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#9367: Saint soldier blood sword

You can search Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul to search for the novel()” to search the latest chapter in hundred degrees celsius! 您可以在百度里搜索“霸天武魂搜小说()”查找最新章节! Whiz! 嗖! Whiz whiz! 嗖嗖! Had sound air-splitting to get up unceasingly, presented more than ten forms, is completely Great Emperor. 不断有破空之声响起,出现了十几道身影,全部都是大帝 The terrifying pressure made the people on the scene is trembling. 恐怖的威压令在场众人都是颤颤巍巍。 Soaring to Heaven Sect, Blood Blade Gate and Heavenly Demon Sect have three Great Emperor level powerhouses to come respectively. 凌天宗血刀门天魔宗分别都有三尊大帝级强者前来。 Heavenly Yang Sect has not come, because the distance is too far, misses. 天阳宗没来,因为距离太远,也赶不及。 Sun and Moon Palace also no one comes, they are actually away from are also very far. 日月宫也没人来,他们其实距离也很远。 Heavenly King Sect also came three Great Emperor level powerhouses, but the powerhouse of Mountain Lord level has not come. 天王宗也来了三尊大帝级强者,不过山主级的强者并没有来。 Four Great Emperor, are the powerhouse of nearby small influence. 还有四个大帝,是附近小势力的强者。 Altogether 16 Great Emperor, the scene quite shocks. 一共十六个大帝,场面还是相当震撼的。 16 Great Emperor, looked to the direction of that black hot grass forest. 十六个大帝,看向了那黑火草林的方向。 Sacred and powerful aura, is still clear. 一股神圣而又强大的气息,依然非常清晰。 This aura, at least is also best quality goods Emperor Armament! “这气息,至少也是极品帝兵 Even may be the Saint soldier! ” 甚至有可能是圣兵!” Great Emperor smiled saying with a smile, in the eye projected the greedy vision. 一尊大帝笑了笑道,眼中投出了贪婪的目光。 The good thing, who to want. 好东西,谁都想要。 This is not strange. 这并不奇怪。 Others are the vision are also fiery. 其余人也都是眼光火热。 Wishes one could to come up now, appropriates to oneself the treasure. 恨不能现在就上去,将宝物据为己有。 Bang! 轰! Suddenly, a Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor level powerhouse moved. 突然,凌天宗的一尊大帝级强者动了。 One step treads, but sword light that in the subsequent hand condenses the terrifying. 一步踏出,而后手中凝聚恐怖的剑光。 The sword light soared to the heavens, shows to destroy day of might that extinguished the place. 剑光冲霄,展现出了毁天灭地的威力。 Then, a sword cuts. 而后,一剑斩出。 Day startled earth movement! 天惊地动! Rumble! 轰隆隆! The terrifying bellow resounds. 恐怖的轰鸣声响起。 The giant sword light cut above the black fire dragon volume, made the easily accomplished general sound. 巨大的剑光斩在了黑火龙卷之上,发出了摧枯拉朽一般的声音。 The storm sweeps across! 风暴席卷! That space is shivering fiercely. 那片空间都在剧烈颤抖起来。 Is soul-stirring. 令人惊心动魄。 Everyone concentrates all one's attention on looks. 所有人都屏气凝神地看着。 Does not know that the Great Emperor level powerhouse, can destroy this black fire dragon volume. 不知道大帝级强者,能不能将这黑火龙卷摧毁。 They somewhat anticipated. 他们有些期待。 The next quarter, the sound of thundering stops. 下一刻,轰鸣之声停止。 The black fire dragon volume was broken out by a sword becomes two halves. 黑火龙卷被一剑劈开成为了两半。 But has not ruined thoroughly. 但并没有彻底毁掉。 Instead attacked is swallowed. 反而是攻击被吞掉了。 Was defeated! 失败了! However also saw the hope. 不过也看到了希望。 Great Emperor worthily is Great Emperor, really must have strength that destroys the black fire dragon volume! 大帝不愧是大帝,真得拥有毁灭黑火龙卷的实力! Ling Xiao felt rejoiced. 凌霄不由感觉到庆幸。 It is fortunate that he has not attacked Great Emperor with the black fire dragon volume, otherwise, might be killed. 他得亏没有用黑火龙卷去攻击大帝,否则的话,很可能会被干掉的。 Collaborates, perhaps my strength, is unable to ruin these black fires!” “联手吧,我一人之力,恐怕无法将这些黑火毁掉!” The Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor level powerhouse says. 凌天宗大帝级强者开口说道。 Jointly Ok, but how does the treasure divide?” “联手可以啊,但宝物怎么分?” The Heavenly King Sect Great Emperor level powerhouse asked. 天王宗大帝级强者问道。 First breaks open, after going, respectively depending on skill.” “先破开,进去之后,各凭本事吧。” The Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor level powerhouse said. 血刀门大帝级强者说道。 Also good! Otherwise everyone can only look here!” “也好!不然大家都只能在这里看着了!” Others also agreed. 其余人也都纷纷同意。 Nothing is not good. 没什么不好的。 First breaks open this black fire, may see the treasure. 先破开这黑火,才有可能看到宝物。 The luck of the draw as for the treasure, that really must look at the skill, watched the chance. 至于宝物花落谁家,那真就得看本事,看机缘了。 Thereupon, 12 Great Emperor level powerhouses stimulate to movement true yuan completely. 于是乎,十二个大帝级强者全部催动真元 Terrifying aura ferment in the sky. 一道道恐怖的气息在天空之中酝酿。 In each individual hand has Emperor Armament. 每个人手中都有帝兵 After all, they are Great Emperor. 毕竟,他们已经是大帝了啊。 The Emperor Armament itself/Ben is the Great Emperor level powerhouse uses. 帝兵本就是大帝级强者所用。 In their hands, can play the true might. 在他们手里,也才能发挥出真正的威力。 Although Quasi-Emperor can also use Emperor Armament, but display complete might. 准帝虽然也能用帝兵,但发挥不出全部的威力。 Can display half is very extraordinary. 能发挥出一半就已经很了不起了。 12 Emperor Armament the bang approached the black fire simultaneously. 十二种帝兵同时轰向了黑火。 Bang! 轰! This time, simply is easily accomplished, easily accomplished in the true sense. 这一次,简直是摧枯拉朽,真正意义上的摧枯拉朽。 A front row of black fire was completely destroyed, is put out. 面前的一排黑火被完全摧毁,熄灭。 No longer burns. 不再燃烧起来。 Vanishes in the world. 消失于天地之间。 Can be good, continue!” “能行,继续!” Sees here, the Great Emperor heart was hotter. 看到这里,大帝们更加心热了。 12 people of continuous attacks. 十二人连续攻击。 Attacks, while goes forward toward inside slowly. 一边攻击,一边朝着里面慢慢前进。 Front black fire was routed unceasingly. 面前的黑火被不断击溃。 Finally, presented a strip width approximately hundred meters path, goes nonstop to the jungle. 终于,出现了一条宽约百米的道路,直通丛林之中。 Can see the situation in jungle very much clearly. 可以很清楚地看到丛林之中的情况。 In jungle, 丛林之中, Has a gulf. In that gulf, is sparkling unexpectedly unceasingly the strange gloss. 有一处深坑。那深坑之中,竟然不断闪耀着奇异的光泽。 Inside definitely has the thing. 里面肯定有东西。 But around that the black fire dragon volume has not existed. 而那周围,并没有黑火龙卷存在。 Walks!” “走!” Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor responded quickly, first flushed, changed to a sword light, wanted first to win the treasure. 凌天宗大帝反应最快,第一个冲了进去,化作了一道剑光,想要第一时间夺走宝物。 Halts!” “站住!” Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor also responded, flushed. 血刀门大帝也反应过来,冲了进去。 Although they are the allies, but treasure thing, is impossible to yield mutually. 虽然他们是盟友,但宝物这东西,也不可能相让的。 Wanted to attain felt relieved at heart. 一定要自己拿到了心里头才放心。 Others do not dare to neglect, flew in abundance. 其余人也不敢怠慢,纷纷飞了进去。 The powerhouses of 12 Great Emperor levels, the flash have entered in the black hot grass forest. 十二个大帝级的强者,一瞬间都已经进入到了黑火草林之中。 Outside these people, gawked, for a long time clenches teeth saying: Does not have the danger in any case now, was inferior that we also do go to watch the fun?” 外面的那些人,愣了一下,许久才咬了咬牙道:“反正现在已经没有危险了,不如我们也进去看看热闹吧?” Must go to you to go, we do not go!” “要去你去,我们可不去!” Some people want to go, some people do not want to go. 有人想去,有人不想去。 This is very normal. 这很正常。 After all inside degree of hazard is too high. 毕竟里面的危险程度太高。 Coward!” “胆小鬼!” Forms fled, enters in that gulf, vanishes does not see. 一道道身影窜了进去,进入那深坑之中,消失不见。 Also some people stayed outside. 也有人留在了外面。 Does not dare to go. 不敢进去。 martial artist no doubt advocates adventurous, but if to oneself not self-confident, that went, to bring death? 武者固然崇尚冒险,可如果对自己没有一点自信,那进去了,岂不是送死? Eldest child, we also go to have a look.” “老大,我们也进去看看吧。” golden flame flew, greeted Ling Xiao to say. 金焰飞了过来,招呼凌霄道。 Good!” “好!” Ling Xiao nods, looked that asked to thunder fire and thunder ice: senior brother Senior Sister, you?” 凌霄点了点头,看向雷火雷冰问道:“师兄师姐,你们呢?” Goes together, if there is any treasure, the person many strengths are big.” “一起去吧,万一有什么宝物,人多力量大。” thunder fire said. 雷火道。 Good, that goes to have a look!” “好,那就进去看看!” One line of four people flew to that gulf. 一行四人飞向了那个深坑。 Gulf really very deep. 深坑真得很深。 Cannot look at the end. 一眼望不到尽头。 That strange scene, transmits from this gulf, powerful aura, passes on similarly from this inside. 那奇异的景象,就是从这深坑之中传来,强大的气息,也同样是从这里面传出来的。 Ling Xiao and the others have not fallen to the ground. 凌霄等人还未落地。 Under heard the terrifying bellow suddenly. 下方忽然传来了恐怖的轰鸣声。 As if had the fight eruption. 似乎有战斗爆发了。 Is Great Emperor is snatching the treasure? What danger encountered?” “是大帝们在抢宝物?还是遇到了什么危险?” The Ling Xiao feeling not has been right, because this phenomenon appeared too suddenly. 凌霄一直感觉不太对劲,因为这异象出现得太突然了一些。 Therefore, he always felt that has the matter to happen. 所以,他总感觉有事情发生。 Ling Xiao put out the Black Tortoise signal flag, the brown gloss wrapped his body. 凌霄拿出了玄武令旗,土黄色的光泽包裹住了他的身体。 Another three people also put out Emperor Armament, shelters oneself body, because does not know that what happened, is careful for wonderful. 另外三人也拿出了帝兵,庇护己身,因为不知道会发生什么事情,还是小心些为妙。 About after several minutes, four people fell on the ground. 大约几分钟之后,四人就落在了地上。 Landing flickers, Ling Xiao saw a giant lion poured in the pool of blood. 落地的一瞬,凌霄就看到了一头巨大的狮子倒在了血泊之中。 This lion child long/grows a wing. 这狮子长着一对翅膀。 The whole body is filling the black flame. 全身都弥漫着黑色的火焰。 But at this time is weak. 但此时非常虚弱。 Its blood flowed in the ground, then infiltrated, has not condensed the blood bead like before. 它血液流入了地上,而后渗透了下去,并没有像之前那样凝聚成血珠子。 Oh no, here is a strategy!” “糟糕,这里是个阵法!” Complexion big change of Ling Xiao. 凌霄的脸色大变。 Because here not only some people of cloths got down the strategy, but also is one very terrifying bloodthirsty killing formation!” 因为这里不仅有人布下了阵法,而且是一个非常恐怖的“嗜血杀阵!” Senior, escapes quickly, here danger!” “前辈,快逃,这里危险!” Ling Xiao looked that shouted to Heavenly King Sect Great Emperor. 凌霄看向了天王宗大帝喊道。 However and no one hear his. 然而并没有人听他的。 At this time 12 Great Emperor are attacking one thing jointly. 此时十二个大帝正在联手攻击一样东西。 That is a sword. 那是一把剑。 A blood red long sword. 一把血红色的长剑。 to bind in the center of strategy. 扎在阵法的中央。 Is sparkling the terrifying ray. 闪耀着恐怖的光芒。 Saint soldier! 圣兵! Ling Xiao believes absolutely that is the Saint soldier, because on him, but many Saint soldiers. 凌霄绝对相信那是圣兵,因为他身上可是有很多圣兵啊。 Obtained from great sage equal to heaven there, minimum over ten thousand. 从齐天大圣那里得到了,最起码上万件之多。 Therefore this aura, he was naturally familiar. 所以这气息,他自然熟悉了。 But that blood-color long sword actually showed very evil aura, making people very uncomfortable. 但那血色长剑却透出了一股非常邪恶的气息,让人非常不舒服。 Intense senses of crisis! 更有一种强烈的危机感! Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9333 Saint soldier blood sword) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9333章圣兵血剑)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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