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#9363: Dares to do is not at all!

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In that peak Quasi-Emperor hand the long sword condenses the terrifying the strength. 那巅峰准帝手中长剑凝聚恐怖的力量。 Then punctures. 而后刺下。 The innumerable sword edges formed the terrifying shackles, blocks the sky general, covered toward the Ling Xiao four people. 无数的剑刃形成了恐怖的牢笼,遮天蔽日一般,朝着凌霄四人罩了过去。 So long as blocks Ling Xiao they. 只要拦住凌霄他们。 Others can kill. 其余人就能杀过来。 The fight also ended. 战斗也就结束了。 „To surround me, gate does not have!” “想困住我,门儿都没有!” Ling Xiao being just about makes three people enter in Ancestral Dragon Tower, then displays to escape spatially. 凌霄正要让三人进入祖龙塔之中,然后施展遁空。 Unexpectedly actually the lunar shadow acted at this time. 却不料此时月影出手了。 A palm rumbles. 一掌轰出。 That so-called dark green Sky Sword direct smashing. 那所谓的苍天剑阵直接粉碎。 The looked Soaring to Heaven Sect people are dumbfounded. 看的凌天宗众人都目瞪口呆。 That seemingly delicate female, unexpectedly is also a expert. 没想到,那看起来柔弱的女子,竟然也是个高手。 A time of such god. 就这么一愣神的工夫。 Three people had entered in Ancestral Dragon Tower. 三人已经进入了祖龙塔之中。 Ling Xiao also displayed escaped spatially. 凌霄也施展了遁空。 However, what making Ling Xiao unexpected is. 然而,让凌霄自己都猝不及防的是。 This time, crashed in the black fire dragon volume directly. 这一次,直接冲进了黑火龙卷之中。 I scratch! Played to take off/escape!” “我擦!玩脱了!” Ling Xiao color in great surprise, by Qilin god cauldron defense. 凌霄大惊之色,以麒麟神鼎防御。 Because the low-grade Emperor Armament Black Tortoise signal flag cannot block. 因为下品帝兵玄武令旗都挡不住的。 That brown wall bonded is burnt instantaneously completely. 那土黄色的壁障瞬间就被燃烧殆尽了。 Ha, Ling Xiao this idiot, hit in the black fire dragon volume unexpectedly, was really gets what one deserves!” “哈哈哈,凌霄这蠢货,居然一头撞进了黑火龙卷之中,真得是活该啊!” The gods inundated, at once laughs. 神漫愣了一下,旋即大笑了起来。 This thinks that Ling Xiao must escape, in the heart is very uncomfortable. 本以为凌霄就要逃脱了,心中还十分不爽。 Who knows that saw such a unexpectedly. 谁知道竟然看到了这样的一幕。 Really must be funny. 真得是笑死人了。 The black fire dragon of that terrifying wraps up depending on Ling Xiao and the others, moves toward the distant place, that direction, is the black hot plain deep place. 那恐怖的黑火龙卷裹挟着凌霄等人,朝着远处移动,那个方向,正好是黑火平原的深处。 Soaring to Heaven Sect, Sun and Moon Palace and person of blood blade gate followed to observe was very long, did not see some people to come out from inside. 凌天宗日月宫和血刀门的人跟着观察了很久,都不见有人从里面出来。 At this time had determined that Ling Xiao and the others must die. 此时已经确定凌霄等人必死。 Then no longer waste time. 便不再浪费时间。 Leaves behind several people to continue to track, others pick up the speed to hurry to toward front. 留下几个人继续跟踪,其他人则加快速度往前面赶去。 Another side, Long Wuji and Haitang Shuiling have sobered. 另外一边,龙无极海棠水灵已经清醒。 Senior Sister, Ling Xiao how?” “师姐,凌霄怎么样了?” Haitang Shuiling asked. 海棠水灵问道。 Hehe, Ling Xiao that fellow had been fired the ashes, this is I offers suggestions to the Senior Sister.” “呵呵,凌霄那家伙已经被烧成了灰烬,这可是我给师姐献计的。” Mo Tian sneers saying: „ Haitang Shuiling, you forgot that man, did not have the future with him. 莫天冷笑道:“海棠水灵,你就忘了那个男人吧,跟着他本来就没有前途。 He has died now, later follows I and ensure you will be better than the present in the future! ” 他现在已经死了,以后跟着我,保证你未来比现在更好!” Originally is you!” “原来是你!” Haitang Shuiling coldly looks at Mo Tian one saying: Is you colludes with that three to frame Ling Xiao!” 海棠水灵冷冷看了莫天一眼道:“是你勾结那三宗陷害凌霄的吧!” Bang! 轰! Aura that in the body of Long Wuji erupts an incomparable terrifying. 龙无极的身体里爆发出一股无比恐怖的气息。 Made Mo Tian unable to bear shiver unexpectedly. 竟然让莫天都忍不住颤抖了一下。 He coldly looks at Mo Tian saying: „ I know, the Senior Sister is not mean, even if must revenge, is still she acts, originally is your shameless fellow. 他冷冷看着莫天道:“我就知道,师姐没那么卑鄙,就算要报仇,也是她自己出手,原来是你这个无耻的家伙。 I pledged, if my eldest child died, I kill certainly you personally! ” 我发誓,如果我老大死了,我一定亲手弄死你!” Right, dares to do actually does not dare to acknowledge, shirks the responsibility completely to the Senior Sister!” “没错,敢做却不敢承认,将责任全部推卸给师姐!” Haitang Shuiling also coldly said. 海棠水灵也冷冷道。 Hehe, right, is how I? The Senior Sister worried that I was hostile toward by Ling Xiao, therefore said that intentionally is she does. “呵呵,没错,是我又如何?师姐不过担心我被凌霄仇视,所以才故意说是她做的。 But did I make the mistake? 可我做错了吗? What is wrong is Ling Xiao, was he offended that three, he got what one deserves. 错的是凌霄,是他得罪了那三宗,他活该。 I have not acted, has given you very much the face. 我没有出手,就已经很给你们面子了。 Do you also want to kill me? ” 你们还想杀我?” Mo Tian sneers to say. 莫天冷笑道。 Snort, you are waiting!” “哼,你等着!” Long Wuji looked at Haitang Shuiling one, two people also leave. 龙无极看了海棠水灵一眼,两人同时离开。 Been separated team, seeks Ling Xiao. 脱离的队伍,去寻找凌霄了。 Senior Sister, doesn't block them?” “师姐,不拦住他们吗?” Mo Tian looked that said to Ren Qingcheng. 莫天看向了任倾城道。 „, The person is ambitious respectively, along with them goes, is they leaves, Ling Ye asked, I also had the excuse.” “罢了,人各有志,随他们去吧,是他们自己离开的,凌夜问起来,我也有说辞。” Ren Qingcheng sighed. 任倾城叹了口气。 Actually Long Wuji and Haitang Shuiling talent is good. 其实龙无极海棠水灵天赋都不错。 Haitang Shuiling is not inferior in Mo Tian. 海棠水灵一点都不逊色于莫天 Long Wuji even better. 龙无极更胜一筹。 But if not a passer-by, does not need to demand. 但如果不是一路人,也没必要强求。 Cheap person!” “贱人!” Mo Tian looked that to direction that Haitang Shuiling left, 莫天看向了海棠水灵离开的方向, In the eye is completely the fierce color. Ling Xiao had died obviously, then also misses. 眼中尽是狰狞之色。凌霄明明都已经死了,还那么挂念。 Damn! 该死! Damn! 该死! He pledged, certainly will make Haitang Shuiling take revenge to profess allegiance to him. 他发誓,一定会让海棠水灵对他复仇称臣的。 When Long Wuji and Haitang Shuiling go to the place that just now fights. 龙无极海棠水灵来到方才战斗的地方的时候。 Already no one. 早已经没人了。 Toward inside, I believes, the eldest child has not certainly died!” “往里面去,我相信,老大一定没有死!” Long Wuji said. 龙无极道。 Walks!” “走!” Two people did not find Ling Xiao, does not give up. 两人不找到凌霄,是不罢休了。 Although Ren Qingcheng and Mo Tian said that Ling Xiao died. 虽然任倾城莫天都说凌霄死了。 But they believe, Ling Xiao has not died. 但他们坚信,凌霄没有死。 Ling Xiao experienced so many misery, every can turn bad luck into good one time. 凌霄经历了那么多苦难,每一次都可以逢凶化吉。 This time, absolutely. 这一次,也绝对可以。 Whether or not could not find, they must try. 不管是否找得到,他们都得试试。 ...... ...... In the black fire dragon volume, Ling Xiao saw that the brown wall of Black Tortoise signal flag bonds is corroded rapidly. 黑火龙卷之中,凌霄眼看着玄武令旗的土黄色壁障正在被迅速腐蚀。 He quickly released the Qilin god cauldron. 他急忙释放了麒麟神鼎。 Composed the second defense. 组成了第二道防御。 However one minute, the defense of Black Tortoise signal flag collapsed thoroughly. 不过一分钟时间,玄武令旗的防御就彻底崩溃了。 Luckily Qilin god cauldron. 幸好麒麟神鼎更强一些。 At present endures in the ratio Emperor Armament. 目前堪比中品帝兵 But as if still cannot block. 但似乎依然挡不住。 The time that can continue is slightly longer. 只是能持续的时间稍微长一些罢了。 If Ling Xiao cannot find out other means that that troubled. 如果凌霄想不出别的办法,那就麻烦了。 Ling Xiao, we help together!” 凌霄,我们一起帮忙吧!” In Ancestral Dragon Tower, thunder fire shouts: I am the hot attribute bloodlines, at least can absorb the strength of some flame.” 祖龙塔中,雷火喊道:“我是火属性的血脉,最起码能吸收一些火焰之力。” I also help, the cold ice can weaken the fire intensity!” “我也来帮忙,寒冰可以减弱火势!” thunder ice also said. 雷冰也道。 Two people also make a move, absorption flame. 两人同时出手,一个吸收火焰。 Releases the cold ice. 一个释放寒冰。 However is useless. 但是没有用。 This black fire dragon volume was too terrifying. 这黑火龙卷实在太恐怖了。 The cold ice was evaporated instantaneously. 寒冰瞬间就被蒸发。 But absorbed flame thunder fire also to feel the huge pain, continued, the body must disintegrate. 而吸收了火焰的雷火也感受到了巨大的痛苦,继续下去,身体都要分崩离析了。 Do not waste the strength, goes back to rest quickly, I try to find the solution!” “你们不要浪费力气了,快回去休息,我来想办法!” Ling Xiao shouted one. 凌霄喊了一声。 Happen to erupts the god fire in within the body to resist this black fire. 正好爆发体内的神火来对抗这黑火。 Suddenly, the numerous god bloodlines had the response. 突然间,众神血脉产生了反应。 Destruction Black Dragon?” 毁灭黑龙?” Ling Xiao gawked. 凌霄愣了一下。 Destruction Black Dragon exuded the roar unexpectedly on own initiative. 毁灭黑龙竟然主动发出了吼声。 Good, I put you to come out!” “好,我放你出来!” Ling Xiao released the numerous god bloodlines directly. 凌霄直接释放了众神血脉。 A Black Dragon roared to fly. 一头黑龙咆哮着飞了出来。 Whatever that black flame sweeps across. 任凭那黑色的火焰席卷而来。 Invades in its body. It has not only called out pitifully. 侵入它的身躯之中。它不仅没有惨叫。 Instead is seemingly comfortable. 反而看起来舒服无比。 Can feel, with black fire unceasingly by its body absorption, its strength also in unceasing increase. 能感受到,随着黑火不断被它的身体吸收,它的力量也在不断增幅之中。 Ling Xiao has not come across this matter. 凌霄从来没遇到过这种事情。 The feeling is very strange. 感觉很奇怪。 Properly speaking, the bloodlines reached the god-ranked nine levels are the limit. 按理说,血脉达到神品九级便已经是极限了。 Later the bloodlines can condense the bloodlines true body. 之后血脉会凝聚血脉真身。 But his first bloodlines actually changed the Qilin god cauldron, has not condensed the bloodlines true body, but the martial soul strength was actually raised. 但他的第一血脉却变化成了麒麟神鼎,没有凝聚出血脉真身,但武魂力量却提升了许多。 Endured compared with the bloodlines true body. 堪比血脉真身了。 This time, felt that the third bloodlines must change. 这一次,感觉第三血脉也要发生变化了。 Ling Xiao was relieved. 凌霄安心了。 Destruction Black Dragon is absorbing the black fire unceasingly. 毁灭黑龙在不断吸收黑火。 The heat of black fire is reducing rapidly. 黑火的热量在飞速降低。 dragon scroll also getting smaller. 龙卷也越来越小。 This feeling too mysteriously. 这种感觉真得太神奇了。 Ling Xiao is surprised. 凌霄都非常惊讶。 At this time, he has the mood to observe the surrounding situation. 此时,他才有心情去观察周围的情况。 They seemed to be led to go toward the black hot plain deep place by this black fire dragon volume. 他们似乎被这黑火龙卷带着往黑火平原深处而去。 Since this, does not need to worry to leave. 既然这样,就不必着急离开了。 To its movement. 任由其移动吧。 He sits on Destruction Black Dragon, cannot feel a high temperature. 他坐在毁灭黑龙身上,感受不到一丝高温。 Starts to close the eye rest. 开始闭上眼睛休息。 Just now fights with these powerhouses, he is injured, the consumption is also very big. 方才与那些强者一战,他受了伤,消耗也是挺大的。 Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9329 dares to do is not at all!) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9329章敢做不敢当!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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