HTMS :: Volume #94

#9371: Does not have the day

The horizon, presented a shadow. 天边,出现了一道黑影。 This person of whole body pitch-black. 此人全身都是乌黑的。 Wears black armor. 身穿黑甲。 Wears the black color helmet. 头戴黑色色的头盔。 The long spear/gun in hand is also the black. 手中的长枪也是黑色的。 Only revealed a pair of eye. 只露出了一对眼睛。 Also is burning the black flame. 身后还燃烧着黑色的火焰。 Does not have the day! You also came unexpectedly!” “无天!你居然也来了!” Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign knits the brows to say. 凌天宗的宗主皱了皱眉道。 What's wrong, doesn't welcome?” “怎么,不欢迎吗?” The black armor male coldly said. 黑甲男冷冷道。 Hahahaha, naturally welcome, three people, always compare two people to have confidence.” “哈哈哈哈,当然欢迎了,三个人,总比两个人更有把握。” Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign said with a smile. 凌天宗宗主笑道。 The Blood Blade Gate gate main also nods. 血刀门门主也点了点头。 Doesn't have the day? Isn't that our Heavenly King Sect sovereign? Quite mysterious?” “无天?那不是我们天王宗宗主吗?好神秘?” Ling Xiao looks up, Heavenly King Sect sovereign does not have the day, cultivation unexpectedly is the Demonic Path merit law. 凌霄抬头看去,天王宗宗主无天,修炼的竟然是魔道功法。 In the hand is also an demon spear/gun. 手中也是一杆魔枪。 Somewhat is actually similar to the ice night. 倒是与凌夜有几分相似。 However were too powerful many. 但是强大太多了。 Hehehe , came three Heavenly Emperor all of a sudden. “嘿嘿嘿,没想到,一下子来了三位天帝 If butchered you, cultivation base of that place feared that can restore much. ” 如果将你们都宰了,那本座的修为怕是能恢复不少了。” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint is sneering, has not dreaded, instead is excited. 嗜血武圣冷笑着,并没有畏惧,反而非常兴奋。 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint, over ten thousand years ago, you are very perhaps fierce, but your present strength less than 10%, do you also want to kill us? “嗜血武圣,上万年前,你或许很厉害,但你现在的实力不到10%,你还想杀我们? Today, makes you die here! ” 今天,就让你死在这里!” Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign said lightly. 凌天宗宗主淡淡说道。 Hahahaha, father several thousand years ago had not been killed, can only the seal, why you not want to know? “哈哈哈哈,老子数千年前也没被杀死,只能封印,你不想知道为什么吗? Because the father cannot die! ” 因为老子根本死不了!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint laughs saying: Trivial Heavenly Emperor, dares is so impolite with my sage unexpectedly, courts death simply!” 嗜血武圣大笑道:“区区天帝而已,竟然敢跟我这个圣人如此无礼,简直找死!” Idle talk are really many, the god brother and blood brother, collaborate, butchered this old monster!” “废话真多,神兄、血兄,联手吧,宰了这老怪物!” Does not have the day coldly said. 无天冷冷说道。 Good!” “好!” The other two nod. 另外两人点了点头。 They are very clear. 他们都很清楚。 A person possibly is not the bloodthirsty Martial Saint opponent. 一个人不可能是嗜血武圣的对手。 Three people collaborate, could good. 三人联手,或许能行。 Snort, the present young people were too often self-confident. “哼,现在的年轻人往往都太自信了。 I must have a look but actually, how you kill me! 我倒要看看,你们怎么杀我! Death! ” 死!” Bloodthirsty Martial Saint first does not have the day to kill toward the black armor male. 嗜血武圣第一个朝着黑甲男无天杀去。 Does not have the day to bring the helmet, does not know what expression. 无天带着头盔,不知道什么表情。 The meaning of but slightly not having flinched. 但丝毫没有退缩的意思。 In the hand above the black spear, is burning the black flame, erupted the earth-shaking aura. 手中黑枪之上,燃烧着黑色的火焰,爆发出了惊天动地的气息。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Meanwhile, Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign lord two people also to erupt the terrifying incomparable aura with the Blood Blade Gate gate. 与此同时,凌天宗宗主和血刀门门主二人也爆发出了恐怖无比的气息。 Three people killed together to bloodthirsty Martial Saint. 三人一起杀向了嗜血武圣 Pierces being exposed to light of clouds! 刺穿云霄的见光! Terrifying incomparable blood light! 恐怖无比的血光! Makes black flame that one shocks! 令人震撼的黑色火焰! This stretch of the world, was covered by these strengths completely. 这片天地,完全被这几种力量笼罩了。 Ling Xiao does not dare to stay, picks up the speed to leave. 凌霄不敢停留,加快了速度离开。 These three Great Emperor are not necessarily able to defeat that bloodthirsty Martial Saint, but blocks should not to have the issue. 这三位大帝未必能击败那嗜血武圣,但挡住应该还是没问题的。 Others were also prevented while bloodthirsty Martial Saint, rode the spaceship in abundance, sped away to go. 其余人也趁着嗜血武圣被阻挡,纷纷坐上了飞船,疾驰而去。 Such battlefield, is not they can withstand. 这样的战场,不是他们能够承受的。 Even watches the fun is not good. 即便是看热闹都不行。 Because watches the fun also possibly can the deceased person. 因为看热闹也可能会死人。 And the probability is enormous. 而且几率极大。 Ling Xiao also released the spaceship, flies in the direction of Yao Village. 凌霄也释放了飞船,朝着药村的方向飞去。 He planned Heavenly King Sect. 他打算回天王宗了。 Just before leaving before, must carry off the medicine to be fragrant. 临走之前,要带走药香。 On the road, he saw thunder fire and thunder ice, quickly takes them to embark, runs away together. 路上,他看到了雷火雷冰,急忙接他们上船,一起逃走。 Really terrifying, what Martial Saint unexpectedly emitted to come, does not know that three Great Emperor, could block?” “真恐怖,居然冒出了一个什么武圣来,不知道那三位大帝,能否挡得住?” thunder fire is worried. 雷火担心不已。 Martial Saint! 武圣啊! Even weak Martial Saint, that still Martial Saint! 就算是虚弱的武圣,那也还是武圣 Since black sand territory these ten thousand years, had/left black sand Martial Saint. 要知道,黑沙域这万年以来,就出了一个黑沙武圣而已。 That three Great Emperor, should be able to block bloodthirsty Martial Saint, but finally possibly is mutually wounded. “那三位大帝,应该能挡住嗜血武圣,不过最终可能会是两败俱伤。 Really has a headache. 真头疼。 If that bloodthirsty Martial Saint gets back, perhaps the end of black sand territory also arrived. 要是那嗜血武圣恢复过来,恐怕黑沙域的末日也就到了。 Our strengths, are too weak. 我们的实力,还是太弱啊。 Too weak! ” 太弱了!” Ling Xiao clenches teeth. 凌霄咬了咬牙。 Such fight, he almost cannot help busily any. 这样的战斗,他几乎帮不到任何忙。 Although he really must want to help. 虽然他真得很想去帮忙。 But is also really helpless. 但真得也是无能为力啊。 „To be all right.” “希望没事儿吧。” Although he and Soaring to Heaven Sect and Blood Blade Gate has a grudge. 虽然他与凌天宗血刀门有仇。 But the black sand territory has the common enemy, that is the livelihood god. 但黑沙域有共同的敌人,那就是日月神教。 At this time he hopes actually Soaring to Heaven Sect sovereign main is not dying with the Blood Blade Gate gate. 此时他倒是希望凌天宗宗主和血刀门门主不要死了。 Just thinking. 正想着。 Suddenly some people to send greetings the magic weapon to contact with him. 忽然有人以传音法宝联系他。 Ling Xiao looks is Long Wuji and Haitang Shuiling. 凌霄一看是龙无极海棠水灵 Relax, I am all right, I have good luck ever after very much.” “放心吧,我没事儿,我命大得很。” Ling Xiao knows that the two affirmed was worried badly: You how?” 凌霄知道那两人肯定担心坏了:“你们怎么样了?” We are also all right!” “我们也没事儿!” Is all right well, I give your separation of husband and wife pill also to have these things to use well, strive to grow stronger some. “没事儿就好,我给你们的破镜丹还有那些东西好好利用,争取变强一些。 The black sand territory may soon welcome the terrifying disaster. 黑沙域可能即将迎来恐怖的灾难。 When the time comes, the strength is stronger, is easier to go on living! ” 到时候,实力越强,就越容易活下去!” The Ling Xiao reminder said. 凌霄提醒道。 Got it!” “明白了!” Ended chat. 结束了聊天。 Ling Xiao continues to control the spaceship to fly to Yao Village. 凌霄继续操控飞船飞向药村。 From is not far. 距离并不远。 Stands near Yao Village, even can also feel the huge sound from black hot plain. 站在药村附近,甚至还能感受到来自黑火平原上的巨大声响。 Here simply with earthquake generally. 这里简直就跟地震了一般。 Enters Yao Village. 进入药村。 Ling Xiao naturally received very warm illusory image. 凌霄自然受到了非常热烈的幻影。 The poisonous python and medicine ancient Heyao fragrance and the others came out. 毒蟒、药古和药香等人都出来了。 Master!” “主人!” Few heroes!” “少侠!” Master!” “师父!” The people were happy. 众人都非常高兴。 Master? Did you accept the apprentice?” “师父?你收徒弟了?” thunder fire is surprised. 雷火非常惊讶。 He did not have the apprentice, Ling Xiao has the apprentice unexpectedly. 他还没徒弟呢,凌霄居然就已经有徒弟了。 After all when the golden age, the cultivation is the key, the average person will not easily accept the disciple. 毕竟正值黄金年龄,修炼才是关键,一般人是不会轻易收徒的。 Accepts the disciple, on the other hand actually since said, is an inheritance. 收徒,其实从另外一方面说,算是一种传承。 Thinks oneself are not quickly good, leaves behind an own institute to study. 认为自己快不行了,留下自己的一身所学。 Right, received this girl, the talent is simply astonishing. “对啊,收了这个丫头,天赋简直惊人。 More than one year, from an average person, have then been raised for First Layer Quasi-Emperor! ” 一年多时间,便已经从一个普通人,提升为了一重准帝!” Ling Xiao said with a smile. 凌霄笑道。 Introduced medicine fragrant time, Ling Xiao is really very self-satisfied. 介绍药香的时候,凌霄真得是非常得意的。 Such a fierce apprentice. 这么厉害的一个徒弟。 Putting everybody will be proud. 搁谁都会骄傲的。 Master, already Second Layer Quasi-Emperor!” “师父,已经二重准帝了!” The medicine said fragrant with a smile: Now the cultivation speed probably is much slow, it is estimated that wants to catch up with the master for a long time you.” 药香笑着说道:“不过现在修炼速度好像慢了不少,估计要很长时间才能追上师父你的。” Person compared with popularity deceased person, although the True Martial Divine Province cultivation condition is good, but our two until now also Ninth Layer/nine layers Quasi-Emperor. “人比人气死人啊,虽然真武神洲的修炼条件好,可我们两个到如今也不过才九重准帝罢了。 You are big, unexpectedly has so cultivation base, really must to envy. ” 你才多大啊,居然就已经有了这般修为,真得是太让人嫉妒了。” The thunder fire forced smile said. 雷火苦笑道。 This is one 's teacher's older brother?” “这位就是师伯吧?” The medicine looked fragrant to thunder fire, bowed saying: Medicine pays a visit the one's teacher's older brother fragrant!” 药香看向了雷火,躬身道:“药香拜见师伯!” Then looked to thunder ice, bowed saying: Medicine pays a visit the Buddhist nun fragrant!” 而后又看向了雷冰,躬身道:“药香拜见师姑!” This child also really understands the politeness, you called me one 's teacher's older brother, I must give you a gift. “这孩子还真懂礼貌,你叫我一声师伯,我得送你一件礼物啊。 This cloak, is Emperor Armament that I divide to arrive, gives to you! ” 这件披风,是我分到的帝兵,送给你吧!” thunder ice thunder fire rushed to several mystical places with Ling Xiao. 雷冰雷火凌霄闯了几次秘境。 Divided many Emperor Armament, they have not taken away to change the contribution point. 分到了不少帝兵,他们都没拿去换贡献点。 Happen to takes to give a present. 正好拿出来送礼。 I also give you one thing.” “那我也送你一样东西吧。” thunder ice thinks, put out Emperor Armament. 雷冰想了想,也拿出了一件帝兵 This is a hairpin, is a bit like with the hairpin that once the Xu Wanzhu sisters obtained. 这是一根簪子,跟曾经许宛竹姊妹得到的簪子有点像。 Can attack, can for decorative purpose. 可以攻击,也可以装饰用。 Master, you looked that the one's teacher's older brother and Buddhist nuns gave me the gift, didn't you reward me?” “师父,你看师伯和师姑都送我礼物了,您不奖励我吗?” The medicine fragrant hee hee said with a smile. 药香嘻嘻笑道。 You you, young clever person! “你呀你,小鬼灵精! This Black Tortoise signal flag, gives to you. ” 这玄武令旗,送给你吧。” Ling Xiao is actually not parsimonious. 凌霄倒是一点都不吝啬。 The Black Tortoise signal flag defense effect is extremely good. 玄武令旗防御效果极佳。 However he has the Qilin god cauldron, actually cannot use. 不过他有麒麟神鼎,其实也用不上。 Might as well the administration affects fragrant is bigger. 还不如给药香作用更大一些。
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