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#9364: Ultra god-ranked bloodlines!

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About after a day of time, the Ling Xiao injury recovers. 大约一天时间之后,凌霄的伤势复原。 At this time the black fire dragon volume explodes suddenly broken. 此时黑火龙卷突然爆碎。 Was attracted a cleanness by Destruction Black Dragon thoroughly. 毁灭黑龙彻底吸了个干净。 „Do you also want to continue?” “你还要继续?” Ling Xiao can feel the idea of Destruction Black Dragon. 凌霄能感受到毁灭黑龙的想法。 Therefore, he stepped into another black fire dragon volume once again. 于是,他又一次踏入到了另外一个黑火龙卷之中。 If makes others see that really must scold him to be insane. 如果让别人看到,那真得是要骂他疯了。 But only he himself knows, this experience, has the big advantage to him. 但只有他自己知道,这一次的经历,对他有多大的好处。 At this time the numerous god bloodlines had fully reached the god-ranked nine levels. 此时众神血脉已经完全达到了神品九级。 But is still continue promote. 但还在继续提升。 But the Destruction Black Dragon strength had arrived at the sevenfold Quasi-Emperor stage. 毁灭黑龙的实力已经来到了七重准帝阶段。 Also during continue promote. 还在继续提升之中。 So swallows the absorption. 如此吞噬吸收。 Repeatedly. 反反复复。 Altogether experienced over a hundred black fire dragon volumes. 一共经历了上百个黑火龙卷。 Destruction Black Dragon this time strength has reached the terrifying half Great Emperor level. 毁灭黑龙此时的战力已经达到了恐怖的半步大帝水准。 But the numerous god bloodlines also changed. 而众神血脉也发生了变化。 Enters had never had in boundary. 进入到了一个从未有过的境界之中。 Because no one has mentioned. 因为没人提到过。 Ling Xiao names as the ultra god-ranked bloodlines temporarily. 凌霄暂时命名为超神品血脉。 At present is the ultra god-ranked bloodlines first-level. 目前是超神品血脉一级。 Is equivalent to the person of level bloodlines true body the might. 相当于人级血脉真身的威力。 But this, merely is only the Destruction Black Dragon combat capability improvement later result. 而这,仅仅只是毁灭黑龙战力提升之后的结果。 If other how many gods also enhance the strength, how can? 如果其余几个神明也提升战力,会如何? Ling Xiao feels somewhat excitedly. 凌霄感觉有些激动啊。 What a pity periphery this time does not have the black fire dragon volume. 可惜此时周围已经没了黑火龙卷。 Ling Xiao looked to here environment. 凌霄看向了这里的环境。 Actually is more peaceful than outside. 竟然比外面要安静很多。 But outside this stretch of open area, is the endless black fire dragon volume, dense and numerous, wraps here completely, seems like cannot come, cannot go out. 而在这片空地之外,则是无尽的黑火龙卷,密密麻麻,将这里完全包裹,看起来根本就是进不来,出不去。 Ling Xiao made the lunar shadow three people come out from Ancestral Dragon Tower. 凌霄让月影三人从祖龙塔里出来了。 Where is this?” “这是哪里?” thunder fire asked curiously: We lived unexpectedly, was really the miracle!” 雷火好奇地问道:“我们居然活下来了,真是奇迹!” Here should be the black hot plain deep place, you looked that periphery is the black fire that soars to the heavens. “这里应该是黑火平原深处,你看周围全都是冲天的黑火。 As if the wall is the same, here package. ” 仿佛墙壁一样,将这里包裹了。” Ling Xiao answered. 凌霄解释道。 „It seems like is really so, not too small 13 you can, the black fire dragon volume be able to process unexpectedly continually, your bloodlines what's the matter?” “看起来真是如此,不过小十三你可以啊,竟然连黑火龙卷都能处理掉,你那个血脉是怎么回事儿啊?” thunder fire asked curiously. 雷火好奇地问道。 Actually I do not know.” “其实我也不知道。” Regarding the numerous god bloodlines, Ling Xiao knows are too few. 对于众神血脉,凌霄知道的太少。 The previous body was controlled, is the merit of god bloodlines. 上一次身体被控制,就是众神血脉的功劳。 That person's shadow, he still has a vivid memory. 那个人影,他至今记忆犹新。 Although does not know the Daoist priest anything appearance. 虽然不知道长什么样子。 But is very strong! 但很强! Really must be very strong. 真得很强。 As if controls the gods is ordinary to the high god. 仿佛掌控神明的至高神一般。 This time, Destruction Black Dragon comes out to help. 这一次,毁灭黑龙又出来帮忙。 He felt, this numerous god bloodlines were somewhat strange. 他觉得,这众神血脉有些古怪了。 thunder fire, everyone has own secret, do not ask randomly.” 雷火,每个人都有自己的秘密,不要乱问。” thunder ice knits the brows: Now, I only want to kill Soaring to Heaven Sect, Blood Blade Gate and Sun and Moon Palace person, sees one to kill one, cannot remain!” 雷冰皱眉道:“现在,我只想去杀凌天宗血刀门日月宫的人,见一个杀一个,一个都不能留!” Right, one group of bastards, dare to ambush unexpectedly we, such being the case, we were also polite!” “没错,一帮王八蛋,居然敢埋伏我们,既然如此,我们也没必要客气了!” thunder fire also gets angry said. 雷火也怒道。 „A person must kill!” “还有一个人必须杀!” Ling Xiao coldly said. 凌霄冷冷道。 Ren Qingcheng? That woman introduced the ambush area us unexpectedly!” 任倾城吗?那个女人居然将我们引入了埋伏圈!” thunder ice asked. 雷冰问道。 No, is Mo Tian!” “不,是莫天!” Ling Xiao said: „ Ren Qingcheng must revenge for own younger brother, cannot criticize too harshly, but she definitely had the strength to kill me, does not need to do. 凌霄道:“任倾城要为自己弟弟报仇,不可厚非,但她绝对有实力杀了我,没必要那么做。 Let alone I had inquired the manner of this woman, is not sinister. 更何况我打听过这个女人的为人,并没有那么阴险。 At that time in us trap time, the Mo Tian expression was very strange. 当时我们中陷阱的时候,莫天的表情很是古怪。 Therefore I infer, certainly is that fellow does the ghost. ” 所以我推断,一定是那家伙搞得鬼。” Mo Tian! Do not let the father bump into, otherwise must kill him!” 莫天!别让老子碰到了,否则非弄死他不可!” thunder fire clenches teeth. 雷火咬了咬牙。 Although now he is also not the Mo Tian opponent. 虽然现在他还不是莫天的对手。 But the black fire seed innertube gave him the too big advantage. 但黑火种子带给了他太大的好处。 He believes, oneself this time quick can catch up with Mo Tian. 他相信,自己这一次很快就能追上莫天了。 Here as if there is thing!” “这里似乎有东西!” The lunar shadow said suddenly: You look at that side, has the bloodstain!” 月影突然说道:“你们看那边,有血迹!” The people were attracted by the lunar shadow sound. 众人被月影的声音吸引了过来。 At this time realized. 这个时候才意识到。 They had arrived at the black hot plain deep place. 他们已经到了黑火平原的深处。 Was this/should searches for well. 是该好好搜寻一下了。 Several people go to the place that the bloodstain had. 几个人来到了血迹存在的地方。 These bloodstains formed the blood bead unexpectedly, turned into the solid. 那些血迹居然形成了血珠子,变成了固体。 Ling Xiao picked one. 凌霄捡了一颗。 Perhaps this blood bead, is the blood of some monster beast condenses, under the high temperature will not so disperse unexpectedly, the strength of this monster beast is much stronger. “这血珠子,恐怕是某种妖兽的血凝聚而成的,如此高温之下居然不会散开,这妖兽的实力强得可怕啊。 But these good thing! ” 这些可是好东西!” Ling Xiao is speaking, picked these blood beads. 凌霄说着话,将那些血珠子捡了起来。 In each contains the incomparably powerful aura. 每一颗之中都蕴含无比强大的气息。 It seems like the rumor right, here really the has god beast, as for is the god beast of what rank, was unable to judge, but is very absolutely strong. “看来传言没错,这里真得有神兽,至于是什么等级的神兽,还不能判断,但绝对很强。 Can be the Great Emperor level? ” 会是大帝级吗?” thunder fire anticipated. 雷火更期待了。 Should be, here clearly has the trace of fight, although here principle is quite firm, but was destroyed this appearance. “应该是,这里分明有战斗的痕迹,虽然此处的法则极为坚固,但还是被破坏成了这个样子。 both sides of fight should be very powerful. ” 交手的双方应该无比强大了。” Ling Xiao knits the brows: „ Also can continue? I worried, will meet these powerful existences. 凌霄皱眉道:“还要继续吗?我担心,会遇到那些强大的存在。 No matter the monster beast or martial artist, are not we can deal with. ” 不管是妖兽还是武者,都不是我们能够应付的。” Don't worry, if you really could not deal with, I came!” “不用担心,如果你们实在应付不了,我来!” The lunar shadow said self-confidently. 月影自信地说道。 She had not acted before, but is because believes that Ling Xiao can solve the problem, therefore does not need to act. 她之前一直没有出手,不过是因为相信凌霄能解决问题罢了,所以也没必要出手。 Good, that continues!” “好,那就继续吧!” Some lunar shadows , the Ling Xiao courage also big. 有月影在,凌霄胆子也大了起来。 Seeks following the bloodstain unceasingly. 顺着血迹不断寻找。 The blood bead does not calculate too. 血珠子不算太多。 At present also collects 78. 目前也就收集了七八颗而已。 But each, is priceless. 但每一颗,都价值连城啊。 If is used for the concise mortal body, will make the Ling Xiao mortal body absolutely more intrepid. 若用来凝练肉身,绝对会让凌霄的肉身变得更为强悍。 Has the destroyed trace along the way. 沿途都有被破坏的痕迹。 The giant gulf everywhere is. 巨大的深坑到处都是。 Thorough looks not. 深到一眼望不到底。 Widely to appalling. 宽到令人毛骨悚然。 This absolutely is the harm that the strength of Great Emperor level causes.” “这绝对是大帝级的战力造成的损害啊。” The people incomparably sobbed. 众人无比唏嘘。 The people proceeded a while. 众人又往前走了一会儿。 Ling Xiao stopped suddenly. 凌霄突然停了下来。 Very powerful big seal strategy! Pitifully was only destroyed!” “好强大的封印阵法!只可惜被破坏了!” Ling Xiao saw a huge strategy. 凌霄看到了一个巨大的阵法。 This strategy Ling Xiao also knows, named day fire limitless. 这个阵法凌霄也知道,名为“天火无极阵”。 Only pitifully, needs certain material to arrange, once arranges successfully, the might is enormous. 只可惜,需要一定的材料才能布置一旦布置成功,威力极大。 Now, he approximately knows why so many black fire dragons will curl. 现在,他大约知道为什么会有那么多的黑火龙卷了。 Because even already the strategy of damaging. 因为即便是已经破损的阵法。 Inside still unceasingly emitting terrifying black flame. 里面仍然不断喷吐恐怖的黑色火焰。 Although surroundings completely fire spirit stones. 周围全部虽一块块“火灵石”。 Picks quickly, these fire spirit stones may compared with the black hot seed several times, be more valuable.” “快捡,这些火灵石可比黑火种子强了数倍,更值钱。” Ling Xiao shouts. 凌霄喊道。 Fire spirit stones has picked several hundred, four people divided together. 火灵石已经捡了数百块,四个人一起分了。 The lunar shadow has not wanted, gave Ling Xiao own one. 月影还是没有要,将自己的一份给了凌霄 Fire spirit stones and black hot seed affect similarly, but the effect is strong ten times. 火灵石与黑火种子作用差不多,但效果却强出十倍。 Moreover refines many compounded drugs, with. 而且炼制很多丹药,都会用到。 On this day was the fire limitless outcome broken by whom? In this seal who?” “这天火无极阵究竟是被谁破了?这里面又封印着谁?” thunder ice looks at the huge incomplete strategy, knits the brows to say. 雷冰看着巨大的残缺阵法,皱眉道。 I felt a fearful demon intent!” “我感受到了一股可怕的魔意!” Ling Xiao knits the brows: Perhaps, by seal did not say any good thing, this time to escape, the black sand territory feared that was dangerous.” 凌霄皱了皱眉道:“恐怕,被封印的可不是说什么好东西,这一次被逃脱,黑沙域怕是要危险了。” There has the person!” “那里有人!” Suddenly, the lunar shadow sound made a sound. 突然,月影的声音又响了起来。 Worthily is the strongest person, this eye also compares another three people good. 不愧是最强之人啊,这眼睛也比另外三人好。 Ling Xiao looked to the black fire. 凌霄看向了黑火之中。 Really has person's shadow together. 确实有一道人影。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9330 ultra god-ranked bloodlines!) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9330章超神品血脉!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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