage me, outside these fellows, gave you to process.” 凌霄看了金焰一眼道:“你想办法逃出去,不用管我,外面那些家伙,就交给你处理了。” Although Soaring to Heaven Sect and other sect gate martial artist are the enemies. 虽然凌天宗等宗门的武者算是敌人。 But makes Ling Xiao dread that is the person of livelihood god. 但让凌霄更为忌惮的,还是日月神教的人。 He can feel, if oneself do not act, perhaps here person did not live. 他能感觉到,如果自己不出手的话,恐怕这里一个人都活不了。 Everyone is fighting with the blood-color tentacle. 所有人都在与血色的触手战斗。 Pitiful yell sound continuously. 惨叫声此起彼伏。 At this time no one has paid attention to what treasure again. 此时已经没有人再去注意什么宝物。 The corpse of what god beast. 或者什么神兽的尸体。 Ling Xiao clenches teeth: „ Lunar shadow, you helped, then the blood-color long sword should be an eye, so long as broke it, this strategy then collapses of itself. 凌霄咬了咬牙:“月影,得你帮忙了,那把血色长剑应该就是阵眼,只要破了它,这个阵法便不攻自破。 You do not need to attack the blood sword. 你不必去攻击血剑。 Only must according to the step and position attack that I said on the line. ” 只需按照我说的步骤和方位攻击就行。” Good!” “好!” The lunar shadow flew. 月影飞了出来。 Strategy that Ling Xiao knows, but the strength is insufficient. 凌霄懂的阵法,但是力量不够。 The lunar shadow strength is enough, but strategy is inferior to Ling Xiao. 月影力量足够,但阵法方面不如凌霄 Two people coordinate, pouring is also the tacit understanding. 两人配合,倒也是默契。 Above, golden flame has started to fight with these black-clothed person. 上面,金焰已经开始与那些黑衣人交手。 Present golden flame, so long as is not Great Emperor, he no one fears. 如今的金焰,只要不是大帝,他谁都不惧。 Therefore Ling Xiao felt relieved that makes him do. 所以凌霄放心让他去干。 The lunar shadow under the direction of Ling Xiao, starts to attack the strategy. 月影在凌霄的指挥下,开始攻击阵法。 One time! 一次! Twice! 两次! Three times! 三次! Suddenly, the gulf rocked. 突然间,深坑晃动了起来。 Terrifying aura erupts. 一股恐怖的气息爆发出来。 Who dares to destroy my strategy, damn!” “谁敢破坏我的阵法,该死!” But the lunar shadow remains unmoved. 但月影不为所动。 Still according to the attack that Ling Xiao said. 依然按照凌霄说的攻击。 About after 12 times . 大约十二次之后。 Ling Xiao displays the northern deep god palm suddenly, attracted that blood-color long sword, took in Ancestral Dragon Tower to suppress. 凌霄突然施展北冥神掌,将那血色长剑吸了过来,收进了祖龙塔之中镇压。 This is the Saint soldier, he did not control. 这是圣兵,他操控不了。 The blood sword loses. 血剑失去。 The strategy starts to disintegrate. 阵法开始分崩离析。 Innumerable martial artist crazy escape toward outside. 无数的武者都疯狂朝着外面逃去。 Ling Xiao does not dare to neglect, escapes together toward outside. 凌霄也不敢怠慢,一起朝外面逃去。 He destroyed the strategy is not fake. 他破坏了阵法不假。 But the person of arrangement strategy, is not affable. 但布置阵法的人,却不好惹。 First escapes importantly. 还是先逃命要紧。 Dies to me!” “给我死啊!” Angrily roars to transmit, terrifying blood glittering. 一声怒吼传来,恐怖的血光闪烁。 Several -and-a-half Great Emperor have no response. 几个半步大帝没有任何反应。 Unexpectedly was covered by this blood light, shortly will change into the dry corpse. 居然被这血光笼罩,顷刻间化为干尸。 The essence and blood did not have completely. 精血全部没了。 Escapes!” “逃!” 12 Great Emperor also realized the danger. 十二个大帝也意识到了危险。 This place incomparably terrible things. 这地方有一尊无比可怕的东西。 Where you must go, your flesh are the most delicious things!” “你们要去哪里啊,你们的血肉才是最美味的东西!” Bang! 轰! The terrifying bellow resounds. 恐怖的轰鸣声响起。 A man of whole body blood light goes out from the darkness. 一个浑身血光的男子从黑暗之中走出。 Absorbed a lot of essence and blood. 吸收了大量的精血。 His some have recovered. 他的部分身体已经恢复了。 But still has the flaw. 可是依然有缺陷。 Is because Ling Xiao broke his bloodthirsty killing formation, let his plan evaporate. 就是因为凌霄破了他的嗜血杀阵,让他的计划落空了。 He now is angry. 他现在非常愤怒。 A person does not want to let off. 一个人都不想放过。 But 12 Great Emperor are very strong. 但十二个大帝还是很强的。 Slaughters with the powerhouse of this terrifying. 与这恐怖的强者厮杀起来。 Others while this opportunity, escape toward outside. 其余人趁着这个机会,都往外面逃。 Luckily some golden flame fought outside, opens a road, made them have the opportunity to escape. 幸亏有金焰在外面战斗,开辟出了一条路,才让他们有机会逃出去。 But had died at this time several hundred people. 可此时已经死了数百人了。 Actually you are, why must kill secretly us!” “你究竟是谁,为何要暗害我们!” The Great Emperor anger of Soaring to Heaven Sect exclaimed. 凌天宗大帝怒吼道。 Who am I? They once called my bloodthirsty Martial Saint!” “我是谁?他们曾经称呼我嗜血武圣!” The man of that whole body blood light revealed wiped the bloodthirsty the happy expression. 那满身血光的男子露出了一抹嗜血的笑意。 Great Emperor hear this saying, immediately complexion big change. 大帝们听到这话,顿时脸色大变。 Martial Saint! 武圣 Martial Saint of livelihood god! 日月神教的武圣 How can like this! 怎么会这样! In the past heard dead out Martial Saint born. 前一段时间听闻寂灭武圣出世。 Presents bloodthirsty Martial Saint now. 没想到,现在又出现了一个嗜血武圣 These should the dead monsters, resurrect unexpectedly. 这些本该已经死去的怪物们,竟然一个个都复活了。 Came out to rebel. 都出来作乱了。 Welcomed bloodthirsty Martial Saint to arrive at the world!” “恭迎嗜血武圣降临人间!” At this time, the strategy surroundings presented several shadows. 此时,阵法周围出现了几道黑影。 Completely is Great Emperor. 全部都是大帝 The Great Emperor level powerhouse of livelihood god. 日月神教的大帝级强者。 They lay on the ground, respectful. 他们趴在了地上,恭敬不已。 Kills to me! Especially just destroyed bloodthirsty killing formation that fellow, must kill to me!” “给我杀!尤其是刚刚破坏了嗜血杀阵的那个家伙,一定要给我杀了!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint is angry. 嗜血武圣非常愤怒。 Own plan is so perfect. 自己的计划是如此完美。 With the aid of the greedy hearts of these stupid fellows. 借助这些愚蠢的家伙的贪婪之心。 Swallows their essence and blood. Restores own strength. 吞噬他们的精血。恢复自己的实力。 But was destroyed unexpectedly. 可居然被人破坏了。 Indicated that he is angry. 足见他有多么愤怒。 12 Great Emperor while the opportunity that they spoke, flew toward the sky. 十二个大帝趁着他们说话的机会,朝着上空飞去。 Here is too small, cannot display. 这里太小,施展不开。 Arrived outside, no matter escapes or fights, has the choice. 到了外面,不管是逃还是战,都有选择。 Pursues!” “追!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint jumped, pursued. 嗜血武圣一个纵身,追了出去。 Also is he now is quite weak, otherwise, by the strength of his sage, the ease can ruin these Great Emperor. 也就是他现在比较虚弱,不然的话,以他圣人的实力,轻而易举就能够毁掉这些大帝 Outside gulf. 深坑外面。 The black fire dragon volume seemed to be getting fewer and fewer. 黑火龙卷似乎越来越少了。 However remains. 不过依然存在。 Obviously, these black fire dragon volumes are not because of the seal production. 显然,这些黑火龙卷并不是因为封印产生的。 Also not because of that patron god beast production. 也不是因为那守护神兽产生的。 It had possibly been born by the seal before bloodthirsty Martial Saint here. 它可能早在嗜血武圣被封印在这里之前就已经诞生了。 This black hot plain, possibly also has other secret. 这黑火平原,可能还有别的秘密。 But at this time, no one cares about what secret. 但此时,没有人去关心什么秘密。 Outside, many martial artist gathered, the uninformed say/way what happened. 外面,很多武者都聚拢了过来,茫然不知道发生了什么事情。 Several Great Emperor. 还有几个大帝 This made the Great Emperor quantity increase to 18. 这让大帝的数量增加到了十八个之多。 Escapes quickly!” “快逃!” Ling Xiao runs out of the gulf flickers, loudly exclaimed. 凌霄冲出深坑的一瞬,大吼道。 What a pity, is no one is serious his words. 可惜,也就是没有人把他的话当回事儿。 Still is waiting there. 还在那里等着。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9334 bloodthirsty Martial Saint) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9334章嗜血武圣)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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