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#9366: Controls the Black Dragon volume revenge!

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Escapes, escapes quickly, escapes a bit faster!” “逃,快逃啊,快点逃!” Everyone shouted, escapes toward the distant place. 所有人都大喊了起来,朝着远处逃去。 Especially Soaring to Heaven Sect, Blood Blade Gate, Heavenly Demon Sect and Sun and Moon Palace person. 尤其是凌天宗血刀门天魔宗日月宫的人。 They obviously aimed. 他们明显被针对了。 Ha, the small 13 this move is ruthless enough, not only will not make us be in danger, instead also revenged!” “哈哈哈,小十三这一招够狠啊,不仅不会让咱们陷入危险之中,反而还报仇了!” thunder fire smiles grins with ear to ear. 雷火笑得合不拢嘴。 Yes, we also follow to draw back, otherwise others will suspect!” “是啊,咱们也跟着退吧,不然别人会怀疑的!” thunder ice smiles. 雷冰笑了笑。 Followed to draw back together. 一起跟着退了起来。 Draws back, while watches the fun. 一边退,一边看热闹。 Soaring to Heaven Sect is the main objective of attack. 凌天宗是主要攻击目标。 They draw back the quicker, black fire dragon volume on the more rapidness of pursuit. 他们退得越快,黑火龙卷就追击的越快。 dragon scroll changed to terrifying Black Dragon, blots out the sky general, was simply more terrorist than former any black fire dragon volume. 龙卷化作了恐怖的黑龙,铺天盖地一般,简直比之前任何一种黑火龙卷都要恐怖。 Pursues Soaring to Heaven Sect martial artist is the crying father shouts mother. 追得凌天宗武者是哭爹喊娘。 Others also stare dumbfounded, can control the black fire dragon volume on the black hot plain, that was almost in an impregnable position, even Great Emperor came not to have idea. 其他人也是瞠目结舌,在黑火平原上能操控黑火龙卷,那几乎就是立于不败之地了,就算大帝来了也没辙吧。 Damn, actually the boy is, dares unexpectedly with our Soaring to Heaven Sect for the enemy, damn damn!” “该死,那小子究竟是谁,竟然敢与我们凌天宗为敌,该死该死!” Can be Ling Xiao that boy?” “会不会是凌霄那小子?” Has the possibility, the boy makes good use is easy to accommodate the technique, but didn't he die? Possibly how to control the Black Dragon volume?” “有可能,那小子善用易容之术,可他不是死了吗?怎么可能操控黑龙卷?” The people cannot discuss a reason why for a while. 众人一时也讨论不出个所以然。 Although guessed that possibly is Ling Xiao, but does not have the evidence, does not believe that Ling Xiao has that ability. 虽然猜测可能是凌霄,但没证据,也不相信凌霄有那个能力。 In their opinion, Ling Xiao had been killed by them, is impossible to come out to cause trouble. 在他们看来,凌霄已经被他们杀了,根本不可能出来作祟。 The people fly quickly. 众人飞得快。 The Black Dragon volume pursues quickly. 黑龙卷追得更快。 The crying father shouted that mother's pitiful yell sound resounds repeatedly. 哭爹喊娘的惨叫声是频频响起。 Moreover what is most fearful, this Black Dragon volume was obviously getting bigger and bigger. 而且最可怕的是,这黑龙卷明显越来越大了。 As if absorbed the surrounding black fire, spreads over ten thousand meters. 仿佛吸收了周围的黑火,蔓延上万米。 Looks very magnificent, is terrifying. 看起来非常壮观,非常恐怖。 Soaring to Heaven Sect martial artist is shouting panic-stricken, was involved , was also more than ten people died a tragic death at the scene. 凌天宗武者惊恐地大喊着,被卷入了进去,又是十几个人惨死当场。 Even ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor was also involved. 甚至有一个十成巅峰准帝也被卷入进去。 Depends on Emperor Armament also to support. 靠着帝兵还在支撑。 But the black fire dragon volume is terrifying. 但黑火龙卷多么恐怖啊。 He wants to escape, simply not possibly. 他想要逃出去,根本没可能。 Damn, help!” “该死,救命啊!” Solemn ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor, shouted unexpectedly panic-stricken. 堂堂十成巅峰准帝,居然惊恐地喊了起来。 Goes all out to escape. 拼命想要逃出去。 But this black fire dragon volume Great Emperor was even curled the terrifying that must die to exist, how long only ten tenths peak can Quasi-Emperor support? 可这黑火龙卷可是连大帝被卷进来都要死的恐怖存在啊,区区十成巅峰准帝又能支撑多久? Emperor Armament defense quick disintegration. 帝兵的防御很快崩碎。 Damn, the brat hurried to put me, my Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor must catch up, you are courting death!” “该死,臭小子赶紧放了我,我凌天宗大帝就要赶来了,你这是在找死!” Ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor is bellowing, threatens Ling Xiao. 十成巅峰准帝大吼着,威胁凌霄 To make Ling Xiao put him to go out. 想让凌霄放他出去。 Idiot!” “白痴!” Ling Xiao smiles, approached that ten tenths summit Quasi-Emperor directly: Dies!” 凌霄笑了笑,直接逼近了那十成巅准帝:“去死吧!” He sent out the attack directly. 他直接发出了攻击。 Helps the black fire dragon volume disintegrate Emperor Armament of opposite party shortly. 帮助黑火龙卷将对方的帝兵顷刻间瓦解。 Painful pitiful yell of ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor in black fire. 十成巅峰准帝在黑火之中痛苦的惨叫着。 „To know that who I am? Might as well told you, I was you almost killed Ling Xiao!” “想知道我是谁吗?不妨告诉你吧,我就是你差点杀死了的凌霄!” Ling Xiao arrived at the side of person of dying, lowered the sound to say. 凌霄来到了将死之人的身旁,压低了声音说道。 What! 什么! That ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor expression is really very splendid. 那十成巅峰准帝的表情真得是非常精彩。 Ling Xiao has not died unexpectedly. 凌霄居然没有死。 Ling Xiao retaliated Soaring to Heaven Sect. 凌霄来报复凌天宗了。 Ended! 完了! This boy hates Soaring to Heaven Sect bone to inter the body, to treat Soaring to Heaven Sect martial artist here today, how many can go on living? 这小子恨凌天宗入骨,今天待在这里的凌天宗武者,还有几个能活下去的? Escapes, escapes quickly, escapes separatedly, do not gather!” “逃,快逃,分开逃,不要聚集在一起!” The gods inundate are shouting loudly. 神漫大声喊着。 Saw that ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor has died in the black fire dragon volume. 眼看着那十成巅峰准帝都已经死在了黑火龙卷之中。 The remaining people frightened the urine simply. 剩下的人简直吓尿了。 Scatters in all directions to run away in abundance. 纷纷四散逃窜。 Ling Xiao has not managed slightly these mixed up. 凌霄没有管那些小杂碎。 These people, he can kill momentarily. 那些人,他随时都能杀。 He focused in another ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor. 他将目标放在了另外一个十成巅峰准帝身上。 Before these two fellows prevented, he was also insufficient almost to hang. 之前要不是这两个家伙阻挡,他也不至于差点挂了。 These two fight directly he are not the opponents, such way, can actually get rid of it. 这两人正面战斗他不是对手,这样的方式,却可以将其干掉。 Scratches, do not pursue me!” “擦,别追我啊!” Another ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor angrily roars, wants to run away, but in that black fire dragon volume stretched out one unexpectedly jet black such as the big hand of black ink, grasped it directly in the hand. 另外一个十成巅峰准帝怒吼一声,想要逃走,但那黑火龙卷之中竟然伸出了一只漆黑如墨的大手,直接将其抓在了手里。 Entrained. 拽了进去。 Soaring to Heaven Sect other martial artist see this, frightens courage entirely cracks. 凌天宗的其他武者看到这一幕,都吓得肝胆俱裂。 Only pitifully Ling Xiao to cope with ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor, gives the time that they escaped, escaped far. 只可惜凌霄为了对付十成巅峰准帝,给了他们逃跑的时间,一个个都逃远了。 Even some people had entered the spaceship. 甚至有的人已经进入了飞船。 The speed of spaceship is too fast, the black fire dragon volume is impossible to catch up. 飞船的速度太快,黑火龙卷根本不可能追上的。 No-! I do not want dead!” “不-!我不想死啊!” Felt sorry for another ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor also to fall from the sky after several minutes. 可怜另外一个十成巅峰准帝也在几分钟之后陨落了。 Emperor Armament in their hand, naturally fell in the Ling Xiao hand. 他们手中的帝兵,自然都落在了凌霄手中。 Boy, actually you are who!” “小子,你究竟是什么人!” The gods inundate to hide above the spaceship, finally had the courage. 神漫躲在飞船之上,终于有了胆气。 Whose father is you do not have the qualifications to know, your Soaring to Heaven Sect did the dirty matter to be many, the father could not get used to seeing!” “老子是谁你没资格知道,你们凌天宗干得肮脏事太多了,老子就是看不惯!” Ling Xiao naturally cannot openly acknowledge the status. 凌霄自然不会公开承认身份。 Looks that the Soaring to Heaven Sect person flew into the spaceship, suddenly controlled the Black Dragon volume to kill to Heavenly Demon Sect that group of people. 看着凌天宗的人飞入了飞船之中,突然操控黑龙卷杀向了天魔宗的那群人。 Bears the brunt pursue is Mo Tian. 首当其冲被追赶的就是莫天 Mo Tian this boy, sinister villain. 莫天这厮,阴险小人。 Ling Xiao must kill. 凌霄是必须要杀的。 Frightens Mo Tian to flee in panic. 吓得莫天仓皇逃窜。 If not Ren Qingcheng acts, perhaps already by the Black Dragon volume. 若非任倾城出手,恐怕已经被黑龙卷卷进去了。 Ren Qingcheng worthily is half Great Emperor of evildoer/monstrous talent level, the might of attack, has endured compared with ordinary Great Emperor. 任倾城不愧是妖孽级的半步大帝,攻击的威力,已经堪比普通的大帝 Cannot pursue Mo Tian, the Black Dragon volume kills to the Blood Blade Gate person. 没能追到莫天,黑龙卷又杀向了血刀门的人。 Killed Blood Blade Gate several martial artist. 干掉了血刀门几个武者 Also plunged Sun and Moon Palace. 又扑向了日月宫 Does martial artist of these small influences dumbfounded. 搞得那些小势力的武者都是一愣一愣的。 Who this is, selects the peak influence pit specially? 这到底是谁啊,专挑顶尖势力坑? For not quite obvious, the Ling Xiao also pretense attacked Heavenly King Sect and Heavenly Yang Sect person. 为了不太明显,凌霄也假模假样地攻击了天王宗天阳宗的人。 However very careful has not injured to them. 不过很小心的并没有伤到他们。 Damn, everyone do not fear, our Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor powerhouse must come!” “该死,大家不要怕,我们凌天宗大帝强者就要来了!” God inundation stands above the spaceship, can run away momentarily. 神漫站在飞船之上,随时都能逃走。 Therefore also some energy spoke the aggressive statement. 所以也有底气说狠话了。 Right, my Blood Blade Gate Great Emperor powerhouse also came immediately, even you can control the Black Dragon volume, still same must die!” “没错,我血刀门大帝强者也马上就来了,就算你能操控黑龙卷,也一样得死!” The Blood Blade Gate person is also air/Qi the Sun and Moon Palace person is also the complexion is gloomy. 血刀门的人也气得不行日月宫的人同样是脸色阴沉。 The appearance of Ling Xiao, is really a heresy, is very troublesome. 凌霄的出现,真得是一个异端,很麻烦。 Can control the Black Dragon volume, that cheats simply. 能够操控黑龙卷,那简直就是作弊。 Because you counter-attack even still uselessly, facing the terrifying Black Dragon volume, all became did not have the significance. 因为你就算反击也没用,面对恐怖的黑龙卷,一切都变得没有了意义。 Saw that four large amount of people all got up the spaceship, Ling Xiao know, continued not to have the significance. 看到四大宗的人全部都上了飞船,凌霄知道,继续下去也没意义了。 Therefore comes out from the Black Dragon volume quietly, the concealment figure, returned to side thunder fire and the others. 所以悄然从黑龙卷中出来,隐匿身形,回到了雷火等人身边。 But that four do not know large amount, they are always staring at the Black Dragon volume, cautious, once there is any accident, flies away directly. 但那四大宗不知道啊,他们始终盯着黑龙卷,小心翼翼,一旦有什么变故,就直接飞走。 In each individual heart is in a towering rage, killing intent is billowing. 每个人心中都是怒气冲天,杀意滚滚。 Too exasperating. 太气人了。 Also lost face too. 也太丢人了。 Unexpectedly was so played tricks on. 居然被如此戏弄。 Really is speechless. 真得是让人无语非常。 Lost face did not say that also died unexpectedly many martial artist. 丢面子就不说了,居然还死了很多武者 Especially Soaring to Heaven Sect, died two ten tenths peak Quasi-Emperor. 尤其是凌天宗,足足死了两个十成巅峰准帝啊。 Mo Tian, was pursued with dog, in an extremely difficult situation. 还有莫天,被追得跟条狗似的,狼狈不堪。 In the meantime, a horizon white light glitters. 就在此时,天边一道白光闪烁。 The form appears together during was void. 一道身影浮现在了虚空之中。 Is the Soaring to Heaven Sect Great Emperor elder. 凌天宗大帝长老。 Good, the elder came!” “太好了,长老来了!” The gods inundate and the others to be excited. 神漫等人兴奋不已。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9332 controls Black Dragon volume revenge!) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9332章操控黑龙卷复仇!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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